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    65 Series 0 Comments 1865 Views 2 Follows Dec 7, 2019 Vellekoop
    No Tags
    Great Books, various tags/genres... more>>
    10 Series 0 Comments 1585 Views 1 Follows Nov 19, 2019 wetsama
    Just some random novels that caught my interest. These novels vary from one another, some needs you to invest time reading into it and there... more>>
    10 Series 0 Comments 872 Views 1 Follows Nov 16, 2019 NotProBro
    Just a collection of novels i enjoy :)
    Indera Atma W.
    30 Series 7 Comments 15267 Views 10 Follows Nov 8, 2019 Indera Atma W.
    1. got transferred or got isekai'ed... more>>
    15 Series 0 Comments 3489 Views 6 Follows Nov 6, 2019 Casul Reader
    As the title says, they're novels I've read to the end of the latest raws. I tend to read a lot of raws and MTL... more>>
    16 Series 0 Comments 5429 Views 3 Follows Oct 24, 2019 IgnorantHero
    Some Military/Kingdom Building Novels that I read. No particular order. Do note that Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi and A Step into the Past are R-18. If you have... more>>
    9 Series 0 Comments 2052 Views 5 Follows Oct 21, 2019 ojashvi12
    I'll keep updating it little by little as i find more interesting novels that i think 5/5 even having plot holes and flaws.One of my... more>>
    Indera Atma W.
    23 Series 3 Comments 19809 Views 35 Follows Oct 19, 2019 Indera Atma W.
    1. the mc is an antihero 
    2. the mc is a side/ mob character
    28 Series 0 Comments 2927 Views 4 Follows Oct 17, 2019 Olcivv
    No Tags
    This is my list of novels that I've really enjoyed. There are probably some I forgot, but I'll add them eventually.
    Lei TIan
    51 Series 10 Comments 19710 Views 46 Follows Oct 13, 2019 Lei TIan
    S tier - absolute masterpiece ... more>>
    15 Series 4 Comments 10784 Views 24 Follows Oct 9, 2019 Tree
    Ever have those novels where you say to yourself you'll just read one more chapter before going to bed, but you reach the end of the translated ones and fall into despair?... more>>
    48 Series 0 Comments 9183 Views 6 Follows Oct 9, 2019 Nyanmaru
    No Tags
    Here are the light/web novels I've read or am still currently reading ... more>>
    90 Series 1 Comments 4392 Views 3 Follows Oct 8, 2019 AbsoluteNothingness
    Everyone has their own preferences and picks.
    These are novels that I read. Though some of them I have already dropped.... more>>
    49 Series 0 Comments 5784 Views 5 Follows Sep 20, 2019 Y0rozuya
    This list is composed of all the stories that I have enjoyed reading but did not make the cut for my very detailed  'Fun Reads and Good Reads' recommendation list. This list also contains a variety of different types of stories and there is no real number ranking. Take a look and see what might suit your taste. ... more>>
    38 Series 0 Comments 9061 Views 6 Follows Sep 18, 2019 madvil
    With the constant novels that are completed, the translator give up or become garbage, it is hard to keep a fresh list of novel to check daily, but you got to do what you got to do... more>>
    76 Series 0 Comments 21261 Views 12 Follows Sep 4, 2019 ExtremeRampage
    No Tags
    Many kinds of Novels ranging from Sci-Fi to (Dark) Fantasy, Comedy, Romance but mainly Action and Adventure, trying to avoid excessive Harem, Ecchi, Smut, no Yaoi/BL either.... more>>
    Indera Atma W.
    27 Series 1 Comments 5244 Views 4 Follows Sep 1, 2019 Indera Atma W.
    for male readers who want to enjoy their time. this all is my fav novel. the story is well written and all the character amazing.... more>>
    78 Series 0 Comments 12828 Views 20 Follows Aug 28, 2019 Dari
    Eclectic novels and short stories.
    16 Series 0 Comments 3786 Views 3 Follows Aug 25, 2019 BlubberTubs
    No Tags
    68 Series 0 Comments 9234 Views 10 Follows Aug 25, 2019 omgitsriley
    Stuff I think are pretty cool and if you like them that’s even cooler
    8 Series 0 Comments 1118 Views 2 Follows Aug 25, 2019 leprosus
    No Tags
    You will laugh really hard with those novels 
    25 Series 0 Comments 8683 Views 18 Follows Aug 23, 2019 leprosus
    The best of best isekais, IMO
    17 Series 0 Comments 3683 Views 8 Follows Aug 21, 2019 FelixLou
    No Tags
    here are some novels that I think are very good and highly recommended
    60 Series 4 Comments 19696 Views 20 Follows Aug 21, 2019 facuelfacha12
    Good stories of all kinds that I'm reading or have read. I'm sure you'll find something you like and are interested in.
    Lazy Lord
    12 Series 0 Comments 4551 Views 3 Follows Aug 21, 2019 Lazy Lord
    Main Protagonist is reincarnated to another world. Mostly with magic.... more>>
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