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Catching arrows, running up walls, crushing boulders and bending metal, these are but petty parlour tricks in the eyes of martial artists. But where can a genuine martial artist stand in an era where martial artists are nothing more than a myth?

Wang Yu, the most peerless martial prodigy the world has ever seen, elopes with his wife to escape an arranged marriage that was set for him as a child. Now aimless and living off his wife, Wang Yu explores the world of “Rebirth,” to seek a living. Rebirth is a world where dragons, demons and immortals are more than just legends, and Wang Yu is set to make a legend of his own.

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TheJudge rated it
March 14, 2018
Status: c65
This may be even worse than mmorpg:rebirth. I was excited when I first saw all the 5 star ratings on this novel when it first came out. The first few chapters were decent however, it quickly became another wish fullfillment story after. The MC's ingame name is Iron Bull, which is the same as the author's name.

The MC is some poor sap martial arts expert, which apparently are extinct in this day and age, he gets looked down upon by everyone and is not able to find a job, his... more>> wife has been supporting him all this time. He complains all the time about how poor he is and wants to make money. He plays a class that rarely anyone plays and is considered to be tr*sh just like how people think of him in real life, but it turns out that the class is OP.

This is when the story takes a dive. He becomes one of the first to solo a tough boss and all of a sudden he thinks he's tough sh*t now, acting like some rich billionaire because he made a few thousand dollars by selling some low tier items to rich players that he goes giving away tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of skill books and gear to people that he just met or to rude players trying to scam him. To top it off, apparently other classes innate skills has no effect on him such as stealth (thief/assassin), which is just s*upid that they would not patch something that would pretty much make a class useless. MC can somehow "sense" invisible enemies, catch arrows with his bare hands, and can somehow dodge 100% of hits when confronted by a dozen or more players, what a joke. Note that we only 30 chapters in, who knows in 100 more chapters we'll see MC facing 1000 players by himself.

Don't even get me started on his real life. To prove that the writer is just here to full fill his fantasy, the female tenants somehow always catches him working out and showing off his sexy body and at one point he lets them touch his naked chest/body so they can "feel" his muscles. Apparently fit men are extinct in this novel aside from MC. This guy already has a wife whom has always supported him while all he does is work out and eat, what a ungrateful SOB. Seems like the MC will have a harem in real life or will cheat on his wife. One of the female tenants even stated she's a gold digger and wants a sugar daddy so she can laze around, so they aren't just some innocent virgins fawning over the first guy they see.

Don't waste your time reading this, unless you really enjoyed mmorpg:rebirth.

MC personality:

Chapters 1-10~ = Some poor guy that is trying to find a job to support his family and not have her wife do all the work.

Chapters 15+ = Some arrogant c*cky guy with white knight syndrome that thinks he can do anything he wants and give away rare items and skill books worth thousands to strangers because he thinks they're "tr*sh" and "protecting females ingame while killing everyone that isn't in his sect or is a female. <<less
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Sinai rated it
April 4, 2018
Status: c110
Horrendously mega-overpowered MC playing a game and being absurdly better than everyone. It's competently written, and it doesn't violate its own rules, which is a huge plus.

On the downside, that's about it. Nothing interesting has happened in a hundred chapters. Just him being OP and waving his big d*ck around.

Frankly, I enjoy it, but by now, I expected the MC to encounter a setback. Good, and entertaining in its right, but ultimately, it's like reading about Superman in the Olympics and winning 80 gold medals. What is even the point?... more>> I don't mind reading a story about the very best man in the world, but the author needs to get off his own MC's dick. By which I mean his own dick, since the MC has the same name as the author. So. Here's the question: How much you can tolerate watching the author stroke himself? <<less
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HorseHeadGuy rated it
March 5, 2018
Status: c15
Words cannot describe my disappointment. Having read the synopsis, I went in expecting an at least decent, if a bit cliched, novel mixing martial arts with VRMMORPG elements...

Instead, what I got was an MC so overpowered he was able to ... more>>

kill a boss with a ??? lvl when he was level 6, owned only beginner equipment and had one single skill. Did I also mention he was alone at that time. Simply ridiculous.

Needless to say, I'm dropping this novel. The only redeemable quality is the translation and the fact that the MC was already married, sparing us from the melodramatic scenario of his crush thinking of him as tr*sh, as is often the case with Chinese novels. <<less
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CLE9595 rated it
March 17, 2018
Status: c52
Well, I will makes you understand 1 thing

This is not a " Serious MMORPG world " But A COMEDY !!!!

Its like saying in the anime one punch man It is borring Saitama will always win his opponent its pointless to watch there is no opponent that can win him and all his opponent say " I'm too stronk etc " and still die in the end in one punch....

... more>> This is a comedy about what " VRMMORPG Novel do "

If you thinks something with a MMORPG that being serious read Legendary moonlight sculptor or overgeared

If you want to have fun this one is pretty nice !

(sry for my bad english this is not my main language) <<less
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DarkPresent rated it
March 12, 2018
Status: --
Don't let all those 5* reviews mislead you... This novel is decent only if you are willing to turn off your brain while reading it. The MC is way too OP and he became like that with 0 effort in the game part. I have no idea how are they ever gonna give him troubles. Throw him 1 v 100 enemies? Tell him to slaughter whole city alone?

You want some examples? Sure, here we go, from memory, so can be not 100% accurate.

... more>>

-MC starts the game 2-3 days after it was already released, meaning other ppl had 2-3 days of a headstart compared to him and yet he is somehow the first ever person to finish "beginner village" and trigger update of the game. So at this point you look at this and are like- heh, MC is so godly OP, there is no way in hell that other ppl can catch up to him.

-MC is soloing boss that is more than twice of his level (MC was around level 12-13, boss was said to be above level 40, since he dropped level 40 sword). He does it effortlessly... He levels up by grinding mobs that are also near 10 levels higher than him, narrator keep on describing how noone else is able to do that. We get it even more now, our MC is godlike character that cant be ever compared to other players.

-Now the best part! MC joins a guild, sure, why not? And in that guild there are magically a bunch of ppl who are lvl 14, while our godly MC is only lvl 15 himself. How? How is it possible for them to be so high level if our MC was first ever person to reach lvl 10 and he keeps on grinding on mobs and bosses that are impossible to kill for anyone else? How is this supposed to be logical? Those people are also nowhere near as skilled as MC so how they got to this levels so fast?

So... If you want to read this turn off your thinking. Godly MC is soloing bosses way more than twice his level and I bet he will keep on doing this while a bunch of "normal" (highly skilled but not "godly") players will be somehow able to keep their leveling speed near his.


EDIT:Another one of strange things- MC plays the game to earn money coz he wants to help his wife (they both are living off her earnings only- basically MC is a martial arts neet incapable of normal work) and yet he gives out for free few items and skillboks that would be worth quite a bit (he saved few grills ingame and killed a boss, gives them drops coz he is a nice guy, reject when said girls wanted to pay for items). How can it happen if his main motivation is being able to help his wife and share her burdens?

TL;DR This is the biggest issue, if you create "godly" MC you need to create a bunch of godly side characters (his friends and enemies), otherwise it is just dumb how normal people are able to keep up with a god. <<less
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Dracius rated it
March 5, 2018
Status: --
Normally I'm too lazy for reviews. Howe've this novel is one of the best I've seen, in terms of VR novels. This novel really implemebts real life elements into the VR world really well.

The use of martial arts in the VR world of this novel is never before seen I'm others, plus with how others look down on the MC, there are many face-smacking scenes which is just fun too read.
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Kurumekun rated it
March 5, 2018
Status: c15
Unlike some famous VR novels where the MC is a DAMN DENSE SINGLE, the MC here has a wife and seeing their interaction, it's kinda sweet :)..

Although this is still another OP MC with lack of common sense, it is still good for FIST IS THE BEST WAY OF INTERACTION BETWEEN MEN. Haha
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Yung_lane rated it
March 6, 2018
Status: c17
Getting unnecessary flak, if you don't take it too seriously and just enjoy the read it's not so bad. Him being so overpowered is just the nature of the story and setting, it doesn't make it bad, just one of those types of novels.

Slightly comical, interesting enough to keep the reader's attention. While it's not stand out, it's still fun to read and I personally will continue to do so :)
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expensivepeanuts rated it
September 23, 2019
Status: --
Painful to read but if you want some face-slapping with an OP MC then maybe you'll enjoy this? I'd recommend to check out other titles though.
The writing in general is very poor but that aside, the things I didn't like...

... more>>

The situation with the MC at the beginning was just too painful for me to read as a young adult. The MC, who is a perfectly healthy adult, had to rely on his totally hot, patient and loving wife for everything. And I mean everything. He has no job and he can't find one (honestly it's because he is so incompetent he keeps looking at the wrong places. He's a big buff martial artist guy, why not try jobs like a bouncer or a bodyguard or smtn). Imagine having no academic qualifications and having the gall to apply into a well-known company. What are you even applying for? He didn't even know the company had qualifications to be met. Which means he didn't even bother look up stuff on the company he's applying for. He's NOT even trying.

His wife has to juggle 2 jobs to feed both of them since the MC eats a LOT and his wife basically splurges a lot on food for his sake. This useless bag of flesh can't even even cook for himself. His wife comes home from work and she cooks for him his favourite dishes and then leaves again for her second work, heck he can't even be bothered to clean up after himself and wash the dishes. It was just too painful for me to read! I could literally feel chunks of my soul leave my body while I'm reading those paragraphs as the author portray it like some sweet moment because oh gosh the waifu loves him so much uwu

Then the MC gets recruited by some gold farming company and that begins the story. Through farming ingame, he gets a lot of moolah and finally gets to treat his wife like a wife and not as his surrogate mother. Yes he does feel bad but he really doesn't even try to change it, his attempts are half-assed and the events that lead to the main story had to be spoon fed to him.

I know it's a wish fulfilment story and I'm not against that but it's just not handled very well. It's a lot of people's wet dream. (just look at the author and the mc's ingame name) Imagine having a hot and loyal wife who will willingly work to the bone for you while all you have to do is treat her decently and you can just stay at home, practising your sick karate moves in the backyard then play minecraft all day to earn money. Also there's like 4 hot girls who lives with you and your wife.

The vr game itself is whack. Unbalanced as heck and has so much inconsistencies I can't imagine a game like this becoming popular. The side characters are flatter than a paper and all the antagonist that shows up talk like they suffered serious head injuries. The female players are all the same; weak and need protection. (it literally says so in the novel that they stick to strong players for protection I had brain aneurysms reading those parts) Who the hell ever plays an mmorpg and thinks oh I better stick to strong players for protection?? What? Logic where?? It's just a game?

Also the MC's reason for playing the game is to EARN money since they're dirt poor. However, he keeps giving out free stuff to people he just met... Just because. These characters would keep repeating to him how expensive these rare in-game items are and can be sold for literally enough to give him and his wife a good life for a while (or maybe enough to jump start a small business) but he just shrugs it off like 'whatever keep it.' One time he turns down selling an item at an auction cus it sounds troublesome to do. He doesn't hand out these items cus he wants to invest on a good relationship with people either, he just wanna do it.

The MC is a married man yeah but he blushes like a young school girl every time a girl shows attraction to him it's so weird and uncomfortable. Just pathetic.

Whatever this novel is so annoying. 1/5 don't even bother. The MC is unlikeable and has the mental maturity of a 10 year old, the game system is not detailed and the mechanics keep getting bent for the MC's sake, the side characters are not memorable and the plot is a cycle without anything exciting happening. There's no shortage of vrmmo novels out there, read something better.

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July 2, 2018
Status: c290
  • MC is OP in both real life and VR.
  • MC is a gaming noob.
  • MC has a wife.
  • MC is upright, but his guildmates are not.
  • MC keeps getting screwed by NPCs.
  • Missiles represents modern warfare.
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lnpretender rated it
March 6, 2018
Status: c15
here it came, , , the new gaming WN, really love this new series. The MC is frickin’ OP, because he’s basically undefeated master of martial arts eventhough he’s completely in the game. The independence control system in the game makes MC can give all his potential of martial artin it. Can’t wait for more chapters. 5 stars so far.
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Raneday rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: c19
I don't hate OP characters but for some reason this novel didn't click to me.

Well it might be due to the reason that this novel might also follow the cliche of the MMORPG OP Mc? Where the Mc's would start as OP in the game and breaking it's game balance? One hitting all of the field bosses or something along those lines, getting all of the hidden quests at just the start of the game add in the fact that he would also get those legendary items.

Hmmm but what I... more>> don't really want to see here is that if ever, the MC would for some reason have a secret identity/past where he was a part of a big family, an assassin or the likes or perhaps there would be some aliens at the end of it? Idk I just can't really enjoy reading this novel. Sorry if this kinda end up as a rant <<less
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aShinyVaporeon rated it
July 5, 2020
Status: c49
A 2.5-3.

Some warnings: The MC is world-breakingly OP, to the point where it's a bit ridiculous (he's practically invincible, and there's no one that's even close to his level). He's pretty confident in his abilities (which could be a plus or a minus), and 'chivalrous' (the 'you can't hit girls' type). He also loses the traits of a poor person early on: after getting rich ingame, he isn't as careful with his new money as you would expect. The MC's name is suspiciously similar to the author's, too. Truly a... more>> self-insert >_>

On the plus side, the MC is already married, with no blaring signs of a harem. The story is halfway decent, and there are a variety of character types. There's no rebirth and exploiting of future knowledge or bugs, since the MC is new to the game. He doesn't have a cliche motive to play either (revenge or whatnot), it's just for money and for fun.

It's not bad, an ok time-waster if it's your cup of tea. Going onto my shelf to binge when I'm bored, maybe.

The premise is quite similar to VR: Close Combat Mage, which I'd recommend more. <<less
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Dante777 rated it
June 4, 2019
Status: c160
This might have the biggest idiot MC I have seen in any Novel. Do yourselves a favor and read something else. MC makes so many s*upid decisions that it makes it hard to read. This book is utter crap! The author seems to think that making the NPC's screw over the MC repeatedly is somehow funny but, in reality it's just s*upid because there is no way in hell anyone would ever play this game with how s*upid it is. This author has done a horrible job of building a... more>> world that is believable and fun. He should give up writing and work as a janitor for the rest of his life so we can avoid this utter crap! Do Not fall for the rating. The rating has been padded with numerous 5 star reviews all from the same person <<less
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vikingzwalrus rated it
August 3, 2018
Status: c300
Don't let the 1 star view fool you. Ironicly, one of them actually turn his brain off when he was rating a novel just based on several chapter which is barely enough to know whats this novel about what is not about.

  1. Yes, hes character in game, Iron Bull is OP, not because pugilist is hiddenly OP but because the player, the main character itself is OP.
  2. Yes, he 1v1 a Boss in early level, but thats because the Boss is the weakest type of Boss in Rebirth. There's 2 type of Boss (I think, correct me if I'm wrong). Traditional Boss, controlled by a low level AI which we have in our world, attack the player, use potion when HP is below 50%, agro the nearest player and so om. Then theres the 2nd type of Boss, the Independant Boss which has its own AI, it act on it's own, it will think when fighting rather than hack and slash, agroing the weakest player, dodging enemy attack and so on. They're the real deal. I can't remember if the first Boss is the independant Boss or not but one thing for sure is that it will become more challanging.
  3. No he won't become a harem king whatsoever (unfortunately, I kinda want him to have some kind of fanbase of his own like God of Weed but oh well), so he won't cheat his wife for those 3 girls that he's living with, for now at least in chapter 300. I can't say for sure he won't be seduced by a thot in chapter 400.
  4. And the guild he will join, one of the 1 star reviewer mention how they somehow able to keep up with our OP main character, is not your average joe guild, they have deep history making themself known in the Gaming History, they're the Expert among Expert so it's no surprise that they able to keep with our OP main character. It just show how ignorant those 1 star reviewer are, reviewing a novel without the neccesary research which required to know whats this novel is about.
Tl:Dr, those 1 star review are so wrong in too many way. So sad people actually believe them. Give the novel a try, read it till 50. Trust me, it's worth it.

It's somewhat cliche novel I guess but one thing for sure is that it's a good (cliche) novel.
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LazyMelon rated it
May 31, 2018
Status: c15
I've never been turned off so much by a novel so hard initially you think this would be something like moonlight sculptor but nah after he receives his initial batch of money that attitude swing was like dafuq? And really tho whats with the abs does nobody else have abs its kinda creepy. It mostly feels like the authors writing about his fantasies and pretty much unreadable even if you can turn off your brain but thats just imo.
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bloggbigg rated it
March 5, 2018
Status: c198
This is ok, and was growing on me- but is now getting tiresome. It had quite a similarity to Legendary Moonlight Sculptor- though it's not a rip-off, more 'a similar world' mechanics and setup (though slightly inferior).

'Magic VRMMO lets cash-strapped protag be OP in the VR world. Everything goes his way.'

more or less.

The background and characters are slightly unusual- The MC is happilly married, and though there are rumblings of potential harem-ness, it's highly unlikely to happen. the characters are somewhat developing- but so far, it's a great deal of... more>> 'we're all jerks, but you like us anyway' as a story premise. Seriously- the author's gone out of their way to paint every affiliated character as selfish and/or reprehensible, and no one seems to care because 'they're nice to me' (I guess).

The plotting is pretty good, with minor issues on things shoehorned in for convenience- but altogether entertaining so far. The MC has a likable personality, and is clever- though some of his clever 'crosses the line' when he's supposed to be a noob as well, but it doesn't really 'break' anything (since MC=OP already).

I finally figured out why I keep reading this besides the 'why bother- it's average at best...' and the 'this bit is interesting- wonder where this will go...' imbalance- and it's the 'A plot', 'B, C, D... plot' imbalance.

The 'A plot' (the main story abut the protag & his challenges) is pretty average and predictable- at times sub-par. Add to that the crap personalities and antics of most everyone around him, and this is a 'drop'- easily.

The 'B plot' (& others) are also pretty average too- but there are enough of them, and they are somewhat interesting, and they fit in with the 'A plot' (more or less) in occasionally unexpected ways. This keeps things from being fully predictable- and surprisingly this is where most of the 'nice' characters are.

Be warned though- this doesn't exactly elevate the whole- just serves pretty well as a curiosity feeder. I guess it kind of suggests the writer is better at writing soaps the VR fantasy.

Speaking of the VR side- this 'game world' is supposedly a PVP server (as far as drama is concerned), but the story mechanics pretty much show the author only has a 'better than vague' idea of what that entails. It's PVP 'when convenient'- but otherwise the 'despicable characters guild' (Quan Zen sect) pretty much has free movement and is ignored by everyone (for reasons of story convenience & despite their universally being hated) till the writer feel like 'things should happen'.

I guess to 'damn' the author for this when it's not uncommon for the genre would be excessive, but trust me- the list of 'liberties taken', 'luck awarded', and 'expertise excelled in' is pretty long (and effortlessly gained for the most part).

It may be your cup of tea, or not. Worth a look at least- it is different. <<less
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CannonBro rated it
March 5, 2018
Status: c15
I don't usually write reviews but so far up to ch 15, this novel has been pretty enjoyable for an another cliche MMORPG novel. Grammar- 5/5

Story- 3.5/5

Enjoyment factor- 4/5

I will be updating this review as the story goes on.
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November 7, 2018
Status: c431
Okay first, upon reading this just consider the MC as a side character because him alone makes the story suk, what makes this novel a good read is the comedy and antics of their whole guild when the MC joins the fray. It is good as a comedy adventure novel, guild mermbers are shameless in a humorous way, I recommend to read it until chapter 50 if you do not find it to be funny well cant be help.
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TigerCub rated it
June 13, 2018
Status: c270
I have to say that this is the best and most favourite of all the gaming novels I've read ^_^ seriously can't get enough of this story.

The fact that this also has a stable update is especially satisfying (2 chapters everyday basically).

If you want action and humour, with a good amount of OPness in the characters mixed with martial arts and commonsense breaking, this is the story for you!
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