After Reincarnating into Ancient Times, She Bound a Express Delivery System


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Transmigrated, Qi Huan became the daughter of an exiled criminal.

With only a thatched cottage at the start, it collapsed before long…

Fortunately, she was bound to a powerful express delivery system.

As long as she did good deeds and accumulated points, she could achieve free delivery!

More surprisingly, her neighbor, the waste prince, turned out to be a point farming bug —

Helping others +1 point.

Helping the waste prince +100 points.

From then on, she treated the waste prince as a point farming tool.

…But became the waste prince’s one and only intimate person.


Once abolished, falling from the clouds into the mud, people avoided him like snakes and scorpions.

Only Qi’s little girl always had a bright smile as she sidled up to him.

Offering free help without reason, she must be up to no good!

At first, Li Shuchen maintained full vigilance.

…Later, he gave all his tenderness to her.

She opened restaurants and taverns, and he silently protected her;

As her chain stores and industry expanded, he became her strong backup;

When she donated supplies and did good deeds, he accompanied her.

When she came of marriageable age, he proposed with betrothal gifts and a phoenix coronet, welcoming her in full ceremonial attire.

From then on, the inner palace had no concubines, only doting on the one.

Associated Names
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I sweetly seduced the prince when I was unpacking express delivery in ancient times.
Mukashi, takuhaibin no kaikon-chū ni ōji-sama o amaku yūwaku shita.
Wǒ zài gǔdài chāi kuàidì shí tián yòule tàizǐ
yesnal taegbaeleul puldaga wangjanim-eul dalkomhage yuhoghaess-eoyo.
옛날 택배를 풀다가 왕자님을 달콤하게 유혹했어요.
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Medea_p13 rated it
March 27, 2024
Status: c102
The novel is good, it's pretty laid back and the problems are solved quickly. I think this is good for people that find angst anxiety inducing, it's more of a fun loving novel than anything. If your into that than I'd recommend!
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