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Lu Chen used to be a ranker of the most popular VRMMO game, Spirit of Grief. After a car accident turned his dreams into dust, his disability left him incapable of escaping the pit of mediocrity he was thrown into. Helpless and defeated, his story ended.

Two years later, the Eternal Moon Corporation launched a new VRMMO called “Heavenblessed”, and Lu Chen stumbled into another terrible accident that left him in a complicated situation far beyond his ability to handle. That won’t stop him from rising to the top, however. Not again.

Come witness the rise of the sword-wielding zombie and the relationships he makes during his journey to the apex! For riches and bi- ahem, for career and love!

Associated Names
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Virtual World: Unparalleled Under the Sky
Võng Du Chi Túng Hoành Thiên Hạ
Wangyou Zhi Tianxia Wushuang
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kelicant rated it
June 20, 2016
Status: c47
Very good VRMMO story, with awful personal relationships. This story can be categorized in the 'author writes the MC as kind and loved by girls while he is really a total as*hole to them'. The MMO story part of the story is pretty good: with plenty of action, MC working to overcome his disadvantage, MC vs the established guilds.

This isn't much of a spoiler because you find this out in the first few chapters but the biggest problem with the story and example of the MC's personality:

... more>>

So the MC has disabled reaction time and so he is no longer a top player anymore. When he is at his lowest he meets his boss, a beautiful successful woman who pulls him up and gives him a purpose. When they meet in real life there is an attack on the boss's life where the MC saves her but gets injured himself. His response when it becomes clear his boss is being targeted? Pretend to be dead and cut her off completely. He starts playing the new game that's out and trying his hardest while saying that being ahead early is super important, intending to recover and rejoin his boss's guild. Then he finds out that his boss is mourning his death so she's not playing the game (thus getting super behind and lowering the chance of the guild succeeding) and her career is suffering as well. His reaction this time? Feel bad for a moment and then ignore it completely. His reasoning is that he is 'diseased' now with a skin disease that can be cured by standing a few minutes in the sun, so his boss that accepted him while he was disabled in game wouldn't want to play with him in game.

TL;DR: The MC is a complete as*hole towards the people who care about him while the author pretends like the MC is perfect.

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Molenir rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: --

As other reviewers pointed out, the MC leaves his boss thinking that he was killed in an assassination attempt against her. Naturally he does this to protect her feelings, fearing she will be hurt finding out his injuries were caused in the event... No, not making this up. This officially broke my immersion in the story. The s*upidity in this is just off the charts. Had to drop the story be chapter 20 because of this.

If I find out later that the MC actually develops, and comes up with a reason for faking his death, making the people who care about him feel responsible for it, maybe I'll revisit it.

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Juslin rated it
July 3, 2020
Status: c53
It's really bad. Like sure, it's not the worst novel I've ever read but even Invisible Dragon (https://www. Novelupdates. Com/series/invisible-dragon/) was more interesting to read than this. Yeah, that's right, one of the 7 forbidden novels is better than this tr*sh. It doesn't do anything right. I like powertrip fantasies but this is crap even for a powertrip fantasy. Okay, now that I'm done with the ranting let's get on to the review.

First, the characters. They are all garbage. None of them are actually believable or interesting... more>> in the slightest. The MC is braindead (maybe because of his brain damage lmao), dude's logic doesn't make sense to anyone with an IQ and EQ higher than 10, people apparently become friends after beating each other up and causing each other to drop from the leaderboards, everyone beats each other up for no reason at all, every single woman the MC meets is a jaw-breaking heaven shattering beauty that dropped from the heavens, the main female lead is apparently so dumb she can't even notice that

the MC faked his death when he doesn't even have a funeral or death certificate lmao

. Every male character in this novel are horny perverts that are in heat all day and can only think of s*x when meeting a female character, the author included.

Speaking of that, the writing in this novel is absolutely horrendous. Let's start with what I was just talking about. Every single time a female character appears, the author feels the need to talk about her supple thighs and bouncing breasts and shit, EVEN DURING SUPPOSEDLY IMPORTANT MOMENTS. How do you expect your readers to feel an ounce of sympathy or any other emotions at that when you slap a description of thighs and breasts in the middle of a tragic scene?

Even if you excuse this, the meat of the novel isn't even that good either. The VRMMO world is not fleshed out at all and isn't interesting either in the slightest. There aren't any interesting questlines, class abilities, pets, kingdoms, plot, idk, anything that would actually make a novel interesting. The way skills are handled is really boring, it's basically just a linear path, the skills don't even allow for freedom, production class skills is basically just clicking a button, and there's even a cap on it for some reason. Stats don't mean anything because the author doesn't actually tell us the meaning of having these stats. Like you know usually novels with stats will do comparisons so we can understand the strength of each character. But this novel just gives us an infodump and expect us to actually care about it. Money is the same thing, it doesn't mean anything because the MC has an endless supply of it, making you wonder why the author spends so much time describing how the MC earns money every other chapter. Also, apparently quests and items are actually supposed to be rare in this game, yet the MC gets them back to back easily, doesn't make sense at all. Don't get me started on the other lame luck stuff like when he catches a pet, you already know what's going to happen before you read it, why bother making it random? Does the author actually think he is creating tension here?

The MC is apparently supposed to be an evil faction since he is an undead yet the novel once again doesn't do anything with it, clap clap. No interesting world-building or anything like that related to this. Also, he has a 3 second delay and still manages to be a ranker, and you are telling me that after reducing it to less than 0.5 seconds he isn't the best, or at least one of the best players in the world? To understand how big 2.5 seconds actually is, just play any game with that delay lol. Plus, this once again isn't fleshed out either, and it basically can be replaced with any other arbitrary weakness like -20% stats under sunlight lmao.

In conclusion, just don't read this, save your time and your eyes. <<less
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zeroknight rated it
June 26, 2020
Status: c200
So unlike everybody who dropped this because they didnt like the fact that the MC make his boss think he is dead, I read further than that. Further and further until chapter 200.

All I can say is the MC is a total pushover. Dont just let this girls boss you around just because they're pretty! Honestly this novel can have a much better heroine than these girls.

Cant stand all this teasing and flirting. Its like the author is single or something. He cant have a relationship so he made the... more>> MC had these girls around him <<less
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Spite rated it
May 3, 2016
Status: --
Thoroughly entertaining vmmorpg. Very similar to the other two Virtual World web novels. Only fault, which has been mentioned a number of times, is the cold manner in which he deals with his boss who clearly carries a flame for him. I hope and expect this will be resolved in future chapters.
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Karimka rated it
April 11, 2016
Status: --
That MC really annoys me. I dont really hate tragedy or abandoning your friend but there must be reason for that.

... more>>

He with his almost love were driving to studio but there was an attempt of assassination and his boss were brought to hospital, while he was buried. After that he revives and his boss thinks that he died, so she suffers a lot and so on nut he don't reveal that he is alive, instead he just make his friend to say her that he died, because he thinks she will feel bad if she knew that cause of her he was now in bad state. The thing that she is suffering from his death more than that, its normal for him. Such a s*upid MC makes me so angry that after 10 more chapters of this sh*t I couldn't witness it and dropped.

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acoleman2 rated it
November 15, 2016
Status: c61
I really enjoy this novel. I like the MC's background, and look forward to seeing how he develops going forward. It's one of the only gaming novels where the MC plays an undead character and that is fun. Like Zhan Long there's a certain element of hilarity. A lot of people aren't happy with how he's dealing with his old guild, and the MC's decision to just avoid conflicts and emotionally complicated situations. I personally think that's much more realistic. Most gamers I know would do just that. I also... more>> think that things will change and develop as time goes on. In any case, this is a fun novel. Only downside is that it is as good as dropped (been 6 months since an update). <<less
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nightstick24 rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: c58
I really liked the opening of this novel, it had a great intro and was super interesting. A few chapters later it had some oddities and was a bit weird, but whatever, then it started to get into the VRMMO and I wasn't sure about it. Slowly started to like it more and more then chapter 16 hit.

Chapter 16 is pretty much where every negative review the series has comes from. If you want to know if you should read the novel read the first 3 - 5 chapters then... more>> skip to chapter 15 and read till you're finished chapter 17. If you haven't smashed your head through the nearest wall at how utterly s*upid the plot point the author decides to make is, you might be okay!

Chapter 16 is where the author introduces a huge plot point that he hits back on CONSTANTLY, coming back to it every few chapters in some form. I managed to stick it out till chapter 58 before I decided to stop for a bit. I'll probably come back and finish it later, maybe?

As for a review, I like the story. It's a pretty typical VRMMO story, so don't expect anything revolutionary there, but at least it isn't particularly bad. The VRMMO game in the story seems real iffy to me and isn't explained or developed very well at all - there's almost no skills in the game, very few classes, hidden classes exist but are like slightly altered versions of the main classes, stats in the game are just an I-don't-even-know thing, the MC puts every single point into strength but is faster movement and faster attack speed than many players and there aren't many stats at all. However there are some interesting elements to it too. like a 'tactics' stat that lets you use group-wide abilities at certain amounts, like a skill that gives 5% increased damage to everyone in your group, or one that gives 5% defense - which is kinda neat.

Aside from the VRMMO, there's a real-life component to the story too, but it's not explored much or very well, but at least it gives a bit of a break every now and then from the action of the game.

Something the author does pretty well compared to most others is pacing, there are moments of high tension and action, but there are also lots of brief breaks and pauses where the MC is crafting or selling or just moving to a new place where the story relaxes, it's not all action every second with no chance for you to relax at all, something so many novels end up falling into. Because of this it makes the actions sequences feel more intense and defined, and not quite such a blur.

The BIGGEST failure of the novel, though, and the point that made me drop it, in connection with the Chapter 16 plot point, is just the logic of the novel. The author doesn't bother to make sure basic math adds up, the translator/editors have been trying to retcon some of that utter nonsense - thank to them! - but that same lack of attention to details is pervasive in the story. An example, there's a battle the MC is in where the enemy brings 24 people with him (24 + 1 = 25) MORE than 20 die (25 - at least 21 = 4) and there are 4 and the leader of enemies still standing (4 + 1 = 5, should only be 4 at most left) then 3 die and there's 2 and the enemy leader alive (3 - 5 = 2, not 3 - 5 = 3) the numbers in the battle are all over the place. The editor/translator at Wuxia has fixed the numbers to make sense though, thanks! Or just like a chapter later the MC has 157 gold, spends 13 (157 - 13 = 144) then proceeds to sell 150 gold, when he's only got 144 to sell... Simple math mistakes like that are whatever, but it does take you out of the story, and that same lack of attention that leads to simple errors like that leads to a hundred other questionable decisions and judgements the author makes.

Another part I found annoying and weird is the MC and women. He wants a Harem, he has dreams of a harem where everyone worships him and feeds him grapes and typical harem-y garbage. But he's the most virgin virgin to ever exist, actively ignores women IRL, shuts them down at every turn. Then the author goes on and on about the 'white legs' and 'white thighs' of every woman that exists and how they're enough to make him explode and how seductive every movement of a woman's chest is. Like every single time a female comes into scene the author spends 3 - 10 lines going on about their white legs and how their chest moves when they breathe. Every single time. It's enough to take you out of the story to pray the author can get some so he can stop interrupting the story to fantasize.

Overall, I'm giving it a 3/5 because it's a decent enough story that I really want to enjoy it; if the author could stop referencing the chapter 16 plot point and could control the number of fantasies about white legs and moving chests I'd thoroughly enjoy this as a brainless but still exciting read. <<less
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Parth37955 rated it
December 12, 2015
Status: --
dislike how he's dealing with his boss or rather the lack of it. Haven't read enough to have a good idea about, it's kind of slow. Basically he was a like the best gamer till he got disabled. Then he nearly dies and presto, no more disability (or at least mostly cured) Hope someone will pick it up when Shiro drops it in January.
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rhianirory rated it
January 25, 2021
Status: c100
yes, what he does to his old boss at the start of the story makes it hard to like this MC ... more>>

or his friend, who tells the MC to "be strong" as though he was the one suffering unnecessary guilt and crushing grief and not the boss lady they lied to while faking his death. Douche move, that. Other than making the MC unlikable to the reader, I'm not sure why it's there and his excuse/ explanation is completely illogical. Given how callous he is and how much pain he caused his members and friends, calling him a prick is the nicest word I have for him. And that's not even touching on all the "riches and b*tches" comments he and his friend make or the multitude of white legs, heaving chests and world shattering beauties around the MC.


so yes, that a**hole move does tend to color how I view the MC for the rest of the story. There are also some large leaps of logic and some things that don't make sense both in game and out. It's on the lower end of average for a vrmmorpg novel; not great, but not totally unreadable if you can get past the MC's behavior. My real rating is 2.5 <<less
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shuiko rated it
February 6, 2016
Status: --
one of the lamest MC's ever. 0 Though process, he doesn't the bravest things in the world, then becomes a straight pu*sy for the rest of the series. Not worth your time tbh.
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Lachiel rated it
October 24, 2015
Status: --
NOTE: This is a review for the first 25~ chapters.
Alright so within the first 25 chapters.. I find myself going.. Err why is this even happening, wtf is this.. And "Wtf bro don't just leave her thinking that.. Give her comfort ;-;".
So there for I put this series on hold until further notice or I get told happy news for our MC and.. Yea. :D
I recommend this if your like VRMMO and can handle sadness ;-;
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kaaliya rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: c236 (Dropped)
It has been months since I dropped this novel but I am writing this review now as I am currently on a reviewing spree. I don't remember how I managed to read more than 200 chapters of this tr*sh. I think I was a bit fascinated by the VRMMO aspect but the story, the mechanics, and logic are all picked up from the tr*sh can. As one reviewer mentioned earlier, all male characters are dogs in the heat including the author. The constant mentioning of supple white breasts and thighs... more>> was sickening. You can ignore it once and twice but not every other chapter. As you know this is a 1000+ chapters novel dammit, you can't ignore this sh*t forever. Only isekai parody ML are this lucky. All the characters including the main character lack substance. Overall, you can hardly see anything good about this novel. Highly disappointing for me. There are loads of better novels out there that are not being translated, so when I see some random sh*t of 1000+ chapters being fully translated like this, I get seriously agitated. <<less
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null rated it
June 21, 2016
Status: --
Readable even tho some part of the story are ridiculous. A bit warning, it would takes a lot chapters before we get more backstory on MC relationship with his boss and the guild.


at that point MC already hooked up with other girl and this novel isn't harem

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Astaroth rated it
March 18, 2016
Status: --
Not bad, not great. +Points for the MC being on the evil faction in an MMO with other players. But besides that it’s so far been fairly generic.

p.s. Even though objectively speaking I don't really think that it's a particularly great novel I've still kinda liked it.
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xiafan rated it
January 20, 2022
Status: c1400
This novel is good. The quests and grinding are satisfying. You enjoy the process of MC becoming OP. Character interactions are bit over the top but if you play any Mobile multiplayer games with whales and Alliances, you'll realise they are quite real.

Beauties throwing themselves at MC is just wish fulfilment and can be ignored but in case of two FL, the actual romance is done tastefully.

Everything goes great until Nation Wars start. Then It is just MC is OP and all other guilds and All other nations are too... more>> weak.

It is the same in Zhan Long and his other novels. So if you want a good realistic game novel, skip this.

If you want good wish fulfilment game novel this is for you. If you are chinese then don't take the nation wars arc seriously. 🤣 <<less
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mmsupreme rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: c161
The story is pretty weird in itself. I can deal with the faking your own death but it just turns into more pseudo relationship bullsh*t between the boss and MC.... more>>

at some point randomly all of a sudden MC gets hit hard by the virus and they have to get a antibody but the whole process only took 2 chapters to actually resolve. You are left wondering what the hell is going on since it was that same virus keeping him alive and somehow was his cheat in a sense

in all honesty you start to wonder how strong the MC really is since in some cases he can kill 10+ people and in others he is struggling to kill 1 even though somehow he is back at his peak. The whole world seems small in comparison to other mmorpg novels and even the boss battle seem basic at best <<less
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May 25, 2020
Status: --
put the girl down and fight the two thugs. How can MC be so foolish to run while carrying a girl. After all the girls weight slow him down. MC who has enemy that tries to kill him even before starting the game is weak sh*t in real life. No matter how strong you are in the game you can be killed with a weak thung in real life.

MC has very bad handicaps. His 3 second delay was reduced to 1 second. But even then he still had one sec... more>> delay. Hes Weak, very Weak. I wanted MC to be the best. But I k with such a weak MC its just a pipe dream. <<less
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wdewolde rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: c172
I don't often drop a novel but The Unrivalled is just one that I cannot keep reading. The main character is alright, he makes a lot of decisions that don't really make sense (faking death etc) but the biggest issue is that the author mistakes describing female characters looks as personality traits and they are all fine with males leering at them.

Overall the characters feel rather two dimensional, just support characters that are there either to admire the MC or villains to make the MC seem like a decent person

... more>>

The most interesting plot point with the virus gets solved with no problem making it a pointless excuse to give him the undead swordsman class

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