The Alchemist’s Handmade Crafts ~ Just Running a Flea Market, Yet Treated as Legendary ~


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In a world where dungeons exist, there is a girl who becomes an alchemist. Her hobby is to create handmade items using dungeon materials purchased online and sell them on her own page or give them as gifts to online acquaintances.

Around this girl, who is dedicated to her hobby, various individuals with different motives gather…

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07/13/24 Story Seedling c74
07/12/24 Story Seedling c73-14
07/11/24 Story Seedling c72
07/10/24 Story Seedling c71
07/09/24 Story Seedling c70
07/08/24 Story Seedling c69
07/07/24 Story Seedling c68
07/06/24 Story Seedling c67
07/06/24 Story Seedling c66
07/04/24 Story Seedling c65
07/03/24 Story Seedling c64
07/02/24 Story Seedling c63-13
07/01/24 Story Seedling c62
06/30/24 Story Seedling c61
06/29/24 Story Seedling c60
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1 Review

May 17, 2024
Status: c20
This novel is one of many in a 'genre' that is supporting roles impacting the world at large. With a main character oblivious to their own impact. The main character starts the story with the support of important and powerful people, she completes any task within the chapter and Everyone that doesn't interact with the MC being fodder in someway.

At least its wholesome in tone, but its overall nothing in character, story, setting, and creativity.
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