Transcendence Due To A System Error


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I am the only person free from the control of the Status Window.


Just a word from me, and my status window is gone.

To be more precise, an error occurred when I took over the possession of the body.

“Ah, why didn’t the dragon drop a single artifact?”

Thanks to this, I am gradually distanced from humanity.

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시스템 에러로 종족초월
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Blisfulloblivion rated it
September 12, 2020
Status: c54
Love this so far. Found this story by chance and been MTL-ing this story.

Story takes place in a world where everyone has a game-like status window. Imagine a world where everyone has a status window. Parents brag about their childrens stats, stats determine school and job qualifications, and shopping is done being able to asses an item in your menu. But then being the only one in the world unable to use a status window. Thats the situation of the MC of Transcendence Due To A System Error.

It's a fun... more>> alt take on its genre. It's similar to The Novels Extra and The Editor is the Novels Extra but instead of a no-name extra the MC transmigrates into the hero. This is nice since the trend right now is transmigrating into extras, villains, or secondary characters. Gives a different angle for the story to develop to keep things fresh.

I also enjoy the challenges the MC faced caused by his lack of status window. Without a status window and all the skills and abilities that come with it, the MC is forced to handle things radically different from everyone else. (He does get a new cheat but not having a status windows makes things awkward for MC.)

Looking forward to reading a proper translation :) <<less
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Juslin rated it
September 10, 2023
Status: c30
I think this novel has an extremely promising premise, and the characters also seem vibrant enough to hold your interest. However, most of the chapters are locked behind payment, which is understandable, but something you should keep in mind before starting the novel (ignore this if in the future basically everything has already been translated for free).

If you're curious about the premise of the novel, it's simple. In a world where everyone has a status window, the MC is the only one that doesn't have a status window (because of... more>> his own suggestion to the author of the novel he got s**ked in). Originally, his cheat was supposed to be having an extremely superior status window to others, but his new cheat is much more interesting. First of all, because he lacks a status window, the MC is unable to level up his stats like others. Meaning, if nothing happens, he'll be stuck below F rank for all of his stats for the rest of his life. However, items in the world of Transcendence all have equipment restrictions, which the MC is allowed to ignore due to being completely separated from the system. This even includes racial items from long extinct fantasy races (elves, dwarves, beastmen, etc.). So his first cheat is being overgeared to the extreme, which is pretty interesting already.

The author makes the premise even more interesting by shackling a fatal flaw to his cheat,

only being able to use these powerful ancient racial relics for a short period of time before the system notices the bug and patches it, making it far more strategic and forcing the MC to diversify his strategies.


It's not all bad though. In exchange for this flaw,

while patching the bug, the system thinks that since the MC was able to wield the racial item, he must be from that race, therefore reverse granting him one racial characteristic from the race he's supposed to be. It's hinted that this ability can even give him a Dragon's mastery of mana, which sounds entertaining. Additionally, he is able to wield all non-racial items with no drawbacks at all.


The MC's final cheat is being a reader of the novel. This is a classic one, and it's basically just limited foresight in the events of the future. Limited as events will diverge from the plot the MC is familiar with as he continues interfering with the plot.

Definitely interested in how the novel will continue to develop in the coming year of translation. <<less
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Arthas rated it
August 13, 2023
Status: c25
Somewhat average novel. This novel heavily reminds me of Novel Extra with various misunderstandings and etc, with exception of MC being a protag.... I didnt read much, because galaxy translations right now at 10 chap while further ones still translating (i read MTL and that was... Horrible experience but somewhat understandable in some places and I cant find chapters past 267). Anyway, thats my first impression of this novel and this can be changed in the future but... Uh... Read it considering all risks because it might be "The Novel... more>> Extra 2.0 (but you main protag tho) ", with somewhat worser FMC imo

Btw, you also need to wary of cliche moments if you REALLY hate them. I am perfectly fine (no) with them, but you might find way too much of them like in average "reincarnator, regressor, transmigration" novels which follows very tiring/repetative tropes <<less
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bvdaf rated it
December 7, 2023
Status: c33
I'm a sucker for „Flexing in academy" stories. I love them, but this one is...

Let me begin by saying that the Main character can only be as smart as the Author is, but the Main character in this story is ret*rded to say the least.

There is also an easy way to differentiate between good writing and sh*t writing created by me called „cool MC". You see when Author tries to make the MC cool, with good writing the MC will be cool, however with sh*t writing the MC will... more>> end up being cringe.

Yeah and in the case of this novel it's the cringe route.

There are also many glaring plot holes in the story. Many illogical choices made. See, almost every chapter I questioned MC's decisions and I'm pretty sure I would be 10 times stronger than MC by the time I reach chapter 33.

For example:


MC has the power to obtain blessings of races (elves, beasts etc.) by having one minute contact with their „ancient weapons" and what does he do? He asks for an ancient weapon from some rich guild master. Here is the problem. Why? Why not instead just ask to check their collection of ancient weapons and touch all of em to obtain all the traits? Cause he is ret*rded. Btw the weapon becomes unusable after the one minute touch anyway so it's useless for him.


Author limited himself with his poor imagination. The abilities of MC are simply a sh*t idea. Well not exactly shit, but more like unpolished. Which in turn leads to many plot holes.

There is also insane amount of plot armour and I absolutely hate it. I hate it when all there is to it is super crazy luck, instead of some skills and knowledge of MC. In the first 5 chapters, MC's life is saved by plot armour 3 f*cking times. f*ck that.

tr*sh story 1/5. Translation is bad.

I'll also add that the side characters are even more ret*rded and annoying than MC.
So have fun being frustrated with the story while reading it. <<less
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SonicWizard rated it
November 1, 2023
Status: c30
It's a pretty run of the mill battle academy series. Fueled by side characters misunderstanding the MC in comedic ways, which admittedly is a cliche im a sucker for. Unfortunately the MC is a bit of a dunce, in a bad way, and the side characters so far are incredibly bland. So far in 30 chapters the main plot has only sort of shown itself but it is shaping up to be pretty average for these types of series. Looks like its a Shadowy Evil organization that the MC gets... more>> forced to deal with, nothing new there.

Beyond that the translation isn't terrible but its not good either. Just passable, I guess. It has a lot of errors, frequently using incorrect pronouns, odd sentence structure at times, Names of characters are often spelled differently or sometimes totally different (as some who doesn't understand Korean at all and already has trouble memorizing Korean names this is incredibly frustrating), and many abilities get their names changed seemingly every time they are mentioned.

FYI: Only 25% of the chapters are free the other 230 are all paid so keep that in mind if you are gonna start this. I'll pay to get caught up if its in the realm of 10 to 20 chapters but after that it's a big ask imo. <<less
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Nioninja rated it
January 24, 2024
Status: c170
It's fun there is a rather interesting mystery aspect to it that I am interested to see the end to and I have fun with it. Fun fact the MC DOES make an entire meseum of artifacts in later parts of the story so he can pick up traits at will and use them as emergency weapons. While I agree that maybe choosing between might make sense there's still plenty of interesting situations around it. I think it's rather unique in certain aspects compare to other novels of it's kind... more>> and is it perfect? Nah but it's fun and worth reading to me. <<less
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gary0044187 rated it
January 17, 2024
Status: c131
I guess authors wait 130 chapters to really pull the BS out of thin air because they know if they do it in the early chapters people will just drop it. Are they expecting us to think of the sunk cost of having read so far and keep reading?

... more>>

if this terrorist organization can just come and go and massacre people like this with noone to stop them or even notice them before they take action how has this society survived? These people can come and go as they please and not only has noone been able to stop them, but they can just use everyone else to commit their bidding. There's no freakin way this society has been able to survive this. Prior to this it seemed like it was a matter of them not having the resources, they couldn't be everywhere at once, but now, literally more than half of their senior leadership have time to screw around at an academy of all places? Also how is it the only one capable of catching them and foiling their plans is the MC? Is everybody else in this world incompetent? Yeah I guess so, this is how korean authors make their characters more BA, by making everyone else in the world laughably incompetent or corrupt.

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