A Berserker Mob, I’m Going to Participate in the Main Story


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Another world reincarnation. It’s also a game world.

Protagonist? Rival? Villain? Important character in an event? Too bad. He’s just a mob. He doesn’t even have a name in the game. He’s not even a villain’s crony or anything. He’s truly just a mob.

And it’s not like he has played this game very much. You might think “Why such a character?”. You might also think “he must have at least some backdoors to cheat through” or something like that.

In such a world, Clueless Berserker Mob even participates in the main game.

Associated Names
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A Berserker Mob, I’m Going to Participate in the Main Story
Insane Mob
Mob Apostle
狂戦士なモブ、無自覚に本編を破壊する (LN)
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KA2094 rated it
March 8, 2022
Status: c13
Rating the novel as if you can deal with the MC's insufferable attitude.

People may find that "warrior's logic", as it seems to be called, good but god is it so s*upid. He is just a hypocrite despite him acting as if everyone else is.

His logic essentially boils down to, "if you (attempt to) do ANY harm to me then it justifies ANY immediate action to you, regardless of the reasons." and "don't pay attention to anyone if they are not related to you" This essentially means the moment someone attempts... more>> to kill him he immediately starts a massacre of anyone he deems roughly related. The idea being that thinking too much will lead to more trouble so just kill them. This idea is..I hope obviously.. s*upid. I cannot think of a better way to lead to trouble then just killing anything that seems to remotely be against you. And the second point, he just a hypocrite about it.

He goes against his own tenets 3 times as of c14.

    1. Firstly, he saves a carriage from (seemingly) bandits and leaves, no clue why, there was not a really a reason going by his logic to help but he does because plot. (Despite it making him a hypocrite every time he blames people that they are weak so they have to deal with it)
    1. He meets some kids and it leads to some "bandits" and then knights coming, he for some reason decides to talk to the knights and use his noble name despite the clear antagonism, and only attacks after he puts a crime on them. Once again, by his logic he should of attacked sooner. Plus, he doesn't attack the children afterwards despite them indirectly trying to harm him. He shouldn't actually care about the reason (as he doesn't later) but here he seemingly does and lets them go. Because plot.
Thirdly: (Could be a bit spoilery since it is criticising the plot in c12-14)


(Technically for this one he is more in the right, until he uses s*upid logic) He is attacked by hostile demons and immediately kills them, for assassins his logic does make sense so sure, he then locates the meeting place of the demons and massacres them all... very loosely I am going to say sure despite that choice causing trouble in every scenario except when the assassins/backers don't actually have political power (which it was in this case). One of them actually lives (he knows this but leaves it) and then goes to the more neutral demons (he doesn't know they are demons, he thinks its a human family because...?) and demands they let him kill her. This is where the baffling happens.

        1. Leader apologises on behalf of the demon woman and asks MC to not kill her, he replies that there is no need for laws if apologies work (this logic is iffy, and it is not like he pays attention to the laws (he actually does during the knight talk but that was done against his logic because plot))
        1. Leader points out that he won't let her near him, MC just doesn't believe him, you know what sure that can make sense.
        1. Leader wishes for her to live now she has fixed her flaw, MC just says its her fault for making a mistake therefore she should die.
        1. Then after berating the leader in his mind he lets them go

That conversations in the third one is where the baffling comes as I said, the MC still believes that the Leader and his clan/family are one group, so by his logic... he should of already massacred them all instead of arbitrarily stopping. On that point, he shouldn't of left the demon alive when he was doing the massacre, if it was a mistake then sure but he knew she was there and let her go despite it leading to more trouble.

The MC constantly says that the Leader is bad and naive because he isn't following his logic (which is just a bad way to think in general) and complains that he didn't just threaten him which would be the "correct" action. This shocks me because that doesn't make sense AT ALL. He would of obviously attacked the moment they did that, so why would he do something that leads to another massacre? He is blaming them for being s*upid (and saying he is correct) but his actual "correct" answer is one of the most s*upid things they could of done.

Oh and he leaves them alone spitting on any form of consistency for the MC. He doesn't really have a reason other than saying "he didn't care", but the scenario would of still fit in his requirements to retaliate so this is bullshit.


So in summary, the MC justifies all his actions with any other negative actions (even if the person he is against may only be loosely related to those actions) whilst berating any actions done by someone else saying they are wrong for... reasons?... and when we do find out what he thinks would of been the right response it is the single most s*upid thing they could of done (He literally says they should of threatened him instead of apologies WTF) His actions themselves are so inconsistent for logic that is meant to be inflexible and foolproof leading to him just being a hypocrite. With the only attempt of consistency blaming the reason why the MC is going against his own logic is due to "not caring", randomly.

Edit: (In spoiler since my reviews always end up too long anyway)


So other reviews since I first wrote this, note I haven't really read much further (I basically only read chapters when I have nothing else to read because I genuinely don't want to otherwise) so can only read given the context when I first wrote.

The reason why I say his tenets are meant to be inflexible is because that is how he specifically acts and is said to be acting, yet he isn't. This is repeated over and over. This isn't a "complex person", it is done in a way where the reasoning is not there at all or just falls flat. If it was a whim then that would be fine but when there is no indication of such and his thoughts directly contradict what he did a few chapters ago then it is a problem. You could still argue that it is still "person"-like but that doesn't not make him a hypocrite and kind of s*upid.

Note that I never say he is necessarily a bad person/character or anything, if that is what the author is going for then I would say it's good, (Hence why I give it 4 stars, even if personally it is at best 2 because it hurt my brain reading at times)

just you will have to accept that (to me) insufferable attitude to read the novel and gave a (I think) fair warning on what to expect.

Also hard disagree on the justification about him saying they should of threatened him, its a presumption to say MC was going in with the goal of educating them in such a round about way which is not what he wanted to do at all when he was going there. There response was relatively wishy-washy but no way in hell was threatening the MC the correct response by any metric.

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Counterleon rated it
March 30, 2022
Status: c28
Generic isekai


- Inconsistency of the MC characterization

- Inner thought that pop up out of nowhere in the middle of conversation that are at least 1 paragraph long

- Author loves to tell you everything so the story feel bland. Just like in xianxia where the MC fight somehow out of nowhere, ther'll be someone who'll tell us about the technique they're using. Example from the novel

... more>>

The MC trying to figure out whether there's demon spy or not, and then he meet an old granpa, our MC doesn't know that granpa is a demon. But the author will tell right after that he is a demon, yeah MC still doesn't know he's demon.

The author didnt even trying to make it interesting by letting us the reader doesnt know that the old man is a demon and make us the reader have "shock" element later when he's revealed as a demon


Even thought this novel could be better because MC doesn't really remember about the game, why would you tell the reader about everything that's MC doesnt know, why dont just make it more about the MC learning slowly about the world and make it more like "mystery" on it and reveal about the game/background slowly. At least it would make this novel became generic 3/5 novel


-None its just so generic and boring <<less
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evanesco99211 rated it
March 22, 2022
Status: c28
Inconsistent? If we look at him simply as a textbook character, then sure. As a living being? Not at all. It's obvious that some of his actions are simply something he does on a whim or a hidden guilty conscious like many of us do/have (if not all). And a tenet is simply a guide that is often broken when the situation needs it, even in real life. And, I don't know about others but he is an obvious softy from the start, who knows that when the hard times... more>> come, options are limited. Hence, that particular tenet is nothing but his go-to or last option when nothing else works or when he couldn't (or too lazy to) think of any other solution. It's not really his first and only option that would make him very inflexible (which he is not).

Most of his logic (if not all) is sound too. When you live in a world where you constantly being on edge, you learn to defend yourself first (even if it means automatically killing the opponents), THEN you think about the consequences. After all, reasons don't matter to the victim when the victim is dead. So, if you hit someone, be prepared to be hit back. And if you hit a berserker by mistake, especially with the intention to kill him, be prepared to die. Also, if you want to do something, do it full heartedly. Don't be wishy-washy which would lead to nowhere but failure (unless you're some s*upid MC protected by writers of course).

The younger demons attacked him with the intention of killing him if they have to. The elder demons won't physically stop them, only giving lip service as an attempt to change the kids' minds and stop them from trying to kill/oppress humans. But, worse than that, the elders also lack the foresight of where their actions going to lead the youth. I mean, giving too much freedom to a group of rebellious youngsters, even a non-parent can tell where that gonna lead, right? So, tell me again why our MC's actions are s*upid when clearly words won't work with ANY of these idiots? His action is pretty much the only effective thing that works by 1. Proving he is stronger than both the youngsters and majority of the elders (proving/reminding them that there are humans who are as strong or stronger than the demons) 2. Showing the elders the possible results of spoiling their brats (death!) 3. Proving to the elders that they should have tried harder to teach their youngsters instead of spoiling them (if they truly want a peaceful relationship between human and demon) 4. They are lucky he is not actually hostile in the first place nor a habitual mass murderer. Otherwise, all of them would be dead instead of just a few (as a harsh lesson).

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Triarkdown rated it
March 21, 2022
Status: C50
Edit 2 - nothing changed at all or it went downhill rather. MC is supposed human least where he will understand ppl attacking him cause of his mistake but nah he blew of the heads of the attacking angry parents whos daughter (that attacked him) he killed same lol.

Basically if you are not the p*ssy MC wants dont expect mercy.

Other thing happening is creating slum organization with slum kids. Yes really exciting

Edit: I had high hopes for this novel but as the title says "I will participate in... more>> main storyline" ? I think author decided that the MC will no longer participate in story line after chp20

Will edit to 1 star later...

Author is writing story in slums he is supposed skip and let happen in background

Remember academy arcs ? They happen in background....

The MC doesnt know anything about game story at all he is always unsure doesnt know any character.

Worst part ? The author is biased to most boring girl when there female protagonist, a mysterious elf, confident blonde noble

Idk how story will be in future the author needs help from 2-3 ppl like most other author of your fav novels do. Thats must... <<less
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Eisvarith Devirea
Eisvarith Devirea rated it
March 5, 2022
Status: v6c60
Story, the whole thing is very straightforward. of course there are mysteries over here and there but you wont be too invested with it. the reason why it is like this is because the MC (Albert) is a berserker. he doesnt remember much about the origin story of the game but he does know at least the flow events, and to overcome those events he goes to great lengths to deal with almost all of it.

MC, He is a berserker. he doesnt think much about the subtleties of politics around... more>> the kingdom. and since he is from the frontier, where things are very much different in the capital, it makes for a whole bunch of entertainment when he learn new lesson everytime his sense of values clashes with that of the capital nobles. and no, he is not apathetic about other people. he has the Falconer Family ethics and principles and although he is not aware of it himself, other people actually consider it admirable. at least a few of those who realizes that. and as someone from the frontier he knew ignoring those things will lead to more problems and that is a waste of time so he did his best to at least care about it a little.

Harem, NO. there are no harem yet, and in the syosetu novel information, there are no keyword of this having a harem. if it is the Game MC then.... its possible but no as of current latest raw chapter, HAREM IS A NON-EXISTENCE. (imma put off that tag, if down the line harem really happens anyone is free to add it back).

Cheats.... all I can say about this is that although it may look like a cheat, it is actually something he has fostered for a long time, a special magic of his own. its not really that OP. to those who are not privy to it, it can become deadly, but there are opponents MC world that even with his special magic cant win. basically a monster like his Father where his strength is seen as "bottomless".

all in all I rate this 4/5. the author uploads everyday but it remains to be seen whether that will be becoming a thing forever or not. mind you, almost every new series in syosetu is always like this. especially when their novel had become official. <<less
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Rengoku142 rated it
April 11, 2022
Status: c61
The story is quite interesting but if there are something that bother me. First off the MC is a magical dumbass it's like he cooked his brain medium-rare to remove common sense because to him should you probably flick him with your finger he's gonna flick your entire head out of your body.
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Mangikop rated it
April 10, 2022
Status: c1
Interesting premise. Unfortunately, it is very annoying to read. Every now and then there would be an unnecessary break in a sentence.

Like... this.

Perspective is inconsistent. It shifts from third and first perspective every now and then. This needs a good editor to be an enjoyable read, otherwise it's just a mess.

Edit: The quality improved in the latter parts.
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FreakyDude rated it
March 26, 2022
Status: c31
its super interesting how this world's background works... we are in a game world's background story with a character that can affect the "main" story...

i think anyone rating this with 1 star are just trolls... I mean the storyline is consistent and the pacing is good....

the plot is interesting enough... this is an easy 4 or 5 star series...
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-Isa- rated it
March 11, 2022
Status: c17
Just another generic isekai novel with another bland, tasteless and inconsistent MC. The only thing interesting about this novel is seeing the MC kills everyone who seems the be threatening his life. If the main point of the story is that, then maybe it would not have been as bad as it is. However, it is ruined by the inconsistency of the MC, because of how the author is irresponsibly using him as a tool to drive the plot of the story. One scene he could be killing people who... more>> are aiming for him left and right, and the other he suddenly plays the good guy and ask for the reason the specific group of people wants to "harm" him.

Furthermore, the unnecessarily long narration makes some sections so boring and feels like a chore to read. The author basically failed the most basic rule of "Show, don't tell" and just reveals both irrelevant information, or information crucial to the story, all at the same time through one extremely long section of just narration. Even more painful, many chapters have 60% to 80% of it just filled with narration and little character interaction.

I think people are rating this WN too high for what it actually is. I do that with many of those formulaic WNs too, maybe because I was not as nitpicky with them as this one.

That said, I am still keeping up with the story because the plotline is actually pretty intriguing personally, even though it is still generic. Just hope that it gets better as more chapters get released <<less
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BigimeReadz rated it
April 11, 2022
Status: --
Besides the inconsistent pronouns, names, and perspectives, also the.... unnecessary..... spacing and.... the jumbled punc (tuati)) on marks, this story isn't half bad. It's nothing new, but it's not bad either. If you can ignore the mentioned problems, it'll be a decent read.

There are definitely problems with the way the author handles sudden reveals, though.... more>>

With Vince, it wasn't that big of a problem since it led into the next conflict, but the reveal of Claire's contract was god awful. Rather than immediately confirm the mc's bad feeling, Author-san should've used it as a sense of foreboding that increased over time. In my own personal opinion, the best time for the reveal would be after the MC made up his mind to ask Claire what the black mana is despite him having an extremely bad feeling about it. Then, have Claire explain that the MC is now her dog right after.


Honestly, just don't take it seriously and you'll be able to enjoy it for a casual read. 3-4 stars

Also, I'm pretty sure Author-san based the mc's family off the Crow Tribe. <<less
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Ferule rated it
April 11, 2022
Status: c40 part1
Many things have been mentioned in some of the 2 Star reviews, and I can only agree with them. However, what makes me give it only 1 Star is the translation quality.

I get that its not easy translating a text into a different language, but splitting chapters into even smaller portions just to get more ad revenue and donations, especially at this sub-par level of translation, is just greedy.

Story 2, 5/5

Writing 1, 5/5

Translation 1/5
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Thecomicgeek rated it
March 11, 2022
Status: c42
Edited: As of chapter 42 last one because this will most likely be dropped from my reading list or relegated to forgotten.

Overall the book is definitely below average, decent concept but lacking in story telling. I am judging purely on the entertainment value of the book.

While it does start out interesting enough with the MC being a bloody berserker later chapters have shown little to no development, with chapters mostly filled with the MCs inner monologues which the further along I read noticeably does not add anything of value for... more>> future chapters but just add word count.

The Action is short, often bloody and I like that but that's few and far between. The drama and even fluffy moments come flat maybe because of the translation or probably the authors. The translation is also bad enough that the dry humor inherent in the book is often lost, with the monologues, uncorrected misspells/spacing/mixed gender pronouns etc.. Already being a "chore" to read the translator apparently thought its a good idea to split it into "parts" with just a few paragraphs to help the readers be more entertained. But to be honest I would barely care if the book was more fun to read even with the lazy mtl copy paste and the ad revenue tricks I am just grateful he/she got rid of the excessive popup ads monstrosity it was before. <<less
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Si Bangsat
Si Bangsat rated it
February 4, 2023
Status: c53
It should have been good, but I can't enjoy any of it due to bad translation quality.

I'll be honest, it feels like reading raw MTL, my brain needs to restranslate it back into japanese, and re-retranslate it again back to english, just to make sense of a single sentence.

If you are fluent in japanese, I recommend reading the raw instead. The english translation makes it nigh unintelligible.
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hypersniper159 rated it
July 22, 2022
Status: c53
This novel suffers from telling way too much that would have been way more interesting to see. Just going to say that flat out. It would have enhanced the character's desires and motivations, while also making the worldbuilding exponentially better. In turn, the plot would have been magnificent but moo point. That could be frustrating for some people. However, this can be the most spectacular part of the novel in later parts, I think.

The worldbuilding is one-dimensional, very plain, and not thought out, I wouldn't say convenient because it would... more>> meaning using it, which is clearly not the case.

I think The plot should have some mystery to it so it would feel alive, but clearly, the plot is just the author's hand forcing everything, and I mean everything. Everything is on some random wheel that spins and this random event occurs. What I mean is that I don't see how each event relates to one another and I think mystery would have helped keep connecting the points. But it doesn't feel choppy, since there are some connecting parts.

The characters also suffer from the plot and are being forced to have their desires, like a very superficial layer.

All these factors come from one spoiler and the author explains the forced nature of this novel,

that everything is a game of chess and even the chess players are pieces in this game, so in a sense, the author definitely achieved their goal of portraying this 3-D chessboard, that everything is forced, and the MC is a wildcard that can change fate by being a totally extra existance

So the author is setting up what is normal and it is definitely going to change as explained in the spoiler.

My expectations for this novel are high, I expect that everything will get shattered, and based on what the author just showed, I trust their skill. 5 stars for expectations. <<less
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Mustakarhu95 rated it
June 17, 2022
Status: --
The main character of this novel is not ruthless hes a psychopath who has no regard for anything that he dislikes and kills just for the hell of it, someone pinches him and he blows their head off and kills the persons whole family just because lol im right ive never seen the literal definition of murder hobo more plainly
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Rasselon rated it
October 9, 2022
Status: c53
Story is far too dry and random, lacks structure and proper characters.

There is only main character, no sides. The only time it looks promising... You've probably seen it a thousand times - this only attempt at character development ends with character being "successfully developed" in a few chapters and immediately demoted to a shadow in the background, forgotten and never talked about again except for a few lines once in a while how "they are doing their thing".

Plot itself is somewhat interesting and I'd say writing is decent. Although it's... more>> no plot - "string of disconnected violent adventures", something like this. If you ever played Hitman games, it feels like this most of the time: "Agent 47, this time your target is..". For my taste it lacks human connection far too much, it's too technical.

Anyway, it's not bad, I do recommend you to try if you like this "book/game reincarnation" stories, it gets fairly entertaining from time to time. Really nothing special though. <<less
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