Necropolis Immortal


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A great war raged between cultivators a hundred thousand years ago. Immortals fell by the tens of thousands, the path of cultivation itself was severed, and after the dust settled, tombs forested the world.

A hundred thousand years after the last legend faded, Lu Yun, commandant of tomb raiders, descends upon the world. Armed with the Tome of Life and Death, he has some burning questions to answer.


“This isn’t how you raid a tomb!” Lu Yun smirked at the cultivators frantically scurrying about the ancient tomb. “Do you want me to teach you?”


But ah, can someone teach him how to cure his new body’s erectile dysfunction?

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TundraDweller rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: c22
I honestly don't know where all the 5-star ratings come from. The review system is ruined by a flood of 5-star ratings. I ignore those reviews and specifically check out others cuz only then will I find objective reviews.

The premise of this story is great. It's unique and fresh. Just what most veteran readers would look for.

Some aspects of the central theme are also interesting and seem promising.

But it's not well-written at all. Power levels are a mess. The initial impression given is that immortals are scarce since a great... more>> war long ago. Well, a few chapters in immortals are cannon fodder. MC gets new powers and learns new skills with zero explanation. Maybe author thinks elaborating on such things is not fashionable and wants the reader to focus on the plot? The story moves at a fast pace, which is good. But when the story switches directions and rushes forward without giving you a heads up, it's hard not to fall behind and become confused.

You could say it's still early and maybe it will get better later on. But the thing is that the early chapters are supposed to be the most well-written since the author would've had the opportunity to plan things out before starting. If these chapters seem poorly written, I can't honestly hope later chapters will be better.

There are multiple novels right now being translated by some of the best translators on the scene who have been doing great work for years now. But those novels themselves are poor quality compared to the works the translators worked on before. I find this quite tragic. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: c103
This novel could only be dropped. Initially, it was somewhat fresh and quite a good read, which is why I didn't give it an 1/5, instead opting for 2/5. We're thrown into the story of the graverobber (or "tomb raider" if we want to put it nicely) protagonist who is incredibly skilled in all sorts of chinese folklore, feng shui, mumbo jumbo and other made up stuff like that. He, somehow, knows so much about everything that he's OP even in his new world and quickly goes out graverobbing despite... more>> his poor physique.

It's interesting and I personally didn't feel anything was weird, chaotic, messy or hard to understand. Seeing a cultivation world where everything somehow fits fantasy tales from modern day earth and chinese folklore actually is real (by the way, there was seemingly some supernatural things to be found in tombs or whatever even on earth, so he's no stranger to many of the creatures he meets) wasn't too bad. zombies, bloodcorpses, ghouls, evil spirits born from evil rituals, corpse flies, corpse maggots, water hags, corpse fish, zombie kings and whatever else wasn't uninteresting to read about. That the pacing was quite fast with little padding was pretty nice, it's really one event after another.

However, I feel like after a few dozen chapters, things turn stale incredibly quickly and various huge issues pop up which completely ruins the novel until it started to piss me off to read on, resulting in me dropping it after giving it another dozen chapters to prove me wrong.

First of all, the scope of things feel way too limited. The folklore fantasy creatures might've been novel at first but then quickly grows incredibly boring after being re-used all the time. What fun are some boring half-assed creatures bound by fictional rules of how they should behave in chinese texts when we're so used to interesting and fun creatures breaking all rules? That they're so bound to a certain behavior and appearance makes it all feel like copy-paste, not the least bit interesting after the first few times we were introduced to the same type of creature that has no notable features.

The romance is crap. I had big hopes for the romance in this novel, the translator ramped it up by claiming that things would be good and not the usual crap while the protagonist himself seemed like a kind of hardened adult with plenty of experience and iron will... Yeah, nah. Turns out he's just your typical horny teenager, having the hots for every single female around. Although he's admittably seemingly not interested in having a relationship with them all, the "main girl" if we can call her that is just incredibly badly written.

She's actually an incredibly hot cross-dressing (or rather polymorphed with the help of an item) female that disliked him at first but quickly turns lovestruck because he saves her and cares about her because of his "chivalry" and "morals" when it comes to tomb raiding and not leaving comrades behind and sharing treasure. She transforms into a female 10+ times over a few dozen chapters to save hiim or help out in her "true form" which conveniently means she'll be hurt for whatever reason and then cared for by the MC as he carries her around. He's also commenting on how "he's" boneless, feels like a female and "his" breath smells sweet and he's somehow turned on all the time while being afraid of turning gay. This happens literally dozens of times in very short intervals, often repeating the same thing more than once. While carrying her around, he s*xually harasses her by pinching, fondling and slapping her butt while also fondling her breasts in her male form and getting various urges because he's somehow tying them together.

Despite the various obvious clues, his own instinct and the repeated times where she transforms into a female again, he completely and utterly fails to connect the dots, all while he falls deeper and deeper in love. This alone would've made me drop the novel because it's too cringeworthy to be true, but it's sadly far from the only issue. So, expect the romance to be horrible, it's your typical chinese crap romance with a protagonist that can't seem to be even slightly mature about it.


Other things that bother me are that every character is a hot girl, every single one... And he collects them like some twisted game of pokemon even if he's probably not going to get into a harem relationship with them. He also has some weird values like "human masterrace" where humans are superior to other races because they're sentimental and loyal or whatever, which other races are clearly incapable of (yeah).

I also notice incredible amounts of chinese hardcore values. Like chinese medicine is awesome (and of course all stuff like meridians and whatever is 100% accurate), feng shui is incredibly awesome (and waaay more complicated, sophisticated and awesome than formations which is another side of the same coin could ever be), all chinese folklore is correct, the chinese language is awesome and every world speaks it (the language is literally just some kind of a sub-script of chinese despite being a whole different world...). I find it hard to care about things when everything is just about outdated chinese fiction. Could've been done in a cool way but was instead done in a way where you can't help but question if the author REALLY believes all of this crap, because if he didn't, it's weird that he binds himself so much to traditional rules instead of making things a bit more interesting.

Last but not least, the characters are dull and boring, they're possess incredibly one track minds and the people he ens*aves doesn't really have their own will, they're brainwashed puppets obeying all his command mindlessly while pretending to be conscious. The maid is only there to be cute, innocent, loyal to the protagonist and to be saved, the various ens*aved "envoys" are only there to share their knowledge and help out without any real opinions of their own, the main girl is only there to complete a rinse-wash-repeat cycle of being saved and saving the MC, never changing, while also falling in love of course, the human enemies are only there to be typical face-coveting immature children that throws tantrums at not being respected and then throws themselves at the MC to murder him because he said they're s*upid, the inhuman enemies are only there to fill space, they feel like copy-paste game mobs, the girls are only there to either be protected, help out while voicing no dissent or being coveted by creepy dudes every other chapter who wants to either capture and sell them or use them as cauldrons because all of the girls around him are so beautiful and awesome. Then we have the protagonist who is only there to be the embodiment of chinese ideals and ancient culture/folklore all while being praised for his awesomeness while also fulfilling the need for being covered in chicks. He's not really interesting at all.

I don't recommend this novel at all. While I won't say it's unreadable, I personally found it to be nothing but an eyesore, a waste of time. It's nothing even close to a masterpiece and it didn't even fulfill the basic requirements of being funny or interesting. <<less
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Phil276 rated it
April 15, 2020
Status: c102
I honestly don't know where the bad ratings come from. The setting seems pretty unique and the story is pretty well-written. Yes, I know that the MC is OP from the start and his skill set fits a bit too well into the geography of the world, but I prefer that over a generic world with no character and an "underdog" MC who is frustratingly helpless for the first 10-20 chapters only to still end up in this position afterward.

This gives me minor I Shall Seal the Heavens (dark/death focussed... more>> cultivation world) and Emperor's Domination (So many graves, OP MC slaps massively stronger people around or manipulates them) vibes.

Adding on to that the TL Etvolare posted she read ahead over 1k chapters before committing to the novel and with her track record of good novels I have a certain trust that this will be good.

Review written on chapter 33.

Edit: Read up to ch. 102, I don't have much time to write more, but it is still great. Since this gained traction on credit I'll write a proper extension to the review when I'm up-to-date again. Etvolaire promised the subversion of major tropes that apparently bother the other readers in the near future, so maybe it is worth it to read the story just to get to know what is subverted and how it is done. <<less
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mrtoycar rated it
May 12, 2020
Status: c20
I'm a sucker for necromancy stories, so when I saw this being translated by WuxiaWorld, I had high hopes. The first chapter seemed quite wacky, albeit confusing, but I read on through hoping it'll clear my my confusion on the story. Unfortunately, that never happened.

The story is an absolute mess. Like many other chinese stories, the story lacks a coherent flow. When the story is done describing a scene, it moves on without trying to resolve any unresolved issues and past conflicts are conveniently forgotten for the sake of moving... more>> the plot along. For example, just within the first 20 chapters, absolutely no explanation is given to

Wanfeng about Ge Long or Yuying on their way back to the city. She is left as clueless as the readers about the situation

I simply can't chalk that up to anything but bad writing.

As I've only read a few chapters, I can't say much. But I don't recommend this. <<less
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Thousandswords rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: c512

This is a novel that proves the painful fact that WuxiaWorld is not what it used to be anymore. They have the best translators, but the novels they are picking up recently are all tr*sh, except one or two good ones.

This novel is a tr*sh quality novel. The way it is written is confusing and juvenile. The source of the protagonists vast knowledge about a totally unfamiliar world is never properly explained. The protagonist is also s*upid, the author tries to make him look intelligent but he really isn't. His... more>> sudden flashes of power is left unexplained. He practically doesn't cultivate, and is literally spoonfed by his cheat

The antagonists are left unpunished even when their deeds are revealed to the public. Their motives defy logic and is fored by the author. But the protagonist is framed illogically and everyone hurriedly accepts it as truth. This sometimes feels too fored

The female protagonist continues to disguise herself as a man for s*upid reasons. I suspect the author is into BL, so he cleverly makes it that way.

The Harem tag is a sham, there are no traces of harem as of chapter 500+, even the relationship with main female lead is static with no developments.

The plot feels forced. And from what I can infer the author is setting this novel to be one of those 4000+ chapter novels. So it is slow and it will remain that way.

The fact that such a low quality novel is overwhelmingly recommend on WW is a disappointing reality.

I give it a 1 star for the top quality translation. The novel itself doesn't deserve anything. <<less
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Epythymy rated it
December 25, 2020
Status: c57
It has the ability to negatively affect your IQ.

How? With the help of ret*rded overconfident MC and all kinds of forced cliché harem troupes.

This MC is really too pathetic. His profession and personality do not match at all. In his previous life he was the best 'Tomb Raider', but he died in some low-level tomb cause of his negligence. You think he will reflect and become more cautious after his reincarnation? Ha-ha, what a joke. Now he has a cheat and is acting more and more c*cky and high-profile. The... more>> result? Well, you can see it yourself:

c5. "Am I going to die again?" he murmured to himself. The approaching footsteps of death was a familiar feeling.

c11. Are they going to use me as a sacrifice?! His heart sank. This was really it this time, then.

c35. He wants to kill me!! Was the only thing Lu Yun could think of as purple light enveloped him.

c36. Lu Yun ground his teeth together. Death's shadow loomed over him. Lu Yun dumbly froze where he was, dripping with cold sweat. If XXX hadn't helped him just now, he really would've died once again.

c50. "Am I going to die again?" A wry smile tugged at Lu Yun's lips. He'd only just gotten used to the world of immortals.

But every time some kind of miracle will happen that will save his s*upid ass.

Please note that that were not a near-death situations, at these moments he has already given up struggle and accepted his fate. Simple near-death moments are uncountable in this novel. How can such an idiot who never learns be the best tomb raider is a mystery. He is more like an extra who usually dies first.

Harem. I have nothing against harems, but here it's too ridiculous. In only 50 chapters MC is already surrounded by all kinds of heavenly beauties, fairies and goddesses. His maid, two op servants he obtained through his cheat (even more is coming), his first friend and all kinds of other acquaintances. Though most of them are ready and willing, MC has no intention to touch them, so they are serving as annoying decorations most of the time, while adding all kinds of cliche problems thanks to their beautiful appearance, such as kidnappings, being damsels in destress, arranged marriages etc.

All kinds of ghosts and monsters are probably the only reason to read this novel, but it's questionable if it's really worth it.

Feng Shui formations are just a poorly executed method to attract some new readers and add to word count. In all honesty, this Feng Shui is more like a pain in the ass here, it's not like you can see or understand the layouts. Translator did a good job by putting all kinds of additional explanations, but I simply skipped them all (most of them are too long and monotonous). I can put some effort to understand things in great and interesting novels, but necropolis immoral? Not worth it. <<less
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riida rated it
August 17, 2020
Status: c255
Overall it would be not too bad because the setting is fresh, even tho it's too shallow and has too much plot armor,

but the halfwit in man-disguise is infuriating and most of the enemies are REALLY frustrating, cause it seems that 90% of the people in that world are shortsighted, greedy and incapable of diplomacy. They could not exist in reality because they'd slaughter each other many times faster than their reproduction rate. They're almost all treacherous scum who (without reason) attack people close to MC and make MC... more>> activate an ever increasing arsenal of plot armor to get revenge TIME AND TIME AGAIN. PLEASE STOP.

I'm at c255 now. Can't continue. Instead of moving forward with the plot, there's the same frustrating stuff again and again. I just can't <<less
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storybookknight rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: c105
Look out! It's a zombie! Good thing I had zombie repellent, but oh no! Suddenly a ghost! Well, if I go stand by this coffin it can't hurt me, but, what's that in the coffin? A wraith? My mysterious power reacted and turned it into a beautiful woman that serves me, but she has enemies that cursed her in the first place, guess I have to fight them now!

Yeah, the whole story is kind of like that. People who like this style will call it fast-paced and exciting; people who... more>> don't like it will call it superficial and confusing. Out of novels in this fast-paced, bouncing from scary threat to scary threat chapter after chapter style, though, I'd say that Necropolis Immortal is a pretty good one. The emphasis on Feng Shui and tomb robbing gives it a bit more flavor and originality than your bog-standard cultivation adventure. If nothing else, the fact that the main character is plagued by more enemies than "arrogant young genius with a slappable face #238" adds a very welcome bit of variety.

Know what you're in for before you start reading, but this is a fairly decent story to turn off your brain and go with the flow into. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Poireau rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: c28
The story is too chaotic to enjoy the reading.

    • It's not fast paced in a coherant way, as some suggested in their review, but because of the lack of explanations on the decisions of the MC from one chapter to the other, leading to a fuzzy and confusing pace.
    • The MC also obtains the abilities of a "yama king" and OP sidekicks very fast, same for his cultivation power up, when he already has the advantages to resolve formations easly because of his past life.
    • The fights are bland and boring, and characters introduced for several lines in the previous chapter, tr*shed or killed in the next or same chapter, in just two lines.
It feels like the author has no idea where he's going and the story feels like garbage even if the premise was great. The lack of deepness in the other characters, with lots of face slapping doesn't help either.

I'm quite surprised by the rate of this novel (3.8/5) : it feels quite overly rated...

The only reason it's worth 1* in my eyes, is because of the novel is still quite well translated (thx wuxiaworld. com), but definitively not worth reading.
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Arbiten rated it
October 27, 2020
Status: c214
A good story, with a lot of issues.

One of the main issues for me centers on the MC's love interest:

... more>>

She is disguising herself as a man, but the MC supposedly doesn't know she's disguised. Despite the fact that her male form and female form have NEVER been seen together. Also the novel goes on and on about how the MC likes touching the male form's ass and chest, but he's not gay. This goes on and on...


One big turning point for me was how:


The MC almost died because of her disguise. She acknowledges that it was her fault that he almost died and tries to sacrifice her life force for him. But then after he's saved, rather than admit to him who she is, she says she won't reveal it because "she's scared he'll be angry"


I'm 214 chapters in and this situation has not changed. Also, there is way too much tomb raiding. So far about 70%-80% of the novel has taken part in different tombs. I get the MC is part of a tomb raiding sect on Earth, but the tombs seem repetitive as hell so aren't very intersting. The basic formula is this:

MC finds tomb nobody else knows about, protected by strong formations -> MC finds weak point in formation -> Tomb has super strong zombie/spirit in it -> Zombie/Spirit almost kills MC -> MC survives and tames the thing that tried to kill him

His cultivation is too fast as well. There's been a few chapters where he immediately goes from the lowest level of a stage to the peak instantly. <<less
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Patriarch All Heaven
Patriarch All Heaven rated it
March 17, 2022
Status: c518
I read 500 chapters just to give it a good chance before stopping.

The Good: This series has great ideas for abilities and the MC's background is very nice too.

... more>>

Geomancy is probably one of the least written about supplemental paths of cultivation across the entire genre so it is extremely refreshing to see it employed as one of the core aspects of the series



Necromancy is also extremely refreshing, flexible, and I honestly give props to the author for how much thought and complexity the author has given this aspect of the series.


The Bad: The story is terrible.

The MC is simply too strong and too smart, he has no equal from almost day 1. The Author must nerf the MC constantly in order to create tension and rising action but this ruins the point of giving the MC any good abilities in the first place. The story is written so fast but the plot simply does not move. Problems that the MC ruins into in the beginning never get solved. The Author will make a small problem into a series long endeavor that takes hundreds of chapters to get fixed and when it does get fixed, itll be fixed so quickly that you will hate the result. MC just constantly runs around to put out fires because if a supporting character isnt with the MC, the character is suffering somewhere for no reason until the MC runs into them again to be saved.

You know what good I said about the supplemental paths earlier? Yeah its the complete opposite for actual cultivation. The MC will not spend a second to cultivate at all. Doesnt want to, doesnt need to, doesnt have to.


The MC spends a large amount of time becoming a cultivator. Not too long after he becomes a cultivator He gets an upgrade that lets goodwill he receives to directly increase his cultivation. This is a relatively early upgrade in the series and it ruins the plot. From that point on, nobody in the series can like the MC because it will make him cultivate faster and since the series is long and drawn out, the authors method of dragging the story out is for nobody other than a very small amount of characters to like or thank the MC at all. This isnt the only point in the series where this happens, any point in the series where a situation can be handled with one of the MC's crazy OP abilities, the author will work hard to nerf it temporarily to keep up the action. And the Action itself? It doesnt matter, the MC is a super genius who doesnt have to cultivate, there is no enemy that cant be beaten or atleast matched in someway through deus ex machina. The writing quality actually decreases the more you read. In the beginning of the series, the MC is killing enemies to protect himself. By chapter 518, MC leaves enemies alive casually for no reason knowing that they can/will harm his friends and family when given the chance.


TLDR: a good series in concept that was written terribly. 1 star. <<less
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Mythical3933 rated it
November 19, 2021
Status: c700
It is a good concept but its basically just the same thing over and over like MC raid a tomb>MC almost dies>gets saved by plot armor>sometimes find an almighty treasure that was from some of the strongest people>then gets targeted for it even after he has killed multiple immortals but they somehow forget that so he just kills them and then rinse and repeat. There is also the fact he decided even when something will help him get stronger and it suits him he gives it to his girlfriend. Oh... more>> and it's just like all other Chinese stroys with feng shui being the best and even stronger then formations which makes no sense because they can do the same thing <<less
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The Immortal Scholar
The Immortal Scholar rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: c221
This novel is shit. The high rating for it on wuxiaworld is what got me to read at least until chapter 220. However, reading this felt so much like a chore, so much that I was frowning while skimming chapters.

The premise was good--tomb raider/necromancer MC is really interesting, though the story itself is shit.


    1. Cultivation.

      There is no actual cultivation. MC raids a tomb>Makes jade beauty an envoy>Learns all their skills and experience automatically>Is better than them at it like 5-10 chapters later. MC becomes something like a discount Li Qiye.

    2. Harem. It's not enjoyable to read something where every important side character is somehow a "jade beauty". There's a supposed reason for it in this novel, but it's just a piss poor excuse so that the author can fulfill his 12 year old fantasies of being surrounded by beautiful women.
    3. Character development or the lack thereof. The only one who has a semblance of a personality is Qing Han/Yu. Every other character is one dimensional. The envoys of samsara are only good for being guards when the MC is going on a tomb raid--no personality whatsoever. There are a lot of wasted opportunities for the author to make the MC depend on his Envoys of Samsara while at the same time slowly increasing his cultivation. There could've been interactions there that would've really been interesting but sadly, it's just one instant power up after the other.
That being said, I rate this novel 2/5. The excellent translation is a plus, as well as the premise.
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MangoGuy rated it
November 6, 2020
Status: c407
To put it in a single sentence, this is a 3-star series which masquerades as a 4-star series, but it sometimes is better than a 5-star one. Confused? Let me begin with a description of the involved genres.

This is an out-and-out horror xianxia. Not thriller, just horror. It probably has more types of ghosts/horror characters than names of sects. What this means is that it could have been a run of the mill CN with battle competitions substituted by tomb raiding, and monsters substituted by these ghosts. And that is... more>> where it catches you off!

This is far more than just a 4-star series, and I will try to keep it spoiler free. First off, FENG SHUI. At first, I thought that it is basically going to be like a formations-based novel. (Which it honestly is) But it is so much more than that, because of how unique the interaction between death and fens shui is. This is a unique and almost a niche like existence given to this novel. And what this means that every tomb is connected to some aspect of feng shui and thus, all tombs are interconnected in some way. This creates an intricate web of conspiracies which try to bring to light the past events which destroyed the earlier eras.

Mind you, the focus on formations and feng shui info dumping means that the combat in this series is very below par at times. But the feng shui characters and creatures are absolutely fascinating. The lore!

Leaving that basic setting aside, this is a fast-paced novel with minimal filler so far. However, the cultivation aspect is almost negligible. The MC has a cheat, and basic collection of energy is enough for him. There is an attempt to involve comprehension into cultivation, but it is very superficial. The writing is sometimes shoddy. The author definitely has some grand ambitions on how to connect things, but having tombs means that someone has to actually create them. Thus, the ultra-big open world they imagine can become very disconnected to this early, fascinating world. It will be very interesting to see if they manage to pull it off, cuz the signs so far point to lackluster writing skills.

Why do I say that? The female MC. Granted, she is fitted into the teenager character mold who tries to sacrifice herself for her love, but it evident on the surface how foolish and honestly idiotic her thinking is. She will leave a very sore spot in you, but she is at least interesting! While this series is a harem, the other girls are maids who are essentially his servants. It is a unique mechanic, which is very interesting.

I have gone for so long without talking about the MC. His talents are derived from his maids. His knowledge of feng shui is from his sect. So... what does he have to offer? Honestly, nothing too much. He is just the MC. He is brave and has a backbone and yada-yada, but no character that we understand. Add to it, the fast pacing means that there are literal radical changes which happen in the course of 5 paragraphs. When you have a series with superb over-arching mystery and intrigue, this can leave a sore taste in your mouth.

In conclusion, the setting of this series is the real MC. However, looking at how long this series is, that setting can change very quickly. The occasional humour in the writing is well-appreciated. While this series is not yet Mango approved, this will definitely get approved if it manages to hold its quality for even the next 200 chapters.

Thus, this is NOT Mango approved. But it is very much worth your time. The language and writing structure might be like the usual series, but the world built is absolutely great. And etvo has a proven track record at translating in high quality. <<less
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Baby Shark
Baby Shark rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: c100
A typical hater for Chinese novels due to many reasons, but mainly due to me not understanding their myths about cultivation and other related things, I read Desolate Era but I practically skipped tons of chapters because of the overwhelmingly long explanation of the dao, yet I still kinda liked it, however, it was the first and last Chinese novel I read 'completely' that contains the words 'dao' & 'cultivation'.

Why can't all Chinese novels be like 'The Legendary Mechanic'?

However, this particular novel is indeed amazing, I dare say it is... more>> by far (100ch in already) the best cultivation-related novel that I read.
The MC is not overrated or underrated, his cultivation isn't tens of chapters long, in fact, he breaks through in one sentence only, the novel concentrates on the interactions between the MC and the world mainly, by world I mean people within the world.
As a tomb raider in his past life, he understands a lot of myths that he never saw, things like maggots or blood-corpse, etc, things that can never be seen on Earth, he uses his knowledge to raid those immortal tombs in his new world.
He is not overwhelmingly powerful, however, his strength lies mainly within his thinking about how to deal with the situations and if force is needed while his cultivation is low, his allies are there for him.

What I do not comprehend is how the hell does this novel have 3.6/5 on novelupdates. It's a must for this novel to be above 4.3/5

I wrote a lot and will probably bore whoever reads it, but a piece of advice, I hope you can wait till at least year 2021 because this novel is 2000+ ch and ongoing, you won't be able to wait after reading 'just' 100 chapters. <<less
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haldabar rated it
July 14, 2020
Status: c183
Very fast paced, but well balanced between fighting and character building. A lot of the character building is more long play style than immediate return, but it builds up to great scenes where the characters grow with the novel. And they arent left behind, they show up and continue to effect the world in some way, big or small. The power difference is quicker to catch up, but also isnt like insta op. Character still has to struggle and get help.

All in all a good read if you dont like... more>> slower paced novels, also great story if you do. <<less
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tomytopy rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: c100
I'll be reviewing this novel under the five headings I think cause it to particularly stand out from the crowd.
1. Organic story telling
- Gone are the many chapters of info dump because the author decided to give us a sneak peak into their worl-dbuilding and plot roadmap instead of actually telling a story lol Here the novel focuses particularly on the characters and the leaders learn about the world and other relevant events and items etc as they become relevant to the characters/story. I.e. Information is organically revealed... more>> through the medium of story rather than coming out of left field. Can get a lot more story that way
2. Plot
- This for me matters a lot. The writing can be subpar, but if the story is well plotted and gripping, this can be easily ignored. That's not to say the writing is subpar, it isn't, rather this is the icing on the cake.
Details matter and stay relevant in this story. Plot points connect and at 100 chapters no holes and everything is written with an intention behind it. This makes the story particularly engaging as readers are confident enough in author to make speculations and can try to anticipate events.
3. Pace
This speaks for itself when you start to read and is tied closely with plot. No fillers and at 100 chapters, the number of events would probably have been stretched for several hundred in other novels. The author includes only what is relevant to the story and in doing so can maintain a breakneck pace that keeps readers engrossed.
4. Character development
- Characters are not set on stone. They adapt, they grow and they are shaped by the experiences they've had so far. One of the goals of any good piece of literature, I believe, is to simulate the human experience to a degree while giving something of a commentary on said experience, and o believe character development is the barometer of this. This novel, so far has done a good job of this.
5. Translation quality
- This is probably one of the biggest influences on the quality of a translated novel! It is the difference between savoring the story and enduring the story.
Etvo and the team have done a tremendous job in consistently producing high quality chapters that have made chapters a joy to read, meaning one can focus purely on the story and the characters. I should also mention the work that went into making the setting of Feng Shui understandable to the readers is much appreciated! <<less
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Carca rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: 210
One of the best novels I have ever read.

The story is original and has few cliches.

The characters are interesting and the humor is great.

Love this novel!!!!
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weyz rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: c53
This novel is so confusing. More confusing than Confucius. Read until my head spin 99. There's alot of Chinese only understand terms. When the translator translate all those, those Chinese only understand terms somewhat got lost.

Ie- u I'm currently reading on this guy at a tomb doing a raid. But previously there's ppl raiding the tomb before. And before havephave raid the tomb before as well. Like inception in inception. Now I don't even know who the tomb belong to.

Story is somewat ok. Bout a guy good at Feng Shui.... more>> Cause he's a grave robber. Died while grave robbing, reborn into a immortal world. Use his Feng Shui skill to be immortal. Story building so far ok. Makes sense to me. But kinda confusing. <<less
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Belkar rated it
March 24, 2021
Status: c670
This is a story about a true mastermind by the name of Ge Long. Mind you, most of the time you're following the story from the viewpoint of his 'master' Lu Yun. He goes on adventures (mostly tomb related) and gets himself in all sorts of trouble leaving it up to Ge Long to save the day. But who or what is Ge Long? What is he plotting? Is he just bidding his time? Does he really acknowledge Lu Yun as his master?

The story adds a unique take to the... more>> standard cultivation trope in the form of feng shui. Luckily the author (and even more the translator) take the time to explain what's going on. This gives us something new and interesting to look forward to in this genre we have grown to love.

As for the story itself, it's well written and the characters have quite some depth to them. The tone is mostly serious, yet still with a lot of humour even going as far as gags. There is a great deal of intrigue while maintaining a fast pace. However sometimes it can feel a bit overly complicated with deception upon deception and plot beneath plot. But if you don't mind doing a bit of thinking while you read, this is the story for you. <<less
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