Emperor’s Domination


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A boy that was imprisoned for millions of years has regained a mortal body.

He became a disciple of the declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect where its patriarch used to be his disciple. Now he will bring this sect back to its former glory.

This is his journey to reach the apex and take revenge on those who had imprisoned him.

This is his story of meeting old friends and making new companions.

This is his path of traversing the Nine Worlds and becoming the next ruler of the Heavens.

Several millennia have passed and the golden age of experts has passed. A master whose disciples once were the most exalted Immortals among the 9 worlds had all left him. With his mortal body, mortal physique and mortal life wheel… he shall sweep the 9 worlds and take what is rightfully his.

Associated Names
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Di Ba
Emperor’s Domination
Đế Bá
İmparatorun Hükmü
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332 Reviews

Jun 02, 2016
Status: c20
The premise is interesting however in the 20 chapters I have read so far just consisted of the main character being called tr*sh by everyone he meets and him arrogantly shaming people.

edit: I have read a bit further and still being tr*sh talked by every single person he meets. At this point I would not be surprised if a flower started talking and called him tr*sh, whilst he arrogantly challenges the flower to a duel then arrogantly wins flawlessly. How boring.
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Nov 03, 2016
Status: c256
I truly wanted to like this novel, the plot is.. Ok, and the characters are.. Also ok, but, how do I describe this.. Its just reading this novel has been a very painfully frustrating experience. I honestly can't even imagine how the translator has had the patience to translate this novel, and even up to two chapters a day! Has my respect.

1) The plot: The story is actually pretty interesting, I like the concept, reminds me of TDG.
2) nothing else to see here, move along..

*ooh boy now we get to the bad stuff*

1) Characters: To be fair, they aren't really bad, I actually quite like the maids (side characters). It's just that I have mixed feelings about Li Qiye (MC). I like that he isn't a pushover, and is "smart" (although that's debatable) but hes is too arrogant for my taste. Yes, he has the power to back up his arrogance, but its still repulsive imho. I would have much more preferred it if he didn't just talk tr*sh to anger his never-ending and ever-so-dumb enemies, but actually tr*sh talked them in a constructive way truly putting them down. You know those shirts that say "I dont look for trouble, trouble looks for me" yea? Well this is the complete opposite. Hes just looking for trouble with everyone, its repetitive and annoying.

(also after all of the "heaven defying" stuff they've seen from Li Qiye, him knowing everything about the ancient times, talking to ancient beings like he knows them, yet the maids, and people close to him, still haven't even had the thought, that "maybe he was reincarnated" or "hes a being from the past". So ignorant, always just amazed and saying, "hes only *insert age here* (13) how can he know all this stuff?!")

2) Enemies: If you were to take away their names, you wouldn't be able to tell who was who by the way they act. After he kills an enemy, his next enemy is just a copy of the previous one, they all just blend together. They don't stand out and are all completely brainless. 3) Author: omg I cant stand him, ugggh cant event describe my frustration with him! I completely hate his writing style. All together, I have probably skipped about 4/10, if not more, of the text in this novel. He stuffs so much useless, tr*sh information in every chapter, and then keeps on repeating the same utterly boring and useless information in the chapters to come! PLEASE! I GET IT ALREADY! YOU TOLD ME THIS 30 TIMES BEFORE IN PREVIOUS CHAPTERS! Reminds me of a grandpa who keeps on repeating the same story over and over to his grandchild.. Annoying.

The naming system is so lame.. Omg. Im talking about the names of the cultivation manuals, and items/weapons. Its like the author has to include "god" "heavenly" "devil" "demon" "hell" or something else "majestic" in all of the names or they wont powerful. AND OMG the names are so long, heres an example: "Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom's Heavenly Grotto" LIKE WTF, 6 WORDS FOR A F'ING CAVE! Uuughh so frustrating

He also repeats so many annoying phrases, I will list a few:
- "Heavens most proud daughter" (this one really had me ticked off in the first 100 chapters of the book)
- "Just counted it on my fingers" (not as annoying but still, ffs think of something better"
- "Little demon" (its so convenient how every enemy calls him this, even though they meet him for the first time)
damn I had so many more, but I cant remeber any more right now, ill just describe some:
- he boasts about slaying everyone and everything in has way, and then another paragraph describing how his maids know that hes not arrogant without the power to back it up. (Repeats this in like every other chapter)
its honestly even making me frustrated from trying to remember them so im going to stop here.

anyway the author just has very annoying writing habits, so appalling!

tbh I probably forgot many things I wanted to say, but I feel like this should at least scr*pe the surface of my agitation towards this novel.

TLDR: The chapters are usually somewhere between 50-100% full of completely boring, useless, repeating, information describing something that ins't relevant, or wont be relevant after this chapter ever again. The naming system makes it seem like the author is trying to show off the majestic, religion based, names he knows. Like a child who has a limited word bank, and only knows a few words that he thinks are cool, so he includes them in all of the names he makes for his toys. Repetitive phrases. Repetitive enemies. Repetitive plot mechanics. The I gave it 1 star instead because I think this novel had the potential to be something great, but instead is akin to a piece of tr*sh. I have pity for it.
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Feb 03, 2017
Status: c1500
So this is a review I decided to write after reading 1500 chapters on the raws. I am going to review this story based on my personal preference of character growth, unique plot development and memorable characters. Warning, overall spoiler ahead. Nothing specific plot revealing but a general spoiler.

1. Character growth 2/5
The characters of this series do not develop at all. The MC has been living for a couple of million years, so he is quite unhinged mentally and arrogant to the Nth degree because he's basically the instructor of every major super power in history. He has happened to start the story with his real body this time so he has to build up his body from the beginning. His character does not grow anymore; it is more like we begin to realize the longer we read that he is a bloodthirsty mu*derer hellbent on seeing the world burn. He intentionally instigates other people to attack him so that he can massacre their family/school for fun. Sure they have treasures, but the MC's net worth is probably 900 billion times that of the most rich school in the world so he doesn't covet their treasures to improve his wealth. At the beginning, you will see that he has weaknesses. IE, he lets other people damage his body and he gets hurt. Which seems weird because a normal MC would not do this. However, this MC thinks pain is a reminder that he is alive... and he wants to experience pain to train his true body. Weird. At least the writing is good and sometimes I can feel the sentimentality of someone who has outlived all of his friends in a repeated cycle for a couple of million years.
The other characters are not notable. There will be names you remember, but they are all the same tropes. Prettiest girl. Cold beauty. Sexy beauty. Super talent. The names don't really matter, because you can basically swap the names and it is essentially the same 4 characters with a different name.

2. Plot development 1/5
Yes, there is a plot. Yes it is a super god damn shitty plot that uses the same trope to tell a story. Imagine this scenario:
a) MC intentionally pisses on some random super genius #loldeadguy. Super genius #loldeadguy gets butthurt. Minion 1 jumps in to attack MC. MC eradicates entire Minion 1's school. A bunch of people are shocked. A bunch more people say super genius #loldeadguy is more OP than MC.
b) MC goes on a treasure hunt, encounters Minion 2. MC eradicates entire Minion 2's school. A bunch of people are shocked. A bunch more people say super genius #loldeadguy is more OP than MC. MC now meets super hot girl who now follows him around.
c) MC teaches girl a bunch of stuff. Minion 3 shows up, acts tough. Girl is sad for Minion 3 and super genius #loldeadguy because she knows how OP MC is. MC eradicates entire Minion 3's school. A bunch of people are shocked. A bunch more people say super genius #loldeadguy is more OP than MC. MC now meets new super hot girl who now also follows him around.
d) MC is awesome, super hot genius girl falls for him after following him around. #loldeadguy shows up all butthurt MC is with hot girl. MC then kills super genius #loldeadguy and eradicates his school. Loots the world for shits and giggles. Everyone is shocked. MC decides to go to another dimension where no one knows him so he can start at bottom of totem pole again. (There are probably 9 different dimensions).
e) Repeat step (a) in new dimension. There are 9 dimensions, probably. So this plot doesn't change. At all. You will basically be reading this same plot forever. Each dimension is probably 500 - 600 chapters. So 1500 chapters in, I'm at 3rd dimension and it is the same series of steps that I've already read twice. Different names of characters and treasures, but it is essentially the same thing rehashed. Its basically a 600 chapter spider-man franchise at this point.

3. Memorable characters 1/5
The names may be different but all the characters are the same. None are really memorable.

Overall it isn't great. It is the same short story repackaged with different names every 500 characters. I gave it a 2 because every once in a while, there is some thoughtful writing about life. But this is a terrible book in every sense.

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Jun 07, 2016
Status: c613
This review is as at chapter 613 of the Chinese raws.

The story premise is that of a shepherd, who was put into the body of a crow for a million years. Over this million years he basically learnt pretty much all the best techniques etc., and used these techniques to cultivate promising young people to the peak level of cultivation so far, celestial emperor. After a million years, he finally regained his body and embarks on a journey of vengeance against the sect that sealed him into the crow in the first place.

Unlike many other xianxia novels, whereby transmigration is only a small part of the novel, the MC's past plays a big role in this novel - he doesn't act like a teen, but like a c*otchety old man. He basically has the worst base at the start of the novel, but his knowledge plays a big part of it.

Good points
1) Foreshadowing is often well done - items which are written into the story previously are often pivotal to the plot
2) The MC's universe is pretty diverse, much is written about the different races.
3) Each arc is well enunciated; the different worlds are written in a way that differentiates them from each other.

Bad points
1) Side characters usually only exist for about an arc; while they are often well developed, they are discarded when moving into another arc, which is pretty annoying.
2) The MC is incredibly arrogant - he's basically your typical xianxia MC on steroids, slaughters everyone in his path.
3) The scale of battles can get pretty ridiculous; in one scene the MC fights more than 50, 000 experts and slaughters most of them..
4) The story gets pretty formulaic.
5) The author likes to elaborate too much, e.g. After introducing a particular term he will go on to about half a chapter of why that particular term was so great, its history etc., and how you must know the MC is extraordinary.
6) The past of the MC allows the author to pull a crapton of Deus Ex Machina

In conclusion, read this if you're interested in a someone different xianxia premise, but note that the characters within follow troper pretty closely, its not groundbreaking.

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May 30, 2016
Status: c10
Here is what the story synopsis from what I gathered from the 10 chapters..

The MC is a normal mortal whose soul is captured by a demonic group and is forced to unravel various mysteries of the unknown. He learns a great deal of information and when he gets a chance, trains genius immortals who help his soul escape. When the MC wakes up he finds that an unimaginable time has passed and from here the MC begins his journey from the sect founded by one of his student which has... more>> become a mocking shadow of its former self to take revenge on the demonic set who caused him suffer for an eternity. To be honest I am really hooked to it. The initial 2-3 chapters are a bit weird but once you pass them it is really amazing. <<less
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Jul 15, 2016
Status: c1800

Guys believe me, this novel is a masterpiece. Flawless, I rarely say this of the novels I read because almost all of them have the same plot for the most part of the story but this one.. The MC is an "almighty" person who trains to the apex, smart and cunning, able to do everything and stay calm in every kind of situation, the part about all the pain he went through, all his disciples disappeared, the old beings who still are alive and see him again, a infinite time in pain and sadness made my eyes tear.


Definitely worth all the current 1800 chapters, best novel I've read so far out of 100+.
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Jul 20, 2016
Status: c88
Giving this novel a 2.5/5 from 4.5/5 after reading ahead of the current translations. Decided to drop this novel as well. Click the spoiler button for why but be warned that I will be talking about untranslated chapters.

... more>>

I'm disappointed. If you read my earlier review below then you'd notice how much I liked the novel. Sadly, the MC turns into one of those female-chasing MCs latter in the novel. You'll also notice that his male followers are very different from the female characters. Of the two starting followers he gained, one is just there to make s*upid moves / make greedy comments while the other one is simply a follower. In the chapters ahead that I've read, he gains another male follower who is pretty much just also just a follower. And he gains that follower with almost no effort. Much like the first two. A far cry from the female followers he has who are all beautiful geniuses.

Anyway, basically, what happens in the future is that he meets random girls and he just keeps asking them to follow him. Why is this disappointing? Because in the translated chapters, he pretty much gives his first female follower a deadline to choose whether to be his sword maid or not. One chance to follow him. Take it or leave it. However, if you decide to "leave it" then know that you won't get this opportunity again in the future.

This isn't the case in the latter chapters. Female characters reject his offer again and again, yet every time they meet, he keeps on asking them to be his follower. There is even one character who keeps trying to kill him again and again but despite this, he still asks.

Another thing is that he basically turns into a lecher / dirty old man in the latter chapters. There is a character who every time he sees, he slaps her ass and says that he'll strip her next time. His excuse is that it's because the girl dresses up like a guy (the girl leads a female clan so she dresses this way in order to show his dominance or something).

Honestly, it would be fine if you could still feel that the main goal of the MC is to beat / destroy / kill the evil spirit in the Grotto but sadly, due to the stuff I mentioned above, it only feels like his goal is to expand his "harem" / female followers.

Lastly... regarding his arrogance, I did state that the MC did indeed have a right to be arrogant. The problem is that 99.99% of the fights which happen in the chapters I read ahead are due to his arrogance. It was pretty much one of the reasons a lot of people dropped PMG. Arrogance is okay. It's normal in almost all the web novels, especially in CN web novels. However, if that is pretty much the reason for most of the conflicts which occur then it simply becomes too much.

Oh... one last thing. Really last this time. The whole "little girl", "counted with my fingers", "apex", etc he keeps saying is fun for a while but like always being overly arrogant, it becomes way too used- and quickly. Not to mention that the things he say just seem to be too childish / juvenile. For me at least.



Currently my favorite novel. That's saying much considering I've read a lot, and I mean A LOT. However, don't get me wrong, that's just for the currently translated chapters. There are other novels which I gave 4.75/5 when it was at 100 or less chapters which dropped to 3/5 or even 2/5 after a few more chapters.

The difference between this novel and other novels is that the MC knew that he would get "revived". This is a major factor compared to other rebirth novels since unlike almost all other rebirth novel MCs, he prepared for the moment of his "rebirth".

Why is it a major difference? Well, read one of the reviews written before comparing this to ATG. He pretty much complains that this novel's MC is way more OP than ATGs. If you think about it though, it would make sense why he would be way more OP. He actively prepared a plan years before of how he could quickly rise into power after getting "revived". He prepared a plan which got him into a sect he helped create despite his current strength being inferior to average disciples (it was hinted but not elaborated on) and he prepared "bodyguards" / "guardians" to ensure his protection (the 4 golems). Compare that to ATG's MC who just happened to have the only thing which could save his eventual "master" and who just keeps literally falling into places which contain unimaginable legacies / his grandpa.

As for his "arrogance" which the same review I'm referring to on top raises. I guess it makes sense considering he was the person who taught all the "legends" and sect founders of the current time. TBH I've gotten completely tired of other novels who make the MC seem like he has the mentality or intelligence of a gradeschooler despite having lived 2 lives. It makes even more sense considering the fact that, as I stated above, he has a plan which (so far) is going smooth.

Another thing I like about the novel is the backstory. There are tons of events that happened in the past regarding people / objects / events which the MC interacted with. It adds a certain "depth" to the story which some novels just have. One thing about this though is that with so much backstories, it's easy for them to conflict with each other, especially as they keep adding up. We'll see what happens in the future chapters though. As of now there really aren't conflicts of that sort.

There are a lot of other good things that I like but one I would like to point out is the "tone" of the novel. Like I said, there are tons of rebirth novels around. The weird thing is that PLENTY of those are written as if it was made for kids. The jokes / interactions between characters to be specific. A novel which come into mind instantly is TTNH. It was one of the novels which I loved at the start but the moment it became childish with the jokes, farts, descriptions, conversations, it just got ruined for me. This novel stays pretty much serious (except for the S&M stick) and I do hope that it stays that way.

There's one thing as of now that I don't really like with the novel. And that's its cultivation systems. There are 3 major cultivation systems in the novel and the explanations / descriptions for those cultivation systems just end up getting drawn out / repetitive at some time. I read this novel in one sitting a week ago and the part where the cultivation systems get explained was when I slowed down a lot. I guess that all novels / authors have their own way of maximizing the word count. For novels like PMG it's the whole hypocritical lecturing of the antagonists, for other novels like TMW / MW it's the never ending tournaments. At least it isn't as bad as some novels where entire paragraphs are repeated / rephrased in the same chapter.

Anyway, this has gotten longer than I expected but to wrap it all up. I recommend reading this novel. <<less
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Jun 01, 2016
Status: c17
WTF haha this story, seriously read it haha.. Its this super old dude like as the sinopsis says that has lived millions of years but in the story when he reincarnates isnt like your normal xianxia, he just dosnt hide anything, as a mere mortal you see him wrecking super powerful cultivators and beating sect leaders and sh*t XD this is the definition of badass and overbearing, too arrogant, too powerful and he has the body of a 13 yr boy
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Feb 11, 2017
Status: --
MC is too arrogant. I mean he has got a stick so far up his ass that he doesn't have to cultivate. Look at the novel cover, you'd think he's sitting on his toilet.

Guy insults some talented girl that hasn't done anything bad to him. He insults almost everyone. He makes enemies everywhere. His cultivation and body is weak but then he pulls the stick from his ass and starts beating people up.

MC is feeling proud of his past disciples achievements. - "He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches."

Story... more>> concept looked interesting at first, sadly very repetitive, but most of all the MC is insufferable. <<less
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Oct 02, 2016
Status: c210
I like the cover. Can't really say to much about the story though. Too many heaven sweeping beauties, and unconquerable elders daunted by his unflagging arrogance. The explanations of the cultivation realms are a total mess, the MC is cultivating in a totally different novel from everyone else. Sh*t randomly is brought up to show why his maids are uberly awesomely amazing and how they can heavenly deafeningly jump realms with ease. There is no decent foreshadowing, at all, everything is just constantly crudging you atop the head without any... more>> subtlety, a lot of references are brought up about his past but they usually feel incongruous to the rest of the novel. A complete lack of any sort of tension is probably my biggest problem with this novel, just not really in to the power trip teenage fantasy where heavenly defying beauties follow me around as I make everyone look like ignorant children.

Meh, there are a lot worse out there but this is by no means a good piece of literature. Definitely not going to make you contemplate anything about human nature or the endless expanse that is life.


True immortality doesn't seem to be a thing, which is kinda interesting. <<less
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Aug 13, 2017
Status: c754
Ah, my dear Emperor, what have you done...

Here's the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of this WN: Somewhere in this pile of chapters lies perhaps the best WN ever written.

It may sound a big exaggerated, but the WN really does have some absolutely amazing chapters, moments and storylines that it's just depressing when you look at it as a whole. Before I get into the spoiler stuff, here's a quick rundown for those who are wondering as to whether they should read this:

  1. Unless you haven't learned to skip paragraphs (or entire chapters) don't bother with ED
  2. Unless you can withstand arrogant characters (and I mean ARROGANT characters; from MCs to practically nearly everyone else, 99% of characters in this WN are basically defined as ARROGANT pricks) don't bother with ED
  3. Unless you can't stand the standard "there's always a higher realm and different world" stuff, don't bother with ED
  4. If you hate when authors just discard characters after a few dozen/hundred chapters, don't bother with ED
  5. If you want to see MC struggling in the world of martial arts, don't bother with ED
However, if none of these things sound like they would bother you, give ED a shot. As I've said at the start, somewhere in this mess is perhaps one of the best written WNs ever. With that... more>> said, let's dive into why is this just... ugh.


One word that's perfect to describe ED is FILLER. It is perhaps the most blatant example of author trying to squeeze page/word count I've ever seen in my life. For the first 200~ chapters it's not SO bad, but afterwards it becomes ABSOLUTELY insane. The best example I can give are 600-700 chapters. So little happens here, that you can't wrap the fact that it took 100 chapters to tell it around your head.

I don't mind (for the most part, at least) when authors stuff their chapters with pointless sh*t just to increase word count. That's why basically anyone who enjoys xianxia learns to just skip things at one point. However, I do mind when you can skip 3-4 chapters in a row without missing a damn thing. ED is FILLER on steroids. And it's perhaps the main thing that simply destroys any chance of finding a good, cohesive story.

Because of this insane FILLAGE, the amazing world the author has crafted - with some hella interesting backstory - just becomes a chore to read about. I truly want to give a sh*t about these past Emperors and whatnots, but I simply can't when a single sentence about them is buried underneath 12 paragraphs describing some random item from that time that doesn't freaking matter. If the author toned down with FILLAGE and replaced it with more backstory about this world, I guarantee this would have been one of the most popular WN ever. However, he did not. Not at all.

To me, the quality of the WN novel dropped beyond any redemption when he entered Medicine-whatever world. It absolutely crapped on whatever was happening for the past 500~ chapters, and basically said "f*ck" to everything it was building up to that point. Still, xianxias have tendency to do this, so whatever, I would have stuffed it, but everything becomes so BOOOOOORING. It's basically first 500~ chapters, except without anything that made the first 500~ interesting and actually fun to read despite all the filler shit. Chapters upon chapters go by without ANYTHING happening. Ever since he came into the world, MC has never ONCE fought properly against anyone. It's just pointless chase after skirts, bickering with children like he's a child himself, more chasing after skirts, and threatening to massacre something or someone, but NEVER actually doing it. Sure, he kills a fool or two here and there, but so what? He never kills them himself. I could count on my f*cking fingers just how many characters he's killed with his own hands in the odd 200~ chapters I've read.

Imagine if there's build-up... and then more of build-up... and then more... and more... and the build-up just never ends. That's what ED becomes.

Even if first 500~ chapters was filled with FILLER GALORE, at least things happened. MC progressed. He fought. He cultivated. He was a badass. However, I'm fairly certain I don't even know what his f*cking realm is anymore, because it's never mentioned. He never trains. He just keeps pulling OP items out of his ass and lets them do the work. It's boring, tactless, and quite frankly pointless.

Speaking of MC, ugh... I like arrogant characters as much as the next guy, but holy shit. You can't actively hope Li wins, because he's literally turned into a villain of the entire story. I can already imagine 99% of all existences eventually ganging up on him because he's become insufferable. At least, before leaving Mortal-whatever world, when he'd act arrogant and sh*t on others, he'd beat them with his own two hands. Now? He either lets some OP tree do the work, or just pulls a holier-than-thou OP item from "ancient ancient" times and lets it do all the work.

I won't even bother with mentioning all the skirt chasing. At first, it was just a gimmick, and hell, it was kind of fun seeing him flirt normally with chicks. Now? It's just basic teen wish-fulfillment. Every time he meets a woman, author emphasizes like 91231 f*cking times that he doesn't want to f*ck her. WE GET IT. WE f*ckING GET IT.

Honestly, it's sad. ED has one of the most interesting worlds I've had a chance of reading about in odd 100~ WN novels that I'm reading/read, and it's just wasted. Author often manages to weave in stories from the past into present in an amazing way, then a chapter later shits all over it with pointless side characters. Every 10 chapters or so, you'll find one that seems just so out of place you'll be wondering if you're at the right place.

Another thing that gets beyond annoying towards latter parts is vague dialogue. Oh. My. God. Nothing is ever named. NOTHING. It's always "this" and "that" and "something" and "place". There's just so many "things" and "stuffs" in the last 200 chapters I've read that I honestly don't even give a sh*t anymore. He's already got himself an insane arsenal of OP items that I'm pretty sure he'd become Immortal Emperor if he never leaves his house anymore. He's so beyond ANYONE else within his generation, it's literally POINTLESS to introduce anyone else his age. Just remove cultivators as his opponents, because he can probably beat EVERYONE back to their grave. Have him fight those Immortal Demons or whatever (oh, yeah, what the hell happened with that? it looks like our dear author forgot the reason our MC wanted to get stronger in the first place. Now it's all about cliche being the strongest ever).

I'll qualify ED as a guilty pleasure. It's not a well-written WN. Hell, it's actually pretty horrendous. It has terrible characters, obnoxious FILLAGE, MC is the same in CH1 and CH700 - LITERALLY NOTHING changes about him, everyone else except for him is basically pointless, and the only thing ED has got going for itself is basically the world and the backstory of the world. If it weren't for those two things, I honestly wouldn't give two shits about this. Still, it's fun to read. When Li ACTUALLY FIGHTS, it's pretty amazing. To this day I remember his battle at burial grounds (before he cheated his way through OP items, of course), but it's just pointless now.

"Damn brat, how dare you?!!!"

"Ha, heavens are my b*tch, I'll screw everyone, I'm the mightiest!!!"

"Then fight me you lil' c*nt, I'll show you!"

"Ha, why do that when I have this uber-duber OP item that can do it instead! Ha, die!"

2.5/5. 3/5 'cuz guilty pleasure.

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Jul 08, 2018
Status: c1500
Honestly speaking, readers who drop this novel because of how the MC acts... They just can't reach the apex.

If you're on the fence on whether to read this novel, just ask yourself whether you finally want an MC so damn OP from the very beginning that he makes ancestors of leading sects crawl back up their mother at the mention of his name.

Translation quality is also on point. English readers won't have to worry too much about errors.

Overall: Story 6/5, Characters 7/5, Action 8/5, Writing 9/5, Li Qiye 10/5.
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Feb 19, 2017
Status: c187
Antagonist is arrogant ---> MC says or does something outrageous in response ---> Antagonist gets converted or mu*dered ---> MC finds some ancient treasure he hid while he was a bird for a million years ----> Return to the beginning. That's the whole story, no need to read this juvenile crock of shit. I wish I could rate zero.
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Oct 26, 2016
Status: c210
Look I really wanted to love this story and for the most part I still like it but I can't help but feel so frustrated by this novel at times. Let's start with the good:
+Interesting MC with a crazy past
+World and lore is so far well built
+interesting characters if a little generic (but that could just be me having read too many xianxia/wuxia)

Now let's get to the bad:
- I would rather have had the story from from his past then what I have now clearly he was far more interesting then. Perhaps its just me but a MC can only be so aloof before it gets downright irritating.
-Its already suffering from too many generic bad guys as the MC starts out OP. I don't really care if the MC is OP but after the 6th guy I get it the guy's a badass.
-Now its not really a harem since he's not romantically involved with any of the girls. That said its close enough when he's CLEARLY collecting women.
-There's no real reason for what the MCs doing I mean there's supposedly an overarching bad guy but aside from the first few chapters and a name drop here and there you will forget they even exist. The worst:
The fact that I skipped close to 40 chapters just because I felt the story was dragging went back because I thought maybe I missed something and found out most if not all of it was irrelevant. I hate that filler chapters are literally the worst. Unlike a filler episode for a TV show which has the MC going of on some Ultimately meaningless adventure at least there's an adventure. For a filler chapters are just walls of text that do nothing for the plot and are usually filled with information the author has already said before. Garnished with a little whip cream on top so the author can feel like he got some real work done.
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Jun 02, 2016
Status: --
Awesome Novel!!

[BG summary]
A lot was already described by the other reviewers.

The MC was basically an unyielding Cursed boy who travel pass through time finding a way to cure his curse. From there on, he mentor countless expert. They create their legends while the MC stay by their side, . However some time in the future, His cursed was cured. Unfortunately none of his past disciple remained in the world.

Filled with regret, the MC will create Havoc and shall sweep through the countless worlds and realms. Being revered and feared by the masses while his name resound throughout the plane.

(Yup cool Back story right!!, ehh thats why 5/5)
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Nov 15, 2016
Status: c274
I wanted to like this novel. I gave it a long time to get to the point, but it hasn't. I think 274 chapters is long enough.

Basically, the MC goes around reminiscing about the millions of years he spent teaching world-dominating cultivators and founding cultivation empires that dominate the world across the ages, etc., while imprisoned in the form of a giant bird. After he's freed (it's not clear why he was imprisoned or how he's freed) and takes the form of young teen child, he makes it his mission... more>> to bring his favorite sect, which has been in decline, back to its position as the most powerful sect. Along the way, he reminisces a lot, collects powerful women as his maids, picks a lot of fights with OP cultivators, massacring everyone who even looks at him wrong and their sects to boot, and does some more reminiscing.

Besides the annoying PMG-like arrogant fight-picking that the MC indulges in, and the pointlessness of the MC's wandering and reminiscing and maid collecting, the amount of info-dumping that the author engages in boggles the mind. Most chapters involve repetitive descriptions of either some ages-old sect and the world-dominating cultivators who founded it, that the MC knew and groomed, or repetitive descriptions of the OPness of the next big character being introduced. The OPness of the newest character always exceeds the OPness of the previous ones, and the cultivation system is a mess. <<less
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Jan 20, 2017
Status: c172
Characters and the world are 2 dimensional, including the protagonist. Overall Plot is nonexistent. It's like the author is writing chapter to chapter with no overarching goal in mind. The arcs are highly repetitive. The author's sense of power progression makes no sense. The cultivation levels/systems as well as the way martial arts work make no sense. This novel is hard to stomach. I repeatedly came back to this crappy novel and persevered to ch 172 b/c of the good reviews. But it's been bad the entire way. Don't waste... more>> your time on this tr*sh.

The protagonist is an arogant a**hole. He supposedly has knowledge gained from hundreds of millions of years spent as a magical crow but he acts like a idiotic child. I'm talking joffrey from game of thrones level of arrogance. He's now in a low-talent body with low cultivation. People think poorly of him for that. Yet he all he does is sit around making arrogant proclamations that piss people off, then fail to actually do things that impress anyone. Only a small number of people are aware of his sizable abilities and he does not use said abilities in ways that are strategically advantageous. He just sit there talking down to people, making enemies unnecessarily, and giving them no reason to respect him. Here's an example of how idiotic this MC is:


there's a talented girl he wants to recruit as a hand maiden. On first encounter, he talks down to everyone then sexually harasses her. A while later he meets her and does the same. The third time he makes mysterious allusions to her powers/natures and how he might know something that could help her, etc. He doesn't actually get her to join him until several encounters later. If he wanted to recruit her and wasn't an arrogant idiot he'd just walk up to her, show her his martial arts, then concisely say why he's vastly superior to her, how he can help her and why she should join him. Boom he wouldnt' had her in the first encounter.


The author keeps emphasizing how the MC is in a low level body with low growth potential, and how his cultivation is still low but he's trying to compensate with superior understanding of skills and cultivation techniques blah blah. But somehow the MC can wipe the floor with anyone he wants to any time he needs to. It's like saying he's level 1, and has a crappy growth table, yet b/c the author says so, he engages and succesfully beats a lvl 87... because... just because. <<less
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Aug 02, 2016
Status: c109
Emperor's Domination is full of arrogance. Li Qi Ye is the most arrogant MC I have read about so far, and I've read quite a bit. The thing is, he's millions of years old and at chapter one has now finally moved out of his 'prison' of a crow body and has a human body now. So you have a mortal MC who is aiming for the apex (Immortal Emperor, of which there can only be one in any era), and has not only raised Immortal Emperors throughout the ages,... more>> but has also learned secrets and created sects while placing treasures around the lands in expectation for the day he's free to cultivate without being a prisoner.

So it's safe to say that his arrogance matches his power and the secrets he possesses. This is literally a story of Emperor's Domination, so if that interests you then you should read it.

Trust me when I say that the verbal smack talks are just as entertaining as the following smack downs. <<less
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Jul 26, 2016
Status: c622
One of my top 3 novels. Absolutely a masterpiece. Funny and very addictive. You don't have to deal with the bullshits and tournaments of outer sect, inner sect and all that boring stuff. It's pure adventure and interactions with characters is splendid. One of the things that fascinated me the most in this novel is that unlike practically all reincarnations novel is that in this novel MC's past life is very very important. I think this adds depth to the story especially when the MC sees old friends and disciples... more>> along with remembering his friends that have passed away. It's somewhat sad when he starts to recollect the memories he had with people that have passed away for millions for years. I very much recommend this novel. <<less
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May 08, 2017
Status: c1986
Edit as of Chapter 1986 - Feb 7, 2019:

I am, against all odds, still reading this novel. The translator has stayed relatively consistent in his release schedule, and the longer the novel goes on, the more the author gets rid the weak points that were mentioned earlier. At this point he's pretty much brought the overarching story to be his main story-line, and the novel is much better for it. It also helps that we've seen enough of his history at this point to appreciate how he treats others. I... more>> still can't give it full marks, but I'll change my rating from a 2/5 to a 3/5; it's a slog to get to the good parts, but it's worth it.


Original Review - Chapter 480 - May 8, 2017:
I might have given this novel a 1 star rating, except for a single reason: The author can write an extremely good overarching plot line. The problem is in the details, and that the details exist at all. Every part of the backstory of the MC, and all the characters and places related to him are laid out quite well.

He was effectively a cursed immortal, who spent millions of years in the background behind the top powers of the human race as they fought to carve out a foundation in the cultivation world. He raised geniuses into top level existences, researched the mysteries of the universe, made plans, and set aside treasures, until he finally managed to break the curse and revert his body back to that of a 13 year old ordinary mortal, with most of his memories intact. We follow him as he starts cultivating from scratch, regains his old treasures, raises up a declining sect that he once helped create, and sets his sights on going against the power that cursed him.

Sounds fantastic doesn't it? And as long as the author sticks with the history of these major characters, and the great events of the past, it is fantastic. The problem is that the novel should have been about that history, with the ending being his successful rebirth as a mortal, but instead it's about what happens after, and spends most of its time on the interactions of extremely minor characters who simply want to kill the MC because "reasons."

Out of nearly 500 chapters in this novel, I've skipped probably 30% of them outright, because they are simply fluff pieces that say how great these certain side characters are, the background of their sects, and how they are all related to each other, the introduction of the artifacts they are using to do battle with, and how heaven defying they are. They aren't worth reading, because the author simply makes them arrogant sons/daughters of heaven that antagonize the MC, and are then killed before the end of whatever arc they are introduced in. That's it. They simply exist so that the MC can kill them; they don't actually advance the plot at all.

I also suggest skipping anything that mentions how cultivation works, because MC is OP and can apparently ignore any difference in cultivation levels. In that same vein, you may as well skim over the fights themselves, because there is absolutely no suspense in any of them. I've also been wondering how the landscape is still any kind of "beautiful" when any random genius landing outside of the gate of a sect destroys the neighboring mountains, not to mention the actual "heaven shaking" fights themselves.

There's also this weird thing where author goes all out to describe how beautiful these women are, and how their chests seem to be heaving all the time, when the MC explicitly states very early on that he has absolutely no interest in women.

So why am I still reading this? Because I'm bored, and following the above rules allows for me to see enough actual story to stay interested. <<less
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