The Regressor and the Blind Saint


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In this life, I will live for you.

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회귀자와 맹인 성녀
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New DarkSamaIg rated it
September 24, 2022
Status: c31
Firstly I would like to tell you people that I've read 30+ chapters and I'm not writing this out of no where. I'd like to think that this novel is a masterpiece that everyone should try at least once. Every single chapter is marvelous and interesting in its own right. The characters personalities are fleshed out and don't feel like machines. The humour in the novel is good. The MC (vera) is strong but is not the strongest being and gets stronger every chapter. The MC is a regressor, And... more>> the plot revolves around his regression. He has a clear motive to become stronger and its not for his self satisfaction, I liked that point a lot. The MC is a sigma. Also I would like to mention that our MC is not into kids. The rom com part is good and I can see how this will turn more and more entertaining in the future. This is a Must read!!!. You should really check out the illustrations they are really good, It may increase your interest in reading the novel. <<less
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New PickyReader101 rated it
September 23, 2022
Status: c30
Immersion, Immersion, Immersion!

the worldbuilding is so frickin good, its a world with a huge church so its slightly based on religions and the main character is such a chad.

in his last moments he was helped by a blind saint and decided do dedicate his life to her after he regressed.

... more>> we explore his journey as he comes to terms with the sins he committed and he tries to atone for them by living for the saint.

their interactions are so wholesome its even better than snu snu.

no snu snu as far as I am aware.


GigaChad MC.

Top tier female lead.

Amazing World building.

Best romance on NU.


the chapters after he regressed before he met the saint again were a bit of a slog for me but once they met up it was fire. <<less
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MrCents_04 rated it
May 2, 2022
Status: --
At first, it is boring, but later on, it become too awesome!

Our MC regresses back in the past, and try his best to fulfill his promise to the Saint.

All of his action is misunderstood as love, lol.

MC is a sigma, a keeper, and devoted attendant. He kills the evil Alphas, Ugly Bastards and Ntr characters.

Read it if you loathe vile people!
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Mr. White Tower
just looking at the synopsis made me feel amazing and after reading that...... OH MY GODDD

HOLY BLODY HELL, what the f*ck this thing!!! boring slow pacing but after reading chapter after chapter, I'm even more flabbergasted!!

How come?!!! The plot is made in such a simple way but it attracts the mystery in it which makes the reader enthusiastic from chapter to chapter

... more>> I'm touched every time I read the paragraphs, the extraordinary nature of writing makes me want and want more, until chapter 5... I'm sure this novel will become famous!!!

at least read until chapter 5!! <<less
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Ferhatch rated it
June 9, 2022
Status: c10
Altough it's still 5 chap, the art is good, the writing is good.

Lots of unique font by the tl group and good word placing, altough the pace is very slow. It's not fail to deliver the vibe of the old school fantasy stories, not those cringy japanese isekai wanabe.

I bet this will bring your emotion to the whole another level.
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Eversource rated it
June 19, 2022
Status: c7
Though only 7 chapters have been translated so far, I'm quite enjoying the story. The storytelling is done well and I hope the story would remain consistent in its quality till the end.

... more>>

The MC's main reason for his oath to live for the saint is because she was able to reform such an evil being as himself. He then decides that he will not let her suffer such an end before his return in time. With his stigma he regresses and after taking care of the scums which dwell in slums, he moves to the Holy Kingdom to prepare for when the saint receives the stigma and well becomes the Saint and arrives there as well.


The translations are a bit slow and I do wish they were faster but can't complain too much. I recommend reading this but it might be better to stack chapters even though it would probably take a while. <<less
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Roby1610 rated it
May 9, 2022
Status: c110
Well dam I have to be honest and say that our little blind saintess rules.

As a few people have said the MC is a sigma male. I know calling characters alpha, beta or signa is a bit cringe, but it fits so well. After regressing, he becomes quite docile towards the saintess as he believes that its his role to protect her and be by her side when she needs him. Aka he believes himself to be her knight. The problem with that is that the saintess falls in love... more>> with him prety early on. So once she confeses over 3 years later, he rejects her due to him not wanting to influence her in a negative way (since he knows how selfish he can be from his past life when he lets his desires control him). But in a fascinating twist, the saintess has none of his bs. She loved him for over 3 years and wasnt about to give up just because of his dumb reasons. So she kisses him, vows to make him fall in love with her and then goes on to use every trick in the book to seduce him. Dam she is great. Both of them have such great character development. With the MC trying to become a better person and learn how to protect, while the fMC matures and learns how deal with her love.

Also I just love how the fMC acts when she is jealous. I mean girl was straight up ready to kill someone if she has suspicions that they were intrested in the MC (which were always just her missunderstandings).

There is a lot of praise that can be given for both of the main characters but I will stop here.

The plot itself focuses mostly on the romance between the 2, with incidents and mysteries sprinkled all around for when more focus will be put on the overarching plot. There is a decent amoubt of set up for that. Where this story kinda falters in its side charactera. They are solid enough, but feel a bit one note and lacking in substance. Not bad, but nothing special.

The action is solid enough with the MC being strong, but not broken, but thats more because all his opponents are very strong themselves.

The pacing is a bit on the faster side, though not too fast. If the perfect pacing is a 5, this would be a 6 or 6.5. Honestly thats about all I got to say. I highly recomend you read this one if you like action romance or fantasy romance novels. Enjoy <<less
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hose246 rated it
August 18, 2022
Status: c18
This is a heartwarming romance novel with great character developments.

The MC, to put it jokingly, is someone who is originally selfish and cruel, but got converted into a lovable simp after realizing the greatness of the Saint's onlyfans. The MC used up his 2 weeks free trail of onlyfans, so he embarked on a journey for 4 years to make himself great and worthy to stand by her side. All the while without the Saintess knowing who he was. Doesn't this just sound like a simp suffering from parasocial relationships?

Well,... more>> all jokes aside, the MC is actually very well written. Without spoiling the plot, he is a cruel hearted and selfish person who is finally able to be reformed at the end of his life by coincidentally meeting the sentence. During that time, he also realized how much the Saintess suffered and decided to help her if he ever lived. While the first 15 or so chapters might be boring to some, it's because the author is spending time building up the MC focusing on his character development. While doing this, the author also made sure to introduce the Saintess' character and also build up the power system a little bit. After that part, from what I can see on what is currently translated, it's going to be a pretty great and sweet romance between the MC and the Saintess.

The side characters currently introduced in the translated chapters are pretty good, though I cannot really give an accurate judgement right now due to the heavy focus on the MC's development.

This novel will mainly focus on the development of the MC and the Saintess. The other things that happened are just gonna be the incentives that triggers further development from the both of them. This is gonna be a great romance novel, go read it. <<less
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StR. rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: c13
Let me start by saying that I absolutely love the tragedy genre. I stumbled upon this novel yesterday and its sooo damm goood. pacing, art, writing style and dialogue.. All of these are S+ tier.

Let me get things clear by saying this absolutely isn't a ntr novel!

Although, there aren't a lot of chapters to read right now... But i'd say this is absolutely gonna be one of my fav novels.

... more>> I haven't mentioned anything about the story or character as they may ruin your experience, so.. BETTER READ IT YOURSELF RN!

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SolitaryPilgrim rated it
June 22, 2022
Status: c7
Just from 7 chapters I can already tell that author is blessed with a talent to write

Both of the MCs have depth to their characters just from reading 7 chapters their trajts are clear. Story is quite good. Plot progression is just perfect not too fast not too slow.

Translation Quality is decent. Frankly there a lot of poetic words which hard to comprehend if you aren't native so blame is automatically directed to TL quality. Although admittedly compared to their other projects which have phenomenal TL standard especially 'Main Heroines'... more>> this one falls a bit short. I believe they didn't assign a PR along with Translator, so it can be sometimes janky. But overall it's 3.5/5 compared to myriad of generic Translation out there. Downside Translator seems really busy with irl issues so updates are less frequent. However, I still suggest to read the 7 chapters and decide for yourself whether to stack up chapters or read it whenever novel gets an update because I'm pretty sure you won't be dropping it once you give it a try. <<less
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feverdream rated it
September 3, 2022
Status: c24
Rare Masterpiece. Hidden Gem Romance Novel with a male Protagonist. Will definitely follow it.

Some may find the the prologue excessively long, in my opinion, however a romance novel finally gives accurate motives behind the Protagonists Love & Regression.

In addition, the Translation Quality is being well done. 10/10. It's a little early to recommend it but will do so.
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SnowWhite234 rated it
September 8, 2022
Status: c31
One of those stories that leaves a pit in your stomach when you get caught up to the translation. I’m dying to read what comes next. My only advice: bring insulin
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Sion rated it
September 1, 2022
Status: c23
Nice. I'm really liking it. It's cute but tense at the same time, and up to now, the author seems to be making a good job portraying the characters. I look forward to the following chapters...
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DrVanilla rated it
September 22, 2022
Status: Completed
One of the best romance novels, has won 2021 "Excellence Award" on Novelpia, ranked 7th in life picks with over 6M+ views.

Although it is a regression kinda of novel, the biggest feature of this work is the process of regression. Unlike recent trends, where regression ends in a few sentences, here our protagonist's (Vera) regression isn't just described and forgotten.

Vera, a thoroughly evil person who seemed to have no regrets until the end of his life, was moved by the saint's (Renee) kindness and care towards him, while he was... more>> on his deathbed, she took care of him on her own expense, until one day she was gone..

With an oath torwards her using his stigma Vera regresses to make the future different Vera who was the king of the slums and an evil person becoming the paladin of the holy land and the saint's knight, his character development throughout the novel is amazing, his power is the sigma of oath, think of it as equivalent exchange, his oath to the saint is quite literally written on his soul (kind of reminded me of Kurapika from HxH), an example of a use, he declared a certain realm that magical spells prohibited and everyone within that realm is compensated for their physical abilities equal to their lost magical prowess and those who break the rule shall pay the price and their heart will stop beating as a result of that.

Renee, the female lead, a pure hearted blinded woman and the future saint. Her character has a lot of depth and you can relate to most of her dialogue (at least when she's serious), her power is to literally make miracles.

While the synopsis seems like a usual romance fantasy novel, it is not, the novel is targeted to anyone (as long as you have no problem with romance), it doesn't just focus on romance aspect but highly focuses on the action/fantasy parts of the story.

-MC is a sigma, a keeper, and devoted attendant (not a simp!)

-The plot is made in such a simple way but it attracts the mystery in it which makes the reader enthusiastic from chapter to chapter

- Both of FL and MC have a great character development, with the MC trying to become a better person and learn how to protect the saint, the fMC matures and learns how to deal with her love.


- Amazing plot twists


-The start of the novel is pretty slow but it will pick up the pace <<less
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ThotBgone rated it
September 14, 2022
Status: c27
I was never a fan of romance. But this... this shall be an exception.

The story is not exactly unique but the wholesome moments really do make you feel good. Also how a ruthless person can change so much by a person's influence too is really cool to see. So far I'm liking the story.


Abilities are like in Taboo Tatoo except you are chosen by God to become an apostle

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alominus rated it
September 20, 2022
Status: c13
Scratching my head over this one... I'm going to be the counter-balance voice of reason to all these weighted one-sided reviews. The first couple of chapters and these reviews here hyped me up for something great and then every chapter after that I was struggling to stay awake. After 13 chapters of the MC just b*tching about everyone and everything, and the novel just not doing anything at all after chapter 2, I gave up on it. You could easily skip chapters 2 - 13 (possibly more but I didn't... more>> read further than that) because these chapters are just a complete waste of your time. Unlike what one of the reviews here says, there is absolutely no character development happening during these chapters. The chapters that are normally devoted to world-building and character backgrounds were just completely wasted in favor of s*upid jokes and circular introspection (the MC just regurgitates the same thoughts over and over and over)... The novel constantly alludes to how evil the MC was in the past but completely fails to go into depth about it at all. It stinks of edge for the sake of edginess.

The writing is honestly... not very good. It doesn't flow well at all. That's par the course for a translated eastern novel and maybe the blame for that is on the translator, but definitely not 100% of the blame. I'm not going to rag on these guys' apparently favorite novel any longer, but I just don't see what's good about it, and I disagree with practically every reviewer here. <<less
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di2857295 rated it
September 6, 2022
Status: c200
For what it is, it’s pretty good and I enjoyed the first 100-130 chapters quite a bit. However it gets pretty repetitive feeling by chapter 200. A lot of the setups begin to feel similar and the character growth stagnates. Tropes (such as the FMC misunderstanding every woman that talks with MC) get old and detract from the story after the nth use.

Tl:dr - it’s good at first, but doesn’t really grow that well. 4.0 for the first part being good.
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LazyPace rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: c160

the sole reason I put this rating so low is because of my dissatisfaction of the Saint. She is a character that sincerely pisses me off to no end, for one she is by far the most judgmental character in the entire novel, she is very quick to dislike someone because their interests seem weird to her, or their personality is a little eccentric, and this has been shown on multiple occasions where she can be a complete as*hole to someone because of something very minor when they had no way of knowing. She's also extremely sensitive about anything related to the MC and other women even when it's just rumors, she will literally hear a rumor about a species for example and instantly think the MC has fallen in love with them with literally no evidence to back it up, even before meeting them, it feels extremely exaggerated and frustrating. She proceeds to be extremely guarded against this race for literally no reason because of her own assumptions that had no credibility to them to begin with. Another example of her judgmental attitude just came up recently on c160, they have just recently met the apostle of death, and one thing that should be obvious, is that the apostle of death's power is related to death and is able to heighten other death related powers, such as necromancy. And because apostles are selected based on a type of personality, such as all oath apostles having stubborn personalities. You would imagine the apostle of death of selected based on a certain personality, maybe they are selected due to a pure interest in death or necromancy. However it is clear they would would have a huge advantage in necromancy, but when the apostle of death shows a pure interest in necromancy and wants to show the Saint what she can do (like when you wanna show someone close to you something you are proud of because you want to show them your interests and whatnot) the first reaction of the Saint is literal dissatisfaction with her interest, she is disappointed the APOSTLE OF DEATH is doing necromancy (which isn't even a bad thing, it's literally just making contracts with the dead and other things) and shows instant disapproval in her actions even tho she did nothing wrong and she's literally the apostle of death, and if the Saint even thought for 1 second about that fact, she would realize how judgmental she is being for absolutely no reason. It's just something I'm dissatisfied with, and annoys me to read just how much of a piece of sh*t the Saint can truly be. Another think I want to mention is how blinded the MC can be. He has made a lot growth throughout the chapter but he is still extremely frustrating. I will just mention the most recent example of this, when the group first met the apostle of death in the land of the dead, they thought she was a necromancer from afar and instantly became aggressive towards her because all the dead in the land of the dead belong to the king of the dead so they thought she was trying to steal the undead and make an enemy out of the king and get them involved, so the MC rushes through the woods towards the energy with his sword drawn and divinity flowing out of him getting ready to fight this necromancer, only to find a little girl shaking on the ground surrounded by skeletons seemingly protecting her from him, and then he realizes she's the apostle of death; and instead of sheathing his sword and trying to calm her down, nope, he instead grabs her by the arm and literally drags her back to the rest of the group while she's crying and screaming and shaking in fear. But that's not the worst part; the worst part is that later when the Saint is trying to get close to the apostle of death, she brings the MC with her once, and when the apostle of death sees him she starts shaking in fear and hides, but instead of realizing why she's scared of him and apologizing for his actions. He instead gets angry that she hates him thinking "why does she hate me? I literally did nothing wrong" and gets pissed off. Which just made me blow my top off, I have never gotten so pissed off while reading this novel, this was the most frustrating thing I have ever read from this novel, because all of the characters have genuinely treated the apostle of death badly in one way or another, and they even want to drag her back to the holy land with them, even tho in early chapters it was stated that the holy land respects all those who awaken divinity and respect their wishes wether they want to live in the holy land or not, and won't force them. Yet here they are doing just that. And they don't even treat her well, she's extremely innocent and timid, yet all of the characters in one way or another have treated her poorly. It's just something that really pisses me off, because I wish they would either genuinely care for her and treat her well or leave her alone because if they can't treat her well then they have no right to drag her to the holy land away from her master and family where she will genuinely suffer a lot.

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