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Date Title Release
09/17/18 The King of the Battlefield c178
09/17/18 Top Management c133
09/16/18 Top Management c132
09/16/18 Taming Master c224
09/16/18 God of Tennis c16 part1
09/16/18 Valhalla Saga v63c1
09/16/18 Valhalla Saga v62c4
09/16/18 Valhalla Saga v62c3
09/14/18 Valhalla Saga v62c2
09/13/18 Swordmaster Healer c85
09/12/18 Valhalla Saga v62c1
09/12/18 Swordmaster Healer c84
09/12/18 Taming Master c223
09/11/18 Valhalla Saga v61c6-7
09/11/18 Swordmaster Healer c83
09/11/18 God of Tennis c15 part2
09/10/18 Swordmaster Healer c82
09/10/18 The King of the Battlefield c177
09/10/18 Taming Master c222
09/10/18 Life Mission c252
09/08/18 Valhalla Saga v61c4-5-6
09/07/18 Swordmaster Healer c81
09/07/18 Top Management c131
09/06/18 Valhalla Saga v61c2-3
09/06/18 Taming Master c221
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