Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World


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“Where the f*ck am I?”

One day, he suddenly fell into a world of barbarism and superstition.

“F*ck, I ain’t a savage!”

Associated Names
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Illegal Immigrant in a Superstitious World
Pseudo-Resident's Illegal Stay in Another World
이세계 불법체류 사이비
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VirginSlayer rated it
June 22, 2022
Status: c435
Accolades: 2020 Joara Novel of the Year

Many Korean reviewers hail this novel as one of the best R-18 novel of all time.

... more>>

It's critically acclaimed for its lifelike side characters and well-developed worldview. One of the few adult novels which won 'Joara Novel of Year' accolade as it's rather rare for an adult to win it. Even though the novel is tagged "Adult" it's heavily plot centric. The only reason it's tagged as adult is because the love scenes are quite explicit. There are 30/435 r-18 chapters. Also, there is no NTR or NTL (Netori) here.

It's heavy on the comedy aspect, as it's satire to racism in the intellectual modern society. Our MC starts off as a s*ave and is ostracized as a savage due to his skin tone and hair color but by the end of first arc he frees himself from s*avery, which is in upcoming 3 chapters. He inherited a medical and survival techniques from his father he was supposed to take over his family clinic in the near future until one day he meets a cultist woman and gets his ass transmigrated.

There are three Key Reasons why this won the 'Joara Novel of the Year' previously won by 'Regressor Instruction Manual'.

1. Exceptional World Building


Elements such as fantasy, magic, medical practices beautifully intertwine with ancient concepts such barbarism, superstitions, voodoos and religions. I have never seen a novel where religions play such a huge role as this one. Most of the time, they are pretty irrelevant. Religion and cultist aspect of the novel are inspired by Greek. Irish and Norse mythology, and author researched them quite well.

Author also definitely did his research in medical terminologies and knows what he is writing about. As MC becomes the adventurer with the sole intention of someday owning a clinic in this savage world.

MC goes through a lot of adventures and the world is portrayed quite beautifully. He travels from seas to volcanoes, from abyssal ruins to labyrinths.


2. Character Development both strength and personality.


There are many novels where character development is mostly geared towards MC's strength. However, here MC develops both in personality and strength.

It's not sudden growth rather a gradual one which is one of the aspect critically acclaimed by Korean reviewers. Also, the author balances the comedic and darker tones quite as well. During his journey there are quite a few occasions. The constant ostracization annoys our protagonist.

Slowly his background gets revealed how he ended up as s*ave and what darker he had to go through. Overall, his final growth, both personality and strength wise is a satisfying read.


3 Lifelike Side characters


The novel has a set of charming side characters who have their own unique traits, from a Bald, castrated and Vegan Elf Monk who gives off Murim (martial) master vibes but in reality is weak as sh*t against monsters to a Quack doctor whose actual degree is in Theology, even the mob character leaves their impact in the plot.. We got a bald villain who is superstitious af and believes he is bald cause he is son of the Sun God.. And he blinds his enemy by reflecting sunlight using his bald head.

There is a bard who exaggerates MC's strength, and makes the people fear and ostracize him even more so because of his barbaric tales.

Heroines each goes through their own character development and have their set of beliefs they follow.

One of the unique aspects of this novel is unlike other harem author worked hard to portray as realistically as possible. Some might say harem itself isn't realistic, but you will need to see what it fits the context and world setting better.


I would warn people who can't look past their preconceived notion of harem to avoid this one. As for those who want to explore new avenues give it a try have patience if you like any of the aspects of this novel in any form stick to it. By the time you reach sencond half, you will understand the message author tryig to convey and why it won novel of the year. <<less
72 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Visser rated it
October 25, 2022
Status: c40
Some interesting ideas I guess?

It's just bad and unenjoyeable on every level though. The world and people in it are all ducking ret*rded pieces of crap. If there is some major threat later in the story, I'm rooting for the demon king. Wipe everyone out.
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DrVanilla rated it
July 21, 2022
Status: c38
Like what I've seen so far,

MC gets transported to another world (reason still unknown) and starts there as a s*ave, he uses his medical knowledge he learned from his father and earn enough money to set himself free and start his adventure.

The characters are fleshed out well and MC seems rational and smart. There is also a tinge of mystery about his powers, past and how he came to the world.
The world settings seems very deep, there are layers upon layers of things to be unfold that we... more>> don't know yet-the gods, curses and more.
No insane info dumps, the comedy is also better than I expected (I also adore those pokemon references). There are a lot of references to the mythology so I wonder how all those are connected to each other.

It had also won 2020 "Joara Novel of the Year" which is pretty impressive for an R18 novel, so I'm very excited for the future. <<less
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misora rated it
April 17, 2023
Status: c28
Its not absurd or funny enough to be a comedy, but also characters do not treat anything seriously enough for it to be anything else. MC is s*upid, useless and unlikable.

He seriously tried to ditch someone who could improve his growth rate by 60 times. Seriously, imagine two alternatives: either get a lvl up every 5 years or every 1 month. Our MC tried every effort to go with first option. Went on a quest a with group of randos while carrying large sum of money with no knowledge and no equipment for reward 50 times less that what he was carrying with him. Quest was received illegally from someone who had objective reasons to hate him. Random god arbitrarily appears, tries to kill MC, then changes her mind and leaves for no reason.


the more I think of it, the worse I think about this novel. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.
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LordMashiro rated it
August 22, 2022
Status: c22
I am really enjoying this novel so far.

Its rare to find a relatable MC in an R-18 and harem novel. He doesn't find himself in overtly convenient situations that lead to smut, he is not even particularly attractive enough to make all the girls drool over him, and although he seems like he'd gladly jump at any tempting offer presented to himself, his self-worth isn't low enough to simp. He just wants to live comfortably in the barbaric world.

The side characters are all distinct, and they're a variety of people... more>> of different age, race, s*x, etc. So not only women. They all have their own unique traits, hobbies and dreams.

The group dynamic of the first party MC joins is gold; their interactions and the situations they find themselves in during their first quest always manages to make me laugh.

From this, I can tell that the author has a knack for writing comedy.

The world-building is well done. Because the MC was a s*ave, he has little to no knowledge about the world, and because he is isekai'd, he has no place within the world and everyone just assumes he is a barbarian because of his build. Its really interesting to experience the worldview through the eyes of someone with no connections and no plot device teacher/guide figure. He has to put effort into gaining the knowledge he needs and its not given to him on a silver plate.

If you like a novel where the MC grows gradually as he and the reader learn more about the world and a story that takes its time with building character relationships while being filled with hilarious character interactions, I'd highly recommend this novel. Also a bonus is that there are beautiful illustrations of the heroines and the MC. <<less
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JinnL rated it
September 18, 2022
Status: c31
It's an isekai story, but not usually overpowered from the get-go troupe. The MC is likable enough, and the character development is good. And, yeah, it's harem.

The MC starts off as a s*ave in the other world where his life was, let's say simply terrible. He couldn't even fill his stomach. Prior to that he was forcefully transported to another world by a random hot girl he met in the streets. There will be R-18 scenes in the story, but that will take a while, so gotta be patient.



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Crim Phantom
Crim Phantom rated it
August 21, 2022
Status: c22
Overall this is a read for someone who wants something new from the typical isekai

It's a pretty interesting isekai, a little more focus on the world in a societal sense (this is from taking a typical isekai as the standard). Uses the roman/greek pantheon with some add ons for the religion /power system from what has been seen so far. The characters are interesting and act based on their character and not based on plot convivence.
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hose246 rated it
August 19, 2022
Status: c16
The first few chapters of this novel might be a bit weird, it's mostly because of the lack of context on the world building and how you just suddenly got thrown into this with only the barest explanation on how it happened.

But after you went past the s*ave arc, which is the first arc of this novel, you'll start to get into the real story. If the s*ave arc is to build up the character of the MC, and give explanation on how he ended up as this character, then... more>> the next arc is to flush out and build up more of the world.

The world building is really great, the author did a great job at making his world more realistic, similar to the world of Europe during the medieval ages, except with magic and other fantasy stuff. The author exquisitely used the MC's limited knowledge to add tidbits of information each time without dumping whole paragraphs of information at you. One of the main selling points of this novel, imo, is the character interactions. From the first few chapters of interactions, I'm already loving the characters that the author wrote. They are unique and funny. Each of the have this sense of comedic and exclusive personality without them losing their realism. Even without the above mentioned, I'll still recommend you to read it just because of the massage scenes. They are some really really nicely written scenes that you'll regret if you skipped it. 100% recommended. <<less
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Salt090 rated it
December 23, 2022
Status: c47
Fantasy+Comedy+Harem+R18 then you are in right place.

There are many adult fantasy novels but instead of 2D girls and characters, this novel has well-written and no girls here are useless and there just to boast Mc's ego and garner jealousy of all guys. Every girl has her own distinct personality with their own weaknesses and strength. They even help MC in his journey.

The first few chapters are set up and some might find it confusing but after the s*ave arc things start getting slowly clear.

The magic system, gods, relics, etc... more>> the author definitely had done his research.

The characters are not 2D, heck even side characters have unique features about them. All characters are well-written including side characters.

The translation quality is top-notch.

There are R-18 scenes but the main focus is on the storyline.

About MC... well he is somewhat OP but not overly OP. Pe*verted (Who isn't?),


If you want well-written characters+ Character Development+ No 2D characters+ good world building+ steamy scenes... then give it a go.

If you are a harem lover like me then this novel is a must. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sertian75 rated it
June 22, 2023
Status: c98
The most basic description for this novel would be an isekai-comedy web novel. But for me is more than that.

At the start it may look like Konosuba, a weak person with no abilities or skill in a different world with medieval and fantasy settings. But the way is executed is totally diferent. The way the world treats the MC and how he struggles to adapt in this new world is what sets this novel apart from other isekai stories.

To start with, the moment our protagonist (Hassan) falls into the world,... more>> he is captured as a s*ave and sent to fight in an arena. All because of his skin and hair colour he is treated as a barbarian. Even after he gains his freedom many people still judge him because of his appearance.

Different from other isekai stories where the MC adapts as soon as he arrives, in contrast, Hassan finds it really hard to understand the people from this world. For the residents of the world his a barbarian, and for Hassan they too are barbarians and crazy people. <<less
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WolfKeum rated it
November 16, 2022
Status: --
The novel is extremely funny and I love all the character interactions the interactions are pretty unique and feel alot more real compared to alot of novels also loving the world building and the action and learning about the lore of gods and the world I have high hopes for this novel
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Thundernaut rated it
November 7, 2022
Status: c36
I am enjoying it, after reading a few chapters I got hooked. Funny characters, pretty whacky ones. I enjoy reading his thoughts, about the world and people, how bizzare everything is. I have a feeling he will become pretty bizzare himself. I only wish there were more chapters translated since I just want to binge for hours.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pratt_42 rated it
July 16, 2023
Status: c105
Pseudo Residents Illegal Stay in Another World is a uniquely executed isekai story that sets itself apart through its unconventional protagonist and emphasis on worldbuilding. It follows Hassan, an ordinary man who is transported to a medieval fantasy world and immediately sold into s*avery due to his appearance.

Unlike overpowered isekai heroes, Hassan struggles to adapt, seen as a "barbarian" by the world's residents. He leverages his modern medical knowledge to eventually earn freedom, but continues to face prejudice. This fish-out-of-water premise creates an entertaining narrative driven by Hassan's witty inner... more>> monologues.

The worldbuilding is multilayered and immersive, with hints of a broader mythology involving gods and curses. Powers originate from a system based on Roman/Greek deities. The comedy shines through bizarre side characters and Hassan's reactions to the absurd situations. Fights feel dynamic despite Hassan not being the strongest.

While tagged as an adult novel, the story is plot-focused with romance/R-18 elements being secondary. Relationships and intimate scenes are exceptionally well-written when they occur. Characters are fleshed out with natural chemistry and meaningful development over time.

In summary, Pseudo Residents creatively flips isekai tropes to craft a unique story rich in worldbuilding, engaging characters, and witty humor. The excellent writing and adult content add further appeal for the right audience. It breathes fresh air into the isekai genre and is worth checking out for fantasy fans seeking something distinct. <<less
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Mr. White Tower
Mr. White Tower rated it
January 31, 2023
Status: --
The story is average with an average development. The action scenes are predictable and the heroines are also average. Everything can be guessed.

However, the writing skills are exceptionally good, the main plot progression over time is also well-written, and the mature scenes are written incredibly well. It's like a secret topping that makes the story so intriguing and leaves readers curious after the scene ends.
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OGNoeli rated it
December 25, 2022
Status: c49
Celebrating ... more>>

Hassan and Luna's first time I shall now do a review.

Since it just seems appropriate to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Hassan is a good MC, he isn't excellent, but he isn't a one-dimensional self-insert like a lot of harem fantasy is nowadays. He has his own character and motivation to do things and he doesn't go out of his way to do anything needlessly. He doesn't try to play the hero or lament the deaths of those who have died on his journey he merely wishes to fill his stomach take a bath and be with people who he cares about which is a relatable goal. Hassan feels like a real person that was dragged into that world and has his own flaws and strengths. One of his greatest strengths is the techniques he learned from his dad that make him an excellent Masseuse and this combined with

his blessing Imperfect Dexterity

has helped him in slowly strengthening himself over time.

Hassan isn't strong from the start heck when we first meet him in this world he's at the beck and call of his Master Elfriede who constantly berates and abuses him Which is kinda hot ngl I want more Elfriede and after tenaciously working he pays for his freedom. And towards the end of his s*avery found a goal to strive towards in that barbaric world where the guy who invented vaccines was stoned to death. He wants to make a clinic not necessarily to help people but to capitalize on his strengths of being a masseuse which shows more of his human qualities.

Well enough about the MC let's move on to the setting. We don't know the name of the world Hassan is in but we do know the places which I can't seem to remember. Well, anyways the author just flat-out crushes your dream of a sanitary fantasy setting and gets into the nitty gritty about the lack of hygiene in the world and the carelessness of the people who live in it. It's dirty, stinky, and the complete opposite of what we've been led to believe about fantasy. Which honestly makes sense considering the lack of technology there. The power system we have is magic which as of Chapter 49 hasn't been explained yet and the leveling system. You have different stats that have values depending on your proficiency in that stat such as strength and agility and the accumulation of all those stats are your levels. This honestly has a lot of potentials since even people with lower levels can still beat someone with a higher level depending on their build which I hope is implemented in the future. Hassan is mainly focusing on strength right now but I feel like he will start to realize the importance of the other stats as he just becomes a slow lug that deals a lot of damage but can't hit anything due to his low agility which would honestly show more of Hassan's Humanness. Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that religion plays a huge part but other reviews can go over that better than I could so I'm going to leave that to them.

Now, of course, we got to talk about the (Say it with me folks) THE WAIFUS frick the other characters I just want to see the waifus and so far we have 2, or 3 if you consider Elfriede a waifu like me. First, we have the shy and innocent Shaman Luna, and the muscle mommy Hippotyle (You can see their images on the Genesis Discord so you should join) Luna is cute as you would expect her to be. She is quirky and a bit of an airhead at times but she does have a cunning side to her

like when she made Hassan drunk so she could wrap him into an oath of the river Styx

but overall she's sweet and if you like her as well you will love Chapter 49 (; Now on to Hippotyle. She has muscle and is a strong woman. We haven't seen much of her but we have enough time to deem her a waifu. Right now she only sees Hassan as a reliable warrior rather than a potential suitor but I'm sure that will change as they interact more. Also, there was an extremely funny moment where Hassan was performing CPR on her but obviously, due to the world's lack of development, she thought Hassan was messing with her but like the Giga chad that she is she didn't slap him. Truly a good waifu.

Also, I know all you degens read r-18 for certain scenes and all I have to say is "Have fun it's a nice read." <<less
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Kazu2 rated it
November 4, 2022
Status: c49
The first few chapters of this novel might be a bit weird, it's mostly because of the lack of context on the world building and how you just suddenly got thrown into this with only the barest explanation on how it happened.

But after you went past the s*ave arc, which is the first arc of this novel, you'll start to get into the real story. If the s*ave arc is to build up the character of the MC, and give explanation on how he ended up as this character, then... more>> the next arc is to flush out and build up more of the world.

The world building is really great, the author did a great job at making his world more realistic, similar to the world of Europe during the medieval ages, except with magic and other fantasy stuff. The author exquisitely used the MC's limited knowledge to add tidbits of information each time without dumping whole paragraphs of information at you. One of the main selling points of this novel, imo, is the character interactions. From the first few chapters of interactions, I'm already loving the characters that the author wrote. They are unique and funny. Each of the have this sense of comedic and exclusive personality without them losing their realism. Even without the above mentioned, I'll still recommend you to read it just because of the massage scenes. They are some really really nicely written scenes that you'll regret if you skipped it. 100% recommended also mommy luna. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yukaura rated it
May 8, 2023
Status: c70
This unique R-18 novel stands out in its genre due to its well-crafted plot, memorable characters, and engaging world-building. The story follows a relatable protagonist who is not overpowered from the start but develops over time, navigating a barbaric world filled with odd and interesting side characters.

While the novel is tagged as adult, the plot is primarily driven by an intricate although very comedic story that keeps readers hooked rather than relying solely on explicit scenes. The adult content, however, is written exceptionally well, adding an intriguing layer to the... more>> novel.

The world-building is rich and detailed, featuring a power system based on the Roman/Greek pantheon, and the characters are well-developed, each with their own distinct personality, strengths, and weaknesses. The story is filled with humor and witty character interactions, making it enjoyable and entertaining.

Despite a somewhat confusing start in the first few chapters, readers are urged to continue past the s*ave arc to fully immerse themselves in the story. The novel is perfect for fans of fantasy, comedy, harem, and R-18 genres who are looking for something new and fresh in the isekai world. <<less
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sinbadw rated it
August 21, 2023
Status: c44
Pseudo Resident Illegal Stay in Another World offers a fun twist on the typical isekai formula. The story follows Hassan, an average young man who is suddenly transported to a medieval fantasy world. However, unlike most isekai protagonists, Hassan does not arrive with any special powers or abilities.

The novel's strength lies in its subversion of common isekai tropes. Hassan starts off immediately captured and ens*aved due to his different skin color and hair, judged as a "barbarian" by the residents of this new world. He struggles to gain acceptance and... more>> understand the culture and motivations of those around him.

Despite the heavy subject matter, the novel maintains a comedic tone through Hassan's witty inner monologues and entertaining reactions to the bizarre situations he faces. The side characters are odd yet endearing, and Hassan's character development feels organic as he slowly adapts to his predicament.

While the initial s*ave arc sets a serious tone, the story quickly expands into an adventure full of humor and camaraderie. The rich world-building pulls from Greek and Roman mythology, hinting at deeper mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Hassan's powers remain unclear, leaving room for interesting reveals down the line.

Overall, Pseudo Resident Illegal Stay succeeds at putting a creative spin on the isekai genre. With its blend of comedy, action, and mysteries, along with a socially aware perspective on racism and prejudice, this novel offers an entertaining and occasionally thought-provoking read for isekai fans. <<less
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MilkCrisp rated it
February 19, 2023
Status: --
This novel is one of the best R-18 novels out there. Although the novel is tagged as adult the actual novel is driven by an intricate and carefully crafted plot that keeps readers engaged and invested throughout, and the adult tag is mainly there as the R-18 scenes are very explicit.

The novel is full of odd and memorable side characters that make the world feel unique. One of the villains, for example, believes that he is bald because he is the son of the sun god, and he uses his... more>> head to reflect sunlight and blind his enemies. Or a bard side character that over exaggerates everything the main character does resulting in people becoming more afraid and ostracizing him further.

The religions in the novel are woven in well and they actually play a large role in the story without seeming shoehorned in or playing a role that is purely antagonistic. The author's extensive research into all the different religions and mythologies that the novel takes inspiration from, such as Greek or Norse mythology, also help make the world more immersive. The authors attention to detail and extensive research is also shown as he uses medical terminology and refers to medical concepts. <<less
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T.Y rated it
August 7, 2023
Status: c125
Despite a solid world building and interesting side characters, the overall s*upidity of every characters (including MC) is simply astounding. The MC is frustratingly moronic and survives through sheer plot armour to offset not s*upid circumstances, like in most other novels, but his own s*upid decisions. To top it off, he is also incredibly h**ny and controlled by his lower body.

This makes for an overall unlikable MC with no redeeming quality, significantly bringing down the novel as a whole. If the MC is growing later on in the novel (as... more>> a character) it might become bearable, even though it would not excuse his state in the first 100s of chapters. <<less
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