I’m the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire!


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Liam Sera Banfield is a reincarnator.

He was reincarnated into a fantasy universe of swords and magic, but at a time that civilization was already making advancements into outer space.

The setting takes place in an intergalactic empire, a space opera-like universe where humanoid weapons and spaceships do battle.

Liam, who had incarnated into an aristocratic family in a monarchic society, has the ambition to one day become an evil lord.

In his previous life, Liam had unfortunately lost everything and died in despair.

— It’s foolish to live for others.

— I will live for myself.

Holding those feelings in his chest, he starts towards his second life, but is instead worshipped as a virtuous ruler from his difference in values.

Will Liam be able to safely become an evil lord?

Associated Names
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I am the Villainous Lord of the Interstellar Nation
Ore wa Seikan Kokka no Akutoku Ryōshu!
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143 Reviews

New Raubtier
Sep 01, 2021
Status: v8 prologue
It's a great story as long as you're only reading it for the comedy and humor factor. It's one of the best "misunderstanding" story out there. The various interactions between the characters and the misunderstanding of the people around them is the central theme of the story.

My only gripe about this is the MC. Best advise while reading would be detach yourself from the MC, I personally find it more enjoyable that way.

... more>>

The MC's 'character' starts to stagnate after Vol 6, I guess he just doesn't any compelling reason to? He gets no proper adversary, the Guide who is supposed the antagonist is just making it worse. At this point I can't pinpoint a 'goal' that the MC could work towards.

What makes me keep reading this even with the disappointing MC are the interesting interaction between the side characters. I don't know when my disappointment with the lack of character development would make me drop this. Hopefully, I wont have to...

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New bronzer44333
Aug 30, 2021
Status: --
This is not a compliment more like complaint. Well you guys read and choose. You guys can follow this novel or not read the novel. Oh almost forgot, MC is third rate VILLIAN, also third rate DEMON KING.

Ok. MC is one dimensional or rather pathetic or more like s*upid/ret*rd or maybe nincompoop is the right words. I don't know. But sure this is the feeling I feel after read through this novel.

The PLOT ARMOR is so THICK like thick A** you know. I don't know how to describe it, but... more>> that the word that came from my mind for plot armor. Or I should say that LADY LUCK smile at MC in every junction? Hrmmm, you guys can argue on it.

THE GOD man s*upid, no the word for the god would be "WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!" type of feeling. Huuuhhh. Really, you have literally destroyed many soul. But for MC you need many low level (scam) strategy. Man how s*upid.

MC also always said I want Harem, but what the f*ck. MC cannot do the women because of his past ex -wife. More like you have live 100 years + 30 years (past life) the trauma bring by this ex-wife. You have High level technology and magic at your on disposal with high medical knowledge. More like s*upid, You need vol 10 to marry 1 girl only. (Yeah 1 girls) like are you f*cking joke with me.

Like other review said, read this story if you have finish other story you invest. This story don't have any solid plot. More like it has more plot ARMOR. Yeah just enjoy the joking part if you want too. <<less
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Jun 14, 2019
Status: v7 epilogue
Translator Biased Review Here~! lol

In short, this is a 'misunderstandings'-based story.

Just like 'Overlord' or 'To be in Power From the Shadows', or any other novel of this genre, this novel focuses on a main protagonist whose only legitimate skill is in their battle prowess. Other actions and decisions made are generally not thought out through or made with simple intentions, only to be misconceived by their surroundings as something far greater for our amusement.

I recommend reading at least until chapter 10 to see if you'll enjoy it or not. Slice-of-life... more>> chapters that showcase the interactions of the MC with the world around him fill up the beginning of most volumes with most of the major battles being held in the later chapters.

I enjoyed reading/translating this, but if what I described so far doesn't seem like your cup of tea, then I recommend you go somewhere else. (^^|||

Its also the same author as 'Sevens' and 'The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs', so if you like those series you should check this one out too!

Also, this novel has little to no romance. Its main focus is on the protagonist living his life to the fullest and having fun. He does get meet someone and eventually get married, but the relationship develops slowly.

Despite how the author's previous works develops, this ISN'T A HAREM NOVEL. Besides the one girl the protagonist marries, the many female characters that appear in the story aren't meant to be seen as love interests (as they don't even fall in love with the protagonist), but more as tools to help push the comedy. So anyone hoping for that (as seen in the bad reviews below), will be soundly disappointed by those girls, because they were written to be disappointing (which makes them funny), and that a harem never gets established involving them.

... and yes, I'm the reason why this novel has so many tags. I read the RAW, so I just added everything that fit. If you're caught up with the latest translated chapter, but feel like a certain tag doesn't work, then it's probably because I haven't translated that far yet. I hope you enjoy it! (^^) / <<less
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Aug 29, 2019
Status: v2c6
Quite disappointed.

With a 4.7 rating I expect something 'so much' better than this.


- Thick plot armor, too much lucky coincidence and of course it left a pretty noticeable hole in the story.

you can't expect somebody just swinging sword everyday will suddenly become OP, without much explanation. There's no breakthrough or realization the MC going through before he become powerful being talked in the story. They just skip it.. Yes, Skip.

I mean he can swing sword (that's good, with how much time he practice it, maybe.)

He can use magic (What?? The story didn't even explain how he came to learn magic, but he just 'suddenly' able to use magic with his sword, and again it wasn't explained how he combine the two of them)


- VERY 1 Dimensional character.

1. His parents (mom & dad)


You can say this two characters is bad, with how little they're included in the story. I mean they disappear after only a few chapters, I don't even remember how they look or the color of their hair or anything at all.

It feels like they're here as an extras, there's no importance of them in the story after the first few chapters.



I don't feel much attraction from any of these female characters.

They're just a bunch of shallow characters, there's not enough characters building/explanation to figure out their personalities.

Like this robot/Android girl, is she supposed to be a motherly robot or a caring elder sister type of robot, or maybe a hard working underlings robot? Whatever..

3. Almost all other side characters are plain AF, his underlings only mentioned when they have an opinion about their lord (the mc), there's not even a clue about what they looks like, or how they come to be an excellent soldier from just a bunch of useless tr*shy militant.

They just skip it!! YEAH unbelievable, I know.

4. Crappy Villain.

It seem like his enemy was an Almighty entity that can control people and have the power to send soul to other universe.

But he's s*upid, the strategy he use in this story is overwhelmingly crappy that if someone tell me that it is planned by an elementary school boy, I would believe it.

- And that pirates king (?) he face in the end of Volume 1 is far worse, he was mentioned for a very very short time, and out of nowhere.

Then BOOM! He died after like 2 chapters maybe?

What the frick man!

5. Ultimate Shitty Action

Anyone remember the pirates arc of Volume 1?

Yeah, let's add some crappy action on top of the crappy Villain.

Any idea how the spaceships operate? Or how they exactly fight each other?

All I can remember about the spaceships war is 'they're shooting laser at each other'

Which one is on the losing side?

How did they lose? I DON'T KNOW EITHER.


'pew pew pew pew-'




Anybody remember what his galaxy name? Or maybe how much planet he has? Or maybe you remember the galaxy's economic situation? They're poor? Why? What's the cause of it?


In my opinion (I'm really disappointed), this author is selling a borderline-scams premise.

He talked about galaxy in his story? Yes.

Did he show you any specific description about the galaxy? No, there's only a bunch of unclear description of it, and the MC don't even try to explore it, so it's quite clear that there would be no 'galaxy-building' in the near future.

I mean the world-building is already bad, and you want to talk about the galaxy? I'm sorry but, What the frick, dude!

It feels like the only knowledge he has about government is



How much tax he get? How did he collect it? What's the percentage? What infrastructure he build? How long did it take?




PS: Maybe the author intended to make this story as a light comedy but from what I know, he failed, horribly.

It just make me cringe, and somehow remind me that sometimes I can't just put my trust in Novel ratings.






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Jun 30, 2019
Status: v1c12
Translation is top tier, story content is top tier, story telling is top tier, my addiction is now top tier. This is one of those stories that makes you wonder why all those second rate CN face slapping novels get 1k chapters, keep getting translated, and have countless views while actually good series like this go almost unnoticed. It's one of those stories that make you wish a thousand chapters were out because you can't wait for the next chapter to see what happens next. Truly great work from the... more>> author and the translator and I look forward to seeing more. <<less
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Aug 21, 2019
Status: v1
If I were to describe this novel in one word, then it would be 'half-assed'.

Everything is half-assed here from the plot, world building, characters.

... more>>

Where do we start? We begin with typical down the luck MC that got isekai'd into another world by seemingly a benevolent being, but there's a catch! Turn out the being was instead a malevolent being that live on people's despair. The surprise ended here, I was a fool for expecting something different.

The MC is reincarnated to another world that has reached Space Exploration Age, we were then introduced to various things that got couple of lines then promptly forgotten.

    1. Female android, with s*x function to boot. Apparently there were some kind of backstory involving android uprising in the past that makes the current people distrustful of them. It was promptly forgotten in couple of chapters and has no bearing at all for the future plot. The s*x function? Ignored.
    2. Domain management. It basically consist of MC sleeping in the capsule then some years passed with MC doing some mundane things like executing corrupt people then somehow the debt-ridden poor backwater domain with sparse population improved itself. Never mind that it was a whole galaxy with planet as capital, not some kind of backwater small domain.
    3. World building, the world is mixture of science and magic and that's pretty much the whole explanation. MC learned martial arts from a 3rd rated martial artist conman and somehow he managed to conjure all kind of move that wouldn't be out of place in wuxia with no explanation given. He could sense people despite them using the latest stealth technology, he could slice people wearing powered armor with a katana, he could conjure hammer space that provide various weaponry, again without any explanation or whatsoever.
    4. War. We got battleships in space, surely there would be a thing or two that differed right? Nope, the whole war basically consist of much bigger pirate fleets against MC small fleets, 6 to 1 ratio and the small fleets won by the virtue of not retreating despite the obvious disparage in number, never mind that the author has wasted couple of paragraphs explaining that the pirate fleets consist of latest technology ships. No strategy involved at all.
    5. Diabolos Ex Machina, remembered the malevolent being at the prologue? Well it would appear couple of times to foiled MC and make him suffered with the effectiveness of Sunday Morning Cartoon villain. It would concocted seemingly multiple villainous plans: sending the aforementioned conman as MC martial art master, sending military officers that has fell out of favor to MC domain, goading pirates fleet to attack MC domain. It was mentioned that the malevolent being couldn't interfere with matters directly, only making bad circumstances happened. Obviously the author promptly ignore it and made the being interfere directly after its various plan failed by directly giving a power up to the pirate boss. MC the proceed to cut up the pirate with his newfound artifact without breaking a sweat. Makes you wonder huh?
    6. MC. The MC was presented as a doormat that dying from sickness and multiple debts. He vowed to be an evil person at his next life. He would spent decades doing just that, being a virgin, teetotaler and gullible person all around. The only 'evil' things he did is barking orders to his subordinates.

tl;dr: it's a turd that come out from a half-assed author. Only read this when you have plenty of time to spare, don't be fooled by the seemingly good reviews. <<less
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Sep 27, 2019
Status: c60
Seeing a webnovel like this got a 4, 6 rating really sent tears to my eyes. Why? Because it sends a message that readers have become more and more primitive.

Ok, let make it simple, this webnovel is the same kind of misunderstanding bullsh*t. I give a 'bullsh*t' there because the novel is full of inconsistencies and idiocies. The MC is idiot, and the people around him also idiot, the villain is idiot, and the plot also is idiotic. Let me explain why, first the MC died full of resentment because... more>> a cheating wife, you may think he learns his lesson of becoming more careful with people. But instead, he just believes his parent's lies, just because he thinks it was all magic and they are s*upid. Second, he believe a scammer teacher for more than 50 years (until the end of ch 60), he believe his 'master' like an idiot, there are many more examples but let's stop, as they are many more things to say. Don't even mention the MC's personality, some compare this story to CN novel, well at least in those CN novels, the protagonist has a personality, here the MC is a joke, I repeat a JOKE!

The people around him all idiot, they just follow the 'plot' with simple logic like a merchant believed the MC like gold because he is humble, for information gold is cheap here. Instead, the MC is just an idiot because he thinks gold is expensive like on earth, and the merchant just believes bullsh*t of 'humble' MC for years! And this merchant is a space merchant with a lot of power, he should travel around galaxies not trade good but find more brain cells instead. Also, the author's writing skill isn't growing at all since the Sevens, all the character personality is one dimension! So don't expect you can relate to any of the characters, they all seem like just a 'characters', just created for the sake of one big joke. The main villain here is the 'guide', which should be like a devil, you should think he at least has good brain. But instead, we got a brainless villain with one job in the story, become a punchline joke to the MC. He wants to make the MC's life miserable but his method is full of holes and so simple, in a word, s*upid. All his plot against MC will eventually fail or backfire, while the MC always thanking the 'guide' because he thinks the 'guide' is an angel. Even so, you may think, "hey how can all his plot fail and backfire", which will get us to the last point.

The plot armor is so transparent and s*upid in the whole story. The whole plot is so simple you can even see it coming in the first 10 chapters, its all about the villain or any mob antagonist try to hurt the MC then the MC actually become better because of them, he then 'thanks' them. Plus the MC tries to become 'evil' and do all sort of scheme but in the end, because he is s*upid and the 'earth' misconception, people love/respect/adore him. There its all this story all about! The character is so one dimension and shallow that I pity those who rate this above 3. It's just like the whole story is a joke, oh wait it is! This whole 'novel' is a long joke with repeated joke lines like the sevens, with the joke become drier and drier each passing moment. As such personally I don't acknowledge this as a novel, but a story about a loooooooong joke.

My last point is about the 'misunderstanding' genre which becomes more and more popular lately, especially since the Overlord. Overlord is not the first novel with that kind of genre, but it definitely one of the most successful, why? Because it was done right! The plot is solid, with no plot armor bs. The character is complex and grows. All of this creates one of a kind great read. Compared to that, most of the 'misunderstanding' novel is tr*sh, while this novel is like a child play!

So for those who want to just read because of reason such as hilarious/funny/slapstick comedy, or bs like those go ahead and read this.

But for those with a brain let me remind you to prepare losing brain cells reading this half-assed 'novel'.

Below is some detail because some review by hikufalafel:

He said the novel is some gag comedy because of the half-assed detail, and one should like this if he/she likes one punch man. Let me tell you what, I like one punch man, even before the anime announced, so his comment is bullshit. This "novel" is not good at anything, there is many gag novel out there, and believe me, when I said I read many of them, I even read all Mishima Yomu's novel, not because I hate them like hater duh, but I hope some quality joke story, not some half-ass shit. I understand if some gag has a great story plotline while some entirely just abandon it for the sake of the fun, all good if the message comes across as good as it is. But this "novel" and all of Mishima Yomu is not that! All of them are half-ass bordering consistent plotline with idiocies, it comes just as half-ass sh*t no matter how I read them! All character has stagnating IQ and personalities, while the plot seems to want to show how great they grow. HOW and I really mean HOW you do that? It just infuriates me, that sort of inconsistencies is so amateur and s*upid befitting a mere web novel author.

While hikufalafel the fanboy praise his "intention" and my comprehension, I beg to differ as I already read hundreds of books and novels, light novel, web novel with genres such as romance, humor, biography, comedy, either they are bad or good, and that should tell people I comprehend the author, mostly. As I had read all of his novel I can tell you for sure that "Great Idea, Bad Delivery" is what all his novel is about. His plotline is simple and repetitive, his jokes is more so, his character is bland and one dimensional, and his worldbuilding is generic. His writing skill is maybe above third class but never touch first class in all these years, making his story repetitive and uncreative with same kind of joke, I mean how about I tell you one great joke and keep telling you that joke 5 times a day? That is the feeling I got in all of his novels and why I never consider he as a great writer, he is just a mere web novel author, same as most writers in Japan who consider they are a writer but actually just a web novel author whose story is sub-tier compared to the real novel!

I grow up reading novels, real novels, then I found internet and found this genre of light novel and web novel. Their qualities are sub-par but they are fun and interesting in some way so I read them. But in the end, web novel is that a sub-par idea lacking delivery and character personality, the world is bland, and the plot is streamlined. If you think Mishima Yomu is a great writer I will really doubt your intellect. This novel make me angry not because it's bad (it is though), but because how the author always fails to improve himself making a really great story with his ideas. I will not even bother if he is a fail author, I only care because this author's work make me laugh, his joke is good until it's not, and the illusion broke, his incompetencies showed. And lastly, how most people let him do with this kind of qualities, they are the "real cancer". That is why at my review I rebuke how primitive the intellect of the reader. I bet the fans will hate me because they love his work, but in the real literature industries, his work is as garbage as third-grader scribble, that is how bad they will rate this web novel. And that what makes me sad and angry because his qualities not improved for years! I lost hope, I will not read his work again, this is my last review of his work. I hope for the future instead I gain despair, I pity the author, I blame the readers.

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Jul 01, 2019
Status: c12
Hot damm, this novel is awesome. You got Darth Vader here doing all kind of magic and stuff and people who are misunderstanding him lol.

I definitely become a fan of this author, all of their work so far is good (sevens & unfair otome)
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Aug 08, 2019
Status: v2 ss
Omg this novel definetely fit of my taste.

The story are about MC who given another chance reincarnated to isekai scifi world by guide, who actually culprit of all MC past life misery. MC then aim become evil lord but he become good lord instead. I though its gonna be sevens all over again consider other author works but NO, its using misunderstanding as theme with MC has no idea what he's doing. So far, not even slight romance spotted.

Character really well explained, atleast for important character. MC got some reliable... more>> people to work with like his andro-maid and old butler. He also build connection with others by a chance and somehow always benefit for him lol.

Plot, its not sudden go happy cheat MC. Instead MC build everything from scratch, he demolished all bad things, kill all corrupt official, confront his enemies- MC is strong willed. He also somehow always avoid despair flag set by antagonist through misunderstanding and its so funny lol.

My slight complaint would be time sense in this novel. Considering its isekai scifi (yeah magic world with galactic scientific technology) I can relate that age of people would be hundred years. But author didnt explain yet how long people could live, as he told MC still considered as elementary while 60y old lol!. There's also a lot time jump. And no romance so far, explained because his own ptsd too.

Overall im really really enjoy this novel. Its fun, its unique, its pretty done well misunderstand novel. I could give it rate 10/5 if its possible. <<less
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Jun 15, 2019
Status: c69
The story is very interesting and fun to read, I've been following this novel for quite some time and I was really looking forward for an english translation, so thanks a lot Kuro.
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Mar 07, 2020
Status: v5c1
First of all, ignore all the reviews of low ratings. Cause honestly, they completely missed the point of this story and their complaints and criticism is literally much the same and s*upid. Or, they are just people who are whining over people liking something they don't like. Some of them obviously didn't even read it. They merely skimp it and passed it off as "reading" it.

This is a gag comedy like one punch man, a misunderstanding about a guy's every action. The more you try to understand it, the less... more>> it will make sense, this is what this story is. You will find there are a lot of plot holes and half-assed elements in the world building but those are there for a reason. If a gag comedy is attentive to every last bit of detail and fill in the gap of every last plot hole, it would no longer be a gag comedy.

If you enjoy comedy like one punch man, you will enjoy this. Otherwise, buzz off. These haters literally came in expecting GOT dark humor but got a gag comedy. Now they are hating on this story due to their own incompetent comprehension of the author's intention. <<less
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Sep 08, 2019
Status: --
This novel is a lie and a pretty patetic one he isn't evil at all, MC is just doing the same thing he did before his wife destroy his life in the previus life woking his ass off for other people.

If he really wanted to be a evil lord he should have finish suck dry his shity family, get a bunch of androids and ships and make his douche parents to pay for all that.

The novel have no real plot and no goal I dont know what the MC really... more>> wants or who he really is so I just don't care. <<less
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 01, 2020
Status: v6c14
This is one of my favorites. The parody/misunderstanding is good, but the rest of the story outshines that part. Sure he thinks he's an evil lord, but its just for laughs. MC has talent and still makes good moves. His biggest fault is likely underestimating how corrupt and incompetent the people in his surroundings are.

Anyways, it's a funny story and the plot is more than good enough to hold the reader's interest.
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Jul 14, 2019
Status: c69
Hello readers!!!

I will just say it straight tht this novel is GOLD !!!

For the first few chapter of course its horrible for me, but as I keep reading past chpter 10 it was start to build up, got a few time skip but still tolerable, even though 50+ years old was still consider as elementary school kid?. This whole story is based on misunderstanding but its good & MC is definitely not some jp or cn op tr*sh.

Ps# Might chnge my review if its going bad in the future.
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Oct 03, 2019
Status: --
I don't know how this novel can be this popular. I understand that there are people (though I didn't know there were so many) that might enjoy this kind of novels, but imo I think it doesn deserve this high of a rating.

The plot is subpar, the MC too favoured (plot armor, luck, etc..) and when I see the Harem tag in this kind of stories I can already see how everything will develop.

I don’t have much to say as most things have already been pointed out in other review... more>> (at least the one who have low rating), but I think there are better novels around of this genre that deserve higher rating when compared to this.

Overall score: 1 <<less
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Jun 14, 2019
Status: c2
Fun read, also it seems the author is good at keeping plot holes at bay.
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 09, 2020
Status: v2
I read the entire first volume and it never delivered on the premise. Game of thrones self insert fanfiction and other "uplift" type stories do much better at both empire building and economics.

If it was changed so that instead of a galactic empire this guy ruled a single castle surrounded by a medieval peasant village the only thing that would need edits at all in the entire volume is the 5 times space pirates are mentioned, 3 or so times it is directly stated that he rules a whole galaxy,... more>> and the 2 times the word planet is said. Instead of space ships it could be ocean ships, instead of space pirates just normal pirates, and none of the "meat" would be effected at all.

That may be because there just isn't any. The bones of a story are there, but there isn't any meat on them. Is this what it means by light novel? It was certainly lite.

There was about 2 paragraphs of training in swordplay and about 1 of ruling an empire if you compile everything between the time skips that happen seemingly ever chapter.

Many time skips are spent in very vaguely described learning pods, which must not be effective at all, because vol 2 he goes to elementary school when he becomes a legally recognized adult at 50 years old. That is when I noped out.

I hate high school stories, and refuse to read any more. I don't care if you add zombies, sports, or space, I won't read another lazy highschool + X. I thought as a grown man in a past life, with access to learning pods, and already using his wealth to hire one personal tutor, he could skip that shit, but nooo.

People are claiming that haters like me don't really read the story or don't get the jokes, but I did and I do. The joke is that the MC is every bit as perfect as a typical mary sue, and only lies to themselves about being evil, but instead of it being funny I feel that I am the one lied to when I was promised a villian MC.

I hate stories that are lazy enough to include a one shot appearance by a random omnipotent being, and routinely tell authors to use existing powerful beings from the crossed settings or develop original characters in their oc settings. So at first I actually did like the R.O.B. Being a "developed" character with their motivations explained, but they turned out to be a perfect mirror of the protagonist, every bit as bumbling and incompetent. A recurring joke is that they are a constantly thwarted humor villian, but it isn't funny to me. I just feel cheated out of an intelligent antagonist, every time the joke comes up just makes me more angry.

The story over all felt like someone took that one bible story about the guy god allows satan to torment as proof he would praise God even if he wasn't so blessed and added a single gundam to it. <<less
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Dec 12, 2019
Status: v4
I'm surprised that so many people treat this purely comedic novel so fcking serious. Lol. It isn't exactly a slice of life story because a lot of different things happen in each volume. Misunderstandings are hilarious and there enough action as well. It is the sitcom genre of the light novels, similarly to "To be a Power in the Shadows". Misunderstanding comedy with an OP MC, what else you expect? BTW some characters are developed rather well and "romance" with the Duke family girl (third volume) is very heartwarming and... more>> funny at the same time. No one will complain about "s*upid characters" or "slow plot" in sitcom comedies like Big Band Theory, Friends or Seinfeld. Similarly, this novel only wants to make you laugh, while adding some spice by adding enemies and fights. Why you expect something else from it - is a mystery to me. You either find this humorous or not. <<less
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Aug 19, 2019
Status: v3c9
This story is about a guy who tried to be very kind in his life but was repeatedly taken advantage of to the point where he was dying, and a ROB decided to reincarnate him (for some interesting reasons) in a futuristic universe where its a super high-up sci-fi empire fic. He then decides to be super evil and do whatever the fook he wants, which becomes hilarious as he doesn't even know how to even act evil (he keeps doing silly things for evil reasons but everyone misunderstands and... more>> finds a good reason for it -> ex: he could take candy from a baby, and people would think he did that because he was worried about the babies health). He is super OP and lots of comedy and slice of life in this book.

Probably my favorite book after Black Iron Glory, and it's updated/translated very quickly and almost perfectly so its very good (plus illustrations are entertaining).

10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a book (if you want a very serious dark one this won't be 4 u tho) <<less
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Jun 27, 2019
Status: v1c10
A great novel that must be read, if not, it's the guide fault, not my review that put down your intention to read this novel.
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Dec 31, 2020
Status: v6c1
This series is 50% "misunderstandings, the web novel" and 50% "justice-boner-pandering punishment fan-service"... and I love it. It's written to be comedic, so if you were actually looking for serious or drama-oriented justice-bonder-pandering stuff, you won't find that here (idk, go reread Shield Hero again or something...). The plot is so dumb, it can't be read as anything but comedic. I'm talking "the devil himself getting repeatedly f*cked over by Scooby Doo's Jedi ghost" levels of dumb. Like STDs causing people's dicks to explode levels of dumb. It's so dumb,... more>> so endearing, and so so so dumb that you can't help but smile when as you binge this junk-food web novel.

If you don't mind some minor spoilers, here are some highlights:


the protagonist is a serial thot slayer and somehow has a fetish for plain-looking career women; there's a sword trick street performer con-man who accidentally trains the protagonist to the level that he can do the sword tricks with brute strength alone; the protagonist is the literal incarnation of "task failed successfully"; the main antagonist somehow f*cks up so badly, the protagonist repeatedly thanks him since he thinks the antagonist is actually helping him... AND this somehow causes the antagonist agonizing pain


tl;dr This series doesn't just clown around. It puts on a whole goddamn circus show... and one hell of an entertaining show too. <<less
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cultivation king
May 31, 2020
Status: v5c5
Excellent novel, loved the comedy in this and the misunderstandings. Hate that the translations are not fast.
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