Lord Xue Ying


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In the Tranquil Sun province of the empire, there exists an unremarkable lordship known as Xue Ying Territory! This is the home of the Dong Bo clan, the clan of our hero Xue Ying!

His father, a commoner turned noble; his mother, a noble who abandoned her clan for love, and his brother, an innocent toddler. But peace cannot last forever, Xue Ying’s peaceful life is shattered, and the only way to reclaim it is through power!

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Snow Eagle Lord
Xue Ying Ling Zhu
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riida rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: v2c14
Just like anything written by tomatoes, this novel contains lots of potential and just like every work by tomatoes that I've read, all of that potential to be a great novel is destroyed by insanely s*upid behavior of certain characters, because it doesn't matter how smart the author *says* they are, they can never *act* smarter than the author himself can imagine, making them superficial degenerates.
... more>>

for example, just in this last chapter one of the potential enemies made a threat against MC's family! But instead of thinking of how to deal with him quietly, MC just makes his influential enemy, who did not take him seriously before, aware that
1-he's not afraid
2-might retaliate
thus creating MUCH more danger for himself AND his family, compared to JUST SHUTTING HIS DUMB MOUTH but the author, again, thinks that arrogance is superiority and FORCES unnecessary tension, because he can't imagine better ways to write tension

2 stars for moderately interesting cultivation.
shallow characters, shallow conflicts, shallow fighting, shallow writing, shallow filler-talk to increase the number of chapters.
another shameless money-grubbing "novel"

Not reading this pathetic waste anymore. <<less
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October 14, 2016
Status: v26c32
Lord Xue Ying is IET's latest (ongoing) work after completing Legend of Xingfeng, Inch of Radiance, Stellar Transformation, Coiling Dragon, The Nine Cauldrons, Swallowed Star and Desolate Era. For those who read his works, his scale of battles, worldbuilding and story telling improves phenomenally after every work.

Review from v1c1 to v6c1 (latest translated chapter) :
Lord Xue Ying's namesake protagonist, Xue Ying wields a spear. It is the third most popular weapon in xianxia after sword and saber. Like other IET MCs, he is a genius who can comprehend... more>> laws, master techniques and cultivate faster than nearly everyone else, a genius among geniuses. If you want tr*sh MC, move on.

From v1-v3, the six major mortal cultivation ranks are given, and the MC's goal is to rise above them and break through to a Transcendent. There is extremely fast progression and high speed cultivation. IET doesn't put much focus on the mortal world and mortal cultivation realms: he knows everyone wants to see his famous large scale battles and his huge numbers, so he tries to get through this quickly. That said, the battles aren't lackluster and the story telling isn't sloppy; everything is 'good', the work of a career writer who has completed 7 books.

From v4-v6, everything rises in scale. Power levels, worlds, cultivation realms... the sky grows even higher! IET is in his element now. The latter half of v5 is full of battles after a long time of training and cultivation. This story is getting even better from now!

If you have noticed, IET is trying hard to differentiate the cultivation system for Desolate Era. Ji Ning from DE is most memorable for reading through sword manuals like textbooks. For LXY...


Book 5, Chapter 9

Even when some senior Transcendents created his own spear techniques, it was entirely due to his own experiences and his own path. Should one read these senior Transcendent’s techniques when they were young and malleable, they would be easily pulled by the allure into taking an easy road.

The path of any Transcendent must be taken step by step in a firm manner, experiencing everything by themselves! Only after condensing their own ‘True Meaning’ with a firm foundation should they refer to other senior Transcendents’ spear techniques or sword techniques, or such weaponry techniques. This would ensure their own resolution was not shaken.

No spear manuals bro. Xue Ying's heart is too fragile for learning them.


v6-v14 Review:

From v6-v14, the Grand Xia World Arc (own name) begins. Like a typical xianxia, events like increasing cultivation, getting better techniques and weapons from ancient ruins and marriage take place. IET makes his world and numbers bigger and bigger. Comparable to the current war against the Seamless Gate, this is basically a war against the Sorcerer's Palace and Demonic Faction.

Not everything is the same though.
On a whole, the world seems deeper and vaster without adding 10+ powerlevels like generic xianxia.


v14-v25 review

From v14-v25, the Divine World Arc begins. The scale gets bigger and battles get even more awesome. The main point returns to MC's cultivation. He takes the strongest cultivator in the Divine Realm as his master and quickly rises through cultivation realms. There is a memorable arrogant young master (because IET hates this trope and inserts too few of them). There are areas like the Dark Abyss filled with mysterious legacies of ascended masters and corpses of those who tried to take them and failed. Oh, and there is an invasion arc too, but the invaders are few in number, so no large scale battles.

The most amazing thing about Lord Xue Ying comes to play in this arc. Cultivation Systems. No, not cultivation manuals, ENTIRE CULTIVATION SYSTEMS. Say for example Desolate Era. There are two major cultivation systems: Immortal Ki Refining and Fiendgod Body Refining. In LXY, there are countless cultivation systems like this. Some of them are incomplete, some are complete and training in more than a few is wasting time. But for any xianxia fan, its absolutely mindblowing and the signature of LXY for me.


v26 review

v26c32 - The last volume (I have read). This is the Void World Arc, for lack of better names.

After a brief time roaming the void, it switches to a sect arc. The MC is a core disciple on arrival, and he is set to become an Elder in a short while. IET doesn't f*ck around, no outer, inner, core, true disciple progression and meaningless arcs of making word count... straight to the meat of the matter.


There are problems with the raw source where I read the MTL, so I have stalled at v26c32, while the raws are at v30c12 as of today. Eagerly awaiting the raw source to be fixed, so that I can catch up quick! <<less
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Gralorn rated it
July 13, 2016
Status: v3c11
So far this is one of the best novels I found. The story started a little boring, but later it became interesting. It may be a little fast paced, but it is still within acceptable range and I am quite interested how the story and the main character's cultivation goes. I read the previous reviews, but I don't agree with them. At least I think this novel worth a try and everyone should decide if he/she likes it or not. I may update my "review later", since out of the... more>> 16 volumes, the translation is only at volume 3. <<less
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Reindeer rated it
March 2, 2017
Status: v7c59
A lot of people seem to be complaining, but me personally, I like this one better than the author's Stellar Transformations and The Desolate Era. And that's probably the thing, if you didn't like those two, you probably won't like this one as well.

First thing first, what I really love about this novel is that it has world building, as always from our very own author. Although not everything is revealed, we still have a very good picture om what the world is like.

The thing that made me hooked on... more>> this novel, however, is the very same reason why I love King of Gods: OPness. This time, however, is a bit different. I've read a lot of xianxia, xuanhua, and the likes (though haven't read wuxia yet), and if you did as well, I'm sure you've already met the weak MC gets super external help. That made me want to read an actual MC who is just like the ones in other novels that are described as some dragon amongst men with heaven defying talent. And this our MC here is the one. Although not as obvious from the start, it gets more and more obvious later on. So far, he only got one extremely lucky encounter, and we're already at volume 7, almost 8 now. And that encounter didn't really help him that much afterwards, only helping him breakthrough and I guess some drinks.

Next thing is the MC. People might say he's bland, but I actually prefer this kind of MC way more better than Japanese MCs in first point of view. Like seriously... Well, I guess Dungeon Defense is the only novel that is good at first POV.

The supporting characters aren't really special. But I have this feeling where not being special doesn't mess it up. Ugh.... I should just really get over from that Lazy Dungeon Master's writing style (c49, and the cringyness is starting to take a toll on me)... Cough, by that I mean it's not awkward to read.

I think there's a lot more to it, but I'm sure this is already long enough. (Oh yeah, Kenkyo Kenjitsu is a good novel on first POV!)

I guess this novel all boils down to an OP MC where we actually have an idea how special he is because of really good world-building. Guess that's all, Peace Out. <<less
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seanba rated it
September 15, 2017
Status: --
Same author as coiling dragon, seems like it's half clone.

MC's first love interest... more>>

She's a beauty who is an opportunist at a very young age. Probably influenced by her family situation or beliefs. MC used to like her but never tries too pursue her, guess being the way she is is set in stone and MC ain't alpha enough to take/get what he wants. She also keeps her prospects open keeping close to another guy who isn't the MC. Pointless references about how she regrets deep down about not ending up with the MC after he becomes strong/famous.


MC's Younger brother

MC works his ass off while spoiling the younger brother pretty much giving him a silver spoon.


MC's future love interest

Is a super beauty with much higher status and better looks than the first love interest


MC is a super talent at very young age and gets very high status once he reaches a high enough strength level early on and so the ass kissing begins. Everyone respects him BLAH BLAH BLAH.... <<less
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rdawv rated it
February 19, 2016
Status: --
Review as of V2c3.

It’s a novel by I Eat Tomatoes, so those who are familiar with Coiling Dragon, Stellar Transformations and The Desolate Era can expect to find the same: hardworking MC with a good disposition and straightforward progression. The moment you read about the MC being a prodigy at 8 years old and being as mature as if he is 20 gives you an idea.

The setting involves a vast continent, power rankings, people who can live beyond a hundred years, sentient half-men half-beasts races and an initial focus on... more>> physical martial arts.

Perhaps what makes this MC different is that he is using a spear and not a sword.

It is still too early to tell what the story will be focusing on, but I expect the same sort of development you see in the author’s other novels.

My advice is to wait for chapters to pile up before reading in one go, preferably by volume. <<less
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Flyingboots rated it
September 23, 2017
Status: v38c62
I have to say I was extremely disappointed in this novel. It had a fantastic cultivation system where there was more than just one way of cultivating and none of the ways were wrong, they were just weaker and stronger, but eventually reaching the same end point. It was an amazing idea and gave a huge amount of variety of both races and techniques used by the races.

That was an amazing part of the novel, the problem lies within the Main Character, IET has spent a massive amount of time... more>> just turtling him in a safety bubble all the way to the last chapter of the final volume:


Throughout ALL volumes he always has a clone somewhere safe where enemies cannot reach him, he's always completely safe so there is no fear of danger or risk of his life through the entire novel. All that would happen at most is that he gets a huge setback that can take him some time to recover from but he will never be at the risk of truly perishing.

It even gets to the point where he has over 10, 000 clones that he even deliberately sends to dangerous locations to get information and then gets them killed so that he can absorb the information on all other clones. It's ridiculous just how safe he is throughout the entirety of the story.

Even at the end when he has reached his peak it's said that those at the peak only has 10% strength in their clones and that their main body only has the strength, well plot armor decided that he is the only one in the cosmos that can switch his power of the main bodies to another clone he has hidden somewhere else, so even if his main body dies he can just transfer the power to another clone so even if someone were to manage to kill his most powerful clone he can just make a new one.

I Eat Tomates has basically spent this novel as if Dongbo Xueying is his newborn baby and wrapped him in 20 feet of bubble plastic in fear that he is going to get himself hurt, and it gets super frustrating the futher you read. I basically started speed skimming the last 5 volumes because I had enough of it and just wanted to get to the end.


Overall, fantastic cultivation system, side characters were decent enough (A large improvement compared to older novels made by IET) and the worlds explored are varied and always refreshing. The MC killed the novel for me however, but that is also a relative opinion and it's all different for others. <<less
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Raphael rated it
October 22, 2015
Status: --
Interesting premise have not seen a main character that uses a spear in quite a while, hopefully it picks up a bit of speed but regardless is a good read when you have read mostly everything else to date =D
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Dusk rated it
October 4, 2016
Status: v5c16
If I were to describe my experience reading LXY, I can summarize it into 4 parts according to the book.

• Book 1 - Average, World Building Stage. Very slow read, even slower than the early ST.
• Book 2 - Average-Slightly Mediocre, Transition Stage, which is kinda borish and slow.
• Book 3 - Starting to be Good - Plot starts to unfold.
• Book 4 - Awesome - The Story has finally reached where it is on the level we expected it to be as an IET work, it... more>> has been an exciting and eventful read.
• Book 5 - The start of XY's transcendent life, and shows that the book has finally found it's feet, awesome. Lord Xue Ying is a very slow paced novel, clearly evident in Book 1-3. This is probably IET's slowest book at start not mentioning how long it took DE to rise into brilliance.

There is also an interesting fact to note that LXY's MC, Xue Ying, while almost a carbon copy to other IET Mcs, has a very different way in pursuing cultivation in contrast with other IET Mcs, unlike the normal IET MCs who frequently ventured out on life-death situations and gain insights on those moments, Xue Ying likes to be in secluded mediation more as he build up his foundations, gaining insights as time goes by and has much lesser exposure to the outside world when comparing to other IET mcs.

This is a very recommended read to any IET fans or those who want to see spear wielding mcs. Be patient though, and try to get through book 3.

Rated 8.5 Nice change of pace. <<less
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Trent rated it
January 24, 2017
Status: v7c37
After reading a negative review for this story, I avoided it for several months. It was my loss. All I can say is that the reviewer made the issue seem worse than it was, ignored the MC’s reasons for speaking as he did, and didn’t realize that opponent’s family wasn’t a significant threat to the MC.

... more>>

Moreover, the opponent's family doesn't even take action against the MC, so his words don't create additional problems.


If you forget who wrote the novel, and appreciate it on its own merits, you’ll enjoy it more. That said, the author has noticeably tried to improve his writing with this story. For one thing, he does well at showing fighting strength, and makes it clear how fast characters are and how much damage their attacks do, and battles are all the more impressive for it.

The MC’s insights and fighting abilities are also better explained than previous works. Generally, we’re not just being told that his leveled up attacks are more “mysterious, ” “insightful, ” or “profound” than before, and instead we’re seeing some details. On the negative side, this sometimes makes the MC less convincing, since although he’s supposed to be a hardworking, genius grandmaster of the spear, he finds it difficult to comprehend relatively simple concepts that he should have understood well before becoming a “grandmaster.”

Most characters are relatively complex. There are a number of flat, cliché enemies though, which can be unusually disappointing in comparison to the deeper ones. Furthermore, the author’s really bad at making characters switch sides, and yanks them from nice people to self-centered baddies with little in-between.

The story’s fast-paced, perhaps enjoyably so, and the MC quickly becomes a powerful figure. This gives readers little time to appreciate the world’s depths, and means that the MC skips past lower levels of power, but it makes for a tale that doesn’t drag on. So whereas in another novel the MC might still be young and weak a hundred chapters in, here, he’s a respected master by then. Kudos. <<less
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bearnanny rated it
June 19, 2016
Status: v2c25
The novel has a pace that can only be described with the way your eyes will glaze over entire paragraphs of cultivation descriptions, increasing the efficiency of reading. It skips over so much that a huge chunk of the world itself feels completely irrelevant. I feel like the novel has only really officially started at around v2c25, the prologue is over.

I can't overstate how quickly this novel progresses early on, how it skips over all phases of the MC being weak. It establishes a goal for the MC, but that... more>> goal is practically already in sight by the end of the second volume, possibly being resolved by the third or fourth depending on if the pace keeps wanting to break necks. It's very much like the entire world building and story of this novel is nearing the point where it's not relevant, simply because the MC will eclipse it and move on to another world or continent. For the writing itself, the characters are not given any room to interact, so you can't tell much about them at all. Scales are ridiculous, there's one gem where some bandits casually shoot hand held crossbows 300km. They were supposed to be on the same mountain as their target. A mountain with a steep face for 300km would basically be.. Too big. That's 30-40 times higher than mount everest.

In summary, It's not terrible or great, read it when it gets a few more volumes or you're going to be unsatisfied when you catch up. <<less
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MondoX rated it
June 25, 2016
Status: c304
Started off slow, but interesting enough to not drop the novel. I was waiting for the MC to get stronger, and begin his revenge, but his strength and age progression flew by too fast. However, now both the story, and the chapters have picked up. The story has picked up so much, that the cliffhangers are killing me.

Update: After book four, the story goes downhill. The plot begins to focus on training, and becoming stronger. There is no tension, and no enemies. Fights are almost non-existent. I guess the MC... more>> wants to become stronger to live longer. Also, too many unnecessary time-skips. <<less
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July 10, 2016
Status: v3c10
Decided to ignore the negative reviews and start reading this for Two reasons, 1. Written by IET, 2. Bored and this only new novel I have bothered to find that has a decent amount of chapters out that has themes I like. Will be back to give my review (though biased on my tastes ofc, still suggest ignore reviews in many of these NU novel pages, cause it has 3. a 4star rating outside of reviews) Also, its started having regular releases recently (cause I don't use reading list anymore... more>> (still check novels chapters I read) to stay up to date)

Edit (V3Ch10). After having read to this point, I can see why its got such a good rating besides the fact of all these low star reviews. For one, pace isn't slow, if anything its above average fast, but thats fine, many people won't like this either, complaining its going to fast, or that the MC doesn't really have a weak period. In my opinion, its one of the few cultivation novels where you see an MC who doesn't temper himself in the flames of life and death all the time, fighting against people who are much stronger than him just to succeed with plot-armor. Because of this, when he does battle, he improves in battles much much quicker than others because he already has a solid foundation, just no experience. When he is in battle, he improves a good amount because while his foundation is solid in his skills, he doesn't have much experience in using them, but his cultivation so far has never progressed mid battle, just skills. Anyways i'd give this novel a 3.5 stars though, personally I enjoy it at a good 4.5 stars, but I can see why people can get turned off, to fast paced, some illogical things (like money, in this world its really really hard to comprehend its value because the MC basically doesn't value it and theres never really anything to compare it to solidly) some people get caught up on distances, but in xianxia, distances don't exist anyways half the time!!! anyways I was tired when I made this review so I don't explain much, I just advise you to give this novel a chance to see if it suits your tastes...

Edit: also at the person who reviewed after V2Ch14.... you don't pay much attention really, 1, BIG main thing, he is at legend rank strength already, so they can't threaten him anymore nor his family/clan, 2. Only the head of the family is any threat to him, even then not a legal threat against him because he hasn't done anything that will allow them to act against him. 3. as said, laws for the lawful humans below trascendent rank or Marquis nobility prevent unlawful actions against those at legend rank. Only reason Si clan is any threat to others is because they basically have the position to give very shady excuses to get anyone jailed/killed to figures below the legend rank/don't have a legend rank, making it so people are always subservient to Si clan members, even if they are complete and utter garbage, cause they just need to say a random excuse to get you jailed/killed. At this point in the story, none of this matters anymore to the MC, only Blood Tavern Hall has any threat, but it costs way to much to mean anything. <<less
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lazyporpoise rated it
November 20, 2016
Status: v6c26
I have read many xuanhuan and xiaxian stories and while I can't say this one is my favorite it is definitely one of my favorite. It does not follow the typical cycle of MC meets arrogant genius cultivator, promises to duel in x amount of time, MC powers up, MC beats genius cultivator, repeat. The MC also doesn't use pills, treasures, or heaven defying cultivation methods. He is much more of a slow and steady wins the race kind of guy. This also means that most of the time he... more>> is cultivating peacefully in seclusion only to venture out when he is about to make a breakthrough and needs an extra push. So don't expect a hyper aggressive MC with the same personality as all the "arrogant geniuses" he is much more calm and laid back. Granted he isn't afraid to kill if necessary. So if your looking for a story about a MC that is only interested understanding where his path is leading him, and not about mass slaughter, heavenly pills, and idiotic antagonists then this may be a story worth reading for you. I know it is one of the stories I most look forward to seeing an update for on my reading list. <<less
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novelreader123 rated it
January 26, 2018
Status: c300
A lot of people say this is their favorite iet novel and I can see why. It's pretty addicting and once I got past the boring early chapters, I binged read like 280 chapters in 2 days.

This novel is great. It reminded me of why I loved coiling dragon which I read years ago. There's something mystical about iet's writing that makes you feel like you're in the story. Watching as xue ying gets stronger almost feels as if I'm getting stronger. There's this sense of urgency. You can't help... more>> but hope that he quickly gets stronger so he can defend himself. Unlike coiling dragon, I think this novel has much less flaws.

First of all, its a xuanhuan/xianxia novel so the bullsh*t billion year lifespan/immortality concept and goku ss9000 power is much less pronounced. The highest lifespan is 3000 years before becoming a diety.

iet rarely puts a lot of romance in his novel and sometimes objectifies women, but he definitely does a better job in LXY than in CD. I also love how he always makes the first love interest betray the MC.

theres's less douchebag characters in the novel aka the dickheads young masters commonly found in xuanhuan. So far, there's actually only been 3 notable douchebags who are too weak to really bother the MC.

I like that there's also a stronger sense of camaraderie in this novel. In CD, side characters become completely irrelevant, but this is slightly better in that so far. Even though some characters are irrelevant, its pretty obvious from the get go. Its not like CD, where iet hypes up a person to be an extremely powerful figure, but then later on, that person is considered complete tr*sh. The pacing is much better.

iet says xue ying is his favorite MC so far and I kinda agree. Xue ying is much more charismatic than linley. In cd, linley sort of lost all his character and iet just tried to show that he was cruel and pragmatic. Xue ying is a true spear fanatic and thats combined with rescuing his parents is what pushes him to cultivate. Once linley was done with his pointless revenge, he just seemed to have no motivation, no purpose for getting stronger whatsoever. He literally went to the upper world because he was bored and doesn't give jack sh*t about humans. Xue ying actually has to protect his home planet from invaders so they don't consume the lesser humans. Hes loyal to the human race.

the cultivation system is also pretty good. Its much less rigid and doesn't have a sh*t ton of levels for each of the stage, not like disgusting xuanhuan such as mga. Iet is the only author who does the comprehension cultivation because he's the only xianxia/xuanhuan that uses magic. The fighting and magic will never be a disappointment <<less
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gulahitam rated it
November 12, 2016
Status: v6c17
I have been in NU for atlest a year, this is my first comment. I really love this novel, even tough it have slow start. But believe me its good and really exciting to read. Especially how he devolpe his own path in spear and true meaning.

One more thing, it is completly different from other story because the technique and power of the MC has is self taught, not by receiving any ancient scroll or mysterius technique. Read it!
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NastyNato rated it
September 1, 2016
Status: v2c25
It is well, (edit as of v6 c11) Pretty alright. You should read it.

To be better explained this novel has no tension or scale. The novel is trying to be mysterious (I think) but just ends up being like a cluster f*ck of random bits of info that don't fit together. Because I hate spoilers I'm not going to give examples but if you've read the novel or read other comments you'll probably know what I mean. The MC has no real goals and it is impossible to understand... more>> his or anyone in the novels actual character because the development isn't descriptive enough.

In saying all this there are still some points we can assume. Knowing IET it's pretty obvious he is weak even though the novel says he's strong which is why everyone should ignore people complaining about pace. (If you didn't catch my drift his current strength is probably the bottom end of like 85 realms of advancement or some sh*t like that)

The Romance is dumb af per the usual IET spec. Holds no luster, relatability or even the slightest 'oh, that's cute' factor at all and if that's not enough you can tell who the love interests are because it takes about an entire chapter to say she has nice skin.

It will probably be more focused towards cultivating knowledge than anything else and the MC probably won't get any cool powers (for those who have read the novel you know what I mean)

Down points aside (and believe me there is a lot) it's entertaining. Don't know why but is. I feel it's just because it gives a slight slice of life feel and if we are going off more IET assumptions I believe his character is pretty much the same as Linley and his wife will probably be another out of the way Delia. So if you got nothing to read give it a try. At least you won't be bored while reading it.

As of v6 c11 the quality improves a lot. This is because he has finally stepped into the world of "higher level being realm" and is giving a sense that it is a very slow moving (Not as in cultivation which is crazy quick, but as in development of character and world development) where everything will slowly unravel. Of course in most aspects, it's your casual 2D IET but it just isn't as annoying like other xianxia because he knows how to keep out of the way what needs to be kept out of the way. The world building and cultivation is amazing and the fights are quite intense. I like how this Mc's cultivation method is very lax and like I said above the slice of life feel shown through this is very refreshing. But the flaws I said above are still very prominent. <<less
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grandplex rated it
November 14, 2016
Status: v6c20
I am a fan of IET, so it is not surprising I like this novel as well. It is really similar to quite a few parts of Coiling Dragon, which is definitely one of my favorite novels. The plot is smooth and keeps you wanting to read more without putting it down, there are no places where you feel dissapointed with the MC, or feel like the chapter was just there to increase the chapter count, unlike a lot of popular xanxias.
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Callista Soo
Callista Soo rated it
October 10, 2016
Status: v5c31
At first when it started I remembered I didn't have too much hope or impression of it, thinking "Oh it's one of those typical Chinese martial arts novels..." But I was mistaken. It's an amazing and exciting sorry that really gets you on the edge. Kinda like watching your favourite sports team playing. It's a great read a definitely would recommend it to anybody, whether they need something to fill up their time or something new. Kudos to the translator for the awesome work and to the author for continuing... more>> to excite me and surprise me! Jia you!!! <<less
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1234gary rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: c363
Lord Xue Ying has the misfortune of being the 5th IET novel I have ever read, after finishing CD, SS, DE and dropping ST, and every successive book has become harder and harder to read. Unfortunately LXY gets a 2-3 from me, simply because it brings nothing new that I haven't seen before from IET and it's flaws gets magnified with every successive book I read from IET. We have:

  1. Horrible romance plot. The same rehashed disappointed first love into a true second love (CD and DE) who ends up terminally ill to serve as motivation for the rest of the novel. Its literally what happens in DE but this time LXY does it even faster so we can get romance out of the way and never care about it again.
  2. Just horrible side character writing. IET immediately vomits a bunch of side characters that just thrown away 20 chapters later with the way the MC cultivates. There's his family and brother I give flying f*cks about because they are irrelevant (like in ST), there are scores of 5 chapter characters that get introduced and then half of these characters team up to die to introduce forced melodrama about how dangerous a trial is. None of the non Xue Ying characters are engaging and have any semblance of character like Bebe in CD.
Its just unfortunate, because with every successive IET novel, the good parts become less and less exciting because I've seen that same plot before, while the flaws just get more and more irritating as they never seem to be addressed or fixed.
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