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Humanity has been gradually transported to the Abyss by a bored god to compete against other races and monsters. The problem is… humanity failed. In a last desperate push, the strongest survivors chose a comrade to travel as far as possible back in time.

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Hwan Saeng Jwa
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New Atg103
June 5, 2024
Status: c1
The author has some good idea but the implementation taken it down.

The writing is bad you heard that before but that's not the only drawback. It's annoying how every character turns into that greedy selfish idiot the moment they meet MC. I think the author believes only selfish arrogant pricks will exist in the world of apocalypse. But it's really annoying to see the same people go through the same thought process again and again.
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New Silkthorn rated it
May 27, 2024
Status: c1
I can't speak about the writing but at least the translation is god-awful. It is not worth reading. Nothing special about this that would make it worth getting through all that jumbled "english". No emotional connection to anyone or anything, no pacing in the writing, omniscient narrator feels super boring and disconnected, the phrasing is awful. The plot is the classic MC is perfect, all-knowing, all-powerful, gets all the.. Maidens and of course has a tragic backstory and an undying determination to fight his journey to the end and save... more>> the world. I've read these cliches often and I can easily say this is not a well executed one. <<less
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BlinkToThePast rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c108
In terms of my enjoyment of this novel I would give it a 5 star rating.

In terms of how easy it is to read, at times, I would give it a 3-star rating.

I think this novel does the 'protagonist sent to the past' trope very well. In some other novels the character seems to regress in age mentally as well as physically. You don't get that with this MC. In fact, often times you'll find him amused at the antics (betrayal, attempted mu*der, etc) of the other characters because he's... more>> seen it all before and has a plan all lined up to handle them. The MC is a big picture kind of guy, he has been sent to the past to save humanity and if he needs to do dirty things to do that he will, you get the impression he does not enjoy it however. I like the way the plot progresses with the main character going through trials against other creatures or humans. The plot so far has been split into zones with the characters meeting more difficult challenges as they progress. These Zones can be massive in scale.

Other characters so far have been mostly transitional. There are a couple who regularly appear or are mentioned (most of the important ones have not actually been 'met' yet it seems). In the recent chapters we have been getting more in-depth with their characters. For example, he currently has a companion he seems to plan on sticking with, she's been getting some development. Due to the way the trials are set up in this novel it seems it has been mostly a**holes who have survived to the later areas. So expect most randomers to be calculating, self-centered and manipulating. This may change due to changes the MC is bringing about. Now about that three star. This novel can be a bit hard to read at times, with the prose feeling strange when reading. At the beginning I thought it was purely a lack of editing but that has been improved as the novel went on. This coupled with a power system that can be a bit unclear when you are just introduced to it means you need to pay attention or you will get confused (I have a bad habit of skim reading power system explanations due to reading too many CN novels)

In addition the author likes to occasionally skip about in time and place from chapter to chapter. It can be a bit jarring without a transition. I find it fresh at times because the author will skip 'unimportant' things I could see a CN novel spending 15 chapters on. Some may find it annoying occasionally though as it sometimes skips minor boss fights.

All in all I would strongly recommend this novel, it's my current favourite KR. The MC is just perfect to me and the plot is engaging. <<less
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Dusk rated it
May 1, 2016
Status: c136
As the second most recognized KR novels in NU, Reincarnator is seriously lacking the attention it deserves. Maybe because KR novels doesn't have the large fanbase compared to CN & JP novels but I truly feel that it deserves to be at the very least in the top 30 of the rankings.

Beware of slight spoilers below ! Read at risk.

Theme : 3 genres compiled together describes this novel a lot; Apocalypse, Transported to another world & Travel back in time. Instead of normal Apocalyptic novel, Reincarnator does not use the... more>> leveling & rpg like system, instead it uses ' runes ' as a method of powering up the characters. The author doesn't go much into stats and rune collection adventure, this is especially true as the story goes on. As such, when reading this novel don't expect for it to be an mmorpg like adventure, and it's not about hitting the monster and it takes XXX damages, nope don't expect Reincarnator to be a story like that, in fact most of the battle scenes are not even shown. It's more about an adventure in an apocalypse and how to survive on it while becoming stronger while Kang Hansoo, the MC is onwards for a mission to save his race.

Style : The style of Reincarnator is quite similar to lms, maybe most KR novels are like that, I don't know since I haven't read enough kr novels. I can't really describe the style but if you have read LMS before you will understand me.

If I have to say, the most lacking thing in the novel is the lack of emotional touch, there is a lack of backstory for the other side characters but it could be justified since only very few characters in the beginning would stay with the MC later on.

Also, sometimes the style of writing limits the battle imagination for me, making it a bit bleak but still okay.

Story : The summary pretty much sums up the premise to the story, The MC Kang Hansoo is chosen to travel back in time to when he just arrived in the other world with the goal : To save the human race. Alright, his goal might not seem that important at the early chapters but when you reached chapter 50 and beyond, this goal becomes very evident and will probably be the main plot for a long time.

For the story, I have read till chapter 136 when I updated this review and I can say that Reincarnator is NOT perfect at all, it has it's ups and downs and when it is down I could probably only rate it as a 7.5. Compared to it's best moments where I could even give it an 8.9. This is especially true during the transition chapter from the Tutorial part and the Zone, starting from chapter 60s you will start to feel that Reincarnator is heading into a different direction than you first think of.

And yes if I have to say, the first 60s chapters ? Master class, top top chapters there but the following chapters becomes a bit more boring in comparison but when you go through this phase, All I can say is that you must hold on to it since it's like a transition period to me, and when you have reached the part where he is going to the Orange Zone, it comes back with a bang, a really good one too.

In the end, Reincarnator is a very good novel although it has it's.. Up and downs. I would recommend it to anyone especially those who love apocalyptic genre. 6.0/10 <<less
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Spite rated it
May 3, 2016
Status: --
Either it is a terrible translation and I mean absolutely awful or this author doesn’t deserve that name. Stilted, non-sensical in places, no emotion of any kind felt or expressed by any character. You keep wanting it to get better and it just doesn’t. After 80 chapters my head just hurt too much too continue. Somewhere within this catastrophe a good novel exists but this author can’t possibly bring it out.
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riida rated it
June 2, 2016
Status: c119
This is basically TDG for a more mature audience. (But unlike TDG it doesn't turn into a ret*rded and overused outer-/inner-sect plot in the middle of the story)

The problem is, after the first dozens of chapters, the writing is often waaaay too monotonous and boring. Too many detailed descriptions and thoughts of too many unimportant characters. Less is truly more.

The way fights are displayed is unusual, but becomes kinda bland quickly. MC is on a schedule and even though there's tension, it doesn't feel like tension. Also, there's a... more>> LOT of lore, and it's not presented in a very interesting way either.

I would really like for it to pull me in, like WOC or BTD does, but it's just not happening.

Edit 1:
Also, a minor annoyance:
in EVERY conversation there's this happening several times:
"he clicked his tongue"
"she clicked her tongue"
"clicking his tongue he said"
"clicked his tonue"

Edit 2:
There are several new characters with new weird names in EVERY chapter...
At this point I'm skipping every paragraph without familiar names or names of properly introduced characters.. <<less
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pickles rated it
December 26, 2016
Status: c120
This novel is terrible.

Not because of the plot, but because of the quality of writing. The writing is just soooooooooo poor, I just need to stress that the writing is absolutely awful, laborious, inarticulate and ridiculously dull.

Although the beginning was slightly better than the rest of the story, it became increasingly painful to read this. It is either the author or the translator or both, but the storyline and just everything in general becomes so vague and difficult to read. All the characters feel detached, like puppets, half the time... more>> you have no idea where the MC is and what he is doing, literally no description of scenery, and random time skips. I actually like the premise, but the writing is just too bad to continue to read. Good for you if you can read this mess, I certainly cannot. <<less
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rincewind rated it
April 7, 2016
Status: --
The author is just not good. None of his characters feel like real people more like puppets. The world is not explained at all in 50 chapters so no world building either.

The main character is like a machine working on a list of things to do, he barely talks and interacts with anyone so no character building either some of the side characters are way more interesting in 10 lines of description that the main character in 50 chapters.

The author seemingly has no respect for his readers as ... more>>

he kills and resurrects a major/minor villain in an easy way utterly anticlimactic and idiotic

if he's going to write sh*t like that what's the point even reading the story? <<less
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Dragn555 rated it
September 15, 2016
Status: c198
A lot of this review has spoilers and it's very long.


The novel starts off good as they usually do. Right off the bat we're introduced to this new world with these evil fairies, a power system, and what seems like a very unforgivibg world. The main character, Hansoo, uses his head and acts like an experienced badass. Sure, the first villain is pretty meh, but that's just because the main focus isn't him!

To be honest, I did like when it was in the first phases of the 'tutorial' of the other world.

Unfortunately, it just goes downhill from there.

Things start to divert away from Hansoo and more towards the random jerks around him. Sure, his perspective is shown, but it's more like you're reading a brief summary of his actions. Compared to other unimportant jerks, it feels like Hansoo gets very little attention.

By the way, referring to the side characters as 'jerks' was no joke. Everybody is an assh*le in Reincarnator. It's like there's only one type of person.

That guy seems nice? He'll abandon and betray you at a moment's notice.

You saved their life? That person will try to f*ck you over.

It just gets old. I can understand how the world is geared toward the jerks surviving, but for f'ck's sake, some of these idiots need to chill. At least some variety would be nice.

The villains aren't much better.

It seems that many times in Reincarnator, the villains will do exactly the thing that will doom the human race. They all have pretty much the same personalities as well. Rest assured though, they will be stopped as easily as throwing a pebble.

Whenever you see a new character's perspective, you'll find yourself rolling your eyes.

And about any of Hansoo's friends, don't get attached. Not because something bad will happen to them, but because they probably won't appear again for more than five minutes.

So now that we've covered the sh*t characters, let us cover the plot!

The plot of Reincarnator is BORING.

There are no real moments of suspense, epicness, or even emotion. It just feels like you're listening to an old veteran talk about his desk job.

Each time he gets to a new zone it basically follows this formula...

Power up > beat up the things > set up stuff > leave

And it is just as bland as it sounds. Without losing much, you could probably just read the first chapter of an arc and then skip to when Hansoo kills the thing.

But you'll miss the fight, you say?

Well here's the thing; Reincarnator skips over the fights anyways. Especially if it's a big bad, Hansoo will only fight it offscreen.

So who does he fight, you ask?

The cannon fodder.

There are also no real breathers in Reincarnator. It's very much a sustained 100 in threat meter and such, only rarely dropping to 90 here and there. To some, this is fine. To me and some others, this gets tiresome.

I will say that at the beginning, this novel was four stars. However, it quickly deteriorated after its strong start. If you're looking for anything more than a time killer, Reincarnator isn't it.


TL;DR: Reincarnator is boring with bad characters and a plot that is nothing but words on a page. It's a decent time killer, but not much else.
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sixhundrednineteenth rated it
May 19, 2016
Status: --
My type of MC. Knows how to judge people and not a hypocrite (yeah he save others be use he can and its his primary objective but he kills the one who can't live so its not a waste of powerup). Very realistic, I mean the human nature, people break or gets strong under immense mental pressure. MC survived till the end and providing him great starting point

Another dark story, if you like this you might like tower of god manhwa. Similar in survival game type, struggle to the top... more>> story. <<less
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aldrinkhan rated it
April 21, 2016
Status: --
If you try to analyze the novel for it's technical aspects, it would probably be a 3/5 due plot holes, unnecessary characters, lack of char building, incomplete storytelling, etc. But if you just rate it as to how it makes you feel when you read it, i'd say 5/5. It just is so damn good.
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Liv rated it
March 15, 2016
Status: --
Very good read.

The world building is not a basic template and the scenario is interesting, but the author doesn’t really let us appreciate it before outright skipping forward to the next part of the story, sometimes over events that I would really have liked to read about (like, MC enters dungeon X that has been built up as his ultimate goal during the last few arcs, but then the story skips ahead to the point when he leaves the dungeon after clearing it). It’s a bit disappointing.

But, apart from that... more>> little problem, the MC is one of the my very favorite, yet. He really carries the story along. He’s mature, experienced, savvy, smart, driven, ruthless, but not vengeful. He’s a lot older, mentally, than pretty much everyone else around him, and it shows. So long as they don’t cross the line, he’s more amused than anything else by all the unreasonable people he meets.

(I laughed when he said it was just too embarrassing to go, ‘You offended me, so I WILL DESTROY YOU!’ like a guy he knew used to do. It really made me think of every xianxia hero out there...) <<less
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Anown rated it
April 8, 2016
Status: --
My best read so far. Decisive, quick and precise
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ceo2512 rated it
May 17, 2016
Status: c110
This has to be one of my favorite novel, and the MC is prolly the best so far (based on my tastes). I love how the guy focuses on the big picture. Though the side characters are quite annoying in the beginning... But it's worth waiting & reading. I'm not sure how to feel about the (somewhat) lack of details, since the ones I've been reading were so fussy with details. It kinda feels like manga with the skips, haha. Nothing major!
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Brengard rated it
April 12, 2016
Status: --
It tells about what happen when you put normal people in an environment which unveils the true mankind’s nature, egoistic and auto-destructive, in a very natural simple way. If you are a boy who hasn’t seen the world for what it is, you may not like it.
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morli rated it
April 7, 2016
Status: c100
This story is pretty disappointing.

Firstly, all characters beside MC are canon fodder. They’re characters that only appear in 1-2 chapter but disappear afterward. They’re either died or left behind when the story progress. Very forgettable characters. It doesn’t help that the MC is a loner. He doesn’t build a close relationship with any character he meets. Heck, the one who want to become his subordinate only appear in 1-2 chapter, but left behind afterward. Honestly, beside MC, there are no characters who have depth development on their characterization. They’re only exist so they can witness MC’s awesomeness.

I admit this story has amazing world building. But there is imbalance between world building and characterization. Almost 80% of the story is used to describe the mechanic and the world of the story but little character building. You can’t even differentiate one character with the other because they’re just a canon fodder who only exist in few chapters. For example:

Like the “Mad God” who lead a troublesome PK guild in the future and have good potential as main antagonist. Sadly, he is defeated by MC only in 2 chapter. Quite anti climatic.


And don’t hope for romance when the heroine only exist to be saved on white horse. But is there even a heroine? Lol They’re very forgettable.

I feel this story is quite rushed. Just few chapter is enough to solve one arc. It doesn’t help that the author tend to skip some part so the arc can be solved as fast as possible. If the skipped part is used to develop the character, this story will be better. But I think the author rushed that part so the MC can catch up to the current timeline. Can’t say I like it.
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Aeternus rated it
June 27, 2018
Status: c398
The novel has a good begining, with time it gets worse. 200 chapters later it is a wrack.

The second part is barely readable, the last few chapters could be as well written by some child. Read it yourself:

... more>>


Hansoo whistled as he looked at the power of the Flames.


A power that the natives of Angkara had to pour every bit of their effort to use.

But this man was covered from head to toe with this power.

In a much more efficient manner too.


Hansoo blocked the energy charging towards him with his armor and swung his hammer towards the opponent.

And as the Nerpa saw this, he twisted his fingers in a weird angle.


a giant barrier made of condensed mana appeared next to him.



It is the begining of chapter 398. It can not be compared to the begining. It does not make sense, and it is plain boring. Chapter 4:


The location of the first hidden piece was Gangnam Station.
By the time Hansoo got up to start heading to that place there was already a chaotic situation.
‘I knew this would happen.’
Hansoo clicked his tongue at the screams from multiple directions.
“Why are you doing this!”
“Aaahk! We will go separately!”
“Go where! We need to group in order to survive!”
In the location where the battle ended, people were making an uproar here and there.
‘Their opinions probably differed.’
There was a lot of small fights here and there.
Between the people who wanted to act by themselves and those who wanted to group.
Normally if their desires were that different it’s normal to separate.
Because there will only be problems if you hold onto somebody with a different opinion.
But if one side wanted the other side a lot, and if for that they didn’t want to let them go a problem occurs.


What I want to say, it degraded to a brainless "action-boom-wahh-style" novel. You can check other later chapters out, they are not better.

Spare yourself the pain seeing this.

Additionally the translator is just horrible, his lack of ability to keep up with a selfdetermined schedule makes the novel even less worth reading. <<less
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February 13, 2017
Status: c257
Reincarnator is a mixed bag consisting of brilliant elements combined with dregs of mediocrity. Overall, I'd rate it 3.5/5. I'll start by giving two pieces of advice to new readers to make the reading experience more tolerable:

1. It is better to read this on a mobile, or with narrow columns, than on a normal computer screen.
2. If you reach a part where the dialogue is particularly jarring, try to skip the dialogue, and only read back if the next sentence doesn't make sense when you skipped.

The reason for the first item is because of its very fragmented writing style: not only does it make a new line for every sentence, it also has a bad habbit of cutting up most sentences right in the middle, an issue I haven't seen in any other Korean translation. As a result, a huge number of paragraph/sentences are short strings of text starting on a new line with 'Because', 'Since', 'And', 'So' or 'But' as part of a continuation of the previous sentence. This is especially jarring when you're switching to a new paragraph for that. By reading it on a mobile or in a narrow column, you can at least pretend that everything is part of a proper paragraph or sentence.

As for the second advice: the writing has this baffling tendency to switch randomly between SFX, dialogue, thoughts, third person POV limited to one character (i.e. It appears to be describing that character's thoughts, though it's hard to be sure) and third person omniscient POV, often switching one element per line, thus cutting off any sense of continuity. During this process, the author often only expresses the most basic sentences in dialogue/thought form, most of which are in the form of swearing, screaming, complaints, threats or otherwise stating the obvious. At one point, I isolated the dialogue and thoughts from the rest of the text, and literally got a string of "Aaaah!", "F**** B****", "I'll kill you!", "Must get to the exit."

Did I mention the huge amount of swearing in this series? I have nothing against the occasional swearing, but with that amount, it's as though the person sitting across you swore and yelled randomly every 5 minutes, especially when it seems to consist of a third of his vocabulary: after a while you really want to smack him. On the other hand, when it comes to the really intelligent explanations, the author switches it to 3rd person omniscient POV, thus depriving the characters of the opportunity to sound clever. As a result, the characters themselves are left sounding like a bunch of enraged monkeys.

All this improves a bit later on, but not before potentially ruining entire arcs of reading experience. It's not hard to read because it's smart, it's hard to read because the fragmented writing causes seizures.

Now that that's out of the way, here are the strengths and weaknesses of the series.


First, the series starts off with a fascinating combination of worldbuilding, plot and psychology. The 'games' in the tutorial arc are designed to bring out the worst within humans and results in a fascinating read. On the other hand, the protagonist returned from the future after being entrusted with information from a few survivors, all of whom had completely different strategies for survival (ranging from being ruthless to unifying and guiding with morality). The result is a fascinating mix of strategies where the MC alternates between the approaches of the others. The plot isn't entirely predictable either, as the MC's actions result in unforeseen changes, and the MC must navigate zones that he hasn't (and, in some cases, nobody else has) visited before. If the author had managed to maintain this start, I would have rated the series 5/5.

Secondly, the series has some very interesting worldbuilding. Said worldbuilding doesn't really go that much in-depth, but once you throw in a bunch of humans trying to survive, it makes for quite interesting situations. In each zone, the MC must also completely flip around the situation of the zone, which he does thanks to carefully prepared plans that he was entrusted by groups in the previous timelines, while in parallel eliminating the elements that caused the most damage in the original timeline. As a result, this is one of the series that makes the most thorough use of the opportunity granted by a reincarnation.


The first weakness is the writing style. As I've already explained, the series' mixed writing style, tendency to cut sentences into two and terrible 'dialogue' makes it near unreadable at times. This fortunately improves after several arcs, but it makes the reading experience much more frustrating than it needs to be.

The second weakness are the characters. Apart from the MC, the characters can all be divided into one of the following groups: obedient people to be herded like sheep, less obedient people who need to be tricked or threatened into doing what the MC wants, or opponents whom the MC needs to beat up, lest their s*upid decisions leads to the ruin of the MC's grand plan (and the subsequent elimination of mankind). It's really hard to muster much sympathy for such people, and while you'll cheer for the MC, you'll feel all the more frustrated at the other characters for being a drag on him.

Nearly all these characters are flat as boards, most of whom only seem to care about themselves and power. On the rare occasion the author tries to add some depth to a character, it is in the form of randomly tagging some relative of friend that form the entire basis of their motivation. Sadly, this is accomplished in the form of 'telling' rather than 'showing': we are told in two lines that a certain character couldn't stand the loss of a relative or friend, and that's supposed to explain all the subsequent hypocritical mass homicides, betrayals and back-stabbings (as well as the occasional but rarer positive actions). As a reader, it really makes you want to roll your eyes, and since characters in each arc follow the same template, it ends up being really repetitive. At the start, there were a few promising characters whom you hope to see more of. However, the author then makes them disappear for an entire arc at a time, and you only see them showing up again for a sentence or two per arc to obey whatever directives the MC tells them.

We are also told that the intelligent plans implemented by the MC were the result of the efforts of many hardworking groups, but within the actual timeline, such groups of intelligent planners are sadly absent. This is an issue that could have easily been avoided if instead of implementing everything on his own, the writing consisted of the MC joining up with other intelligent groups, and both sides could form plans together. The only ones who do any sort of planning are some antagonist groups, but it is hard to feel impressed by their efforts when you know from the original timeline that they died pointlessly after causing the ruin of mankind. Basically, there is a serious lack of agency when it comes to the other characters.

The last item has to do with the plot. The games and psychological situations in the first arc were quite impressive the first time, but sadly it gets repetitive at times later. Although the MC chose between multiple strategies at the start, he eventually settles on the single direction he thinks 'suits' him, which greatly diminishes the variety and excitement from him juggling multiple approaches. After a while, the way he forcefully herds people around gets rather old. The methodical way he carries out his actions, as well as the repetitive characters who lack depth, result in the gradual fading away of all psychological depth.

It's a pity, really, because the author otherwise has some really good ideas going on.
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Brat Peed
Brat Peed rated it
May 12, 2016
Status: --
To be honest I'm disappointed with MC. Fine you can't save anyone, but why did you have to stay and kill them yourself? You could have just knock out 2 people and left. This leaves a bad aftertaste. Sh*t happens all the time but you don't have to be part of it. The difference between leaving them to die and actually killing is big. By authors logic you can r*pe/kill a girl just because she's a about to die painfully.
26 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ZhaWarudo rated it
April 8, 2016
Status: --
Someone couldn't decide which is better Terror Infinity or this.. Well let me tell you, TI, GADW, Gantz.. &Gt;> this.

It has a lame title so I was suprised by all the positive reviews and gave it a shot. The story has only one character, it's all about him, even more so than in your regular xianxia. Translator is suffering from bad English and story has random mini time skips + sometimes I dont know who the hell is talking to whom. While TI MC struggles and you don't know what's... more>> going to happen next, reincanator is never in a though spot as it is all calculated, he always knows where the hidden item is and monster weaknesses which makes the story bland. Sometimes even the boss fights are skipped, you just get and he killed it. Honestly I don't know how I've read all 76 chaps but I definetely don't recommend it.

Edit: I gave it another and another chance, I think I got to chap ~213, what I found was another thing that ruins this story, fights are like action comics for 7 year olds and skip to a random enemy's pov and his idiotic cliche thoughts. Example of a fight: Raaaawrh, BOOOOOM, I will kill you!!!!! Kuuuuuuu

made that up but it basically goes like that <<less
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Archionois rated it
March 28, 2016
Status: --
I’d like to say that the author has given us expectations from the start, and how the MC carries it out is just so interesting from all the different perspectives.

I always look forward to reading more of it.

People get irked from lack of other character descriptions... What novels are they reading, I certainly have not seen any outstanding side character in any of the xianxas or action driven stories on Nu. What people should understand that this the journey of one guy going into the past to change it.... more>> THEREFORE, the things mainly covered at the start wil be the MCs ACTIONS! Presumably after sufficient set up, there will be more longevity on the side characters. (an obvious given how the ranking/strength system is messed up. And SOME people want more character interaction between chapters.... That's kind of out of the question when an MC is rushing to min max his responsibilities. Let those 2/5 ratings rot, since the storytelling is definately much better than that. <<less
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askrack rated it
June 26, 2016
Status: --
Honestly the best survival novel, the translation team is doing a neat job and even summarizing the chapter in points in the end of the chapter. Amazing plot with amazing back stories and steady (if not fast) progression, which I like, no fillers with no use. Though to be fair, the only thing that can be said that it is bad is how every character has to click his tongue or clench his teeth (inwardly too lol).

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