The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs


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Office worker Leon is reincarnated into a particularly punishing dating sim video game, where women reign supreme and only beautiful men have a seat at the table. But Leon has a secret weapon: he remembers everything from his past life, which includes a complete playthrough of the very game in which he is now trapped. Watch Leon spark a revolution to change this new world in order to fulfill his ultimate desire…of living a quiet, easy life in the countryside!

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Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu
Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu
Thế Giới Otomegame Thật Khắc Nghiệt Với Nhân Vật Quần Chúng
Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs (LN)
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New izelan83 rated it
June 14, 2024
Status: v6c2
(Not so) Short and sweet review:

The novel starts out pretty great, I'd likely have given it a 4 or even 5 stars after the first 3 novels. The problem is:

... more>>

-The MC experiences zero character growth, in fact I'd say he actually regresses to become more juvenile and turns into a joke.

-Characters from the early volumes that should have been dropped are kept around as joke material, except the jokes stop being funny after the first 4ish volumes and I end up skipping through any part of the story they play a part in.

-The people who transmigrated continually treat the world as a game that will 100% follow the storyline they remember from their past lives, despite continually being painfully taught the lesson that the world is in fact not a game and the story does not always perfectly line up which causes needless drama.

-Too many characters are basically tr*sh tier people and used for comedic effect, I'm pretty sure the only prominent characters that get any sort of growth are the MC's fiancées and even then it's only during the volume (s) they're introduced in.


So yeah, to sum it all up the author started out with a promising work that eventually turns into stale repeated jokes and one-dimensional characters with no growth. Having said all that, some of the worldbuilding/story is interesting enough that I'll likely finish the series but it should have been so much better and I don't understand why the author went the direction they did after volume 3.

Edit: Read a few other reviews, skipped ahead a bit in the novel, changed my mind and I won't be finishing this work. I thought about dropping my review to 2 stars, but I'll leave it at 3 in honor of the honestly entertaining first 3 volumes. I could forgive many things, but the atrocious handling of the MC by the author and his negative character growth to the point where he turns into the equivalent of a juvenile 12 year old edgelord with no social skills (for someone who was supposed to have been a functioning adult in his past life) is honestly the worst I've read in any medium. <<less
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New Gorgon13 rated it
May 25, 2024
Status: v3c6
It's so frustrating, when you hate someone just hate it you know. But MC is like I hate you but I helping you, give you money, become your guardian, protect you, all of it. Even if the enemy denounce, mock, wants to kill the MC, MC is like "it's okayy Im mob afterall~~

Damn just cant continue this anymore
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Erection rated it
October 30, 2018
Status: v1c6
Guys. Please realize that the awful setting comes from the otome world. The MC is fully aware on how sht the game is. The author is basically taking shots at otome games at having over the top settings and convenient plot progression. The author is doing all of this on purpose. The MC is just trying to not get involved with the game and settle down in peacefully, but we all know that's never easy.
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anonymous StrayCat
anonymous StrayCat rated it
January 9, 2019
Status: v5c34

After I finished at 2slow2t's site I had a 4.3ish rating at my heart. I went ahead for the syosetu web novel and spent two days to finish volume 5. Extremely disappointed. I recommend the author to change the title to "I've Became Able to Do Anything with My robots, but I Can't Seem to Get out of being popular". One thing that kind of bothered me after finishing V2c4 was V1's prologue b/c why would Marie ask Leon to complete a game b/c it's hard? What's the point? It's an otome game, you get the satisfaction of a game by going through the story and hardship. Though, that's not the focus. The story was enjoyable, but thing changed quickly. Huge spoiler up to v5 -> Okay, the author absolutely abandoned the setting of female over male after V3, and Leon is no longer a mob but an Earl. In the game, Leon has absolute superiority over Marie. Marie is afraid of Leon to death. She had a child in her previous life and broke up with her husband, and died b/c of bf abused her. Then, she came to this world and completed a reverse harem... However, that's not the problem. Leon became your typical happy go lucky harem protagonist along with his sister's reverse-harem. Leon's AI and airship are just beyond op. They can literally obliterate a whole country. In volume 3, he defeated the invaders and got engaged with Ange and Oiliva. Everything was fine until that point.

Volume 4 was the start of the downfall of the story when they start the second gen of this "game". Leon became an exchange student of another country because his sister told him that the game had second gen, and so he and his sister + the reverse harem idiots went onto the journey. The country is so-called "the strongest defensive country" because they have endless energy from the holy tree and don't require energy stones to run their airships. Anyhow, Leon's airship can basically go against the whole country. Not to mention, the characters in this second generation became extremely boring with no developments at all. Olivia basically became a shadow. Leon immediately fell in love with this second gen's main protagonist after saving her from the "abusive male main character (Eric)."Ange even went as far as wanting Leon to marry this second gen's main protagonist "Noel" because their country could obtain the seed of this holy tree and couple hundreds of years later they won't need the mana stones. I found Noel as an extremely boring character with no character development at all. Although I'm not a big fan of "holy saint" type of character like Olivia, at least there's growth for her and Ange. However, Noel is just Noel, she's ur typical older sister good at housework type of girl. The author also decided to include other reincarnated characters. Honestly, it became a mess. The reading went from delightful to extreme exhaustion. Could have been a good story, but the author decided to deviate from all the original settings from V1-V3 and turned Leon into ur ordinary op harem protagonist. Sigh.

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glowku rated it
November 27, 2018
Status: v1c5 part3
Reads like a typical isekai academy story so far.

One thing that really bothers me is the social hierarchy. It's a matriarchy, apparently, but I haven't seen anything worldbuilding-wise that is compelling and would convince me so. Every single heir to a title is apparently a male, and even though the MC has sisters, they aren't ahead of the brother in the line of succession for his barony??? Constant whinging about the female dominance in this otome game world really irks me when the writing and story suggests otherwise.
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Asf rated it
October 17, 2018
Status: c89
This is an OP MC male protagonist story with an otoge settings with harem and mecha.

People who are looking for a legid otogenations story will prolly want to skip this.

But the story is funny. The male MC is also relatable (for male).

Lots of parody about an otoge settings. With a male POV.

This novel is for boys despite the otoge titles..
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Armorpiercer rated it
October 10, 2018
Status: v2c3
This world is freaking hilarious

The world is the same world settings as the mentioned otome game, but for some reason the gender morale standpoint between man and woman has been reversed (and women now capable of being an arse like usual man from the middle-age novel settings)

It completely get my attention. Sleeping tiger vs the world of ar$ehole (most char. Is just unreasonable and unreasonable hence the name)

I can't wait the rise of the MC, just want to see how he react when he know he become something... more>> other than mob <<less
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iceprincekyo rated it
October 26, 2018
Status: --
The backstory makes no sense, girls and guys social positions in society are switched but their actual jobs are not.

It is such a jarring problem that the author just explains away as "game world logic lol"
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Jazteer rated it
November 24, 2018
Status: c113
This novel is unique compared to other novels with the setting of male reincarnated in an otome game (which is already somewhat unique setting as is), some may like it while others won't but that will depend on personal preferences. There are some points, however, that I would like to clarify about this novel that is likely to be misunderstood.
  • While it may look like a feminist world that strongly favours women, it isn't like the women are the one who holds the political power, and the reason for this isn't just dismissed as being the setting of the otome game, there is a proper reason for how this came to be that will be explained later on, and it isn't like the whole world is like this
  • The MC gets OP very early thanks to the OP equipment he gets, so rather than being a story about him getting stronger, it's about him NOT using that power as much as possible, since he doesn't want to get used to it and become drunk on power, instead preferring a relaxed life.
  • The otome game world holds a lot more secrets beyond to being just a game targeted for women, some of which are even outside from what is shown in the game

    Very heavy spoilers below

So overall I would recommend giving this novel a try, just know that even if there are some things that you may not like, everything has a reason for it to happen which do get explained later on, and nothing will be dismissed as just being a "feature" of the game.
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Havisu rated it
February 5, 2020
Status: v5c2
In all honesty, every bad reviews here are biased, and some not even true at all, except few reviews from readers who already past volume 2.

Look, we all understand you have your own taste and all, but don't give a review, especially bad one, if you've been only reading for like, not even 10 or 20 chapters. I totally respect bad reviews from anyone who keep up with this novel till volume 2 or 3, but please stop doing something so shytty as reviewing something you dont even know.

Bad world... more>> setting?? Haaa?? So what? That world was created like that. Author want to show how badly an otomege can be, since we all already knows how bad a galge can be.

Look, you're not qualified to review this, and any other novels if you're just reading it for few chapter. Admit it, its not your cup of tea. Everyone have their own taste, and its not the novel problem if its not to your preferences. So please don't be a shitty reviewer who gave a bad review to a novel after they're done reading only a few chapters

Edit: regarding translator


As of February 8, 2020, I realized that the translator of this novel (bakape*vert) is one of the best translator in all my years of reading novels. Why? Take a look at the interval of each updates. As of now, he/she keep spamming a very high quality updates (with very minimal typo errors) in the morning, just when you are about to get a breakfast but then realized you got a scrumptious breakfast on NU instead, then when you're about to have a dinner you would realize that you're gonna have another scrumptious meal (on NU). Then when you're about to sleep after gaming till midnight, bakape*vert will give you a midnight snack to make sure you are able to sleep soundly. This cycle repeats everyday unless any problem occurred to bakape*vert.

Bakape*vert never left you hanging on cliffhanger, unless he/she join you too.

You see. This novel have at least 2000 words per chapter. AT LEAST. At average tho, it'll be around 5000 and above.

Bakape*vert really pushed him/herself to translate at least 2 chapter a day, FOR FREE. There's patreon but he/she never really ask for money. You don't need to be a patreon in order to access early chapter update and such. If you enjoyed reading his/her translation, and have surplus of money, please do support him by donating, and I definitely would.

Again, BP if you're reading this, you're doing one hella job of translation. Mad respect for your dedication!

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Kurumi69 rated it
November 12, 2018
Status: v1c3 part2
So many bad points about this novel:

  1. Unreasonable and illogical social hierarchy. The men do all the work yet the women reap all the profits.
  2. Not an otome novel despite having the word otome in its name. Tr*shy isekai setting with those floating islands, airships and robots.
  3. The MC keeps looking down on himself and thinking about a comfortable shut-in life yet there's no way the nobles gonna leave him be with that much money in his hands.
  4. The MC doesn't try to do anything to change his life until the crisis came right before his face.
  5. Too many unnecessary words that only increase the story's length and not contribute anything to the actual plot.
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Mount Tai Unleashed
Mount Tai Unleashed rated it
January 2, 2020
Status: v3 epilogue
It was a trap.. I should have looked at the author.. He was the author of sevens. A novel where there's a big harem with no action (the s*x kind) at all. It's the same case with this novel except that there's less women.

Also, there is NO ROMANCE! The tag that says so is a dirty lie, they need to change that shit. The MC runs away from any meaningful romantic situation like it was the plague, he avoids any confrontation with the main girls that may lead to any... more>> possible romantic development. By the end of volume 3, the only reason he got married was because it was forced upon him unbeknownst to him until it was too late to back out.

That isn't f*cking romance, THAT'S BETA LIES!

The absolute worst thing about this novel is the indecisive, pushover, protagonist.

He has no meaningful goals, and any minor goals he does have, he halfheartedly pursues. He never acts of his will and merely reacts to what happens around him. The plot is often forced just so he will get off his ass and do something.

It also doesn't help that he's your average japanese beta pacifist MC. I've seen women with more balls than he has.

This isn't a novel for those who enjoy characters like the direct conan or cunning yagami light, no, this is a novel for masochists and doormats.

For those of you who enjoy a protagonist that isn't crap, leave immediately and find something more worth reading.

For you weirdos who like this shit? Enjoy and make sure not to choke on the excessive levels of soyboy protagonist. <<less
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WordsOfWisdom rated it
October 20, 2019
Status: Volume 3 epilogue
(My original first review) (after reach Volume 2 chapter 6) (Rated 1*)

Honestly speaking, the story is quite good at a first try. I mean when you read only about starter volume, which is Volume 1 LN.

When you read this novel, you will get quite interesting feeling, as you see how the MC attitude and how the theme is quite new to some reader when considering an "Isekai" world.

But after reading it quite further, especially when it reach volume 2, things get more nasty to the point... more>> of beeing garbage.

what I mean is not about the story as a whole, but the whole story got tr*shed because the MC itself.

The Author keep always make an excuse to defend the MC by saying for example;

    • "yeah, I know I am half-hearted and I know it is wrong, but I don't care" (which mean even he is wrong, he thinks he did the right things as long as he didn't bothered, to put it simple "Hypocrite")
    • "I am just a mob, I don't want to step in the protagonist role" (Yet, since the very beginning he already make up his mind to steal the protagonist precious support items)
    • "I just want to live in peaceful life, and free. So I don't want to be dragged down by the world" (But all he did is to find trouble and use excuse to justify his doing)
    • "This is a world of otome games to begin with, so it was a cruel world" (He clearly know that it is not a game anymore and he knows that if he do something wrong, then he will the whole thing gone mess, yet HE STILL PUT IT UP AS IT WAS A GAME EVEN WHEN HE KNOWS THAT IT IS NOT A GAME ANYMORE)
Also the Author was using the "Lexon" A.I support machine as the third perspective person, which will argue about what the MC thinks. It is so called a self defense to the story,

to make all of us thinking that the Author is really aware of the MC s*upidity, but yet..

aghh im so dissapointed.

not to mention how to author is die hard with making people "Sympathy" to MC by saying such as : (ofcourse it needs long narration to feel the sympathy)


"I am idiot, yeah I know I am idiot, no need to mention it, I really know it. But why, why do I have to suffer" (basically he is not suffering any bad thing or such, he just expressing himself but pretending that he is the victim). --------------

"Is this a Karma?, why do I deserve this, I just want it back into the track where protagonist should be. (In this part he began to feel jealousy but didn't want to admit)


as you guys can see the newly review got more and more criticism rather then praising to the novel, well it is indeed true,

because the novel become a tr*sh as the story goes.

but maybe I just a little disappointed so far as my current state in Volume 2 chapter 6.

But while I was writing this, I see the people who has already read far a head still has the same problem pretty much as me. so I think it is really true that the story is becoming a tr*sh, ruined by the MC itself as the Author as the leading.

to be honest, dont trust the 5* people who rated it. Mostly of them just read the early Volume, and then the rest is just who got trapped because want it or not they already read to far, so they hard to give it up.

But, well everyone has their own opinion. So if you doubt, just go try yourself and read the novel. You may Like it, or you may curse it.


Ok, To put it simple in all way

    • MC is Fcking worse of worst HYPOCRITE
    • The MC is a Fcking Coward
    • Totally Loser (Loser in a sense who act tough with his persona to hide his cowardly nature)
    • Love to "Play-Victim" to get people sympathy, and to justify his fault
(My second review)


(after reach Volume 3 epilogue) (I rated 3*)

Ok, at first I was thinking to dropped this sh*t novel before. But then I think I need to give it a chance, since it is not fair to just gave 1* when it's only reach Volume 2.

Also it was because I read some comment in the site that provide the translated novel, people say that the MC will actually started to change (almost Half of it was true, but most of it is still the same sh*t when finished the volume 3) and the story will get better in the next volume (which mean volume 3 and above).

ok lets talk about the story and development, it is indeed things in this volume started to change in to somehow better than previous volume. The story about Kingdom and their enemy come into conclusion and have significant result about war. Which is indeed got to the story and it proved that the story is progressing and not just idle with nonsense shit. Also the development on their surrounding started to change with clear value, but also plenty sh*t still remain the same.

Actually I was feeling in this volume things were somehow got little rushed (not that fast as you imagine, thats why I said "Little"), well it is not bad.

Then I was right, because it is actually an end of this kingdom arc. And was about to move into new kingdom in next volume, thats why things was need to be cleared in this Volume 3. So when it enter new arc in next volume, there will be less sh*t for readers to complaint or find fault.

Then next we need to talk about our fcking tr*sh MC, seriously this guy is totally hopeless and full of disappointment. To be honest,

the Author is somehow intentionally make this MC to be that shit. He indeed change too, but it is because the SITUATION that force him. I know I might sounds like hating this MC too much, honestly speaking yes I hate him. If you already read Volume 1-2 then you may know why.

Because I know his core didn't change, so when the situation is not that matter again he will back to the past shitty attitude.

I know that Character needs a special traits so people can easily remember them. But seriously, if you guys was asking me in this novel who will deserve to be MC, then I will proudly say it was LUXION. Yeah LUXION the A.I support.

Also the other characters in this volume is getting more better results, especially his little sister (yep that b*tchie from his previous life).

well, as always it is better for you to read it by yourself to confirm it, since my review might be just an opinion of my own perspective. But feel free to get things based on my review too. Well.. Good luck, if you can survive in Volume 2.

Ok next is just a conclusion in simply way

  • The MC is still a sh*t despite the situation (Because if the situation become normal again, he will come back to that shitty MC in volume 2)
  • The Story is Good (Good in my term is, it is moving and not just idling with nonsense)

That's why right now I rated this novel as 3*, got 2 more * than the first time I rated. Because the Story and Development give it fair to added 2 more *.


Ok I should keep the first review on top, and give the next review in spoiler tag. <<less
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Subsinexus rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: v10c1
This novel is genuinely annoying to read, mainly due to the MC's personality. It's fine, totally fine to have a flawed MC. It gives room to grow, and can increase the story's depth if done well. But this MC? Author's overloaded him with negative points.

    1. Unbelievably merciful. His dislike for killing mortal enemies out for his blood has bit him far more than once. Almost got heroines killed, almost got him killed and exponentially increased the amount of trouble he's had to deal with.
    2. Extremely low self-esteem. Purposely pushed away the heroines towards other men despite his own emotions due to his lack of self-confidence and timidity. Frustrating beyond belief.
    3. Surprisingly lazy in terms of training and thinking ahead. Doesn't think deeply into the impact of his actions upon the future, and hasn't planned ahead much if at all.
    4. Dense. Classic donkan problems, unable to recognize affection directed at himself.
    5. Completely inept at romance. No idea how to comfort or approach depressed girls, no idea how to advance relationships, no idea how to deal with the heroines in his life. Easily misunderstands. Not proactive, low EQ.
    6. As though to finish himself off, he doesn't listen to advice well, often dismissing it as 'thinking too much' or some other reason. It's more than once forced those trying to point him at better choices to the point of hysteria.
The combination of these factors even got one heroine r*ped. It was never stated outright, but considering she was taken, had an ens*avement collar put on and appeared later next to her forced husband-to-be with multiple bruises on her body... yeah. Why did this happen? First, protag didn't realize her emotions for him. Second, protag didn't have the conversational ability to understand her situation when he had a chance to easily save her. Third, protag was too busy sulking to take a step back and think about what was going on. Lastly, protag delayed saving her due to not wanting to cause a disturbance and potential deaths.

It'd take multiple damn miracles to fix this guy.
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October 30, 2018
Status: v1c6 part3
I think this is aimed towards guys more than girls, but as a girl I actually find it rather refreshing. I mean, it's super irritating to read how b*tchy girls can get but... there are so many stories with slag men and how men are the worst. It's only fair that the roles get reversed once in awhile.

There's very blatant sexism in this novel (in favour of girls this time), but I do take some satisfaction in the role reversal. Like ... more>>

the MC wonders if this is what it feels like when young girls are sold to pe*verted middle-aged men when his stepmother tries to sell him off to pe*verted middle-aged women.


It's definitely jarring to read in some places, because we're so used to 'normal' convention. But the MC's idea of a 'good girl' clashes furiously with the settings of the game. I find it interesting because the novel acknowledges that not all girls are like this, just that the MC's status happens to meet the specific middle-nobility that perpetuates that particular type of girl.

I do get a bit irritated at how the women in that setting flaunt their so-called 'elf lovers' and walk about with multiple entanglements though. Even in the normal world, guys don't do that. I appreciate how the word 'slut' isn't thrown about (since I myself advocate the love whoever you want as much as you want as long as you're responsible and decent about it motto) because it's 'normal' in the world, but I do think it very, very often because of my own values.

I doubt this is a story that actually intends to empower women, but it's an interesting take on reverse sexism. I mean, whichever way it goes, sexism does tend to create complete a**holes. I also like how it takes into consideration that women are still women and not ridiculous men-with-boobs who are stronger and fight and whatnot and that's why society is 'matriarchal'. <<less
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Harukaze23 rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: v5 epilogue
I just made an account to counter some of the unreasonable reviews here. The first complain some people have: "The world is tr*sh". Of course it is, that's the point of the story. It's based on a shitty cash crab low quality otome gacha game. The game is so tr*sh that you need to spend money on items because of the impossible difficulty spikes. The characters are basic and the story simple because the company who made the game only wanted the player's money. Now, let's focus on Leon. People... more>> say that he ruins the story because of his poor choices and "bad" personality. What makes him a good character are his flaws. He's not perfect, no one is. He's growing as a character, that's the point of any good story. &Gt;>>>>Spoilers: At the beginning he didn't want to interfere with the world, then in the last volume he doesn't give a f*ck about the world, he will do what it takes to do the right thing<<<<<<. Finally, I don't get the people that only reads 3 chapters and can grasp everything about the story and give it a poor rating. That's just s*upid. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
April 15, 2021
Status: c7
How did my 5-Star rating drop down to 3?

Volume 1-4:

My blood is boiling hot and adrenaline. I'm addicted! I'm in love! I normally hate polygamy but this is f*cking awesome! ... more>>

The Character Development has grown beautifully, I haven't seen this in a long time in novels! MC is the newest type of shamelessness I've never seen in Novels before. I love how he doesn't play by the script! The tears, the impact and the growth they've all showed!


Volume 5:

Leon's character becomes heavily indecisive. He can't be a man for his wives and uses escapism for some reason... When he can't confront things. Luxon and Marie are what keep me sane because they actually address these issues!


He never strikes fear to people.

He always uses methods as gentle as possible and never deals the final blow.

The characters showed high intelligence but become increasingly naive for some reason.

He can conquer but instead chooses to be the one conquered by others.



Things have gotten overdramatized/exaggerated. Every character has PSTD.


Leila doesn't know what she wants. Since the beginning, she always judged people wrong. Failing to realize that none of the guys truly put her thoughts first. She also wants everything perfect. To her own convenience. Louise flag gets instantly knocked down fast and she also has obsessiveness towards her brother's death refusing to move on. Almost everyone has a past that leads to their mistakes.


Volume 7:

I d-d-didn't think things could g-get worst.

  • I'm on a f*cking rampage!

    He can't even kiss his own woman.

I don't mind the Yuri as humor or fan service. But he's not relieving his women, this is why they only find 'comfort' on each other. Is he a f*cking dildo?

Volume 7 ending pretty much conveyed Oliva and Angelica's stance on the 'relationship' with MC. It gave me chills. Her expression didn't show and yet it was almost like coldness..

Even if he kisses them later, who f*cking cares? It'd take him that long? I await the day he finally has kids like in other Isekai novels. Maybe it'll get better then and he'd be more aggressive. But what are the chances of that happening? Do you really think he'd do that?

The likelihood of this going to WN route is high. He would probably be depressed or under stress enough to have s*x with them and not out of his volition.


Honestly, even if more girls are added, It might not solve the issue of Oliva and Angelica. What's done is done. All that wonderful Character Development turned to sh*t. It keeps getting my hopes up in every Arc but the more closer they appeared the more distance it was to Leon.

I agree@ "I'll never enjoy cucked characters... "

At this point, the Marie SS is a lot better. She's like Arisa from Death March

What do you guys think? <<less
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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: v8 epilogue

First thing first if you want to read some romance story, JUST GO AWAY

Even after 8 volume & MC having 3 fiance he still NAIVE & DENSE

... more>> He never laid his hand on them, hell not even a Kiss and here author make Angie & Livia KISSING EACH OTHER like WHAAATTT?!?!?! f*ck EM YURI BULLSHIT!!! even I have NTR ptsd cuz what they do is full bs freak

I don't despise it if Harem doing YURI when MC & them having some "fun" at night, but here MC so dense that make Harem start doing YURI. This MC really the worst for me

Don't start thinking like im h**ny bastard or anything, but on this story, there's slight NTR so better watch out & MC little sister is doing SIXSOME with her reverse Harem, im not kidding. The only one who NAIVE is MC, everyone already had s*x with their loved one beside MC. Poor his 3 fiance, they got the worst husband, f*ck me even handholding is really sacred for him like meme we usually seen on internet

If you want an MC who can make you said "that's like me", "that's what people with common sense do", "his personality really fits me" etc etc... JUST GO AWAY

Overall the story is good, not great nor amazing

Everyone like to look down on MC with what everything he do that really irks me the most

Repeat plot make me sick, but if you here just for the story & not for romance... you can try it

Well, im not reccomend it tho~ <<less
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Cryarc rated it
October 14, 2018
Status: c82
Written by the author of sevens and dragon, it's pretty entertaining. A little bit different from his previous work though, that the MC is strong from the beginning instead of going from weak to strong as his usual style. While entertaining, I have to admit it's not as good as sevens, mainly due to him picking the strong from beginning MC to start the story. The quality of the heroine is also lower than his usual works. There's some politics but it's not quite prevalent here.

Even though it has flaws,... more>> it's still better than usual isekai series. <<less
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unseen_hz rated it
August 17, 2022
Status: v5 epilogue
I used to like this novel, until I realized that I found the MC to be insufferable. Once I thought about the novel a bit more deeply, I realized that I actually dislike it a lot. The reason why I hate this novel is that the MC's actions don't make much sense. He is like a beta Japanese MC trying to disguise as a non-beta one. He is incredibly passive which means that he doesn't take action despite having the ability to until he is "forced" to do so. He... more>> basically takes no action whatsoever be it whether he is the one being abused or his love interest being in danger etc until the plot tells him to. The reasons given on why he doesn't take action makes absolutely no sense too and no matter how much I thought about it, the reasons given are nonsense. He is pathetically lazy and relies entirely on Luxion to do everything as well as being dense. He has some great moments but the build up is atrocious and feels there to pad the story, after all there would've been no story if he just solved the problem just like a normal person with a brain would. Don't recommend it if you're going to think about the plot being actually coherent. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
November 21, 2018
Status: v5
I'm really liking where this is going. This is harem. Now that's out of the way, I want to focus on the plot.

Imagine a pond, this story starts like that. But you'll realize it's but a small pond and the story starts to expand and take you beyond that.

While it seems to focus on the otome game aspect, but if we ignore that and take a look at the bigger, and what I think is more important, backstory...
the most interesting thing is definitely the past with the old humanity and their OP technology. It's all still a mystery but I'm guessing this is where the story is really heading to and the actual story. To me, the otome games are like.. side stories to slowly reveal more about what happened to the old human race.

Personal theory, it's actually MC's original world except far into the future, and the old humans will come back because it's impossible to have space ships, all this advanced technology and not have survivors out there.
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Keriirou rated it
November 14, 2018
Status: v1c9 part1
So, I feel compelled to write a review to balance some of the unreasonably negative one here. First of all, despite the Otome world mention in title, this in is more shounen than shoujo. And some people has been saying that the setting is absurd, and it is. That's the main point of the story, the MC reincarnated to an Otome game World which is really favourable to female, and even the MC is saying the world is weird.

And the MC does have a laid back attitude. It does make... more>> an interesting story though, since the MC fumbling around like that. That, and included the weird world, making this novel a hilarious one.

If you expect to read Otome story on the title, don't. This one clearly not to a story aimed toward OP shoujo style reader. This story is intended to mock those tr*shy isekai Otome story instead. <<less
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