Sovereign of Judgment


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A fighting genius.

In grade 6, Choi Hyuk killed someone. He then promised his mother that he would never fight again. He spent his school days being bullied and blankly staring out the window.

One day, a ring appeared in the middle of his classroom.

Choi Hyuk, now a high schooler who had spent his whole life atoning for his sins, was now faced with a decision, to kill or to be killed.

Sovereign of Judgment average rating 4.3/5 - 404 user ratings
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심판의 군주
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New Ginko
February 14, 2018
Status: --
People saying the MC is weak or doesn't like to kill obviously didn't read past chapter 5

As it turns out, this MC enjoys nothing but killing (as you quickly find out).

However, it's because of this 'only kill' attitude that makes this novel drop a star in itself.
... more>>

A book about a psychopath obsessed with revenge... pulled off in a very simple way... It's this simplicity that doesn't allow it rise past 3 stars. - there is a lack of depth in pysche / emotion of characters.

Furthermore, there are so many plot holes in this novel... just too many...
For example - this story later involves thousands of alien species in an alliance with technology beyond telepathy, many advance AI, interdimensional travel, etc.
AND Yet, this very alliance the MC joins and whom he also wants to take revenge on can't/never decides to read his mind, rather, they just continue to promote and just give him power?? KNOWING they themselves caused the destruction of most of humanity. - Not even a BG check....
Additionally, after seeing humans who they themselves deemed as expendables (in just a few years are) capable of fighting toe to toe with creatures who have lived millions of years with the the highest rank, yet no alarm bells ring out?... red flag... alarming potential!!

So many more plot holes as well...
However, I will say though, there is a sweet moment of revenge that makes you smile.

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keklel rated it
September 7, 2016
Status: c40
Now that I've read up to chapter 40 I can safely say this novel isn't as good as I hoped it would be.

From the outset we're introduced to the MC, who is a typical antisocial muscle-type. good at fighting and nothing else.
... more>>

The MC's only motivation is to find his mom. After he finds his mom dead, his only motivation is to get revenge on the creators of the game for killing his mom. This of course makes for a boring story (you want revenge on an omnipotent God whose identity you don't even have the slightest clue about? Really?).

The characters are bland. The 3 tag-alongs to the MC are essentially... just that. They're sidekicks to accompany the MC on his missions. They have no real personality. You could replace them with robots and you wouldn't notice any difference.

The only character with an actual personality in the story is probably Jung Minji, who got killed off early on.

The MC's incredibly bland personality (I kill people who are hostile to me, also I want to get stronger) makes for extremely boring reading. At first I thought he was interested in fighting, but as the series dragged on I realized that's not true. If he was interested in fighting he would be running around challenging people to fights, but instead he's just levelling up by killing monsters, which is just typical standard webnovel stuff, and also grinding is boring to read.

The latest mission (getting dropped with some aliens or some sh*t) was incredibly tiresome to read about. It's basically "and now you are getting transported to this random place for no reason!". It's literally just some random event that just happens. After the first game, and the second game, now the third game, it gets tiresome and I have no idea why I should continue to care about random games that don't seem to have any consequences other than "random people will die" because I don't care about any of the characters anymore.

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Mod rated it
August 6, 2016
Status: c6
Since there are only 6 chapters there isn't much to review on but here's my review so far. The story has a cool premise and potential as it centers around fighting genius Choi Hyuk who is barred by his mother from ever fighting again after murdering someone. However after being forced to kill others in order to advance in a survival game he slowly gets the chains barring him off and shows how much of a badass he really is. A satisfying character and satisfying plot so far.
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Alexander Valdimir
Alexander Valdimir rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: c150
I like this novel, not as a normal man but as a legionnaire. Many people may not be able to enjoy this novel or comprehend this novel style perhaps even outright hates it due to a difference in understanding. Probably only someone like me who lost their entire family at 18 than went to joined the FFL could understand more about this novel. Nonetheless you could still enjoyed the novel but someone who seen a true 'Dead Man' would understand. Alright I'll stop talking about my past or make it... more>> seem like I'm the only one who can appreciated it. But.

This novel isn't about glory, prestige, honour, you would imagine from a hero. But this isn't about hero, the best way to describe him would be a 'Dead Man' Or Martyr. The MC, Simply All he wants is revenge for his mother, nothing more nothing less. You can probably find many who are annoyed by the fact that he continuously sought out revenge and not looking at anything else. But its an obsession, they say having a obsession can make you a genius. And where that made him near invincible since his resilience and talent made him able to withstand anyone including those stronger than him. He uses that and easily grow stronger. That seemly effortlessly power growth probably made a lot of people turned off on the novel and quit reading.

But, that's the point of this novel, This isn't about growing stronger and triumphing over his enemies, This is all about a simple revenge, where in the end he will die. He will die, there's no denying that fact, whether he dies at the final moment killing his foe, or by suicide after completing his revenge, he shall die. Because his a dead man, he'll have such overwhelming perseverance until he finally achieve his goal.

While his obsession literally only makes him think of revenge, he does compromises slowly learning how to truly achieve his revenge besides his swordsmanship. His companion advises for his short coming and helps him understand. That One man cannot destroy the universe however leading a army might.

I personally didn't want to write this review, but only did because the latest chapter brought back some bad memories. I've been in the French Foreign Legion long enough to seen plenty of sh*t. In a military that many had the same philosophy, Nihilism, I've only encounter two true 'Dead Man'. Nothing in the world could've stopped them besides death. And only in death were they able to find Bliss in their life. Note that if for some f**ktard reason that you managed to stumbled onto a Dead Man, It's rude to stop them. You shouldn't stopped them nor laugh or show any kind of emotion including sadness. For a Dead Man, The best way to properly send him away would be too acknowledge his endeavor. This is not a novel about Winners, glory or who's right, this is simply the journey of a dead man. <<less
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WhoCaresnovels rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: c106

I don't know if I can do this story justice, but I'll try.

First, the characters. They're real, round, believable, and relatable. Their motivations are clear but most importantly, believable. The revenge aspect isn't melodramatic or overdrawn, it's clear. Even the (basically OP) MC has depth (surprising, I know) because he has a goal, strives to achieve it, and his personality evolves and grows throughout the story.

Second, the plot. The author is several tiers above most of the authors whose stories make it big here. Twists are unexpected but believable, the... more>> pacing is perfect, and the main conflict of the story is layered, complex, and thrilling. Most importantly, the author knows how to use the characters to properly advance the plot. Important characters actually die. Other characters aren't mindless antagonists or support characters, but advance the plot in meaningful ways. Even the monsters are interesting. The story scales at a beautiful rate, too, with just the right amount of powering up and slowing down.

Lastly, the wildcard. I really, really recommend not opening this spoiler tag until you've read at least half the story. It will be a lot more meaningful if you come to this realization yourself. However, if you still aren't convinced enough to give it a go, open it.


Themes. Motifs. Actual storytelling. It's beautiful. The main character is after revenge because of the heartless actions of the people who 'started the game' but something begins to happen, slowly. We see the MC's personality become similar to that of the people who ran the game. He begins to undervalue human life. He starts doing whatever it takes to achieve victory. Then we think, maybe he's better because he doesn't give special treatment to his own? Then he does. Not because he's sentimental, but because if the other groups want to mess with his, they should come up to their level, do the work they do, all reasons the leading races in the universe gave.

Characters aren't stagnant. The author actually makes use of his characters' personalities. Youngchin loves his childhood friend, and this is used powerfully several times.


Honestly, just read this thing already. The style is light enough to enjoy without thinking too hard, but the story is deep, rich, complex, and kinda amazing.

Ignore the people calling it a reincarnator clone. Not only is the story itself completely different, the depth is incomparable. This story is good enough to be on a bookshelf, studied as literature that defines a genre. Also, there is no reincarnation involved. I have no idea why people are comparing it to reincarnator. Also note those people are doing so after reading the first few chapters, which are fun to read but not as beautifully written or intricate as the later chapters.

It's the best novel linked on NU right now, hands down and by a mile. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
November 6, 2016
Status: c38
I tend to be a bit iffy on game-based novels, but I think this one is done quite well so far. Although there aren't many chapters of SoJ out yet, I'm already a HUGE fan. I like the premise, I like the writing, I like the main character, and I like the side characters. Just all in all a really enjoyable kind of novel for me.

For me, the most important part of any novel is the MC. Choi Hyuk is a pretty logical, straight-forward kind of guy who loves... more>> to fight and isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty. There aren't any preachy bits about ethics either, and the MC is a bit of a mad dog without going the straight-up slaughterer route. He's got pretty good reasoning behind his actions, but really the main focus is fighting, action, blood, and more action.

Actually, in terms of complaints... I really can't think of any, nor do I feel the need to start looking, either.

This is my favorite Korean novel, and it goes somewhere in the top ten in terms of my favorite novels over all. 5/5. <<less
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satudo rated it
February 27, 2017
Status: c72
Lead with actions, not words. It's rare that I see a protagonist that's so insistently defined by this ideal. It's a struggle for the survival of the human race in a modern/sci-fi with hints of xia styling. It's similar to Swallowed Star in that regard. The universe at large is trying to decide whether human lives have value... If you like self centered Mc's like that of the Necromancer of Seoul Station, Emperor of Solo Play, and Evolution: Theory of a Hunter. You'll probably enjoy the ride.

Note the writing isn't... more>> on the same level as that of Moonlight Sculpter, ISSTH, Warlock of the Magus World, ect. For one the humor isn't there; this story is quite a bit more serious in that regard. Character's with a name might as well be wearing red shirts. I would still say it's comparable to God and Devil World; the occasional primitive jolt of adrenaline when the MC does something heroic and downright insane is quite enjoyable. He isn't the self-sacrificial type and doesn't whine. He has a serious if somewhat vague objective and desires to grow stronger in order to achieve it.

The story also seems to contain quite a bit of social commentary... Modern life is filled with red tape, politics, business, and evil profiteering where the good is complacent. We live in a time where self-satisfaction and status quo is stifling innovation; where in fact the majority of people will accomplish nothing with their lives. They will live, breath, die, and rot; quite comfortably... Will we as individuals be dragged down by this self-destructive inertia? Or will we rise above it and prove that humanity still has more to offer to the universe at large?

This story carries many of these themes and is filled with the emotions of those trying to survive in it. Fear, rage, sacrifice, suicidal depression, and the occasional spark of hope. Mostly it's just pure desperation mixed with a spark of empathy. That spark and the occasional jolt of courage; of standing for something beyond yourself... As a representative of the human race; in trying times... Heroes act.

Then again maybe I'm just reading too much into all this. Looking forward to the other 130 some odd chapters that have yet to be translated. I'm encouraged by the fact this story does have an end; and it's comparably close compared to some. *hear's the ring of a certain blade leaving it's sheath; and goes charging into the distance howling.* <<less
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Red.Gamer rated it
August 13, 2016
Status: c13
This novel is better than most novels out there. A hidden gem under a pile of rubble really. Went to read this due to some random comment off the net, BEST DECISION EVER!


The story is solid and the MC has a clear goal (Unlike most novels out there with their teenage dream harem). I only wish it stays the same after a few hundred more chapters.

A school had transformed into a death game. To survive, one must kill. The MC is like a vicious dog who had its leash... more>> cut off. The MC is not a hypocrite in regards to his actions (looking at you Arifureta), he kills with a passable reason. <<less
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Bloodline rated it
January 13, 2017
Status: c57
I love it.

The story developed into a completely different story than I was expecting and I'm really glad it did. At first it seems like your typical 'genuis protagonist, suppressed by normal society, something unexpected happens, protagonist gets awesome and starts trashing his enemys' novel. Well it IS such a novel, but there's more to it.

... more>>

I always thought that the complete story would start and end on earth. I also thought that other humans and monsters would be the only enemy's the protagonist has to face. Well and now Choi Hyuk is on another planet (to colonize it) and has to deal with new species.. I underestimated this novel :D


But I really like this twist and the story has much more potential now.

The fact that the people next to Hyuk are not just there to witness the 'glory of the hero' but in fact all have different goals and abilities which complement with Hyuks is also a big bonus (although it will take a while till these people appear) <<less
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rdawv rated it
August 10, 2016
Status: c10
Decent with an interesting premise. It is similar in atmosphere as to Gantz, Kami-sama no Iutoori, Btoom or Battle Royale in that ordinary people are thrown into extraordinary circumstances of life and death, forced to fight each other to survive. These sort of stories often tells us the darkest, bleakest of human thoughts; that deep within we are all just selfish creatures that would do anything to survive.

The premise is told at a very quick pace, a reader can decide to drop it or continue within a few chapters of... more>> its establishment. The MC was a natural born killer and decided to reform his ways after seeing his mother's distress. Like a martial artist who is remorseful, he lived a passive life of being bullied until a mysterious and supernatural event enveloped his school. Finally, he found a legitimate outlet to unleash his pent up emotions, finally he can ignite his dormant instincts and strength...

There are status windows and other game-like elements in the story, but as of chapter 10, I don't have an inkling of how the story would progress, whether it would go beyond the school setting or not. The MC is somewhat dispassionate, he understands and accepts the cold reality of the new setting. Classmates and teachers turn on each other very quickly and many simply do what they are told. The author does not dwell on the psychological issues that would result from such occurrence and prefers to expound on the action and drama. It's like watching a tv show, you see the characters talking to each other but not the unspoken thoughts beneath them.

I have a feeling it would be something like Reincarnator once the story gets going. <<less
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linnil rated it
January 7, 2017
Status: c54
Pretty similar to Reincarnator but in some aspect it is better. The theme is similar but the story telling and the progress of other character are more interesting than Reincarnator.

I don't know if it will go down later or not but currently I am super like this so I will give 5 stars~~~~~
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DekuHero rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: --
This is the perfect example of a MC that is strong physically but just 100% weak mentally. When you have the power, but do not have the spine/balls to actually do anything with that power.... it's useless. He doesn't want to fight unless he's basically forced. I couldn't keep reading at a certain point. He's a weak mommy's boy/white knight and I just can't enjoy a story with an MC like that. The girl he likes even thinks he's a loser.

Also if our MC is so strong, why make such... more>> a thing as karma in the story? It feels like people would just assume his karma is doing any and all the work... not himself. They probably think "Oh, he was weak and bullied before he started getting karma and now he's got karma so he thinks he's tough sh*t all of a sudden." No body knows he was holding back all that time.

Aside from those things this story seems to have a lot of holes and is messy. Translations are good. That's the only good thing I can say about this crap. <<less
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Kikiji rated it
March 28, 2017
Status: c82
This is the novel that completely dragged me out of my usual type of stories which belong on the entire other end of the spectrum. The setting, storyline, and especially the characters were enough to get me to pull an all nighter to finish reading it and it quickly became a top favorite of mine.

There are a lot of things I can elaborate on but I don't think I could do it justice even if I did. My biggest impression, though, after reading the latest chapters is that it's... more>> so refreshing to finally have a character that pushes through on solely power. We've been seeing a lot of intelligent and sly protagonists and yes I love them too but it's been so long since we had someone who has the capability to win through overwhelming power. Of course that's not all there is to our protagonist in this story- there's a lot of growing to do and he's not the strongest outside of the, uh, earthlings. Also he has some wonderful subordinates (awesome characters themselves) who helps him with the itty-bitty details and politics and scheming, all of which he often ignored anyway. But that's what excited me in the latest chapter. He doesn't necessarily need to rely on that to reach his goals. <<less
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Chance rated it
March 27, 2017
Status: c82
Worth a read. It doesn't fall pray to the tropes that cause other post apocalyptic stories to get stale. Not everything goes to plan and main characters die. Read this if you like reincarnator, king of the battlefield, beginning of God and the devil world, etc. MC is probably most similar to the protagonist of desolate error minus any special luck event or wondering master.
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tehrealone rated it
October 12, 2016
Status: c38
Simple put, this novel is action followed by more action with a side serving of gore.

Similar to other survival game novels but with more gore, more action, more ruthlessness and less ethics.

I think you should have gotten the gist by now.

MC doesn't have any righteous goals such as saving the human race or w/e, he just wants to get revenge on the bastards that are controlling the game.

World building is dubious and ambiguous at this stage along with level progression, but will hopefully become more clear as... more>> the novel progresses.

Overall a great survival story for those who dont mind the loss of ethics. <<less
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Boon rated it
November 13, 2017
Status: c145
This novel gets better with each chapter. At the beginning I had to struggle a bit to get through it, but now I can't get enough. The story is more complex than you are first lead to believe, and there are many more mysteries to keep your interest. Interesting and likeable characters, good story, interesting world. 5/5
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Shio rated it
October 28, 2017
Status: c142
What makes Sovereign of Judgement stand out from other novel is (for me) the protagonist, Choi Hyuk. Unlike other novel protagonist that always make the 'correct' choice, some of his decision and stance are controversial. Most supporting character feels more like a protahonist than he is lol. His stubborn way of thinking made him refreshing to read. The author didn't hesitate to kill or remove supporting charater, and none of the death feels forced. Character's personality play a huge part in the plot progression, and all character feel life like.... more>> The personality aren't simply walking tropes (the loser friend, the brave cute ones, etc). They do have motive behind their action.

There's enough suspense to keep the story going on, and while you might still roll your eyes on one or two scene it's a really good read. <<less
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August 1, 2017
Status: --
Slow translation but... THIS NOVEL IS JUST AMAZING I HOPE TRANSLATOR JUST RELEASE FASTER AND THEN LOOK FOR THE QUALITY IN THE TRANSLATION NOT JUST LOOK FOR QUALITY THIS NOVEL IS ATLEAST ONE OF THE TOP 5 IN MY LIST. The character design is just perfect... There's deep emotions and I can feel them as I read it's just like watching a drama scene for reals... The plot is just dramatic and realistic... the MC isnt op and ofc not weak and he is the pillar of earths strenght I... more>> hope I see the novel translation be a little faster not 2-3 chapters a week and only 1 when the translation is bored.. even now I think if it was a machine translation maybe it would be better but it could be worst not blaming real translators and not machine translators <<less
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ththth12 rated it
March 7, 2017
Status: prologue
MC in this story does not travel back in time. He does not have cheats nor lucky changes. He survives purely on his own talent. It's very rare in these kind of novels.

The story has very intense start with real murder game. There is no tutorial, no time to get used to fighting. You either kill your classmate (s), or die. It's worth to read just for the beginning of the story.

MC has a clear goal, and he actively works to become stronger. He also cares about humanity... more>> and looks ahead at bigger picture. He also cares and trusts his subordinates in his own way. He does not hold their hands, he leads them by going ahead and trusting them to follow. <<less
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SorrowSong rated it
August 27, 2016
Status: c15
I don't like to give reviews early on normally but this series is quite promising. Thus far it has a good flow past the introduction but the MC seems to act contrary to his stated reasons.

If you are wondering if you should read this the answer is a resounding yes
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Daoist LastWish
Daoist LastWish rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: c25
A clone of reincarnator, just not as good.

Tutorial Stage, Check. Lords, Check, People have to work together to escape tutorial stage, check. Kang Hansoo, Errr, I mean Choi Hyuk is fighting the bosses, check. Hidden missions, Check.

Writing is better than 90% of Wuxia, /Xianxia novels out there, but what's the point? I can just read reincarnator instead.

Read it if you have read all the reincarnator chapters and want something else to fill the time.
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