Against the Gods


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Mythical Abode Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff, the most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent’s four deadly areas. Cloud’s End Cliff’s base is known as the Grim Reaper’s Cemetery.

Over countless years, the number of people that have fallen off this cliff is too high to count. None of them, even three stronger than god masters, whose power could pierce the heavens, have been able to return alive. However, a boy that’s being chased by various people because he alone holds a priceless treasure jumps off the cliff, but instead of dying he wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world!

This is the story of a boy wielding the Sky Poison Pearl, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven and earth, a lord overlooking the world!

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Evil God
Heaven-Defying Evil God
Ni Tian Xie Shen
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rdawv rated it
March 18, 2016
Status: --
For a series that is consistently ranked at the top at this site, it has sparked a lot of derision and contempt. “Against the Gods” is the prime example of a series that is steeped in emotion, playing to the common denominators to keep the reader interested. Cycles of greed, treachery, pride, revenge repeat in a myriad of ways that are predictable and yet compelling to read for those who are looking for a straightforward, well written series.

Much of the criticism lies in the philandering ways of the MC as well as the conveyor belt of antagonists that are generic, doomed to meet their inevitable demise, humiliation and clan annihilation at his hands. Yun Che is someone who is prideful, brash, lecherous, reckless, vengeful. Yet as a MC, we are supposed to root for him when he retaliates against those who do the things that he would do. Most readers do, because the antagonists are mostly one dimensional characters that have no redeeming features whatsoever.

Yun Che himself can be a compelling MC. A long, storied background meant a new reader can get behind his behavior; his early turmoil and suffering gives him the underdog tag. When he powers up later on and unleashes a torrential firestorm of vengeance, readers cheer for him despite the huge swath of destruction that he has carved. And then the readers get to read it all over again in a different setting. Different power levels, different women involved, but ultimately the same outcome for the enemies in the arc. Predictable? Yes. Enjoyable? Also yes.

Some readers take offense at his behavior later on, especially his multiple love interests as well as generally randy behavior. Yet, as the author wrote:


Yun Che looked to the far distance; then his gaze became deep and profound: “There are only two ultimate goals that a man pursues; one is to conquer the world, the other is to conquer women. To conquer the world is to reach a new height in life, but to conquer women, is to embellish the scenery of life. If one isn’t able to conquer the women that he wants, even if he conquered the entire world, he would still be at a lonely summit, and experience loneliness everywhere. Yuanba, don’t you think that what I, your brother-in-law just said is right?”

That's right, that's the MC bragging to his brother-in-law the reasoning for courting more women than just one wife.

Those who continued to read on after that particular chapter can’t really say they didn’t see his lechery coming.

“Against The Gods” does have its strong points. The story-telling and translation are superbly done. To a seasoned reader, the material might not be an award winning, critically acclaimed story. One can say it’s the Michael Bay of Chinese fantasy novels. But the fact remains that it is popular. People read on because they want to see him kick the ass of the arrogant on an ever increasing scale.
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strixflash rated it
March 18, 2016
Status: c530
I used to love this novel for the starting 200-300 chapters. Sure there was nothing new in this novel as the novel borrows most of the elements from other novels of Xianxia/Xuanhuan category (Talented protagonist being reincarnated into a "tr*sh"/ Super powerful & All-knowing Master who lacks true body (Jasmine) / MC having super OP treasure) but it was still fine given I liked the MC’s personality.

Now it has become totally repetitive. It’s annoying to see every idiot out there claiming how strong they are and then getting their... more>> asses kicked by Yun Che. It was fun at start but now their arrogant attitude is annoying the hell out of me especially seeing no villain has any brains... they are just s*upid villains who continue to underestimate Yun Che even after knowing that he can easily defeat opponents far beyond his level.

The other thing I’m hating is how easily Yun Che easily overcome every trouble. No matter how strong the oppponent is he always gains new power or find help during the middle of a battle. He might use all his stamina and author would highlight that it's impossible for MC to continue but then MC would easily overpower dozen of strong guys... There are events which author would hype to showcase that MC is deep crisis but then resolve the said crisis by giving MC heaven defying treasure or legacy. The plot armor is too thick. It’s like all the treasures and legacies are waiting for MC.

Romance and harem in the series are totally annoying. Author really sucks in the romance department. Most of the female love interest are one dimensional idiots with no personality at all. His past life love interest, his little aunt, the princesses from Blue Wind Empire and Phoenix Empire... their personality are completely same (Kind hearted plus naive and s*upid). Its like author just changes name of the female character but they are all same including their jade like skin! You wouldn’t find a single girl interesting. And those who are interesting at start will soon turn into one dimensional after falling for Yun Che’s awesomeness *cough* Little Fairy *cough*

The baddest part is how author keeps on saying how awesome Yun Che is. Plus author would tell us about his abilities multiple times in a chapter. We already know he can defeat opponents far beyond his level and that he has support of many legacies but there is no need to be a fangirl in every chapter and repeat this in every chapter which has action. Of course character shilling is important in such novels but there is a limit. <<less
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ElDorado rated it
May 26, 2016
Status: c350
Typical wish fulfilment bullcrap full of overwrought descriptions of jade like beauties and repetitive justifications of the self-insert protagonist's modus operandi. At least the writing is average and not as dreary as MW.
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kedar080340119014 rated it
June 15, 2016
Status: c600
This is a horrible LN. One of the worst CN LN I have read in a long while. The LN had so much potential at the start but the author basically drove the LN to the ground. By chapter 300, it is just got repetitive and s*upid. I found myself cringing while reading the LN. I have read it till Ch 600 and I advice you to absolutely not read this one.

What I HATE in this LN:

1) So much potential initially. The LN had interesting thematic areas initially which seemed interesting. There was time travel, mysterious origin of MC and that chick in the pearl and so on. After reading it till ch 600, I can say this without doubt that it all turned absolute s*upid crap.
2) The MC and the villians are all soooooo s*upid. They are all basically pyschopaths and sadistic egotistical genocidal maniacs. The MC basically kills of 70, 000 innocents just because one of the idotic young master of the rival clan kidnapped the MCs grandfather and aunt (although they treated them nicely).
3) It seems all the good luck of all people seems to fall in hands of MC. He has phoenix blood, Phoenix Ode skill (high level skill), Two absolute heaven defying treasures which are just TOOOOO OP, he has evil god's blood (INCREDIBLY OP), he has evil god's seed (water and fire seed which make him 100% invulnerable to any type of flames/fire attacks from ANYONE as well as water based attacks invulnerability from ANYONE), he has dragon god's blood, dragon god's marrow, he has OP sword, skills and techniques from God realm from an OP teacher who resides in one of the MC's treasures and the teacher of MC herself is too OP. Apart from this, do not get me started on all the other different treasures and skills which just seem to fall on his lap and also his luck with the ladies. It too much.
4) The MC is basically a pe*vert, he r*ped a women who was basically completely defenseless and she then becomes an expert later on but then her fate turns out really pitiful bcoz of MC's r*pe gets her pregnant and she is crippled by her own sect master for going against sect rules and having relations with man (not allowed in her sect) and she is kicked out and is missing.
5) The MC is basically so powerful with his divine skills and abilities that he can defeat someone who is two whole F'ing realms higher than him (20 stages above him). Even though author repeatedly stresses that the difference between two realms is like heavens and earth.
6) the cultivation system is never really explained at all. How is earth profound realm any different from sky profound realm except that they have more profound energy??... There is almost no distinction between the cultivation realms except just more energy.
7) Author made MC so OP from the start that he is now struggling to keep him at lower levels deliberately so that tension can be retained in the novel.
LIKE SERIOUSLY, in chapter 500 or so, MC is rewarded tyrant profound pill which if taken then it can help the cultivator no matter which realm he is in to immediately break through to tyrant profound realm. Currently, MC in chap 500 or so, when he is offered this pill is already in 10 stage of profound sky realm and he can already kill 8th stage tyrant profound ream expert. If he had taken the pill, then he would have immediately become an overlord of entire profound sky continent and demon realm. BUT, he just gave away this pill to some no name relative who had appeared for no more than a dozen chapters for no reason at all.... WTF. I mean, its fine if author wishes to deliberately keep the MC weak to retain tension but atleast do it in more logical and rational manner.
8) Author always finds ways to justify the cruel actions of MC in good light which even a person who had IQ lower than 10 would not accept. I do not have any issue with anti-hero MC or even villianous MC. But author constantly tries to portray MC in heroic and just way which just feels annoying and frankly, it just feels like author thinks the readers are just plain s*upid.

In nutshell, please do not read this LN. It is absolute worst LN I have read like EVER. What makes it worse is that the LN had so much potential initially which was completely destroyed by the author.
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Fred rated it
February 25, 2016
Status: --
Very mediocre imo. All of the characters are very unreasonable, look down on everything, kill everyone they don’t like. MC is way too ruthless as well. None of the characters, male or female, are actually notable or memorable – they are all cut out of a mold. Arrogant prick, pointless side character, plastic s*x doll, etc.

In the end, the story can be summed up as boring wish fulfillment. “MC becomes unreasonably overpowered and randomly has huge harem of unimaginably beautiful women because he is a super mega cool badass”
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leste rated it
March 26, 2017
Status: c700
This novel was pretty good for the first 150 chapters or so... It looked quite promising. Sadly the more I read the novel the more disgusting and disappointing the MC became. The MC was first displayed as being smart and wise however as the novel went on it only proved how foolish the MC really was and how s*upid and one dimensional his enemies were.

Due to the MC's foolishness he ends up being saved again and again by luck/plot armor. Pe*verted MC's and harems aren't bad but creepy MC's... more>> are. The MC abuses his status as a doctor and mol*sts innocent women without them knowing, this is very creepy and is not considered as flirting, its mol*sting. He r*ped an innocent woman that helped him despite her pleas for him to stop. He laughed about the r*pe afterwards.

He claims that he wants to protect his family but willingly throws his life away while knowing full well that his family will have no one to protect them once he is dead (The funniest thing is before he thinks he's about to die he has flash backs of people he supposedly cares about and mutters to himself about being worried about who's going to protect them). eg.

So his wife was going to marry another man and commit su*cide afterward, the MC been missing (also thought to be dead, previously threw his life away) for over a year returns and prevents it, then MC marries her, MC supposedly feels guilty, he has to later leave for a tournament, promises his wife to return in about 2 to 3 months.
After that tournament the MC gets into a situation were he has only one means to escape but instead of using it to save himself he give it to someone else (what about your wife ?, what about your family ?, don't you want to protect them ?, doesn't your wife need you, don't you care about her, didn't you promise her that you'll return ?) to let them escape. MC waiting for death again thinks about the people he supposedly wants to protect. MC is thought to be dead for around three years, while his wife is all alone, in bad health and depressed. LOLOLOL this MC is a clown.


He gets lucky power ups while constantly throwing his life away and obviously gets saved by luck/plot armor. The story and power ups are very repetitive. Very repetitive with foolish and creepy MC. <<less
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LagDeath rated it
February 26, 2016
Status: --
I really wanted to like this story. I read up to 380 and have to say goodbye. It has some really well thought out ideas, but the MC is just a hypocrite. He goes off telling girls they are #1 when that is all a lie. The fights were fun at first, but they are just the same thing just with louder bangs. Everyone is always astonished at everything. The over powered plot armors don’t make it fun anymore. I do suggest you give the story a try. Just wasn’t... more>> my cup of tea. <<less
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rx229 rated it
September 21, 2016
Status: c621
Generic plot, s*upid villains, extremely arrogant and luck dependent MC

The novel is 95% waffle. Entire chapters can be shortened to two or three sentences if they didn't repeat themselves a few times. The good this about this novel is that its extremely easy to read, out of every chapter I read 2 sentences, the first and the last. Got up to date in a day and didn't miss a single plot point.
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Konstantin rated it
February 8, 2017
Status: --
Top commentators don't give this WN justice. If you find this repetitive, then you can as well don't start to read 95% of xuanhua novels, because they are basically have same concept and pattern. Or you even can just watch Dragonball one time and then forget about "become stronger" genre in any form. Why strong and independent women like MC? Maybe because he is super-cool-badass-best-in-multiverse guy? And please don't use your monogamy ideals on society where polygamy is fully accepted, if you want pure-love-story, then you can read Clannad or... more>> some another drama-romance VN. But where else if not in ATG and similar series can you find harem of godlike girls with super-power who love MC because he badass fighter and ruthless to enemies? Slaughtered clan? He gave them chance to surrender, but they forced him again and again, it is not? Well, compared to millions killed by him in previous life this is not worth mentioning. People bear consequences of wrong decision from their superiors, this is not very good, but on the other hand they live in dangerous and ruthless world and survivors can make troubles to his family later on. Too OP MC? Plot armour? Arrogant villains? Is not this is most delicious parts of this genre? And that about Demon Hall speech? This is one of the best part in ATG! Overall this is one of the most entertaining translated works in genre, world building is great, strength system is interesting, battles is good written. But if you are feminist who hate harems and want to read about saint, or super-fun of pseudo-intellectual ITTH (full of plot-holes in world building and strength levels) and most of the other similar novels like MGA / Martial World is too barbaric for you, then you can just choose something else for your pastime. <<less
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dysry rated it
February 28, 2016
Status: --
ATG feels like a 2.5 if there ever was one since some people can't stop reading it while others cringe at the thought of it. On one hand there’s the momentum of following an OP MC with very little setbacks, who gets things done fast and ruthlessly. While on the other, there’s having to suffer his increasingly arrogant, justified and petty personality. Your call.

While these traits exist for most XX/WX novels, there’s just something about YC that’s hard to like. Mostly because ATG overdoes everything to the point that it's... more>> become a parody. In the raws he's even spent over 10 chapters lecturing others on injustice.... yeah....

Throughout the series, he’s been able to defeat so many groups of people several levels higher than him it’s way past unbelievable. I always see it as a level 30 Weavile defeating a level 50 Garchomp – yes there’s x4 weakness, Weavile is naturally fast, has perfect IVs, EVs etc but a level 50 Garchomp, and in this case hundreds of them, when the difference between each level is like “comparing heaven and earth”. Other WX/XX novels usually go with a few stars and when pushed, 1 level. But they also get to level up faster.

When he meets his birth family, he spends several chapters ranting to the other noble families over the injustices his Yun clan has suffered – most of which he wasn’t there for but seemed to know about, and adopting an unbearably righteous tone. While he takes revenge for any little grievance he has – you gave me a dirty look, your clan must die.

His luck with women as well... it’s like any woman near him, no matter how proud, strong, independent they are, just automatically open their legs. During his time at Frozen Cloud Asgard, they were literally lined up naked, for him to play doctor with. While he has a 2 wives, a baby mama, a semi-in*estuous commitment and counting all grateful for his love. Clearly his 'junior' is actually his 'senior', while these women can't even respect themselves.

Actually a lot of the times I feel like I’m reading about a warped version of BTTH and several characters seem to overlap, which probably proves how unoriginal the series is.

Xiao Yan as Yun Che, Medusa (in loli form) as Jasmine (fulfilling the Yao Lao role), Xun Er as Xia Qing Yue, Yun Yun as Chu Yue Chan, Han Yu as Cang Yue, etc.

Overall I can't shrug the feeling that the author might've been bullied as a kid (nothing too major, just a few wedgies, rejections from women etc) and is still bitter and taking his revenge out on his characters for equally petty reasons. <<less
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Steve rated it
January 2, 2016
Status: --
This is one of the must read novel.

The way this MC deals with all of his enemies is very impressive. He thoroughly torments them and makes them suffer in many ways. Not just psychical torture, mental and financial as well. He will provide you with hope beyond belief just so that it is even more soul shattering for you to watch your hopes and dreams crumble in front of you.

With his previous life knowledge and experience he knows how to make use of these in interactions with other people. Judge... more>> their personality, hostility and has considerable knowledge about medicines and poisons. The way he acts and words he says has role to play with his enemies. He also pays attention to all actions and words of others to use it against them.

The characters around the MC also has depths which is really nice. The plot is well played, the way MC feels for each of his girls feels real and not being forcefully developed. Every woman in his harem went through a proper courtship which rarely exists in the vocabulary of other harem novels. In overall, the story is elaborate. Even the small trivial info mentioned in story can develop to be a very important thing. Try it out, It’s very enjoyable read. <<less
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Evis rated it
March 1, 2016
Status: --
I started this novel yesterday after finishing most of top novels here cause I was afraid by some of reviews but my mind got totally blown by how freaking epic it was. Completed all 386 chapters in 2 days I had blast reading it was a very much enjoyable experience. I was hooked right from start till the end.

Whenever MC goes into doctor mode I always get hyped, His interactions with characters and romance is amazing the situation and conditions of storyline makes action scenes even more badass than... more>> it already is. I also like how male lead has so many traits he is playful also have manipulative personality most of his dialogues have very good humor, He is ruthless yet kind and selfless with being selfish, He can mask his emotion as facade as to show something else in expressions when someone important to him is in danger he can get protective also loosing that facade that shows how truly he loves them sometimes he is cool as cucumber sometimes he is narcissist lol, very eloquent in talking and shrewd with scheming.

My fav part of novel is emotion aspects that I feel from novel there were so many touching moments very tear jerking, heart warming also hilariously funny chapters. I also loved reunion chapters when someone get separated from MC I always get excited for the next time they will meet, the cast of characters has very amazing personalities with good character development author spends many chapters on them. I am going to recommend this to all of my friends you should also definitely read it. <<less
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
June 18, 2016
Status: c600
A good sample of how bad MC _and_ writer can develop to. It's good for the first few acts, then keeping rolling downhill.

Repeat scene, repeat dialogue, repeat fighting, repeat thought.

Tournament after tournament, just change background.
Good starting plot and goal. Slowly deteriorated to no where. Main protagonist characters keep missing. Most antagonists are thrown in just to increase word count. No role at all, even being as step stone. The WORST is around ch.500, when MC is in Demon Hall something.

The fight scene and dialogue is - waste level at the best.

Out of nowhere, ALL antagonists start thinking idiot-ly, act childishly, babbling talk, monkey jump around; while MC shows his superhigh IQ, super OP, I-see-through-everything. Disgusting to the every words. DROP. ! In the last raw chapter (around ch 640, read through NU's spoiler before waste time to read raw), the author has no idea of how to develop the story, thus just throw in thousand of girls to make the harem. Simply as that. Drop. ! WHERE CAN I BUY REGRET MEDICINE?
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Sylvia rated it
December 30, 2015
Status: --
Amazing series~~~

It doesn’t rush off straight to action or cultivation instead it starts with building relationship between characters and very enjoyable story development which is unique for this types of genre. I’ll put a little bit of summary in spoiler box not all content just one scenario of 1st 20 chapters better avoid it if you’re already convinced.


I skipped prologue here, It starts with MC waking up in another body of a crippled boy that is about to get married to no.1 beauty of city the same day he reborn due to promise between parents. We get to see how he keeps himself calm even when people mock him for him being a cripple in profound strength. His wife does not look down on him. She is very intelligent and treats him well. He was a genius doctor in his previous life so he helps her with fixing problem in her body from then just as their relationship starts to develop there is a trouble coming to city.

To be continued...

Dialogues between characters are written very well, Female leads are also clever & have adorable personalities. I really love how romance is done in this series.

Male lead is very humorous in teasing girls, sweet words and with insults to his enemy a smooth type. Action in this series is also very intense and spectators reactions are always priceless. He is selfless for his loved ones, strong willed, elegant (dignified) and ruthless to his enemies. Each arc has extremely good plotting and it also keeps getting better.

Best would be to see it for yourself, Male lead also solves problems in cunning way like through talking, manipulating enemies, conman and with strength etc. It has everything that I need in my novel romance, action, tear-jerker, epic story, great characters, adventure, comedy etc

I highly recommended it you should start it now!!!

I also agree with @Azurestone female leads all have separate arcs of nice character development with polygamy being normal in that era with no ntr, no love triangles just pure love and author had done a good job with all sweet romantic mature drama which you don’t get to see in harem novels.
50 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Star_God rated it
January 2, 2016
Status: --
This is one of the Action + Romantic + Good Plot novel with, the harem or the female character. I’ve read many Chinese novels that are pretty good but decided to just push off the romance aspect with lame excuses, like “Need to focus on gaining power and surviving first”, and went from good to pretty good or worse. Thing is, there is a real harem. A bunch of potential harem candidates? Yes. Officially married wives? Yes, there are two but one doesn’t want to be associated with him out... more>> in the open. Number of gals that surround him at any given time? More than one, less than three, usually two with one virtually always hidden inside. It’s better for good establishment of plot. <<less
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Froys rated it
March 12, 2016
Status: --
I found late burning heaven clan arc which is like chapter 338-355 not that bad as people make it sounds to be yeah it is not as good compared to other parts of novel still okay if you binge read it. Though there is a lot of killing that happens during those chapters but that was the only time were actual mass killing happens in atg ofc not counting past lives. I am not a big fan of harem but I found no problem regarding it here. Not only that... more>> there is proper amount of chapters spends in romantic development in unique way between them some are smart, some are naive they have distinct likeable personalities. The way MC woo after girls is kind of like keima katsuragi from world only god knows I found it very amusing. It is one of the plus point for this novel from me.

Main reason I like atg is for it’s interactions and witty-ness it has. Some people might say that there is not enough planning/manipulation during BHC arc and more killing yeah I agree but there were many other factors which were present like not control of emotions because of his family in danger, not enough time there were some tricks here and there and some mistakes as well a character should not always be flawless type right? MC won’t be 24/7 sherlock holmes he even make some basic errors like during early chapter when he went to black moon merchant guild he sold those pills for less than half price or leave name behind on crime scene for trolling there were some cases like that which makes him better imo not the usual type where things always go perfect for them.

Just go read it and decide it for yourself. <<less
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Maleandar rated it
May 23, 2016
Status: c462
Oh boy, this one is definitely a fun read!

MC has not one, not two, not even three plot armors, but FIVE! The author does not hide the fact that the MC will always come out ahead no matter who he faces or how powerful. The MC is loyal to a fault and at the same time ruthless to a fault.

Plot armor spoilers

1. He has medical knowledge that exceeds all others and can cure just about anything.
2. He has a Gem/Pearl Artifact that melded with him and is immune to all poison, allows him to cure all poisons, harvest all herbs no matter difficulty, refine pills in mere minutes with 100% success and 100% effectiveness.
3 He has a necklaces artifact that interferes/reverses Karma and fate.
4. He met a girl who now resides in the Gem/Pearl who can kill anything and teaches, advises and helps him.
5. He can disguise himself and speak like any person without being caught.


The fights are extremely exaggerated and drawn out at times, but entertaining and fun, making you read, wondering how the MC is going to pull this win out.

The Harem is great, adorable and interesting. Many have said the females are all one dimensional, but this is not true. At 462 Chapters we are still being introduced to his Harem before we start moving on to the main story. Each female gets her own screen time with the MC to build up the romance and interaction between each is pretty good. Keep in mind this is a world where strong men have MANY wives and it is an accepted practice. The females know and understand this and even endorse it. It is basically a take on our own past where kings, emperors and other strong figures had wives and concubines and were looked favorably upon. As to the tournaments that keep popping up, it is also a take on our own take on today's sports events. Example the World Cup of Soccer/Football. Each region has their preliminaries to qualify. These events are followed by millions of people if not a billion around the world. The MC participates in the tournaments to increase not only his standing but those he represents. Power means everything in this world. And the more power you have the more women you have.

The story has a similar premise to ST in which there are different levels of existence. As of right now at chapter 462 we are sill in the "normal existence". It is hinted there are more levels of realms to visit/conquer. At C 462 we are still on the first plane. The MC is faithful to family and friends. He however does seem to fall in love easy, but at the same time can kill women while thinking what a waste. He will take advantage of any opportunity given to fondle or grope a woman and seem innocent when doing so. You have to read to understand as the situation is even something I would have done if I were in his shoes.

The Story flows nicely and is not repetitive as some have claimed if you read closely. At times you will roll your eyes thinking why the hell am I reading this, only to be drawn back in as the story continues. That is the beauty of the story, it draws you in and you really want to see how far, strong, how many wives, and kids the MC will have. Action wise, a lot!
Romance wise, very good and believable. At times when you think the MC will get NTR'ed, he breaks all rules and gets his girl. No worries, no NTR in this story, but you begin to feel uncomfortable at times, then breathe a sigh of relief when he wins.

MC is not s*upid, nor is he indecisive. He will sleep with a girl if she lets him, no second thoughts. This is not random and he takes responsibility.

Very enjoyable read and looking forward to a long long journey ahead. At current pace, not surprised if this hits 5000+ chapters. 5/5
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Azurestone rated it
December 29, 2015
Status: --
I can’t say much about this novel, since they (those reviewers) already tell the points of this novel.

this is a must read for those who likes actions, dramatic, sweet and romantic + harem genres, although some of the actions is a bit cliche but you’ll not get bored of it and it's still exciting everytime he gets on action (at least for me). The harem is also good, it’s romantic, sweet, and sometimes dramatic, and I like it. The story shows how and why they fall for our MC and... more>> not just some "Wow~! You're stonk! I wuuv you now!" or "wow your speeches captivated my heart! You're soo cool! And I wuv youu!". Although I still read some of those harem novel with their cliches because not all of them are bad, but I much prefer the romantic developments of this novel, I really like the developments, it's not just the girl who falls for MC but the MC also falls for the girls, they are also likeable and loveable.

I also like the MC, he’s smart, clever, and smooth especially towards his girls, and gets on his harem.

as for the action.. The other reviews says it all, and overall I love this novel.

i give this a solid 5/7! &Lt;– (uhh.. Please spare me for this joke.) <<less
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rapture_edge rated it
January 28, 2016
Status: --
If you visit the series rankings in this site, you will always see Against the Gods on the top 5. Usually that would already be reason enough to read it. But let me break down the details further. This xianxia doesn't start out as your typical xianxia. You are exposed to a lot of chapters of the MC being weak. And it's not just the typical 3-5 chapters till the MC starts slaughtering. No. He begins weak and remains that way for a long long time. But you will enjoy... more>> it. I guess you get to see the genius of the MC through this.

When he grows stronger and starts having all these godlike abilities, you enjoy it all the more. Many have said how ATG repeats and recycles scenes and plot structures. I agree. But the author wrote it in a very tolerable and actually enjoyable way to the extent that I don't actually see it as a bad thing for this particular novel.. Give it a read and you'll see why this novel ranks on the top.

If there is a downside to this awesome novel its that it's clearly not aimed for female readers. Every time a beautiful girl is introduced in detail, you can be sure that that girl will fall in to the inescapable arms of the MC. Seriously. Polygamy has to have its limits too you know?

Regardless I rate this as a 5. <<less
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rav1980 rated it
February 21, 2016
Status: --
One of my favorite novels. Deserves its high rating completely. The story has a ton of action and a shamelessly brazen MC. Definitely a hardcore feel to the story for those craving an action packed story with stunning fight scenes. Just a well done novel for those who want to see the best.
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