Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later


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One day he suddenly found himself in hell.
All he had was the desire to live and a predation ability.
From the first to the ninth thousand circles of hell, he absorbed dozens, hundreds of thousands of demons.
Even the seven great dukes of hell bowed down before him.

– Why would you wish to go back? Doesn’t his highness have everything that’s in Hell?
– What do I have?

Nothing to eat, nothing to enjoy!
The only things in Hell are the barren lands and terrible demons!

“I’m going back.”

After ten thousand years he returns to Earth.

Associated Names
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After Ten Millennia in Hell
만 년 만에 귀환한 플레이어
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qahl rated it
July 20, 2020
Status: c18
In short, this is a pretty mediocre and generic power fantasy "the world becomes like a video game" story.

What originally caught my eye was the premise, a man after being forced to survive for an absurd amount of time in hell finally has the opportunity to go back home. How would his time in hell change him? What would the world be like upon his return? Would him coming back to earth have consequences? Why was he in hell in the first place? After reading to the 18th chapter, I... more>> am left disappointed. Now, first it is important to clarify that these questions did not have to be answered in the first twenty chapters. But, in their absence there must be something else to hold the attention of the readers. And the answers we do get are not satisfying.

Plot - Kang Yu was in hell. He conquered it thanks to his power Devourer. Now he is back on earth which has become like a video game. Hijinks ensue.
The biggest problem with the plot is that there is no driving goal for the protagonist to be working towards. He has nothing that he really wants, nor anything that can be seen as a fatal flaw in his character that he would eventually need to overcome to reach an end goal. His power Devourer is too overpowered and unlimited in its capability, but I will dive into that more in the next section. The lack of a driving force makes the story feel pointless and boring.

Characters - The main character is annoying and flat and uninteresting. He has spent 10000 years in HELL and what did it do to him? It made him appreciate what he eats a bit more. It made it so that we the readers can be safely introduced to this new and oh so interesting and not at all cliched world through the perspective of a character who is out of the loop. I already mentioned how the character has no flaws in his character. He is labeled as an anti-hero in the tags, but nothing he does is particularly morally questionable. He beats up someone threatening to who*e out his own sister. He kills some jackasses who are trying to haze him and get him into a potentially deadly encounter. If one were to be pedantic here, there is an argument to be said that he used overwhelming force when he didn't need to, but the point of these encounters is to show the reader how dark and demonic the protagonist is. Show us something where he does something that makes us question whether the protagonist is a good person or not. Another complaint about the protagonist is his bullsh*t power Devourer. He obtains the power of the monsters that he consumes. It is something that appears frequently in modern fantasy stories, but in this instance it seems extremely out of place. What about him matches his ability? He likes kimchi. That is the extent of him being a Devourer. Why is this his unique ability? What makes him deserve that ability more than anyone else? There are two other stories that come to mind where the protagonist has this ability. Reborn as a Slime and The Magician Who Devours Books (or whatever its title was because it got deleted off of novelupdates). In Slime Reincarnation, the ability was the signature skill of slimes and it was because of his human intelligence that he was able to utilize it to obtain his strength. In The Magician who Devours Books, the main character finds a grimoire in a library which eats other books to become better. They team up so that the MC can become good at Magic and so the grimoire can eat more books. There is a line of logic that these stories follow as to how each person gets their abilities. The main protagonist of 10000 Years has powers that he hasn't been shown to be worthy of having, and that makes the world less immersive and the characters just action figures set up by a child who just wants to have theirs be the strongest. It also makes his attitude frustrating to read because he is supposedly some cunning devil who manipulated a thousand demons into lowering their guard to mu*der them, then he oohs and aaaahs over some menial thing that didn't exist in hell.

The other characters haven't been shown enough in the chapters that I've read to have a definite character.

Setting - the setting is cliched and overused. It is earth after dungeons open up and people have levels and stats and skills, done in a way so that all of it is completely meaningless. The threat of the dungeons is never established. They just exist and people go in. In addition, the dungeons have no personality or flair or creativity to them. Did the author even include a description of the environment after the MC entered any of the dungeons? I can't remember and I was reading it 3 minutes ago before I started writing my review. Why do levels exist in so many of these crappy stories if the protagonist is just going to have some unique power that lets them completely break the system?

Conclusion - This story is set about 10000 years too late. It is the sequel to a much more interesting story. By having the adventure start with the character being sent to hell, it solves a bunch of the problems with it.
1. The main character has a goal: escaping hell.

2. The main character's power has yet to evolve to be totally busted.

3. The setting is no longer as cliched and overdone (so long as the author decides to describe it)

Don't read this story. Your time is worth more than this. <<less
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Drokon rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: c520
Edited on 04/09/2021:
I noticed that some are not happy with the ending. Well, is he hasty? I don't know if they found it after a while or still not... There is a second book. I suppose that is why the author didn't worry too much about the end and just left everything as it is.

I am only writing a review because of other reviews.

The story is pretty boring in the beginning, I must admit. First 100 chapters. But! Then it gets better. Much better. After that there will be... more>> even more jokes and situations in which I want to shout: "WHERE IS HE HIDING HIS OSCAR!?"

Not my best story, but also far from ordinary. I read for the sake of my relationship with Han Sol (SHE IS SO CUTE. Han Sol, hug your beloved Kang Yu more often) and to know when this bastard will be revealed.
Small spoiler:

I myself have not read it up to this point yet, but I know that Kang Yu will become the god of lies. Will the truth never surface !? At the same time, I want and do not want dear Xi Hong to reveal the truth about his beloved brother.


Update after full reading:
I finished reading the novel. I did it. And I am satisfied.
In fact, this novel is about a masterful game on nerves and human feelings. Recommend.
And also male friendship. Much male friendship (* / ω\ *)
Another small spoiler x2:

My sweet little Han Sol became a yandere. Being an angel at the same time... But why do I like the image of the domineering Han Sol so much?..

Not so small spoiler anymore:

Xi Hong learned about submission. And yet he did not betray. Kang Yu feels like an even bigger bastard than he already is.
And yes, the status of the God of Lies was a mistake. He is the God of Splendor! (* Somewhere in the background, a poor novella system swears loudly * HE IS NOT A GOD OF SPLENDOR! HE IS A GOD OF GREED!)

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Alteration rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: c126
The "top" review is really underqualified to state what this story does and does not have. I do agree that a story should have an early enough hook to keep the reader interested, but overall I did not have an issue continuing to read until 126.

"The biggest problem with the plot is that there is no driving goal for the protagonist to be working towards."
The protagonist does get a goal.

To prevent earth from turning into hell from the plans of the "Hells Teachers"


"The main character is annoying and flat and uninteresting. He has spent 10000 years in HELL and what did it do to him? It made him appreciate what he eats a bit more."

It is stated that the protagonist is more of a demon/devil than a human and with this is the manipulation of desire. If you spent 10000 years with no enjoyment with the corruption of desire influencing memories of the good days, you would likely be the same. That being said the stereotypical Korean likes Kimchi is overused.

It's honestly pretty funny to read reviews on novels tagged "Overpowered Protagonist" with people screaming to the heavens "Stop being a broken character".

The novel was an overall enjoyable read until about 121, where "Black Translation" takes over, however the chapters are MTL'd, its not awful but I'd rather read a properly translated/edited version.
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August 10, 2020
Status: c51
Ok, I give this 5 stars because my mere enjoyment when reading this. I binged the translated chapters (51 chap) within 3 days or so. I enjoy my time when reading this.

This novel can't be said as masterpiece, but well... This is a gag novel I guess? Umm, the story progress and that and this happened, but in my mind this is still a gag... Really, in the beginning I always laughed about him. This is comedic LOLOLOL.


... more>>

MC is a Great King in the hell because he is the strongest. When he came in the hell, he got power 'devourer' then he became stronger, stronger, till strongest being in the hell. Then, after like 10, 000 years he fed up with his life in hell. He wanted to come back in the earth. Even though he is an orphan, earth still better than hell.




He went to earth with his power Man Ma Jung (or something like that) at 2023 or so, he set the time at 2018, so he missed 5 years, but he didn't mind that.

When he arrived on earth, he was like in the middle of forest. He was shocked that his powers were sealed. He can't use his overpowered skill. Then he encountered goblins. He defeated them, then he heard girl scream. He saved the girl (Han Sol, I guess she is the FL, right?)


Bla bla bla, story goes ahead, he levelling up fast, he became stronger. If his level up, the seal will also weakened, so he really spirited to weaken the seal. He said himself can be more stronger than himself in the hell, because he got new skill in earth when he levelled up.

Summary... This is about an OP guy (demon king) got his power sealed, then he wanted to weaken or remove the seal. He got friends (or you can call them underlings I guess, because he is a bit insane, well he is a demon king after all)


But, when story goes ahead... There are more and more female characters introduced and sided with MC... Hey, this isn't harem, right??? Please, someone tell me this isn't harem... I need certainty this isn't harem...

If this suddenly became harem then imma out. This will be a tr*shy harem novel. But I hope that doesn't happen...

Whatever, try this if you wanna read action fantasy with levelling system that has good comedy. The comedy wouldn't disappointing you. About his beloved kimchi jjigae lmao.

Then, happy reading y'all^^ <<less
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ksnh rated it
July 20, 2020
Status: c28
Premise starts out interesting. A human demon lord trying to isekai himself back to Earth? Okay, I'm down.

Then you realize the only thing that happens is him talking about food, while being OP even after the new patch nerfs. None of the new characters are particularly interesting and there doesn't seem to be any conflict/goal--aside from his original to eat good food I guess?
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Reio rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: c400

First 30 chapters MC is aimlessly leveling up, but it's shows how the gates work, the system, some of his powers and past... as he's op but sealed he's can't beat everyone rn.

But damn.. it's really interesting and the MC is such a devil♡ he gets multiple Oscars

... more>> I want DemonKingXHero bro moments! Can't I!?

Edit ch400

I still liked it but got a bit annoyed in the end.

The MC stayed true to his character throughout the novel but last 50 chapters or so became somewhat of a filler where the plot was at it's highest then plummeted a bit...


And eventually it was a harem ending, have no idea why I was even surprised. tho much better than (EER) everyone else is a returnee harem ending since only 2 of them.

Echidna is daughter okay guys.

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Root Greevil
Root Greevil rated it
October 5, 2020
Status: c97
The story is fine. Pretty generic, but if you like Korean novels, you might like this one. Unfortunately as of the most recent chapters the translation seems to have switched. It seems to be a minimally edited (or not edited at all?) machine translation. It's very unreadable. If I wanted to read a machine translation, I could do that on my own. It's not really what I expect from stuff posted to this site though. It's a shame, since I didn't have any problems with the translation of the previous... more>> chapters. <<less
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Eomin rated it
September 19, 2020
Status: c93
It's great to have an evil protagonist, who doesn't come along as an a**h*le just because of him being evil. Evil should mean that one holds oneself in the highest regard, without minding others much. That however doesn't mean that the MC has to embark on a path of slaughter at every violation of his convenience. Similarly he doesn't have to rack his brain on how to become the Big Bad Evil Guy, when he doesn't even have to? I see so many bad guys keel in their quest for... more>> power in so many forms.

However none pursue their own happiness like Kang Yu, The Great Devourer of Hell.

If evil protagonists enjoy slaughter, and look for reasons to justify their mu*der selfishly, they aren't just evil but crazy. No matter the drive, they aren't simply evil, but have some mental issues as well. <<less
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Kirinel297 rated it
August 24, 2022
Status: c149
It's not bad, quite enjoyable, the premise is generic but how the story unfolded is what makes it fun.

The MC is s**ked by one of the gate portal that appeared on the earth and thrown into hell world, when it shows 10, 000 years later he who reign as king of hell complaints about food because none of the food in hell is good, it seems comedic, in fact there's a lot of such comedic scenes, but as story progress we will know that he has suffered trying to survive... more>> by eating demon/monster flesh in hell, that's why he really appreciates earth food.


It's not really clear, but it seems like he also lost his human body, he truly become demon and the human form is like dragon polymorph, his demon form is apparently really scary that a lot of demon except his direct subordinate is afraid of him, maybe they also afraid of him when they just got subdued but looks like they adored their lord after spending a long time with him, he truly scary in front of just enemies after all


When he return to earth, it's pretty generic plot with dungeon and hunters, while he mingled with humans it became apparent to us that he is a demon,

he got the unquenchable desire that he supressed most of the time, at first it just looks like simple desire that enough to be satisfied with human food but he truly satisfied when he eats other demon and demonic energy, those who read early chapters complaining that he keeps talking about food but he can't help it, he feels hungry most of the time because he is the devourer demon


The scenes where he acting like a good guy is funny, when he misunderstood to be a good guy is also funny, he acting well to escape to being suspicious, when he did bad things, put all the blame on other demon, he's not that bad though, he didn't kill any truly good people, he harmed some but he knows they can be stronger through it, because he thinks the good people is really weak compared to the real evil. <<less
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new cultivator
new cultivator rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: c50
ok novel, is among the better OP MC novel. The story is somewhat slow paced as each chapter is long enough and 3 chapters adds up to 1 tittle. The thing is that the MC is pratically power levelling himself. Classic popcorn novel, don't think too much
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kingryuga rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: --
It's a great novel but the story becomes interesting after a lot of chapters.

It is a usual gate fantasy Korean novel but there is things related to hell, demons, Gods and world system.

The MC had lived a vary poor life and somehow fall into hell where he ate demons and become a demon like existence. Ultimately he ate seven great devils and become a devil king but because of his human mind and to leave the boring unchanging hell he returns to Earth but before he returns because of the... more>> danger of his power the world's protective system sealed his powers. After returning to Earth he finds that the world has changed and gates and monsters starts coming and people started awakening as players. So, he registers as a player and starts learning about the world's change and other stuffs,

The story also tells about a good character development and how MC starts thinking about others and caring about them. There are also good romantic development.

I like the story. The translation of the story stopped before so I had to wait a long time but recently it got a Manhwa adaptation so, I do not think that the translation will stop now.

So, I recommend it to others who likes unique gate/system/fantasy novel. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Zales rated it
October 19, 2020
Status: c39
regular 'dungeon in modern day' novel, MC don't have much strong trait but still have some characteristic

it's quite ok to read and enjoy to pass time

but for relationship between characters, it's really disappoint and you can forget about growth in bond, they will just plainly at same position just to benefit MC in some way

... more>>

and even worst at chapter 39 that make me stop reading, MC find potential guy who would become so strong in a future

then author choose to discard good development to make MC some real comrade but make that character submit to MC via control ability instead


well, I agree that MC ain't good guy who would make friend with anyone but for reader like me who enjoy seeing some growth in relationship between characters can't enjoy this taseless MC's solo story <<less
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Hell_me rated it
September 11, 2020
Status: c29
So far it's a great read. It reminds me of Toika novels but not quite. It's interesting.

Btw here's the series got something similar to Wiki (in Korean ofc) for those who want to know the character overall appearance (manhwa style) and spoiler I guess?

Just Google the series in Korean (만 년 만에 귀환한 플레이어) it should be the top results. The site should be named "Namu"
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Brodie SP
Brodie SP rated it
September 10, 2020
Status: c91
Super fun. Glad I picked this up. The MC's personality, being morally twisted due to his experiences, yet motivated by simplistic and pure desires, creates a refreshing contrast and allows him to kick ass without the boring, cliché, over-the-top speeches to justify his actions. My inner nerd does wish the stats would have a bit more mathematical depth and consistency, though.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rhianirory rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: c22
It's OK but we're still at the start of things so we'll have to see how it goes. They gave a reason why someone at the top might want to return to earth, going from supreme ruler to a nobody, which is more than can be said for most in this return type genre (I still think it's a s*upid reason though). So far the MCs' main skill is interesting, but it's too picky in what it eats for something that's supposed to devour all (won't devour human bodies? Pu-lease.... more>> The MC is supposed to be a demon or a devil or whatever so it shouldn't matter). Sadly, it ended up as yet another typical Korean harem. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JesusHawkeye rated it
August 30, 2020
Status: c86
Honestly this is really fun, the premise may seem generic at first with the whole "world becomes video game" but overall its super fun, its focussed mainly on the main character, the comedy is top notch and overall great read, 5/5 would read a 100 times again. Don't expect it to be super serious and all that, it isn't (so far but who knows) its good and dont trust any reviews which haven't even gotten to chapter 25 or 30.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 9, 2021
Status: c128
This novel is kinda nonsense. Just because the MC wants to eat Earth's food and Enjoy its entertainment, now he has to face the consequences of his own return to earth, and that is starting to fight alongside human against so many beings and creatures from many other worlds. Almost all the problems that he has to clear is due to his own return, and now he has to clear them all by himself (and wishes that his so called companion will help him), just because of his own s*upidity... more>> and stubbornness.

Like, why would you bother to do all this bullsh*t if you can literally sit and chill in Hell? And even after he got back to earth, he didn't even try to live his life like how he'd wanted to, he instead became a player and got his original power completely sealed. What a waste, man. <<less
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enkiros rated it
March 6, 2021
Status: c102
It's a fun read. A MC that's not exactly naive; some solid action; tr*sh harem. It's worth a read, actually. Sadly, even before Centinni went to shit, this novel seemed to have been dropped. Anyhow, after chapter 95 or so, they “changed” the editor, and the chapters devolved into unreadable MTL. Hopefully, some other group picks it up, and even more hopefully, they re-translate or edit those few chapters
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Little Big House
Little Big House
January 3, 2021
Status: c101
Good novel, seen worst.

Medium length chapters, no world settings dump (no chapters filled with how the novels works), just an easy pace story. Nothing complexe. You could read it, take a break and come back a few days after without problems.

Pretty similar to Three Meals of a Reincarnator.

*I had some problems reading the work of the new editor though, not gonna lie.
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Ryantm rated it
September 18, 2020
Status: c38
Was enjoyable until the handsome genius cliche character was introduced. I mean this guy only has 6 months of kendo and a few weeks of fighting and the main character comments he is using skills it took him decades to figure out with a sword... Instead of making him look like a genius if made the main chracter incompetent. Also one part that really annoyed me is when the main character is instructing this genius and a few others after they fought some monsters. He gave constructive criticism to the... more>> rest of the party but for the genius who has been fighting monsters for a few weeks the main chracter with 10, 000 years of experience said that he was perfect and found no flaws. Also stats are broken, main character has to use an item to raise his magi 10 points to 90 if he wants to easily deal with a character at level 59. The problem is his magi stat is already around 50 points higher (similar to a rank 8 or 9 players) than it should be due to devour ability. That's not including the other 30+ points he is getting from the Magi leaking from the seal of his sealed power... <<less
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