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A man who had lost everything.

An almighty power, the [Zero Code] held within his hand.

“Player Kim Su Hyun, do you truly wish to revert the time of Hall Plain?”

“I want to go back 10 years. To the period when I first came here.”

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Mar 28, 2019
Status: c93
This series is like The Second Coming of Avarice (a series from the same author) a rare gem, the only problem this series has is that it deserves far better, too many incompetent translators laid their hands on this series only to release that it was them too hard or they couldn't get the profit that they we're looking for and dropped it.

As a example is the simply horrible translation or the fact that some just changed the form of address (what way to many translators do) as in many... more>> series and novels the form of address is a important part as a show of respect and affection it shouldn't be changed especially not to just the given name of the character as it takes away these series essence and would simply make it a hassle to even understand who just said what, if you ever faced this problem then I can guarantee you it was the translators fault.

To this series good points counts it's logic, depiction of emotion and characters that are alive in this series, what also is very interesting is the world building and the swordmanship of the main character that is based on Tai Chi. (Really I could continue like this over and over but I don't want to spoil anything, it's just so sad that this series doesn't seem to be even noticed by the masses and now stagnates without anyone translating it.)

Honestly make your own picture.

I recommend this series to all people that like The Second Coming of Avarice. <<less
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Sep 15, 2018
Status: c85
I'm not sure why some others like this better than King of the Battlefield, which at least has lots of action and tension, a coherent plot, an understandable leveling system, and a MC who is consistent in his behaviors and motivation, even if he's not always the most likable person. this story is lacking all of that.

once past the first arc the story reads more like a fluffy slice-of-life novel (with random moments of eww) than the gritty reincarnation story I was expecting. I thought this would be an edgy... more>> survival-type story with an angry, bitter MC but he quickly devolved into the benevolent teacher/ father-figure. he even calls his party members his kids. there's never any real danger and dad is always watching over them ready to save them when things go wrong.

85 chapters in and I still have no idea what the plot/ point of the story is, other then he's hoping to save the woman he loved in his old life... only she's barely been mentioned so we still don't know anything about her and he's not in any hurry to find her. all this meandering around is annoying and a bit boring; the story lacks any sense of urgency or tension and has no direction. instead of getting stronger, he's just growing his kids. he's not even trying to grow his own skills (or even just invest his skill points).

the stats system doesn't make sense; there are people in year 0 whose stats are higher in one place or another than the MC who has the stats of a 10 year player. some of the people at year 4 have all their stats on his same level (80's and 90's). it's never explained how they can grow their stats or whats needed to make them stronger since there isn't a leveling system (as far as I can tell). we also have no idea how they collect stat points, other than getting four for passing that school at the start.

the story is really vague; what is his goal other than saving the girl? why were they brought to the world? is there an outside threat they're preparing humanity to deal with? who are the angels and why are they there? is this just some galactic death game to entertain the masses? why do they need to even bother getting stronger? even at c85 we only know the world is divided into 5 sections (N, E, S, W, and Center). the MC once mentioned falling into hell but its not clear if its another actual place or a state of mind. there are dungeons and monsters, players, vagrants (PK) and normal people. that's literally everything we've been told in 85 chapters.

the MC is also vague; his behavior is inconsistent with his stated urgent motivation (finding the girl) and there is no clue as to what the bigger picture is beyond that goal. also, for someone who spent ten years killing and surviving, he is way too concerned with how other people see him. he's also too trusting and happy. the behavior doesn't fit with his background.

also, what happened to the angels? they just disappeared after the beginning and no one seems to talk to/ about them or are being guided in any way. from the prologue, they made it sound like his angel was his constant companion and personal observer for ten years. now all trace of them are gone. <<less
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Nov 06, 2016
Status: c21
[Updated c21]

I wish I could rate this 6 stars. This novel just keeps getting better and better. Character interactions are so detailed and realistic it makes you think you're watching a drama. Seriously, go read the conversations. It actually feels like these are real characters talking to each other, each with their own points of view, principles and motivations. Watching them try to convince one another of their opinions is just great. It is on par with Reincarnator if not better in terms of psychology. However at this point the... more>> MC's motivations are still not clear, so it can't compare to Reincarnator in that aspect. [old review at c12]

>Unlike before, Park Don-Gul was more gentle and composed. Seeing that, I immediately frowned. At first glance, he looked honest, but he couldn’t fool my eyes. I recognised the expression for what it was, a very well practised act. Without a doubt, that guy was planning something devious. This novel is excellent. The world is quite interesting so far with lots of room for expansion, actually the start is a bit like Reincarnator (group of people thrown to survive a trial together then enter the actual game world) but without the sadistic aspect that promotes people killing each other. Although the thoughts of other characters aren't shown, the MC can make insightful deductions about their character and personality based on their actions, which is what makes this novel interesting to read. The amount of psychology in this novel is similar to Reincarnator with multiple characters scheming at every step. It's extremely verbose as the translator pointed out. 7 chapters just for the main character to select his attributes and abilities. I think this is not so bad, because the extra words are there to flesh out the details and explain the MC's decisions and not just reiterate random pointless stuff, so although it's verbose, it adds to the story. <<less
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Sep 25, 2016
Status: c12
Has potential, but pacing is very slow right now. MC is more of a side character atm, he's always thinking in his head and has very little to nothing to say; probably to get a feel of the people he's paired with, but nonetheless it's very annoying. I even forgot the MC's name because the villainous side characters are the only ones talking, but we all know what happens to those kind of people; they die shortly after. This sort of writing feels like I'm reading a wuxia novel. You... more>> know, how those no name villians running their mouth, wasting writing space and end up dying 10-30 chapters later. Which is mainly why I stopped reading them; if you read one of them you read them all.

EDIT: Two star rating

This novel is a mess, some of the later chapters you will see many characters talking in their POV (point of view). You'll find it very difficult to find out who's talking since all you'll see is "I, you, he, she, me". You'll be spending more time finding out who's talking than reading the chapter. <<less
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Jun 22, 2017
Status: --
1. Terrible group dynamics - Wishy washy high school-tier drama plagues this story. For whatever reason, the author decides that the MC should do f*ck-all after giving him insane cheats. It's one thing to let your party grow stronger by letting them fight, but this level of passiveness is ridiculous.

2. Bad protagonist - We have an MC whose personality is very inconsistent and acts nothing like a hardened veteran gone back in time. It's like a bad mix of several archetypes, and he changes to fit the author's whims. He's... more>> seriously "aww"ing over a weak crybaby he just met? When his entire purpose for going back is to atone for the death of a girl?

3. Drawn out - Do we really need to spend this many chapters in the tutorial area? It would be fine if this arc were exciting, but it isn't.

All in all, the story nosedives the moment the angel disappears. Which is extremely early. <<less
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Nov 19, 2016
Status: c50
UPDATE AGAIN: and now it's not updating and I feel like crying... ugh. -_-

UPDATE: it is now updating consistently. Woohoo.

Okay. I really love this novel it reminds me of reincarnator (and I love that series). I love the comrades he's received. I'm glad he isn't a loner. I don't know why, but loner main characters tick me off (Maybe it's because they are all about me me me).

Edit: It began updating again, but now it's been a month and no updates have been made. *Sighs*
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Dec 05, 2017
Status: c38
I don't usually rate so early, but considering the translation speed and how I'm choosing to drop it at ch38...

The initial idea was not bad, not original, but not bad. The MC's decisions really don't make much sense, he is incredibly mercurial. He says he needs a strong team yet he says he wants to stay with the people from the tutorial (forever... literally, he said it), even though he can't know if any of them are going to be very strong and has stated that some of them... more>> definitely aren't. He even knows the future, so he could pick the OP users and make a team with them, but not this guy. He is the most indecisive 20 year hardened fighter I ever seen written about.

Mostly though, this novel is internal dialogue from the MC. The, very basic, tutorial lasts 30 chapters because 70% of the words are internal dialogue of the MC. It's fine for a bit, but it's almost as if listening to someone flip-flop and whine constantly. You eventually want to slap the sh*t out of them.

The translation quality gets a 3.5 <<less
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Jun 14, 2018
Status: --
I can endure slow reads, but this is crazy. You will keep reading while waiting for the MC to do something instead of letting everyone else do everything, but that time never comes and you just keep on reading hoping it will get better.

Why did he go back in time anyway? In the start it says he survived and won in the end and received the prize for winning basically. It's hinted that he went back to save everyone he can, but it's unlikely that he can and I'm pretty... more>> sure the "Angels" won't be handing out participation trophy's to everyone that survives in the end.

I feel like this story is poorly thought out in more ways than the reason above and I can't seem to like or not like the MC. He's just bland. Give the powers he received along with going back in time with memories of how things are going to happen to literally anyone else and I'm sure they would do a better job at being the MC.

Should be a 1 star review, but I'm adding one star as appreciation to the translators that worked hard translating so much of this. <<less
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Oct 25, 2019
Status: Completed
I was reading "The Second Coming of Gluttony, " but then I realized "MEMORIZE" is an indirect prequel so I decided to read this first.

To start off, the pacing of this webnovel is very slow and stays that way through out its 1000 or so chapters. However, it is also consistently a good read, with no major quality drops anywhere from what I can remember. The weakest part in my opinion would be the ending which is slightly underwhelming considering the length of the series, but overall, I found it... more>> to be acceptable.

The plot of the novel is centered around the MC going back in time in order to accomplish his major objective of going back to earth with the people important to him, something he failed to do in the first timeline. As the MC is already close to the peak of his power and is insanely OP from the start of the novel, the MC focuses more on growing the power of his allies so that they will be useful to him for the events to come. As a result, the side characters take on a more important role as compared to other going-back-in-time novels such as "Reincarnator" or "King of the Battlefield."

Personally, I found this to be quite an enjoyable read, though not as good as what I've read so far from "The Second Coming of Gluttony." I'm rating it with 4-stars because although it was good, the pacing was slow, and there was nothing that was spectacularly outstanding to me that would bump it up to 5-stars.

I do feel that some of the low ratings and reviews here are a bit unfair as many of the concerns and complaints can be attributed to impatience and translation quality. As a person who has finished the novel, I can say that many of the concerns about the MC's actions and motivations not making sense are addressed in the novel if you keep reading. I would not recommend this novel to those who are impatient and not ready to deal with some slow pacing. Overall though, I advise you to stick with the novel; this wasn't one of the most popular webnovels in Korea for no reason. <<less
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Nana (ノ◕
Oct 02, 2016
Status: c12
Don't really know why MC came back to the past, maybe he just do it for the lulz.

MC get sent back like he relife his past, similar if you download that save game from internet, MC get bonus attribute and skills but he doesn't really remember what happened in the past.

Translation speed is really heartbreaking, but the translation itself is good. Which make the series feels dragging too much. The pace is slow so it's better to read it 1 year from now.
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Jan 29, 2017
Status: c31
Started off real nice, Main character was cool and arrogant with a mysterious background. Now at ch 31, which I am surprised I survived throught it, the MC has no personality, only listens to what others tell him and cant give his opinion truthfully. I dont even know where the author is going with this anymore. I will definitely drop it.
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Oct 07, 2019
Status: c41
You know those Japanese authors who write stories about MCs who, despite being superpowerful, are beta cuck losers hiding their abilities who end up with a harem of women following them?

This is kinda the same.

His attitude from the prologue is that of a hardened veteran: strong, daunting, bitter, and cold.

I have no idea why he's so hateful to his personal angel assistant. She helps him throughout every phase, offers him advice, cares about his well-being. At the very tail end of the prologue after he ruthlessly insulted her and altered... more>> time, in her last words before her existence became completely erased from the timeline, she begged him in tears for just one thing, "be happy!"

He doesn't seem mentally shaken about this or even bothered which makes me suspect he's a prick.

Weirdly enough that attitude changes to father-figure who hides his abilities for the sake of the author. Didn't he want to help the girl who he fell in love with who died? It's mentioned by the seraph in the prologue he can simply wish her back, but he chooses not to. He's not a desperate man. What was once the premise of a survival story is now the boring slice-of-life pseudo netorare family gathering where the MC acts as a father figure and protector.

Seriously? He goes DAAAWWWW when a girl gets nervous, but when his angel assistant fades out only wishing for him to be happy he doesn't give a damn?

After the current chapter I'm basically done. A girl who he protected throughout the story so far has held him in contempt for his unwillingness to divulge secrets. She withholds her own secrets from him in tern. He can simply use his power to look at her class and abilities to determine this info but pointlessly chooses not to which is obviously gearing the story in a s*upid direction. On top of that, the author randomly decided the MC started to fall in love with her, which was never hinted at in the slightest earlier. Then a handsome looking guy is trying to recruit her into his clan and she consistently begins distancing herself from the MC and acting very cold and harsh to him while getting closer to the handsome dude.

The pacing for the first arc implied the start would be slow but at least interesting, this is becoming so dull so pointless and so meaningless I can't tell if the author wants to write an ntr novel or a harem. Instead of correctly writing situations that unfold, leading characters to act in an appropriate manner leading to the situations, the MC has to make batsh*t crazy stupifying decisions so the story can arc in a way the author wants it to.

A bland and slow novel where an MC does almost nothing for no reason constantly and threw away his "prize" at the beginning of the game for no reason either. <<less
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Nov 22, 2020
Status: --
I read it's manhua and found it interesting but didn't think much of it after seeing only 117 translated chapter and that the translators dropped it but after reading the second coming of gluttony I got more interested in it but sadly no one picked it up

I really hope that someday a nice translating team pick this gem and show people that it's some awesome read
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Aug 15, 2019
Status: c315
Novel is very confusing. Everything doesn't make sense. MC actions doesn't make sense. This novel twist a lot logic just for it's conveniences. Plot isn't clear. Why did MC go back to the past? So far he didn't do anything, he just go with the flow. What did he expect to do with doing nothing? Why did he babysit stranger even though it bring him only trouble and no benefit.

In short, MC's action doesn't make sense. You probably need brain that surpass Einstein to understand MC's action.

If you're here for... more>> entertaiment, then don't bother. So far it's only about MC babysitting his party behind their back (and he did a bad job at that by letting his party into dangerous situation because he always stay silent).

The MC alone made me gave this novel a death sentence. Not to mentions the snail-like pacing, uselessly added paragraph, unclear plot, unnecessary filler, and unlikable character.

Edit c315: Yeah, the pacing is slow and it will stay that way. The MC plan to create a guild since chapter 30 something. But I remember only in chapter 200 something that they finally just got a building for their guild.

It's also boring because the MC power is stagnant. MC's stamina stayed at 70 points and doesn't increase until he used an Elixir in chap 300ish while other people who has stat below 50 keep increasing to 80-90 points in a short time. I doubt how could he be the last survivor and got the Zero Code. There are also other power level inconsistencies.

In short, the slow pacing makes it boring and there are a lot of logical error. <<less
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Jan 29, 2017
Status: c31
This story take different approach compared to other translated novels where the side characters are used as props. The novel takes time to properly develop and build up these character's emotions and personalities. But unfortunately at the expense of the main character. But now with the boss battle coming up (c31) we can see the main finally stepping up and hopefully the story will take it further. Its different from other fast paced stories where the main character goes around bashing and mocking down antagonists but I like the added... more>> depth to the characters. We will see where this goes <<less
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Dec 29, 2016
Status: c15
As of the 15th chapter, this novel is still extremely slow. You get basically no background on why the protagonist went back, and no hint of his end goal. The author goes into needless drama with the background characters. Sort of convoluted logic to get rid of some useless characters. If you like a decisive main character, you won't get it here. The guy basically does nothing and just rambles in his head. The author feels like a closet Chuunibyou. It's still early, so there is room for improvement.
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Jan 28, 2020
Status: c1069
Tooooo gooood,

It's better then any other novel of the same genre bcz it is realistic psychology.

If your friends and family are r*ped and murdered in front of you bcz of your own mistake in every other idiotic novel the MC just goes back to normal after the vengeance or just becomes a f*cking edge lord, not here baby,

... more>> Our MC literally breaks.

His mind is completely broken.

Well you all herd this saying, humans can't defeat monsters, only a monster can defeat monster.

And his enemy are demons, boy did he become a demon.


well his user information had written in MADMAN, PSYCHOPATH, Schizophrenic, and one other mental illeness which I googled meaning addicted to slaughter and bloodshed.

Well he was a very kind and gentle boy and he went on to become a man who just manipulates people, the people who love him, he doesn't give one sh*t if that cute little sister who would sacrifice her life for him any second dies tommorow, he only cares about her use. How much he can use her using emotional manipulations, this novel is mainly about him healing. He goes from a devil, Evil psychopath to a man who very slowly stops manipulating the people around him to genuinely loving them back.

But Don't hope too much bcz throughout the novel he never confessed back to his first wife that he could have saved her sister but he just saw no worth in it,

But he's not all bad, he knows his first wife has potential to become a great fighting force against his enemies so he treats them very well, the majority of his girls never find out about how much of madman he is and just think of him as good caring guy,

Realistic fantasy, that's what it is and you'll love it.

  1. [collapse]
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Aug 21, 2016
Status: c10
Time travel novel...

Well I think it's pretty good. The Protagonist seem to have a regret that he want to change, so he came back in time, gain a cheat setting and have a potential to became stronger. Well I just hope the protagonist will gain strength in slow way like in tkob, reincarnator or I am the monarch. (a the protagonist that was cheat but still in pretty rational way)
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May 07, 2017
Status: c36
M E M O R I Z E has a powerful beginning that suggests that major parts of the plot, or at least the rules of the world, have been carefully thought out. But I'm not so sure that's really the case.

Skills are interesting, cool, and essential. People can't just rack them up, and are limited to having a few at the most, so they need to be careful about having skills suitable to their fighting styles. Characters generally improve skills through experience, not so much game exp as the realistic kind, and rely upon them to have an edge over others and survive.

Characters are more or less believable, though the author doesn't seem to realize that he's better at saying little and suggesting about them than fleshing them out. I guess he's trying to make party members three-dimensional, or perhaps show their changes, but he's making them seem erratic instead. (A woman likes the MC; no, she likes another guy! A character's like this; no, he/she's like that!) The MC's mercuriality has an explanation, but him aside, lots of characters have personalities that may or may not be inconsistent. Are all their issues going to be addressed? I'd like to think so, but I doubt it.

Everything in the Room of Summoning is really well done; the moments there have been the better parts of the story. On the other hand, the beginners' stage is too ordinary. Sure, newbs are fragile creatures, but it's not much of a test when there's a path to follow and only 2 - 4 types of monsters to fight or escape from. This simple stage is the place that serves as the introduction to the world which everyone will go through? It wouldn't be as bad if it was 10 chapters long, but nearly 30? It needs to either show more places or explore deeper into what it offers. The interesting moments during this time have little to do with the environment itself, and more to do with the intangible choices, feelings, and interactions that could really have taken place anywhere. It might be a snobby complaint, but such lack of worldbuilding and uniqueness might be what'll keep M E M O R I Z E from being a memorable, noteworthy story, and only let it be a good one.
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Jan 29, 2017
Status: c31
Edit: Issues with MC's personality not matching background and lack of sword use start being corrected around chapter 33 when the tutorial arc ends. This bumps it to a 4 star for me.

TLDR Version: Interesting death game scenario, interesting side characters, MC's actions and personality in the Rite of Passage don't match his backstory.

Some annoying grammatical errors and incorrect word choice in the translation make me think the translator is good with conversational English but not prose. A proofreader would help out but further slow down the already relatively slow... more>> translation speed. The story feels slower paced than it actually is because the translator is breaking chapters into 3 or 4 smaller chunks. So as of the 31st release it's really only 10 chapters of actually reading.

For the story itself the initial setup of the death game scenario isn't bad in comparison to other stories like Reincarnator or King of the Battlefield. What it lacks though is the main characters reasons for going back in time which is vaguely hinted to be related to a lost love interest. The initial couple chapters spend more time on character creation than they do setting up the main characters backstory or personality.

One of the strong suits to the story is well developed side characters. Unlike Reincarnator or King of the Battlefield this story seems like it will focus around a group of people rather than a single powerful MC.

The problem so far is that so much time is spent on the side characters that the main character simply feels very bland. We know before getting sucked into the death game he was a sergeant in the Korean army and then spent 10 years in the death game before going back in time. The MC desires to be low key during the Rite of Passage part so that his overpowered stats and class don't get rumors spread about them too early which make sense. However the author seems to confuse hiding his strength with a complete lack of leadership. Anyone who's been through military training, gotten rank, and been on a battlefield should be taking an obvious leadership role over people who haven't when an emergency/dangerous situation breaks out and that's just not happening in this story. The MC is the most wishywashy hardened killer I've ever seen written in a story.

The other issue I have with the way the MC is written is that he's a swordsman class right from the start and been a swordsman for 10 years but he uses a crossbow throughout the entire Rite of Passage. It simply doesn't make sense.

I'm interested to continue reading to see how the party dynamics change and how the group develops as that part is written fairly well and is interesting. You just have to ignore how the way that the MC's actions and personality don't match his backstory at all. I'm hoping things improve when they move onto the main area after the initial Rite of Passage and the MC is no longer trying to hide that his stats and class make him a badass. <<less
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