Everyone Else is a Returnee


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Yu Illhan was always the one left behind. Left out of cliques in school. Left out of social invitations. Just…always left out. Except now he’s been left behind for real.

When Earth’s future is threatened, Yu Illhan stays behind while the rest of the population flees to other planets for safety.

It’s up to Yu Illhan to save our planet before it’s too late!

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Last On Earth
나 빼고 다 귀환자
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New cosme7
May 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Do you like Overgeared? Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint ? Second Coming of Gluttony ? So... This novel has a little bit of all of them, now... If she manages to mix it well, that's another story...
Story ★★★★★ - PLOT, World-Building and of course the system behind the powers, I thought it was fantastic but, the problem with the work is just below.
Character ★ - The character development is weak, even more so considering what the MC becomes at the end, he even reflects a little on his... more>> trajectory, but it's that kind of "I don't regret" thinking, since in several moments, his reaction could have been much better, is the type of person who doesn't think about the future but only about the now.
- About the Harem, with the exception of one character, the rest is debatable and in some cases even forced because they fell in love and others are totally unnecessary.
- This part isn't even a spoiler because it's at the beginning of the WN, it is said that the MC traveled to several countries and read the most varied types of books, but his actions when "sh*t happens", is from someone who has learned nothing from his reading, an example of this is in spoilers.
Here is a spoiler about VARIOUS details of the WN, read with that in mind.

- Do you sometimes even think he's s*upid? Because he comes with the speech of wanting to "help the people from earth", some of his actions are very bad and of course generate CONSEQUENCES, it's something like "MC decided to do X" but you, as a reader, imagine what that would entail, the Author even puts the consequences, BUT, the MC doesn't reflect at any point on his actions because "duh I'm lonely, f*ck I don't care", and we have other points where there could have been a development and nothing happens.
- About the 1st son, I even thought that the MC would have a development from that, but nothing happens, besides the son being a very boring character.
- The MC's plot armor is gigantic, the MC is practically a Korean Batman, he is prepared for anything, because conveniently what he "crafted" served for that purpose, this is even taken in a comedy tone in the work, the sense of " risk" is practically non-existent.
- In this work there are beings who lived many years, they are even older than the MC himself, but they are all conveniently DUMB to make the MC smart, combine this with the point above, the MC practically becomes an Immortal simply because "he was prepared " and conveniently what he did even for not caring, turns into something great.
- Another point is because the MC is strong, it is emphasized several times in the WN about the "Sub-Class" and the importance of their Leveling, but we are talking about a universe with entities with MANY years of life, and ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THEM, have developed no interest in these crafts is non-sense.

Enjoyment ★★★★ - I had a few laughs, the MC's creation ideas are very interesting even, the jokes end up being pretty repetitive, which is pretty "meh".
General ★★★ & 6 / 10- In the end, for me, the characters weighed much more in WN than the world-building, the world-building with his system is very interesting, the work is not so drawn out, and it is readable even quickly, since there are few chapters, if you already enjoy an OP character who practically doesn't care about anything and just advances like crazy, you might even end up liking and enjoying the work much more, BUT, if you want a good one character development, it may be that the WN is not for you unfortunately.
If you read this review thank you very much and may God bless you! <<less
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New Waseequr
May 11, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel for the most part was amazing. It has a harem, characters with memorable personalities, an attractive storyline (enough to the point that I am suffering from lack of sleep), a good pace, and no irritating scene like how a heroine was kidnapped by a shitty young master or something (as expected of a Korean novel).

If you are here looking at the review, I suggest you give it a go. Although the story was amazing from the beginning to the end, it was a bit irritating reading the first... more>> two hundred chapters cause the MC was so dense that he never realized anyone's feelings toward him (A common plot honestly) but it goes well with his character. Our MC here has been living as a loner for his entire life and more so since he was left out on earth for a long time. I will lightly explain the beginning as the synopsis doesn't help much.


The story starts with Earth having filled its experience gauge. So, it will start to experience its first cataclysm and take its first step in evolution. Due to that, the new energy mana will be generated in the world, At the same time, Akashic records will also come into contact with the world. It is similar to a system that records all beings, gives them experience and records of the other beings killed by the users, and drives as well as guides them on the path of evolution. But monsters will also be generated when mana comes into contact with a world and the first cataclysm occurs. So, to prepare the people of Earth as well as to make them adapt to the new energy god decides to send them to isekai worlds for ten years. During that ten years' time will remain halted on Earth and all the level-ups the people get will be erased as well. But our MC was left out because of a mistake. But he wasn't alone. To compensate for the mistake that he was left out, Heaven sent an angel to look after him during those ten years. And to not waste the ten years of buffer time he gets; he starts training his body as well as martial arts. But the situation changes drastically when even after ten years the people didn't come back, and time remained stopped.

And personally, I really liked how the relationship with the heroines turned out to be. Although it's a shame that only the marriage with the first wife was portrayed. But some interactions with the FMCs were portrayed in the after stories and they were amazing.


GO ahead and start reading the novel for real if you have read it until now. ;) <<less
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Jul 31, 2016
Status: Completed
Translator here.

Let me clarify a few things.

This is so much like a JP novel (with wimpy MC, harem, etc)
YES. IT IS LIKE A JP NOVEL. We see references to JP anime/novels/manga from time to time and from that, we see that the author was influenced by JP culture when writing his novels.

MC is too OP.
Yes, but he gets just as much life-threatening (and rather interesting) situations that fit him. Too much filler
NO, IT F**KING ISN'T. Crafting? That takes less than an entire chapter. UNLIKE CN NOVELS WHICH HAS SAME STUFF HAPPENING AGAIN AND AGAIN, JUST ON A BIGGER SCALE (e.g. Intra-family competition, inter-clan competition, national competition, international competition. Sect competition)

MC has no personality
Well, try living in solitude for a millennium and see what happens to you. (Lita was NOT with him 24/7)

The pretext sounds like nonsense
(MC being left alone, God not being able to notice him, etc)
I don't know how to make spoilers here so read at your own risk.

Do you really think he became a dropout due to that? REVEALED PLOT ISN'T ALWAYS THE TRUTH.


The girls always seem to fall for the MC for no particular reason at all.
Isn't this the case with most asian novels? I don't know how girls think, much less know how they fall in love (Do you?) so I can't really clarify, but yes I agree with this statement.

Comedy breaks the mood.
At the core, this novel is a COMEDY novel, with ACTION AS SIDE ELEMENTS. So, I advise you to read something else if you don't like comedy. I'm doing my best to translate all the jokes into English, but most of the time, the same references aren't commonly known in English. But there are references that are commonly known in both Korean and English. (Such as Haganai's 'What was that? (Nadatte?) ') But for most others, I wouldn't be able to translate them perfectly.
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Aug 23, 2016
Status: c18
The idea behind this book is great however it fails to deliver. The premise reminds me of onepunch man, sadly however the lightheartded way in which this nove treats itselFL is what kills it. For a apocolytic themed novel theres very little tension or suspense going on. That and the OPness of the MC makes the story even more bland and predictable. At least with its spiritual predecessor OnePunchMan the humour was there, when this story attempt to do it however it ends of rather flat... like a stale soda-... more>> full of promise, but ultimately a fizzless abomination of what could have been.

The translator is also in need of an editor or two in order to make the sentence structure flow better. Honestly though this story reminds me of something medicore I would find on royalroadl -overhyped, one dimensional, and stereotypical.

This is neither the greatest or worst thing I've read thus far on NU. You'll either love this or hate it since it is very similiar to Onepunch man. The key to reading this novel is to just not take this novel to seriously. <<less
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Dec 02, 2016
Status: c65
An inconsistent story that lacks direction, populated with characters that are barely interesting, and filled with forgettable adventures. It just makes lots of noise that just becomes wearisome the further it goes.

An abundance of plot holes and unexplained materials, combined with randomness of events makes for a story that lacks momentum. You can't feel that something big is in the horizon that the story is heading to but instead we got these random unconnected shenanigans that doesn't really pay off. Most just doesn't make sense nor do they provide developments... more>> to the story or character. Things just happen without any reason.

The characters have some interesting qualities, but they also contains qualities that ruins them. The protagonist for example. He is said to be very strong, reads all the books in the world, learns variety of languages, learns a lot of skill and even got help from angels. But he is also very dumb with very shallow aspirations and pretty much only interested on his own well being. The characters just doesn't have much to offer to the story.

And the setting is really inconsistent and underutilized. Adventure is out there, but our protagonist lock himself in his workshop. Really? There are monsters to face, powerful people to meet, crisis to solve but out protagonist is occupied with his hobbies?

And when the protagonist do comes out looking for adventures, random stuff would appear. So random in fact that the angels, that must be totally bored being stuck with him, has to constantly explain whatever the heck they are encountering now. Every time our protagonist walks out, the angels will spout exposition for anything to make any form of sense. Without the exposition, the setting is more illogical and random than Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland.

This is just some incoherent random piece of work. The author might literally just be writing what comes to mind to come up with something as garbled as this. <<less
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Sep 27, 2016
Status: --
I have to admit that I'm a sucker for these kinds of novels (weak to strong, rpg elements, post-apocalyptic world, fantasy elements, etc.) and I will also admit that despite my low rating I did enjoy reading this novel due to my bias. Is it a good binge read if you're into all the above and don't mind if it's good for you or not? Sure, you'd probably enjoy it if that were the case.

However it should be noted that the novel, despite having a tinge of originality amongst its... more>> peers in the genre, is terribly unpolished. It reads like a rough draft that someone might whip up in a moment of inspiration. Things just aren't fleshed out or well thought through, the basic ideas and premise are there, so it still somewhat works as a story, but the story in its current state is in a bad need of fine tuning.

Just a few things I noticed:


Supposedly the 'monsters' are immune to the original rules of the world (physics) in that they are supposed to be immune to human innovation and science, being the fantasy creatures that they are. They even explicitly state that not even nuclear weapons would be good enough to stop them. However, the MC builds a pile-bunker (well within the reaches of human understanding/knowledge/physics might I add, nothing magical about a damn pile bunker) and uses it to easily squash and one-shot high-leveled mobs



MC spends only 250 years to read every single book in the world. On top of this he traveled to every country in the world and just about learned every single language. You have to consider that, even if this was possible, you'd have to be some kind of freakishly fast speed runner with a perfect memory and a incredibly powerful comprehension (i.e. You basically have to be a genius). Despite this though, the MC still acts somewhat braindead at times and you often question how smart he really is.

What's also hilarious is that he spends an additional 50-100 years learning how to be a blacksmith, because apparently forging swords trumps nukes. And apparently, learning how to become a master blacksmith takes a quarter of the time it would take to learn all the languages, read the books of, and visit the countries of the world.



There is no explanation, or hints about why the MC was left behind and thus unable to learn how to control mana. There is no explanation why the angel that visited him could not teach him mana control in his own world, or why building up his body when even nuclear weapons supposedly won't work against these mobs, what is a karate chop or a round house going to help? Basically the MC memed his way into becoming a proverbial Chuck Norris and now somehow he can compete with people that have powers that allow them to surpass nuclear weapons (checkmate, Gandhi).


The list goes on and on, but these are just a few for the record.

Did I enjoy binge reading this novel? For the most part, yes, though I did have to somewhat turn my brain off.

Is the novel bad? Unpolished? Not fully fleshed out? Yes, unfortunately it is. <<less
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Aug 09, 2016
Status: --
What is the best novel that is comparable to the level of Bringing farm to other world or the Awakening?

The answer is Everyone else is a returnee but better! Maybe on the same level as tales of gods and devil

My own summary:
Everyone else in Earth is sent to otherworld to 'train' for the upcoming disaster 'mana' upheaval, buuuuuuuuut Mc's name was unfound by the god so he was left alone in the world filled with 'mana beasts'... So god being benevolent enough granted him status and some power so... more>> that he can train here for 10 years... and he won't age.

What I want the novel to be like and most likely it will:
Soo what I'm saying is most likely MC will be op asf when everyone come back from their 'trip to otherworld', and the people who came back from 'the trip' would think they are invincible asf buuuuut here goes MCC rekting their ass off <<less
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Aug 29, 2016
Status: c15
The fact that it's much more popular than WOC, AWE and BTD is scary.

Apparently the author was really impressed by reincarnator and decided to write his own version (with a touch of invincible saint salaryman, which is a poor choice), unfortunately his own version is really bland and not emotionally involving.

The first couple of chapters are boring and childish, completely lacking depth. Meaningless things get lengthy explanations, but important ones with potential of proper buildup are skipped almost completely. Every single element of the story seems to be a parody... more>> of itself. The quality of translation sometimes becomes intolerably bad as well.

This here is so unimaginative that I feel empty after reading several chapters.

I'd rate it 1.5 due to bits and pieces of original content tho. <<less
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Nov 15, 2016
Status: afterword
Supremely Entertaining.

Recently, I've been wondering... why the Monkey/Girl's Back image for Kobato-Chan Daisuki? It just makes me giggle. It also makes me giggle that there are so many bad reviews for this series. xD

Grammar: 4/5 (Formerly 3.5/5 as of Chapter 143, marked improvement from previous chapters.)

... more>> Story: 4.7/5

Writing: 4.5/5

(Final Update: It was a wild and funny ride. Thank you, Author, for being so damn good, and thank you Kobatochandaisuke (TL:Chamber) for being just as awesome with your translation services. I'm going to re-read this series a few times to engrave this story into my soul. It's all done, what is there to say? It was a lot of fun, and ended in a good way.)

(Update as of Chapter 334: Standing at the edge of a Cliff, looking down into the black ocean waters crashing violently against this ground which keeps me safe, what is it that you see? More cliffs... f*ck. I hate you but love you ate the same time.)

(Update as of Chapter 328: The End is Nigh.)

(Update as of Chapter 296: Welp, it feels like there's no way it can get any more exciting that these past two chapters. Story should be coming to an end soon. Strangely, not sad about it like I usually would be. It feels like it's wrapping up nice and neat and will be packed away to be enjoyed all over again on a later date.)

(Update as of Chapter 294: *Twitching intensifies*)

(Update as of Chapter 286: *Twitching on the floor in the fetal position* Moar... Need moar...)
(Update as of Chapter 193: Translator had to turn off Donations because he was getting too many for extra chapter translations xD. I have to love translators who are responsible and do what they promised with said donations. So many chapters were spammed out because of donations, and the regular release schedule is quite good already.)

(Update as of Chapter 158: Still the same rating, a couple awkward wording instance, but nothing that detracts from the flow of the story.)

(Update as of Chapter 146: Marked improvement of grammar. Story is still as exciting as ever.)

(Update as of Chapter 143: While grammar is starting a slow downhill decent, the story is snowballing in all the right ways. As previously stated, this is supremely entertaining.)

(Update as of Chapter 138: Getting a tad bit more exciting, which means pretty damn exciting.)

(Update as of Chapter 125: Somehow they still keep the pacing perfectly, ratings and feelings still the same as my previous assessment done for Chapter 76.)

(update as of Chapter 76: Still my favorite series on NU. Still going strong.)

(Update as of Chapter 72: Some grammar issues reappearing, nothing major, and it's understandable seeing as the Translator was rushing to get more chapters in before taking a hiatus for College Exams. Work much appreciated, will keep the 4.5/5 for Grammar until after seeing the quality of translation available after the translators' return.)

(Update as of Chapter 70: Yup, still golden. Rereading this for a third time, and I'm really glad that he quality of the translation has improved by leaps-and-bounds.)

(Update as of Chapter 66: Noticed a rather smooth use of the English language for most parts of the recent chapters. The only issue would have to be with translating proverbs, which has always proven to be tricky since they are culturally contextual. Over all, I would like to applaud the translation team on the extremely great work they are providing. P.S. Noticed some people calling the story inconsistent (there are indeed some inconsistencies) and the characters bland (as with almost any written work they utilize stereotypes that are entertaining). Alas, not everyone reads the story the same way. Sometimes the story just doesn't get through the same way to everyone. I pretty much blame this just on Verbal Context differences between communities/countries/cultures. Might be wrong and this is just not those peoples' cup-o-tea, but nothing can make absolutely everyone happy, not even happiness itself.)

(Update as of Chapter 60: No change to my ratings from before. The story is growing nicely. Oh Goddess Sunbutt, please grace me with more chapters, pronto.)

Another gem on a site that contains an almost infinite amount of waste. I've only now noticed a trend where Korean Novels seem to have an almost entirely different standard of quality as opposed to the generic XianXia you will find copy-pasted under another author's name.

Grammar-wise is isn't anything spectacular but the mistakes made are not difficult to bear (improves after the switch from "N&C" to "Kobato-Chan"). The intermittent awkward wording/phrasing is easily negligible thanks to a superb story and story-telling form. The story itself is a very pleasant and comedic telling of a rather over done genre given life through a fresh set of eyes (The one who got left behind). The writing is fairly well done, I praise the author and the translation group for being as consistent as possible and using some rather comedic plays on situations.

All in all, this is very easily becoming one of my favorite series and I look forward to binge reading this. <<less
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Dec 09, 2016
Status: c69
Readers are really missing out if they complain that the MC is too OP.

The thing is, the MC is aware of his growth, and every time he gets more powerful, it is only because things will get more difficult... and he calls this phenomena out.

In fact, the world is getting harder, faster, matching the MC, while actually leaving the normal people behind a little. This is the MC's struggle, to help the people struggle through this overwhelming challenge.
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Dec 02, 2016
Status: c52
People are giving this way too much credit just because its slightly different from other novels on the site. Different doesn't always make something better.

I'm giving it 2 stars rather than 1 because the idea of the novel was good, but the author has (at least so far) failed to deliver on the idea. The characters are just way too bland, I'm sorry. Usually AT LEAST the MC has some depth to him but in this novel the weapons have more depth than the MC, much less the side characters.... more>> People give a lot of novels sh*t for being childish - and this novel also has that flaw in a HUGE way, so I don't understand why the ratings are so positive. There is no depth, just a story about showing off in one way or another. <<less
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Sep 24, 2016
Status: c17
TLDR: overhyped.

I'm disappointed. Expect something different, I read the beginning hyper fast thinking it was something different, entertaining and fun. So it was, until guess what? The author couldn't let go of the Overpowered MC type. The op MC who likes to show off but says otherwise. I'm just done at this point so fking disappointed. Sorry about this review being shallow just like this story but my pov is the same as Don't_Don he summarized the novel pretty well. So instead of copying what he said I'm gonna direct... more>> you to his review. <<less
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Jan 14, 2017
Status: c89
The biggest misconception about this novel is the seriousness. Its just a parody. The novel dont give itself too much credit, and even jokes with movies, games and things like that. It looks like the only person that has some reasoning is the MC, the other people just never saw a movie or played a game, and he appoints it making comparisons and saying things like:

"Well, now that you said that is impossible to a boss to appear, a boss will definitely appear, and it will be soon!".

Its all an... more>> inside joke. Just look how he was "forgotten by god itself", and how goddamn OP he becomes. It is just an allusion to how other series are too serious about the crazy stuff the MC does. In this novel, he just do it! And thats the fun of it. Everything is fast paced because he is so, really, soooooo superior to everyone else, that he needs to deal with things that no one else can handle. Everyone is hunting wolves and he is killing dragons. He is the genius that geniuses cant reach. In level? Maybe they come close, but all his abilities and equipments are just too much. And dont forget, all his accomplishments have a explaining, and the beggining explains a lot.

Think about Onepunch man, gintama, deadpool, and things like that. Or novels like A Will Eternal (A thought through eternity). Its quite funny, and the action and proportion things end up are really good and exciting.

And a lot of development is happening in the characters. The autor seems to have prepared a lot in this novel.

(Don't think that everything is comedy and that is just jokes all around, it just looks like a crazy parody levelling up korean novel, and is quite good.) <<less
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Jan 30, 2017
Status: c40
With the high ranking this novel had, I had high expectations, but ultimately found this to be pretty disappointing. There's a somewhat interesting intro, which quickly devolves into a repetitive powering up loop with zero tension. Characters are shallow, MC is dense and uninteresting the story jumps all over the place. There is some good humor here at least, but even that gets lost sometimes with the inconsistent quality of the translation. (Or maybe the original text is just as bad?) If you're looking for something light and... more>> somewhat funny with little substance, this might be for you, otherwise I'd skip this one. <<less
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Nov 30, 2016
Status: c20
Entire story is just angels going "wow the MC is so amazing doing exactly what we told him to do". - Why was MC left behind while EVERYONE ELSE ON EARTH got teleported? Never explained. The most probable explanation is that it's a joke by God, or something dumb like that. - 1000 years of boredom. 17 chapters of RPG-style MC grinding combat and smithing skills. After all the humans return, one brief insignificant conversation with his parents (who he did not see for 1000 years) later, he starts hunting... more>> monsters and making dungeons and other grindy stuff again. Nothing exciting is ever shown, it's just "MC grinded for 1000 years, now he is super duper strong". Tell tell tell, never show. Honestly this feels like reading about some kid playing a boring grindy RPG. The only 2 characters present in the story are the MC and his angel, and neither are interesting or exciting to watch. MC is just a boring standard student guy who just follows along with whatever the angel tells him to do, and the angel is just some boring robot-like agent who tells him to do this and that as God orders. Very boring. <<less
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Apr 07, 2017
Status: c40
Overrated. Incredibly Overrated.

Story is generic.

Characters are incredibly bland, so bland that it was painful to read about them. Made doubly worse about my expectations of this novel. He uses the fact that no one can see him as an excuse for zero character development for most characters and for the ones that do they are just frustratingly boring.

... more>> The world building is terrible. He combined generic fantasy creatures and generic game mechanics and described something you've read again and again in other novels, again.

Writing and presentation are akin to something I wrote in grade 5.

Do not read if you value your time. <<less
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Dec 30, 2016
Status: c23
Disappointing. For all the reasons those 1 & 2 star reviews said, and also because the MC seems like a schizo to me. The first 3 chapters were hard to get through and just when I thought I had shut off my brain enough to enjoy this story, I finally couldn't take the MC's fluctuating moods/thoughts. Korea seems to have a real problem making quality fantasy novels, but it might just be that too few are featured here, and those that are picked up are meh. Don't be deceived by... more>> the high ratings like I was, the people giving out 5's in this site are the same ones who give high ratings to things like 'My sister's boyfriend is a cat' on MAL. <<less
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Sep 02, 2016
Status: c70
I don't see how this story got so many 5 stars. The MC was left on Earth alone for a long time and he practiced to be OP in every way. He turned workaholic as well, can't live without grinding. The story has no objective yet, as of c23. The MC personality turned a very bland after time resume. He only does what the angel says, apparently another grinding quest.

Edit: OP harem no plot, A story of a one-hit-kill protagonist that can predict the future. This sounds like Moonlight Sculptor,... more>> a story that bound to fail later on because of zero plot. <<less
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Aug 23, 2016
Status: c72
5/5 stars for this novel. As of chapter 18 (current chapter), this is one of the better novels I've read on here. I love the feelings and sympathy towards the MC that I get while reading this novel. I recommend this to people who are looking for a loner type MC who impresses everyone with his hard work. As well as RPG type world with interesting plot.

I can't think of a way to make this any better other than having more chapters out faster than they already are. ^^
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Aug 09, 2016
Status: c7
I like it a lot.

When I think about this novel it reminds me Saitama from One punch man. (I like it that manga very much). Overwhelming physical strength, a lot of training. Clumsiness, awkwardness in the nice way. Very heartwarming novel so far. Give it a try. It should amuse you enough and you'll be starving to read more.
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Sep 04, 2016
Status: c24
The description made me expect a dumb novel, but as it was recommended I starting reading it. Couldn't be more wrong. Great ideas, I love the crafting. The MCs dedication is an inspiration.

The start takes a bit longer than average, but as it is important to the story it was worth the time spent.
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Aug 14, 2016
Status: --
Most overrated novel on nu. Generic as it is, overhyped. So little chapters and 5 stars holyshit. Think of sao, attack on titan, etc. Decent beginning then slowly just dies. Not saying it's bad just too early to judge.
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