Martial King’s Retired Life


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Starting from today, I am retired. But what should I be doing? I neither have the skills, nor the mind to do business, my only advantage is this pair of hands which have taken this world. What a headache…

Note: The usage of the term “retired” here doesn’t mean retiring from old age, work etc. It’s a specific term to refer to not involving oneself in the affairs of a certain society.

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Wu Jizun
Lord Obsidian rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: v4c20
*Please ignore my star rating. I, simply, didn't know how to not assign stars. I don't assign any stars.*

This is the translator of the series. Let me preface that this is not a script to bribe you into reading it. I'm just setting the record straight on some of the misinformation here. I'm not claiming it to be good or bad, either, since I don't have an objective means to determine that, while my opinion is subjective and relative to me.

1/ Unlike lots of Xianxia and Xuanhuan (that I've... more>> read) that revolve around the MC and his face slapping chronicles, this novel focuses on the various typical dramas in the pugilistic world- battles of power, conspiracies, revenge, relationships of family and friends, etc. So don't expect to see the MC all the time. There will be times he's not in the spotlight, because the world doesn't revolve around just him. So if you read Serogasa's review and complaint of MC not being there all the time to slap people around and that's somehow being "bad", and if it bothers you that's the case, then this isn't for you, not the series' fault. Pick up a xianxia/xuanhuan where it's always about the MC. This is more the MC reacting to the things that happen in the world. Same applies for his complaint of drama. It's the gig. Complain about going to the wrong gig, instead. He didn't read it for what it is.

2/ This is not a cultivation novel. There is no "cultivation system". Again, using Serogasa's review (just because it's that misleading). There's no internal and external cultivation. There is no cultivation tag, pill concoction, body refinement, weapon forging etc. It's wuxia, not xuanhuan or xianxia.

3/ Everybody doesn't push the MC around. He's admired by one guy, his other friend treats him respectfully and did everything in his power to try to save him when he thought the MC was dying. His boss trusts him to be in charge of the office and recommends him for promotions. The Emperor trusts him with secrets and jobs. Enemies who held a low opinion of him get beat so bad that they fear him. But at the same time, they don't all brown nose him. Personally, I fail to see who's always bossing him around. I'm not sure that being reproached for stealing or other misconducts is considered being pushed around.

4/ Though there is a romance component, it's extremely weak, so don't expect a strong romance plot (at least, I don't see it yet). If you must have romance, skip this series.

5/ "MC has no motivation". I think that trying to find somebody, trying to make money and trying to clean up his past count as motivation.

6/ Lots of yaoi and trap gags. If that bothers you, move on.

7/ One dimensional characters – Lots of the characters are. It's intended to be that way. If you need lots of character development, pick up something else. If one dimensional characters are a bad thing when they're intended to be, I'd be wondering if a romance series with romance in it was bad, too.

8/ MC is not meant to be likeable – He lies, cheats, steals, trolls... Imagine Wei Xiaobao from Duke of Mt. Deer, except that he knows martial arts. He's reprimanded for these things by his boss and his attempts to cover things, usually ends landing him in deep water again, only in a different lake this time. It's intended. You either find the ways he screws himself over funny, or you don't. Sadly, his misery is meant to be your joy. If that bothers you and you don't agree, pick up something else.

9/ There are lots of jabs on the wuxia genre, too, where things are exaggerated beyond what the usual trope is. You may or you may not spot them.

10/ It's a very slow series. If you need something fast-paced, this isn't for you. <<less
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Judgecutioner rated it
June 15, 2018
Status: v3c24
I seriously can't believe that this fiction got this overrated. The main protagonist is extremely inconsistent and s*upid, and his s*upidity is neither comical nor well written and exists only selectively, disappearing whenever him not being "smart" would hinder the plot development. What we're left with is a story following a person who's being pushed around by the author without any agency. Yes, the protagonist's actions show that he has no agency at all, despite constantly claiming he has and is simply thrown around by a prepared script, like a... more>> muppet, and it can be even argued that he has no character at all. Comedy works in about one out of five attempts, with two being meh and remaining two being pure unfiltered cringe. Indeed, the author could have written a story about misunderstood and underestimated, a silly overpowered man who just wants to lead a calm life, which was probably what he intended, but this isn't it. The main character has inconsistent levels of intelligence, ranging from normal level [while the author is trying to make him seem super smart, but he can't, because normal level of intelligence is the best the author can do] to unrealistically s*upid depending on how s*upid the author needs him to be in the moment. The author himself seems to have no idea whether he wants the main protagonist to be. An idiot? An undercover genius? A simple simpleton? A person with mysterious past? The author tries all of these but all he ends up with is a distasteful self-contradictory goulash of non-person script that just does not fit together.

Supportive characters are flat and simple, but at least their behaviour is only rarely inconsistent with their character, making them more tolerable in this insult of a novel.

Like when vice-captain Shen, usually dominant person, who isn't aware of protags OPness lets him dismiss her and acts like a meek sheep when he wants to fight against an elite assassin. That's not how dominant protective commanders work. Behaviour consistent with her character would be her pulling him down from the stage and b*tchslapping him, for acting arrogant when his martial arts [at least as far as she knows] aren't worth shit. But no, she's only strong-hard dominant woman when it's needed for slapstick comedy, but when sh*t gets serious, she's a meek submissive doll.

But hell, it's still better than when protag is still hiding his powers when there's a danger to lives of his companions. If not for author scripting a plot armours for them, most of his friends should be dead already. You cannot convince me that protag is smart, sly and scheming when he's not doing anything to protect people he cares about. It's obvious he cares about them enough - he once technically revealed his ability[speed] when he thought his friend trap totally not a girl and totally not a princess Su died. Just when he knows that author has his back, and nothing will happen to them, he'll rather remain pretending then interfere. After all, it's not like those assassins could kill people he cares about when the author has them covered. And plot needs him to still hide his skills, so he can leave their safety to the author.

The style of storytelling isn't any better. Cliffhanger followed by 6 chapters flashback of exposition?! Really?! Even soap operas can do better than that! Annoying switching of the first and the third person narration that I would normally berate is forced into the background and appears like a minor problem in presence of these terrible failures. And no, that does not mean it's a small problem, just that character inconsistency is far too big of a problem.

In the end, this novel is beyond hope, frustrating piece of tr*sh, and one needs to deeply suspend their intelligence circuits if they want to overlook all these flaws. I award this novel 25/100 and may the author learn how to keep his characters consistent before he attempts writing another novel. <<less
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Keimichi rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: v1c11
Very interesting so far! The background is that MC got tricked (used as a test subject) by his master into learning random (but famous and powerful) martial arts from different sects. Now MC managed to become OP after much physical sufferings. But what would you do when you are the most powerful fighter? Retire of course! Because being strong is not profitable when all sects are broke and in this world you can't do anything without money!

It's writen in first person perspective and the narration is just gold. The translation... more>> is smooth as well, nothing chunky that sours the mood with its long run-on sentences. I can't comment yet about the plot, as the story is only starting. Usually I'd wait a while before leaving a review, but this one caught my attention enough for me to recommend it. I guess you can say the attraction is really in the MC's narration as he makes a comment about everything around him. [update chapter 11: I stand my ground. Will update with better review after more chapters] <<less
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forseeti rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: v1c14
Idea is interesting as it is something new which is hard to come these days. This story is light read that can make you laugh a bit. Story... well story is only starting so I cant say much but for now but it shows promise. Translations is spotless as far I can tell.

I give it 3 stars for few reasons:

  • Main character is a wimp like biggest wimp ever. cannot stand for himself at all and just does everything his master tells him to do. no self preservation even after his master tricks him and he ends up bedridden for long time.
  • Setting to be a predictable plot. You can kinda know what to expect at this point as there is a huge number of mentioned issues that leave alot of working room to develop but most of them are kinda obvious.
  • Author keeps making jokes about gays and traps. At the start it was funny after 5th time it was same old stuff.
Of course this novel have a lot of room to maneuver, so with time it might be better.
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oezsoyb rated it
August 22, 2018
Status: v4c10
I have to agree that this novel is highly overrated. There are several issues I would like to adress:

1. The main plot guide is that noone knows that our protagonist is one of the strongest existences in the world, which is why he always hides himself or uses disguises. However, it just get tiring that the plot repeats itself this way, protagonist acting weak, fools around, crises arives, protagonist masks/disguises himself and deals with the problem, protagonist acting weak again, and we are back to square one and repeat. It... more>> feels like there is no progression in between the protagonist and the side characters because of the infinite loop, and it has become tiring just tonread thr same sht over and over again and the side characters still thinking that the MC is weak as sht.

2. The borderline yaoi is really frustating to me, sure it was funny at the early chapters when it was mentioned as a joke once or twice, but we are 4 volumes in and the author has repeated the same "oh the side character who is male looks like a cute girl" routine more than 10 times already. And the way he describes the cute boys in a s*xual way over and over again is even more detailed (and gross regarding the yaoi factor) than how the girls in this novel are being portrayed, which is why I feel like the author has some real issues regarding his sexuality.

Apart from these two options there is also the intelligence of the MC himself. His decisions sometimes really question common sense in that universe. Its just really frustrating to read a dumb MC.

Last but not least, the writing itself. The author really has one of the worst timings to do backstory tellings I have ever seen. In the middle of an action scene or a plot twist, cliffhanger ot whatever, the author decides to do f*cking flashbackes, sometimes over 6 chapters long. Wtf?

No ty. Bye. <<less
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Mohist rated it
January 8, 2020
Status: v5c47
Came here looking for a comedy, which is true for the first few volumes. Volume 5 is where it all flies off the rails and r*pe becomes the dominant theme. Now I am generally not immediately disgusted by that, but this novel is really going out of its way to make the stakes about r*pe and abuse (Protagonists true love offering to sell herself to whoever wants her to get back at him, antagonist raping his fiancee). This is not what I signed up for.
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Krazyguy75 rated it
June 23, 2020
Status: v8c44
I liked this well enough; I didn't mind the flaws like the inconsistent MC, the lack of stakes, etc. The characters' interactions were interesting and fun, and the world was being built and explored, and plot threads were beginning to take shape.

So... why is my rating two stars? Well the author never stopped building and exploring the world and adding more plot threads, but with the same cliches. It just kept getting more and more complex, and every time they resolved something you'd have two more threads added. Eventually it... more>> got to the point where I just couldn't stand it any more; the author kept retreading the plot threads but in greater numbers again and again.

Honestly, I could have stomached it for a while, especially if they had kept up the character interactions, but instead new characters just get introduced to drive the same returning plot cliches again and again, and old characters get thrown aside for hundreds of chapters. It made for a really boring retread of the same stories.

I liked the beginning; that was fine. But it never ended. Honestly, it feels like it could have ended 400 chapters ago, before the author had gotten out of hand with all these repeating plot themes. He just never stops with them. It's done slightly differently, but you eventually start to catch on.

The author just wanted to keep making more, but not to make quality. It keeps repeating the same story beats over and over and never goes anywhere. Eventually, it starts to wear on you more and more until you can't take anymore.

All the author needed to do was to tie up the loose threads and focus on a coherent small group of characters rather than just make more story with new characters that keeps following the same plot points. It's really grating by this point; 8 volumes, where around 4 of them are meaningless meanderings of an author out of ideas who just keeps returning to the same concepts.

It's insane. Can you imagine if someone were to write the same thing phrased slightly differently for paragraph after paragraph? It's really obvious after a certain point that they really don't have anything left to write about. An author needs to keep focusing on keeping the story moving, but instead of going anywhere, it just meanders forever.

Honestly, there's no way you wouldn't notice it. It'd be like if this review more or less consisted of the same exact sentences over and over again, phrased slightly differently. By now, you'd definitely be starting to be annoyed. And when you expect it to come to some sort of conclusion, the author just <<less
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Anonymous Raver
Anonymous Raver rated it
December 22, 2018
Status: v4c7
I am writing this review because I dislike MCs who are trying to be lazy but through their own action cause an infinite amount of work for themselves.

When they see many points at which they can intervene without revealing who they are and choose not to do so due to the author maybe using this to provide fluff for the story only to then be forced to do something is a poor writing mechanic.

There are good points to this story though, and that is the fact that at least currently,... more>> the MC is OP which is what I wanted.

Spoilerish Stuff Next


More bad things are the reuse of bad guys... this is sh*t and always will be sh*t anywhere it is used especially when it comes to medivalish times where people are in fact more likely to kill off rebels and the like than today. This is especially true when it comes to their own family!!! So to write in villains but not kill them due to crappy projections of the author onto his characters is garbage.

P.S. Almost forgot, for a MC who is so fast as to be unseen to be unable to get away for plot purposes is dumb. Just saying, the Flash can be right in front of you and you might not even register him if he doesn't want you to.

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Ginko rated it
November 7, 2017
Status: v2c38
I'm picky about which novels I pick up.

So, I thought this would be great based on the reviews. This is story is amusing at times.

However, it lacks depth and a goal/resolution to drive the story forward. There is nothing that attaches you to the MC or story. Lack of tension as well.
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GemRE rated it
January 12, 2022
Status: --
Legit one of the most s*upid novels ive ever read. Other novels are pointless or dumb but this physically hurts me. Everyone in the novel is too f*cking ret*rded, the MC is said to be the most powerful but does jack sh*t and if ever he does something he only does a half ass job, he also does that cliche sh*t we're he tries to hide his power but does it in the most infuriating way possible. Every other character is f*cking ret*rded
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hunternovelreversed rated it
October 2, 2017
Status: v2c22
Highly recommending this novel. It's a story that is often humorous and exciting, but everyone in a while, a little bit touching. This story is about retired martial artist who has become sick of the jianghu and now wishes to earn an honest living. However, as a rather lazy individual, the MC must find his way to slack through his work. Unfortunately, his past seems like it won't leave him alone, and it doesn't seem like his new job will be that easy as well.
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DeadOpossum rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: --
The plot is good, but the romance is a total mess.


Like, he is rejecting a naked girl who says "let's fk", but a few chapters later they both blush when she gives him a cheek kiss. He says let's get married, she declines, but a bit later she tries to commit su*cide because he does not pay much attention to her anymore. He thinks that he does not cheat while frequenting brothels. Man, that is hard.

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Bennyy rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: v2c21
First time writing a review so forgive me for any errors that I might make in this review.

Decided to create an account just for reviewing and rating this novel for it's comedic, light hearted and intriguing storyline. The background is the story is based on a martial artist that has emerged from a sect and has a wastrel as a master that only knows how to steal skill books from other sect and throwing it at his convenience at our MC, Ming Fei Zhen for testing the efficiency and authenticity... more>> of the skill books, this allows the MC to learn different top notch skill sets from different Martial artist background. He eventually decides to head out to the world in order to experience the world himself, but he ends up being a master within a short period of time and has sick with the current status of the martial world. So, what does our OP yet unfortunate MC do? He decides to retire and earn money yet has no other capabilities other than fighting and decides to join the constables in order to get a high revenue. This story is comedic gold and it made me laugh till my side hurts on a couple of occasions

- Comedic gold
- Strong MC that has the ability to back himself up
- A read different from the norm

- Lack of tension due to MC being too overpowered
- Can't seem an end game plot yet at the current volume and little of the MC past is divulged at the current point

To conclude, IMO, this novel is a must read due to it being pretty funny in my own standards and I personally prefer OP MC rather than MC that takes a long time to progress in strength. So, start reading it! <<less
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mcfats2017 rated it
October 4, 2017
Status: v2c23
Love this novel. Big fan of the protagonist strong from the start setting in the first place. And this novel does justice to that setting. Also doesnt take itself too seriously, and the humour is excellent. More chinese novels need to incorporate humor like this. Ive read 100+ chinese webnovels by now and the best ones are the funniest ones like this one and A Will Eternal
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Bakaleaf rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: v4c9
Actually the fitting title for this novel is Martial King's ret*rded Life, correct me if I am wrong but all his actions are the result of his whimsical and idiotic way of thinking...

He does not act that fit's of his age at all despite that author has a bad habit of justifying all his action as correct or righteous. As most MC this is one of the Strong to Weak approach. Being OP and yet wanting to have a decent low life. At first I was thinking that it is... more>> interesting but as the novel add deeper scheme it became boring. Why? because all things happen in this novel has to many lose ends. Every time it give you a feeling that something was left unfinished.


MC's relationship towards women is so-so but MC relationship towards man is so annoying I often wonder is this novel BL? The trap like man is always flirting with MC. Then their is MC's childhood friend that is also his aunt and MC, author often give a hint that their is a deeper relationship towards the two of them but for crying out loud that girl barely make an appearance in the novel.

Then their is this world movement event which also revolves around MC, author is like lets insert this blah blah blah then we return back to MC, it's a very very very waste of chapters you are like force to read a bunch of nonsense. I doubt if this chapters will ever affect the MC why must this bad habit always appear in every novel. Is this like an authors disease where they must put or write a useless chapter out of nowhere that has no connection to the main story?

Another annoying part of this novel is the MC saves the day plot, like all hell break lose and MC was drag and force to save the day. It happens once it's ok, but repeating it over and over again is kind of annoying it makes everything predictable. It feels like MC was just their to make an ending every chapter.


Novel's Description My version

An MC who has a very h**ny teacher with a very itchy hand love's only two things women and rare stuff. All items that his master has no confident in using or learning after stolen was thrown to MC. As the MC grows up he became One of the strongest person in the world and he got tired of it so he decided to retired. Because of his teacher MC has a ret*rded way of thinking and as he want to escape reality as the successor of his teacher he escape and decided to retire living a lot I mean a lot of lose ends.

The combination of acting foolish and an epic hidden master is what makes the story interesting so far. But like I said to many lose ends.... *sigh* <<less
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tides rated it
January 8, 2018
Status: v2
Leaving a review here because the translator seems to mind these alot and cries easily if many people gives a bad rating so I'll give it a 4.

I really like this novel, it's one of the funnier novels out there but the reason why it doesn't get a 5 and a 4 is because it doesn't have a plot. I haven't finished volume 2 since I'm waiting for more chapters to read but so far it's just the MC goofing off with his 2 friends who, are made into goofy... more>> characters by the MC despite their serious character. The main female lead also seems to have become a comical character and somehow everyone seems to tolerate the MC's nonsense which is not logical, since they believe the MC to have no value at all to the organization.

The end of volume 1 drops a hint about the MC past which doesn't make sense, trying to make it a little more serious and perhaps introduce an antagonist but....

Right now, it's really just a feel good novel, where the MC goofs around and brings everyone down to his level. There's nothing wrong in reading this or getting more people to read it but there's also no main issue to talk about, unlike the silly alchemist which actually a power struggle taking place in the background and a main antagonist. <<less
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hexfirwe rated it
October 1, 2017
Status: v2c22
I found in to be an enjoyable comedy novel. The author has written a surprisingly deep setting for the world to the point where there's almost too much to remember.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SayMrrp rated it
September 5, 2017
Status: v2c11
Traps are everywhere lol

Nah, not really.

Okay, to business now. This story's really funny. The characters have good reactions and interactions. Gotta love them. Side characters are adorable.

... more>> Might get slightly confusing (on the small details), but overall it's not hard to understand the main points.

MC' like Saitama from OPM. Not too many people know and he usually doesn't use super fancy high class moves. I love it when MC's hide their abilities. Those reveals are always the best. MC's not the honest upright type, but it adds to the funniness and story.

Main girl is kinda confusing, but everyone's thinking it's the martial aunt. Not too much romantic development yet.

The story feels a bit slice-of-life-ish. There's action and good action, but it's mostly focusing on the main story of retirement with some cleaning. <<less
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ProfoundPotato rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: v5c34
Made an account just so I could leave a review. This novel is so overrated. I don't understand why people gave such high ratings for this. Not sure what the story is heading towards. No dept on the story. It's just based on the MC's s*upidity, the story relies heavily on his denseness. By the time I reached vol 5, I was left confused and frustrated by how s*upid a main character can be. He doesn't own up to his actions.

... more>>He just runs away from everything despite being mentioned that he's the "strongest being" in the world multiple times. Better off reading a Japanese manga where the MC is the cliche dumb, dense, and silly who thinks the world is filled with sunshine and rainbows. Those cliche dense japanese MC are smarter than our proclaimed "martial king". Waste of time reading this novel. Steer away bros. <<less
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MyRAMEN rated it
December 10, 2018
Status: c10
I have no idea how people love this so much. No plot or character development, and to makeit worse the first person is written like a diary. it was ok novel because of some character descriptions (because the genre) . However the other genres put for this novel, and way author wrote it made it worse because of expectations. For example comedy was the worst. It had jokes that no one would laugh at in a crowd, and at most a awkward laugh.
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