Reversing Life With Item Copy


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“The future is dark and blurry.
I thought days like this would go on.


[You can copy an item’s options to another destination.] [Target: No limit]

That day, my life changed dramatically.”

Associated Names
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Life Reversal with Itembox
Life Reversal with Item Copy!
템복사로 인생 역전!
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10 Reviews

New 1048jrnrc
Apr 11, 2024
Status: c60
For picky readers who want something new, this isn’t for you.

For people who are okay with reading a setting they’ve seen before, but executed in a solid and balanced way, I think this is very good.

The main character is a middle aged guy, and he makes safe, rational choices. On the flip side that means he can be seen as boring by those who want fast action. But I think it makes the story relatable and easy to digest. Despite what I said about action earlier, the fight scenes are... more>> described well and there’s martial arts elements. The skill is an OP cheat, but there’s a lot of emphasis into the MC’s own efforts too.

Theres a little bit of a found family element, which I like. No clear romance so far but it could happen later.

The series is building up for an antagonist reveal which could be good. I like the pacing. <<less
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Nov 07, 2021
Status: c28
I disagree with Albreo

The main plot is him trying to find a cure for his daughter, the Dungeons not having an explanation isn't part of the plot, it's just a setting, just because the setting doesn't really seem to connect with the plot it doesn't mean it's not there, and the worldbuilding is being worked little by little, not everything is spelled out directly, we're more familiar with his character/ideology/motivations than the world and we're learning with him about some things that are a mystery to the whole world...

Guild/Hunter association...... more>> that's part of the setting... and it's not a bad device to implement in this kinds of stories... It's like complaining that the bible haves references to God...

"Monolog/solo" not entirely true, things are just starting, I know it's kind of slow because the story took its time to set up the daughter plot and his motivations but that doesn't mean it'll stay that way all the time, this feels like an "Ensemble" story, where he's gonna be gathering followers... the thing is that the story took quite a while to make sure you're familiar with what his goal is... which is funny because Albreo just didn't care about it, and he reviewed it BEFORE we got the first party member...

"No faith in own..." what is that even supposed to mean???, he relies in his contacts and is very well aware that he's just too old to be able to join a hunting guild in favorable terms, he's over 30 I think?? he's just taking his time to grow because of very understandable reasons... his path is very clear and he's treading trough it carefully, he's got reasons to be careful! is that bad?

Look, you can complain all you want that this story is the same as others, but that's true for EVERY SINGLE STORY EVER WRITTEN

There are NO original works, there are NO original Ideas, everything is inspired by something else, and this story at least is trying to tell it's own story, I particularly enjoyed the implementation of some narrative that paints the world as a video game (the last arch felt very much like Dark Souls), we're just starting to gather followers and it's all tied down to the world building that is still very much a mystery, but it's not annoying or too dragged on, it just takes its time to set up the things it will use and making it cohesive and interesting with the whole theme and rhythm.

I wasn't planning on writing a review because I feel like it's too early, but I just felt such a disservice to the author that obviously tried very hard to characterize the worries and devices that are to be used later down the line, yes it's taking it's time but it's not slow, we're learning with the MC and that makes it much better than just suddenly having an exposition dump on our heads just to get to the fights...

So, if you want to read something with "heart" and "thought" put in the plot and setting and the devices that will be used read this...

And try to read more than just the set up for the characters...

EDIT: not putting stars because it's too early, we haven't reached the main meat of the story, things are still just being set up, but I would rate it 4 stars right now. <<less
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Oct 26, 2021
Status: c30

This is just another clone folks. Nothing to read here.
    • Dungeon spawning in real-world: Check
    • Arrogance MC+Passerby: Check
    • Guild/Hunter Association: Check
    • Monolog/Solo single dog: Check
    • OP Skill that's so easy to use: Check
    • No faith in own countrymen: Check
    • More professional than professional after practicing for 1 month: Check
    • No main plot: Check
Edit: Potential partner appears!! Uh nope, can't go with you. Back to soloing.

I can elaborate further with my broken English that how this kind of KR novel always portrays everyone else around MC as an individual who only aims to take advantage of others for their own benefit. The best example would be during the exam where everyone looked down on him because he's just a little old and when he showed good results they all went to flatter him. Not a single guild gave him an olive branch prior after seeing his high level or if there actually a good person in that lot offer to help him. MC will just dismiss it as being taken advantage of as stated in his thought process to turn down offers. Thus, mistrust in society.

Even though it's a clone, as a reflex from my given score, doesn't mean it's completely garbage. I will not compromise my criteria just because I did not write anything positive. I'm just too lazy.
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May 10, 2022
Status: c58
The only reason to read this is for the interesting skill, this novel severely lacks any personality of sort

The MC has no personality other than 'calm' and 'controlled'. There are a few characters that are interesting but the MC rarely interact with anyone and when he does, it's almost always a transaction of sort

70% of his interactions with anyone is him buying/selling items or trying to gain information

... more>> 25% is others thinking he's weak until they find out he's strong, and they are amazed

The rest of the interaction is with his daughter

The whole story is told in a "he said this, she said that, he did this, he did that" kind of way, lacking all emotions <<less
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Mar 19, 2022
Status: c11
A boring novel. This novel lacks depth of emotion, character, and motivation. I certainly agree that it seems written boringly, as if by a robot. It also does not have the sol aspect done well at all. The tropes this novel uses are done well by many other novels, this novel uses them poorly, as if it understood what tropes are, but not how to use them compellingly.
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Feb 09, 2022
Status: c48
The title may be a bit misleading. The MC is able to copy an item's options not the item itself.

The story is interesting and the translation is clean. I recommend this to those who love reading "korean hunter" novels such as sss-su*cide hunter and other kr novels.
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Jan 19, 2022
Status: c44
It has a 5-star not because it's that good but because I had so much fun reading it.

The ability is probably my favorite OP skill, he can take 1 stat from items and apply it elsewhere (other items, enemies, himself). This gives him crazy scaling but still within human limits.

I am a sucker for father-daughter dynamics. Very cute and you respect him hustling so hard to cure her illness.

The writing and story are sloppy. Constant apparent changes and poorly fleshed out villains/worldbuilding. But that's not why you read KR dungeon... more>> novels.

Not one of the best but definately enjoyable. <<less
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Dec 29, 2023
Status: c55
This feels like amateur work which was fine in the beginning but just got frustrating in later chapters.

It got boring at around ch 47 since MCs growth is constantly slowed down either by the MCs over cautiousness or by events taking place outside of his personal solo leveling tower which wouldn't be so bad if the amount of sudden events taking place requiring his immediate attention weren't developing as fast as he grows every damn time just to keep MC busy.

i mean that's the point of the tower and his... more>> sudden summoned nanny but he doesn't even need it by the looks of it since he can seemingly grow faster by just doing stuff normally.

The explanations for learning new moves gets old too, especially when author goes into detail in the middle of a fight scene, like bro just get to the damn story, I ain't tryna hear you explain how 2+2 now equals 5 after your sudden mid-fight enlightenment. It wasn't even that bad before they introduced the martial arts that don't use the system, so it's vague on power scaling too other than what the MC guesses or what's shown. <<less
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Dec 04, 2021
Status: --
The novel in its own is currently moving in its own pace. It is neither fast nor slow to me.

The novel is set in a fantasy-modern world. Modern world with fantastical happenings such as dungeons spawning with monsters that doesn't exist inside. Since it is in a cliche set we get to easily understand the structure of the world in the novel.

The story starts of in a cliche moment we're the weak MC get to earn an OP skill. This skill is easy to use and has few limitations. But... more>> that doesn't mean there is no limitations to its use. In the novel, these limitations is properly explained in an understanding and reasonable way. You get to understand that this OP skill is not that OP.

The MC you could say is person with deep understanding to how society works. Be it before or the present. He do not trust anyone blindly just because they are a person with uniform. Since he knows the consequence if he do so. Where his actions might affect his...


daughter who has a disease. This disease ain't your typical disease that comes from bad bacteria but comes from mana. MC sure is a loving father.


What's sure is it is a great novel. I do not know whether or not this novel will downgrade in the future but I would recommend this novel. <<less
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Dec 04, 2021
Status: c14 part2
It feels like the novel was orchestrated by a robot.

If you're asking what I mean by that, then that's a great question and let's get right into it.

My first problem of this novel is it's dialogue. The dialogue between characters feel very non-human, the conversations that are currently in the novel provide no character growth, that's a huge issue since there's not much you could focus on other than the protagonist and his interactions with other characters due to the novel basically skimming over the fights with no actual focus... more>> to it, one chapter is all it'll take for a supposed huge battle to end, but since the protagonist is "Overpowered"? I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

I admit that I have a soft spot for Fathers and daughters in fiction, specially when it's something like the father having to save his own daughter, so far I have no problems with that but let's say that the author isn't able to create compelling characters during the protagonist's whole quest for the cure, the very large process could possibly become redundant, as we have nobody else to care for other than the protagonist and his daughter, the author could quite literally speed up the quest thing then move on to a wholesome slice of life novel as it seems like he's way better at creating characters that are wholesome, even the mini villains don't feel that bad/evil because the author always placing some sort of justification which makes us rethink whether they're good or is the protagonist just out of place. I think villains should stay as villains, specially for these types of novels, it's unnecessary and makes the novel feel boring.

Another thing is the "professionals" inside of the novel, only the ones on our protagonists have some sort of common sense.

Specially that item checker, I don't know if people who're like that actually exist, but I think purposely putting down our protagonist for petty vengeance isn't worth it, specially when you could've created a much needed side character with the same cliche because this novel just really needs more captivating characters


Once again the dry and robotic dialogue makes it seem better for some sort of film instead of a novel, but it isn't a film, so I hope that the dialogue increases in quality AND quantity.

Thanks for the translation. <<less
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