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Waking up, Kim Hajin finds himself in a familiar world but an unfamiliar body.

A world he created himself and a story he wrote, yet never finished.

He had become his novel’s extra, a filler character with no importance to the story.

The only clue to escaping is to stay close to the main storyline.

However, he soon finds out the world isn’t exactly identical to his creation.

Associated Names
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소설 속 엑스트라
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dp2413 rated it
April 8, 2019
Status: c220
Giving this a 1 star solely on the MC. Total scumbucket.

Hate MC's that have sh*t personalities and sh*t logic and reasoning.

Also the levels and skills and weapons system is so convoluted and complicated it makes no sense.

... more>> Also don't like how Korean nationality is shoved constantly into the readers face just because the author is Korean; like we get it you are Korean and you are biased but it make it more believable.

By around chapter 200 the MC is so OP from his unlimited amount of different powers that he is practically unkillable. There is no more excitement in battles because nothing can happen to him. <<less
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Seraphim222 rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: c26
This novel about a novel is truly novel. The first time in a while I am actively anticipating the release of each chapter. It's fun creative and tackles the well-loved light novel tropes in new and creative ways that draw the reader in.
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ninthlite rated it
January 31, 2019
Status: c230
The plot is decent, the main character is incredibly f**king op so other characters are almost pointless. The female heroine is so f**king annoying, she just pops up over and over and over. Then she always has to be the center of attention because shes selfish and apparently heartbroken by some random guy she knew for barely any time at all. Another one of my problems with the novel is with how women are falling in love with him everywhere he goes, basically for no reason at all.

Its better than... more>> a lot of novels on this website, but thats not saying much. 3/5 stars <<less
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Hasenpfote rated it
January 10, 2019
Status: c143
Pretty cool in the beginning but after the first 100 of chapters it got pretty stale and boring. There are a lot of events but it feels extremely rushed and almost nothing got explained yet. You cant just hold the carrot stick in front of us without ever giving anything.
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Hemu rated it
September 26, 2018
Status: c116
Okay, as of Chapter 116 I have not been made to feel disappointed. Its 4.8 stars rating fit it almost perfectly (it's 4.7 imo) at least for now.

Now, let me talk about this novel just a little bit.

The MC isn't that kind of MCs I usually came across (meaning put the "extremely" word before any words that follow it). He's just like real person we come across in our life. Not extremely good not extremely bad, could change his mind, could lost his determination, could be scared, could be brave.

About... more>> the side characters, they're nice too.

The only complaint I would have is probably that reading it 1 chapter/day isn't enough for me.

This novel and Overgeared translated by the team in Wuxiaworld are like drugs to me, I'm addicted to them <<less
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Elgon rated it
April 30, 2019
Status: c295
Story was really good until chapter 130 or so (where most of the 5 star ratings likely occurred). Unfortunately, after they all graduate, it all went downhill and then eventually fell off a cliff with the tower arc.

Through the Tower arc, the MC just becomes blatantly overpowered very quickly & the power level system just blows up spectacularly. Game elements are introduced, most notably with gear and the MC quickly becomes one of the strongest beings in existence. A lot of the main characters kinda devolve into side characters, and... more>> it become all about how amazing the MC is.

In the past 100 chapters, it more or less devolved into a combination of MC stomping everything and getting lucky, receiving even more skills or equipment. Sometimes he gives some gear to another character & make them op too. There's NO tension as the MC is practically omniscient & invincible (he quite literally cannot die...) and the only reason I hung on this long

was to see how the drama with Chae Nayun played out


TL;DR : Was really good until graduation (first 130 chapters or so is a 5/5), then MC became horrendously OP & it became really, really boring (2/5) <<less
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Nuage rated it
March 20, 2019
Status: c276
Short version: it's a very entertaining, original, weak-to-strong story, with fleshed out characters and a decent plot for once. I really think this is a gem on many points, and if it weren't for a few annoying weaknesses it'd be a splendid 5/5.

(edit: dropped the series as it feels more and more like a train-wreck. It's a matter of opinion, but I don't agree with either all the shortcuts the author makes or the pseudo-philosophy.)

Indeed... this novel has sins, not quite unforgivable but profoundly damageable at least. This... more>> is one of those HAREM stories that try not to look like one: don't be deceived. The protagonist is very... smart usually, but with women? He acts cool, flirtatious, taking hands and inviting them to his bedroom, and gets surprised that girls love him. Dumbass.

Then, there's the rampant Korean nationalism in filigrane to the story. Forget about the US and the EU and NATO. Every country now needs Korea and Korea only. You've got billions of people on Earth, but the few in Korea manage to make everybody envious. They've got the best of everything (schools, technologies etc..). The worst is, the author might be conscious of that (as the latest chapter quickly suggests (one sentence, that's all). But the nationalism rolls on.

I could mention the ethnocentrism of the author, but does it really matter when you've got a decent story? Well, I want this story to reach its full potential, so pardon me if I criticize this too. An English Princess born and raised in England can't fit this perfectly to the Asian generic girl stereotype. When you have foreign names, please do some research. Laclace is not a French name. Lovellrock is not Russian. Though it is comical...

My point here is, the international scale of the story utterly lacks realism. The author make himself look like a mindless Korean sheep, instead of taking distance like you can see in any literature of quality. If he could do that, then he'd definitely have created another Harry Potter.

This novel is definitely worth it. But I just wish the author was less ethnocentric and actually made an effort to make his novel legitimate enough to be called literature. <<less
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pbretz rated it
January 3, 2019
Status: c202
I've read ~100 novels from Novel Updates. A lot have been terrible, most have been mediocre, and a few have been great. TNE, however, is the best one I have read and the first that made me want to write a review to share why.

I picked this novel up two days ago and couldn't put it down. TNE blew me away in every aspect.

First, the characters. Most novels suffer from one dimensional tropey side characters, usually a harem that flocks to the MC for no discernible reason. And, to be... more>> honest, I usually don't mind. But in TNE, the characters are complex, enjoyable, and written so that I could truly empathize with them. My favorite story line came from watching MC and one of the characters slowly fall in love, and then the crushing heartbreak of an inevitable event. I can't describe how real that felt; you'll just have to read it for yourself.

Second, the powers/pacing. These two go hand in hand. Most novels I've read, especially ones where the MC has some form of advance knowledge has one big problem. Power creep: the MC becomes too powerful and this takes away all sense of tension. However, while this MC has a unique and strong ability, it comes with strict limitations. While he is sometimes able to compete with powerful people, his strength is limited and even at the latest release there are still plenty of people that could curb stomp him. Moreover, the MC's advance knowledge is not always correct and there are many things about the world that he does not know. All this leads to an MC with fun, powerful abilities who still has very real struggles.

Next, the setting. This is a truly interesting and complex world. One of my favorite things in a novel is slowly uncovering some of the mysteries of a vast and mysterious world. TNE has that in spades. From the well fleshed out Cube (the school) of the first arc to the Tower of Wishes of the latest, I greedily read through all the details. The depth reminds me of the world of Hunter x Hunter (which, for me, is high praise). You can tell how much loving thought the author put into the creation of the characters and world. In fact, one of my other favorite parts of TNE is seeing the world through the eyes of the MC, and his love for the novel that he created.

So, thank you to TNE for finally getting me up off my butt and forcing me to finally contribute a review. Please give it a try. <<less
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Silanthris rated it
September 5, 2018
Status: c95
This novel is extremely good. I read all available chapters in an afternoon. The MC is likable, as most of the other characters. It's funny, refreshing and the Mc's "power" is pretty dope, yet not really overpowered.

The translation is superb with barely any mistakes, the ones that exist can be attributed to a simple mistake, as in one letter missing or the wrong form of a verb, which is amazing compared to the time I had understanding the great mighty dao of mtl stuff.

Good characters, I really like the MC... more>> he is fun and a real character, though as in any novel sometimes it looks like his brain cells go on vacation leaving him alone.

Side characters are pretty good, they aren't plain and boring, quite a lot of fun was had reading their conversations and reactions to events.

The story is interesting, though by the chapter i'v read I still don't know the overlying plot, though what was happened by chapter 95 doesn't have any plot holes (at least that I've noticed) and was fun to read, and not repetitive like some cn web novels, there isn't any face slapping young masters which in NU is rarer than it probably should be.

All in all, I gave it a 4/5 yet it's not because I found any fault in it that took one star away, it's just that it's hard to give something 5/5, but if anything deserves it this novel might be it. <<less
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raysha18 rated it
July 14, 2018
Status: c38
I had no expectations while reading this novel. Not because it's bad, that's not it at all. But because the ending of 'A Monster who levels up' was not to my liking. To put it more bluntly, disappointing.

But here I am once more, caught up in the story and enjoying myself as I wait for the next update.

Overall, I like the story. You get hook at the scenes and enjoy the characters the author created. I decided to write a review for my fellow readers who likes the authors other... more>> work but hesitating to read this one due to the ending.

Let's all suffer together while reading such a wonderful novel without knowing if we are going to have a good ending. <<less
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DragonFr rated it
March 26, 2019
Status: c123
Mmm.. The novel has its positive aspects but also negative aspects and very serious.
1-The author is very nationalistic, classifying inferiorly to other countries like Korea the number 1, I in my case I do not complain about this, but it causes a lot of trouble.
2-The cube academy is the "TOP 1" but always infiltrates enemies constantly, which these enemies are faced against the protagonists, they are defeated, the academy does an investigation they do not find anything or give results, the enemy infiltrates again, they confront the protagonists,... more>> and the process repeats itself. If the academy "TOP 1" suffers from these problems always, which will be from the lower academies? The security of this is crap? A hole in the plot.
3-On the other hand has many chances, as enemies always infiltrate and meet the protagonists the rest is counted alone.
4-Almost all the relationships of the characters are misinterpreted, and are unnecessarily elongated causing fillers and unnecessary dialogues.

I lost the interest since chapter 100, try to give it a try and get to 123 but likewise, the cliche process repeats itself.

For now I will continue reading to see how it goes, but I am about to discard the novel. <<less
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renenzant rated it
February 25, 2019
Status: c254
This is one of my favorite novel.

Even though the MC has somewhat an impossible skill as plot armor, I really like all the characters in this novel. They are all have their own personalities and background stories, and not just typical side characters (even the supposed villain has an in depth story later on)

The side characters relationship and stories doesn’t only revolve around the MC, but also between each of them. This makes me want to see what will happen to everyone.

There are also quite a lot of funny... more>> situations of misunderstanding, and the females aren’t always falling head over heels to the MC, even though many of them admire and support him. They each have their own lives and not following around the MC like many other noves. <<less
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Melynda W.
Melynda W. rated it
March 28, 2019
Status: c256
So. As every Korean novel, The Novel's Extra had a very good start. The characterization and the world creation was magnificent, the way to protagonist interact with the world, the consequences of his actions was good writeen.

I read the novel sisce chapter 60 and know, the reading fells like it has been rushed. Like the author don't know what to do anymore. The novel was always wrote in the beginning was a 1° person narrative in 2800 words. Now we have 4-5 pvo in the same 2800.

I don't have the... more>> same feeling of anxiety that I had no beginning. The writing don't have soul anymore, the fights are being rushed, the caractchar are being poorly develop and the situation with Chae Nayun is already boring. <<less
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Lil K.O
Lil K.O rated it
May 10, 2019
Status: c283
Best character development I've read in a while

No lie but character development is where this novel shines the most. If you want some good character development then look no further cuase here it is. If I had to give it a rating it would be 7/10. The character development start getting forced, slow after a certain ark that shall not be named cuase of a spoiler but after the 3 year time skip is where the Character development stops shinning and gets really cringy at times. Really sucks cause the... more>> part of the novel before the time skip the clear focus was the characters and the relationships they had but after the time skip that changes and starts to heavily focus on the plot and thats where this novels fails. If it was better I would give it 4 stars but with it sadly 3 stars. Good character development can't save a bad plot. The plot is honestly a 5/10 or 4/10 it has some point for originality, trying to add the twist of how the world the MC created is not the same he knew but thats barely utilized and only ended arguebly making the plot worse but the best part (peak moment) of this novel was cuase of that originality *cough* spoiler*cough*. The plot just like most others on this site fails on its execution, with a clear lack of planning and not using its elements to the fullest, just barely using them at all. Especially the the next arc after the odern arc. So forced and only servers to forcefully extend the novels short lifespan.

So if you want good character development then you got it but that only for a short period of time and doesn't apply all round the novel and it will be clear to you when the character development stops being the focus and starts failing. But if you want some good old plot with great action then you in the wrong place <<less
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sgrey rated it
March 16, 2019
Status: c256
I am a bit torn about this novel. It starts off pretty well and is somewhat unique in the way MC is handled. However, after about 100 chapters it all goes to sh*t. The killing of a certain girl's brother just ruined the novel for me. Despite knowing how things are going MC chooses the worst possible way to handle things. And goddamn, how much torment he put on that poor girl. She actually got a mental illness because of him and had to take pills. The thing that MC... more>> only considers is how his actions will influence the overall plot of his original story, and he does not take into account how the people he interacts with will be influenced by him. This is also the biggest plot hole in the novel, which will lead to a tragedy if it happens how MC wants. In his view, this world is not real and none of the people are real, so he does not give a damn about them as people and only as characters. Also, it somewhat changes later.

Now, suppose he returns to his world in the end, and the original owner of the body is put back. What the hell is going to happen to all relationships that he built? He is clearly a different person and won't remember what happened. In addition, all the enemies MC made still will be there. He basically will ruin everyone's lives after he is back.

Of course, this only is true if the world is an actual world and not some sort of hallucination of his. But we have no reason to think that this is not a real world. Regardless if this world is real or not, if MC wanted to minimize his influence, he should've done things way differently than what he does. He should've been working stealthily behind the scenes and helping people from the shadows. But he becomes world famous and basically leading people in war. He pretty much became the actual MC of his story and the original MC went into the background. Not to mention that he stole almost the whole harem from the original MC.

And one of the biggest issues I have with this novel is that for more than 100 chapters it's pretty much a circus. Every single thing MC does is misunderstood as something else. Helping the girl? He must be in love. Had an argument with a girl? They must be a couple. The whole story is built upon a series of misunderstandings about him.

Overall the story was pretty good until the killing brother part. After that the quality deteriorates, the author starts using more cheap tricks to keep the interest. For example frequent switches of the scenes. You read an interesting scene, it buildup, and then in the most interesting part, the author switches to a different scene. This kind of thing keeps happening more often. Also, the same scene repeated 3-4 times from multiple points of view. This is also getting repeated more often.

Do I recommend this novel? I don't know. The most important part now is how it's going to end. If the author ties things up in a decent way, the novel will be fine. However, if the ending is going to be as stupid as the current arcs, the novel is going to be sh*t. <<less
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DeadOpossum rated it
February 23, 2019
Status: c260
Almost every chapter ends with a cliffhanger. Such an intense plot.

We're submersed info several arcs simultaneously, some of which are progressing for 250 chapters and more.

Protagonist is not generic. He is not a cute guy every girl wants, he doesn't want to be friends with everyone. While he is smart he cannot predict everything.

... more>> While there are some cliche you can find in any other asian novel, they are not becoming absurd or annoying.

Main characters are awesome and mostly unique. You will not find tsundere-yandere-sister bullsh*t here. Characters have emotional and very diverse personalities.

Overall, I evaluate this novel to have 1000 points on a 100 points scale. Why can't I give it more than 5 stars? <<less
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Anixancy rated it
December 9, 2018
Status: c137
I love this novel, enough to read past the annoying love interests in the story. But I'm sorry, no more.

(Unpopular Opinion™ here) I've decided to drop this story only because of how horribly annoying the rich girl with the sick brother is (and all the other love interests are). Do people really find a girl like that appealing? Currently there's a girl like that in my lecture and most people try to avoid her like the black plague. I know it's a bit mean but such a sticky and... more>> obsessive personality is really off putting.

The only love interest that I truly like is Rachel, even though she's a bit of an archetype, at least she's not the crappy rich don't-talk-to-me-peasant girl like CN. Although there are quite a few plot points that don't make much sense in the novel, but my enjoyment never decreased because of them. But because of how poorly written the "romance" is I'm not going to deal with it (even though I picked up this novel for the action and story)

Again, that's not romance, that's not how you get a person to like you, hell if the author just killed off CN the reading experience would be a 5/5.

To those who aren't bothered by the multiple "love" interests in this novel, congratulations, this novel is a positive 5/5 and extremely enjoyable. <<less
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Alucard98 rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: c160
Well this is personal, no hard feelings k?

This novel undoubtly has potential. The premise is good so do the MC, he is no retard. But along the progress of the story, it gets.. Well how should I put it, I lost my interest. Compare to first 100 chaps, 100+ get boring.

Especially on time skip, too many plot holes. MC seems sunk on his own life in his novel, busy with unimportant issue etc.. Etc.. Kinda like he is enjoying his life and forgetting about getting stronger and his main purpose.... more>> Idk, maybe bcs translation not finished yet and this part is just climax's complementer? Who knows may be something is unreveal yet?

Btw Translator was top notch, no kidding. I hardly find any difficulty when reading this novel

For now, 4 stars <<less
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Rangle rated it
October 26, 2018
Status: c144
A story about an author being thrown into a fanfiction of his own work. The premise was quite promising and the abundant misunderstanding between characters could've been hilarious. Unfortunately, like in so many fanfictions it failed in proper story development.

The story progression was utterly predictable and things happened just because the plot had to move forward. There's no consideration for story logic or character's personality. If some dramatic events needed to happen then characters will behave out of character or hold the idiot ball. Everything was at the convenience for... more>> the author at the expense of readers who were invested in the story.

I would've given the story a 2.5 just because characters interactions were quite decent at times. But since the rating system could only give a 2 or a 3, I had to rate it down. <<less
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lastletter0516 rated it
September 17, 2018
Status: c107
I wake up with excite every morning (GMT+08) because of this novel.

Good character interactions, good dialogue (not forced and sounds natural), not cringy.

Also, Evandel is the best.
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