The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind


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My whole life, all I wanted was power.

I churned the world into rivers of blood and eventually gained the title, ‘Demon Lord of Strength’. However, all this became useless when I lost to a party of heroes.

But what can a loser say? As I laid dying, I was forced to listen to the hero’s gibberish:

“If you are born again, I hope that you will live a kind life!”

But huh? When I opened my eyes again, I was back in the past.

“What do I have to do to live a kind life?”

This is the beginning of an ex-Demon Lord’s journey to live a ‘kind’ life.

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회귀한 마왕은 착하게 산다
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112 Reviews

New Motorola
Feb 07, 2024
Status: --
5/10 and that me being generous, I have seen comments that speaks volumes about how good the novel is, but honestly, I failed to find that to be true,

There is no power system, MC just willy-nilly gets stronger, Author tries to make MC an as*hole but fails to deliver on that.

MC goes around doing the same sh*t after every 30 chapters, I consider myself a very committed reader who always finishes the novel that he starts but after 420 chapters in I have given up on the novel as... more>> It has now become a chore to read rather than something I look forward to reading.

All in all, I will not recommend this novel, but for the sake of not being a d*ck and ruining the rating of the novel I will I've it 4 stars. <<less
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Aug 26, 2021
Status: c103
It's not that bad. Based from the low rating reviews, I almost avoided reading this but it's not as bad as the reviews makes it out to be.

As a casual reader, the premise is a generic plot but interesting enough. It's a matter of preference if you find it interesting or not, to me this story has the same rating as "civil servant life reborn in the strange world".

If you intentionally tried to find faults then of course you'll find something. Like the other guy who acts like a literature... more>> expert finding faults in the writing. I'm not an expert but based on the many novels I've read, this is one of the good ones. If you read this with casual reading in mind, you won't feel there's something wrong. I thought MC was a saintly goody two shoes MC based from the reviews but I'm glad I've read it myself.

Without reading it, I've thought it's about an originally kind demon lord and after regressing he left his position to live a slice-of-life life befriending others and helping children and such and GOD am I wrong.
I agree with the review that said you should read the title as The Regressed Demon Lord is "Kind", with the symbol (""). It's because MCs kindess is a violent kind of kindness where it involves beating up people. MC interprets "kindness" in his own way while it's technically not wrong, to others it doesn't seem that way.


And to others who feels MC is s*upid for forgiving the others you don't seem to understand. MC DOESN'T HAVE ATTACHMENT TO HIS FAMILY. And yes, it wrong for them to bully MC due to his mother but it's something normal. Even in today's age a criminal's child would be bullied due to their parents being a criminal and it's not like MC forgave them easily either. You guys makes it seem like MC was a Saint who forgives others easily but MC actually beats them up to a pulp first. First, he beats up the knight. Second, he beats up his brother which makes him fall into shock as well as damage his reputation. Third, The regrets of the knights. Like I said, he's a strong MC who beats those people and then leaving after will make those people regret harassing him which is a form of revenge in a way. And due to that although the brother will eventually grow stronger due to that shock it doesn't mean there weren't aftereffect after being beaten by his supposedly 'incompetent brother' and moreover, people will keep comparing him to MC after that and won't be that much prestigious anymore.

MC wanting to help them once is just for his self satisfaction to lessen his guilt due to his mother's sins. As well as wanting to live in kindness. It's a plus that MC's mother wasn't actually a nice person who gets bullied, in that family, MC's mother is greater evil and the Countess was a lesser evil. It divert from usual bullied mother and here we can see MC inherited the sadistic personality of his mother. It's a hilarious twist you wouldn't expect that diverts from cliche.


MC Ain't a "Forgive everyone even an enemy" MC, he's a scheming sadistic " let's beat this guy up first" MC who gives hope to his enemies and then giving them despair while he kills them. He found the way to live in kindess by beating up bad guys which is in line with his personality and skills for destruction.

So far there's no romance, although the Saint is a typical healer who relies heavily on MC she isn't the type who fawns over MC like those b*tches in other stories she admires MC but as a person not romantically. MC and Saint interaction are like Cale interaction with either Rosalyn or Cage. She doesn't make me uncomfortable despite her reliance on MC since they are more like friends.

Anyway, it's good but don't expect to find pro-level literatures in webnovels. People today nitpicks about everything and exaggerates that plotholes that aren't even that noticeable. The writing is also okay, by my standard, as long as my immersion doesn't break from reading continuously means the writing is understandable and no major problems.

Don't believe those bad reviews who read less than 10 chapters then suddenly feels like an expert on novels. <<less
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Jun 15, 2021
Status: c30
Ok, the author played us like a damn fiddle. This novel is really good, and judging from the 3 stars AvERaGeNP gave, the author really is one sly fox. Do not stop at chapter 20 thinking that the MC is a dumbass kid, that’s what the author wants you to think, everything are red herrings and the whole story of that arc is one hell of a plot twist roller coaster. And everything makes sense without feeling forced because the author always gives you some hints that would reveal the... more>> whole truth along the way. One of those hints is

if someone truly loved and cared for a store passed down from their father, and was defending it with all their might, would they had left it to be broken, full of dust and cobweb?


All in all, great novel full of amazing plot twists and good expectation subversions. A story that will lead you by the nose if you aren’t careful, yet you will gladly accept being treated like that. Interesting characters with layers and is funny as hell, highly recommended. <<less
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Nov 10, 2021
Status: c180
I was left speechless.

It's been a long time since I binged a novel and I must say: that was f*cking awesome. The protagonist got me fully involved in the plot, so much in fact, that I couldn't stop reading for the past 3 days.

What I truly like about the novel is the protag. He is a perfect mix of a good character and a villain with an awful personality + he doesn't make me feel disgusted. I don't have to cringe about him being an edgy kid saying lines like:... more>> "It's been a long time since I used 20% of my power". He's a collected individual, who's true to his desires but isn't someone who you can't relate to, as the way it is in chinese novels, where often being a homicidal rapist is portrayed as cool. No, Zich (protag) is in the worst case indifferent, at least after he's regression.

I sincerely recommend this novel. When I looked at the title I expected an wishy-washy pushover with overwhelming strength, but I got a protagonist who I feel is made of flesh and blood. <<less
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Black 8
Black 8
Aug 18, 2021
Status: c95
Warning !! You will get addicted to this novel.

Badass MC with a free spirit, not a harem collector, and have a clever and reasonable mindset.

And I love when he admitted that he can't change his awful personality (unlike other protagonists in other novels) and he says "alright the best thing that I'm best at is "destroy things" so in term of doing "kind things" why don't I destroy all bad guys in this and use my petty hobby ... more>>

he love give his enemy hope and make after feel the real dispear

on them" <<less
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Jul 01, 2021
Status: c99
oh my god I love this novel. It's like those "dense MCs who are meant to be morally ambiguous" but actually executed in a way where he really IS morally ambiguous. Usually these novels play them in a way where their actions are perceived as good and them as saints even if it's all unintentional, but this guy is like, , , enough of a bastard that even his allies are like ", , , should we enable this behaviour???" his personality does not do a 180 or have a... more>> moral epiphany, nor was he 'secretly good' since he was the demon lord and had a chance to 'reveal' that in this lifetime. Rather, the author establishes from the very beginning that he has a rather obsessive mindset, and in this lifetime, he fixates it on the hero's last wish out of respect. Personally, I lOVE that. He's still the character that was the demon lord in his first life, it's just that the goal he's now fixed on happened to have moral goodness as a requirement. you also see that he's still not a morally 'good' person in the sense that he doesn't regret his past self as the demon lord, and that he basically finds any excuse to beat people up even underneath the flimsiest excuse of justice. Also, the other characters he meet also aren't like, , , one-minded harem in the sense that they think he's a good person, rather, they're well-aware that he's not a bad guy, but that his moral compass is certainly questionably f*cked up. Like, , , everyone KNOWS that he's basically petty motherf*cker who likes dicking around with people, but they also KNOW that he's not malicious if unprovoked. It's like. They know he's unreasonably brutal, but only as long as doing so can be passed off as 'kind.'

also, I love how the author completely diverts a few tropes. Like his "tragic family life"


and how after everything, the author reveals the reason why the family treated him poorly was because zich's mom was an absolute b*tch, that even zich felt kinda bad that they put up with her


like?? Lmao?? I love zich and I love the people he meet. like the saintess and her OP anime grandfather figure. The author writes the saintess as the stereotypical naive and emotionally frail girl of sheltered origins, but actually gives her good and steady character development that feels natural and unrushed. He doesn't change her righteous and good character, and doesn't use her as a plot device to 'prove' zich's moral ambiguity as "right, " or antagonize his character because of it. Rather, he simply gives her a backbone that she's able to create on her own, through her own interpretation of her experiences with zich. Zich isn't a "hero" who saves her or completely changes her perspective on life, and if anything, she helps zich with how to view the world as well. She's not like, , a party member who follows zich around (it's mostly just zich and his servant and it's hilarious) , she has her own background plot that isn't tied to zich's main storyline. also, I like that the author completely avoids romance. There isn't any infatuation/crush or awe-filled looks from any characters, including the girls. Rather, the saintess does respect zich and perceive him as amazing (like any other character), but she views him as a funny friendly character who probably needs a babysitter to keep him from upheaving an entire town out of "justice."

1000+/10, love zich, but I do wonder if it's because he's an actual bastard when it comes to crushing people. I love sadistic characters LMAO. <<less
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Oct 04, 2021
Status: c134
Idk what yall like about this, although the author doesn't reveal everything from the start, knows how to play with his words, the grand reveal/execution/deduction of the enemies plans just doesn't feel like it for me. "Oh! You found out about that? Too bad that was merely the tip of an iceberg of my plans!" then the MC pulls "you may have outsmarted me but I outsmarted your outsmarting!" except his reasonings are pulled out of nowhere. Its a know it all cn MC except he doesn't explain every detail... more>> from the start. Pretty decent read for the first 70 chps but it got boring after that. <<less
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Feb 23, 2022
Status: c225
I don’t know what to say, but something about this story makes me want to drop it. How should I say it, there are clear reasons for my dissatisfaction with this novel and not so clear that I can’t really describe.

To obvious reasons I would say that I don’t like the fact that while reading this story, I don’t feel like MC is progressing. It doesn’t really show us how much his power improved or when, we just know that whenever there is an enemy he either is already strong... more>> enough to sh*t on them or he gets power up from *spoiler* a tree *spoiler*. We don’t see him train or anything, we only see mentions of his companions going through the hellish training, but nothing much about MC.

Another problem I have is how inconsistent MC’s character and his intelligence is. Author obviously wants to make him the smartass that outsmarts the enemy’s outsmarting, but at times for „plot convenience”, MC turns into a complete idiot.

It’s also a typical shounen story where enemies will get stronger and so will MC and his companions, which sucks a little? Because it doesn’t makes sense to me at all. Why would by „coincidence” weaker enemies appear in places MC goes to in the beginning and stronger later in the later parts of the story when he can already beat them? Also how the hell is he still alive yet? That so called organization could have and should have killed him many times already, but for the plot convinience, they don’t send anyone to deal with him. The so called variable that destroyed their plans many times already. The excuse we get is that they have hands full of work, but let’s be honest here, people who will read story will know that it’s the shittiest excuse ever.

I also find Lyla a bit annoying, but I’m not gonna say too much, cuz I don’t want to get stoned by people.

Overall I recommend giving it a try, but the story gets very repetitive and a bit predictable imo. It’s always travelling to different places and fighting stronger enemies. <<less
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Jun 25, 2021
Status: c40
I really enjoy this novel.

While his method of dealing with problems and his attitude is similar to some protagonists especially in marital arts worlds, (which is not to bash on him, if I was also known as the Demon lord of strength, the pinnacle of strength I would be pretty arrogant and confident in myself. And personally it is way better than most isekai protagonists). But he is taking baby steps by taking the advice of the hero moments before he died he finds his own... more>> ways to be kind, in his own special way (?)

Like not bashing a guys head in for talking sh*t about him even though he was literally moments from curb stomping the guy


His moments of being the Demon lord of strength that comes through every once in a while and his twisted view on kindness always makes me grin (but who knows I have really low standards to make me happy)
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Aug 06, 2021
Status: c83
Loving it so far, I love how the character is so skewed from his previous traumas and doesnt even realize that he IS kind and caring. But skewed BECAUSE of his past. I love the sherlock holmesy villain confrontation vibes as well. Especially that he has a "healthy" relationship with his fellow males and not the tired fapbrained harem trope. Certainly a good read!
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Jun 14, 2021
Status: c32
Its a staple of a shounen novel. Protagonist regressed to his younger self with a ambition to be kind but its not mentioned the extent of it he would go for it. Also, after the initial arc before the journey protagonist is showcased as someone very capable but after that he becomes child who cannot understand the sophistication of how the society works and needs to be tutored on concepts of being good. Furthermore, one thing in this novel we are likely going to see more is forced development since... more>> as of now that's the only method author has used to progress the plot after the journey. In addition, the actions MC commits for the sake of being kind feels forced or a job with a high incentive. His reasoning for being good falls flat. He is kind for the sake of being kind wihtout a strong reasoning behind it. It is only used as plot device to have him meddle into other peoples business to drive the plot.

Edit: I will continue to read the novel and add remaining 2 stars IF the developments doesn't feel forced anymore and I feel MC isn't acting in accord to some plot device. <<less
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Jul 31, 2021
Status: c174
Original Post C74

What a unique book. A man who believes strength is beaten so he follows the advice of the one who beat him.

It really is a story of taking a guess about what is going on and then flipping it. A good mystery is introduced where we can guess what is coming but the author is good at making you miss. It is pretty good writing.

Main character knows who he is and is trying to change by performing 'kind acts'. His kind acts often leave people confused. They are... more>> not classic kind acts and he still has his sadistic side but I would say he has a net positive on kind acts, unless you are a bad guy. Do not be a bad guy because it will not end well.

He uses future acts to navigate one of the most hectic periods of time for the people of the world. The time when he came to power. His knowledge helps people out a lot. Makes me wonder what that 'hero' is doing and what he will do when he finds the MC.

It is a good read and I would suggest it to anybody.

Update post chapter 174

It has been a 100 chapters and it keeps getting better. I read this every day now before going to bed. It is so intriguing and I'm looking forward to seeing how it ends. Also makes me laugh that Zich is becoming troubled as people are looking at him so fondly now. Even the things that should be considered weird or outlandish have a sense of realism due to the great world building. I can't say enough good things about this. It hasn't driven into the realm of unrealistic bull like so many stories which is just impressive. Consistent characters who change slowly is the best and their situations are great too. Keep reading this, it is a great story.


It ends at chapter 601, now there are only side stories left. It was a good story. My 5 stars still stands. Going to miss reading this every day. <<less
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Dec 30, 2021
Status: c32
This novel should be renamed to "Uno Reverse Cards: The Story"

Most of the "schemes" in Korean novels are usually either dumb and short, or smart and dragged out. The "schemes" in this novel are dumb and dragged out. Every "reveal" moment that I read was just a competition of who could take out the most uno reverse cards. I wouldn't mind it if the reader was let in on what the MC was doing or planning, but no, the author thought it was better for the reader to watch the... more>> MC pull stuff out of his ass.

The badass moments people are commenting about are actually super cringe, I don't use that word often but it fits the bill in this case. I think it's because the story isn't taking itself seriously.

"How was it? How was that sweet moment of hope?”


I like to imagine that's the author talking the readers who thought this was gonna be a good story.

The author is telling the reader, through other characters, that the MC is powerful and strategic, but what the author is showing us is that he is only "powerful and strategic" in front of other people, and when he's alone, he turns into an idiot.

I dropped it pretty early because the red flags were everywhere and posted this review. I cannot fathom why there are so many 5 star reviews saying that this is a genius story. Well, as they say, to each their own.

Bonus: Here's a fun game for the people that want more comedy in their stories and are gonna start reading this story, every time there is a twist, imagine the MC pulling out an uno reverse card out of nowhere and throwing it on the floor. I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it. <<less
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Oct 04, 2021
Status: c141
a pleasant surprise!

one of the very few regression novels that manage to stand out from the confines of their archetype.

  • (+) a greatly sadistic MC who is supportable and hilarious to watch
  • (+) a nice balance of suspense, with a plot that isn't 100% predictable; for both the readers and the MC
  • (+) very nice pacing!
  • (+) excellent job by the author/translator to bring the dialogues alive
  • (+) not focused on leveling up and training all the time, less "cheat-like" in comparison to other rebirth/regression novels
  • (+) NO HAREM (so far! and I'm really hoping it stays that way, or else this drops to an automatic 1 star)
  • (=) slight victim to the overpraised and admired MC trope, but not to the point that it gets overwhelming
  • (-) no major flaws.... so far (as of chapter 141), but ill update as I go along
Overall, the most enjoyable read I've had in a while. Xiliqs compared this series to tcf and I agree; I am quite a bit more attached to tcf's characters. However, (and this is only a subjective opinion ~100 chapters in), I also think that the writing/translating quality of rdk is better, and that its plot has room to grow.
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Jul 23, 2022
Status: c431
So... the star ratings are bull*hit.

The novell starts of in a mild manner with a seemingly beta *i will do things differently this time, but I need to train first* MC. Yeah... that lasts like 5 chs then sh*t starts to get real.

By all means, the characters are well written, there is a well pasced character developement as well. The world is immersive and diverse.

The only thing I have as a negative is that the power of the MC's party fluctuates: sometimes they are able to abslutley f*ck way stronger... more>> opponents but than then the author goes:"yeah, they should struggle cuz... plot".

As a summary its absolutley S tier with a well written antihero MC. <<less
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Arcadia Blade
Arcadia Blad
Jun 23, 2021
Status: --
An MC whose a sad*st that loves to give people hope, only to crush it to pieces.

Hello and this is my review for the novel. I'm just a fellow reader who started this out but I'll give my POV on this novel.

The main point of this novel is in the summary as the MC follows what the hero said to him.

... more>> "If you are born again, I hope that you will live a kind life."

This MC isn't s*upid but just lack common sense on this part as the other reviews thought that he is just blindly following some path dumbly. In truth, he actually just listens to what the hero saids to him and restarts his life but a goal of being good.

There is the contradiction in that.

He begans his goal of being a kind person but doesn't know what it is due to his life not able to understand how kindness works at first before finding out what it is in his own way.

The comedy elements in this is how the MC's kindness is played out as he still has his personality in being a demon king but only subverting that act in accordance to 'kindness'.


It was only shown later when he meets the saintess after she gave him advice on how to be kind as he helps out thugs beat up someone. This was more apparent as when that person they beat was a bad guy and letting him have his evil monologue, only to let the MC crush his hope and ending his life.



MC - A regressed Demon King who still has his memory of his past life and now follows the hero's advice in being good. He doesn't know what kindness is and acts on his own but after learning what it is, he subverts its in his own act while keeping his Demon King ways. Smart, knows how the future would happen and loves to give people hope and crush it in the end as he trives on the look of people's despair. Yet, he mostly relies on strength as his title proceeds him but the only s*upid about him is that his lack of common sense.

Family - At first, it would be just a typical evil family who made the MC the way he is now.

It is explained that the family hate him is only because of his mother being a classic evil mom and terrorizing the family. Basically, Like mother, like son. XD

He forgives them later on after destroying the family. Lol

But he even then, they should had at least treated the MC better but no matter. He already payed them back and took a servant which he wanted to train as a new meatshield and as a way to free his guilt (mother bullied this servant too).


Hero - Its not a spoiler but there were some speculation about this guy passed on since the way he says at the begining is suspicious enough in the begining of the novel. A small glimps of him acting like a hero-like guy but we think that this is just an act due to how he says and acts as the story goes on. Basically the antagonist of this novel? Not sure but the conclusion is high enough to be so.

As for the romance part, there was rarely any talks but there were hints with the saintess in the later portions. But just speculations.


The novel is basically what the summary says, the MC regress and to follow the winner's advice, he started doing the 'kind' acts he had listen from the hero and uses it as his main goal in his new life.

If you think that he changes to 180

quick, I think you maybe reading a novel somewhere as the MC still acts like his old self but with a new goal in mind. He mostly brings 'kindness' to his enemies and forgives them by letting them get the upperhand, only to relish on their despair once the MC crushes their plans.

He isn't good but just follows the winner's advice in his lew life as he still leans on the chaotic/neutral route rather than being good.


I just got bored and decided to read this out of curiosity but now I don't regret it after reading this novel.

The humor is good and you expect it to be easy to know the plot but the author sometimes make elements complicated to let you guess what the MC's plans are. He still kinda follows the heroic route a bit but he doesn't change, only gains a new light to what his goals are.

Its still small in chapters so it might not hooked on some who wanted a longer series but this novel has a difference from the others and even subverts your expectations while entertain you with the MC's dynamics and actions.

The main core of this novel is the MC and the author heavily implies the plot around him while slowly building the world through him. However, as others said, the MC is not a good narrator and the POV sometimes not focus on him but all in all, its a good read.

Overall, I rate this at a 5 on my take since I like this novel and this might change since the novel is kinda low on chapters and don't know how the novel would hold on the plot. <<less
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Aug 23, 2021
Status: c5
TLDR: Not for people who've already read lots of novels with tr*shes rising up. The novel read very similarly to a Chinese cultivation novel with face slapping. Basically a "quirky" shounen novel and definitely not a seinen one.

I didn't want to review this novel so early, but I honestly wasn't able to stand it anymore. I went into this novel hoping for a decent comedy because of the tags and other reviews, but instead, I just got "witty" banter. A hundred novels ago I may have laughed at the MC... more>> disrespecting everyone and saying clever comebacks, but after reading so many similar novels it just seemed awkward and cringe.

Take my review with a grain of salt as everyone's tastes are different, but I definitely don't recommend this novel for people who have already read a few novels with similar plots. Basically with the MC going into a tr*sh's body (traveled to the past in this case) and then trying to fix everything while everyone disrespects him for little reason. The thing that irked me the most was how literally everyone dared to disrespect the MC, who was the eldest son of a noble family in medieval times. At least in other novels, the MC would be either a commoner or there would be nobles of similar rank disrespecting him.

I'm not sure if it's the translation or if the raw was already like that, but the novel read more like a script for an anime and not like an actual novel. The sentences were poorly connected and entire sections read like a list. <<less
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Apr 10, 2022
Status: c330
So going into this story it feels like a typical regresion novel. Its got all the traits that we have come to associate with this genre. Though its nice that the whole plot isnt about the MC getting stronger or fights 24/7. What sets this one apart is its unique protagonist and focus on story rather than grinding. Too many of these novels are just grinding untill some mediocre plot comes along (yes im throwing shade at solo leveling clones). This one is just plot and action that progresses the... more>> plot (though the fights themselves are great).

The story is structured around multiple arcs with an overarching plot tying it all together. Its pacing is consistent and it has a great structure to it. It feels like the author made something that works and just kept doing it. The arcs all feel similar because their structure is similar, but each add something to the overarching plot.

That said there are a few things that are I must mention. After the initial arc, the story just feels like its missing something. You might not feel it even in the 2nd arc, but the 3rd one certainly makes you feel it. That is the fact that besides Zich, the rest of the main cast doesnt have much of a presence even when on screen. There just isnt an equal in his party who could play of his personality nicely. Not to say that the characters in his party are bad, but something is just missing from the group. That something ends up being Lyla, the female lead. I can honestly say that before Lyla was introduced this story wasnt all that fun to me. Intresting and full of potential, but not super fun all the time (depends on the arc of course).

The reason why Lyla is important is because she has as much presence on screen as Zich. She is Zichs equal and his partner. See what makes this story intresting is its protagonist. Zich is unique and weird. Smart and capable, yet not invincible. More times than not using his intelect to solve a problem and mystery, yet its not like he can do everything alone. Add to it his personality. He is a sadistic hero. He doesnt just beat his enemies, but also tortures them. Dont let the title fool you, the protagonist was a genuine bad guy and still remains a bad person. His regression and change of goals didnt suddenly make his demon lord personality go away, just shifted who his victims are. Also to add his logical thinking is amazing, but his people skills are questionable. Its hard to explain, but its quite unique. He feels childish without being childish, while at the same time feeling genuenly inteligent (for those who read second coming of gluttony im throwing shade at its protagonist).

Still great as he is as a protagonist, he didnt have anyone he could have fun interactions with in his group. That is untillthe female lead comes into the picture. She herself is one of the mysteries of this novel. But her interactions with Zich and how their relationship progresses and changes over time is my favorite part of this story. They dont love each other (at least not yet), but you can tell that their relationship is advancing in that direction with both of them being the closest people to one another and the unique atitude they have towards each other. They feel like partners in crime that are both working towards a goal. The rest of the main cast just follow them on their journey.

The journey itself consists of helping people out and getting revenge on villains/ stoping their evil plots. Sounds cliche, yet Zich makes it fascinating. As they say, how you do something is more important the end result. At times hed manipulate and/ or trick people, do infiltration and diguise himself, act, do detective work and sometimes just use brute force.

Now the onky other thing to mention is the antagonists.

The main is the hero. In truth he actually has the power to regress and has regressed a lot so that he could make the world just the way he wants it so that he can become a hero and lead a perfect life. With Zich being the final boss to defeat in order to achieve his goal. This however isnt easy since he still needs to actually fight Zich at the end of his journey in an actual battle with his companions aka every jrpg final boss ever. The problem is that even though he is a regressor, it is shown that Glen (the hero) isnt nearly as talented as Zich is. Even with all his knowledge and items he uses to buff himself, he cant solo Zich on his own. Even with a party he cant so it since Zich is at that point the worlds strongest being with the most mana and raw talent for fighting. This results in Glen losing quite a few times to Zich. Still there are quite a few mysteries surrounding Glens regressions and just him in general. Fron what we do know there was at least one cycle where Zich was the hero fighting demon lords and we know Glen worst fear is that Zich would chose to become said hero. Still we dont know much else. My theory is that before Glens regressions, Zich was the hero, but once Glen started regressing he manipulated Zichs life into him becomung the demon lord.

Well besides Glen, there is also the robbed organisation. Not much is known about them except that they are working for Glen. Aparently they work for Glen due to their fear of Glen using his regression powers to kill them or something. But still there is a lot more to them than meets the eye and they are also connected to Lyla.

Also to add Lyla is hinted to be the demon lord Zich fights in the timeline he is a hero, but Glen doesnt seem to know anything about her.

Well besides them the rest are just villains of the week type of villains.

Still there is a noteworthy one. One of Zichs old subordinates becomes the main villain in an arc. Even though Zich and him become friedly in the arc, by the end of it Zich kills him. Its probably the most emotional moment in the series and it hits hard. Honestly though the story isnt all that heavy, dark or emotional, it has its a few great emotional moments like this.

Also while im still in the spoiler part of this review im just gonna mention that Zichs friends also get love intrests. Romance is secondary in this series, but for guys like me its quite nice to see, especially when even other characters get a bit of the action XD


Well this ended up quite long and I should seriously learn how to keep these short. But the point is that I really liked this novel. It feels like its going to only be getting better and better. You can do way worse than this novel (and probably have by now XD) so I recomend anyone who likes regression or isekai type stories to give this one a shot cause its great. Also try to stick until Lylas arc cause imo it gets amazing after she joins the group.

Well I hoppe you like this one and that you have fun reading it. Enjoy. <<less
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Nov 06, 2021
Status: c112
It's amazing. A must-read. Can be a slight turn-off in the first few chapters but once you get into it there is no getting out. Characters and events that make you feel many emotions on the level of SSS-Class su*cide Hunter and an epic adventurous journey that keeps you hooked by the nose like The Second Coming of Gluttony. I loved the development Zich is slowly going through and how everyone around him changes with him.
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Feb 15, 2022
Status: c277
I’ll keep this review short: This is the only novel in which I’ve actually thought “Ugh, why don’t they just date already”. Like, I’m actually looking forward to the romance, Zich and Lyla are too good together. All the characters are pretty great and fleshed out, The villains are excellently hate-able and there’s a solid mystery permeating the story.
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Sep 20, 2021
Status: c122
Right now this is my favourite ongoing series in NU, here is why: this is de Chadest MC in some time: he is not a goody two shoes. In the same vibe as Tate no yuusha, the MC will toy with his opponents with the pure goal of making them suffer. He is also quite good at flirting: a breath of fresh air when compared to all of the Japanese MC’s

The series is a good shonen series: the main character has a rapid power progression but still needs to fight... more>> strong opponents all the time, your typical shonen trope... The romance is... sparse for now and I am curious about how it’s going to develop. <<less
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