The Editor Is the Novel’s Extra


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Kim Jeongjin, an editor of a publishing company on the brink of closing due to bankruptcy, ends up transmigrating inside a fantasy novel as the incompetent youngest son of a wealthy family.

And here he thought that he should live a rich life in this life…

“Why was I given a high-level skill? Don’t even bother!”

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Went to Another World Where I Don't Have To Be Sorry For Being A Liberal Arts Major
문과라도 안 죄송한 이세계로 감
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46 Reviews

Jun 23, 2021
Status: c234
At first I thought MC gonna be some badass character after seeing his first battle with a monster. I have high hopes for this. Instead almost all the fight goes like this :

  1. Unleash his most powerful magic.
  2. Immediately almost lose all of his Ether (mana).
  3. Slumped to the floor and became vulnerable.
  4. Usless midfight, have to received help from friends.
  5. When things almost go south, MC Chant some amazing magic to end the fight
  6. FAINT.
MC is cautious, Cunning and very smart.


Nothing seems to go his way because maybe he goes with the mindset "Your enemy can't figure out your plan if you don't have a plan"

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Jun 28, 2020
Status: c22
TL;DR: This novel doesn't have anything in particular that other ones don't do better. Read if you have nothing better to do. Feel free to wait and see if it gets better.

I typically try to refrain from offering my opinion on a novel too early, especially when there are so few available chapters. However, at the time of writing this there aren't many reviews, so I thought I'd try contributing. But still, bear in mind that many of my issues and complaints may be addressed further down the line.

The first... more>> thing I thought when I picked up this novel was "this is really similar to other stuff I've read" and "that isn't how editors work". It's hard not to draw parallels between this novel and other novels with the transmigration into a book idea. That alone isn't bad, but it doesn't properly take advantage of all the perks that come with it. My main irk was the fact there are absolutely no long-term goals to work towards at the moment. Discovering the identity of the author doesn't even count since the protagonist cares to know just as much as I do.

Additionally, he has some idea of what the future holds, but never even elaborates on the plot of the original story. I at least want to know more about the setting, but I presume there wasn't anything enough unique about the novel's generic world to warrant an explanation. I don't expect the protagonist to divulge every detail he knows, but I don't expect to be given nothing at all. It makes me question if the author themselves has any idea what's going to happen or if they're flying by the seat of their pants, much like the author within the novel.

There's no trace of any colorful, stand-out characters that I look for in literature, and I'm not even sure where the narrative is heading at the moment. The lack of any real "conflict" only drags it down even further, so I can't even say for sure why you'd read this when there are so many better options.

I'll come back and edit this if my thoughts change. <<less
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Dec 13, 2020
Status: c190
The novel is very interesting, tho clayo wasn't very motivated at first but when he makes a choice he'll fully cooperate with Arther.

And I might add that Melchior is a very interesting antagonist from his goals to past. the genre turns to horror everytime he appears lol.

Nothing in the story could be pointed as a plot hole, and even if clayo knows the future, he can't know everything so things still take him by surprise sometimes.

The supporting characters are well written their reasons and goals why they support each prince,... more>> it's not just blind loyalty. No annoying harems thank the gods.

Behemoth is my favorite character lol. <<less
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Apr 21, 2020
Status: c30
The protagonist starts off very foolish, short sighted and cowardly despite being handed immense potential and wealth with a restriction that he is effectively chained to the dangerous main plot/characters. He is not familiar with fantasy fiction and just wants to escape the plot entirely. I have read ahead on the Ridi publisher site. He does get some backbone when he finally realises his restrictions and works on a long term strategy to protect himself. It is worth reading. Though not as intelligent as the MC's from ToaCF or NE,... more>> this main character is much more realistic in his initial behaviors so I appreciate the rather slow start establishing the rules and motivations. I give it 4/5 stars. It would be 5/5 if the "user narrative" notifications were halved. Sometimes multiple notifications in a row! Perhaps the translator can find a way to solve this filler as it gets repetitive after 30 chapters. <<less
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Jun 20, 2021
Status: c121
I was hesitant to try this at first because of the bad reviews and I have to say I'm so glad I tried it and I suggest you do too. It's probably one of the best written web novels I've read in a while.

People nitpick about the MC's cowardly personality and his imperfections etc. But for me I thought that was the BEST part of this novel. The MC is flawed. He is human, unlike most of the MCs out there who are perfect at everything they do. It gives... more>> him so much personality and gives a lot of great tension in the story, as any proper story should have. It also gives some natural comedy at some points as he doesn't have the personality of a rock and can have friendly banter with people (and with his cat).

He was given an OP ability but he isn't able to use them perfectly every time, which I guess irks some people. He feels dread and is afraid to jump right into the middle of the story, which the novel aptly portrays would have been a very suicidal behaviour. He is given superior talent but is far from the strongest character in the story. He is smart but he also makes mistakes, which I guess some people hate as they're used to Gary Stu MCs wrapped in a tight bundle of plot armor.

The characters in general also aren't two-dimensional puppets that exist solely to complement the MC. They have their own goals and plans, and you really get this feeling that he is only the deuteragonist in this in-story novel where the world actually revolves around another character.

The villains too feel very dangerous and ominous. They're not just treated as nuisance, they actually have the upper hand. They are the ones in power and the MC and his gang have to tiptoe around them so as not to provoke them way too early.

The political setting, which dominates alot of the chapters, is well thought out and alot of it is rooted in actual history. The system doesn't feel sloppy, it feels well researched. This makes the characters and their individual struggle for power very juicy and fun to read.

What I like most about this novel is that it sticks to the idea that this world is a novel. Unlike what The tr*sh of the Count's Family it doesn't treat it as just a plot device to give the MC a foreknowledge of what would happen in the future. In this novel that setting is incorporated into story and the MC's main power is tied tightly with it.

My only complaint about this is the translation quality seem to drop at some point. The earlier parts are edited quite nicely but halfway through the chapters I've read (currently at 121) the mtl translation becomes very obvious. So yeah, it might be worth waiting out on this one for several months still as the current translators work on the editing. <<less
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Feb 14, 2021
Status: c98
It's a fun read! Currently on chapter 98 and after all those chapters, I really like the mysterious, insidious crown prince though he's probably an antagonist in the story... bad guys are also in demand! He makes my heart palpitate (in a bad way) whenever he appears and the novel becomes a thriller.... huuu~*shivers (I'll say this just in case you misunderstand...I'm not m)

How MC can remember the story from the system is like a certain popular novel out there... you know what I mean...? (if you... more>> don't check the recommendations above)

Unfortunately, truck-kun is busy finding people to isekai in japan... so bridge-nim is taking over in korea.

MC can even talk to a 'noble' cat! Oh my gosh! He isn't a son of a wealthy family, HE'S A PRINCESS!! I can imagine a cat at my home purring asking me for some rice cause he's a 'noble cat' and me, he's 'servant' haha~ meh liepfu <<less
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Dec 03, 2021
Status: c192
Let's be direct with this one.

There are two reasons why people like or dislike this novel.

1) there are many literary/historical/political references

... more>> 2) the protagonist isn't assertive as others

But before you sigh hard in frustration, I suggest you to keep with me 'cuz I'm going to list a few points that made me keep reading this novel - which may help you to decide whether or not you want to read this novel. It's my PERSONAL VIEW as someone who reads many books, not novels... So obviously the things that I find good or important could not be relevant for you.

Good points:

1) Deep plot

This one is something that not many relate to. It's understandable. After all, this novel throws you so many infos about characters and relationships and about the world that you may think where the hell the author is going on about. This is actually one of the points that are "good and bad" at the same time.


Until the chapter that I have read, the story behind the characters families, the interactions they have with each other and the MC attitude towards them were well justified.

When I talk about clues, I can give you the example of professor Rosa's background. I don't remember what chapter it is, maybe between the 30-40 (?)... It's when Kleio goes to the palace to attend some banquet with Isiel and Arthur. At this point, the author tells the story of some nobles families... Especially about Rosa. What you would think is useless information about some random teacher in school, in the end, is revealed as one of the important motivations as why Isiel, Arthur's loyal sidekick, chose his side. It was at this moment thst I was captivated by this novel.

Another reason why I consider the plot deep is the amount of literary and historical references the author inputs. I'm not a historian nor a literature student, but I'm a simp for Humanities subjects. That's one more reason why you should (or not) read this novel. If you do not appreciate the work of revealing the complexity of human beings and can't stand the weird philosophical atmosphere of what is good, bad, real or illusion, then better not try this out.

If you want some reasoning to why the author does this then pay attention to this phrase on chapter 94. It's not a spoiler because it's irrelevant to the plot, but I will put it under the spoiler box anyway. I believe this sentence is quite relevant when you try to understand both the writer and the main character:


It's no grand narrative thst makes life. It's the trivial things like hate and favor that determine the future. Those are the mechanisms that determine the future.


Feel free to agree or disagree with this one. However, you can tell the author does have some interesting insights, right?

Well, but the thing that matter is: how often the author does that (writing references and explaining characters backgrounds) and how patient do you have to be to understand his intentions?

Again, it's all about expectations and curiosity. What is the author trying to tell? Why the characters are doing this? Why the story is progressing like that? What is going to change and what is the MC going to do with the changes? Those are the questions that keep me going, even if it gets tiring sometimes.

Then, we can proceed to the next topic.

2) Characters

The author puts great emphasis on the characters background and their subtle emotions. There won't be straight words telling you how this one or that one is feeling, but you can sense it when they talk and interact with others.

About the MC: he is quite misunderstood, as a character. I think it's partially the author's fault, since I got a bit confused as well to why Kleio is stubborn at one hour and passive at other. Then, once you read lots about his thought process (he is maybe the only one whose thoughts we can clearly read) and about his past, you kinda start to get why he behaves in this sometimes frustating way. He had a difficult past where communicating with others was not possible and receiving kindness became scary as the years passed by (it also explains his platonic relantionship with his crush). Besides, he had incredible bad luck which made him a great pessimist and a sucker for an easy way out. But he is an adult as well. So he knows that there's a limit to acting childish and running away.

It's also valid to remember that Jungjin, who reencarnated into Kleio, DOES NOT have a deep involvement and bonding with the characters at the first one hundred chapters. He only begins to trully accept to be part of the history later on, and that's when you see his growth as a character. Thst's the reason why Promise's is an incredible mechanism that does not allow the character to "simply have power": it shows his development as someone who at first tried to stay sway from the manuscript.

Lastly, on the matter of power... I think the novel explains quite well that ether reservoir is not eternal. And that it's somehow connected to his physical condition and the complexity of the formulas they use. So yeah, sorry to say, but if you were expecting an OP MC with no skill cooldown, that ain't gonna happen... Yeah, he's going to faint, yeah, he's not as strong as a swordsman. He's a mage. Squishy as hell, and powerful for a few seconds. Maybe when he reaches the 8th level he will bring a more powerful image around him, but it's still a very distant vision.. And I believe it's not the main objective of this novel.

About the friends: there's not much to be said. The cat Behemoth (our only lord and god), Arthur the purest and most honest kid you find in the world, Isiel the beautiful and dignified lady, Celeste the handsome lady for whom I would scream please step on me, the Angellium siblings who live by their name doing adorable things, Fran the bold and frank revolutionary who seeks justice and likes lemon tarts, and, of course, our intelligent cute and caring business partner Dione... It's impossible to dislike them. Really. They may be annoying sometimes, but it's worth it. Friendship goals.

About the crush: like I have stated, it's platonic... Or better said, half platonic. Anyways, do not bother with the romance. The author has thrown some subtle signs between some characters but it's so subtle that you might as well ignore them. It passes off as just a concern for a friend or a brother.

About the villains: fricking Melchior who has risen to my top ten villains I would like to serve. He's a disgusting and pitiful being with a very nicely written background. It makes me respect and reject him at the same, which is scary. If you simp for villains, go for Melchior. Maybe it's too much to call him villain... Uh, he fits into the anti-hero category but his actions makes people conflicted. I want to cheer for his happiness but his happiness revolvrs around doing bad things to Arthur and his companions... Which I can't allow happen!

The second prince Aslan so far has done nothing that has not been done before, and he lacks a bit of presence in the chapters. I mean, he IS doing something behind the scenes and he DID push a few th**ny incidents to Arthur but it was well solved. Melchior has left a stronger impression. My guess is that he (Aslan) will only make his presence known when the War arch begins.

And that's it. There are no other enemies to worry about besides the princes and their respective faction for now.

3) Atmosphere/Ambience and world building

There is a very peculiar atmosphere around this novel that can't be explained with words. It's like reading Game of Thrones, Hobbit and Harry Potter... It has a magical feeling, a serious tone and a tension that makes you laugh and grit your teeth at the same time. You can especially feel it at the Tristein arch. The cold air. The tavern. The old castle. The soldiers. The monsters. And the plot twists.

Tbh, every time the MC makes his magic happen, it's strange how my mind goes astray. The author always phrase the beauty of magic aka the beauty of words (since magic in the novel can't be made without chanting poetry), and I find it very endearing and romantic. If you turn on a playlist of songs you would listen on the 19th in a gramophone and combine it with a medieval/fantasy ambience loop, that's the gist of what the novel express to the readers.

The world building is lacking... due to the slow paced nature of the novel. The author probably won't enter in details about the land itself, but I have high expectations to see how the other countries are going to react during the civil war, and how each side will exploit the other in the crisis.

Points that could be improved (to not say it's "bad") :

1) Info dump?

It makes the reading tiresome when you see more than two paragraphs about some noble family. It happens a lot, not to the point of spending an entire chapter, but the author seems to love playing with analogies, literature references, philosophy and does not spare a word to make us enter the characters complex setting.

2) Complex dialogues

Sometimes, it seems like the characters speak in charades. It's not necessary the language, but the way the author conducts the conversation... Specially between Kleio and the crown prince. On one hand, it's a very cool way to demonstrate the roundabout way of nobility to exchange infor, but on the other hand, it may fall on the ears as a load of bulls... Ehem, as weird and nonsense noise.

Besides this way of speaking in analogies and eufemisms, there are times where it's difficult to tell which character is speaking to who. Some talks were easy to distinguish because their personality could be seen in each word, but on serious moments there are no clues about their identity.

3) Slow pace and... Weird time skip?

There is this one time when the author made a time skip. I was honestly surprised and s bit disappointed because I wanted to know the details of each of their years. But it didn't feel unnnatural after reading the chapter.

There were times where I had to make a pause to absorb the information and continue reading. It was a bit tedious, but rewarding.

And that's why many yeets away from this novel. You must possess two characteristics: first, be patient, with both the author and the characters. Second, be interested in humans. Not necessary history or philosophy: just humans in general. The focus of this novel is mainly their human struggles after all. How the MC will survive the harsh reality of a broken manuscript that does not follow strict rules? How will the other characters change based on the MC intervention or existence? What is the author revealing to us and, more importantly, what is he NOT saying? Those are the questions you must keep in mind if you decide to give s try on this novel.

Have a good day, and a nice reading. <<less
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Mar 27, 2021
Status: --
The main character is an idiot. A top notch moron. It's a wonder that someone like him managed to operate in modern society.

... more>>

He finds out that if he graduates from the academy or whatever, he has to join the military, because he doesn't want to go into the military, despite having already been in the military back in his world, he first tries to get himself expelled, and when that fails because his father cuts off his funds and tells him that he needs to get better grades or he'll pull him out of school and enlist him anyways, he first shows off his absurdly overpowered magic cheat to get good grades, and then when he gets back access to his dad's money he steals a shitload of it and runs away. Obviously he is caught soon after and returned to school, and he is told that if he gets really good grades he can avoid the mandatory enlistment upon graduation. So all that could have been easily avoided with his cheat skill if he literally put in even the slightest bit of effort into researching his situation. Or asked about his options at all. What a useless arc that was, complete waste of time.

Another thing that annoys me about him is the sheer lack of any sort of interest in his new situation, like the first day he wakes up he finds a magical hundred year old cat that he can communicate with because of his cheat. He read the manuscript so he knows that talking cats aren't a regular thing in this world, but he just straight up accepts it, doesn't try to research how this magical talking cat can exist, doesn't ask anyone about magical long lived animals or anything. The worst part is the cat itself, it serves as a basic as heck mentor character that exists for no reason but to fill the role of introducing the character to the world without making him interact with real people in ways that have actual consequences, and also be the cute mascot that apparently every single damn story needs for some reason.


So far this story has been nothing but frustrations piled atop one another. <<less
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Jun 07, 2020
Status: c15
This novel is overall an okay read. 3/5

The MC comes off as foolish and lackadaisical due to him indulging in the riches provided to him when he took hold of his new body in the fantasy world. It is due to his behavior that the plot is slow going and not much action as of yet.

It is easy to forget that the MC was a poor 32-year-old man who spent most of his life working in a failing publishing company and was ... more>>

forced into this situation by the author of the novel by making his jump off a bridge and drown.

in his old world, so he doesn't really want to go back. He has nothing to return to.

His desire to not be a part of the plot is also realistic. It would be very different if he was reborn into the main character and not as cannon fodder that

survived his death event.

The MC has no real incentive to go along with the plot.

I hope that this novel gets more exciting or at least has more detail in worldbuilding if nothing else because the MC is pretty OP with his power to

rewite what happens in the book 3 times each chapter.

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Mar 29, 2021
Status: c100
This is a bit similar in tr*sh Of The Count’s Family but I personally TOTCF better.

The beginning might be hard to get through but it gets better in later chapters.

(Melchior is the most interesting character here)

So-- the issues that I had with this is how the MC gets transported into tbe story. It just felt a bit forced. And too plot convinent.

... more>>

He ends up falling into a bridge and drowning. I don’t have an issue with way he died.

My problem lies with the fact that the pulled the “it called out to me“ card. If they wanted him to accidentally fall and not be suicidal then they could’ve made him drunk since he did go out to eat with his ex-superiors.

Maybe cuss them out while he’s walking aimlessly near the bridge and make him trip and fall off.
Idk-- just not the “oh it called out to me.“ it isn’t a big deal but it just peeved me.


The next issue I had is with Behemoth. Serves no point. Is only there to be a mentor.

If you want a better cat mentor character who actually serves a point to the plot. Then go check out Eleceed.


Behemoth is literally POINTLESS--
The only point of him being there is to be that one tutorial guide npc.

He serves no point to the plot. He’s only there so that the MC doesn’t need to interact with other characters to get information.

Other than the times the MC asks him for info he’s almost forgettable. Only popping up to talk about his wine addiction.

Also from the early chapters when the MC asks if all cats are like him he says he’s one of a kind. But in the later chapters the MC just reveals that he’s 100 years old cat and no one bats an eye??? They just treat it like it’s normal.

PLUS behemoth has a useful ability but the MC doesn’t even bother to utilize it.


The third issue I have is with the MC. I can understand not wanting to get mixed up with the protagonist since he wants a peaceful life.

HOWEVER! The way the MC goes about things just pissed me off. The MC is 30 smth years old. But that fact is almost forgotten because he acts like a child.

“Try to escape —> realize it doesn’t work —> go back”


He repeated that cycle multiple times. He acts too much like a kid for a 30 year old man.

The first time he did that when he skipped school and had a drinking spree for a week.

So that he could get kicked out of school and not enlist in the military. Then his dad tells him that he’s gonna to freeze the mc’s bank account and enlist him early if he doesn’t get his grades up.

So he kinda flunks the swordsmanship class but aces the magic class. His dad didn’t even ask him to make it to top 10 btw— the MC just put that on himself. He did so well that his teacher said that he would be an 8-circle mage. Which contradicts the MC saying he doesn’t want to stand out.

The second time he repeats this cycle is when he’s waiting in the hallway with the protagonist.

The MC finds out that “Leo” was actually Arthur, the protagonist. He tries to use his editor’s authority skill to make it so that him and Arthur never met.

It doesn’t work the first time but he still tries anyway. Using up all of the times he could use the ability. Which is pretty s*upid.

Clearly the reason the author rejected the first one was because they wanted the MC to interact with Arthur. But he still tries it TWICE— even though he could only use the ability three times per chapter.

I also hated how he immediately avoids the protagonist the moment he found out his identity. Like seriously? Way to make yourself suspicious. Be neutral so that he doesn’t get interested/curious. Talk to him enough while distancing yourself since you guys didn’t talk in school before in the first place.

The third time is when he goes off and runs away. Only to get caught and get detained because he injured a knight. It was a half-assed attempt in the first place. It wasn’t thought out well enough. Did he forget who his dad is? His dad is filthy rich he could easily hire people to track him down.

And the most frustrating part is that we find out that all his efforts to drop out in attempts to not enlist is POINTLESS because he could've just been at the top of the magic course whatever you call it so that he could be exempt.


The only times I even remember that he’s 30 years old is when a character says “Sometimes you talk like an old man”

Maybe it works better in korean but it doesn’t work that well in english.

I don’t like the fact that characters constantly point it out. Because it feels like a cheap way to remind us that hey! The MC is a 30 year old man trap in a kids body.

The characters aren’t that fleshed out. We just kinda get a dumped information about them which is fine I guess.

We’re only 100 chapters in so they’ll probably get fleshed out in later chapters.

It gets better in the later chapters since there are characters that are pretty interesting.

For example, Melchior and Arthur’s dead mom— We only hear about her through Arthur though.

I also began to like Arthur’s character a lot. I liked his backstory and his personality in general. He’s pretty cute at times but I also like when he gets serious.

I’m p into the drama between the 3 princes. So look forward to that.

Also still curious about the “accident” that the MC keeps mentioning that involved Melchior. Idk if it was revealed already and I just missed it or if it’ll be revealed later on. <<less
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Apr 05, 2022
Status: c206
At first I was discouraged by the ratings, however I decided to read it. And guess what? I really love this novel. I love the not-so-OP-MC, the bonding between the characters, the world building, and THE ANTAGONIST OH MY GOD. The antagonist is very well wiritten. He is really reallllyyyy crazy.

maybe I'm just too biased because this story is really my cup of tea. Just give it a shot ahh then you can decide to like it or not.
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Fort de Knox
Fort de Knox
Jan 16, 2022
Status: c175
I decided to drop this. The story has solid world building and the character have lot in depth in them. However, the political element is too heavy for a fantasy novel about magic and sword. Not my cup of tea. The protagonist and MC is genius in their own right, however is only a weakling in front of the villain. Many times they get forced, jailed because of the villain and they can't do anything but to obey him. It's sickening for me. The development seems to be massive, but... more>> in the end the status quo still doesn't change. I got mad when they got arrested by someone weaker than them yet can't do anything because of villain's political position. And the damn author keep making villain focused chapter, trying to explain why he's evil etc. But it's just makes me more mad, Is this a novel about MC or Villain?

I'm dropping this. <<less
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Jul 26, 2021
Status: c153
A lot better than what I expected. A slow burn, it took a lot of time for the MC to treat the world he found himself into as no longer as a novel and it took him time to bond with the OG Protagonist, which I find very realistic. The MC might be smart and a genius in magic, but he also has flaws, he makes mistakes and just because he had read the manuscripts of the novel doesn't mean that he is an expert of the world... more>> of the novel. The main antagonists are also more powerful than the main characters and gives this novel a sense of danger. The MC and other main characters aren't definitely invisible, they're just children in the dangerous world of politics. I can't really predict what would happen in each chapter. Overall, I think this is better than TOCF.

And a bonus: MC's friends and allies have their own motivations and goals, not just there to be the MC's cheerleaders or to gush for several chapters how strong and good he is. They also act like how real friends would act, with occasional teasings. And the Protagonist act like a true protagonist of a story, and isn't just there to become the MC's lapdog. He is also the center of the novel and didnt become a secondary character despite the MC transmigrating in it and the story told from MC's POV. Arthur is a breath of fresh air from all the transmigration novels' original protagonists. <<less
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Jun 08, 2022
Status: c68
Staggeringly mediocre. I was actually kind of shocked by how dull this is to read. Usually these "Transmigration into Book I'm familiar with" novels are really good. Rich with tension, drama, and clever writing. This isn't that.

I feel like half of the stuff I've read is filler. Maybe even more. Everything from the obnoxious amount of detail that goes into describing the alcohol our characters are drinking to these 1 line back and forth conversations that aren't even good for character building. The flow of this novel is all over... more>> the place.

And our MC goes from insane amounts of charisma and foresight to cowardice and ret*rdation in the span of half a chapter. He's lazy too, and hey, I get it, lazy but smart characters are cool. I like a lot of novels where our MC is a lazy and weak thing. But the trade off is cunning. These characters are usually smart. Like genius level smart. They have to be for the sake of being allowed to be lazy. Think "tr*sh of the Count's Household". But once again, our MC just can't catch on to anything.

He starts off the novel in denial and after using up all 3 of his "Special Ability X" (for this arc anyways), the novel tries to explain that he's more awake now. The situation has sunk in. But he still didn't act like it has. He still lacks any proactivity outside of buying profitable property. This is for the sake of breaking away from his father.

There's also a lot of internal description that contradicts with the actual reality of the character. If any of you have read "A Wish to Grab Happiness" you know what I'm talking about. Cold sweaty hands, shivering spine, terrible headache, but even so "Wow, it's difficult to read you despite your expressions".

This novel is so mid bro. I'm going to keep reading because I am curious to see if maybe this is just a failed slow burn and it gets better, but I don't recommend this at all.

Go read "The Novel's Extra", "Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint" or " The Villain Wants to Live ". All of those are leaps and bounds better than this. <<less
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Jul 31, 2021
Status: --
This gets more convoluted than kingdom hearts without any meaning it doesn't make sense the MC is an idiot alcoholic who thinks its ok to just faint any time he uses magic because he cant be bothered to work out enough to be able to even walk for 5 minutes its so frustrating to read and it makes no sense he will died at 25 from kidney failure because hes frailer than a toothpick
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Jan 13, 2022
Status: c180
i admit that this is a decent novel but there are so much thing I hate in this novel.

The first thing is school theme

The second thing is MC and the 3rd prince Arthur. Their personalities are suck. The prince is naive and MC is a pushover. MC is smart and he can make somewhat good plans, but beside that I hate all the other things in his personality. When you put a bunch of naive, nice people go against a cruel psychopath, it’s just hard to bear, hard to read.... more>> I would like to see mad dog fight mad dog not a punny dog fight a mad dog just to suffer so much and can only win in the end by miracle unfair shit.

The third thing is how political the novel can be. A world with sword and magic but solve everything with politic is sickening. I dont mind a good chunk of politic element but when it is si heavy like this it make you feel like MC gradually become stronger mean nothing, well f*ck me for keep reading this despite being a power creep. There just so many restrictions in this freaking novel. <<less
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Jan 01, 2022
Status: c192
Definitely recommend you give a shot regardless of the reviews. After all, you're not losing anything (well.. besides time but you have plenty of that since you're here right?) from just reading it and seeing if you like it or not

but that's coming from somebody who likes the novel (and has a history of liking novels that other people seem to hate haha.. man I should get better standards but that's what happens when you stay on Wattpad for too long > >) so I'll give you some points... more>> and if you like the sound of it then give it a shot

-The book doesn't have romance or harems (or at least there's no sign of it) just friends being friends

-MC is OP but weak (weak body is the best way I can describe it)

-A bit of a slow beginning but it picks up later on (if you're a bit bored you can take a break and come back later, just something that I did that I thought would probably help)

-Alcoholic cat (fat and cute)

I would say you could like it just as long as you don't turn into an English professor (unless the plot holes are glaringly obvious.. In which case I think my standards have gone too far down) ^ ^

This is my first time writing a review so apologies if it isn't helpful so take it with a grain of salt, I just wanted to add something down in the "comments" ^ ^

I sound like a fool especially with all the more in depth reviews but I just wanted to express my love for the novel >< It may not resonate with others but people have different tastes and that's fine, it just happens that I really like this novel :-)

P.S. I think the author is trying to go down the more angsty route so that may be why our MC is so 'weak' and I eat that shi* up so that may be why I like it a bit more than some more logical people here haha... |||_ _ (<-- emoticon btw) Just a theory though but if you take it as headcanon it might just explain the reason why Kleio is so squishy but I do admit, it'd be nice to see him beat someone's ass for once instead of the other way round <<less
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Aug 15, 2021
Status: c160
I wanted to finish through and continue but couldn't and just dropped it altogether.

Story wise there's definitely a lot of plotholes. Adding on to that, there's a lot of blatant plot armour for the MC and its due to his sort of OP yet half-functional ability. Obviously it was made half-functional so that there can be still elements of danger for the MC and it's "not a one use win all button". But in my opinion his powers were not designed well enough and at times gimmicky.

I am often times... more>> annoyed with the MC.

Till now everytime he meets the 'antagonist' he shivers and clenches his fists hard enough for blood to come out etc.. in order to resists the charm abilities. It's come to the point where everytime I see the antagonist's name mentioned I can immediately predict these series of actions the MC will make in the following lines. Yes we get that the enemy has an OP charm ability that even overpower's MC's ability... Please stop shoving it down our throats.


I'm also annoyed by how much times the consumption of alcohol is mentioned in the novel. I like the occasional drink but in this novel you can expect there to be a sentence of MC taking a sip from whisky/liquor/alcohol etc. sometimes multiple times in a single chapter... Poor writing as the author could not think of a better scene for the MC to be in other than drinking.

MC's motivations and actions are also very weird. As we all know from these types of novels where the MC has the power to 'know' how the story progresses and ends. ie. as an editor would. The actions he takes to secure himself in the novel is written in a very awkward way. one moment "oh yes this place gonna make me loads of money imma invest in it" and then the next when he beats around the bush trying to save someone who he knew was in trouble. To put in simpler words, sometimes he does direct actions with the knowledge at hand and other times he does it in a roundabout way that makes no sense. Since he knew what was coming he definitely could take direct actions all the time. This is quite hard for me to explain but if you read and think about it, the MC is quite s*upid.

One of the major setbacks of this novel is the fight scenes. I love using words and poems to conjour spells. This is where the imagination of the author best shines. It scales the fight scenes so much more since MC is able to come up with unique and beautiful chants compared to magicians in the world. Yet.. There is just not that much fight scenes. In fact most of the story focuses on anything else other than fight scenes. Theres a long drought inbetween fights and they end quickly as they come. It would have been so much better for the MC to just be devising cool unique chants and confront problems directly instead of the awkward "neither here no there" approach that he has taken.

I think this novel deserves a rewrite... Kinda shame its potential was not explored. <<less
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Jan 25, 2021
Status: c39
the novel seems very interesting with a lot of potential, but sadly the translation quality start dropping at around chap 20 and keep dropping to mtl level

and when dialogue occures at least 50% of the time you cant even tell who is talking especially if 3 or more people are talking, there is nothing to hint at who is saying what, its pure chaos

pretty sure if this novel got a good translation it will be a very good read
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Jan 14, 2021
Status: c72
The MC is not really likeable at first, kinda whimsical. But he's very human ... more>>

he doesn't want to get involved with the story at first, nor does he cares what the author wants till it was revealed that if he does not help the story main character, the world will pretty much collapse.

But the premise itself is not that bad, and there are mysteries and aspects differ from what the MC knew.

I'm starting to look forward to the story once the original protagonist of the manuscript is around.

MC avoid him at all cost once he realize the identity of his drinking buddy, lol.

The Protag is likeable, and the story progress nicely around chapter 23. So just bear with the beginning.

Some pros and cons:


(-) slow pace, the beginning feels incredibly boring.

(+) But it slowly catches up, and the world building is fairly well made.

(-) MC feels lackadaisical, pulled dumb moves despite trying to avoid attention, and probably gonna annoy you with his active whim and avoidance to the story.

(+) But he developed better along the way, accepted his inevitable role within the manuscript as he notes the different development ongoing, solving mysteries, and protecting the protagonist.

(-) it's difficult to identify who is speaking when there are more than two characters speaking.

(+) The friendships between the characters (especially MC and manuscript's Protag) is developing wonderfully. The mind games MC plays with the enemy is also very interesting.


Will edit review once I've read more. <<less
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