Emperor of Solo Play


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Year 2035. The virtual reality game, Warlord, changed the world. An Jaehyun was one of the many who wished to change his life through the game. After dedicating his life to the game, he was met with a betrayal. A betrayal by his comrades. As a result, he lost everything. But a chance was given to him. A chance to redo everything again! “I won’t play with others ever again. Whatever the outcome, I’ll show that I can do it alone.” Others rolled a dice to split the spoils of victory. An Jaehyun ate it all by himself. It was the start of An Jaehyun’s solo game life.

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Lord of Solples
solpeul-ui jewang
솔플의 제왕
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123 Reviews

Sep 16, 2017
Status: c173
MC is a foul mouthed masochist. This is another reincarnation rpg novels, with your usual scheming villains that can't see mount tai and is out to plunder his loot.

Before MC died, he was in a guild which everyone hated and was being hunted down by them. Eventually getting betrayed by his own guild mates. At first you would think, what a scumbag move, but after reading further into the novel and getting to know what kind of person the MC is, I probably would too. Once MC got his 2nd... more>> chance and reincarnates, it was basically him vs the world. He thinks everyone is out to get him, holds grudges towards people that pked him in the past by cursing at them with degrading words. Numerous guilds have tried to recruit him, and not only were they rejected he started to hate them even more, meanwhile the guilds are like ??? Why does this guy act like we killed his entire family? In the later chapters half of the story is about him complaining about the s*upidest things like, f*ck, why is this monster so strong that no one else have been able to kill it, but he himself is able to kill it with ease, or why are these health pots that heals me to full health so expensive, why his life sucks, why he's always eating crappy food in real life, or why is this game so hard that he's able to solo anything throughout the game so far;something that no one have been able to do? All these are retorical questions and every time I see them I just shake my head and skim pass it.

MC treats himself like garbage in real life by eating unhealthy, cheap food such as ramen, bitter coffee or by starving, which he ALWAYS complains about with words like "f*ck, the things that I need to give up to become the top player or get my revenge". Meanwhile this moron wastes literally hundreds of thousands if not MILLIONS on his character ingame? Explain to me how that makes any sense, he's too cheap to spend a few extra dollars everyday for food and improving his health, yet he spends money in game like he's wiping his golden poop with $100 dollar bills. Get out of here.

Will I still be reading this? Probably, but not because I like the novel, but because so I can laugh at how idiotic the MC is. You treat others like dirt (and yourself) and you get treated like dirt. <<less
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Jun 13, 2016
Status: c25
The MC is the best of the best in the biggest VRMMORPG. He is betrayed by his closest mates and forced to quit the game. He is subsequently hit by a car and awakens 4 years in the past. He vows this time to rise to the top and do it without relying on anyone (solo).

Review after 25 chapters. The writing remains excellent. The translation top notch. Is easily reads better than 90% of the self-published English novels on Amazon. Pace started out a little slow but I personally don't... more>> think taking 10 chapters to explain a gaming world and character background is unwarranted.

MC is immediately likeable. Arrogant but not over the top. Admits to having no skills other than gaming but admits to no equals within the gaming world. The game is well thought out and leaves tonnes of room for PVP, PK, and epic questing. No love interest and I am unsure if one fits here.

I was disappointed to find out this series was complete in 193 chapters. It is still early but I would use Shura's Wrath as a comparable with much better writing and translating here. <<less
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Aug 02, 2016
Status: c29
He may be called a Necromancer, but he is more like a "bumb it all into strengh and get shitton of luck to get gear to even out the magic power difference a bit." He uses summoned Skeletons, yes, but he doesn't use any offensive magic and fights in the frontlines to teach his skeletons. His spells currently are a debuff he casts conveniently on the sword and it stays like assasins poison if you get what I mean. And his other two spells are for a helmet and armor... more>> that increases states. Yes. Necromancer like. Get the sarcasm? I have no problem with a bit warrior skills adding to a necromancer... but this is more a Warrior than a freaking Necromancer we get those sh*t novels with their Warriors everywhere.... 80%+ of everything around.... now why the hell would someone make a Necromancer in a Warrior? I have no problem with a bit dualclassing, etc if he is mainly a mage. But in this case he is a Warrior that does nothing than stab, call ally, stab, poison er curse magic I mean, strenghen armor..... Does this sound familiar to a certain class that's neither Warrior or Nercomancer? Yes.

Garbage in my eyes. I hate warrior classes written with a passions because they annoy me at this point like nothing else. Honestly I would give the story -10/10 if I could. Sadly I have to settle with "1 Star/bad".

Oh yes whats the story? He got betrayed now wants to be the best. Has incredible luck. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah. Money problems. took a loan for it. I ask me where I read that before..... <<less
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Oct 08, 2016
Status: --
Plot-wise it's okay. If you're a fan of world-building and game mechanics in general, this novel will leave a sour taste in your mouth.

What do I mean by this? To put it blunty, the VRMMO that the MC plays is completely garbage. Even if you put aside all the logistic impossibilities, such as the fact that millions of people play despite it being terribly, terribly expensive, the game in and of itself is very poorly designed. From a MMO perspective, the game lacks all sense of a congruous, breathing and... more>> living world. If you're into roleplay at all then you're pretty much gutted here since the only thing that matters in this game is killing stuff and getting loot. No real storyline, no real atmosphere, no sophisticated AIs, everyone summons their equips through a goddamn digital watch that oozes out gel which goes on to cover their bodies and then congealing into their equipment (what the f*ck?), etc. Don't even get me started into crafting, if you want to make equipment all you do is put all the materials into a box and shake the box and pray to RNGeezus. What kind of piss poor game is this? As a fan of MMOs I can't even begin to describe the travesty of a VRMMO that the author has concocted. It's quite impressive how bad he made it. As for the MC, long story short: he's ret*rded. How he is so good at a game that requires strategy and planning while being as dumb as he is, I don't know. He's a pretty damned good fighter, but other than that he pales in every other category. Honestly you're better off reading LMS rather than this novel. <<less
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Oct 16, 2016
Status: c61

This be garbage....

... more>> Original

Emperor of Solo Play is a VRMMO novel, that does a lot of things right.

In a world where one game dominates the world marketplace, An Jaehyun has traveled back in time to un-f*ck himself.

A former top player, An Jaehyun, made a few bad decisions that resulted in him being isolated, hunted, and eventually obsolete. Which is where our story begins.

Emperor of Solo Play features a very common Korean archetypal Main Character, who devotes his every living breathing moment to video games. Something that I personally can relate to. We watch as An Jaehyun fights against poverty, the limitations of being unable to outright purchase first class gear, and competes for relevancy among the already established Elite Class of Warlord, the Top Thirty Guilds.

Betrayed in his original life An Jaehyun refuses to trust anyone else, for fear of another betrayal. Meanwhile he carries past grudges with him for actions that have technically never happened, allowing a technically unfounded hostility dictate his every action.

In my personal opinion the author, 디다트, has opened strong, introducing the major players, clearly outlining An Jaehyun's mindset and goals, as well as foreshadowing several future conflicts that are bound to be quite juicy, as our irrational Main Character fights against outside forces and his inner demons.

However this is not to say that the ending will be as strong as the start. As the main character can easily fall into the same situation as his original life.

How the author will manage to walk the line between plot armor, our MC's independence and realism? I can only guess. But until then I will continue reading every chapter as they come out, and give this novel a tentative 5 star rating until, it is shown to me that the 5 star rating isn't deserved.

I am of the opinion that people should give this a go, the translation quality is strong, and so far the author seems competent at his craft. I have no complaints. And here is to hoping it doesn't change. <<less
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Oct 13, 2016
Status: c59
I like the premise of being able to solo and using an unconventional build to do it. Not like LMS where you have a non-combat profession being OP but taking a profession and taking it in a direction that no one has tried or even thought of. Some people may read the story and think that what the protagonist is doing with his build is completely infeasible but I will bring up an example from a game I used to play to kind of hopefully bring people to understand that... more>> it may not be so far-fetched. I used to play guild wars and its expansions (the first guild wars not the second, haven't played the second). A lot of people like to refer to it as build wars because although skill is required to be great, your character build (skill set and equipment) is just as important. The protagonist Jaehyun did something seemingly absurd with his build, but in guild wars it was a pretty common thing. There was a build set up for a Monk with Necromancer sub-profession that used equipment specialized to minimize max HP in order to best utilize the skill set to solo farm some of the toughest areas. Yes, you heard right "minimize max HP" not maximize HP. If you are curious about it just look up 55 monk or invincimonk. There were other crazy builds such as a necromancer that used mostly warrior skills. To me, I believe what Jaehyun did with his build is totally feasible.

Some may wonder why he didn't just go with the same build he had before and try to do it even better. He did consider it, but the whole goal was to be able to solo. He knew better than anyone that his previous build did not cut it for solo play no matter how much better he did it. Same with the other variations of the profession he decided on in his second life. Hence, why he went the unconventional to hopefully grasp at something that might be his only hope to succeed.

Some may question Jaehyun's s*upidity for why he didn't do this or that. For me I just try to put myself in his shoes the way the author described him. He doesn't have anything he is good at except for the game and only the fighting and questing aspect at that. He's different from the super textbook like Ye Xiu from King's Avatar. His game skills are all he has as he doesn't have many life skills. He is not like the protagonist from LMS that can do anything and everything. He is straight forward and determined. He is not the clever type hence he didn't see what was coming to him in his previous lifetime, so don't expect him to act clever in the next lifetime out of nowhere. Expect him to do things with a flawed logic that ends up helping his arch nemesis at times. All in all I find the story enjoyable to read and I find that there are not many infeasible aspects if you really think about it. <<less
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Jul 07, 2016
Status: c10
Second rate LMS, really. Early 10 chapters could totally be sized down into 3-4 chapters. It has too much filler at the early chapters that it has become a bother to read. Don't understand why people would rate it 5* on the early phase when it's clearly full of fillers.

The whole thing is nonsensical, not much but it still irks me. The problem is that the author tried to convince us this is in fact "right". If he could just normalize the whole thing a bit, sigh.

Example : the MC... more>> died, he traveled back in time and to buy the v-gear he needs money, what would smart guys do? Betting of course, you should at least remember some big events in the past that you can bet. But what did he do? Loan Shark, smart? Nope, sorry pure dumb.

There really is nothing that can discern it from other revenge-vr. I don't get the high ratings but this could just be me since I am not willing to continue reading beyond chapter 10. <<less
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Sep 21, 2016
Status: --
...a Top Expert Swordsman who is dirt poor goes back in time after dieing to be a money sinkhole Necromancer while still using he pure Swordsmanship skills. To use a sword well he wastes all his stats points into str while his class is a Necromancer that does not get any bonus str per point.. To use his Necromancer skills he needs to use Real MONEY to buy gear to increase his magic related stats... To balance out his wasted points he needs to buy a large amount of skills... more>> with more money, get lucky on titles (that are rare in game), and rush to higher lvls so he can make money from being a Top Player all while learning his current class....

He does this only because he does not want to join a party since he was betrayed in a game where it was a common as spending real money to betray your party or guild since this game is such a hit you can make millions if you are a top player.. and since he heard that a very very rich player soloed a single Raid Boss (a boss monster that needs several parties to kill) as a Necromancer before no longer being able to advance (thus quiting) no matter how much money they spent. he went maybe I can do better even thou I am dirt poor by mixing my close combat ability with the very expensive summons for a Necromancer (since to get good summons they have only 2 ways get the materials yourself from mobs you kill or buy the materials from higher lvl players who are selling them). So he is using half baked info on the Necromancer Class to try and grow to the point he can do everything solo.

Now if he used his knowledge and experiences of the Swordsman Class to restart not only would be able to rush to the higher lvls faster he would not even need to try and grasp the class since he would know its ins and outs. Plus he might even be able to get many secret skills that he paid more attention to while he was a Swordsman while getting a lot of titles faster since he would not be running like a fish on dry land that just got a magical tool that lets it breath and walk on land and decided it can run like mankind the moment it got on land with this tool since it watched many men and woman running even thou it knew nothing of how to move while in the tool.

Anyone who does not mind all the contradicting elements or foolish actions from someone who has knowledge of the future (like joining part of a major event chain quest while solo and low lvled even thou his lvl is less than half of the top players and the monsters at the end of the quest) feel free to read it <<less
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May 12, 2016
Status: 55
A gamer dies and reincarnates... in order to replay his game...

Concept aside, the main charm of the story is the writing style. The author takes a light and humorous approach, occasionally building up more tense scenes just enough for the readers to develop an interest and sense of momentum, but not to overwhelm them with technical information or descriptions. While the MC comes across as proud and independent, but not overly arrogant or self-absorbed. The fact that the story is only 200 chapters long doesn't hurt either. It's enough... more>> to build a world and finish a well written arc, without becoming repetitive.

The only real thing to watch out for is that right now, the story is still building its foundations. In order to maintain its quality, the MC needs to start developing as a character, while the story itself will need good recurring characters, and a clear goal. <<less
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Aug 17, 2017
Status: c153
Emperor of Solo Play is a power-trip fantasy set in one of the shittiest f*cking MMO's I've ever had a chance to read about. I'll tackle on the MMO aspect and it's complete bullsh*t in the spoilers, so let's look at the story without it for a bit.

MC: Loud, sometimes funny, annoying quite often, loud. Yes, he's not your generic 'blank slate' MC, but he's poor-man's Weed if we're being honest... one that just happens to curse a bit more. He has some funny moments, sure, but he's pretty bad... more>> in terms of a character as he goes through 0% development in 150 chapters. Suck on that.

Side Characters: Emperor of Solo Play often dedicates ENTIRE chapters to side characters, so why is it that I can't stand basically any single one of them? It's because they're boring. Every single guild leader has a simple, straightforward personality: all for the profit. There you go, that's their character. There are a few exceptions along the lines, but in terms of characters that stay throughout, nothing.

Storywise it's LMS. Dude goes soloing shit, gets money by selling shit, gets broadcasts etc. That's it, really. Unlike Weed, though, Ah~~ leaves his apartment ONCE in 150 chapters. Good lord.

I can swallow all of the above; I enjoy reading power-trip fantasies because they're easy and they wash away fatigue from good reads. However, what I can't swallow is MMO in this game. Good. f*cking. God.


First off: MMO that expensive to play wouldn't even have 10 f*cking players, let alone 10 million. When you see the numbers flaunted about (it terms of cost), you can literally shave off one 0 and it'd still be expensive. MMO would flop harder than Amy Shoemaker's new comedy show, and would be buried in the dust within a week. f*ck, it'd probably be massacred with the announcement of prices.

Second off: the entire buying/selling items process. Look, I won't debate whether (in the future) the ENTIRE STRUCTURE of how MMO's are designed (end-game oriented) will be completely different and will focus on leveling, but I'll f*cking guarantee that NEVER IN THE WORLD will a leveling be sold for 100$. NEVER. Nor would a Skill Book. NOR WOULD f*ckING ANYTHING. The numbers are just insane. Sure, make the MMO in your story P2W, I don't care, but make it so I don't grunt every time I see numbers. Instead of take sh*t out of his ass, author could have simply made the items drop and be done with it. But no. Remember, 1g in the game = 10$ in real life. I'm pretty sure author has no idea how neither the economy nor MMO's work from just that.

Third: This MMO is sh*t from grounds up. The entire concept of the game is based on the fact that newcomers WILL NEVER catch up to front runners. That is bullshit. Even in the grindfest like Black Desert, if you were to start today, given enough time and effort you'd be able to compete with the topguns. However, in Warlord, unless you're MC with godlike knowledge, it's impossible. No MMO would EVER survive off of its initial playbase. Imagine if WoW did this thing. They'd never have made it past Burning Crusade.

Fourth: Every single design choice is insulting to every player. Warlord is based off of the idea that 'you can invest money and get money returns', but that's BS. First, that 30 exclusive bullsh*t is just so dumb I'm not even going to comment on it. Second, it feels like the worst F2P game ever made that costs literally thousands upon thousands of $ to play. You can buy power. You can buy f*cking everything in the game. Even the WORST P2W cash-grabs in the past 10 years weren't that bad. So f*ck off with this shit.

Fifth: Guild & raid system. What is this sh*t with 'being in queue' for raids? Are you insane? Weekly locking nearly f*cking killed raiding scene in WoW, and you think people would put up with queue bullshit? And it's not just raids, it's even with dungeons. This isn't a f*cking MMORPG. And wtf is with the guild system? 30 top guilds are so overpowered they can't be caught? Why? It's only because game said so. It's because of internally broken design.

Sixth: No level cap. This is the same issue I have with LMS: No level cap. It's absolute horseshit. Again, MAYBE sometime in the future MMORPG will come where leveling is the GOD of the game, but that's not the current market. Besides, leveling is boring. It was boring in LMS, it's boring here. There are only a few highlight moments. I don't know why they employ this 'oh, levels go on and on' bullshit, but stop it.

Seventh: Titles. This is broken. This has nothing to do with flawed design: this is outright something no game designer would ever do. Best Titles are locked behind the idea of 'the first'. And the Best Titles are exclusive. We're not talking about sh*t like +2 Damage. We're talking about % increase. For instance, as of c153, our MC has somewhere around 15-25% bonus on ALL his stats. And no one else besides a few other player can EVER get that. f*ck.

TL;DR: don't read this for MMO system. It's terrible. It's not even an MMO. Read it if you enjoy power-trip fantasies. Necromancer is a fine spin on the formula, and it's utilized quite decently, but it's better if you just read it as a fantasy rather than litRPG.

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Jun 09, 2017
Status: Completed

I'm really sorry for I'm gonna say. I really liked this novel, until read the end. Is crap.

The premises is a lone wolf, a full of hatred, arrogant and egoistic selfish MC, because in the past he got betrayed for his Guildmates, and return to the past (that is only said in the first chapter, later doesn't matter much) to play the game and be the best playing in solo.

The game and his elements are crap, seriously. You have to pay to buy the game, you have to buy the VR system, pay installation, pay game fees, pay for maintenance, you have to pay for items, you have to pay for... everything. Is everything about money, and no one cares.
The game itself isn't deeply described, but the world rotates around him.

There's really no plot at all, and the battles? you only know the start and the end, isn't explained any further.

The characters? Only a few of them are introduced, but only to be forgotten and with no real reason in the future, like the Big Smiles, really?
The 30 great guilds, Hyrkan say that he gonna get revenge and kill all, but we only know 2 o 3 of them, and the others are forgotten.

The only think that I liked is the MC. He is, for lack of better words (I'm not native English and what?) and a**hole, arrogant and greedy b*tch. And also a fool that spend literally ALL his money in the game, and the world round around him. But you can't help that you liked him in the end, and is the reason that makes everything that is write before doesn't matter a shit.

"Ohhh, ha ha. Eat these money bombs" I can't help but laugh when I remember this.

But in the end, after all effort, after all money spend, after all failed promises of character development, after all said of lone wolf thing, I swear, will NEVER forgive that him end working to the storm queen. And that sh*t happen in a rushed manner.

That can't be, and is only for that reason I'm gonna say, this is shit.

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Jul 29, 2016
Status: c28
One of my most favorite VRMMOs.

No bullsh*t getting all these rare ass items because they just happened to drop.

No, he has to work for it.

Yes he does get a unique necklace but that's because it was a story item


He actually also has a goal (to make money and to show the people in his past life what he is capable of by himself)
And he plans to do all that by himself. He has an advantage but not too much of an advantage. The game has already been out for a year yet he goes the most unorthodox way I've seen any player go.


He chooses necromancer, but not just any ordinary smart necromancer, BUT a necromancer that's pure strength


I really like this novel and every chapter leaves me wanting for more.
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Jan 11, 2017
Status: c68
I have to write this to thank you otterspace for picking up my favorite LitRPG novel, I read a lots of LitRPG and I have to say some are better than the other but I just don't understand all these people that complain after reading a few chapters, specially ppl that complain about logic on the plot.... it's a fiction novel... that's the logic.

OK here is the actual review: The novel game aspect is very detail, MC is strong but still solve problem with wits not just OP skills. The... more>> progress is pretty fast and fight is detail and interesting but not prolong, character progress is well planned and plenty of room to grow. The only complain I have for this novel is it's not translating fast enough.

Here is a list of other very good LitRPG novels that I recommend which is very good: I only use 4.5* and 5* to express how much I love them not neccessary that you will have to agree with me so dont complain.

Available here:
Amber Sword - 150c - 5*
Taming Master - 38c - 4.5*
Evolution theory of a hunter - 108c (stopped for 3 months) - 4.5*
Infinite Dendrogram - 19c (stopped for 40 days) - 5*
Available at royalroadl. com
Viridian Gate online - volume 1 - 5*
The Gam3 - volume 2 - 5*
No longer a game - 4.5*
Available at Amazon Unlimited:
mirror world book - 3v - 5*
End online - 5v - 4.5*
awaken online - 1v - 5* <<less
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Mar 02, 2017
Status: c87
Though it is cliche, it captures one of the charms of LMS: MC is not the best player (yet). What made be really disappointed in Shura's Wrath, Ark, and ZL is that the MC moves from MC vs players, to MC vs the game. And that is just f*cking s*upid. Whatever happened to the MMO part? Why not just make it f*cking single player, minecraft with widely interactable npcs. Cuz the others don't f*cking matter. Oh, wait... the girls are there, of course, of f*cking course.

Another charm I guess is... more>> the korean humour that I oh so like. Well, in a different way than how chinese humour works. Well, both makes me slap my face so hard.

Another thing tho, that I find better than LMS, is that it actually still is a game. By that I mean the MC won't coincidentally happens to be on one particular island amongst many other where some super strong monster resides. Well, that doesnt matter, he probably wont coincidentally go to the cave that is the entrance to his resting area. Well, even if that is the case, he wont coincidentally consider falling off a cliff inside. Well even if he does... he wont coincidentally have feather falling potions. Hmmm.... I mean, even if he does, he wont coincidentally be able to endure a mind control trap- wait, mind control? How can they publish this shit?

Ah well, moving on. Well anyway, another thing I guess about being an MC is having coincidentally obtaining a secret class in a game intended for multiple players, right? By, uhh, falling of a cliff, or questing in a cave, or attacking a dungeon, or going to a place where nobody has ever been to, thus being the only one to have a class in an era where players are more likely to be perfectionists, thus would prob copy MC... but that won't happen.

Cough, my point is that MCs class Is not some hidden class, its found in the choose class area.

One thing I really loved about LMS is the lice broadcast thing. Here, MC used the youtube. The crowd reactions are really cool and somewhat realistic.

So far.... don't expect love. Although I actually prefer it this way, so we wont have girls for the sake of having them, cough, a guild made of girls, wtf are you gay?

Well anyway, that is all, peace out <<less
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Sep 03, 2016
Status: c40
Some of the reviews on this series are a bit ridiculous. This is a vrmmo novel, and as such you really shouldn't have expectations for ATTE level writing. It's not the style of the genre. It focuses on the game elements, not plot and character development. Even LMS which is considered top end of the genre is severely lacking in those categories.

That being said I have enjoyed this series so far. I especially love that the MC is a Necromancer, and the concept for it in this novel is fairly... more>> well done. Definitely worth the read. <<less
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Sep 16, 2016
Status: c50

So far I really love it and think its a great novel even though it is early. Some of the review here are incorrect and you should ignore. Like usually I am always surprised people who review are half asleep when reading or have a memory problem. The MC goes into past and his basically leveling up his character. He got betrayed before and realizes that he cannot trust people because even his best friend after... more>> 10 years sold him up. He picks a Necromancer and but his skeleton basically learns from him so he has to fight on the front lines with his skeletons to teach them. So far the PK system and everything else is nice and makes sense. Most things are explained. The only problem I can see is he is leveling really fast and once he caught up to the people he is going to be GOD-LIKE! And not sure what the author will do but so far Really good. Give it a try its a really interesting novel. <<less
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Nov 04, 2016
Status: --

I've gotten pretty much tired of CN novels so I decided to specifically look for more Korean novels.

All I can say is that I'm just at the 5th chapter and it already feels drawn out. Information has been repeated multiple times in these 5 chapters so much that it almost makes you think that the author thought that readers have some sort of short term memory loss.

And reveal of the "time travel"... Most of the time it would make things seem epic. Like the complete change of fate... more>> for the MC. Instead, the author makes it seem like going back when the game was already out for 8 months made catching up impossible. Stating that it took the best rookie 1 year to catch up when he was 144 days late. Multiple sentences were used to describe how hard / close to impossible it is. Problem is that someone already caught up to them in the original timeliness despite being behind a year and that that person was the MC. He was able to catch up before despite being 1 year late to start. Did the author really need to describe how hard it was now he was only behind 8 months and that he was from the "future"? (As well as repeat so much things like I started)

Most novels start well and just start getting worse and worse past the 50th-100th chapter. This novel doesn't even have that good start.

I'll try reading up to the 20th chapter but it's more likely that I'll just move on to trying out the next Korean novel in my list. <<less
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Sep 06, 2021
Status: Completed
Read this story if you want to experience the biggest disappointment in your life


the story start with the MC betrayed and being hunted like a dog from a guild named Stormhunter cause he refused to become their s*ave, so he swore revenge on them.

Story end with MC not getting any revenge and becoming s*ave to Stormhunter.

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Feb 15, 2017
Status: c83
The story of Emperor of Solo Play was quite cliche. An MC was betrayed by his teammates in a game, died in an accident (apparently a relative of Japanese Truck-san moved to Korea), and then got to live a second life with all of his prior knowledge intact, so he decided to do the game again without any partner. The plot, MC stubborn loneliness, the antagonists; you are most likely have seen them in some other novels. But so far, Author's storytelling is solid, so it is a pretty cool... more>> one among VRMMORPG genre. If you are a fan of novels with game aspects, there's high chance you'll like this. However, if you are looking for character development and real conflicts, you'd better look another way. <<less
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Jan 07, 2017
Status: c122
Edit after catching up to the translated chapters at the bottom -

Well well well, what have we got here? A necromancer. Now without any other introductions, lets see what this novel is about.

We have a protagonist 'betrayed' by his team and 'forced' to stop playing the game. Both the betrayal and the forced part are a little childish but in a way, more realistic, if you understand that its only about a game and nothing else. Continuing from there, our protagonist who used the item trading as a means... more>> of survival found himself penniless. Before starting a new carer as a s*ave to some company he won the lottery !!.... the death lottery. So he re-starts from the exact point as before. The points being the moment he started playing in the past.

Now if you like to nitpick, you can start by asking the first logical question. Why the f*ck would someone with enough power to send someone back in time chose a freaking gamer? Why would the said gamer act like the thirty years old virg*n? (well, because technically, he is). Why would he chose the most expensive class if hes poorer than a hobo? Why is there so much description about so many useless game elements?

Conclusion... Because the author chose so. What the f*ck are you guys reviewing? Your opinion on the novel as a whole? Or your self imposed ideals about what a novel should be? Write it on your own if you had the talent, if not go write a review on instant noddles packs.

The story progresses very nicely from the point of reincarnation and we also have some foreshadowing concerning his future possible love interest done in a very subtle manner (which is mega freaking rare). The novel is not only about in gaming, like the King's Avatar for example. PK exists, the MC is not a freaking homo so he is not 'all for friendship' and 'girls out', there is more than one point of view, the characters feel real, the battles are somewhat interesting (which is why I'm only giving it 4 stars, for some reason the author tends to jump to the end in the middle of the fight), and lastly, he is not some ultra genius with perfect memory who can calculate every move from the opponent. He doesn't remember all details about a quest, about where some ultra gorgeous hyper weapon would drop, and neither he can pk instantly thanks to some unknown bug. He has luck, he has bad luck


1000 monkeys down - you will understand my meaning when you are going to read, he is human.


So yeah, read it. Ignore all the bad reviews.


Yeah, I have to downgrade this novel from a 4 star to a 3 star.. and most probably to a 2 star by the end of it. The protagonist becomes too OP, and his luck grows from one chapter to another. The side characters become a pain in the ass most of the time, and the protagonist turns into the god of battlefield. The arch rival, that was clearly the hidden future love interest, became a shadow that is only mentioned here and there, while some unimportant characters take the stage to become the protagonist's strongest enemies. For a novel that is so short, having to deal with so many things means we will get a rushed ending. <<less
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