I’m Not a Regressor


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One day, in front of my eyes appeared a silver-haired Goddess.

[Heaven-defying Star. The existence that goes against destiny. The one and only savior of a world that was destined to meet its end—]

What kind of bullsh*t is this woman spouting?

[You must be a regressor.]


No, I’m not.

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나는 회귀자가 아닙니다
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35 Reviews

Apr 07, 2022
Status: --
Starts out great, with a completely fresh take on the usual regressor trope. But later devolves into the usual clichés like where MC loses control of emotions and recklessly jumps into easily avoidable fights against opponents he knows he has no chance of beating, but still wins / gets saved due to plot armor, learns nothing and does the same thing again.

Power levels don't mean a thing. They aren't described properly, we just know higher power levels are stronger but don't know by how much. Either way, MC can defeat... more>> any enemy using his cheat skills and plot armor irrespective of the level gap.

Initially MC was portrayed as an underdog who has to rely on his wits to overcome dangerous situations. But later, it turns out MC is a perfect genius who can learn anything much faster than other geniuses, and is able to bear any amounts of pain without flinching, and can invent new broken abilities as easily as breathing. He is also the master of all abilities to deal with any type of situation and has no shortcomings. He no longer requires wit (instead, actively chooses the s*upid path) to solve any problem, and becomes the most admired young hero in the world. <<less
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Jan 21, 2022
Status: v1c22
There are a lot of stories out there with overpowered protagonists. Heroes who travel back in time to avert the apocalypse, who face the future armed not only with foreknowledge but with massively overpowered skills and abilities that only they can control. And, 99% of the time, those overpowered protagonists are as bland as plain white toast.

"I'm determined and driven to change the future and avert the apocalypse, and that's my defining character trait!" - You and a hundred other unimaginative light novel heroes.

"I have [insert overpowered ability here] and... more>> succeed at challenges due to my overwhelming strength!" - Same as above. Also, superpowers are no excuse for a lack of personality.

"I use my future knowledge to change the past!" - So, you're saying you always have a plan to succeed at everything, leaving no chance of dramatic tension? That sounds so exciting. /S

Anyway, I'm Not a Regressor proceeds to take all of the mediocre "regression" stories you've read in the past, beats them up, and steals their lunch money. Despite using the themes and tropes of the regression genre, this story:

  • Has a character whose attitude and antics are a delight to read
  • Frequently throws problems at its protagonist that can't just be punched, so he actually has to think, scheme, and scam his way out of trouble
  • Manages to repeatedly hit the protagonist with curveballs, even in a situation where he knows pieces of the future, so the plot beats are unpredictable and exciting.
A breath of fresh air amidst the endless sea of genre clones. <<less
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Dec 07, 2022
Status: --
If you read this for the harem just like me and you don't want to feel depressed I would skip this. The main wife (his only real interest so far) was willing to sell herself for money. If you can ignore that (i cant) then you might be able to enjoy the rest. Not totally NTR but the intent was there so its a hard pass for me and I would have liked the warning.
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Jan 07, 2022
Status: --
This is a quite cliche KR novel. With the MC getting stronger at a very past pace, eating everything along the way and getting OPer by the minute. Skills goes up like crazy and all.

But like fast food its quite satisfying in a rather tr*shy way.

The con man act of the MC can be seen as a comedy. Theres a face slapping scene after he beats a boss enemy. He gains something every time he beats someone as a dopamine reward kind of feel.

The part where he flirts with his... more>> not related sister and goes lovey dovey is also quite cute.

And ofcourse, it cant be completed without that against all odds save the beuty in distress moments to boost your ego.

All in all, its not something new nor was it something intricate and amazing. But its enjoyable enough with all its cliche moments. <<less
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Mar 04, 2022
Status: Epilogue
Review as of Epilogue

The first half of the novel is really good and promising. Though the second half is very disappointing and nowhere near the level of perfection of the first half of the novel. The story seems rushed and the writing doesn't show as much cleverness as the first half.

Overall the quality dropped and the story seems very rushed. A lot of plot points or settings are left unfinished or neglected by the time of the ending. The ending is also unsatisfactory in my opinion and leave a lot... more>> to be desire. One of the huge disappointment :


So when Vega finally found out that MC tricked her and he's not an actual regressor but was actually the Heavenly Demon all along, there's not much drama or conflict between them. She just left the MC for a week and then both of them apologized after that. Vega decided to forgive the MC just because she realized how much she missed him after a week and how important he's to her. It's written just like that, so barebone. After so much build up, its a very disappointing conclusion.


Previous Review

I got the same feeling as Second Coming of Gluttony from this, though with the MC being much more of a scammer. It's been great as far as I read.

Spoilery Description (Spoiler from first couple chapter) :


So the MC is not regressor, but due to his innate ability he inherited the power of the regressor. MC was actually a villain (the final boss type) in the regressor's original timeline. So the regressor decided to go back in time to redo it as every of Earth has been destroyed. In process he request a blessing from the top god, he took it knowing that no one has been able to handle it so far due to it being very powerful. Thus resulting to them dying, which what happened to the regressor the moment he traveled through time.

MC and the Regressor was actually try to clear a dungeon, then a monster overflow happened. Though the regressor suddenly dropped dead due to him not being able to handle the blessing of the top god. Which resulted in the MC's innate ability awakening and took the blessing for himself, thus he awakened as a hunter. Then the top god showed up, as she sense her blessing on him and though that he was the regressor.

The hilarious part is the MC scared of thinking that she might killed him if he said otherwise, ended up lying to her. Thankfully the MC inherited some of the regressor's memories and would continues to gain more as his innate ability grow stronger. Thus throughout the novel we will see that the MC tried to fool this god into thinking he is a regressor using the memory he inherited. Funnily enough is that because the regressor was trying to stop the MC, he had to come up with all sort of excuses and even shift the blame to some other group. Which funnily enough might ended up being the true enemy which even the regressor didn't know about.

Reason MC destroyed the world in regressor's timeline:


Basically the regressor in the past, abandoned the MC in the dungeon. The MC managed to survive and escaped the dungeon, but possibly only after a long time. The MC have a sister from the same orphanage as him and something might have happened to her which pushed the MC to become evil. She was a former hunter but was injured greatly, she lost her eyesight and some of her limbs.

So the regressor coming back to the past and dying might have changed the future for the better, LOL. As he was the cause for everything.

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Shut it
Shut it
Jan 01, 2022
Status: --
This is the best opening in hundreds if not thousands of novels I’ve ever read. I’m not going to spoil anyone, but at least try the first chapter f this novel before leaving, because this hilarious. Hilarious 🤣
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Jul 20, 2022
Status: --
The plot premise exists entirely to give some random cheat abilities to the MC.

The author discards the plot ideas from chapter 1 to subvert the readers expectations and for some cheap laughs, basically starting a new story from chapter 2. This makes it so that the first chapter and with it the introduction of the novel are hardly worth reading.

From chapter 2 the novel is a rather basic korean fantasy novel which goes something like this: the MC sudently gets a cheat ability and discovers that he can steal other... more>> peoples abilities, so he's gonna use his street smarts to do what every op korean MC in every other novel does. <<less
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Mar 21, 2022
Status: --
I love this sm but why the authors in this genre havta make things a harem man T_T cant u give my man 1 loyal gal who have been with him since he was at the bottom of the food chain and trusts him with everything even if she is reluctant to do so..?

My Ha Eun!!! Oh my precious fiery girl.. You are so much better than vega who has complete power over the MC (forgot his name wow) and even suspicious of him many times.. The MC even scared of her so he had to scam her to make her think they had a thing in their “past lives” but believe me you are the only one in his heart!!!


I just hate thinking that the ggirl im rooting for has to fight for affections when its obvious that she’s the only one in his heart :/
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Oct 30, 2022
Status: c175
Started off as a 4/5 but latest chapters have been around 3/5. MC was quite smart and used his wit to overpower enemies in the beginning, now MC just recklessly jumps heads in and get saved by plot armor at every moment. Also the relationship between MC and haeun is a bit disappointing, I’d understand if they were 15/16 yr olds but they’re freakin 30 and 28, their “romance” is too juvenile for people their age. Especially for people who have known each other since they were kids. Also the... more>> comedy sorta fell off. The story is good tho overall, also MC is at, I just wish he wasn’t so reckless and behaved like he did in the beginning when he was more pragmatic, cuz now he just seems like one of those hero types <<less
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Jul 22, 2022
Status: c126
MC here is a lighter versoin of Lee Kiyoung from Regressor Instruction Manual, i.e. professional scammer. There is a lot of moments that feel very similar, fun lies and cunning schemes certainly are present here, but they only are half of the core content, because MC is the farthest from a non-combatant one can be. In a truest shounen fashion he possesses immense growth speed and always fights opponents much stronger than him, winning by dramatically overcoming his limits. And I think it's done right.

Mc's power is a combination of... more>> a workaholic's training schedule and supernatural abilities granted by superior forces, plain and simple. He spends literally all of his time to improve, believes in his effort and gets fitting results. His training IS an actual training, not sitting still and gathering "martial arts juice". Instead of drooling over his weapon of choice, he often throws it away and brawls like a mad dog, if a situation requires so. Author shows his middle finger to the whole martial arts genre, multiple times even calling out some particular clichés, which feels refreshing for me. I have zero problems with scheduled powerups brought by plot convenience, but be aware that they are here, if you are annoyed by such things. But that's what the action genre is about, isn't it?

Possibly the most important part for me - characters. Just wow. I think, I will read this author's next work regardless of premise. Don't get me wrong, there isn't anything special here, and by characters I mean character, there is literally one besides the MC, others are basically dummies. Maybe it's just my mood, but after binging over a hundred chapters, I can only think of an overwhelming praise. This person brings enough value here to elevate train-fight-train-fight routine to something joyful. Here lies mc's biggest motivation to keep going without even a moment of hesitation. Couple of cringy villains can be easily forgiven with all such positives. Can't really feel the suffocating presence of harem yet, but it looks like it is slowly unfolding. For now it basically just goes full-meme route, with a proper romance line being undisturbed by it, so I hope it will stays like this until the end.

Narrative of the fights is good in general, but action itself isn't that great or engaging.

Plot is absent. Something about evil cult. Except for some minor villains, nothing is established, so anything can happen, as there is no direction at all. It sure isn't the focus here, so I have no problems with it, mentioning just for your information.

As a conclusion - a little bit watered down both in schemes/lies and fights department, but delightful with characters. At the very least worth trying. Still full of potential. As a whole feels... I really wanna say it. With some reluctance:

Great! <<less
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Mar 02, 2024
Status: c86
This is the 2nd time I've picked up this novel. I'm back to around where I dropped it last time, and kind of want to move on to something else again. It's not bad, I'm just... tired of it? For now.

Like nearly everyone says, it starts off great. A pretty unique opening couple of chapters, and the first few events are pretty exciting. Haeun and Vega, the two 'harem' members (not actually a harem, thank Vega) are decent characters, if a bit stereotypical at times.

I actually hate harem stories, and... more>> mostly have stuff to say on this topic. In general, they're never realistic. Man or woman, who would share a lover unless it's a kink? So, given that Ohjin has someone clearly in his heart, combined with a spoiler someone else gave

that he doesn't try to get with anyone else

I thought it'd be okay. And it mostly is.

Ohjin, himself, is my main problem. He's kind of sleazy.

I understand that he had to trick Vega in order to survive. But he straight up insinuated they had a romantic relationship in the previous timeline. And he did so when he already had Haeun, who he truly loves before the story's start. That was unnecessary. First mark against him. Then, with Haeun. They're still doing this will-they-won't-they dance at the ages of 28 and 30? I like how they tease and make fun of each other, but they really do act like teenagers. I wish they really were just adopted siblings, as they'd be less cringy without romantic implications. Now, at the part I got annoyed at twice now, there's a 3rd girl, the saintess from Italy. If she fell for him on her own, fine, whatever. Male wish fulfillment novels be like that. But he's actively seducing her, specifically to manipulate and use her. Something is definitely up with her, and she's totally gonna be the yandere type, but he doesn't know that. He's just being a greedy jerk.


Long story short, Ohjin is touching on my bottom line. Usually, harem novel protagonists showcase great strength or morals and the women come unrealistically flocking to his feet. This is the first time I've seen the man actively seduce them, intentionally playing with their feelings and fully intending to use them, all while already having a white moonlight in his heart. Ah, excuse the Chinese saying in a Korean novel review. But that's super messed up, right?

Let's move on to other things

Ohjin does have amazing willpower. If a problem can be solved with endurance, it's not a problem. A lot of his schemes and scams, when it doesn't involve seducing innocent women, are fun to watch.

In short, he's made me smile more than he's made me frown. He's in no way a good person. He constantly says whether others live or die is none of his business and unlike other scammer protagonists, I think he means it. He has only gone out of his way to save others for self benefit and tricking Vega further. But that doesn't make him a bad person, just average.

The story is very formulaic, but all in all, it's pretty entertaining. I need to read further before rating, but right now, I'd give it 3.8 stars.

Wait, 3.6. I have to dock a couple more points because he isn't actually that smart for a scammer and should've been busted quite a few times already. He fried one guy to pose as the body of another, but DNA testing exists. He was using a 'missing' guy's custom spear, walked around everywhere with it, including the association, and a whole guild turning Korea over to find a clue of the guy missed it entirely. He's good at talking, but his lies are like a sandcastle that can crumble with just one good question, or even a good observation. Vega, as a constellation, was nerfed to be played around with like this. Constellations are usually able to watch awakeners' every move in stories like this. She was limited solely for Ohjin's convenience.

Haeun is also a problem. She's breaching the realm of inhuman levels, but the author lets her be useless anyway for no good reason.

I suspect Ohjin kept her from going to Italy with him, not because she isnt stealthy (he isn't either) or to protect her (which gives a taste of him looking down on her), but so he can freely flirt with the saintess to manipulate her. He even admitted it himself that Haeun and Vega would get in the way of that.


As a reader, Ohjin entertains me, but as a girl? I don't know what these fictional girls see in him. 3 stars flat, final current answer. <<less
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Jan 25, 2023
Status: c85
My feelings are more or less the same with @Bugai-sha kun and others giving 1 star reviews, it's just I'm a bit generous when it comes to giving out stars.

Started out great, realy, it wasn't as fun as it was trying to be by any means but still entartaining, the way MC got out of crisises was engaging and his interactions with red haired girl felt.. Fresh? I do enjoy light banter once in a while ngl.

Then all of it ended, "ended" would be the wrong word but whatever, it... more>> came in a full cycle. Defeat the threat ignoring star ratings, obtain insane skills, chat with Goddess and red haired then fight again but with someone of a higher rank, sleep for 3 days fully recover, repeat. It became so f*cking boring man.

What makes a good "shounen" is it's fighting scenes dude. Stakes are so f*cking low that it burns the eyes. There was one time when he became seriously injured, lost his arm or sth, and I thought "For real?? Now that's a bit exciting." then his ability kicked in and he destroyed the bad guy became the hero and all his limbs are intact bla bla.. It was there that I started reading just for the sake of it.

Fights are mess so one of the core components are out of the window, what about chars? MC was hella interesting is but now he is a shell of his previous self. Carbon copy of other shounen heroes that goes "uwaa this is for my family" typa sh*t +mom jokes to taunt enemies. Never gets old.

Girls, red haired and Goddess, are so lazily written holy shit. As the time went on, they merged into the same tsundere bit*h in my head. Compeletly the same just Goddess is stronger, tho we can only see it once she casts the buff. Another one is joining the gang and she is also the same, I feel it in my balls.

Talking about strenght, why the f*ck is Red gaining power in the first place?? She is ranked above MC, I sh*t you not, but all she does is hang around like ornament around MC and when sh*t hits the fan MC just tells her to stay put cause it's too dangerous?? What was the point? Did ya want a waifu that could grill a steak with 8-stars fire power?

Other than that, MC's power is just too broken. I've said it already but god damn.

I've b*tched about so much, why 3 stars? Well, it could angage me for two days, it still counts for sth. And the tl is great >.< <<less
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May 08, 2022
Status: --
Right now I'm far ahead in the mtl all I can say it is a total brilliant work among regression novels. Why? Because unlike most regression novels where the MC stops some tragedy in the original timeline, the reason why it just gets harder is some butterfly effect by the regressor's actions but on this novel it literally has a plot twist of its own. It shows how tr*shy many regression novel gets where many MC just struggles due to the antagonist sending someone stronger than what some regression main... more>> characters expect but on this one the MC uses the memory of the regressor only for it to be half assed that it isn't the entire story and the MC gradually realizing how much in the dark was the regressor really was despite him defeating the black heaven or all in all if Gwon Ohjin's personality and black heaven abilities, the 2nd round would all have just been a waste <<less
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Mar 26, 2022
Status: c258
Its not a bad novel but as of latest chapter its not great either


I will say it deserves 3.9-4.0 around score not something on lvl of 2nd coming of gluttony.

... more>> Chp1-80 its 4*

After chp 80 The MC treats only one girl right while accepts others help for free by chp80 he starts solely missìng only hayun like the Goddess is his backup girl. Hes all full obedient for this one Red haired girl until chp268. The other girls are just there for MCs convinence sake all those 268 chps lol


he says he doesnt wanna pursue them and be with the red haired girl only.


It honestly doesnt really stand right with my psyche MC has to do no effort for them to fawn over him. When he wont even give them attention <<less
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Jan 06, 2022
Status: c1
I would give this 5 star just from the chapter 1. It is so cliche in the 90% of the 1st chapter and it turn 360 degree right after that.

I was feeling reading MEMORIZE type of novel. You know OP MC with regret after clear the game want to come back to the start of the game. But nope
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King Simp
King Simp
Jan 04, 2022
Status: v1c9
Up till now its quite good, sometimes I think the world building or better sayed the personality of the MC is quite weird.

: He lives in shabby lil house or apartment while he earns everyday between 200-300 dollar.

Sadly the story got the Harem-tag. I am praying to Vega, that the story doesnt contains, poor written hollow female charcters.

Overall till now its a pretty good start and I hope that the novel will continue into a good direction cuz the personality of the MC is pretty well written.
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Jul 10, 2022
Status: --
A nice read this time starring a two faced 'neutral' character that is not inherently good, but not exactly evil, either.

The novel is written and translated quite well, with chapters and arcs that serve to outline the type of person the main character is, and how he reacts and 'scams' those around him.

There is a dash of regression mixed in, but it is played as a strength instead of a weakness and does not instantly cause the main character to be lopsided broken compared to everyone else in the cast.

I... more>> had fun reading the novel, I'm sure you can too.

4.5/5. (Rounded up to 5). Worth a read, not super basic. <<less
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Apr 27, 2022
Status: c184
This is a very good novel with a fresh idea. Immediately after reading the first chapter, you will get hook with the wacky story about a scamer who pretend to be a regressor and try to change the fate of himself and the world.
Many people said that the combat/action of this novel is lacking. It is true but you dont come to this novel for that, the strong side of this is the story, comedy and romance (?). And about the plot armor

So what wrong with plot armor, rememer that the original MC supposed to destroy the world anyway even without the strength of Lybra

it just a trivial thing when in every fight, you see that how desperate he fought, not some OP buff shit.
I have been reading the MTL and the quality doesnt drop so expecting the good stuff coming soon.
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Apr 01, 2022
Status: v1c60
So far, it doesn't seem like a harem and more like a love triangle, but with there being one very clear victor. It has well-built characters and mixes the action with wholesome moments making it an enjoyable read. The translation is very good, they have special formats for system messages and illustrations on the transalators site so I highly recommend you read from there. The illustrations in special moments really give a huge impact in certain scenes.
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Mar 05, 2024
Status: c125
It's alright, but the author has started leaning too hard into the power fantasy and by around chapter 100 or so the story has lost any sense that the protagonist is ever actually in REAL danger because he'll always get a powerup or use heroic determination to muscle his way through a fight he has no business being in. So the fights have steadily grown less and less interesting.

The protagonist also occasionally strays across the line of being a lovable rogue and actually starts coming across as kinda scummy, most... more>> notably in how he treats Vega. I'm not going to say he doesn't care about her at all, but during like their very first meeting he lies and all but says outright that they were in a past romantic relationship and the reason for doing so seems really inadequate. He didn't have to do that, and he doesn't have to keep flirting with her like he does. I might actually be able to forgive this except that he actually has no intention of being in a relationship with her in the present even though she's clearly crushing harder and harder on him. Bro, she trusts you and does a LOT for you, and you lie to her like this?

The protagonist is also very romantically dense. There is no excuse for his lack of progression with Ha-eun given that he's clearly in love with her and like two thirds of her lines are "Hey, you want to f*ck me so hard my other leg falls off too? You don't? H-haha just kidding." These two shouldn't just have started something up by like chapter 20, they should have done it years before the story started. She's a fun character but the author doesn't seem to know what to do with her either as a love interest or as a supporting character because she's also pretty consistently useless, including having to go through a damsel arc right in the middle of noticing that she's pretty useless. <<less
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