Dungeon Defense


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Do you know how this world ends?

Become the hero and defeat the 72 Demon Lords. The game that was boasted as the absolute hardest strategy game, 『Dungeon Attack』.

I used to be the ‘hero’ who had accomplished everything in this game, but after answering a suspicious survey, I found myself in the game as the weakest Demon Lord, 「Dantalian」.

With only my eloquent tongue and my memories of conquest as a hero—.

In order to survive as Dantalian. I shall tear this world apart.

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Deonjeon Dipenseu
던전 디펜스
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jlkc rated it
July 13, 2016
Status: v1c3
This story is so good! The main character is one of the few intelligent main characters instead of those "genius" main characters that authors love to say are intelligent but behave otherwise.

Try reading up to chapter three and see if you like it.
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ClearMadness rated it
September 22, 2016
Status: v2c1
This novel started with a halfway interesting concept and quickly ruined it. The MC is somewhat refreshing and original but the story itself is completely obnoxious.

In particular, the story is ruined by decision windows. Every time the author feels the MC is making an important choice a window pops up in his vision that displays his options. It's the s*upidest story device I've ever encountered in my entire life. The MC is not playing a game. He's walking around a fully realized world full of sentient beings. His options cannot... more>> be condensed into 2-3 s*upid random choices. He can do whatever the heck he wants to do! Why would the author add these ret*rded pop ups? It's dumb and reading it made me feel s*upider.

If the MC selects an option does he lose all control over his body and is he then forced to recite a prerecorded speech like in a game? If not, then what happens if he selects an option and then does the exact opposite? The author never bothers to explain this and I'm left with the impression that he is writing for people to s*upid to question it. This is just one of the issues with this novel that left me scratching my head and wondering about what the heck was going on. It swiftly became impossible for me to relate to any character as I couldn't even tell if they were real or badly scripted NPCs smacking their empty heads against game walls. Don't read this unless you possess an incredible ability to suspend your disbelief and ignore plot holes. Even then, you're probably better off reading something good. <<less
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omarct rated it
August 26, 2016
Status: v2c4
I started reading this series and I thought well this seems pretty cool, there is a game mechanic and the main character is interesting as it seems he only acts when forced to but when he does act miracles happen. But after reading volume 2 I am completely disappointed, the MCs personality changed almost completely, now he is spewing sh*t about authority and taking over the world by waging war and whatnot and I am like WTF when did this character development happen? Anyways the series has developed into another... more>> Japanese novel where nothing happens, the entire volume is spent talking about nonsense and unimportant things with barely any plot development, in fact after reading volume 2 I realized you could just skip the first 3 chapters and only read the last one and you would still understand the main plot perfectly. Anyways this kind of series full of inconsistencies and nonsense that you can just skip through is what I hate the most. If you like reading tons cutesy character interactions mixed with mass mu*der and psychopathic behavior (done by the same cutesy characters which is out of place and inconsistent in my opinion) then this shitty novel is the one for you. I also recommend most moe (lots of useless interactions as well) and cutesy horror anime such as Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni and the likes. P.S. The game mechanics that I mentioned? Forget about it, that was only in the prologue and it seems that beyond the one that lets him see other peoples affection he wont be getting anything else anytime soon. <<less
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Ziru Asteri
Ziru Asteri rated it
July 27, 2016
Status: v3c3 part1
Cold hearted MC using prior knowledge to construct plans that play out in front of the reader like a magnificent showing at an opera. Side characters that have their own agendas and tend to be quite cunning in their own right. As the reader you can feel the satisfaction of seeing the downfall of characters that are built up only to inevitably fall into the spider's web that is the MC's machination.

It's as though he's playing in a game of wits, showing no mercy despite knowing very well that his... more>> opponent (s) came unarmed. <<less
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blaze011 rated it
August 26, 2016
Status: --
I will change this review in the future but as of volume 2 I hate the story. The first volume was Amazing. The MC was semi-dark but knew where the line was. The second volume just threw it all out the window and made him a serial killer/Mentality Ill. I basically feel like cheated. Also the Translator said people are expecting this to be shounen. No, I am fine with a dark character who like to kill etc but this is FLAT out crazy/phsyco.
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Kessler rated it
September 3, 2016
Status: v3c1
The first volume was excellent and would have gotten 5 stars from me. Then in the second volume the main character out of nowhere turned into an insane clown, who'll kill people on a whim and start a war out of megalomania and pettiness. Which contradicts the "lazy protagonist type" of the 1st volume and the way he was thinking back there. I'm ok with villain protagonists, but not hypocrites and I want some likability or charisma to MCs. Psychopathy and insanity are boring, unless you pull off Joker, and... more>> this novel doesn't. It's well written and may appeal to fans of weak/manipulative MCs (like me), but MC's personality is killing all enjoyment for me. <<less
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die4jingshi rated it
July 9, 2016
Status: v1c3
Nice twist on transmigrated into a demon story. The translation is also ok (with sufficient editing). Think of it as the darker version of "my death flags show no sign of ending"
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tallrice rated it
October 20, 2016
Status: v3c6
This is unfortunately a mixed review:

Volume 1 was amazing: I previously had this series rated 5 stars. If you're considering reading this series, I encourage you to do so, it is definitely worth your time. As others have mentioned, this has emotions and characters.

Volume 1 is a brilliant build up towards the first Night of Walpurgis. The author cleverly introduces characters, gives a complex and heavy past to the MC (lots of room to grow), and uses eloquence and manipulation to create a very nice climax. Volume 2 is still... more>> good. I enjoyed the use of flashbacks, the plot devices giving you hints and red herrings of where it might go, and the mellow conclusion. The introduction of romance was also working quite well.

Another thing worth noting is that this is not a hastily slapped together web novel. This is a very well planned and crafted story. Volumes 1 and 2 were obviously reviewed and edited to have great dramatic effect. The pacing is good and the story falls into place.

Our negative protagonist is hinted to be growing into his father's shoes despite the hate he held for him. He is quite obviously destined for greatness and evil, but in volume 1, there is also a very key aspect of elegance to his character. That elegance was something I really saw as integral to his personality. It explained the remarks in the prologue, complemented his physical frailty and fit well with the machinations of the nobility. Author betrays key foundations

I have a number of reasons to suspect that the author fell off his original path:
- The game elements that were important details at the beginning - and part of his cheat skill selection, practically disappear later.
- Related to the above, but the choices and infamy/fame. In volume 1, (even in the prologue, which is much later chronologically), the MC was obviously weary and distraught because of his infamy increasing. The choices meant something special, they were part of his internally conflicted psychology. The choices become almost inconsequential later on, having to do with his love life instead of his mental development.
- If you read the prologue carefully, you see a very different man than the MC in later volumes. He is disappointed in Cristiane because she is selfish and shameless and doesn't have the elegance of the nobility. The whole beauty of a negative protagonist is that they are evil because they make the "right" choices. The prologue really gives that flavour and gave me false expectations.
- The theme of authority and love of authority becomes too dominant. I liked it a lot when it initially came up. It enhanced the MC's manipulative side and explained many of his actions. But when it also (unintentionally on the author's part, from what I can tell), stabilized our MC's emotions. The beauty of this MC was his insecurities, the contradictions that made his actions interesting, the falling in his father's footsteps despite the hate he had for the man. But authority grounded him. Suddenly, the contradictions were all downplayed, he had an ideal and the power to get to it. He was no longer evil because of a mix of genius and helplessness, he was just evil because he wanted to be.

Plot becomes forced instead of crafted

Slightly, in volume 2 and much more in volume 3, we see elements destroying the appeal of the MC:
- The colloguialness/vulgarity that gets added to his talking habits. It works well as a nice counterpoint, for sure, I applaud the author for introducing it. But a contrast is only as good as it is sparse.
- The overemphasis of wanting to have s*x with everything, and I don't mean tasteful s*x scenes, of which there are some (I have nothing against a well done, complex interplay of romance, but there's just girls *senselessly* wanting to have s*x with him at every turn by volume 3.)
- The ever increasing moe characterization
- The shift between plot and character: Volume 1 was all about the plot, with the MC's cunning playing into it, twisting it, putting him on the stage as a player. We had very good secondary characters with different motives. By volume 3, it is predetermined that the MC is always going to win, there is very little that happens that is not caused by the MC's "cunning", which ends up feeling plastic.
- The less and less apt use of evil and manipulation. The MC just becomes a symbol of evil, instead of being a character of internal conflict, striving for his twisted aesthetic. Instead, he just wants to kill humans to advance the plot.

Read it though, it's a good novel, volume 1 particularly is inspirational and I hope many more korean authors follow in this style. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
July 14, 2016
Status: v1c3
Very good KN novel, MC get ported to a game that hes beaten as the lowest rank demon lord. If you like defense games then give this novel a try, lots of twists and planning going on here.

Chapters are VERY long 7-10k words, props to the translator, he/she is putting a lot of work doing this for us readers.
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LeeEzekiel rated it
July 27, 2016
Status: v3c2 part1
Absolutely brilliant and a true pleasure to read. Delicious scheming, verbal combat, and beautiful savagery. Humor is plentiful, but often dark and dry - as befitting the tone of the novel. Conflicts so far have been challenging and believable with satisfying resolutions. The MC is almost powerless (no relying on cheats here), but can be perfectly described as a ruthless, charming, and somewhat twisted spider.

Edit: I totally forgot to praise the translator. This is one of the BEST translations I have ever read, which is so important in this story... more>> where words are king. It almost feels like the story was originally written in English!

Edit 2: One 1 star review talks about how the MC's personality "changes" in the second volume. Without spoiling anything, this is an intentional move by the Author and is acknowledged by characters in-universe. Yes, it's jarring, but it's not a result of poor/inconsistent writing. So just stick with it if you're interested. All will be clear.

As for him being crazy and cruel, well... that's the kind of story this is. Every. Single. Character. Is. Insane - to a certain extent, and in different, wonderful ways. It's like a fun rainbow of madness

The sooner you accept that this is NOT a lovely story with about a hero and his friends, who just happen to be on the side of demons, the better. People on both sides WILL get their hands dirty with mu*der, torture, and war crimes. They'll play with people's lives like toys to accomplish their goals. And they'll enjoy every second. Hopefully, so will you. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
July 13, 2016
Status: --
The MC was born into a rich household, his father had 5 wives. His upbringing warped him into a cold and calculating individual to his father and family being scum. He is brought into a fantasy world as a demon lord dungeon master, however he is the weakest demon lord barely stronger than a goblin, with no underlings, and in debt. This is a story of how he rises in the world using his cunning.

Let me say there are some unusual design flaws with this novel. The story has changed... more>> every volume. The first chapter had rpg game like feel which then becomes ignored. The first volume had a subtly political manipulation theme which then gets blatantly ignored in later volumes as it becomes a novel about raising a follower and war shenanigans. The MC's personality also changes to becoming a serial killer-esque person instead of a merciless schemer. The writing is pretty good though which is why I give it 3/5 stars. <<less
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nimudash rated it
April 2, 2018
Status: v5 afterword
This novel is like the world's best computer if it got hit by the world's worst virus, looking at the surface it's amazing but the more you check the content the more you know how wrong you were. So both the positive and negative opinions are not wrong it's just a matter of how much you can turn off your brain while reading it (I don't necessarily mean it in a bad way some things are meant to be enjoyed like that).

These are the problems excluding inconsistency because it... more>> has been mentioned in many other reviews so there's no need for me to talk about it.

Edgy MC with daddy issues, some may think he's cool because they read too many novels with beta mc's and since a psychopath has appeared they instantly got a boner for him but here's the thing psychopaths have two kinds one is like hannibal lecter and the joker which are great and then there's our MC an adult with the mind of a chuuni teenager. He hates his dad for being a pe*vert and having married too many women I know it sucks to have a dad like that.

I mean while his dad working his ass off to provide his family a luxurious life and a large company to inherit the moms try to kill each other's kids what an as*hole his dad is

And when he give his children the best possible education and the moms use them to compete to get his favor without his knowledge and thereby putting a huge mental pressure on them. Man, how did he not kill a father like that


Not to mention at the dad's funeral when his wives started a wrestling match that's also his dad's doing somehow


Some might say "b-but it's his dad's fault for having a harem and not being loyal" well, did he put a gun to their heads to force them to marry him? No. Did he cheat on them secretly without their knowledge? Nien. Did he made them take drugs to depend on him and not leave?non. Then it's their fault for not leaving him from the beginning and it's their fault that they traumatized their children, but according to the MC it's all his father's fault and his mom and step-mothers did nothing wrong besides isn't dantalian also two timing without a care for his adoptive daughter, why does he still blames his father for doing the same thing?

Now about how unbelievably intelligent he is


actually he's only smart in the first volume but apparently he consumed all his limited IQ in it let me give you an example

He has the power which tells him people's feeling about him so you would at least think he would use it tell who is his ally and who isn't but nope he's busy being an edgy teen all the time, the misunderstanding between him and paimon could have been solved if he did use it and when he supposedly does smart things it's actually just the world being convenient for him like the matter with the witches how was he able to guess their intentions when it was not hinted before or explained later and he seems to be able to make people do whatever he wants just because of his eloquence and silver tongue that magically makes his speeches alluring to all who hears it


I have rumbled quite a bit about the MC so I will make the rest shorter

The other characters are not bad when they are not being dragged into the author's forced psychopath gag the story itself is good and the comedy is decent despite the writing being pretentious sometimes and tries too hard to be deep.

All in all it's fun garbage.


i just want to reply to lordgrim's "review" above me since it's obvious that I'm the one he's referring to

first of all before you start insulting people and telling them to stop being stuck up you should look at your own review first brainlet-kun, I'm free to say anything I want and the reason for the review section is to express any opinion and to point out the good and bad about the novel you should try fixing your insecurities about other people reviews instead of throwing a tantrum at them for offending your self-insert, being an angst twat is not good for your mental health

I'm not nitpicking faults in this novel nor would that make me look smart in any way since the novel doesn't exactly try to be subtle about them and if you didn't see them that's your problem as for me being an attention whore, this my only review despite there being dozens of novels I could have been an as*hole about but I never did this one just happened to trigger me and hypothetically even if that was true it doesn't make anything I said any less correct.

this is a review for the LN so what's reading the WN got anything to do with it you don't know if the story will progress in the same direction and even if it did that doesn't refute anything I said about it at this point or if I will think of it as good just because you thought it was, seriously dude your whole argument is "hurr durr ur s*upid bcuz u don't like what I like" can you just grow up stop whining and actually come up with a counter argument for any of the problems I mentioned, I'm guessing no the only thing you can do is keep telling your self that you're a genius without saying anything remotely smart and eat whatever sh*t the author dumps on you

"This novel is a master piece. It is closer to real than other Transported to another world" yeah game mechanics that appear in a couple of volumes and disappear after that and an MC who can know what others are thinking without any hints or explanations yet turn ret*rded and not use his power when he's supposed to is very realistic

"I dare say to those who thinks they are genius and those fault finders out there, read the half of this novel" I'm at the end of volume 5 but if you're talking about the WN again you should know that most of the people praising it didn't read it either maybe you should tell them to read it before judging too

"I guess it's hard for most to understand the mind of a genius. Like the saying goes Geniuses often typically misunderstood" there's another saying for that "crazy people sound like smart people to s*upid people"

"Try to do better job at finding fault not just some shallow remarks and some things that your puny minds can't understand" you do realize that you couldn't refute any shallow remark that came out from my puny mind against this novel, right?

" the story is logical and VERY Dark, Gritty, Cruel, Violent, Psychological" no that's berserk this one is edgy and looking at your username and the way you talk so are you

" this novel knows about human nature when push to the limit. Well Written, Elaborate Writing, Realistic Relationships, Good Translation, Complex Relationships, Deep Story, and Element of Surprises" again no, I do agree with the TL being good but the writing is pretentious and in the recent volumes it's mostly just filler about the characters screwing around without even a comedic value. There's nothing about knowing human nature unless you think of human nature is that of a psycho wannabes on their period and wait, realistic complex relationships? Do you genuinely believe that? If so you need to get out of your mother's bas**ent and meet some people, the novel is not deep it's trying to be but it's just not working there isn't much element of surprise to write home about and throwing around all the buzzwords you know won't make it any better.

lastly you can't even argue about the inconsistency in story and characters alike, in what world does someone's personality change from I just wanna laze around to MUH AUTHORITY without any catalyst for it and in just 1 vol that's some great writing skills isn't it? <<less
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Nikail rated it
July 28, 2016
Status: v2 illustrations
I had no expectecion from this novel, just saw the dungeon in the name and decided to give it a read.... It blew my mind, the first volume was just translated and I literally cannot wait for the second.

The main protagonist its deliciously twisted, thats what makes this so good, the plans are based on typicall plot cheats that I will not spoil, but the MC my god THE MC... Maybe it just caters to me but the change from the typicall and by this pont criminally boring xianxia or... more>> wuxia protagonists and the madeningly impotent japanese protagonist, its just amazing, it shows me how stressed I was by the sheer s*upidity of these reads.

The secondary charachters have a mind of their own and reasons for being that way, and the romance has some realism to it, not just an exchange of gazes followed by the release of bodily fluids.

As it has been only a volume I cant say much more, but seriously if you thrust one time in your life to a random coment in the internet give this a read, I promise you wont regret it.

Its to its merit that it has only 2 review below 5 and the lowest one is just personal preference. <<less
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estelionsharluluasheelvinchancecelenalia rated it
July 27, 2016
Status: v1 afterword
Honestly, a lot better than I could have expected.

A lazy protagonist who isn't lazy simply because "lazy protagonists" are cool and hip these days.

A decisive and somewhat twisted protagonist who still isn't a c*nt.

A heroine who isn't just a prize to be won.

Dunno what else to say except that I really enjoyed it, and that it is the first Korean novel to make me say this.
37 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
NaM rated it
September 29, 2016
Status: v4 afterwords

A great novel that totally represent the word CONQUEST. Normally novel with the same genre like this are often Half-assed written and boring. BUT, Dont compare this novel to all those shits. Unlike the other conquest novel who relies on brute force and half-assed plot, This novel is all about intelligence, clever schemes and godlike wits.

MC is Dantalian (Transported to game world guy) a demon who was seating on 71st seat also known as weakest demon among the 72 demon lords.

After reading his profile I became curious and searched... more>> about dantalian. And the result is:

"Dantalion (or Dantalian) is a powerful Great Duke of Hell, with thirty-six legions of demons under his command; he is the 71st of 72 spirits of Solomon. He teaches all arts and sciences, and also declares the secret counsel of anyone, given that he knows the thoughts of all people and can change them at his will. He can also cause love and show the similitude of any person, show the same by means of a vision, and let them be in any part of the world they will. This demon is known to have many heads that speak through one mouth"

Just reading this description enlighten me that MC really is depicted to the original version of his self. And it was written well done. Honestly in all KR novel with the 72 demon element.. this storys dantalian is a perfect mirror image of his description.

With all that said this novel is truly interesting and entertaining. If you're bored with the usual Brute fights. this novel is pretty much for you! <<less
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Biasedjudge rated it
August 4, 2016
Status: v2c1 part2
I created an account just too leave a review for the more experienced audience. If your one of those bookworms that has been through the sh*t and good stuff, you will most likely be quite experienced and after 4-5 light novels you see a couple of cliches in these novels, that are so blinding and taking away a great deal of enjoyment, but thank the translators and authors not in this one. Not including the language in these translations wich is pretty much on a high standard which can't be compared too nearly any other light novel on this website.

For those who are interested in a creative non cliché story, this one is definitely for you. I can't judge much about the story yet, but purely because there haven't been a lot of chapters yet. It starts of strong and continues even better, there is a reason for its rating. Yes MC is this genius type of character with weak body. Sounds basic, but now the real fun starts. The author takes this character and finally goes in depth for once. His mental attitude as well as health are properly described, the author most likely had a fairly good overview about parental psychology, maybe even writes out of experience therefore it is incredibly realistic. This somewhat basic character has a couple of mental instabilities and his ability to emphasize with some other human basic emotions are questionable thanks too his upbringing. He doesn't get any op abilities from the get go and doesn't get physically stronger, he's a genius period. But not like "hurr durr he's a genius and thats why he already knew". Nah fam. He tackles a problem through various means that are understandable and realistic and enables the reader too actually follow the trail of his thought process, his attitude towards etiquette and his means too achieve the result he wishes for. Now no plan is perfect and even he can screw up, but there comes the genius. He solves the problems and adapts. enabling the reader a thrill not just through some shitty described fight scenes.

for those who are not as experienced or couldn't follow my thought process. This story is unlike most light novels that give you 20 chapters of some arc without going into actual depth. It takes its time too describe every plot, except some points of the main character so you can follow up with your own thesis (up till now that is). There won't be a situation where your like... that was that, onto the next arc of this manga. Every action has a reaction, even the simplest and even if it may take 20 volumes. Thats the feel I get right now. Now I haven't spoken about the actual plot much merely because I wish too not spoil anything (even slightest detail needs a lot of description giving away a lot. Relationship wise, its finally a character that looses their head about women, not like oooh a new chick for my harem. It looks like "stability" is valued (those that read until part 2 of vol 2 understand why its in brackets).

Now then onto the scoring. I have a book next too me which (will sound ridiculous but you need that explanation) which even my highly educated mother views as a hard read, basically impossible before you have at least studied historical religion/ historical fine arts and philosophy. and this book "the wonder of Theism" is hard pressed in its superiority by this novel. Just its descriptive language is on a level which none light novel on this website can even look at, but is still on a level that makes it easily readable by pretty much any individual. The translator and author must be both brilliant people. Not even speaking of its story line.

This review was written by a administrative managerial economics and industrial management freshman. So for those with high standards there can be slight trust in my judgment. (sorry for repetitive language english is only my 2nd language pls forigv meh) enjoy :)
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GrimReader rated it
July 19, 2016
Status: v1c4
This series promises to be one of the best in ages. The cast is excellent, the plans are machiavellian and the MC makes shieldbro seem optimistic and kind. I can't wait to see where this goes.
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Joe Bloag
Joe Bloag rated it
September 12, 2016
Status: v3c1
What can I say. It is a totally overrated story. Well, not the 1st chapters, aka volume 1. It is entertaining and fun to read.

But it really goes downhill later on with an MC going from lazy otaku-style to a total sociopath with bipolar disorder. Yeah, we see it from miles away coming with the father problems and whatnot. But why does it feel he changes extremely without need within such a short time. I won't wait for an explanation sometimes in the last volume or so.

And yes, the dialogues... more>> are mostly interesting to read and not the typical "web novel shallow". The fun thing is that many praise the author for the great deduction and planning of the MC. But when you really read it there are enough vague assumptions filled by convenient acting of all sidekicks or it is simply obvious. There is plenty guesswork made true by the authors writing...

At the end, the MC gets more annoying from chapter to chapter. I am really not into novels where crazy people built up the story.

Starting volume 3 it got boring for me and it is a drop. <<less
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Arraz rated it
January 29, 2017
Status: v4c4
Basically the best novel I've ever read. To be honest, I'd advice you not to read this thing in order to be able to appreciate good "novels". Yes, it's so good that It's unrivaled (at least among the many novels I've read until now). But, if despite my advice, you still want to read this masterpiece, beware: being good also means being unique.

This novel can be classified as a "psychology" type novel and a realistic one at that. I know what you are gonna say: "This story is gamish and... more>> the MC is a demon, how is that supposed to be realistic?" My answer will be simple : the story is realistic but the universe is not. The universe of the story is a little bit cliché and some misleading "tags" are coming from that simple fact. BUT as a "psychology" type novel, what is most important are the "characters"

In this novel, most of the characters you will learn about are characters that can think. They are people that can scheme and that are ready to do even the most awful things for their interest. Then someone is gonna tell me "Then it's all about money? how disappointing!" Nope, because interest doesn't always means money, it mean aim and object if in this case. In fact the characters have some aims, this that they yearn for, some utopia, they are thirsting for, and those depend on the character, his past, his personality etc...

Contrary to many novels, what is written here, are not the "facts" and "what happens" but instead what those strategic characters are thinking. The protagonists are always describing their idea yet not all of them and explaining most of the things yet not everything, hence letting the reader try to foresee what will happen next.

Then you re gonna tell me "well, that seems good, but what about the universe, doesn't it seem as if it was a flaw?" My answer will be ambiguous: "In my opinion it is a flaw But the author have succeed in concealing it"

What does it means? It means that this universe didn't seem, at least at first, being fit for the story. First the MC get a power in the first chapter, power that will be useless and will nearly never be used from the second volume onward. So, to me, this power was the proof that the universe was unfit for the story. But, what is important is what happens next! Other than this power, each and every point introduced during the first chapters were used afterward. Some of which were used many volumes later!

Besides, this story's quality keep on increasing together with the number of volumes. The first one was so so, the second one was average (yet they were at a rather good quality, equal to the best novels) while the third and forth volumes were fabulous! (from the 3rd volume's beginning, it became a masterpiece) BTW dont be fooled by the amount of volumes/chapters. Those are long enough for you to have your fill.

To sum up: if you re looking for a story in which thoughts are the most important thing, a story full of schemes and philosophical issues not embarrassing themselves with ethics and hypocritical things, then you are part of those that can appreciate the story.

If you re looking for non strategic battles, dumb protagonists, overpowered MC due to luck, then go away and do not even spare a second to this. <<less
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thetacotheif rated it
July 27, 2016
Status: v1c5 part1
This is a master piece, to the story, to the MC, to the characters story. You get long chapters that will control the aura of the story, either making you sad, laugh, tense or terrified. The demons aren't your average killing maniac. But rather political beings that know its consequences. The story is slow but most line are meaningful for the plot, giving it a bigger impact later on.

Its POV is what made me like it, it shows date, name, rank, and place

Overall, its a recommendation.
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