Emperor’s Domination


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A boy that was imprisoned for millions of years has regained a mortal body.

He became a disciple of the declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect where its patriarch used to be his disciple. Now he will bring this sect back to its former glory.

This is his journey to reach the apex and take revenge on those who had imprisoned him.

This is his story of meeting old friends and making new companions.

This is his path of traversing the Nine Worlds and becoming the next ruler of the Heavens.

Several millennia have passed and the golden age of experts have passed. A master whose disciples once were the most exalted Immortals among the 9 worlds has all left him. With his mortal body, mortal physique and mortal life wheel… he shall sweep the 9 worlds and take what is rightfully his.

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Di Ba
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: c2400
I might as well complain a little. This use to be one of my favorites novel and once I even praise it to the heavens for the awesomeness, but that was like 3years ago. Now the novel just irritate me and I kinda want my reading time back. It was great the first 1500chapters, but after that it turn really into a situation where author just ran out of idea's and decided to just write chapters to waste the readers time. I don't even remember what's the real plot is... more>> about anymore and has forgotten all the names of the characters from the first 1000+chapters. The first thousand chapter was great. Characters where introduce and were properly develop, there were obstacles along the way which can still put the MC into danger because of his mortal body. He has to make use of his brain, tricks and schemes to pit his enemies while finding allies and students willingly to learn from him. Then the MC decided to ascend to the new world with his comrades and continue his journey. But he left some people behind in the mortal world and also some hidden danger that he hope they might survive the calamity because he gave them some trump cards.

In the immortal world he separate from the others and travel alone and meet new people again. The next few arcs is still tolerable, but then the story just goes downhill after he decide to head to another world and leave everything behind. Then the plot just turn repetitive and all the characters turn into 1 dimensional characters. Terrible things you can expect from the plot from then on:There are so MANY people introduce that you basically don't have to bother remembering them anymore. Because the author just don't care about them and would just forget about them later on. Also you can forget about any girls he meet, because they are just there to make the MC look great and later be forgotten. The villains have no brains and knows only how to do suicide attacks. The story plot isn't going anywhere and is just for amusement seeing how villains get killed. Basically the 3000+chapters can be summaries into a couple of sentences:

    • MC meet a girl and boast how great he is (he is very arrogant).
    • girl test him and think he is boasting. She then get attracted by his greatness and knowledge. He then goes around to find some great treasure.
    • along the way many arrogant villains either look down on him or want to kill him because of the girl or for the treasures he has
    • somehow the girl is involve into some trouble that might put her or her clan in danger
    • MC then start boasting in front of his enemies how insignificant they are and how he would crush them with barely any effort.
    • then he would let his enemies show off all their ultimate moves and act arrogant how he could easily counter them.
    • after dozen of chapters how the enemies can't injure him, he would finally kill his enemies.
    • then the big boss would arrive and expect revenge for MC killing his pupil/relative/underlings.
    • MC also let him attack first and easily counter and kill him.
    • then he bid farewell to the girl and goes to his next destination.
The things I most hate about in ED after 2000+chapters:

    • MC also say how he will skin them, drink their blood or use their head as chamber pot but never ever does it. He literally almost say that in every arc at enemy he meet. He boast a lot to his enemies how he would torture his enemies but at the end he only kill them.
    • he always let his enemies talk or strike first and them counter their moves. Which basically wasted so many chapters unnecessary
    • he always say he is not a savior, but always appear at the right time to save the girls. Basically his allies always has very thick plotarmor and never really in any harm way and is waiting for the MC to appear.
    • all the enemies he meet has no intelligence and he just kill them off without ever getting into a situation where he could die or get heavily injured. Their way of thinking is that of immature kids
    • there is a LOT of cliffhangers
    • MC tried to act very wise, but it just get annoying along the way. It irritate people to keep hearing him every time come up with mysterious words
    • he is a very big hypocrite
There is 1 thing I do admit that hasn't chance much from the beginning till now and is still the only thing left that is good about the novel. MC killing a large amount of his enemies and wiping out clans at the end of every arc in a great awesome way. The whole story can be sum up into 1 sentence actually: MC act arrogantly and boast how weak everyone is, then at end kill off all his enemies (in every arc). Ps:to tell the truth I really miss a few girls characters from the beginning of the story. The bow girl was the one I like the most. Should have dropped it long ago. I wouldn't recommend this novel to anyone. <<less
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Cheshiremoose rated it
February 12, 2017
Status: c389
Lets be honest with ourselves and ask each other why we really read these kinds of net novels. It is to fantasize about being powerful and getting all the girls and slapping people in the face. In this story you don't have to put up with long training arcs or tournaments or hiding your power levels or long chase scenes. The main character will always know what to do at all times, his schemes will always make everyone look stupid, he will win all of his fights all of the... more>> time, every girl will want to be with him, he will never fail at anything, and all the bad guys will get their faces slapped. The story so far is about 400 chapters of face slapping. So if you like this kind of thing, it is the absolute best at what it wants to do. There is literally a novel out there called "Main Character Hides His Strength" so you can read that kind of garbage if that's more your thing, everyone else can read this and have some fun. <<less
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kokoJ rated it
November 21, 2016
Status: c279
Quite an intelligent novel, I can honestly understand the MC's disdain for everything, after being at the top for ages your point of view and mindset changes. It is a genuine appropriation of true genius, scheming and power to back up, it also has some comedy interwoven there or intelligent wit if I dare say.

so if you are tired of numb skull MC's and jump head first logic this is for you. I sincerely hope the TL'er can reach the 2000+ chapters.

Kudos to the translator portraying the author's intent- exquisite... more>> (5 Stars to you) <<less
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NoveLuber rated it
August 8, 2016
Status: c126
About the synopsis. The one from the author I can only say its pretty misleading. For example I assumed he would have those he raised and took care of become companions of his as he goes on the path of cultivation turning over the heavens and earth. But its quite different.

Well overall it is a really good story. The MC gives off the impression that he is a divine emperor one who holds the world within his hands. He is not a genius but an ancient being with the body... more>> of a little boy (he is actually the little boy at first but became an ancient being with knowledge and experience over millions of years and finally returns to his little boy body and the story begins). Has knowledge and experience of the world that no one can compare to. Using that he walks on his path of cultivation. <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
August 4, 2016
Status: c115
Better than I expected. Unlike TDG where the past seems more of a plot than the present, this story is very good with continuous references to the past of the MC. It also has a good reason for why he isn't a god after a few weeks.
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MrGreenix rated it
August 4, 2016
Status: c501
A good story. MC goes around the nine worlds retrieving old things he stored, uncovering misteries along the way and destroying his enemies. All the while gaining a lot of followers along the way. What I appreciate is that there is planning behind the MC moves, he's arrogant and does always what he wants but he knows his limits and has treasures and connections cover him when he doesent have the strenght to do the job.
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VvAnt rated it
February 4, 2019
Status: c3500
Sorry bad english

This will be a GREAT story IF the author not wasting time for F*** young master bullsh*t, and repetitive plot... power up, beating YM, reset cultivation (but still op), move realm, again and again.... this cycle seemed endless

If you ignore that, well~ you will see the great journey towards the heaven....

i really like MC, he simply BADASS.....

As for romance: none

The MC too busy and old to think about romance, almost all female chara become either maid or maid and disciple~

For me this really a great story...
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a5675 rated it
December 16, 2017
Status: c2430
Fillers galore, where pretty much every single arc after the beginning is skippable, such that it is irrelevant to the "main story", if there is even one.

So many young masters, there are probably more in this novel alone than all cultivation novels combined, all used to stroke Li Qi Ye's (MC) ego.

Female characters have a 99% chance of becoming MC's bed warmer, and that's all their character arcs will amount to.

Every single character in this novel does mental gymnastics in order to find a reason to be offended, then subsequently... more>> 'blood fog-ed' after hundreds of chapters where nothing really happens.

sh*t novel, don't know how it even got above 4 stars. Nowadays I just read the first and last paragraph and everything else in between is shallow exposition and interactions. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
July 19, 2017
Status: --
Pretty average all things considered. Currently at Chp 600++ and I can confidently say that there's no thought provoking or new cultivation methods. Everything in the story depends on one thing, and one thing alone: the rank of the cultivation method used. Even if your talent is rock bottom (guess who), so long as you have the highest and best cultivation methods, you're pretty much set. At first, with his cultivation level, MC can still jump ranks to beat people up. Even people a whole 2 realms ahead of him.... more>> Anything beyond that, he depends on the treasures he "finds" to chase them away. This lasts until 150ish, where his cultivation method is at least at level 2. Every battle from there on out is essentially MC tanking hits from anything and everything, laughing in his "domineering" style, and then killing them off, even people 3 -4 realms ahead of him.

By that point, you can pretty much tell that nothing short of a full blown Immortal Emperor will rattle him, and since there are none alive, the MC gets away with being a jerkass. And that's actually a plot point, because of how old he is, how he has literally experienced EVERYTHING there is in the world (even the ones that occur once every few millennia apparently), he can solve EVERY situation possible with no tension whatsoever.

There is no suspense, there is no fascinating battle, anyone who offends him dies. Young masters and their fathers and their father's father and their father's father's father deliver themselves to his doorstep. No matter where he goes, his antagonists are entirely from the category above, there is no long term enemy.

If someone extremely strong shows up, he WILL ass pull his way out of it, up to and including using his physique tribulation, which he has been somehow suppressing for God knows how long, just in case some Ancestors decide to f**k with him out of nowhere, to turn into a giant-green-super saiyan-gorilla and rape everything him around him (granted, this only happened once so far. A similar ass pull was used later on, but he didn't turn into a giant gorilla this time, just summon a bunch of thunder clouds from his tribulation, which he then used to OHKO an entire sect). Essentially, every single one of his antagonists spend roughly 20-50 chapters whining, and grating, and putting people down, to the point where you actually don't mind Li Qiye being a jackass because you want to rip them apart yourselves.

There. Is. No. Variation.

They all talk 20 - 50 chapters, building your hatred up, then they die in 2 - 3, whereupon he moves to another region, rinse and repeat. Also, somehow, Li Qiye's reputation never really seems to improve because no matter what enemy he faces despite his achievements, random background people still think its wise to mouth of to him when they KNOW he can rip their great grandfather's in half.

This obviously gives him the capital to be "domineering" and "arrogant". Some people find it "Fresh" because no one else has done it. Even I thought so at first, but then after a few cycles, his continuous "declarations" of "I-can-do-everything-and-offend-anyone-because-I-am-Li-Qiye." starts getting a little stale/grating, and trust me, he does not change. There is no need for prudence or modesty because quite frankly, he can ass pull his way out of any situation imaginable.

Outside of being bossy and domineering, he demands trust and loyalty, but up till chapter 700-ish, he has yet to tell anyone of his real circumstances, and he goes out of his way to mope about his past friends and life. Everyone else around him turns a blind eye to this and bends to his will simply because "He's-Li-Qiye. He-knows-everything."

Author even lampshades this idiocy once or twice.

His "important" sect lasts maybe bout the first 3 books, at which point, you can tell the author is getting tired of using them as a plot device and they slowly fade out of the story to the point where they literally only show up at the end just to collect some handouts from the newest dungeon Li Qiye has just conquered.

He collects pretty women to be his swordsmaids, which I assume, is another word for harem members, because its definitely heading in that direction (granted, he doesn't really treat them in a romantic member. His interaction with them tends to be rather condescending in a supreme-teacher-teaching-a-noobie kinda way). The women don't seem to mind, and are slavishly loyal to him all things considered.

Said pretty women, are obviously rather 1 dimensional, and last all of 10-15 chapters "huffing at this random noob's intolerable arrogance" before they start "flushing and blushing" for the rest of the novel. Do note that the way he gets them to join also usually consists of taking one look at them, finding a deficiency or some issue with their body at which point, he cooly and mysteriously shows off his kickass collection of god level cultivation methods which can fix anything and everything.

Voila, harem member getto daze. <<less
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porkbuns rated it
February 19, 2017
Status: c383
If you like MCs that are super OP and arrogant 100% of the time, then this novel; the MC is literally always on the winning side and practically never encounters any hardships. To be honest, it was kind of awesome and relatively interesting for a while, but all this non-stop badassness really burns you out after awhile :P.

Plot :
- Some demon rips the soul out of this kid (named Li Qiye), who's shepherding, and stick it inside the body of this demon crow in order to help him do... more>> something (if I remember correctly, I think the demon was searching for something
- So Li Qiye ends up living for millions of years doing the demon's bidding.
- During those millions of years, he's constantly trying to find ways of freeing himself of the demon's control; thus, he ends up somehow accumulating up a bunch of super OP cultivation knowledge, which he uses to raise a bunch of experts in hopes of freeing himself
- Eventually, millions of years later, he ends up somehow able to revive/reincarnate back into his human body with absolutely abysmal cultivation potential and all his previous memories about super OP cultivation technique all sealed up
- Now that he's back to being inside his human body, he starts his road to revenge against the demon that trapped his soul inside of the demonic crow's body (reviving a sect that was created by one of the last experts he raised (Cleansing Incense Sect), regaining his member regarding OP cultivation techniques, accumulating a harem full of OP beauties, etc.) <<less
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Aure94100 rated it
September 4, 2016
Status: c782
What I thought at the beginning (around c127) :

[...] Compared to all other "reincarnated MCs" who know all but must still take everything as mere mortals, that character is an old monster [...] a character who already has seen all and treats the world with disdain and the indifference of an emperor. He is OP from the start (in some way) and quickly manages to gather around him the future elite [...] of his new "empire". [...] If there is indeed a [...] cultivation, it isn't the top priority of... more>> this story [...] the author knows where he goes and I pray that it continues.

Now at c782 :

This story begins to tire me and I withdraw a lot of things I said.

The author doesn't go anywhere and only repeats the same scenario (MC goes to another world, meets new proud sons and daughters of heaven (always more powerful that the precedent world: how convenient for the character growth !), is underestimated, shows that he is superior and can crush everyone, battle of words, fight, MC wins, new female to add to his harem, leaves for another world).

It's really boring because I already know that he will just go in all the nine worlds, repeat the same pattern, then the end of this story will probably be with the discovery of the tenth world, battle his greatest ennemi (the one from the cave that transform him in a raven), will shoulder the heaven's will and the end... pfff... <<less
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Kay60 rated it
August 27, 2016
Status: c259
Ok so I had to change my previously amazing review because the more I read, the more this story has frustrated me.

Its not as bad as some other Chinese novels, but I find myself wanting to throw my phone against a wall due to just little things that make no sense in the novel.

-- First is how every single person here is described.

E.g. "So-and-so was the most powerful person during his time, except not really as there was this other person who beat him and was hence invincible in... more>> his era, except not really because there was someone else who was.... etc etc."

The author calls almost EVERYONE invincible and "the most powerful of his era" without knowing what that really means. Invincible means invincible, not someone powerful but still less powerful than others. The effect of this is that when the author tries to introduce truly powerful characters or clans, he has no words to describe them as every tom, d*ck and harry is already "invincible".

-- Second is the MCs character.

I get that the MC is supposed to be aloof and calm, but here he just blatantly acts arrogant to piss people off. When someone says something to you and you keep looking around at the scenery pretending not to have heard them, you don't seem cool, you seem like a deaf idiot. In addition, he takes pride in being a leech and relying on the power of others. He has very little strength himself, and only survives because of objects and people he hides behind, yet he thinks himself some Godlike existence who deserves to be worshiped.

Finally, there is such a thing as TOO arrogant, and that's what our MC here is. If even a peasant went through what MC did, chances are they'd be just as powerful, if not more, than him. So instead of lording over every cultivator he runs into, he should act his age and not like he's a prepubescent teen trying so hard to prove to everyone that his dong is bigger than theirs.

*Rant-mode off*

Apart from the above annoyances, this is still a passable novel, and I don't think reading it will disappoint (too much) <<less
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Theta rated it
July 4, 2016
Status: --
In his past life, MC was literally a beast grandpa (common term for plot device characters that guide MCs). Now released from his seal, he's become even more of a beast, figuratively. This series is great for people like me who enjoy reading arrogant yet shrewd MCs who go around face-smacking people~
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Soma rated it
June 21, 2016
Status: c20
Looking for Unique Xianxia?!

... more>>

I can't wait to write this review even though I only read half of the currently translated chapters. MC is a immortal in a human body without talent, cultivator called him trash.

but unlike usual xianxia trash bullied by people, here there is no such a thing. Our MC does not cultivate yet he managed break the common sense of Xianxia bullsh*t by trampling and killed his enemies merciless into many pieces with ease, subdued a strong sect without lifting a finger by controlling their guardian golem.


Give it a read, at least until chapter 20, you won't regret it. <<less
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Eternity Warrior
Eternity Warrior rated it
September 17, 2018
Status: c1603
This novel is my guilty pleasure. The world building is very interesting, the main character is very OP and side characters are varied (with fair share of both complex and one dimensional characters), however the villains are mostly one dimensional. Story itself isn't very interesting, basically our guy Li Qiye goes around the world, collects the items he left behind in his previous life, smashes the heads of the local experts. He also collects a lot beauties, and then abandons them at the end of the story arc... to get... more>> more beauties in a different place.

He also likes to reminisce about the tragic past, looking all cool while doing it and it almost fools you into thinking that there is actually a good story lol. There are a lot of mysteries as well, and Li Qiye doesn't like to explain anything which also makes you wonder. If the novel was a bit less repetitive and paid more attention to character development, I would give it a 5. It isn't a Mao Ni novel, but it is still pretty fun to read. <<less
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expertsource10 rated it
August 31, 2018
Status: c1655
The first 30 chapters are unnecesarrily, annoyingly, and stupidly confusing. After 30, the novel becomes very easy-to-read and understand.

-You like arrogant, strong MC? Checked.
-He beats everyone? Checked.
-Diversity (Non-repetitiveness) ? Checked, How? MC always kills his opponent with a different ability/way. All-fcking-ways. I mean Alllllllllways. It's very diverse in this aspect.
-Plot holes? Almost none, but almost; MC's character is a bit flawed, One example is that a being lived for billions of years shouldn't care about his race anymore whether he's a human, half-human, golem, demon, sofa, candle... more>> etc. At one chapter MC stupidly exclaims he's also a human, he is the protector of humans, he kills half-humans who kills humans etc. These should be trivial things, sign of a weak dao heart, as the statement goes; not enough to reach the apex.) (If you still don't understand it, read Reverend Insanity, and see how a long-lived being thinks and acts, how he even easily considers changing race if even it benefits him a bit more.)

A great novel to pass the time. A strong MC, beats everyone always in a different way, and gets stronger, What do you want more from a xuanhuan novel? This is the max. (Except Reverend Insanity, Reverend is masterpiece while emperor domination is a pass-time novel.)
If you like emperor domination, you may also like strongest abandoned son which has similar cruel, strong MC, beats everyone with little plot holes etc. <<less
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drunkenbull rated it
June 7, 2018
Status: c1300
I don't understand how anyone can give this a rating higher than 3. This novel is quite literally mediocre. Only read if you're running out of novels to read or like overpowered MC's

You know a novel is getting boring when you find you have to start skipping through content as it is just the same thing said over and over for 1300 chapters. They is currently 1500+ chapters released and I can't bring myself to read anymore it's just to repetitive and as the character has no progression as he... more>> is already all powerful it makes for a very bland read.

The author is not very consistent on this time scale etc. Celebrating someone's 30, 000th birthday and he does something. " He hasn't done anything in millions of years" the novel is filled with this type of crap. It was a billion years ago blah blah. I honestly don't think the author even knows his own time scales and adds it for the hell of it.

From memory he was last the dark crow 30, 000 years ago. And someone who was celebrating they 8, 000th birthday later in the story and he apparently knows him from when he was the dark crow. This type of inconsistency is just annoying to me. It's the same thing when he uses the word generations with no clear time scale for it I assumed it 10, 000 years but its also super inconsistent throughout the story again


My biggest problem with this story is the author and it's story it's just lazy. Every Arc doesn't even feel that unique it just feels like every 2 arc he uses the same formula with different characters and new powers and people underestimating him then slaughtering them but the worst part is that it keeps getting used in the same arc because people don't believe it, and then they compare him to the younger geniuses despite the fact he just killed one of their ancestors. And its that every 20 chapters maybe less. I'm all for a good slaughter and fighting novel but really the authors style just kills it for me. <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: c800
Brilliant story for those whom wish to indulge in egotistic power-trips. The world building of this story is rather incredible. As is the well thought out central characters. Even the foundations of the protagonist are rather intriguing. The past matters well into the future.

Yet, this story suffers from chronic tendency to deify beauty, and women. Taken to an intense level which means that wherever the protagonist goes he can't help but empower a 'beauty' somewhere. Which when reading Chinese stories are to be expected by this point in time. There's... more>> more though. And it all begins with the fact that there's simply no conflict at all. The protagonist knows nearly every focal hero in the entire universe's history, so everywhere he goes, he has tethers holding him down. Forcing him to aid random factions by uttering nonsensical words that he'll only 'aid them one more time'. When the protagonist does get into conflict, all he has to do is go to a random spot, get a spade, and uncover a legendary 60 million year old treasure and save the day! Wohoo!

From a purely linguistic standard. This story is a cut above the rest. Execution however leaves much to be desired. <<less
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Yetzaro rated it
June 30, 2017
Status: c1843

I loved this novel from the beginning, Heck I was dying of excitement just thinking of the next chapter. Although the MÇ was arrogant he had the strength to back it up. He was crafty as hell and most of all he was badass.
Great foreshadowing. I loved how the MÇ is planning ahead for the final battle and everything he is doing is now is in preparation for that and I loved how the Mç was getting different cool items like the Thought scripture, death and space scripture on 1000+ chapters and it was fun to watch how he kicked ass by just using them.
But let's get back to the ugly, after reading like 200+ I began to take notice of our "genius" villains who just happen to be so retarded and just can't stop to provoke the MÇ again and again and again. Of course he kicks their asses but then no one is smart enough to notice even the people who are witnessing because of just one reason " he looks ordinary". Yeah folks literally just that freaking reason.
-but that is not the best part during his "adventures" he encounters a chick, arrogant of her talent and spend some time together and like others she falls for him and This kept on repeating for like 11 times the same exact thing for 1900+ chapters which is where I am at right now.
-MC is very freaking tolerant to chicks when they act superior or attack him which happens all the time even though he is arrogant, you will see once you read the series and if a dude does half of what the Chick does to the MÇ, they die very very miserably.

boring conversation between the female character and MÇ. (Not saying the conversation is boring, just that when he is with them it doesn't interest much in my opinion).
the author like exaggerate about characters and how their aura is able to suppress the nine worlds and ten earths even though they are just at just at the virtuous paragons at the initial level and how each chick of his, is a beauty that can suck out people's souls out by just laughing, how they are the heavens proud daughter or how they can be kingdom/ world toppling beauties.
Those same quotes and texts seem to pop up very f**king often so get used to it.



even after he becomes Immortal Emperor and ascends to the tenth world at 1700+ none of the things above change oh and the funny part about is he loses his cultivation which is not pretty much of a problem as he is still kicks ass in the tenth world still I was dissolved though but the after he ascends to a higher realm than the tenth world, the same shi*t happens again and he has starts over again. It really is annoying about how much the author kept sh*tting and saying that he has to build a better foundation even though he has four of the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures and are way OP and fun fact the Physique Scripture doesn't exist anymore he rewrote it with a whole new cultivation system.


Laugh at me for this but I have read 3rd rate Chinese novels and it's all about chicks falling for MC and I mean ALOT! Powerful MÇ for the chicks to be fanatic and retarded villains and that it.
Don't get me wrong I still somehow enjoyed it with all the ass kicking and stuff especially the Sacred Nether World arc and the Emperor Seat and his fiancé being a perfect antagonist even though the MÇ was too much for them to handle at the end but that was my favorite IMHO.
I could rant for hours about it but I will end it here over all 1.5/5 from me for this novel, I admit it had the potential to be the one of the best I have read but the author destroyed it for me making you wonder if he has some kind of inferiority complex based on this writing.

Sorry for my bad English as it isn't my first or second language.

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paradigmfriday rated it
June 23, 2017
Status: c707
I've seen some complaints about how there's no tension and no challenge and how sometimes it gets repetitive and...

Except that last complaint, I've got to say that all those complaints are sort of missing the point of what this story is about. This is a tale of a been there, done that, uber-cultivator who more or less, literally has all the best cheats engraved inside of his stupid, cocky head.

There isn't supposed to be any tension or challenge. There isn't supposed to be anyone who can seriously be a threat,... more>> at least not many of them. I'll accept, slash expect maybe just one, sometime near the end of the series, but that's it and if he or she never shows (who am I kidding this is a CN novel...)... If he never shows, then its cool. A Serious gritty plot that takes itself completely seriously, is not what "I" showed up for.

In that case this would be just another wuxia about some, so-called gary-stu, who is supposedly the greatest thing since sliced bread, but still has to spend his time scrambling to play catch up while stronger folks chase him to the ends of the earth and get to be arrogant while the MC slowly builds his strength.

There are tons of those stories already. What makes this one unique is that it actually delivers on the premise. LQ is an immortal super cultivator who's died come back and now is going around kicking ass and talking sh**, while he tries to see if any of his boys are still around and if they're still holding that stuff that he asked them to hold, a few million years ago. Simple.

It's sort of if pre-earth 2, dc's superman spent ninety-nine percent of the comics not holding back and not giving a f***. He'd win every time, with almost painful ease. But again that's part of the fun. Watching some dude flex his muscle and show up some fools who phenomenally still don't know what is what, after who knows how many hundreds of millions of years.

In my opinion the only problem with this story is that it sometimes gets old. Not stale necessarily, just old.

Which is sort of the package when it comes with these stories. Its more than a thousand chapters of the same plot and these Chinese authors generally don't mix it up a lot.

Its sort of why I kind of stopped reading anything with the words dragon or sword in the title for a while. It's why I don't watch dragon ball anymore. Eventually you'll burn yourself out. If you marathon this stuff and it doesn't jive and there's not enough side plot, you'll eventually find yourself coming down with groundhogs day syndrome.

"What? Huh? Another one? Seriously another person is picking a fight with this maniac? Why?"

or rather

"Didn't he kill you already? How are you here on a whole other world, sir? What do you mean that, that was a whole different guy?"

My advice is if you read it and you like it, only read it in batches of a hundred or so, maybe two hundred if you really like it. Break it up with something nuanced or suitably different from standard wuxia fare, or it'll start tasting like months old taffy, still sweet but hard to chew. <<less
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