To Hell With Being a Hero!


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I lived like any ordinary person when a stranger suddenly approached me.

“You are… a hero.”

“No, I’m not.”

“I see. You are the one we have been waiting for…”

I just told you I wasn’t though.

“How surprising. Were you aiming for this perhaps? As expected…”

This is crazy, absolutely madness.

“Praise the light!”

I am about to go insane, for real!

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영웅 따위 개나 줘
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SilverFox99 rated it
April 15, 2022
Status: c467
Written by the author of Second Coming of Gluttony. The level of writing and translation are top notch at least for this site. The author is really good at creating mysterious vibe and we will slowly uncover the big mystery layer by layer.

The MC might be unlikable for a lot of people in the beginning but with this author, he will get a lot of character development. Like Seol Jihoo in SCOG. Just compare him like Grid who was unlikable in the beginning but has grown so much.

For more... more>> detailed explanation of the novels's background & MC's power, just read the reviews below, especially one made by Gremix.

Edit as of ch467 :

A realistic depiction of what would happened if a normal person suddenly shoved into a war between supernatural forces. In the beginning MC might seem naive & slow as compared to other characters, but keep in mind before this he was an ordinary civilian while the rest of the cast are mostly heroes who saved the world at least once.

But I promise that he will slowly develop, making him into a charismatic & capable leader. His strength will also develop in the same way, it might seems slow and it's not without failures but it worth the pay off. I dare to say the pay off is on similar level or better to Grid's (Overgeared) development in both character & strength.

In the beginning it feels like a dark soul novel, as MC & the others were so weak while relatively the enemies are extremely powerful. The status quo was so bleak that they didn't have access to Growth System & mana yet. The situation will slowly improve though as they achieved difficult tasks & lays the ground work for them to be able to grow. MC's faction. humanity, will grow from near extinction to one of the major forces.

MC'S Status Window (Ch 467)


Note MC awakened 10 innate abilities as compared to others. But unlike other novels where it made him instantly OP, the result in this novel is not immediate as they need to be trained & mastered, due to this it instead hinders him in the beginning. As there are too many things to master & too little time to so, the hardware is good but software is underdeveloped.

Those abilities will certainly make MC powerful later on. But in the beginning of his training with his master, they resorted to sealing most of them as it made training difficult for him. Though it felt really good to see how much he developed when he finally released the seal. But at the time he was still not all powerful yet & was instead barely able to survive his adversary.

As of 467, MC has become one of the pillar of humanity being second only to his brother. Capable of fighting in the big league against all the other executives & leaders of the other factions on lesser or similar level.



<User Information>

1. Name & Rank: Choi Chi-Woo (EX)

2. s*x & Age: Male & 23

3. Height & Weight: 180.5 & 73.5kg

4. Denomination: 'The Goddess of Scales' and 'Guardian of Balance', La Bella

5. Tier: Master

6. Class: Exorcist → Monk → Advanced Exorcist → High-ranking Exorcist → Inquisitor -> Cardinalis → Saint

7. Heavenly Title: Three Lines

8. Disposition: Neutral

<Physical Attributes>

[Strength A]

[Durability A]

[Agility A]

[Stamina A]

[Mental Fortitude A]

[Exorcism A]

<Basic Ability (3) >

1. [Martial Arts AAA] – the fundamental principle of martial arts. Although streams of water flow in different ways, they all end up in the same place... As a result of reaching the origin, it has deepened even further. If the user makes up his mind, he can exercise martial arts transcending the limits of human beings.

2. [Intuition AAA] – ability to understand something immediately. The user immediately accepts the phenomenon without need for sensory input, experiences, and reasoning... As long as an attack does not transcend the human realm, it cannot escape the user's perception. Although it has been fully absorbed as part of the user with the unity ability, it has been upgraded and will be maintained as an innate ability due to the synesthesia ability.

3. [Purification Breathing AAA] – expels the old and bad and inhales the good and new. The user has achieved a level of purification that cannot be achieved by a mortal being. It is already at a level that is virtually no longer considered human. The potential that has already been purified is waiting for the time to fully be awakened.

<Class Ability (5) >

1. [Choi Chi-Woo's Original Exorcism Prayer AA]

2. [La Bella's Bible A+++] – the bible of La Bella, Liber's Goddess of Balance. An ability to summon her bible, which is linked to all class abilities. Rather than strengthening its original effect, it changes it. When this ability is activated, it converts one's disposition to True Neutral temporarily.

3. [La Bella's Sanctuary A+] – it summons the sanctuary of La Bella, the Liber goddess of balance. The resistance capability of the sanctuary is based on exorcism mana, and all powers exerted by the user receive a boost.

4. [Executioner A]

5. [Stigmata S] – A trace of god for users recognized as prospective Saints. Rather than its religious meaning, it is closer to a blessing. When activated, all previously granted powers are automatically activated, and with La Bella's blessing, the user's overall combat power is greatly increased. It is a type of finishing move that is used when a Saint is determined to punish their opponent. However, special care should be taken when using this ability as there is a risk of personality deterioration with frequent uses.

<Innate Ability (10) >

1. [Abso???? ???sality EX]

2. [Unity AAA] – Everything goes round and round and round into one. All flow becomes one... As a result of reaching the origin... its proficiency has deepened.

3. [Great Four Tiger Sword S]

4. [Spirit Eye S]

5. [Blessed Luck S]

6. [Deus Ex Machina S] – The sudden appearance of a god. Originally this ability's rank fell outside the standard limit... but currently, it is waiting for the right time to make an appearance.

7. [Core of Balance A]

8. [Divine Blood A] – The awakening of the blood thanks to the 'Core of Balance'. It protects the mind and body by providing resistance to all kinds of high-level interference that affects the heart's function, and it can even reduce the damage caused by a transcendent being's interference.

9. [Golden Ratio S] – A temporary vessel reassembled by the 'Core of Balance'. It is based on the golden ratio, said to create the most beautiful and balanced harmony since ancient times. The user has transcended a mortal body, and this ability has evolved into a permanent effect through the user's transcendence.

10. [Halo A] – the ability to arouse admiration and trust in another person. If charisma is the military authority of a king or general of a country, halo is classified in the religious category in which Saints are respected for performing miracles. If the user wants to, he can create a religion of great fanatic following that can easily overturn a country.

<Special Ability (4) >

1. [Sharing S]

2. [Imprinting: Core of Union]

3. [El Dorado's Treasure]

4. [Shared Growth] – growth occurs simultaneously with each other. Excluding some transcendent abilities, it applies to all physical abilities, basic abilities, class abilities, and innate abilities. Even though there is a severe difference in rank, abilities appropriately follow the user's condition and realization. However, abilities cannot exceed the highest rank of each respective ability's category. This is a gift from La Bella for her apostle, who finally made his resolution.

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arcadefire35 rated it
August 12, 2022
Status: --
  • "To hell with being a hero" is not to hell with being a hero at all. Tr*sh title to lure people in.
  • Treats readers like they have mental deficiencies.
  • This whole novel is like a "no means yes" they keep saying no MC you can't, but we all know where it's going. Either that, or every single "vow" or disappearance or forceful decision by the people to "prevent" MC is just "well you'll suffer" or "well you're allergic to bananas and heaven has bananas so you can't come" basically pretend-reasons that are not reasons.
  • C**k teases the reader for chapters on end with fake depth and a billion foreshadowings without getting to the point. Imagine someone who knows a mu*derer goes to the police, but instead of saying the name of the mu*derer in <half a second, they spend 90 years talking about their favourite TV show or how much they suffered, then they die of old age before they can reveal it.
  • Waste of my f**king time scrolling through each chapter, with all the c**k teases, trying to fish out what is important information instead of tr*sh repeated delays acting as fake foreshadowing.
To summarize again:

nah, this is trying way too hard to offer zero information to make you read 300 chapters only to find out that his brother left for some inane reason,... more>> like he was fighting the evil dragon of the heavenly ten thousand an*l fists or smt.
Fake depth, basically.


MC could literally ask his parents wtf is going on but nope. Author just want the sense of "mystery" instead of just explaining shit. <<less
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daoist_of_heavenly_thunder rated it
October 17, 2022
Status: c156
I'm sure you all are familiar with the common novel practice of suddenly turning to crap in the middle; this is an excellent example. Premise is all chosen-one-y, a little annoying but whatever. The MC struggles with his group to get a foothold on the hostile alien planet of Liber, and its a pretty decent story, albeit really abusive to the characters. The problem occurs within the execution of the premise; ... more>>

So the MC's brother has been missing for ages, and a large portion of the reason Chi-woo even goes to Liber is to look for him, because that's his last known location. In the process of trying to stay alive on Liber, he stirs up a bunch of positive changes, and eventually successfully reunites with his brother. All should be well, right? Well, not quite. His brother, who is called Chi-hyun. Is more than a little bit of an a**hole. The author feels the need to dump on us upon their reunion that as a result of being almost a decade apart, and his long absence, they "aren't close, " and this backpedaling is your first red flag. If you were wondering what Chi-hyun's reaction to seeing his brother for the first time in years would be, so was I. I wondered if he'd be, say, glad to see him, angry at him for coming, concerned about his safety, or even just shocked or proud at his changes and accomplishments; maybe a mix of these. Nope. He makes his entrance by nearly ruining Chi-woo's fragile truce with the monster alliance by beating up a dude who threatened him with a sword, then proceeds to ignore him the whole way back to their city. When Chi-woo looks for an opportunity to meet him and locks eyes with him across a crowded room, Chi-hyun just gestures at him to leave and continues to ignore him. He breaks into our MC's house in the middle of the night afterwards just to debase everything he's accomplished, yell at him and threaten him to stay out of Liber's affairs, and when this predictably is met with shock and anger on Chi-woo's part, he drags him to a crypt and imprisons him there, then tells him he wishes he was never born!! And the only reason he lets him out afterwards is because Chi-woo's group is entirely unsubtle about calling his actions around his absence suspicious, and so he realizes they're going to get him out eventually one way or another. He also breaks the arm of the MC's student, because he threatens him to let Chi-woo go and draws his sword on him. But let's get back to the plot issues here. Directly after saying he wishes he'd never been born, there's a whole section where Chi-hyun reminisces fondly on their few childhood memories and acts all wholesome while talking to his annoying fangirl about it, like he didn't just say something utterly heartless to Chi-woo. He then takes him into the woods and beats him up in the name of "training, " (a scene that is played in a super weirdly s*xual manner??) all while calling him weak and saying he's not building his talents properly, as if Chi-woo had any related knowledge or alternative options in the first place. What makes it worse is that this whole scene is played like a brotherly quarrel even when it is very clear that Chi-woo is still deeply hurt by Chi-hyun's words, and the only reason he's listening to him is because Chi-hyun will lock him up again otherwise.

Basically, the brotherly bond between Chi-woo and Chi-hyun, aka a really important part of the central plot, is played out in the most awkward spotty manner I've ever witnessed, and I've read hundreds of thousands of books, so I'm working off a decent sized sample here. His brother acts practially bipolar, bouncing between abusive, rude as*hole and loving, protective older brother. Although honestly, I think this would still be a poor depiction of bipolar disorder. It fits closer to dissociative identity disorder, since the only way it makes sense for him to switch back and forth like this is if Chi-hyun is bouncing between alters as he's being written. If you want my thoughts on the cause, here's my theory on what creates this gap. I assume their bond is supposed to be a sizeable portion of the main plot, so maybe the author was originally planning for it to be pretty wholesome and shounen rivalry-like. I have heard they wrote something very similar in another book of theirs. But in the proccess of writing whatever the hell the MC's trippy birth secret is, they tripped and fell pen-first into a giant pit of angst. After writing it, they realized it wouldn't work for the larger plot overall for they to be antagonistic or at odds, so they tried to backpedal and undo it all afterwards so they could continue to write normally. Chi-hyun's weird behavior of backpedaling on his words later on directly represents what the author is trying to do. Its really awkward that the hand of the author is so visible. I can imagine them pressing the two brothers together, sweating buckets, saying, "Now, make up!" The story itself is ok, a bit angsty and dark, but tasteful, like a cold brew coffee; if you're into bittersweet victories, you'll like it. I must warn you however, that the brother plot is written so poorly that it is akin to someone dumping straight cups of vanilla syrup into said cold brew; sickeningly sweet, to the point of ruining the appeal, but still unable to cover up the awful taste of a clear mistake. If you're good at looking past that stuff, you might still enjoy it, but for me, it made me the angriest that I've been in literal years, and gave me a horrible headache for three or four hours over the sheer irritation. It ruined it for me, and I feel obligated to warn you all of the significant chance it ruins it for you too. The plot singularity black-hole is about chapter 150, so take care.

TLDR: Extremely poor execution of a major plot point, to the point I stood up and yelled at my laptop for twenty minutes straight. His bro's an a**hole, and the horrible characterization ruined it for me. <<less
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enkiros rated it
June 8, 2022
Status: c10
Nah, confusing, slow, and overly obscure plot with insufferable characters all around. Sure it's gonna get better probably, but should you need to read 100 chapters of a novel to even start making any sense? Ok then keep your secrets
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RednixBurst rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: c19
It's a shame. I continued reading this beyond chapter 5 because it was written by the author of the amazing SCOG. I'd hoped it would eventually pick up and become good. It didn't for me. Author was way too vague about a lot of things. I think he was hoping people would respond with "Oh my god, such awesome mystery! I must keep reading to find out the truth". My personal response was "I am getting repeatedly annoyed over constantly not knowing what's going on"

Hopefully the next novel will be... more>> amazing =D <<less
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Drakonus_ rated it
July 31, 2022
Status: --
The problem with this novel is the fact that the mystery is too dragged on and unnecessary. The author could've dropped in reveals that make the story more exciting and engaging, but instead chose to be as vague as possible with literally almost every story element. Sometimes even just the background of side-characters and context of side-plots are made as vague as possible by the author. Not to mention, the starter chapters of this novel are just so boring that they made me genuinely sleep several times.

I can tell that... more>> the author has no experience in writing mystery since all he does in writing this is to keep every single thing in this novel vague no matter big or small. If it wasn't for the fact that this was written by SCOG's author, I wouldn't have even bothered to read it. <<less
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Goodreadsonly rated it
June 25, 2022
Status: c83
The first few chapters make it seem like MC is op. Even the MC starts behaving with such confidence because of how he's treated and the expectations put on him. The further the novel progresses you quickly realize that everything is worse than you thought and while the MC has many skills/gifts, its not enough.

This is a very realistic take on heroes and the idea of saving the world vs actually doing it. With a lot of comedic breaks of people completely misunderstanding the MC to an absurd level.
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Gremix rated it
May 11, 2023
Status: c344
Well, I started reading this one after second coming of gluttony, so I was already used to the authors writting style.

I will rate this in three criteria: The story, The Main character and the atmosphere that is created by the writer.

In the story part, we find an unusual start. From the first few chapters we get to know that the universe has a massive organization in charge of protecting the order of itself,

... more>>

This organisation was founded bay several families who then sired many "Heroes" that acted as the base of their personel selection. Then in order to respond to the threats that pop up from different words across the universe, native heroes were recruited and the organisation grew to the point that they are in charge of the entirety of the known universe.


Under that premise we find our MC, someone whose brother has been acting as a hero for decades (since he was a teenager) but never told him so, and is now "Trapped" in a hostile world in the border of ruin.


In normal stories the MC would have two main goals: 1st save the world from inminent doom and 2nd save his brother, but here our MC has as primary goal save his brother while helping the other heroes that will go to that world, without the intention of saving it himself.

Our Main character is a Monk/Shaman mix, and, since he has use of memory, he´d been harased by ghosts and other spirits. This has caused him to develop an averration to them and forced him to learn how to "Exorsice" them, but other than that he has never been in any kind of fights. He is an untrained man entering one of the most dangerous places with little to no info of what to expect and this premise delivers a lot in the first "Half" of the story (untill we get to reunite with his brother and a lot of secrets begin to get introduced or developed) (little spoiler here: once you finish the arc of the "Fall of Shalin City" his brothers reaction to him being there makes a LOT of sence.)


Now, lets talk about what was the main sellin point for me: the atmosphere


The World of Liber is bleak, the human race has ben defeated and several hostile factions have apeared. Normally this scenario is quite common, but in this novel the world trully fell. There are no more human empires, kingdoms, or even a city left by the time the story begins. Most humans left are refugies, wandering across a world conquered by predators who hate them or see them as toys. And this is obvious form the very begining of our trip.

Unlike SCoG, there is no "safe haven" for our main character and his companions. No organizations waiting for them with prepared resources to help them train and become stronger, No "last fortress of mankind" to prepare any kind of counteratack. They are thrown in the middle of a war, in a battlefield, practically "naked". And for a good 100+ chapters one does not see a way out. Many named characters die, deaths that felt "unnecesary" or a waste because we didn´t get to know a lot about them (We were given pieces of their stories and they were actually important for the narrative), yet their endings were impactful and meaningful to the story (the lost of the information that they had, the changes originated from their deaths, how even a single one of them living would have massively helped in some situations are a few of those impacts).



The first major victory for our protagonists is to ocupy, not even conquer but ocupy, a fortress with rations that can last a few months and then inmediately they need to search for rations to aboid starving their group that does not even ammount to a village.


I can say that, as someone who´s already getting tired of the "Common" stories that seem taken out from a mold, this one feel like a breath of new air For most of it, and the "happy" periods that we are getting now felt deserved (pretty much like Guts´s ones in Berserk). <<less
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amu23m1 rated it
March 16, 2023
Status: c262
This is one of the most addictive series I've read in a long time. Despite how slow paced it is.

It does a really great job at building up the MC into a real 'protagonist' in a world of Heros. It gives a lot of moments of growth, only for MC to run into reality like a brick wall. The downside to this style is that the level of the enemies doesn't often feel like it makes sense.

MC evading the mutant hoard, only to get his ass whipped by Hawa for a month. Or killing the God before literally any opponent that has come afterwards.

In context it makes sense, but seeing the strength of enemies fluctuate so drastically is rather jarring.

The author takes a really long time (as in I'm just now at the point) for story, and in turn the MC, to balance this out. It's an odd style for this genre where the MC is grows in one area, but it's hard to feel that growth since he's missing out in so many other areas still. The pacing does provide a lot of time for growth though, so if you like training and taking time to understand your skills, you'll probably like this if you give it time.
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Lildev_47 rated it
July 7, 2023
Status: c389
I'll be frank, imo the reviewers who gave a low score lost all ability to have patience.

Especiay the person who said the 150ish chapter was crap. (Apparently all characters must be perfect immediately and by no means can they be flawed or given the chance to explain themselves.)

Personally, I don't think a person should comment on characters being unlikable or plot points being wierd until they finish the book (I know high requirements, but it's the Author's sweat and tears here, I think that's the least we can do.)... more>>

The brother is an a**hole, but he does love chi woo (if only you just waited.)

You felt angry at him? Good that's the point, I wonder if people forgot the point of a story is to make you feel EMOTIONS, and not just the happy ones. (People forget how horrible the protag of Scog was in the beginning)

This novel is too well written, and too interesting to be rated soo lowly by people who forgot who to read.

So much so that I even broke my own rule of reviewing only after finishing the book. <<less
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