Dungeon Defense (WN)


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Do you know how this world ends?

Become the hero and defeat the 72 Demon Lords. The game that was boasted as the absolute hardest strategy game, 『Dungeon Attack』.

I used to be the ‘hero’ who had accomplished everything in this game, but after answering a suspicious survey, I found myself in the game as the weakest Demon Lord, 「Dantalian」.

With only my eloquent tongue and my memories of conquest as a hero—.

In order to survive as Dantalian. I shall tear this world apart.

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KuroInfinity rated it
September 8, 2019
Status: --
The author's writing and the translation quality is just as exceptional as it was two years ago, despite this being an earlier prototype version.

Vastly different from the LN, yet still enjoyable in its own way.

I am scared though. I have heard infamous rumours about how the web novel ends.

... more>>

About how Dantallion goes insane (even more so than what we're used to), killing love interests and the like, despite being mentally stronger than his LN counterpart. Eventually leading up to a very depressing ending.


I'm still reading it though. I need closure. It's been almost two years since the last LN was released, and I'll be damned if I let this become another one of my thoughts that keeps me awake at three in the morning. <<less
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RDProduction rated it
January 23, 2021
Status: c111
Ehh, a couple people didn't give 5 stars after only reading a couple dozen reviews?

I gave this one 5 Stars. I read the LN before I read the WN, but there's no point in discussing which one is better. Let's talk about the actual WN and the differences instead. People are gonna miss on this gem otherwise. Thank you Shalvation Translation for giving this WN and LN a great translation.

So let's begin with some differences:

I will first state that the MC in this book did take a more generic route... more>> as some of the reviews here mention. In fact, I felt as if there are more fillers here than in the LN novel. That is probably due to the fact that the LN is more concise, whereas in the WN, the author has more to say about the background of the world. We get to see more RPG elements and a better explanation of the game system mechanics. There are also "Alternate Ending" routes, which the author gives to show what would happen if Dantalian fails in his scheming. So let's start:

  1. MC: So the MC in the LN is seen as calculative, scheming, emotionless, a sociopath, authoritative, and to be honest with you, a little insane. We all love the fact that he is seductive, mysterious, charming, and has all the bad boy elements all from the start. Now the WN version has the same traits, but we see it build up in a more progressive manner. The main difference is due to the WN's ability to empathize with the demons or monsters around him. As he progresses the story, the different scenarios turn a regular college student in the path of a Demon Lord. The MC in the WN at this point still has his sanity and feel both remorse and guilt. He feels more human than in the LN novel.
  2. Other characters: all characters in the LN version appears in the WN version (well most of them so far T.T). We get introduced to new characters as well those that hasn't appeared in the LN yet (if they didn't stop at book 5). The characters around our MC are still insane, but they feel more supportive of the MC rather than being manipulative like in the LN. Lapis is not the cold-blooded mixed breed and Laura is no longer the untouchable princess. Laura also feels more like the main heroine than Lupis. Ivar is also not as treacherous and Barbatos is not as forceful. The main difference is emotion. The supporting characters are more emotional and supportive of the MC. Rather than a give and take approach, the WN has a more dependent approach when the MC interacts with the supporting characters.
  3. Setting: the last difference I want to explain in the background. The setting is more diverse and throughly explained compared to the LN. We get a better sense of the world-building and more interaction with the different villagers and demonic races.
In summary, the WN is a lot less gruesome and dark. The MC in the LN novel feels more omnipotent where it did not matter if he was weak since he can control everyone around him. Whereas the MC in the WN feels more like a regular person being transported into a different world, only to learn how to be scheming in order to survive the hellish environment.

Now people can compare which one is better, but I personally think the WN is also an enjoyable read. Sure the LN has a soft spot in our heart (as it is one of my top 3 novels) and we can't help but compare the two novels. Do keep in mind that it shouldn't stop you from reading this WN version. <<less
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kdaviddj rated it
January 6, 2020
Status: c510

The main character in the WN version is a more "normal" person with some perks from the game system, knowledge from the game (Dungeon Attack) which took place int Hero's PoV. Note that the source of the MC's confidence is not based on his intelligence or the game system but from clearing all the achievements in the game. The LN version described the MC as an hyper intelligent character beyond human capability while this version the MC is only a witty and intelligent person.
In this version the MC takes a slow dive into madness, he was a normal person and could not handle the mental strain of mu*dering an uncountable number of people. However, you don't notice how mentally strained he is until the end when even the other characters notice it.
Many of his love interests end up dying. Tragedy upon tragedy but at what cost? He tries his best to retain his sanity. The ending is bittersweet.
Note that there is some explicit content in this version. Avid use of aphrodisiacs, drugs and s*x as means to an end.

Note that there are three versions of Dungeon Defense.

The original version was a web novel. The second version took the web novel, removed some explicit scenes and published as a book. The third version was the light novel version. I'm not sure which one this version is. The first or the second...

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Hatehakhton rated it
September 2, 2019
Status: c10
It's quite different from the LN version. But in this version, it actually sticks to the title more and follows a slightly more generic route. Not much is out yet to draw any assumptions, but considering the LN version, it should be pretty good in the future.

Also, special thanks to the translator for translating this book. The quality has always been fabulous.
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Kuroda rated it
June 16, 2020
Status: c64
I prefer this web novel to the light novel version. These characters are actually likable and I find them easier to relate to because they still retain sanity and are not just dark psychopaths. The characters in the light novel may have the same names, but their internal characters are totally disfigured and different to these guys. The relationships are also more light-hearted in this one, and I like how the MC actually cares for his subordinates, and some chapters even feature his day to day interactions with faeries, goblins,... more>> golmns and so on. He is still ruthless and slowly descends into madness in this one, but he's not a full blown psychopath with death occurring in the background during casual conversations. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: c93
Read the tags- this is a tragedy.

The MC doesn't fight much- go to other novels for that. The MC does occasionally direct others to fight- but mostly this is strategies & politics & such.

This author... I mention this just to say 'what the hell, author?' because I don't know what his damage is.

... more>> Who rewrites a story to make it worse?

Th LN version of this was much better. It had issues, sure- but this WN has only a similarity to the LN, and (in general) can be summarized by saying

  • 'How can I make this darker/more unsettling than it was?'
A lot of this is done by deciding

  • 'lets casually inject horrible events/content in a way that suggests quiet acceptance by the MC'- (more acceptance than should be reasonable for a normal person at least)
For some reason the author curiously 'balances' this casual acceptance of shittiness by making the MC 'weak to caring for cute things'. This is lampshaded/justified as some special type of 'bipolar' disorder- but it's really just another excuse for the author to spill his disturbed headspace onto paper for you to read.

  • 'Demons'? says the author... that means I can throw in lots of hentai based deviancy in! Oh! and demons eat humans, right? They do now!
  • 'Nobles'? surely this guarantees in*est, decadence and corruption!
  • Monsters? Hm. Let's focus on s*x partners with demons I suppose- yeah, that can work...
Nonsense like that. As ridiculous as it sounds- that's the 'playbook' for this story- the first 100 chapters at least. That's the general 'environment' of the world the author focuses on.

As a 'bonus', the author sometimes puts in a few chapters of 'what if' type story. You know- 'this never happened, but it could have' stories. The first two being horrible 'bad ends' (because it's something you wanted to see. I guess?). Maybe I'm not appreciating that the author was giving you a 'warning' with the 'bad ends'? Warm-ups before the real thing. I mentioned the tags already- so you should know what I mean...

Now, moving past all the disquieting nonsense, the rest of the story is a bit awkward, slow, and forced at times. It's still not 'bad'- just 'less reward for the setup' than I want to be bothered with. It's also disappointing for a story which shows an intelligent protag as it's strong suit, just to make him occasionally dumb to facilitate plot, (or others who should be smart 'dumb enough' so he can outwit them...) (sigh).

Age does not indicate any aspect of wisdom or experience here (unless the author decides it should for a moment or so).

It also has NSFW sections that don't really facilitate plot or character development or anything- and are barely wanted or totally unwanted by the protag to boot (?) -- Confusing. Just a thing the author decided to do, and (to be fair) they are not as awkward as most authors who try to 'dabble' in erotica- so 'kudos' I guess? Well- I say 'not awkward' but that's only if you put aside the issues of 'loli' or 'r*pe' of course- which you have to (if you go at the author's speed) because the MC won't give it those issues a second thought (or at best make a passing minor complaint in his own head).

The lack of any moral/ethical dilemma for the MC anywhere is another issue that's weird. I'm not trying to 'force' his personality, or 'complain' about what it is. What I'm saying is that the first few chapters were rehashed to (apparently) make the MC 'more human' and 'normal' than before. Why do that just to later have him actively plotting against humans, killing them personally, and even targeting specific (previously admired) characters as if it was just a bit more difficult than a 'uniform change'... Yeah- 'that's how humans are' in a nutshell. I understand he 'switched sides'. Sure. But to throw away your humanity and instead become an exterminator of humanity without pause or regret? Do it. Not even a consideration. It might make you a bit nauseous- but you get over it. Little phases this guy. Weird/forced s*x stuff? Meh. people do that- right next to me- or to me. Why make a fuss?

This huge change is not a 'normal' person.

The first third of ch 93 gives his 'big plan' (which is supposedly clever) , but really only illustrates how ridiculous the MC has become. No normal person thinks like that. Even to 'play a game' most people don't run the route of 'anarchy' on their first play through unless they're super bored- and even then, it's 'because it's a game' that they feel they can experiment like that. Casually deciding that you should betray people who trust you, kill people in droves (on both sides) just to reduce everyone's strength- all to maybe help achieving a goal that was told to you by a guy who you always had beef with, and killed you... How dumb can you be?


As to whether or not you should read this... I don't know what to say. If you really like dark stuff, don't mind where the end is going to go (or even prefer it), then 'sure- go ahead'. If you don't? probably some caution is advised. It's not terrible-level of 'dark' just disappointing since it's 100% gratuitous and mostly hentai. This story should be about a 5 on the dark scale- like any fantasy without elves really... but with the author's occasional 'hentai' style nonsense- it's a gratuitous 7-8. Somewhere just beyond 'elves are preferred s*x s*aves' fantasy nonsense (which this does) into 's*x s*ave forced training procedures' (which the MC doesn't bother to interfere with).

At this point I should stress that I don't have some beef against 'mature themes'. This just simply is not a work like 'Goblin Slayer' which maintains a reasonable balance of awareness, integrity and realism even though it's in a world that's (in theory) equally hentai to this one- but doesn't actively exploit/sensationalize it or overlook the difficulties.

Hm. Other considerations? I feel like the story is transparently a sounding board for the author's fetish nonsense, and actually 'writing a good story' is an incidental inconvenience to that at best. Don't get me wrong- some 'good story' is in there. it's just buried under unnecessary nonsense.

Even worse, the MC is a plot puppet. Pretty much doing crap as needed to further the plot, and ignoring sh*t that might spark a hint of human emotion (as convenient or inconvenient to whatever the author has planned next). The story almost seems like rambling showcases of 'the world is shitty'- and the MC barely cares. His personal relationships? Most are cliche, he's a dense protag to females- everything else is 'as needed for plot'.

Worst of all, he has no motivation to even try to seek out the source of his issues.

Hell- it's a friggin' list:

  • (the guy that 'truck-san'ed him into the other world) ? No second thought.
  • He suspects he's playing on a ridiculous difficulty setting (and then promptly moves on, ignoring it).
  • He gives no thought to 'am I really supposed to be doing what I was told to by my 'enemy' (when he's clearly trying to kill me) '. Am I doing the right thing (in any sense of the word?
  • Is this a 'real' world? Am I killing 'real' people? Never considered.

You can consider these points- but the MC doesn't. He's just being 'the best demon he can be- damn the consequences'.


In this respect much of the intro is rendered worthless. 'Being human' before? worthless. 'Being a hero' before? worthless- well, except for getting 'insider info' of course.


One thing becomes pretty clear, though- the entire war is pretty pointless, involving mostly dumb & selfish people- and actually pretty avoidable-- if not for the MCs 'secret mission'.


The story is a collection of 'just so the story can happen' type things.

Sometimes you get a bit which has a good bulk of politics, logic, deduction or debate. Planning or strategy are bonus (that's probably why you're here). Ah, if the author could focus and do more of those...

Couple this 'inconsistent delivery' with the supposed 'bad end' of the story (I haven't gotten there yet. myself-- but read the tags- this is a tragedy) - it's like the author finally ragequits, tired of dirtying things to upset the readers who just won't stop following.

Well, it feels like one big troll to me anyway...

All that said it's not without some value, and some of the characters and intrigue are good. I just don't know if it's worth all the ballast. I know this might sound like 'I'm upset the author didn't write the story I wanted'- but that's not it. I think it's obvious from the LN the story had massive potential, and the author squandered it.

  • This has a (5* rating) of 66%.
  • The LN this was 'improved from'? 82%
It's not just me. How do you 'improve' something so almost 1/6 (16%) less people love it? People who hated it (rated 1*) almost doubled for the new version.

A huge example of 'good with bad' and wasted potential. Normally I would say this would do great after being properly edited- but this is the edited version!

Ugh- this is long. Gonna have to edit later... <<less
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MyRAMEN rated it
November 13, 2020
Status: cc6
The LN is definitely better than the WN, however considering this actually got finished vs LN, it might likely mean that this version's story did not get messed up on unlike LN were it slowly started to go downhill from V1 till eventually V4/5 pretty much seemed like pure filler. I didnt read far into this so not sure how later chaps will fair against LN
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tgb089 rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: c20
The published novel is definitely the better version of the two. The WN has gone a more generic route, the main lead is shut-in gamer college student, got transported to game-lit world via truck-kun, and the main leads Dantalian and Lapis are not that distinguish or compelling compared to their published's counter part. Overall, it just felt less gritty and more safe.

I'm excited to get to read more Dungeon Defense and it's completed with 510 chapters. I just hope things will get better later on. Before reading this, I'll advise... more>> you to experience the publish version first if you didn't read it yet. <<less
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Dg2 rated it
November 12, 2022
Status: c310
First thing to know about this is, the fic is mediocre.

It doesn't have a single thing that it has done above average. Evil MC? Yeah no, he lets the heroes live so they can kill him.... like he takes the ten year old girl, brands her as a s*ave, shoves a s*xual slime into her vag and has her brother r*pe her for years. Then makes her call him father even after she tries to kill him every single day.

Make your own conclusions if this is a big brain move... more>> or not... Yeah, now apply this to every decisions he makes.... So is this MC a once in a life time genius?

Anway, we can already see how fcked the guy and story is, but the whole being evil gig he running with is a contradiction in itself. Honestly this MC is acting like a typical wanker who has the typical 'ingenious' moments, yet those times are not done well either.

Example A) The war arcs are boring as hell to read. The MC loses a climactic battle of his 60k troops to a mere 15k strong enemy. Like wtf was the author thinking? Where did all of the plot armor go? Isn't the MC a big brain man? Yet after this massive fk up, the side characters still believe in the MC and his 'master plan'. And though such a lose may only occur once, every single future battle I've read is unoriginal. The MC makes big brain move, he stomps them, chase scene then a slaughter, rinse and repeat about 30 times. Like didn't you just show us that the MC is god awful at wars? Why pretend it never happened? Why are the fights so copy pasted?

Now to the romance.

Example B) As I said before, the MC is a pedo/rapist/sad*st and is a many other sickening things. The demon lord woman magically fall in love with him, and sure that is a generic harem trope, but the MC degrades them in his mind all the time. I'm not even allowed to imagine the spicy things they could up to as I have to constantly read the annoying monologues of the MC manipulating them for s*x. Putting down his betters as a typical street hooker that you find in GTA and kill later for your money back. The woman are obviously saying he is a tr*shy person, yet they still can't stop fking him. Its annoying af as the author is just giving everyone a big middle finger at this point. Not even trying to create anything worth of substance.

Example C) So there are no new jokes at all. Only comedy is the running gag of him being a tr*shy guy. Honestly, tr*shy is not a good explanation. More like he is a pe*ophile, genocider, wannabe villain, immoral and simply in human. How are you supposed to relate with the guy when he doesn't even have any qualities for us to latch to? Sure, you can say its because he is a villain. But did you know that right is only reserved for those with emotions? This guy is simply an unfeeling husk of a monster. Literally there are no qualities for him stand on to qualify for being the big evil that he pretends to be. At most he's like the throw away genetic monster who lost its mind and is put down in a side arc. A mu*dering maniac who doesn't feel love, joy, repentance or other simple things that are the core things of an individual.

Anyway, as I said before, this is a below average fic. Nothing is stellar, nothing is really good. Hell, it is called dungeon defense, but there is no dungeon defending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The MC isn't an individual, just a mass of desires, he is the biggest joke in the fic since we are suppose to take him seriously. How can anyone enjoy a story that doesn't even follow its premise? This just shows that the author is making BS as he goes. Literally the 1st Demon Lord is dead half way through and now we are expected that some random princess is his intellectual equal. This is simply destroying the sole thing unique to the MC. Now he is no longer the sole big brain genius unique to the story.

Rate 2.7 <<less
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Shadp rated it
February 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Dantalian our MC gets transported to another world similar to that of a game he played called Dungeon Attack which plays the role of a hero vanquishing evil, however, he is instead the 71st Demon King Dantalian.

Much like the same intro as the LN, here we have a realistic take of what a weak "human" will do when confronted by a bunch of adventurers looking to loot his dungeon.

MC is not a genius but rather his wit stems from his unimaginable amount of knowledge about the game and his eloquent... more>> tongue. Here, he is rather obsessed with "responsibility" over the ones he killed contrary to the LN which was "authority".

Characters are exceptional. They have depth and each have their own flaws. They become broken the more you read the story. The emotions they feel start to feel genuine and you find yourself empathizing with them.

Dantalian becomes crazy but the author deliberately makes us think that he is okay until someone points it out.

All in all, it gave me depression reading this but overall a good story.

P.S: For anyone who wants to read the MTL, you can read it on jpmtl. <<less
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Shut it
Shut it rated it
January 8, 2022
Status: --
sh*t ending. It could have been a really good novel, but the Ending ruin everything. I have no clue why the author decided to end the novel like this.

The author decided to kill all the his women except one of them (the demon lard) which is ridiculous!

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
jerry204 rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: c105
Uniquely written and I haven't read any novel with this type of ending till now. The protagonist doesn't have OP like power and is not a saint like how other MCs will be like when went into a strange world/situation where everything works for them at the end and always has a good guy halo surrounding him/her.

Too many characteristics for MC: betrayals, schemes, greedy, lust, insane, psychopath, love.

I can consider this having a more realistic ending than any other WN. The only problem for me with this is, I have... more>> to read the last 50 or so chapters repeatedly to get a grasp on the story and then relieve the emotions contained within. <<less
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deluks917 rated it
November 19, 2020
Status: c93
This is amazing, just amazing. I've read all five volumes of the light novel, and I have to say I enjoy the web novel a lot more. The characters feel a lot more relatable, and less just batsh*t insane. WN!Dantalian is considerably less of an uber edgelord than LN!Dantalian. The world and characters are much more fleshed out, and there is considerably greater attention to detail. This is IMO the better novel, and it's a shame it's rated lower than the LN.

Changes from the Light Novel that I'm loving so... more>> far:

  • Humanisation of the characters
  • The greater detail of the other demon lords
  • Riff's revenge and Barbatos' involvement
  • The quicker pace of events and escalation
  • I really loved the first bad end where Dante became a s*ave (mostly for Liz though)
  • The full involvement of all the demon lords in the 8th crusade
  • The prioritisation of Laura and Dante's relationship
  • The much greater detail of the Dungeon Defense world. The WN absolutely kicks the LN's ass in terms of depth of world building.
  • The capture of the Black Mountains pass
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rembred rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: c507
Finished reading it with machine translation. This novel starting like typical clishe isekai but even in first chapters you see author has his own style and eventualy you just reading dark political drama with Main Character who follow his own principle and view on world. Other chars is very solid and interesting. There is harem but it is more "realistic" one, pretty much they love MC but some hate each other, some just accept other and ... more>>

eventualy one girl will ask MC to kill other one and this will ruin pretty much everything

. The only thing that I didn't like that there not much closure for some impotant characters. More like after Last war conflict you only know fate of MC. There some IF routes and endings chapters which is pretty interesting but there 5-6 maybe, wanted more. <<less
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cringeman rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: --
This novel is good compared to other good for nothing novel this novel follows logic, no obvious plot holes

MC is cool, cruel, cunning, knows how f*cking crazy world works, lazy, gives no sh*t about what happens to other people, doesn't have cheat (except a brilliant brain)

Caution 💀💀There are some disturbing scenes

It certainly is very dark
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glorfenork rated it
February 12, 2024
Status: --
Read it if you like NTR tr*sh. Too many r*ped sullied girls for my tastes, especially since they are pretty much supposed to be heroines or whatever. Beginning was good, before they introduced the women.

It would be fine if they weren't the main characters or recurring characters close to the MC.

Honestly just made me nauseous as hell, reading it is akin to cutting the area between my fingers.

That's all. Read it if you are a sick deviant. Like the disgusting filth most people are these days. Why can't stories just... more>> be about mu*dering people? You gotta ruin it with this s*x and r*pe shit... Goodbye. <<less
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GrayMao rated it
February 8, 2022
Status: c229
If you are the type to like MC with crazy mentality, tr*shy attitude, cunning mind and well, weak amongst the weak, then I must say congrats, pal. This is what you are looking for.

As long that you are willing to bent your sense of morality, accepts his action as a sense of fiction and out of survival, then I think the plot will be good enough for you to keep this in your current reads.

Warning: There are a lot of NFSW, R-18 & mature contents. Well, there is an... more>> option to skip. Also, personally, I don't think it really affects the progress of the story so this should not be a reason for you to not read. This is also harem so if you are into loyal hero-trope MC, then I guess this might not works for you.

I guess that will be it. Read, then judge on your own whether you are into this shitty plot type of novel. <<less
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Minepeakk12 rated it
September 8, 2020
Status: c70
I highly recommend you to read this for me this is better than LN, In wn MC are not genius psychopath like LN but a actual human being that used everything he can just in order to survive and slowly fall into the madness just because life are not novel that situation always goes by your side and everything have acceptable reason for it, not like LN that everything are going though what he want and the other best thing that have only in wn is route if it will... more>> show you that what happens if he met the condition of ending <<less
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blackmoralkrena rated it
April 19, 2020
Status: c55
It is the best isekai/reincarnation story/novel which I've ever read. Although the author is fixed on a certain style of storytelling and uses too many "b*tch" "tr*sh" "whore" and so on, but all this is wrapped in a thick dark philosophy and psychology with hints of makivialism and the desire for superiority and power. Each main character in this story has its own defect but this defect is very beautiful and the author in the dynamics of the story seems to fertilize these strange plants turning them into works of... more>> art. <<less
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haanhaan rated it
December 4, 2021
Status: c185
4 stars...

Good read, but for people that like simple casual read and don't want to use too much brain power to read novels maybe this one bit not to your liking cause the politics and schemes...I'd like to give 5 stars, bu*t the 'looooooong' politics and schemes talk (usually taking as much as few chapters just for this) sometimes really annoying *for me*

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