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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.

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Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng
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New khanz113 rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: c450
1==>What I don't like about chinese novels is that they always put too much plot armour to bear which turns even a good story into a crappy, sh*tty story.

2==> MC is trash, gets lucky and obtains rare artifacts, cultivation methods, OP SKILLS, then kills arrogant young masters. After that ascends to higher realm and still remains trash.

3==> Authors repeat the same scenarios with different characters just by a little tweaking as making MC ascend the higher realm.

4==> chinese authors just don't know how to write with good artistic style and... more>> when to put"the end" to the story. Simply by seeing the number of chapters and status of the story you can easily guess that it is gonna be pretty bad story as stories with numerous chapters just don't make any sense. The story in those kind of novels will be all over the place. This story"martial peak" has 4313chapters and it still is in ongoing mode. Who would waste time reading these kind of stories. We have to wait for chapters according to translators schedule. This story is being translated since 2015 and only reached chapter548. In this sense readers will die of old age but the stories won't reach their ending. <<less
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New ieatp-ssy rated it
January 12, 2019
Status: c525
I originally rated this novel with 3 stars. I was wrong. It's worth 4 stars.

When you first read the story, it plays out more like a wuxia than xuanhuan. But it was interesting enough and was worth reading. It's not until chapter 500 or so, that you get more of an outlook of where the novel is heading.

I won't bother you with a synopsis. In fact, I can tell you that you'll enjoy the story more if you don't bother reading the synopsis online, or ones in any reviews here.... more>> But, I can tell you a few things.

First of all, the storylines weaves and turned in far less predictable directions than most other novels of the genre. Most xuanhuan stories works on the same formula, and by the 100th chapter, you pretty much know where it's going, and how it's going to go there. Not in this one.

Most of these start in a remote corner of a remote region in a remote small kingdom on a remote part of a remote continent, and with an MC who starts out disadvantaged, but then found the cheat widget, and then goes into the power-crawl, as he nears the centre of the cultivation geography.

In this novel, it's a little different. He's disadvantaged, and in a small sect, but he's not exactly a nobody. From the earliest chapters of the story, there are allusions to his backstory carrying a secret, and the story quickly fulfills on that promise. Can't tell you any more, as that would be a bad spoiler.

Our MC makes choices and moves that feel more organic than most CN novels, and the character itself feels more contemporary and more realistic than most other novels' MC's. He's not just strong, but is smart, and uses his brains equally. The story is written in a way that feels like he's making choices that are based on free will, rather than as plotline-based destiny.

Now, don't get me wrong. Some of the tropes of the xuanhuan genre is still there, they're just less stereotypical. Even the storage device used by the MC is different.

If you get to ch. 500, you'll realise that thus far, you're reading basically a wuxia novel, and only after this point does it opens up into xuanhuan. This is similar to War Sovereign, where the mortal arc of the story is longer and better-developed.

I fully understand, that when you read a story tagged with 'xuanhuan, ' you are expecting the same-o, same-o, with a predictably simple outline, and for those readers, this one will disappoint. If you're interested in seeing an author actually attempting to set himself apart from the fray, and makes the honest attempt to take the path less trodden, this might be for you.

Enjoy! <<less
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Xenon_God rated it
November 3, 2017
Status: c3000

This is one of the worst novel I read.

Here is the reason why.

Many people have given this novel a 5 out of 5 or a rating of 4. None of which is deserved. Let me explain it to you.

The novel starts of bad. MC obtain a book, which gives him cultivation skills, pill refining skills, and treasures, for every stage he breakthrough.

He obtains the inheritance of demon god, which was supposed to be the strongest person. As the story progress and MC powers up a lot the story starts falling all over the place.
His family head tournament is the one of the worst arc I ever had a displeasure of reading. Even if you skip the chapters in bulk, you wont miss anything.

So, after this arc, he goes to higher realm, cause his love interest went to higher realm accidentally, and now he needs to save her. What a bullsh*t.

Going higher realms, he found out that there are more realms, which is normal for a chinese novel. After he levels up and becomes strongest in this realm, he finds out his love interest went to higher realm, ACCIDENTALLY.

So he has to go to higher realm to save her. What a load of crap.

In the higher realm, there are stronger people, so the MC becomes strong too. People spent over 1000 years reaching a single realm, but MC did it in couple years. Ok, I get it MC is a super genius, but all the girls reached the realm too without any hardship and because of plot armor. You gotta be kidding me!!

This all ends around chapter 1900.

And after that the story becomes worse. In the next THOUSAND CHAPTERS the MC breaks only THREE SMALL REALM. Yep thats right three small realms. It took him one thousand chapters to breakthrough THREE TIMES.

I can understand taking a thousand years or ten thousand years for breakthrough, but he takes a thousand chapters which makes absolutely no sense at all. The author is just milking money writing anything he want. The world building fell apart, the story fell apart and all nonsense crap was introduced to us. More unnecessary arc was introduced and the older characters are forgotten.

Heed my warning, and dont read this piece of crap. It is good till chapter 250 but falls apart after it. If you are not a fan of slow cultivation where the MC stays at the same level for 400 chapters, and filler arcs, this novel is not for you. I would prefer Martial god asura over this sh*t.


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fact12345 rated it
June 5, 2016
Status: c711
This novel have bad and good side. I will explain what is the good side and the bad side of this novel:

... more>>

The Good Side:

1. The story, this novel story have good direction and feel more natural because the story have good direction and don't feel forced.

2. The character interaction, the character interaction its good. This novel characters even the side character and villain have good interaction and relation so that makes the novel feel all character not like just to be forgotten.

3. The romance not really bad, sometimes there are adult scene on this novel.

The Bad Side:

1. The novel have too many luck. I understand that the author want the main character become powerful but its not necessary have too many luck. What I mean luck was because the main character too many depended on extraordinary items (cheat item).

2. The bad skill learning. This point related with the bad side number 1 because too many luck and the dependency on "cheat item". The development of the main character skill feel really shallow.

I understand some people just more like conversation and character interaction more but sorry for me "skill learning" was very important because its make the novel feel that the main character like a normal person.

Not only that because my self have already read so many novel that have many character interaction and conversation because of that reason, I don't feel very out of ordinary about the story and character on this novel.

3. The story somehow inconsistent pace and setting.

Let me explain what I mean by that words, because around chapter 1-500, the main character more focused on fighting and good battle setting. So its fit the category of martial arts but started from chapter 500+ somehow TOO MANY TACTICS AND STRATEGY and almost no good battle. This tactic and strategy feel really forced so it makes the author insert MANY CHEAT ITEM AND LUCK AGAIN.

4. No good flashy unique skill. This novel character all almost depended on cheat item/luck item. Let me tell u what is the cheat item that the main character have until chapter 711:

Cheat item/luck item list until chapter 711 :
1. black book
2. golden body
3. incense burner = pill stove
4. mysterious eye
5. ten thousand inchors and etc
6. divine sense recovery item (all color wen shanliao... if the name not wrong)
8. rank item (example: saint grade rare treasure, mysterious grade rare treasure and etc..)
9. alchemy expert MEMORY
10. flame wings
11. wind and thunder wings

I only remember that 11 item and its keep increasing but really because off too many rare item. Almost all learning skill non exist just like alchemy expert memory. The author will never explain how he learn it and why it can be succeeds to create a high grade good pill because its all on memory LOL.


Novel have good story and character interaction but not really that out of ordinary good story and THE Biggest flaw from the novel were too many dependency on lucky item which make the novel lost too many profound meaning on progression.

You can basically say that all extraordinary skill that the main character have was only from cheating item. Meanwhile the only good skill that the main character have on its own was unyielding personality and good strategy.

i honestly dont like the author make the main character dont have any weakness*, and alchemy expert memory is already a blast of stupid idea that I have ever seen.... soon I believe there are memory of the refiner expert* maybe... well author style of OP character.

i prefer there are a story that the main character make an error of his judgment... and he is losing some of his cheat items.

Note :
The profound meaning what I mean was just like at "i shall seal the heaven novel". That novel have good explanation on every single learning THINGS, like how to learning some skills, like how to cultivitate... the author from "i shall seal the heaven novel" explain it very good and its have good logic involved in it..

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Parth37955 rated it
December 12, 2015
Status: --
Interesting novel MC is really weak in the beginning, but with effort and the help of his trusty "pillow", he becomes stronger. His character reminded me of Meng Hao with his attitude and perseverance. Overall, he's a nice guy. It's a good novel, and I recommend it.
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jordansainvil rated it
August 4, 2017
Status: c190
The MC of this story is really hateful. In the first 100 chapters of the story I actually really liked the MC, he was calm but also really blood thirsty when he fights. In the beginning of the story whenever the MC was hit by a strong opponent he grew excited and started getting stronger and fiercer as the fight gradually continued, for some reason that seemed to disappear with the MC growing more Cautious to letting anyone see his true powers.

In the beginning of the story you see the... more>> MC being 'Bullied' by his fellow disciples (not really being bullied as much as being taken advantage of) for being weak, but even through that he still remains calm and it was not like everyone he met hated him in fact their was a lot of side characters who acted very nice to the MC but after the story progresses the MC becomes a huge d*ck who seems to not give a damn about innocent people, I say this because I was currently reading the arc were the MC is taken to an island with kidnapped innocents were he doesn't try to save anyone he's just out looking out for his own skin without helping anyone. I don't think the MC has to be heroic every time he sees something bad happening but when you see that level of evil and you do nothing but seek benefits it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Okay the arc begins with him entering a city with dirty and ripped clothes looking like a beggar, he stands motionless in the streets while meditating but a little girl sees him their and assumes he's crazy so the little girl invites him to her house. She is completely poor and only lives with her grandfather after her parents was kidnapped and taken to an island by an evil sect, after some Time in staying with the grandpa and granddaughter pair he suddenly heats noise coming from the outside of the door, the evil sect disciples appear and want to take the away the grandpa and the granddaughter but through certain means the MC goes in their stead. After the MC arrives do you think he searches for the mother and father of the little girl? No, he just continues looking for be idiots even though a bunch of innocent people were kidnapped by this sect he does nothing to free them and only watches out for benifits that can raise up his cultivation. You would think that since he was once weak and poor he would sympathize with the weak and poor but this MC doesn't give a damn about other people, I hate him and this story. Also it's not only him that has this attitude when it comes to Chinese lightnovels It's seems every MC are heartless bastards who don't 'meddle' with others problems even when he has the power to help, I really do hate this character trait in Chinese lightnovels. <<less
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sleib rated it
February 24, 2016
Status: c85
It seems high level xianxia novel. For now not much is revealed about cultivation world (only MC's sect and other nearby sects), but I think it will be interesting. MC is hardworking, calm and quit smart. He reminds me of Meng Hao from ISSTH.
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jaybirdmcfee rated it
April 6, 2017
Status: v7c635
At the point of this writing I'm considering dropping the novel for a few rather significant reasons; however, I'm still giving it 3 stars because it is entertaining enough for someone who really wants something to read.

1. The MC doesn't show character growth:
*His behavior is consistent, often irrational, and he's got plenty of plot armor to get away with it.

2. The mc's actions are predictable:
* The writing can be obnoxiously expository and plot armor gets stronger as the story progresses, so it becomes predictable because the author over-explains... more>> things consistently and because the MC never really suffers for long (and if he does it somehow aids his cultivation).

3. Rape, because this is a real turnoff for a lot of people (myself included) (long spoiler)

This may be the only instance of the MC raping someone.

Around chapter 630 the MC rapes a girl he is indebted to. The author paints this as a smart/necessary way to save the girls life, but it was a gratuitous action spurred on by shoddy writing. Here's a bit more on that scenario.

The MC temporarily agrees to help Yun Xuan's union group on a mission because he didn't want to owe her for something she gave him— even though she insisted the debt didn't need to be repaid, and she had used the gift to win over the mc's friend. On the expedition things go pretty well but then the MC notices something is wrong and warns everybody but they don't listen and react slowly because of it, the MC gets away fine but several of them die and are injured before the survivors manage to escape.
It turns out that a human shaped monster (extremely provocative and beautiful human-female shaped monster) at a high boundary killed the group's most powerful expert and is now sadistically killing them off one by one. As only four of them remain (including the mc), the MC lures the monster out. The monster makes two of them faint, and then proceeds to help the MC sleep with Yun Xuan at his suggestion (he suggested it because he wants to get the monster close to kill it), Yun Xuan is extremely unwilling but is drugged by the monster's spiritual knowledge (divine sense, soul power, whatever you want to call it) and acts lustfully. The MC is drugged as well, but unlike Yun Xuan he is completely 100% able to break free of the drugging, and even if he doesn't he isn't weak enough to be subject to the control of the monster (this is proven by how he turns arounds and kills the monster when it gets close).

So the MC rapes Yun Xuan while she's drugged to get the monster close and then kills it when the monster injures them both to take their blood essence (which it feeds on, specifically though it feeds on the blood essence of copulating males and females). The two surviving members that were knocked out (or made to faint, if you will), then wake up. The male (Zhou long or something, I think), discovers that the MC raped Yun Xuan and is jealous/enraged so he attacks the MC. The MC then kills him, but neither Yun Xuan or the other female care. Yun Xuan seems to forgive the MC for raping her even though she's bitter (gee, really?), but the MC never apologizes and acts as if he doesn't owe her anything.

The other female threatens to reveal the mc's actions several times but he implies that if he killed her no one would know, and she is silenced. Some how or another (within the next 2-3 chapters after the rape), both surviving females seem to grow fond of the MC, and don't hold him accountable (not thanks to his apologizing or anything).
The mc's only saving grace in this scenario is that he avenged a lot of people who died, and saves a few lives (although Yun Xuan expressed that she would rather die than be tarnished, and almost killed herself but was stopped by the monster).

And that's the gist of it of the scenario.

I'd like to point out that no one (or very few people) would have died if he had fought in the first place (which his track record shows he was well capable of, despite whatever bullsh*t the author was smoking when he wrote the chapter).

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novelbrah rated it
September 24, 2016
Status: --
For some reason, I have a soft spot for this novel. One of the first dozen or so novels I started reading over a year ago. I enjoyed the MC and his struggle for survival and then the imminent rise in strength. Again, nothing extremely new and exciting, but the author somehow manages to make it interesting. Give it a try, and drop it if you don't like it. Simple! There are a LOT worse novels out there. Personally, I like the journey not the destination. Unfortunately, even after a... more>> year, the translators are up to chapter 121 which is a damn shame. One of the reasons this novel isn't popular. <<less
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tides rated it
August 9, 2018
Status: c1047
The novel starts off well but it quickly becomes trash.

The MC character also changes quickly.

For example, he threatened to wipe out the demon race in front of the demon king who he can only run away. He is clear that he cannot win but still he does it anyway. He also raped one girl and immediately said he didn't want to take any responsibility. Funny because it was the same thing that happened with Su Yan but he wants Su Yan so badly vs this girl who has done nothing... more>> but help him. Later one he also tries to rape another girl and only stopped after she threatened to break his dantian.

This MC isn't the same guy you read in the first 700 chapters anymore. He becomes utter trash for no reason. High realms also keep on popping out for no reason and the novel drags on to 4000+ chapters when it should have ended around 1800 <<less
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sirbigam rated it
April 13, 2016
Status: --
This is your nice honorable MC with an interesting way of gaining power unlike the the other wuxia and xian novels, power increasing methods and levels are interesting. The world of the MC is different mysterious compared to the other novels, but their isnt much detail regarding the outside worlds power levels and a hierarchy as its too early.

This went from a necessary 2 to 1 chapter a day to 4 chapters in a month is that foreal, with the amount of cliff hangers and this style of content there... more>> is a market for readers to pour money into this, a new translator is defiantly required with 2800 chapters and ongoing... <<less
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kad rated it
December 5, 2015
Status: --
This series piqued my interest, the first few chapters were good and have no complains regarding anything and looking forward for this novel.I would recommend this novel to others who likes this genre not that this type of novel is any new. After this novel progress there are bound to be some changes in this review, i'll edit it at that time.
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surfbeach rated it
March 28, 2017
Status: c1862
I read about 1862 chapters, let me tell you how I feel.

... more>>

The novel is ok, not good, not great, not sh*tty, just ok, like some reviewers said, the only good aspect about the MC is his unyelding character, thats it.

The novel is called MP, you kinda expect a MC who will train hard, try to understand the differents lawa, principals of his different skills, yet all he does is relying on his cheat item, like some reviewers said.

He got the all mighty left demon eye, which can absorbe the immortal soul of those who were dead not long ago, and guess what, he can purify it then absorb it, which means he absorb the comprehension of heavenly laws with it, thats how the story goes, from the moment he understood how the eye work.

No training in skill, almost no comprehension by himself, just kill and take the other one soul and absorb it.

Thats not really what I call reaching the MP.

When I read the title, I was expecting a MC following the way of Ji Ning in DE, or MEng Hao in ISSH, you know the kinda character who train themselve, dont rely on cheat items, they try to understand the heavenly laws by themself, this dude have been doing the same sh*t from the begining, kill, absorb, have no problem to breakthrough to the next level, repeat the cycle.

ANd yes, this dude is oozing of luck, the heck, all the heavenly items that exists, guess what, he has them, I mean come on. When he was on his native star, he got the memory of the demon god about his experience in alchemy, thus he became the first alchemis, with his wife of course, in his native star.

Then he goes to the star territory, guess what, he actualy find another dead body who left his inheritence about alchemy, and this dead dude was actualy the number one alchemist, yet again.

Seems like im complaining alot about this novel, believe me, it started actually good, it was interesting, it was kinda refreshing, sure its not that different from other CN novel, incredibly stupid bullies who come bother the MC, either he run then come back for revenge, or kill them on the spot, I quite like how ruthless he is.

Another good thing about this novel is how the MC come and create a freaking organisation/sect by himself in each new place we are introduced, he is a loner, which I like, he doesnt have a master, he grew stronger until he reached the most powerhouse level in star territory, around ch1850, he founded a sect, a really strong sect at that.

Another shortcoming of this novel, we are at 3500 chapters now, but believe me, 40% of them are useless, too many blabla on it, I mean the author introduce characters and start some minor, useless arc without any impact on the story, when I was reading, I swear at some point I just scrapped some chapters, like 5 or 10 of them, and guess what, I wasnt even lost in the story.

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Okuri Ookami
Okuri Ookami rated it
June 9, 2016
Status: v1c110
This story...I'd give a 4.6 and will leave it at a 5 for now. I have a few issues for one. I originally picked up this story months ago and even though I hated the TL style I spent 3 days trying to pry my eyes from it by distracting myself but even then the uniqueness of the story kept drawing me back. After successfully dropping it I recently picked it back up and started back from chapter 37 to present release.

The TL style seems to have vastly improved since... more>> I last read it as the quality is many folds better. The story is still as good as before but I must have picked the worst place to stop reading. After picking it back up I couldn't put it down. I won't be posting any spoilers so you'll just have to wait and see.

The story has ok plotting but a major problem for me is although the main quality that separates the MC from the mold is brought out in full display, the author doesn't do a good job of stating why he is like this or his reasons for searching for power in the first place. I can only hope at this point that it will be expounded upon in future releases.

The MC's growth although fast doesn't actually seem overpowerd even though it really really is. There are constantly people above him and they are introduced at such a steady pace that you just feel that the MC (slight spoiler: who is a social outcast) is being brought out into the world and his horizons are being lifted.

The romance in this is very satisfying there are multiple love interest that have actual valid reasons for their infatuation with the MC but be warned the MC is slightly oblivious, although it really doesn't interfere with the quality.

Other than the lack of information on the MC's background I'd have to say that the only other problem I have with this Story is that 90% of the MC's problems originate from dealings with women... seriously it's either jealousy or dangerous situations with women being the center of each cause. It's not a bad thing as only after you realize that's the reason, then that's when one would feel a slight annoyance.

I really do like this story its unique and separates itself from other Xianxia in a good number of ways. <<less
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risingmoon rated it
February 1, 2016
Status: --
this story is so good that will also make you addicted.. Well I cant say yet that this is as good as issth but the character of MC really reminds me of meng hao.

I highly recommend this novel for everyone..
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jacobpaige rated it
January 1, 2016
Status: --
Its an alright series, but it has the same problem most Xianxia have. The MC goes from weak to strong far too fast and the difference between ranks and realms, while stated to be enormous, means almost nothing to the MC, thus removing all the tension from every fight. I'll be seriously surprised if this guy ever encounters a true setback.
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Lachiel rated it
October 15, 2015
Status: --
Gave it a 5 star rating for now, first 14 chapters are good for starting chapters, for now would recommend to others. If later on this changes I'll edit or re-review this novel.
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mrttao rated it
December 28, 2016
Status: c141
It ok. Not terrible like so many others, and I actually have not dropped it yet, but not really good either. It just mostly feels bland.

The MC is a retard, the villains are even bigger retards. Everyone is a bully and a robber. Literally every young master is a rapist (and I do mean literally, zero exceptions). The MC's stupid choices arbitrarily end up being the correct ones due to plot armor levels of luck and the ridiculously OP item/mentor/technique (3 in one cheat. A magic book of holding that... more>> spews out more cheat items and cheat techniques as his cultivation progresses).

While the above sound really really bad, the devil is in the details. And the specific execution on this one is competent enough (compared to other xianxia). Most stories with such flaws would make me rage quit reading them already, but this one hasn't bothered me early on. It gets worse later on but at that point I am in too deep to quit over this. If you are hungry for another wuxia story then read this, it will hit the spot in a bland but filling manner

edit: author competence level has been dropping as it progresses so I am dropping it to 3 stars. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
September 19, 2016
Status: v2c121
This is a standard xianxia affair, replete with random bullies at each turn with some or the other plot point for them to feel offended, dues ex machina type luck of the MC where he gets some awesome power. It follows up with the standard "you are courting death" and random upgrade of MCs power. The comedy tag can be justified with constant scenes of girls interacting with MC being put in awkward situation. Thats it, author doesn't seem to have any other comedic chops. So this recommended only if... more>> you are fan of xianxia in general and want to read more of the generic story. If looking for some novel with its unique flavor I'd say, Skip It. <<less
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quarkrj rated it
September 13, 2016
Status: c1084
Rating - 4.5
I really liked the story so I started reading MT for the rest of the chapters. I will put out the bad points first

... more>>

1. Even after 900 chapters MC doesn't take another waifu. Oh he does interact with and make at least 10-15 other women fall in love with him, but he is still stuck with the first 2. It wouldn't have mattered if the author kept them in the story, but he keeps on finding ways to separate them and keeps on introducing other women. It sometimes feels like the MC is avoiding taking responsibility for these other women, and well it kind of annoys me.

2. No overarching plot till now. Although he has gotten to superior universe no.3 (superior universe => better cultivation / richer Qi) there is no sign of a plot. In fact the main goal of MC in universe no.2 and 3 is to find his wifes who have of course separated from him. Hopefully this will change.

Now the good points -

1. Even without a main plot, the novel manages to not get repetitive. Each arc in itself is satisfying.

2. MC doesn't become boring. He uses his brain, knows his limitations and is not overly arrogant. Side characters are also interesting, in my opinion, sometimes more so than the MC.

3. I can't stop reading it :p

Sorry for that crappy review. <<less
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Achusanjay rated it
June 14, 2016
Status: c730
The only reason that I read this ahead was because the translated part of the story interested me and it didn't disappoint at all.
Sure the MC has a lot of luck (plot armour) but it never gets boring. The MC knows how to make the perfect boundaries with regards to his relationships. Other than the initial two girls... no one has been able to move his heart.

The MC has every bit of skill that would make him well-respected by both the characters and the readers though he is evil... more>> as well. <<less
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Animesquad7 rated it
February 1, 2016
Status: --
4/5 Above average, but not top tier, read up to 400 plus raw chapters.

This novel is entertaining enough to keep you reading for hundreds of chapters and you wont be bored, however the tale won't leave you a lasting impression either. The characters are likeable especially the different personalities of the harem members, however the heroines don't have much interaction with each other or know they exist until many chapters later, leaving them mostly blind to the MC lecherous behavior. MC is op as hell that can fight people many... more>> levels ahead of his and has a lot of tricks and power source, leaving him with no sense of danger but trampling his opponents and showing off is always satisfying. There is no huge twist and turns nor original plots, but it is interesting enough so you shouldn't skip this. <<less
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