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Date Title Release
12/14/17 Valhalla Saga v7c2
12/13/17 Valhalla Saga v7c1
12/12/17 Top Management c90
12/12/17 Valhalla Saga v6c4
12/11/17 Valhalla Saga v6c3
12/11/17 Life Mission c193
12/11/17 The King of the Battlefield c137
12/11/17 Sovereign of Judgment c154
12/10/17 Sovereign of Judgment c153
12/10/17 Top Management c89
12/09/17 Taming Master c148
12/09/17 Valhalla Saga v6c2
12/08/17 Valhalla Saga v6c1
12/07/17 Taming Master c147
12/07/17 Valhalla Saga v5c3
12/06/17 Suspicious Manager Moon c35
12/06/17 Valhalla Saga v5c2
12/06/17 Life Mission c192
12/05/17 Valhalla Saga v5c1
12/04/17 Valhalla Saga v4c4
12/04/17 I Became the Hero’s Bride! c22
12/04/17 Sovereign of Judgment c152
12/04/17 Sovereign of Judgment c151
12/03/17 Taming Master c146
12/02/17 Top Management c88
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