Dungeon Hunter


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I failed and will challenge again.

There is no room for failure in my second life!

72 dungeons and their owners that appeared on earth.

And the Awakened.

I am a hunter that will devour all of them.

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88 Reviews

Aug 14, 2016
Status: c12

I hate when someone trying to cheat me. And I feel like this story is a big lie with a lot of bullshit.

Demons are hikikomori, lazy, kindhearted, frightened little kids (off course except mc). How can this be?

"This is cruel, bloodthirsty battle for devil's seat"- wait. 71 demons doesn't have any interest, they already fallen asleep. Only MC know about challenge?

"Demons have no interest about points, so fallen asleep on two years"- wait. Even if they doesn't know about battle, why should they reject "bugatti"? One can buy any skill, artifact, s*ave, anything. But no interest... fallen asleep.

"71 Demons divided into 4 factions (off course except mc) "- wait. You just wrote:"fallen asleep", "can't communicate", "doesn't know each other location", "hikikomori". Where did those factions came and why only MC has independence? It doesn't make sense.

"Elves can freely speak Korean coz they have special ears", "humans can't recognize demons coz they are similar, only skin is some different"-no comments.

Training/power system is weird.

Otakus and s*upid schoolgirls, after being struck by lightning, has great abilities and potential. Olympic champions, SWAT's members are tr*sh. if you decided to give abilities based on past experience, then do it! Don't fool your readers.

There is no reason why MC has much more "money" than other demons. Humans can grinding their stats/lvl in dojo, etc. So there supposed to be no difference in "prey's quality", but billion Chinese can't overcome million Koreans and MC's income all time is skyhigh. If you can't kill them, than you don't have reward! But MC always has reward, looks like that all Koreans and Chinese dream to make su*cide in his dungeon. Such bullsh*t is everywhere.

Every chapter has so much lies and bullshit, I can't trust to his words.

Also MC isn't likable for me. He has twisted personality and his words often goes against his actions. "After my death I got humanity"-"i will raise humans and then will slaughter them all, for my goal". "I decided to help humans"-killed the most humans...

How Mailes said earlier, there is no real story. One creature (man, or demon, or whatever it is) wants to be a devil, he is doing whatever he wants, going wherever he wants, collecting toys and author with his lies trying to protect mc's path.


Btw, he is already invincible.


Boring and poorly written story, with plenty of plot holes and incredibly big number of ret*rds.

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Jul 12, 2016
Status: c120
The story is about one of 72 demon lords who are dungeon masters of 72 dungeons that suddenly appear in the modern day. For those who are familiar with Evolution Theory of the Hunter it has similar circumstances. The main character (A Earl Demon lord) is sent back in time after failing once as a dungeon master to the beginning. The main character decides to break the mold and infiltrate the human dungeon hunters to guide them as he wishes. Traditionally demon lords look down on humanity and would not... more>> interact with them at all.

Edit: I am getting a bit weary of the MC knowing every perfect move with knowledge from past life writing tool. If the main character is so cool and smart how did he get so wrecked in his first life? The main character is a bit too perfect for me, and I really hope the story gets past knowing every secret event, skill, and person. Some stories never get past this and just become a power wank as the main character goes around collecting every power up in history- even though the main character long ago became the most powerful existence and he has so many skills he forgets to use most of them. Edit 2:I have to say this novel is a disappointment to me, there was definitely potential for a good novel, but this story is so extremely one dimensional. Its just the MC going around collecting power ups which spring up like mushrooms, then fighting one dimensional demons who don't do anything but wait for MC to kill them. The awakened are useless are just fodder, there was a hint in the beginning of the story of the MC utilizing awakened to do his battles for him, but that was dropped as the author decided to just make the MC extremely op. Now the awakened and the MC in hero form are just used to show the readers korea is the strongest and most wonderful nation in the world. Better than everyone, america, russia, and especially those chinese peasants. The author does not like the chinese. <<less
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May 25, 2018
Status: c242
An alright story, a serviceable translation (mistakes but readable), and a truncated ending like a lot of novels.

But man, the most-liked review is full of such nonsense I'm not sure they read this story.

"Demons are hikikomori, lazy, kindhearted, frightened little kids (off course except mc). How can this be?" None of this is in this story.

... more>> "71 demons doesn't have any interest, they already fallen asleep. Only MC know about challenge?" Nope, and nope.

"Demons have no interest about points, so fallen asleep on two years" Where does this 'fallen asleep' come from? I read the entire story, and this wasn't in it.

"One can buy any skill, artifact, s*ave, anything. But no interest... fallen asleep." Not even close. The other demons are very interested, as is repeatedly shown during each auction arc.

"71 Demons divided into 4 factions (off course except mc) - wait. You just wrote:"fallen asleep", "can't communicate", "doesn't know each other location", "hikikomori". Where did those factions came and why only MC has independence? It doesn't make sense." The _only_ one of these that is in the story is that demons from different factions don't know the locations of other demons. They haven't 'fallen asleep', they communicate with the Grand Duke they serve, they're not hikikomori (a Japanese word that appears zero times in this Korean novel, but at least twice in the nonsense review). The MC isn't part of a faction because he killed and replaced one of the Earls. It does make sense, it's all explained, it should not be confusing to anyone who actually read the story. THIS story, I mean. Not whatever other story the reviewer is confusing it with.

"Elves can freely speak Korean coz they have special ears" One elf is shown using a special enchanted EARRING to translate, is that what you mean? Sometimes it's important to read the entire word to get the proper meaning.

Ugh. I'll stop there but you get the point. Highest-rated review, but full of nonsense. Was there a different terrible translation back then? And it's not like this is a perfect 5-star novel anyway! But opinions should be based on things actually in this story.

tl;dr: It's a tropey time-rewind novel that doesn't break new ground and admittedly ends 20+ chapters ahead of schedule, but it's not the worst novel and it's sometimes nice to see a main character that's neither evil-for-evil's-sake nor a perfect saint. The main character has a defined goal and works toward it, using the knowledge gained from his previous life (though the timeline quickly goes off the rails). Overall I enjoyed it, but it's not life-changing. <<less
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Oct 01, 2016
Status: c242
The 72 demon lords are put in a game of Earth's destruction to determine who will become the next king of demons. The MC utterly lost the first time, but he somehow came back in time. The story is set in a modern setting. Each demon lord has their own dungeon and can buy things with points. The MC is definitely leagues ahead of anybody else the entire story, but at the same time he can't easily smite the top demons. I absolutely love the atmosphere and how the humans... more>> play into everything. This story definitely has a similar feel to King of the Battlefield. MC is always pulling miracles on miracles and he has a similar countenance.


Some people may feel like he doesn't struggle enough. He is lucky with events in his dungeon and things seem to just always fit together.

Again, he is pulling miracles on miracles. He always stays ahead of the pack, but not enough to beat them all at once. Maybe it would've been cool if he never managed to get so far ahead and he had to struggle/use his mind to beat others a lot, but that's not how it works in this story. <<less
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Oct 06, 2016
Status: --
The title and synopsis made me imagine a mix between Reincarnator and Dungeon Defense.
This is not it.

The story starts from an interesting premise, but it quickly starts getting boring. In fact, I'd almost call it obnoxious, like some sort of puerile power fantasy.

The MC is a loner, who's successful at whatever he does and is such a rebel that he explicitly can't show respect to anybody. He shows up everybody under the sky with his brilliant awesomeness, drives a bugatti veyron (which, let me tell you, is one of... more>> the fastest and most expensive cars in the world and much better than the iron man car some other character is driving), attracts women with his wonderful pomade haircut, lives in a 10-bazillion-dollar villa paid for by one of his admirers...

The MC himself doesn't give one single sh*t about any of this, of course (because cool guys don't care about how cool they are), but the author sure doesn't miss any opportunity to remind us of it.

That pissed me off, so I dropped it. <<less
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Oct 10, 2016
Status: --
I was actually quite pissed when I read some of the reviews. Only reading up to 10-12 chapters and asking petty questions that would later be explained in the story is just arghhh. Its like 10-12 year olds just read the first sentence of a book and dropped it because they didn't like that the the second word was capitalized. Though not without faults, this novel shouldn't be tarnished by half assed reviews. If you like novels like reincarnator and such, you woild definitely enjoy this.

- Well excecuted
-... more>> MC has a clear goal, and strongly strives for that.
- Proper power progression
- a lil bit of politics (personal bias)
- Good antagonists

- 1D side characters (not as bad as mga but not that great either)
- There's a few more but I cant think of anything right now. Well update when I can

PS: translator did a great job at the novel :D <<less
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Jul 22, 2016
Status: c14
Edit: Still 5 stars. At ch14, I just want to read more. The MC just got really bad-ass. He's pretty OP atm, but it's not tiring at all reading it. There's just something refreshing about this MC's bad-assery (kinda like reading ATG, but there's something different about it). The story's finally fleshing out and I'm excited to see where it goes. Honestly, I thought it was too early to rate this at chapter 8, but I saw two ratings at chapter 5 already, so why not? Plus, these are long... more>> chapters like some of the other Korean novels (Ark and LMS). In simple terms, it's a sent-back-in-time plot with a unique, interesting viewpoint. Pretty much, the most powerful demons from the demon world are sent to Dungeons on Earth. They raise these dungeons and attract humans, some of whom evolved at the time of their coming, to challenge them to become stronger, but at the same time, it also gives points to the demon dungeon masters if they kill the humans. While all of this is going on, the demons are using these to compete with each other. And the MC of the story is precisely one of these demons, and he seems to be aiming to gather a flock of the future strongest human evolvers to go and destroy the other demons' dungeons. A little confusing, huh? It's ok, just read and you'll enjoy it too :) <<less
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Aug 23, 2016
Status: c16
Easily one of the best KR novels I have read. Starts off a bit slowly but after 3-4 chapters.. Hook, Line & Sinker!

Dungeon Hunter follows the story of a Demon Lord that is defeated by other Grand Duke Demon Lords, he died and travelled back in time to the past when Dungeon starts sprouting on Earth.

Dungeon Hunter is easily one of the best dungeon management novels I read, it's just exciting and full of dungeon fantasy. Till the point where I have read currently, it's just only the world-building phase,... more>> but it's qualities shine through and through.

The MC is a Demon/Dungeon Master, he is a dungeon master in a dungeon in Korea, other Demon Lords resides on other countries. He starts off building his dungeon and invades the human population to raise and nurture the humans so that he can get benefits for his dungeon. As the name implies, later on in the story he will attack/ raid other Demon Lords' dungeon. To those putting DH off because of the low chapters, please note that DH's chapters are considerably LONG. Some chapters are even longer than LMS chapters so 1 chapter is like 2-5 or more CN chapters.

One of the most anticipated update amongst my reading list, 9.2/10 >.<. <<less
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Oct 18, 2016
Status: c120
Best Dungeon story I have ever read, and have read many of them. I love this story very much. I have been writting as a personal hobby my own Dungeon story inspired from reading other stories about dungeons (never plan on publishing/posting it) but this story is far better than anything I could write. I feel bad for not being as good as this author but I am glad I got to read such an amazing story. Try it and see for yourself, I only regret not reading this sooner.
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Aug 23, 2016
Status: c190
Another MC that reincarnates or travels back to the past in order to correct his mistakes.

Pace is very quick, no senseless BS, or time wasting like those in those CN novels, nor will you see any Beta's and lame jokes that you get reading JP novels. This novel gets to the point. No mumbo jumbo going on here, where you feel like you just read the previous chapter of a CN novel and have learned nothing.

After reading this further, I've dropped my rating from 5 to 3, it's still... more>> a decent read and I'll continue until the end. However it has gotten far to repetitive, what we have here is a absolute "perfect" MC who does everything so well that even his "mistakes" end up benefiting/buffing him up to the point of annoyance. His sole goal is to become the devil, and he'll sacrifice and use anyone and anything he can to achieve that goal; let me put it this way, if he could sacrifice his most loyal subjects to become the devil, he will. He cares about nothing but that, the only reason he cares about anything else is because they will help him become the devil. <<less
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Jan 24, 2017
Status: Completed
Dungeon Hunter is a bit of a mixed bag. Randalph Brisiel, a demon, gets a second shot at what is essentially a battle royale between 72 demons which takes place on Earth. Unfortunately for the humans, demons don’t really care about their wellbeing, so while some of them ’awaken’ and get some strength, they’re still quite poor in comparison to most of the demons.

The demons all get their own home dungeon which is placed somewhere on the globe and they can develop it from there, using points to buy extra... more>> monsters or other buffs. Whoever is the last demon standing becomes the demon king.

Dungeon Hunter starts with some promise, as the MC juggles relationships with different humans, demons, and spirits while at the same time compensating for the fact that his starting hand (in comparison to some of the other demons) is quite poor. His logic and subsequent manipulation is nice to read about and the story opens itself up for what should be a very interesting middle section.

The characters in Dungeon Hunter aren’t bad, but they aren’t memorable either besides a very select few. The author doesn’t fall into the trap of introducing too many characters to keep up with which is nice, although some fleshing of some of the more integral characters was sorely needed. This doesn’t even just span one group of characters (humans, demons, etc), they’re essentially all somewhat underdeveloped.

Besides characters, the worldbuilding in Dungeon Hunter is incredibly poor. I would extend that to just say that the descriptive language in the entire novel is just incredibly poor. Besides the appearances of a few characters, hardly anything is described. His home dungeon, where he lives and where a large chunk of the novel is set, is not described at all. In one case, an entire battleship of sorts appears, but it isn’t described at all. Is it flying? Is it in the water? Who is on it? What is it made of? Nothing. Turns up and starts shooting out of god-knows-what guns. The entire novel is completely devoid of descriptive language which I felt was the most disappointing thing about this novel.

Although it’s tied with the latter half of the story for disappointment. I can get over how convenient everything is, I can get over how the MC doesn’t suffer from any real setbacks at all throughout the entire novel, and I can get over how characters just disappear for hundreds of pages at a time to return like nothing happened. But the ending of the story and all of the plot holes and seemingly ridiculous solutions to many of the problems were incredibly frustrating. Like many other novels, this story collapses on itself in the final third of the book. The resolution isn’t even satisfying either, there is hardly any sense of ending conflict or even any closure with any of the main characters once the story is complete.

Dungeon Hunter doesn’t start off too badly. Some interesting concepts, some interesting relationships with characters (although the characters themselves aren’t anything to write home about) and some neat ideas for monsters etc. By the time you’re committed to the story you’ll start to realise that all of the early promise seemed to fade away when you weren’t thinking about it. It’s not the worst thing I’ve read, but it’s certainly not one of the better novels. Any form of decent descriptive language could have really breathed a bit of character and creativity in to this novel but it wasn’t there and the novel suffered because of it. It’s not the longest read ever though, which is a plus. <<less
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Dec 22, 2016
Status: c231
Though the novel has some shortcomings, the amount of thrashing it receives in this site is undeserved. The writing style is mediocre and the characters are one-dimensional but it is still one of the best litrpg dungeon master stories out there.

The story is entertaining with no obvious plot-holes. The MC does stay ahead of the other demons but he was still within touching distance of the grand dukes. Yes, he does collect a lot of achievements and points but that is also true of the other demons whose power will... more>> be revealed towards the end. The quality of the game elements (numbers and types of stats, skills etc.) is comparable to LMS. The MC gets saved by deus ex machina a couple of times, but it is hardly at a rate comparable to the more popular novels out there.

Last but not least, I am grateful that the author stops at an appropriate number of chapters unlike some its contemporaries. A lot of the initial plot-holes are explained towards the final chapter and there is difference between devil and demon king. The MC is trying to become demon king not the devil who is like god.

P.S. Turtle-sama is awesome for translating at an incredible pace. <<less
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Jul 13, 2016
Status: c5
I wouldn't say it's a badly written story, but it falls hard in the big picture. Although it follows the kind of idea that I love, it's not interesting. The story has yet to provide tension. Quite simply, the MC has too few challenges facing him. The mass of humanity exists to be toyed with. He only has 71 other demons to content with, and of those, only four were worthy enemies during his first life. Now that he's taking advantage of knowledge that no one else has, where's the... more>> challenge?

There is a suggestion that this is all a prequel to a greater struggle, but the novel still needs to be engaging before that time. While some other stories have used OP protagonists to great effect, Dungeon Hunter hasn't managed to. <<less
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Oct 20, 2016
Status: c71
Simply put, a mediocre story with a style which reminds me of reincarnator.

Unfortunately the characters in this story feel plain and and few. The story is supposed to be a competition between 72 demon kings of varying rank and power with the MC being an underdog, yet the author keeps taking power ups out of his ass completely ruining the balance. Still it can be somewhat overlooked for the "First" 50 chapters with the excuse that he used his future knowledge for a preemptive strike. But I simply can't accept... more>> that with 71 other beings and 2 years of time, only the MC seems to be getting achievement after achievement like he's the only one trying to win.

Also while I like the idea of an auction, I can't help but think that it was made for the purpose of parading the power of MC. I mean, most of the demons can barely afford any item, with some costing so much that even the 4 Grand dukes can only afford 1, yet there are 100 of such items for only 72 of them. Maybe I don't really get auctions but it just doesn't add for me.

In conclusion, if you haven't read already a novel with this kind of plot (there are plenty), you might find it interesting, otherwise you'll just be wasting time. <<less
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Sep 11, 2016
Status: c23
Really great novel! I especially like the way the author makes the common dungeon trope "unique" to his story. Well, not exactly unique, but utilized extensively well. While some people complain about him "having no emotion" or about him "knowing the future", I welcome those two things! While they may be true, I feel that him having little to no emotion is good—it shows that even he, an individual such as himself, has flaws as well. It also leaves quite a bit room for character development and improvement, making it... more>> quite exciting to see how he'll grow. While he may have little to no emotion, the claim that he "knows the future" is only partially true! While he may know of all the things that happen in the future, we find that his actions drastically change the timeline and in turn reducing the effectiveness of his memories. All in all, I think that this is a great novel, and that if you don't mind the two "flaws" that I mentioned above, then I think you'll love it! EDIT: One more thing, some people are saying that there isn't enough tension in this novel—something that I completely disagree with. It might not be the tension of dealing with an immediate threat that the MC has to defeat, but it is the tension of the unknown! The underlying plot, the strangeness of his situation, and the complete mystery of the forces behind it! <<less
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Aina Seira
Aina Seira
Aug 30, 2016
Status: --
I can't believe that I can't find this title on the Series Ranking when I found it as interesting as Dungeon Defense. What a farce! Hey, people of the world, if you liked Dungeon Defense then the more reason to like this one too. Actually, in my opinion, this story is much better. I like the plot where the MC has two identities, one as a fake Awakened (Human Heroes), ironically even acclaimed as the strongest human hero... But the truth is he is actually one of the 72 Demon... more>> Nobles in charge of the 72 dungeons. Well, obviously the synopsis has already hinted that there's a greater conspiracy hidden and I'm very much willing to wait til everything is unfold. <<less
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Aug 26, 2016
Status: c17
Love the idea of the MC being such a badass demon. Especially love how he is building up his force and seeing him plan out the dungeon. Fast pace action and plot makes for fantastic reading.

Only bad point is that the translation releases is too far spread ? Can't wait for more
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Registered Reader
Registered R
Jul 10, 2019
Status: c37
This is s*upid. The MC likes to show off. Too impatient and arrogant. Poorly written and the characters are pathetic. They are not fleshed out properly so it is difficult to sense their individuality. I came here hoping for non-romance and non-harem. But it seems to me that this novel are not for me. And sorry for being rude.
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Nov 20, 2016
Status: c158
The best time travel of game setting among reincarnator, doom lord, and king of battlefield. I dont know why people think that the story is linear, where actually every turn create a new whole situation. Some subordinate dies, but some old character still remain. The demons faction that get disadvantage keeps changing, in recent 120 chapters, the MC even have to start over. I like how MC keep giving hope for humans and keep increasing his dungeon power. I admit that the novel failed to express the combat details or... more>> disturbing fact of how evil human are like the other similar novel. But some people may prefer this less disturbing novel and value how main story progress quickly. Great, and worth to read! <<less
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Sep 17, 2016
Status: c25
Most of the comments that are negative, seem to have read a different story then the one I read. I like the original opening story:

First, the MC is a demon competing to be a devil. In the demon world he barely survived until he reached the bottom rank of nobility. He thought he was tough and wanted to challenge the Dukes and Grand Dukes. He lost miserably. He hid and l**ked his wounds swearing to return when he's stronger. He came up from the bottom and has no allies. All... more>> other demon nobility fall under a faction of grand duke because the demon world is ruthless and they need to rely on a powerful King like figures or they will be torn to shreds by nobles with more power. The MC just killed a nobility and took his place, so he was an exception to the rule.

Then this game comes into play. A game to be a devil. It happens while the MC is hiding getting stronger for his revenge, and so he joins this game with the other demon nobles. They get their own dungeon on earth and battle it out, the factions in the demon world transfer over to earth. The MC being a loner strives to do everything himself. He Fails miserably, Dies and gets brought back to the past to try again. He knows some rules before an other demon does because of this time travel. He obviously will exploit it, and this is where the story starts.

The character is cool:

He is a demon noble, so he is ruthless. Since losing badly the first time though, he changes. He will try to rely on humans and others this time around. Well, since he is still a demon he sees most humans as points to evolve his dungeon. Similar to how gamers kill some npcs for loot, ignore the random mobs because there is no point in killing them for no exp, and like a very small few who are useful. <<less
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