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As Shin Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy!

However, luck would soon enter his hopeless life. His character, ‘Grid’, would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and become a legendary class player…

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Faust rated it
October 16, 2017
Status: --
10 chapter in. It's like seeing a discount LMS. MC is from production line job (blacksmith), but his mental age is like a puberty teen... I hope MC will be more mature in the later chapters.

What I surprised from this novel is


there is minus level system.. well it's a gimmick of this novel, so MC has more initial stat than another player


so, for now, it's 3/5 since I don't quite like MC mental age
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shelwyn rated it
October 14, 2018
Status: c926

Go Korea super underachiever but really the best in the world!! Korea!!!!

MC grows up into garbage then some wish fulfillment happens he turns rich and beautiful. It's great the MC is an idiotic trash then the MC develops a bit. Great read until all the supporting cast loses their personalities. All the girls want to be in his harem and devolve into scary harem freaks. All the enemies want his items. The world revolves around him somehow.

The MC loves Korea Number 1 and the story dies a slow... more>> boring patriotic death. <<less
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valzione rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: c426
I gave this a fair chance when I thought it was going to be one of those "MONEY MONEY MONEY NO NEED FRIENDS, JUST MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY" korean novels.


In the end, most koreans seem to be masochists of some kind and while greedy and moneymongers, that plotpoint does pass and isn't used anywhere near as much as the overuse that can be seen in LMS.

The mmo world does seem to be interesting... more>> and the skills seem to have quite obvious flaws and strengths as they should, the production system also seems interesting at first but that slowly turns into just meh due to infinite "design own item that becomes turbo op and remains that forever"-slots.

Another bad point that sees much use, is explaining lot of things with "unlucky" or otherwise with luck, which just feels incredibly lazy and cliched, thankfully though, this is not at the level of overusing, atleast yet.

Lastly, especially starting from within 300-ish chapters, retarded racism plotpoint starts to be used a lot, and it's still under heavy use, you'd think young adults wouldn't be this retarded and countries wouldn't send disfunctional teams to some world stages but... yeah. Below some examples of retarded racism present.


This guy plays with korean person, HE MUST BE KOREAN, this completely feels like these people want to burn the aforementioned person on a f*cking stake because of this, and it doesn't seem to be just the nationalist party (i could believe it from soviets or chinese, but it's not either in this example's case)

This guy doesn't want to badmouth MC who is korean, HE MUST BE KOREAN (same comments here as above)

"We are at national competition, but because I personally dislike asians being a skinhead (???), i'll just verbally abuse this guy who is stronger than me and way more important as he is acknowledged to be the strongest player in the game, almost causing the team to become crippled", seriously this is what I thought best describes this one character, and better yet, he apparently wants to win for his country (????). What kind of country would send person like this in national stage of any kind?

Lastly, the only country that isn't deemed as the devil, is just south korea (surprisingly there is nothing about north korea despite ample poor plotpoints about china and japan. The other countries are portrayed usually almost as bad as japanese in chinese novels.


tl;dr It's decent novel with less focus on retarded korean masochistic moneygrubbing, but this is compensated by other bad things. Don't expect too much good stuff as the MC is more or less a Garu Stu with masochistic tendencies and "bad luck". <<less
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th30dor rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: c1
Read up to chapter 40 then gave up. The only good thing about this novel is the translation.

MC is an epic loser. Both dense and bitter. Acts like an a-hole in-game and out. It really is hard to root for him.

Chapters feel very short, word count wise, and dragged on. The flow of the story feels really fragmented, with quick jumping from one setnof characters to another.
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avestruznoel rated it
October 18, 2017
Status: c14
I do not understand why there are several people talking about who is a LMS worse, the MC is less intelligent or has a teenage mentality at puberty.

I do not know if you read what the translator of this novel described in wuxiaworld, he clearly says that the MC at the beginning is kind of hateful, but with the future it develops and the main plots of this novel is a development of MC, so do not call much to the comments below, just wait and see if it improves... more>> with time, I do not see the need to judge this novel for 14 chapters currently released. <<less
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ZeroBlink rated it
February 17, 2019
Status: --
It's really fun I could not find any major flaws, I don't find the main character to be "greedy" at all in fact
I find it AMUSING that he gives out things for free.

I have been once one of the top players in a game and you would never give out anything without compensation unless you hunted with someone EVERY SINGLE DAY, only then perhaps you'd compromise a little.

Obviously the novel isn't meant to be taken too too seriously as the MC isn't really a top player striving to be... more>> the best, instead he just get's an OP class which is fine, funny to read.

We need more novels like this.

+1 for Faker sempai, now it neads Flash or Jaedeong or at LEAST NesTea <<less
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timma rated it
August 21, 2018
Status: c141
Don't wait for it to get better, It's only marginal at best. I'm fine with arrogant MCs, but this guy is just Dense. It's like he doesn't remember being poor.


charging 1b for equipment a guild member needs to complete a SS quest. He literally blocks the guy from advancing by his greed. And this is after he's already paid off his and his family's debt, so he's just a miser for no reason.

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oxerfrom rated it
July 27, 2018
Status: c466
I really liked this novel. It has been a very enjoyable ride so far, from a GREAT development of an unlikeable MC to a very likeable MC. An interesting game world that has alot of awesome plots and more to discover still. The world building is really good.

it has alot of dissatisfied moments especially from the beginning, but it has more satisfied moments to counter the dissatisfied ones that gets you to forget about the bad ones. From a mmorpg gamer perspective, who loves fantasy, OP characters and especially growth... more>> type this one is really good. <<less
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bait rated it
April 13, 2018
Status: c516
Overgeared is about an emotionally crippled man who gains both friends and self-worth through his existence in a game. You rarely find a point where you are bored and want to skim over. I'd highly recommend it to people who are looking for a novel that isn't trashy.
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: c347
This is one very annoying novel, I started reading this with an expectation that it will get better in the late ch90's to early ch100's but all I can say is you will get disappointed as it is still bad like in the beginning. My early impressions of the first 135 chapters were "Like what am I reading, why should I suffer like this?, If I was like the MC I would get a Patience or Endurance Stats for reading each chapter"

Now if your a trooper and still trudge... more>> through another hellish 30 chapters and finally arrive where the MC finally have the IQ and thinking ability of a normal/average person that's where the story truly picks up. Here there will be a very obvious character growth for the MC and finally the Naive/Arrogant/Selfish/Greedy protagonist will slightly get better

MC will really start to truly be like a protagonist after the National Competition


This is really hard to comment on since the quality of the story started really bad so for me I'd rate it like this to make it easier to see (w/ min-max during each part) :

1-140 (2.0~2.5/5.0)

141-315 (3.0~4.0/5.0)

316-330 (1.5~3.5/5.0)

331-346 (3.0/5.0)

There are a lot of side characters yet they don't really stand out much, and like every other novels you shouldn't really get attached to early characters since after awhile they will slowly lose their personality. Take for example the the MC's first Guild Leader Jishuka (IIRC) she at least started with a strong personality with commanding ability yet she just turned into one of the MC's harem-in-waiting, Regas the taekwondo fanatic, strong, simple-minded with a sense of justice yet he just turned into a good damage dealer, talking? Nah he just turned into a part of the yes-crowd, All Hail God Grid!!, although MC interacts with other characters but it still feels lacking as pretty much a solo player..

If you got time to read this I'd rather suggest LMS, from time to time OG reminds me of LMS with the former being an inferior version of the latter.

I'd probably drop this while I still think the story is good rather than keep reading only to find out that it gets worse..


Damn you MC, what's so good about being a sword saint!? Being a legendary farmer is much better!! MC is so stupid why not look in a mirror your just a blacksmith if you like sword saint so much change your class to a warrior, , sometimes the author really likes making the MC so annoying (ch316 the point where a smart MC out of nowhere suddenly turned into an idiot! Also the story starts to degrade starting this chapter), MC also starts to underestimate an NPC just because MC is so stupid not to check his stats, yet the author shows that the NPC was feeling sorry because of the mistake of the MC, trying for a funny misunderstanding? More like annoyingly stupid

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sicarius_kk rated it
February 16, 2018
Status: c364
Great novel though in the start the MC is too cringy where I practically read the novel as if he was the villian. His character development is great as in all Korean novels though I got no idea why they start the MC as sh*t. Superb World background in Game. Overall a great read.
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Ancestor Oppai Lily
Ancestor Oppai Lily rated it
December 6, 2017
Status: c153
Giving this novel 5 stars.

Firstly, it's because there are neither drama nor tragedy in real life - no one dies and there no killing - resulting in no psychological pain. But it's another thing in-game where the MC is ruthless against his opponents (a.k.a psychopath butcher) xD.

Secondly, it has the slice of life atmosphere. MC lives a normal life, he might have been a good for nothing son who was indebted in the beginning but past the chapters 90+, MC matures.


MC loses his virginity in-game

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Auryjhine rated it
December 3, 2017
Status: c147
I began reading this novel because of the genre and some recommendations.

I like the fact that :

- the MC is a blacksmith but that not too much time is spent on the blacksmithing process. - the MC's sister seems like a brocon (this part is not emphasised)

... more>> - the MC is becoming OP but not in one go (slow process)

The 1~90 are only so-so with the MC too greed oriented and not lucky at all but after this phase, we can observe a huge character grow, that makes you really want to read the next chapter.

I recommend this novel. <<less
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algfq rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: c117
Perfecly describe how society work IRL. What might happen to those who left behind. The social anxiety. The feeling of jealousy. The hope of MC to get better in life. Not that I like how the MC is doing, but it is what it is. It happen in our society.

This novel is the type that the more chapter you read the more you'll realize the important of the seemingly unimportant the early chapter. It might be boring, hateful, etc. But it is needed as it make a solid foundation. So... more>> I really recommend to read it until you can view what type of scenery the author is trying to tell us. Don't just stop at the foundation of it. You know, there's "character growth" and "weak to strong" in tags section for a you to not judge it as early as it came out (like for the first 10 chapter) , right?

Ps. I still think MC is stupid. But funny because he (indirectly) outsmart the smart people.

PSS. Some people might say 'they say its good the more I read but it's still bad'. Well. You're not read it enough bro. Or you just didn't get it. Add more stat to int. ;) <<less
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MonochromeMemories rated it
May 5, 2019
Status: c970
A novel that can be difficult to like early on if your not a patiant person, get through it however and it really starts to shine. The main character gradually but surely improves himself and his personal strength bit by bit. Don't take the review of Jacobpaige too seriously, he reviews 90% of novels badly, apart from the ones in which he has a boner for the Author. He obviously didn't read Overgeared that well if he considers the main character to have no redeeming qualities, as far as... more>> main characters go he has plenty. Also, not sure how he considers blacksmithing for days straight non-stop as "no effort". <<less
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BumChikiBum rated it
October 23, 2018
Status: c520
This novel started out really annoying (for the first 100+ chapters), then it slowly developed and became much better in terms of story and characters personality. At this point, this novel seems promising and could become one of the best VR novel. But...

How can this novel become one of the best if the author decided to keep the annoying things from the early part of the novel and combined it with new annoying things?

  1. MC personality, he matured to become a better person? No, he just become less ignorant and still annoyingly greedy, petty and cheap. This kind of character didn't deserve to become MC.
  2. Moreover, every side character somehow attracted and become attached to MC. They want to become devoted followers of MC. They want the MC to become their king, their leader. They thought the greedy, petty and cheap MC deserved their loyalty. What a fool side characters.
  3. Up to 300+ chapters, the personality of every side character (2 heroines included) become dull, bland, and narrow minded.
Even if you rarely think too much of every novel you read, keep prepare yourself if you want to start reading this. Because, this novel will absolutely make you feel annoyed. Good luck
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Gramis rated it
October 21, 2018
Status: c473
Just could not stand the MC for any longer. He is just too much of a greedy person and has no redeeming characteristics even after he gets "better".

Good job on the translation quality though. RT has excellent translations and should drop this for better novels.
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NaM rated it
October 20, 2018
Status: --

Simply because of the novel's Main Character. His full of bad characteristic that it was no wonder he was often called as an human filth. His characteristic and creation was so bad that it was hard to concentrate on the plot and story

His a selfish jerk, money grubber, And compulsive liar. He only cares about himself and his family is even barely a second priority. His words are often flowery but his mind was full of sh*t. So I barely sympathize about his situation and honestly thought that the mob... more>> character's impression of him is spot on.

I also hate how he was being compared with Weed (LMS mc). When weed is a couple of times better MC than this sh*t grid.


•Weed was drown in debt cause he needs money for his family.

Grid was drown in debt Cause he bought a game system for himself.

•Weed was being greedy, selfish and don't trust anybody cause he was Desperate and on guard cause of his rl experience.

Grid was being a jerk, liar and untrustworthy cause its his second nature

•Weed despite being somewhat unsociable help people in need in his own little ways

Grid being himself won't help anyone and will often find Various reasons to reject unless he no longer has a choice.

•Weeds greediness comes from his trauma of helpessness in his youth

Grids greedinees comes from his soul and he was a grade schooler in a 26 years olds body.

•Weed is cool, sociable (though most of the times for his own advantage) and hardworking

Grid is hypocrite, socially awkward and greed induced hardworking

•Weed despite being himself was liked by many

Grid being himself was plot magnet equipped and everyone was drawn into him

•Weed is greedy but he has his owm bottom line

Grid is greedy and does everything and lie his way to earn money <<less
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Orochimaru rated it
June 21, 2018
Status: c45
I don't get it how is this novel rated so high I didn't had the patience to read more than 50 chapters of this novel I don't know if my mind would've changed if I persevered more

I read something that said there is character growth from ch 90 but I couldn't reach there I was bored I don't really care if the MC didn't win all the time but his character I found it so annoying Always cursing others and himself just because he didn't get a quest WTF he... more>> has a class quest which even the creators of the game is in awe of what more does he need

On a side note any player coming into contact with him gets a high level quests and successfully finishes it as NPC cheats the MC

If you don't mind getting bored in the first few chapters and an annoying MC who can't even refuse a quest this may be good

Try and give it a read maybe you will like it <<less
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Transcribe rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: c300
Short and sweet, the story is good but the main character is a child who is ridiculously moronic who wants to con everyone. This isn't a protagonist, it's an emotionally stunted infant.
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