Mysteries of Immortal Puppet Master


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In the heart of the volcano, the remnants left behind by the sages yearned for their successors.

Risking her life, his mother obtained the Immortal Palace Seal, handing it to Ning Zhuo before her passing.

“The Buddha Heart Demon Seal!”

To transcend into either Buddha or the Demon.

With this seal grasped firmly, he could inscribe a heart seal and command the creation of puppets.

While ordinary individuals struggled under the weight of just controlling a few, the burden was exceptionally light for, Ning Zhuo, who effortlessly commanded tens of thousands with a single gesture.

“Mother, I will fulfill your wishes and obtain the Immortal Palace!” He vowed.


Immortal Puppets; capable of spiritual secrets; their work skillful and rational.

A new realm is opened up, and things are in sync with the heavens.

The ancient bell echoes the laws. The moon dances under the clear light.

Embodied with myriad strengths, who in this world dares oppose?

Associated Names
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Advent of Immortal Truth
Secrets of the Eternal Puppeteer
The Eternal Marionette Enigma
Xiangong Kaiwu
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New Boosick rated it
May 3, 2024
Status: c26
First time reviewing a novel (in my own humble opinion), apologies in advance for any errors.

Starting with the pacing, this is good for a long stretched novel but keeps you up on toes and doesn't let's it got monotonous. Translation is nicely done too. The MC's charecter is also likeable for me, it is very different form fang yuan's but that is to be expected since this is a slow build up novel not a regression one.

Overall, this novel seems very promising with a very unique start as expected from... more>> the god Gu Zhen Ren, do give it a try for about 12 to 16 chapters and then form an opinion about it. The author being gu zhen ren will absolutely deliver in future too and won't disappoint. I have full trust in him.

And final note there were a few initial chapters (or author's note) before the first chapter in which author mentions RI and fang yuan, do read them too before jumping on it. <<less
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Samanrrrnata rated it
April 23, 2024
Status: c46
    1. Characters:
    2. One of the great merits of the famous Gu Zhen Ren is his character writing, and this quality is more evident than ever in 'Mysteries of Immortal Puppet Master.'
    3. .
    4. I could use clich praise and say that the characters seem alive or something of the sort, but there's something about the writing that impressed me much more, and that's the pace of development. You don't really know the characters the first time they're introduced; many times, the author cleverly uses the first impression we readers have to deceive us
    5. .
    6. You go from thinking 'this character is intelligent and calm' to 'this b*st*rd is a greedy psychopath, I hope he dies' the second time you read about the same character. The same happens with the protagonist. Readers can only truly deduce his personality after more than 20 chapters, and that's really good; the development is natural and concise
    7. Story:
    8. This is definitely not your usual cultivation story. It's not about a weak sect that was once powerful, nor even about a modern-day person who reincarnated into the body of a despised youth. Here, the story is almost a race between various factions to see who can take possession of an ancient artifact left by powerful figures from a distant past. The initial structure of the story reminded me a lot of Fate/Zero; that is, multiple POVs, various factions, each with their own plans, peculiarities, and advantages. I didn't dislike any of Ning Zhuo's potential adversaries; on the contrary, I found them all quite charismatic, with the exception of a certain young lady, but I imagine her being annoying is intentional.
    9. The protagonist:
    10. It's clear that Gu Zhen Ren has drawn a bit from his well-regarded work, RI, to create this protagonist, but don't expect a scrupulous demon. Ning Zhuo is excellent at manipulating people, extremely observant, and not afraid to kill if necessary. But at the same time, he is a humble and kind young man, which makes him truly feel bad when he has to deceive or exploit someone innocent, as much as this won't stop him from pursuing his plans. He is passionate about 'mechanics'; he truly enjoys creating new things or learning new concepts that he can implement later. Honestly, he's a breath of fresh air amidst so many extremely similar protagonists.
    11. Worldbuilding:
    12. There's not much to say about this yet; it's still too early.
    13. . Translation:
    14. I'll get straight to the point: the translation is poor. It's not unreadable by any means, but it's bad. From one chapter to another, terms are changed, and in several instances, you can tell that the characters' dialogue feels a bit robotic and stiff, and these are known defects of translations that use GPT chat. In some chapters, the reviser forgot to delete the GPT from the middle of the text. I don't think the text is completely translated by GPT; there's probably some work invested here. But I'd be lying if I didn't say that my dream would be for a team like Wuxia World's to take over this work. Those who have read RI through MTL know that the author routinely uses some really specific and complicated terms to translate, which ends up being a bad combination with automatic translators. Anyway, overall, it's readable.
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