How to Get on the Main Character’s Flower Path


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I was reincarnated in a male-oriented modern fantasy novel that I read as a boredom reliever.

I expected a paradise life with the reincarnation privilege,

What I was given was the role of a hardcore life as an orphanage’s oldest sister with younger siblings to feed!

In the face of a financial crisis, I finally made up my mind.

To get on the ‘main character bus’!

In other words, becoming a member of the male lead’s harem.

Heroine? I’ll do anything. If I can make money by doing it!

My goal is to become a common sub-heroine 1 and eat rice cakes,

If I earn as much as I can, I will naturally leave later.


[Character ‘Kang Nahyun’ appears in “Academy’s F-Class Commander”.] [Readers’ responses have been updated!] – What is it? The heroine?

– As for an academy, harem is my favorite.


(DBH: die before becoming the heroine)

What else is this?


…Obviously, my first goal was to be a minor sub-heroine.

– F*ck at this point isn’t the female lead definitely Kang Nahyun?


– The fact that Kang Nahyun is the female lead is regular in the Academy

I didn’t know then, that life doesn’t always go as planned.

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주인공의 꽃길에 올라타는 방법
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7 Reviews

New Whimssica
Feb 22, 2024
Status: --
A transmigrator ML that possessed a scum rich villain and a FL pretending to be all sunshine and cuteness (but is really cute and all 🤣). This is a funny novel of sorts. The translation can be literal at times and more often than not, I have had a hard time with the POVs (who is in which dialogue) especially with the "Appearance" part.

This was the confusing part for me during the beginning and with the translation. The FL got to be transmigrated as well only in the story where... more>> the ML has already been possessed by a gamer transmigrator. As far as the ML knows, he's the main character of a harem oriented game. But the FL actually knows from the novel what the story is on about and is actually accidentally "stealing" the harem to become besties for a better/safer future🤣

Also, the time/days that have passed is not clearly shown. Like

FL was stabbed during the exam at the gate within the school grounds and the next 'day', she's whole again. Like nothing happened. And instead of her, it was ONLY the ML that got traumatized because he then realized that this wasn't just a game. Not only that, anyone from the friend circle didn't even mention anything about it. No "how are you etc etc". I get that there might have been potions and stuff used but again, nothing was mentioned 😅

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Aug 30, 2023
Status: c8
a genre savvy MC x a genre savvy ML! Have you ever read a power fantasy harem building apocalypse genre and wonder how the self-centered, superiority complex ML never got f'd over a la Irene Adler? Now's your chance to see it happen!

i like how they have the perspective of the ML, the perspective of the readers, and then Kang Nahyun's perspective. It's too early to say how the plot is going, but so far, it's pretty interesting!
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Sep 21, 2023
Status: c32
This novel is really good and unique. The world building is great. Nahyun, our MC, is a girl who reincarnated to a male-oriented fantasy-modern harem novel. She has great personality, funny, quick-witted, relatable. You can't help, but keep rooting for her. (I want to explain the novel but my English is limited so please bear with me ;-;)

About the world :

... more>>

It's fantasy-modern with academy as main background. There will be monsters and dungeons. The students who went to academy has some powers. MC reincarnated as unimportant extra in the novel, live in orphanage and going through poverty. MC read this world before, it's the typical male-oriented harem novel. The novel is about a otaku gamer guy who transmigrated into a game world as Yuhan, minor tr*sh villain (OG!MC). He use his gamer knowledge to levelling-up his skills, cheats, obtain precious items and treasure, he gains harem and going adventures with his harem.


Unexpected twist :


At first, MC approach the OG!MC to gain his favour as side-character and to get quick easy money because OG!MC knows everything about the game world. But out of nowhere a system shows up to MC. To buff her skills and power, she must obtain the system points. How did she get the point? Apparently there are the 'readers' who read the on-going novel about OG!MC who transmigrated into the game world (the very same novel as our MC read before). MC will get the points through positive responses and interest to her character from the readers. So our MC decided to become one of OG!MC's 'heroine' harem to pleases OG!MC and those harem-lover readers and obtain many points as possible.


About MC :


She's well-written character. She want to protect and improve the living environment of her family (the orphanage). MC approach the OG!MC as megadere heroine character, it's innocent and sunshine out-going type of character who trust other people easily. She choose that character because the other heroines already fulfill the other types like tsundere, kuudere, etc. Her point of views are hilarious, she's internally so disgusted by her act to pleases The OG!MC.


About ML / OG!MC :


I'm not really sure about him as ML because I haven't read the novel that far. At first I thought he would be the ML but it's hard to picture because MC is really dislike him and just using him (they use each other but OG!MC is unaware she use him as well, and it seems OG!MC also didn't care about MC's safety). She called him as 'scammer' and it's really showing. He is a tr*sh who shamelessly use other people for his own gain. He's hardcore otaku gamer guy who only care about his reputation, skills, powers, the adventures, precious items and treasure.


About other heroines of OG!MC's harem :


So far, I only knows about the OG!MC's twin sister who despise him, a half-cat playful character, and a kuudere (cold outside but kind inside) character. AND THEY ARE SO GREAT. They're really care a lot about our MC (because in their eyes our MC is so innocent, they want to protect her) unlike OG!MC. I think we can't called them as OG!MC's harem anymore but as our MC's harem. So far, there's none romantic relationship between them with OG!MC, because OG!MC only cares about levelling-up and adventures, the heroines didn't like him because he shamelessly use MC as he please.


About other potential ML :


The only important male character aside OG!MC I've read so far is the original-original main character named Siwoo. He is the original main character from the game that OG!MC play before. He's the opposite of OG!MC. He is really kind, chivalrous, considerate and thoughtful. Many Koreans comments praising him and want him to be ML.

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Sep 10, 2023
Status: c10
It's a bit early to say definitely but so far this might be one of the best stuff I've read in a really long time, so if you are like me and are obsessed with academy settings and a firearm using MC and with a ton lots of acting skills? This is just perfect for you, and the MC is so relatable sometimes, that's all I can say for now but this already has so much potential, also translation is really good even though the POV switches are a bit... more>> confusing it's still really clear (this is my first time writing a review so please bear with it) <<less
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Depressed Reader
Depressed Re
Sep 20, 2023
Status: c14
I love this! The plot is good and I really like the premise. It's definitely one of my favorites. I definitely recommend this. I like that they have different POVs, it makes it a lot more interesting I think.
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Jan 14, 2024
Status: c36
i absolutely LOVE the concept and the main character! The fact that she acts realistically is one of the reasons why I like her so much. Unlike some of the others mc's who break their character because of pride, she does not. Of course, she stands up for herself (which was VERY VERY satisfying) but she understands that the orphanage and her family are more important than a temporary sweet potato. However, compared to other novels, I feel like the writing is a little bit too direct and dry most... more>> of the times. But overall, it's really fun to read it!

im throwing it if calmly isn't the ML tho lmao

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Dec 29, 2023
Status: c33
2.5 rounded up for now. The concept is great. The execution is decent to poor. The writing leans heavily on game system cliches in writing with a good twist, which is that the MC is acting as a typical harem character for points. But the writing is pitiful. The level of descriptive details is basically 0. The world building is a 4 at best. The amount of exposition is at a 10 with only the necessary amount of details in order for there to be a plot to progress. The... more>> character descriptions are there but written like a middle school writer. The amount of telling over showing is like an 8. "She is this. He is like this. We went here." Straightforward writing with no extra description.

The unique concept alone is carrying this novel 100%. The moments when the MC scolds the Scammer in her mind are the only unique writing moments that allow me to want to read more. I wish the writing was better. For now although I like this concept enough to want to read more to see if it's worth it, there's really nothing that makes me want to wait for it. I'll come back if the translations finish and I am bored with reading other things. <<less
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