Starting by Getting a Wife? It Turns Out She Is a Skilled Assassin


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Others who reincarnate into the Great Qin (Qin Dynasty Era) either become the Sons of the Ancestral Dragon or noble princes.

But Li Mo, who reincarnated here, became a blind man who couldn’t even find a wife, starting with a catastrophe!

Fortunately, though, heaven closed one window for him but helped him lift the roof: awakening simplified talents and heavenly eyes in cultivation.

Gaining inner strength: breathing!

Strengthening the foundation: sleeping!

Five Thunder Heart Palms: generating electricity through friction!

Viewing the world with the heart, transcending all beings!

To increase the population, the court mandates marriages, dragging those who don’t marry into forced labor camps and providing partners for those without.

And is this a good thing? Li Mo just went with a bamboo pole!

Who cares if the wife is ugly? Anyway, he can’t see, as long as the well water comes out!

But unexpectedly, he ended up marrying a dollfish (a woman with a condition of urethral hypersecretion), which gurgled as soon as he dug the well.

Seeking the Ancestral Dragon’s military strategy? Let’s understand “The Pulley Language”.

Not enough troops for the battle? One sulfur, two saltpeter, three charcoal, add some white sugar, and Big Ivan, let’s understand it.

Eight-year-old Xiaomeng wants to become a disciple? Let’s cultivate an understanding!

You say I’m blind?

Have you ever seen a blind person massaged by the Moon Goddess, having his legs pressed by the Eastern Sovereign, and fed fruit by the Flame Princess?

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Starting by Getting a Wife? It Turns Out She Is Jing Ni
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    Novel Casanova
    New Novel Casanova rated it
    May 11, 2024
    Status: c70
    The novel is actually decently written. Not particularly overt or repetitive like common Chinese novels. But the novel takes the assumption the reader would already know about these characters from the ‘Great Qin Era’ and partially relies on that. It basically is fanfiction so if you don’t know those characters, part of the fun of this novel will be lost on you. The novel is written entirely in third person, usually describing the MC but switches often to different scenes with other characters doing stuff/ scheming etc. I’ve read till... more>> chapter 70 as of writing this.

    That’s kinda it really, there isn’t much to say. This is a decent reading experience but there is basically nothing of depth here. Its not grossly offensive to the reader’s intelligence and is an overall pleasant read. The characters are not at all in-depth but they’re passable. The descriptions are good, the MC himself is a decent person not like the usual ‘kill everything’ sort of Chinese protagonists, but he doesn’t take stuff lying down either. He is overpowered enough right from the start that there shouldn’t be any setbacks.

    Anyways final verdict. A 6 out of 10 read. Because it’s a fine reading experience. Nothing overtly bad but nothing of worth/ potential either. <<less
    2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    New Weeb3 rated it
    May 11, 2024
    Status: c120
    Everything you need from a perfect wish-fulfillment novel. The protagonist is overpowered, has s*x with his harem, has knowledge about everything, and uses his OP powers to kill enemies instead of face-slapping them. And people around him have lesser IQ than the MC and see him like he's some god. Simple and straightforward fun.
    1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    johnjmr rated it
    April 19, 2024
    Status: --
    Pretty good. Unique and refreshing plot flow so far. There are a couple spots where the meaning got a little esoteric when several different characters were exchanging dialogue - not sure if this is translation, 1 am brain, or the original writing style. No face slapping power scaling action fights yet, although I admit I smell them. MC takes a cool twist to typical transmigration plots, using his individual skills more than systems/cheats/etc so far.
    4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    May 3, 2024
    Status: c100
    Strap in and turn off your brain for this roller coaster ride of face slapping and wish fulfillment. It is lacking in many ways, but so far, it's actually surprisingly pretty fun. Recommended for a light read.
    3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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