The Protagonist Came to Villain’s Door To Entrust His Mother


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Ling Tian had transmigrated into a web novel and was sworn brothers with the Protagonist.

At the beginning of the plot, Ye Feng, the Protagonist, comes to Ling Tian’s door seeking help entrusting his mother.

Ling Tian immediately said, “Brother Feng, don’t worry; leave Aunt Wanrou to me!”


“Brother Feng, leave Bai Yueguang’s Campus Belle to me as well!”

“Doesn’t Brother Feng have too many chances? If you aren’t strong enough, leave them all to me.”

In the end, Ye Feng dies with hatred, “Ling Tian, you’re not human.”

Since then, protagonists have also shown up one after another; The Return of the Soldier King, The Dragon King Son-in-Law, The Supreme Lord, Becoming Rich by Signing-in Daily…

However, before Ling Tian, they were like crops waiting to be harvested.

From that point on, Ling Tian walked the path of a villain.

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Smirk rated it
November 11, 2022
Status: c324
It's a pure netori and comedy novel.

It revolves around the main character being a cao thief, meaning that he likes to give green hats to the different protagonists. His happiness and excitement is built upon the suffering of the protagonists.

I believe that most people who did not like the novel is because they expected something from the romance perspective and that's a big mistake because it's not what you should be looking for reading this novel. To be short, in this novel, romance sucks. We can often read comments as... more>> "Female Lead and Harem have no depth of character, always look the same, blablabla" and it's always exaggerated. In this one, I would like to say it's not. I had not remembered having read about heroines as bland and uninteresting as that since possibly forever. Just seeing MC from afar for the first time, they'll already be half in love and after spending 1-2 days with him, they'll already be in his bed and completely devoted to him.

They also look more or less the same, shy and sweet in front of MC and indifferent towards the different protagonists. They will never reject the main character, even tho sometimes he's a total jerk with them. In the latest chapters, they have a bit more depth, but still not much. They will also never complain about their lover having several women and will even help him if he wants another one. The girls who joined the harem will immediately become good sisters with the others, you'll never see a conflict among them. There is also no R18 scenes, that's just mentioned through a line with the system reward, so don't expect it. Around chapters 300+, 18 heroines have been introduced and 15 among them have already been eaten. So the rhythm is quite fast.

Now that we know that, what should we focus on? That's the comedy aspect of the novel.

The main character like to cuckold the different protagonists, and he would not have any difficulties doing so, as we've already seen that heroines are completely easy targets. What's a bit annoying and perhaps a bit disturbing at first is that the MC never hides his intentions compared to others MC from different novel of similar genre. He wants to give the protagonists green hats and doing so he'll kind of show off the girls a bit like his trophies, making him a total jerk more often than not. Otherwise, he's sweet and loving to his lovers once the protagonist of their personal arc has been eliminated.

If you have read others novel of this genre, you'll recognize the clichés about the protagonists. (Ex: One is the disciple of some medicine hermit master, another one is the mercenary king but act as the useless son-in-law who's being bullied in his in-law family and so on). At the final chapter currently available, 11 protagonists have been introduced. Don't expect something from the protagonists, they are completely ret*rded and delusional. You won't really like any of them. They are generally focused on 1 or 2 girls at most. Mother, Fiancée, Sister, Senior Sister, First Love, Childhood Sweetheart, as long as they are related to the protagonists, the MC will definitely do his best to have them. You must note that due to their role as " protagonist blessed by fate vs villain who is supposed to be a stepping stone", be the MC or the different protagonist, they have an innate disgust toward each other.

The MC is a complete sadist, and his happiness and excitement is all about the protagonists suffering more than him getting the girls. And oh boy, they are suffering. They are absolutely pitiful and that's kinda twisted, but that's where the fun is all about. I'm not going to spoil it much, I can just say that wearing a green hat isn't the only humiliation they are going to suffer, that's for sure.

The reason why I described the bad points so much is because I want to make people understand what should be and what should not be their expectation reading this novel. For example, if you read this novel for the romance, then it's garbage for sure. If you're reading it to enjoy the fun of the protagonists being cuckolded and humiliated, then that's not too bad.

I rated it a generous 3/5. That's definitely not a novel that any will rate in their Top10 of all time, but still decent to pass time. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
byunisperv rated it
September 30, 2022
Status: c200
If you want to read this, dont! Its a waste of time!

This novel is a poorly written story on the villain hunting protagonist troupe. All of the character are ret*rded from MC to protagonists to heroines to system, ALL OF THEM. The interaction between the character shows that the author is REALLY LACKING in social skill and writing. All of the plot for each protagonist is the same.

Author don't know how to write but still want to, that is why most of the scene are face slapping and cucking scene

All... more>> of the character are 2 dimensional and simple. The heroines is an easy sl*t who fall in love with MC at first sight and sleeps with him the next day. They are shallow and have no character. With how author potrays the heroines, I honestly believe that author have personal problem with women.

The story is full of loop holes that so obvious you can't even ignore it. The mechanism of the system and world-building is severely lacking, author put up number out of his ass. They're no solid framework for protagonist luck, villain value, system shop and much more. Author don't even keep track of points that protagonist and MC have.

This is one of the worst take on the villain hunting protagonist novels. <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AcceptingTanuki rated it
May 8, 2023
Status: c210
Mediocre. Completely dependent on tropes without any tangible character building or progression. The heroines are forgettable and hardly ever mentioned again after their arcs end. The comedy mostly falls flat as well.

That said, it's not the worst thing I've read in this genre, so it's tolerable for awhile until the repetitiveness becomes too much.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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