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In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After the battle, it disappeared into the void. Lin Ming stumbles upon this mystery object and begins his journey to become a hero of the land.

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Wuji Tianxia
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195 Reviews

Mar 26, 2016
Status: c238
A lot of these reviews seem to think that MW and TMW (the hugely popular sequel to MW) are the same. Very similar MC's, similar plot, and it is by the same author so naturally it has the same writing style too. And they are right, at the surface level they are the same. However they are important differences that one might not notice at a first glance.

Let's start with MC's, btw this will contain minor spoilers for the 2 chapters of TMW (True Martial World) so if you... more>> haven't read TMW I don't know why you would read this review, but you have been warned. Yi Yun, the MC ends up stuck in a cave and finds this purple crystal card and it transmigrates his soul into the body of a boy in another world thus beginning the story of true martial world. Now this is important, because it is why Yi Yun and Lin Ming are fundamentally different characters. Yi Yun being thrown into this new world with no memories (a twist to the new world trope) is forced to figure things out as he goes along and ultimately develops the mentality of a wanderer, and you can see that completely in the way he acts in the current arc of TMW. Where as Lin Ming is born and raised in his world, and thus shaped by it. This creates a rather unique contrast between the two. While Lin Ming is not the same as the cookie cutter young masters be offends or fights, he still allows himself to be pulled into their pace and play their games. Although he beats them at their game, he is still drawn in. Yi Yun is quite different, he is trickster. He never plays a full hand, he is a true wolf in sheep's clothing. It is quite fun to watch, he purposely baits people into ridiculous circumstances only for him to come out on top with only gains. He is cunning and manipulative. Lin Ming is much more straight forward and to the point. Not to say that he is less intelligent, it is just not his nature. Another difference is how they approach and view martial arts, the martial way, wudao, etc.

Lin Ming only sees the martial way, while he seeks strength, strength comes with his progress and thus it is just a secondary to him. Yi Yun pursues strength, he wants to see the pinnacle of strength and thus goes about this using martial arts. Now keep in mind there is no right answer in how you go about this, but they are not the same. What Yi Yun is doing is comparable to mountian climbing, while what Lin Ming is doing is akin to hiking. While a mountain climber enjoys the whole climb, they ultimately have the end goal of reaching the summit. And that is the most important part. While hiking is different. While the route has a end, the goal is not to reach the end but rather to enjoy the hike along the way. That is the difference here, and it manifests itself in these characters. And don't get me wrong, I am not saying Lin Ming doesn't want to be strong, nor am I saying Yi Yun doesn't value martial arts. But just take a look at how these two characters deal with their adversaries. And you will see the difference. Now I could go on and on, but I have stated my opinion. Whether you want to take at face value or not is your choice.

Also I forgot to mention, this author really has issues with pacing, where he is either on point, or completely f*cking with the reader. So at times in either story, things drag-on for a bit. I noticed this less in MW, simply because we get more chapters daily. But once you are caught up with either of them, you might not enjoy where you are left off. Other than that, MW is really soild.

As the story progresses, I will make edits as I see fit. But other than that if you see this review is unchanged, it is completely intentional.

And if you have made it this far and have no clue what I am referring to that probably means you haven't read TMW. In that case I suggest you not only read this, but you read TMW as well. <<less
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Apr 30, 2017
Status: c856
Only read it for the lulz.

I would like to say there is something good to find in this story, but it is not really a story in the first place. It is more like the author was trying to write about how awesome a character is, and the story is just a medium to do it. Yes, Lin Ming is the most level-headed, intelligent, filial, and concerning friend/lover/son/father that has ever existed, and that's it. That's the story. For the story to take place, or progress, the main character must... more>> be present. One can see this in multiple points, I've listed a few, which together, create a very shady pattern.
  • MC returning from the demon continent. Arguably the circumstances have changed, but the story and characters have essentially "frozen" in order for MC to make it in time to save them. Lucky.
  • The original love interest of MC, she is sacrificed as a kamikaze to fight the demonic horde, but like a good neighbor Lin Ming is there, he solves the situation in 5minutes and heads over to her and saves her at the last moment.
  • MC saves lady in duress, her uncles were in the final steps of stealing her inheritance.
  • MC saves second love interest from being r*ped, at such a convenient record it's amazing. MC fakes his own death, THEN, conveniently manages to save his love interest. Worst of all, there was a time limit for this event! Lin Ming luckily escaped at the moment before his friends were mu*dered. Convenient again.

The story is just a convenient way to show off the MC in many situations and how awesome he is. But, the most ironic part is that the MC isn't even that great, everyone else is just a bunch of neanderthals. The Old men and women who have lived for countless years don't have the basic reasoning of a child, and are suicidal enough to fight even though they know they will die, young masters with huge backings, so-and-so coveting MC's treasures/grills, and, oh, this is the best one, people failing to recognize the greatness of the MC. The author will purposely mention these people saying: "Oh! Wow! Such talent, but it is impossible for him to succeed against X!", "Wow! MC can surpass a whole realm of cultivation! But he does not have a triple-omnisexual-dragon violet dantian, like the most famous elders under the heavens!". The crowd will have you cringing for the entire chapter (because they are there for every other paragraph), and then, once the MC succeeds, the crowd raves again: "Wow! An unsurpassed talent! Never seen before for hundred thousand years, since [ insert insignificant historical cultivator ]!" As if their reactions are worth something to the MC or the story, the only reason they are there is for us, the readers to go: "How foolish! Of course he is the best!", simple wish fulfillment. Get to feel like the underdog who proved everyone wrong.

I'm not going to go into detail about what I think about the propagating events. They are shamelessly vague due to the lack of brainstorming that goes into them. The simple answer for this, which I find true to be of all novels, but more for some than for others, is that the plot demanded it. The most laughable but sad part was when the Author introduced "Destiny". I laughed. But, it wasn't a happy laugh, it was the sort of pitying laugh you would give when you see an ambitious kid drop out of high school to get into the workforce early and fill in the manager positions. All authors do this, but only the most s*upid of them would actually manifest it in their story. The so called "Destiny" of the MC is just the physical manifestation of the plot in the MC, he can't die, lose control, be the "bad" guy, or mature. He is a stale template character for a stale template world, in which all characters and events are equally worthless because of the lack of thought that goes into them. The Author is a wreck, maybe I'm not getting it due to my background, but my basic comprehension skills tell me that the Author would rather be focused on what the next crowd is going to say rather than creating a deep, meaningful story.

I have been reading this story for the lulz. But, today I have had enough, reading something to pick out flaws isn't good for the mind. Neither is chugging down paragraphs upon paragraphs of wish fulfillment.

Don't read this story. <<less
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Mar 04, 2016
Status: c2253
The story proceeds relatively fast as Lin Ming overcomes all sorts of difficulties on his route to the peak of martial arts with the Demon Cube in hand. There are some slowdowns in the plot throughout this massive piece of work, but the overall structure is amazing. The trouble Lin Ming encounters due to his enemies is filled with adrenaline as he tries to evade capture, and eventually be able to turn the tables.

The author’s plot creation is excellent and hard to guess until it is eventually revealed. The major... more>> mysteries in the story only begins after chapter 500. Throughout the story, there are touching moments and good romance. All characters and items are accounted for by the end of the story, which makes the story feel very well-balanced. <<less
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Jul 26, 2016
Status: c356
Too many beauties who take interest in MC. Beauties that brings problem and opportunity just to have a plot. Other than various annoying schemes, unending competitions and uplifting MC's awesomeness there is no deep plot in this novel.
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Apr 30, 2016
Status: --
The MC is one of those very rare level headed person that appear once in every then thousand Xianxia, while he isn't a wimp, he definitely separate himself from the more idiotic of his kind who thinks a regional genocide in the morning goes well with his OJ.

The side characters so far aren't very well developed but it is still early given that there is thousands of chapter to this story and we're barely 1/10th of the way into it.

Promising and updated very regularly. I like it even better than... more>> the more popular sequel: TMW. <<less
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Novel hater
Novel hater
Feb 18, 2019
Status: c1500
Edit 1: after reading till 1900 I'm sure that u don't want to read it. I can't lower the rating to.1 star even though I wanted too.

One word gangbang - primordial yin.... v**ginity... r*pe - every character who has beef with the MC is a rapist or have thoughts of raping n plundering primordial yin of women close to MC.

Cultivation is like A.I.D.S where ppl f*ck one another & they gain super natural powers minus the negative side effects of A.I.D.S. Girls be like, take my primordial yin n... more>> defeat that bastard. Only thing in this novel matters is primordial yin.

Even in the middle of fighting, MC finds the time to bang a chick as author suddenly thought about the grave mistake, he made by making a female character look stronger.

Suddenly xiao moxian- super ultra talent, ranked 4 in the whole universe, had the urge to have s*x with MC to have him make the breakthrough in between the fight by letting him plunder her v**ginity.

This term primordial yin... v**ginity n r*pe are the most used & the only words in author's dictionary. U will slap urself after reading this garbage. Though u'll skip most of the arcs like me to get to the main matter.

Three things in this novel will fry your brain literally....

1) height of shock

2) level of patience

3) random characters

Let me explain (beware of some minor teasers) : initially novel started out pretty well with a generic story of a weak boy neglected by everyone who stumbles upon the most powerful treasure in the universe. Even his gf end up betraying him initially with tr*sh card hanging around his neck.

After gaining the treasure, story becomes slightly more interesting n u might end up reading 100 chapters without skipping. But soon after tr*sh follows-

1) height of shock :From the very start, every idiot, tr*sh, brain dead n whatnot villian knows that MC is a super rare genius who can fight above levels and has fastest cultivation pace that might leave even bullet train run for it's money. But even after knowing that, brain dead phenomenon kicks in n he/she somehow offends MC.


Villian: u are... (I'm already dying)

Villian: u

Villian: plz don't kill me.

But it doesn't end here..

All the fight scenes too have it.

V (in absolute shock) : what? He stood my super rare ultra badass killer move.

V (in super absolute shock) : nani? How can MC use that move when he's in x level cultivation.

V (in super ultra absolute shock) : omg! He stood my super rare ultra badass killer psychopath sociopath demon slaughter god sucker second move.

V (fried brain) : I never knew u were this strong, first I'll beg for mercy then I'll die together with u n at last I'll die in regret.

(I'm leaving out the audience reaction which are even bizzare as their shock run parallel to MC's breathing n goes something like this: omg! Look this person can breathe through nose. Kya!! He's god n we now are linmaniacs) MC's name is lin something.

This shock thing never disappears for even a paragraph, no matter where MC is. Even his own side suffers from it.

2) level of patience: actually u'll find the villians being the good guys. They're known for r*pe, slaughter etc... but every villian suffers from this same patience level sickness. They want to kill MC but waits for him to grow. They plan raping, killing, hacking, humiliating the MC's family n friends but keeps on using excuses not to do it until MC returns. No matter the time span they'll wait to execute their plans until MC's on the horizon. Even the top cultivators would wait even though they're being shown as vicious killers. Waiting.. waiting n waiting till they die of old age or MC remebers to kill them. Eg would be good I guess: divine sea powerhouses (most powerful cultivator in MC's homeworld) would wait for years while detaining mc's mortal distant relatives n not doing anything to them (some have just fingers choped off). Suddenly one afternoon MC appears n villians be like let's r*pe n kill as he's not coming anymore n we've waited enough (subconsciously playing the first to die character role as sixth sense tells them that mc's is hiding in the closet).

3) Random characters : there are one trillion random side character whose sole role is to become stepping stone for MC n zero contribution to the story.

From the start millions of random characters names being mentioned by the author who are there to show MC's supremacy over just about anything.

Author tries a weighing formula, he introduces characters out of his ass as some important person who will play some indispensable role but every character is a disappointment n forgotten in the next couple of paragraphs.

Starting from MC's: he's there for the sake of being there with no personality. His fav. Monologue -- u want to kill but should I stick my neck out for u to kill me? Wait, till I kill u.

MC has no friends, no lover, no rival, no rolemodel, no subordinate etc.. he has fake respect for those higher than him n contempt for those who are lower.

Author tries to make look MC as a social person but every chracter who tries to have friendship with MC, has ulterior motives... infact author himself goes to extreme pains to clarify this point.

Character A: omg! His talent is so good, if I can't make friends with him atleast I shouldn't antagonize him.

Character B: hail my ass! The best dicision I've ever made, was to have good relationship with MC.

MC's lover are just as pathetic as side characters who don't even have the names mentioned in the novel.

Author like always tries to pull something out of his ass, such as making the love interests as something unattainable in the future, ppl can only m*sturbate in their dreams n can never lay their hands on them.

Every love interests is introduced as aloof, high birth, super ultra rare heaven defying fap material with extremely high talent which MC can never have. No man has ever even breathe the same air as the love interests n they are only interested to soar higher in the cultivation world.

50 chapter later... their talent is tr*sh compared to MC, they would be totally dependent on MC even to do smallest of things, they will not have any dreams, wishes, desires, will etc... apart from serving MC wholeheartedly. They'll even struggle to level up without the help of MC. They be like s*x s*aves who has no purpose apart from taking care of MC's need n his parents. They'll no longer be haughty, cold or icy as s*x s*aves have no emotions. Their only redeeming point was their v**ginity n being the wife of MC. Their status as saintess or 1000 year talent is just for marrying MC so that they doesn't appear to be some random character. They'll be like porcelain doll with high cultivation but zero experience at anything.

VILLIANs: millions will be there but they serve no purpose except setting as bar which MC has use as dildo. Even after 500 chapter u'll find the same thing going on with nothing to miss.

Frankly even if I don't tell u to skip, u'll skip like 7-8 pages every 5 min. The sooner they appear the faster they disappear.

They only have one thing in common i.e s*x, r*pe, harem, lust..................... fill the list urself. Every character that appears either has already r*ped some girl or is planning on raping....

The author puts a dildo in his ass n kills the characters that has some potential as this is a story for another time. That's how he put ends to loose ends.

Only three events are important in the story: 1) the f*cking treasure

2) the MC's luck

3) transcendance to the realm of gods. (Even after transcendance same thing continues)

Soul less story.... can only be read to pass time, if u are extremely bored to death.

Max reading time is 7 hours to finish up this tr*sh....

P.s. I forgot onething. Authors introduces other chracters as super high ultra...... type genius who just like MC can skip levels n can kill the higher cultivation dolts but infront of MC, the shock level increases so much that they kinda forget jumping levels or using super rare ultra talent that they have.

Initially in the story authortalks about talent as something which can't be ignored but in front of MC, talent be like the dead snake which can beaten up whenever a side character gains some importance...

Audience member 1: omg! MC can do this with his sh*t level 3 talent...

Audience member 2: humph... side character A with his level 7 talent is just plain tr*sh, thus hardwork n MC's mommy luck is better than anything called talent. <<less
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Apr 04, 2017
Status: c803
800 Chapters read... and I'm finally dropping this novel. I simply don't have the heart to go through with reading the same plot points over and over and over and over again. The young masters are arrogant. The patriarchs are unable to see reason. The MC's neck must be stretched out on the chopping block, but his opponent's cannot be. The beautiful women could cause the downfall of many kingdoms. The essence is revolved to its limit, breakthroughs are made in the nick of time, and the MC never fails.... more>> The MC is going to be killed, and then he kills, and then he's *really* going to be killed, and then he kills, and then he's courting death, and then he kills, and then there's nobody left so he moves on....

Don't get me wrong: I can take this to an extent, but for this novel I really feel like the author is simply doing a copy-paste with the same scenarios and dialogue but with different scenery. I read through Coiling Dragon. I'm reading Desolate Era, I Shall Seal the Heavens, and Skyfire Avenue. Every one of those novels has something unique to them that keeps me interested. This novel just feels so... boring.

If you're looking for a novel simply to pass the time with, then have at it. If you want a novel that's has its own unique experiences, or pushes the genre in any way, then look elsewhere. <<less
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Dec 11, 2017
Status: c1328
Wow, 1328 chapters but I only gave 3 stars?! Yep. It's a decent read, but if you find yourself bored by what is essentially standard fare Xanxia, then you can probably figure the next 1000 chapters after reading the first 50. I do enjoy it to some extent, but by no means would I rate this higher than 3 stars. It really is just "OK."

The critical problem with this book is pacing. I've been able to slog through the slow parts so far, but it seems as the story gets... more>> closer to the end, the more garbage the writer adds via pointless details.

With that in mind, here's my parody of the author's pointless tangents:


Lin Ming silently glanced around. It was dark. It wasn't smelly out here, but there were nights you could taste the rancor. He slowly dragged the overly-full tr*sh bag out to the curb. *Riiip!!* The sound seemed to echo around the alley as rotten tr*sh spewed grotesquely onto the sidewalk.

"****!" Lin Ming swore loudly. His killing intent locked onto the tr*sh bag.

After several minutes of seething anger, Lin Ming's rage subsided, allowing him to properly assess the situation. He carefully bent down while avoiding the broken shards of used Blood Demon Bones. As he began to clean up the mess, suddenly, the bag tore again! Even more garbage was discharged onto the pavement.

"Who makes such awful tr*sh bags? Ugh! It's not the first time either. I bet this is from one of those 3rd rate tribes. Made in Chinuh or something. Godd**n commie cultivators!" Lin Ming complained.

Certainly, this was not the first time. Last week, Lin Ming had a Garbage Bag of Holding explode while he was exiting the building. It had gotten caught on the fire escape, which punctured the array seal. The results were not pretty. Several days thereafter, the entire enforcement team was on their hands and knees picking up the "aftermath." It was simply too dangerous to pick up a cultivator's tr*sh with skills or techniques.

Lin Ming mused about his previous experience, considering whether he should go back to Garbage Bags of Holding. Perhaps he could add additional reinforcement on each one. That would be far cheaper than reinforcing the cheap plastic of this bag.

When he was just nearly finished, his perception caught a slight True Essence fluctuation nearby.

What – – ? The next instant, a damaged array symbol inside the remaining tr*sh activated!


Burning tr*sh splattered the walls, the windows, and most unfortunately, Lin Ming himself. More flaming garbage rained down from the sky, covering everything in sight.

Tonight was going to be a long night.

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May 29, 2016
Status: c241
I read it after "True Martial World". And it's worth it. Very enjoyable Xianxia. Once you begin to read you become addicted.

It's one of my favorite author admist (I eat tomatoes, Tang Jia San Shao,...)
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Jun 10, 2016
Status: c238
This story has some major flaws. It starts with the fact that the author needed to add words into the story so you will have repetition of the same things over and over and over again. There are whole chapters that any decent writer would just drop. Sometimes I would skip 2-3 chapters and not miss a single thing. The next issue is that the MC just stumbles from one lucky encounter to the next. It's a typical wish fulfillment novel. The MC is a marry sue type character that... more>> is all powerful with no flaws. This tends to make the story predictable and boring. The last issue I will mention is how poorly written the antagonists are. It has the typical problem with Xianxia stories that the MC will have issues with one person, that person then looks down on the MC gets beaten, but to make it alright to beat him up to the degree the MC does, he of course has moral problems, like being a super rapist, wanting to kill his family, and so on and so forth. They are all 2 dimensional characters with no depth. <<less
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Apr 29, 2016
Status: --
So I have successfully completed in reading this novel. I try not to spoil the story just basic aspects of my views on it.

... more>>

Basically the story was never boring for me when I read it, I say this because, I read quite few novels in which I need to take a break like couple of weeks to complete 50 chapters or so and few novels in which at first even though interesting but later feel boring in which MC kills every one relentlessly. This one even though it has killings but with a meaning in which there wont be many guys who purposefully provokes MC or such. There is a lot of character development for MC but regarding female characters once their story finishes later they were just mentioned along the line (out of 4 mainly 1 is important along with MC and the 2nd is in hand with MC up to some point but still not much as the previous girl.

The later 2 wifes no need to bother). Story construction is good the author writes it up skillfully even though the ending fight was a bit rushed and was kinda like unfinished since not a proper ending were MC still need to get stronger even though he defeats the enemy so that he could fulfill his two goals/wishes. I think he would definitely make a appearance in TMW but in later parts of the story I guess, from what I have seen MC in MW progression in strength is a bit faster than the MC of TMW (even though he has purple card).

Please read this story to the end may not be a epic one for all but a good read. In this novel things about those three artifacts are explained well where as in TMW they didn't explain it at all. In MW the demon bead and magical cube had great importance but no appearance of purple card to MC, but in TMW only purple card is focused.

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Aug 10, 2018
Status: Completed
Completed it about two years ago. One of the best "weak to strong" type of novels out there. It has very deep and touching romance in later half (even though romance with girls from lower world is underdeveloped, but two harem members from higher world have best romance development I ever read in this type of novel) as well as some very interesting plot twists (again in later half). It have very consistent power levels and world building (compared for example to such popular novels like ISSTH and AWE or... more>> TTNH in which levels of power often inconsistent) except some minor details main of which is the fact what author sometimes introduce some new system and then her either forget about it, or it becomes irrelevant very soon, or it re-emerges only much later, this is usual thing for this type of novels though. There wasn't any "turn-off" moments like MC raping someone or slaughtering clan including innocent people in it. Some people dislike how there is often people to be amazed by how cool MC is, but I think this is important part of "get stronger" novel - I'm much more annoyed when no one could see what MC is super genius and treat him like they treat anyone else. For example in A Will Eternal (a little spoiler for AWE, DON'T READ if you afraid of even minor spoilers) we could see what Bai Xiaochun is absolute genius, he is youngest Deva ever who could fight above his level and still he is treated like any other person of similar cultivation and no one could see his potential which is above Celestial, lol. In this novel there wouldn't be such a thing - when MC shows his talents everyone acknowledge it and shocked as they should be.

Overall this is one of the best "become strong in one place and then go to other place and become stronger there until you are strongest" type of novel which introduce some interesting plots closer to end and that is rare for this type of novel (usually ending is either too rushed or anticlimactic). <<less
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May 16, 2016
Status: c212
One of my favorites right now. In fact I like it so much that it actually rekindled my drive to read new novels after spending months only keeping up with 3 or 4 without reading anything new. I love that its fast paced yet still remains slow and detailed without too much skipping around. Its nice seeing him slowly getting stronger although in the most recent chapters the pace has changed to a large degree and he skipped some levels completely which I dont like since it made certain things... more>> like the fight with the strongest disciple kinda pointless, but its not a big deal and hopefully it was a one time thing from the author. <<less
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Oct 25, 2018
Status: Completed
I truly love this series way to much. The main reason is for the "originality" of how Lin Ming is like. When we usually read xuanhuan/xianxia, you can expect some overpowered item that gets them out of almost every major situation, you can expect some form of spiritual teacher of sorts to lead them along the way, to show them secrets that no one else knows, etc, you can also expect for them to either be an orphan, or was adopted, which usually leads to them to having a very... more>> influential/strong family that they will eventually meet up with. The romance aspect is also nice in my opinion as well. The rest explains all of the above mentioned things in greater detail but its mostly spoilers.

Now with Lin Ming, for one, he does indeed have an overpowered item with the Magic Cube, but it acts like a gacha or roulette for the entirety of the Sky Spill World, or at least the vast majority. Also while in the world, he used the cube like, only 6ish times as a gacha/roulette. This shows that he used his own power or inheritances he gained through his own power.

Next, he has no spiritual teacher at all and all of the knowledge was things he gained, but sure, there was Demonshine, but when did he appear? He appeared around ch 500, so that means for almost a quarter of the series, Lin Ming was alone, with no support, from anyone other than living people that couldn't be with him at all times.
Finally, this is one of my favorite parts about him, his background, it consists of his parents that just own a normal mortal restaurant, thats it, no strong family members, no accidental blood ties with someone powerful, just normal, mortal parents. This stopped so many cliches from existing but still had great progression in my opinion.
Now onto his goals, his main goal, from the very start was not to chase after some beautiful, strong maiden that broke her marriage with him, not a revenge story, or any other cliches start to get the plot moving. All his goal was, was to reach the very peak of martial arts. Sure, this sounds lofty and such, but its such a normal and direct goal, he has never strayed away from his primary goal, it perfectly encapsulates the idea of getting back up when beaten down, how many times has he done this, way too much times to count. But thats they beauty of it, its simple but still stays strong, he doesn't need to look for a new goal once he finishes his first, he creates his goal as the very peak, and works his was slowly throughout the story with many other goals that all build up to his primary goal.
The final thing i'll talk about is the romance aspect of this series, I very much agree that the first two felt rushed and under developed, but the latter two were almost perfect to me. Lets start with Xiao Moxian, we first meet her as a competitor in the Universes tournament, she is shown as a top contender and multiple people kept conjectures on how she and Lin Ming might end up together, due to her having 50% God Beast blood as a Dark Phoenix. But for a long time, until the Asura Road, nothing occurred. The Asura Road was an amazing arc, as it showed Lin Ming's true inheritance if you will, but along with this, Xiao Moxian followed him throughout the entire thing. I loved that even though we didn't get to read all of it ourselves, they spent 9 years together stuck with each other (cliche I know, but every story has its cliches), but afterwards they spend 24 years together as if they were mortals, I love this so much as most Protagonists get there lovers within a years time, 3 years is also possible, but also during this time, the lover either plays hard to get, damsel in distress, or isn't there the whole time. But they act as mortals, without needing to worry about the world around them, which I absolutely love. For Sheng Mei, we still don't know whats happening with her, since she kinda backstabbed him, but the dynamic is quite nice, as no matter what you say, she isn't the worlds greatest talent, as I believe that Xiao Moxian is just as good as her, or just a bit less, this is due to the almost impossible fusion of a human and God Beast, that even passed done the ability to go through 9 Nirvana's.

I would go on about other aspects, but I think this enough to show this story justice for being one of my favorite lns/ Webnovels (though I still would go on). <<less
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May 10, 2017
Status: Completed

In simple words, the novel is practically similar to Mortal Cultivating to Immortal aside from the minor differences. Follows the common rule of most Xianxia of the existence of various planes and realms. I get Mortal vibes and also Coiling Dragon vibes from reading this series. It is interesting but goes bad after a while, turns good a bit and then 200 chapters later it goes down again. Does peak up a bit near the end.

MC is shit, which is similar to Mortal MC, until he gets his Golden Finger aka Special item. World is actually a small plane among the various other planes, which is similar to Panlong. Rather hard to describe how I feel about this novel without spoiling it, but at the same time it doesnt have much to describe.

Reading this with MGS and Mortal reminds me how similar Xianxia novels are to each other which causes me to pretty much predict the storyline and made it boorish to read. Good thing I chose a modern cultivating novel (仙源农场 loosely translates to Immortal Farm) to read alongside them.

The story follows Lin Ming's progression in life, from useless, to mortal, to human, to cultivator, and skipping various other stages he reaches the world peak. Thus why I said this reminds me of Panlong. Although he went through various troubles on the way, he solves it easy with the ever present plot guard and his Special. The story doesnt seems to completely end there though, since Human Emperor aka Lin Ming tries to pinpoint the coordinate of the Purple Card of the Trinity (Cube Pearl Card) and his missing wife that was sent thru spacetime rip near the end of the novel. And thus comes True Martial World. So basically if you want to know what happens after go read True Martial World, except that it wont be via Lin Ming's POV since that would be lame and thus we get another useless mortal who obtains his Golden Finger, somewhat dies and reborn and cultivates, note here, TMW MC is possibly from the normal Earth, so the Purple Card actually are lodged between Earth and the TMW world. Hopefully it wont go the same way as the last novel. Side note, although Martial World's world seems to be based on a principle of 33 Heavens (the 3x3=9 thing, where 9 is symbol for immortality, although it is actually 33Heavens + 3 Heaven Seeds based on the novel), True Martial World felt more like a chessboard, with pits.

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Sep 20, 2016
Status: c1210
Hmm, where to start. This series is so far very much an endless cycle of rinse and repeat. Imagine a common battle manga, where the MC endlessly train, fight, level up to beat opponent, just meet new more powerful opponent, train in order to beat him/her, then rinse and repeat this formula in absurdum. Imagine this and you have Martial World! The world building, and writing isn't bad though, the cultivation methods are both well done and interesting and MC is not bad at all, even if he is OP... more>> as f*ck.

This novel started out fairly interesting, but after 100's of chapters of endless training, leveling up, beating powerful opponents just to find a new and even more powerful one around the corner, the plot starting from chapter 300 or so, became quite dull and frankly boring. The lack of any sort of proper antagonist is a huge minus, as is the mc's enemies, of whom most of them devolves into psychopathic s*xual predators, rapists and mu*derers, who lusts after the mc's harem of extremely one dimensional women instead of thinking clearly. Also, I dislike series with ret*rded factions, where people strive for personal power without caring about anything else, where the leaders of said factions just don't give a damn or are to moronic and short sighted to see or even care if their whole family/sect/kingdom/faction crumbles around them in their own personal quest for more power.

Still, it's an addictive read and better than average. I would give this a way better rating if the the endless cycle of training/fighting/powering up stopped, if the mc's harem of dull and generic women actually got interesting, and if at some point, the plot actually took of and an interesting villain finally appeared. Instead of the author just keeps introducing just another and more powerful clone of the previous villain the MC beat, which the MC easily defeats after gaining a cheat like power-up/skill in the nick of time.

Edit! - Down to 2.7 from 3.2.


So almost 700 chapters after I wrote the above review, what has changed? Well, unfortunately almost nothing, which is a huge problem, hence the lower rating. The endless cycle of tournaments was obnoxious after 400 chapters, 800 f*cking chapters later it's still going on, so can you please stop it already Mr. Author? The actual changes are that Lin-Gary Stu-Ming, has gotten some more op cheat abilities, met thousands of gray background characters that no one cares about, but still manages to get screen time in the form of expressing wooo's and waaah's at Gary Lin Ming Stue's super duper awesome moves (aka filler words), or being a pointless antagonist for a chapter or two, the generic harem girls are at some point upgraded to pointless wives, has given birth, was left behind in a lower realm with his children and has only recently made a comeback after being left out for like 500+ chapters. What else? Well, the deus-ex cube spawned a super powerful mentor who saves our beloved MC and kicked some serious ass. this series is a harem for some reason, it was of course in the form of a beautiful woman, which of course has a powerful enemy that killed her sect and family, cue Lin Ming to save the damsel at some point. This cycle of endless rinse and repeats has made me sure of one thing, Ling Stu will him in some tournament in the future!

Right now the MC is in the middle of tournament with 10 quadrillion participants, yes TEN f*ckING QUADRILLION'S OF PEOPLE! While a lot of authors in the genre exaggregate, at lets they don't do it to a point where it just becomes laughably bad, like having participants in a tournament, and while this particular tournament is supposed to be super important, all of them are described as such when the author introduces them.

Sorry, but after 1200 chapters, the flaws of this novels are so annoying that I have to let out some steam. : (

Having read the sequel (True Martial World), which pretty much follow the same style of endless and boring tournament arcs, followed by some minor plot progression after they end. I'm 100% certain of one thing, that in this Martial World, the tournaments never ends...

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Jan 12, 2017
Status: c582
I have been reading Light Novels for a some time and is currently read over 40 light novels and I have to say, this is one of my favorite light novels. I have also read True Martial World but after chapter 508, I couldn't move on, same with Martial God Asura and Wu Dong Qian Kun. This is the only light novel that even after 550 chapter in, I still enjoy it greatly. If you enjoy Wuxia novels or action, this is for you.
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Jul 27, 2016
Status: c386
This is a masterpiece, at least till where I've read. The characters are well developed and the storytelling is at a good pace. The author doesn't neglect past side characters and they appear in the future chapters but aren't that important due to their power level and current arc. This story has all the good parts of many of my favourite xianxia like coiling dragon, Against the Gods, Warlock of Magnus World, Battle through the Heavens and I Shall Seal the Heavens. The MC is strong, and kind, his policy... more>> is of 'give respect and take respect' which makes me respect him over others. He is a level headed character but is compassionate towards those with no or less power than him. The Harem in this story is phenomenal till now 2 candidates have come up who are waifu material. Both of them are awesome and are quite strong. All in all this is a awesome story, the villains are not exactly villains in the true sense due to their upbringings, I kind of understand why they try to kill MC, and are not the generic 'bad' guys. <<less
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May 20, 2016
Status: c220
This one is a well balanced story. Although the MC himself has a fortunate encounter, his strength doesn't just rely on it.. He is very matured and hard working, his heart towards the dao of martial arts is powerful which make him deserving of the cube he has acquired. The path where the story travels is gradual and interesting. He creates opportunity for himself unlike other mc's which was given everything the world has to offer. The female leads are decent too. His relationships has no negative effects towards his... more>> goal unlike other novels where pretty ladies are scattered everywhere just to say there's a romance or harem. There is no waste of characters everyone has their own role in the story unlike other novels where the author put an almost non existing side characters just to make the novel longer or what. So if are finding a novel to enjoy, this is one of those few. <<less
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Apr 17, 2016
Status: --
From 3.5 to 3 (scroll down in order to read my earlier review which explained why my very first rating or 3.75 dropped down to 3.5)

There's not much to say. Ever since the announcement of how the MC could become a core-disciple, the quality of the novel has dropped even more. It was already repetitive before but it has become much worse recently. Old details which have been explained before are explained again, simple things which don't need any explaining are explained using as many words as possible. The... more>> experience of reading this novel has really dropped because of how the author tries to lengthen chapters as much as possible. If it the information is new or, interesting, or important then it wouldn't matter but it simple isn't. I'm just forcing myself to read all the words but it's honestly getting harder to harder. If this keeps up I'll honestly just end up skimming through the chapters like I do for some other novels which I'm dangerously close to dropping.

Also, the antagonists being introduced are just getting more and more demonized and cliche. A woman-raping cultivator who's cultivation requires having s*x all day long with different people and who's cultivation technique leads him to become savage. And not just 1 of that kind of antagonist but 2 are introduced.

Sad to say but this novel is inching closer and closer to being included my the "Dropped" list and that I may just stop recommending it to people soon. <<less
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