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Group Name Myoniyoni Translations
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Series (20)
Releases 1752

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(10-29-18) VS Final Episode

Group Releases
Date Title Release
01/21/19 Top Management c167-168
01/20/19 Kill the Hero c16
01/16/19 God of Tennis c20 part2
01/14/19 Swordmaster Healer c135-137
01/14/19 Top Management c166
01/14/19 Kill the Hero c15
01/14/19 Top Management c165
01/13/19 The King of the Battlefield c195
01/08/19 Swordmaster Healer c132-134
01/08/19 God of Tennis c20 part1
01/07/19 Top Management c164
01/07/19 The King of the Battlefield c194
01/07/19 Top Management c163
01/06/19 Kill the Hero c14
01/02/19 Valhalla Saga ss 1-2
12/31/18 Swordmaster Healer c129-131
12/31/18 The King of the Battlefield c193
12/31/18 Kill the Hero c13
12/28/18 God of Tennis c19
12/27/18 Taming Master c252
12/25/18 Top Management c162
12/24/18 Swordmaster Healer c126-128
12/24/18 Valhalla Saga epilogue 3
12/24/18 Valhalla Saga epilogue 2
12/24/18 The King of the Battlefield c192
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