Rebirth of the Craziest Female Student


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In an empty classroom, a group of youths in battle fatigues surround a gasping girl as they hurl insults at her. A hand viciously grabbs her long hair, yanking it back to reveal a bloodied face.

What is going on? Why am I here, surrounded by…students… when I’m supposed to be Yan Kingdom’s strongest lone warrior!

Ye Yunxi furrows her brow briefly as the pain forces her eyes to snap open. Now, she resembles angry red spider lilies blooming with a vengeance.

Ye Yunxi, successor to the Ye clan, is considered a piece of tr*sh, a disgrace to the clan. The bullying she’s suffering now is by no means Ye Wanting’s first attempt to oust her, to gain the position of the Ye clan successor for herself.

Only, now, it is more than Ye Yunxi in this shell of a third year middle school student…

Ye Yunxi is rendered speechless. Character Attribute? Is she still in a dream?

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solivagantsoul rated it
April 29, 2021
Status: Completed
i must have read this book three times now, not to mention the author's other works.

one thing that found unnerving is how people are leaving low ratings and bad reviews because the work is not to their tastes. of course, different people have different preferences which don't mean that the novel is bad. It's understandable had the author written the work poorly but it's not. even translation is good...

so if you're not a fan of 3000+ chapters of the badass mc's journey to climbing ranks and becoming the strongest and... more>> most powerful existence in the country (even world) while leading her family and friends to glory please don't rate this horribly and mislead others-simply don't read it.



This is a rebirth story, the MC was previously an ace soldier in her organization and died in battle only to be given a second chance and be reborn in the body of a 15-16 y/o waste from (lowest rank) nobility. Basically, this is a strong to stronger kinda trope where she has the system as a cheat that helps her recover her body to its previous peak condition by completing tasks. She works hard and quickly manages to prove her worth and take the heirs position and after that are battles upon battles be it business/family/school/missions and finally manages to climb her way to the top of the food chain solely relying on her own abilities.

It's full of face-slaps and conquering her enemies. some of my favourite parts are when she manages to subdue the enemies and turn them into her allies, or when the s*upid shits get what they deserve. the characters for me are all 3-dimensional... although some are quite a bit s*upid oh well...

4/5 for the plot flow




it's a modern fantasy setting where everyone knows the existence of superpowers earth/water/fire/metal etc, the 'yan' country seems to be a militarily dominant country (or even the world setting is so) where the strong are respected. Of those, the families part of '100 sword families' are the top existence. With those in the top 30 having more people with supernatural powers and the top 10 the supreme. The higher up you are the more secrets you are eligible to know and are able to participate in protecting the country even more. A meeting takes place every year to evaluate those who can rise/fall/enter or leave the rankings of the 100 families- ur evaluated based on the collective strength of the whole clan financially as well as abilities wise. above the swords is the shield but they are not mentioned much and are not exactly part of the military but take more of a political? route (not sure)

the organizations mainly highlighted that exist to protect the country are

  • AS-all people with abilities dealing with aliens ONLY (private and hidden mostly belongs to the families and not the state)
  • 799- a force with ace/special soldiers that deal with everything else other than aliens (mc's previous life's organization)
  • then normal armies etc

so yup that's the mc's country and the other countries have supernatural like vampires, werewolves... yup only those mentioned and shown.



the romance was pretty good as the leads meet up very very early in the novel but they don't fall for each other quick. the MC takes a while tho. They had a contractual engagement first but the ML realizes that he doesn't just like her but love her and they both feel that they are suitable for each other and make it final. tbh the whole relationship is more wholesome than passionate and there arent many kisses nor detailed *** moments but its just brushed thru and even happens much later in the novel.

if she's a queen then he's her knight that's the energy they give off. no misunderstandings just trust and pampering.

again OP MC, arrogant but with capital, smart and capable. <<less
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AnastasiaTh rated it
February 15, 2023
Status: c1347
It was written by a chuunibyou and it was d*mb, trust me, but somehow it got me hooked. By the time I realized it, I was on 1300 chaps more.

So I was wondering why this d*mb novel made the time pass seemed quickly, it was...

... more>>

The ML.

He is our imagination by definition as a total, perfect model of a boyfriend fiancee.

He is blunt yet sweet, overprotective yet supportive, possessive yet attentive and not forceful.

The MC is our typical Mary Sue who knows nothing about love, ignorant and blind about romance. Our ML knows it, so he was frank to her about his feeling, waiting until she enlighten while stealing some tofu ofc, fufu...

What I like the most about him is that he is super possessive but he manages it so well that his possessiveness will be seen as cute and adorable, not annoying (those chapters about cheerleading's uniform was hilarious). When something happened to her (like someone confessed to her, with his possessiveness, he should drag and beat that person, right? But nope, he believed she will beat that person first), he didn't rush to help like some princes on top of the white horse, but trusted her to do what she wanted first and he later would clean up the mess she somehow created. He is confident that only himself can move her, how Mary Sue she was, she did right make him so assured that no one can snatched her from him. He is not insecure, mostly because she was indifferent and don't give a d*mn about anything outside her goal, that's why his possessiveness don't get ahead of himself.

Just, I love the fact that there's no misunderstanding because miscommunication or this person that person hide something then the other person somehow got deceive by a stranger. Yeah, he just trusts her so much, put down his ego when he knew he fell for her first (not that 'hey I like you so you must be grateful and accept me' trope), be direct and blunt how much he liked her so that her blind heart could see.

Oh, ghosh!!!! I just love him.

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N.Celeste rated it
February 12, 2021
Status: Completed
It's an amazing underrated novel that I was hooked on and couldn't help coming back to read again and again. The MC is great, the ML is also sweet unlike other male lead's the ML in this book went through good character development.
... more>>

The MC is kind of mary sue but one which you can accept it, well I did. She was a soldier in her last life and continues to be so in the reincarnation life as well but deals with other different supernatural beings she didn't encounter in her last life.
though the first 2-3 chapters maybe a bit dragging but after that you'll be hooked. It's a great suspense novel, all the secrets revealed once at a time but not too long. The FL is amazing, one of my favourite ones if I say so because she's not bound to anybody she does what she thinks is right and isn't indecisive. She's independent and thrives to become better, maintains great relationships with her family, her friends. One of my favourite snippets are her interaction with the system she's bound with. She's so self dependent that even the system had to bow down to her. Basically it's a journey of our MC to great heights. And it also depicted the country system as something different, a very interesting concept. Well I won't reveal anymore but it's a great book, give it a try

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Birguslatro rated it
April 22, 2021
Status: --
The Mariest of Sues. As long as you don’t go into this expecting an intelligent read, you’ll be fine.

It’s an endless parade of triumphing over petty villainy and face slapping so if you’re into that, just turn off your brain and enjoy.
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Bird-In-A-Cage rated it
November 2, 2020
Status: c3104
Love this face slapping from the beginning to the end, can get very repetetive though and th female lead is the most mary sue character you will ever meet


she never suffers any loss and her system is OP


Decent paced romance I guess it's faced paced when it comes to the relationship but a bit slow paced when it came to actual feelings

Overall great binge read
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Blithe rated it
November 25, 2022
Status: Completed
It was a pretty decent read. No matter what others say the MC did work hard from having pretty much nothing to being at the top.


Love love loved the relationship between the ML and MC. The ML is just so supportive. He isn't sadistic like pretty much every other ML in novels like this. Tbh the MC is more S than he is.

Novels with lots of chapters like this one tend to always have their main characters have misunderstandings with each other. It's literally my most hated genre. So I... more>> was happy there was no misunderstandings between the two.

Honestly loved that the MC is OP. My philosophy in life is thus, reality is already hella depressing so why read novels with angst and stuff ? So, yeah in eyes OP-ness is a pro not a con.

Loved the MC's group of allies.


Many villains were let off way too easily. Like gurl, they were trying to kill you two secs ago so why are letting them into your team like the past 100 chapters never happened? Some "redemption" arcs were so ridiculous. The MC loves stringing the villains along giving them infinite amount of chances to go against her and it was hella annoying to read.

They should've ended the novel after destroying the last villain or maybe after the baby was born. The last 100 chapters or so felt like fillers. <<less
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jstn rated it
May 4, 2023
Status: c50
Ok, everything was almost perfect. The story isn't perfect but was still good in itself, 4.5 for me. The characters were also 4.5. The system scheme/build-up is okay as well. Actually I couldn't even find any major faults here EXCEPT, the way the author/translator keeps on describing the leads' kingly/queenly ethereal beauty. It was getting on my nerves that I mostly skip a few paragraphs whenever these phrases appear, and I am only in chapter 50. God help me if I could persist reading this story until the end with... more>> these annoying and stinging words. I mean, I almost dropped this novel in chapter 1. The moment I read 'if they could see her now, they would proclaim her as their queen'. I was like 'huh? what happened? did I miss something?' but then I was still in chapter 1.. But I still came back 2 days later since I began to understand that it was that kind of novel where the author is fond of overpraising his/her characters shamelessly anytime and anywhere in almost every scenario. Then comes, 'Ding! Awesomeness +10!' hahaha, I laughed sarcastically at the author's eccentricity. But it's not like it was toooooo bad, I was just a little surprised at first. The story is engaging and amazing and hey! it was my 'cup of tea' IF ONLY,.....! y'know <<less
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sagacity rated it
September 16, 2021
Status: --
I just like this kind of overpowered FL, so what? It was well written. The world building, the hierarchy concept and the cliche rom-com is done just right.
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noeinan rated it
August 8, 2021
Status: c60
Seems interesting so far. MC is obviously OP but I don't mind it. I like how domineering she is.

I feel like there's going to be more war and patriotism later on, which is eh, but willing to see how things go.

I liked the incorporation of drag racing since you don't see that too often.

Because they kept saying they were secondary school students, I thought the characters were all in middle school and I was very confused bc they don't act like it at all. Later they clarified MC is 17... more>> so that makes more sense. <<less
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