Tales of Demons and Gods


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Killed by a Sage Emperor and reborn as his 13 year old self, Nie Li was given a second chance at life. A second chance to change everything and save his loved ones and his beloved city. He shall once again battle with the Sage Emperor to avenge his death and those of his beloved. With the vast knowledge of hundred years of life he accumulated in his previous life, wielding the strongest demon spirits, he shall reach the pinnacle of Martial Arts.

Enmities of the past will be settled in this new lifetime. “Since I’m back, then in this lifetime, I shall become the King of the Gods that dominate everything. Let everything else tremble beneath my feet!”

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Yao Shen Ji
Yêu Thần Ký
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strixflash rated it
March 18, 2016
Status: --
Looking back I now realize that I was too harsh on this novel in my review. Yes, the novel is full of cliché tropes but author is good in exciting action scenes and making bad guys feel dreaded. So if you're looking for something full of adrenaline then it's for you. This novel is not for me though due to its female characters. I could stand the repetitive plot, dumb enemies and plot holes but couldn't handle the annoying romance. The main love interest is one dimensional idiot. She has... more>> no personality at all and it makes you wonder why author wants us to give a damn about the s*upid pe*ophile love. All the other female love interest are idiots as well who fall for him due to s*upid reasons ~_~ Believe me the romance in this series will kill you. <<less
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Promethean rated it
April 23, 2016
Status: --
I don’t really know how this is really popular. Its not even a good “new game + ” type series.

And the MC is a terrible person, not to mention the writing itself.

First of all the MC.

... more>> He is a terrible person. He is greedy as hell, while pretending to be good. He does everything out of self greed and is an extreme pragmatist.

He could careless about the people he is trying to “save”.

In fact, he believes himself to a superior person and extremely righteous, when he isn’t. Not even a bit. Everything he does just happens to benefit the people. If he really did want to benefit them, he wouldn’t be trying to rip everyone off, and give them more knowledge to save and protect themselves, instead of hoarding it all to himself, yet he acts like he is a good guy, trying to protect everyone. The contradictions with this character are so freaking high.

And he is a f**king stalker. He stalks the girl he likes constantly. Literally. He sneaks into her house without even her permission and starts sexually harassing her. He “claims” she is his, like a piece of property, and even though he says he “gives” her freedom, and is trying to help her, but he is just chaining her down more and more, and doing everything out of selfishness. Because its not that he “likes her”, but that “she is already his”. F**k this guy. And she, mind you, is 12. Yeah, they got together when they were 20. But now, they are 12, and he, who has a 100 year old’s mindset, just comes out as a freaking pe*ophile.

He is arrogant as f**k, thinks everyone is beneath him, and perceives himself to be a god or something. IT doesn’t matter if he is more powerful, or knows more than everyone else. It doesn’t mean he has to act like an arrogant prick noble while everyone else is like peasant scum. He thinks everyone he does is right, and if someone does something he doesn’t like, they are evil as hell, and he has the right to punish them, like some judge.

Maybe some people like this attitude or thinks is funny. But, it just comes out as an arrogant, stalker-obsessed, self-righteous, brat.

Nothing about his character is any good.

Now for the supporting cast.

Terrible cookie cutters with no personality that are just there to be display pieces for the main character. All the female leads have absolutely zero personality aside from liking the MC, and all the male supporting cast have nothing except following the MC or being cookie cutter as*hole villains (who aren’t really a**holes, because they haven’t done anything yet).

And they all suffer from the “MC can do no wrong, even though he is clearly doing wrong” mentality, and don’t really do anything other than blindly following the MC. Plot:

Okay at first, then become typical xianxia cliche. He is trying to save the city from being ravaged by beasts. Thats okay. But the way it proceeds is boring. It’s just the usual xian xia stuff. Then the future plots are all about fighting stronger cultivators. Oh yeah, I forgot. He “helps” his friends, but what he is really doing is getting chess pieces he can use to fight the guy that killed him. Yeah. He literally says that why he is helping them get stronger.

World Building:

Typical. The spirit power thing is a little unique in that there are 2 forms, in some complicated cultivating style. But in the end, it just because the usual cultivating than breaking through realms stuff. They also integrate powers with demon spirits, kind of like DD, but they only get one (except him, because he is “special” >.>). Other than that, its just any other typical Xianxia novel, and nothing new is added or created. You can bet it becomes the typical “the world is actually bigger than you even realize” thing you’ve seen before. But it does promote quality of quantity, which is a seldom seen thing in Xian xia. Which I like.

Character Development:

None. Everyone is cookie cutter. Once the exposition explains the characters personality and background, it stays set forever. No one changes, nor is there any character development besides the first sentence describing the character. The MC has no development, and stays the exact same way for a long time (I read up 100+, and that is more than enough to be able to judge how good the series is going to be. If it needs more, than clearly it isn’t a good series). Action:

Its decent. Its better than reading people scream out names and sound effects as if we are supposed to know what the hell they are doing. Its amply descriptive for their type of battles.


Have you ever read a xianxia novel before? Then you don’t need to ask when I say they are the typical cliches.


I tried to like this series. But I can’t. The main character is an absolutely terrible person that I can never like (and if you can’t like the MC, there is no point in reading anymore). The side characters are cookie cutter. The plot goes nowhere. The writing style isn’t that bad compared to other series. The world, after the initial “unique quirk”, ends up being the same rehash, so that the unique quirk ends up being pointless, as in the end, quality can bet quantity (even though in the beginning they stated quality is more important). Fighting is okay.

If you want to read a story with a bad and terrible character full of contradictions and changing character traits, with the typical harem crap, bland side characters, with decent fighting, and a more unique than others cultivation method, then this is for you.

Unfortunately, the lack of character development, terrible MC, poorly written side characters and typical plot, make this a “not worth reading”.

I give it 2/5 stars because at least it is not PMG

***This is one time the manga is better because the characters are actually given some personality, and the MC is as terrible.

*Ah, but if you haven’t read Xianxia before, then you can read this, because if you can get past the MC’s terrible character and bland supporting cast, this will be a decent read. <<less
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Kefi rated it
April 9, 2016
Status: --
It starts good imo, but soon the world doesn't make sense with the story that the MC lived in his first life. Add multiple minor annoyances I had with the MC and plot holes so I dropped it around chapter 200.
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drewjn rated it
April 7, 2016
Status: --
This series started off well. It had a decent premise, the progression was good, and the pacing was decent. Then the story and the mc’s attitude and unbeatable nature came into play.

MC experiences a rebirth/rewind after living a good many years, while using a time space artifact that allowed him to study and learn everything under the sun in a period equivalent to 1000 years. He has all of the techniques, all of the knowledge, and this becomes part of the largest plot armor imaginable. In short, he is a... more>> Mary Sue (gary stu) of epic proportions.

That may or may not be to everyone’s taste, but the clincher for me is that for a person who has returned to the past with more knowledge than needed, he acts like a petty douche with a personality no better than a preteen. Whenever something occurs, it just adds on to the layer of plot armor that it makes the story drone on as the MC and the plot become more and more tiresome to read about.

It used to be a light hearted story with some humor, then it became utter drudgery. <<less
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VanAlex rated it
June 24, 2016
Status: c150
This is actually my first Chinese Novel, I've read this because the manhua is so popular in Mangatown, but I've read many negative reviews about it, then some review have mentioned the novel I Shall Seal the Heavens as a better choice than this.

As much as I'm new to Chinese Novels, this type of series is their greatest flaw or what you call generic, if the Japanese Novels have those Pacifist Herbivore Overpowered Chick Magnet Protagonist, then Chinese have those Carnivorous chick maget OP MCs with too many power-ups,... more>> legacies, hidden items, and their characteristics being underestimated and ruthless, not to mention that most of them talks about how godly they, even though they don't deserve title.

Before, I was blind to the novel world, but I'm already enlightened to some degree that I know what is good or bad, either way I can tolerate some generic or average series as long as they have interesting premise, but I've learned that Knowledge is power, being enlightened is important and Time is precious, and I've concluded to Drop this Novel.

To make it simple, this novel is one of those tr*sh covered in Fake Gold, it's too attractive because of its Popularity but it's also the greatest Regret that I've done in my Novel Milestone.
Now I can't think better but Disappointment to many Chinese Novels if these Kind of Novel are on the Top Rankings, especially if their so Highly praised but doesn't deserve the Recognition. Actually I don't detest Chinese Novels, in fact I love them, but there's only One Type of Chinese novel that I avoid, it's "XUANHUAN"

Now unto the Difference of 'Xuanhuan, Xianxia, and Wuxia'
(东方玄幻 – Dōngfāng Xuánhuàn) : Fictional stories centered primarily on Oriental myths, legends and fairy tails or ones that use such elements as their basis which is different to Classic Immortal Hero
(古典仙侠 – Gǔdiǎn Xiānxiá) : Traditional stories about immortal heroes or Historical Martial Hero
(历史武侠 – Lìshǐ Wǔxiá) : Stories mainly about martial heroes that also incorporate history to a greater extent, or stories about history that are written straightforwardly in the martial hero style and Traditional Martial Hero
(传统武侠 – Chuántǒng Wǔxiá) : Stories containing traditional martial hero elements, the works by Liang-Jin-Gu (Liang Yusheng, Jin Yong and Gu Long) being representative of the genre.
But Most of the Xuanhuans are Shallow, and only few are Genuine Xuanhuan like Panlong.

Now Unto TGD, is this really bad as people says or is worth to read? well I can't judge this properly since I've DROPPED it after reading it from chapter more or less 150 chapters, as long as I can remember, It's in the time of Testing the Guardian Totems, but don't expect Biased review.

~STORY~ 2.5/10
The score was low but the characteristics of Xuanxuan element is still present, the world building was ok, but the element of where the plot revolves is unbalanced, to make it simple, the greatest in the City is none other than the Protagonist, and the outside was still a mystery, and I don't plan to read it. The Good thing in this series was there's some 'Connection' that revolves in the plot, and again, it's because the author wrote MC's awesomeness just to make a preparation for plot devices, just think of a Soldier with a decent Gun (plot devices and plot development which makes sense), who can reload (Repeat or Recycle) because of many ammo (connection made in the plot, like Achievements and Character Interaction) but can't hit the target (The Quality of the Plot)
In short this is nothing, you're like Cooking and there's a Decent Ingredients, yet it didn't taste Good. And I doubt that TGD is getting Better.
And forget about the Decent Ingredients, sometimes there's so many Plot Holes about the Past.

~Character -1~
The Biggest Downfall of the Novel, I'm not sure why is the Manhua is so popular and it's being compared to Naruto, I want to rant how good Naruto is compared to TGD, but let's be logical. Naruto has at least a decent amount of Characters, and these Characters were given depth through 'Back Story alias Fillers' and the Anime did much better (or worse) Fillers than the manga, but TGD is nothing compared to the Epic Characters of Naruto, None of them have relied to Naruto to get Stronger, they've only relied/depended on him during the hardest times which they can't Handle, and there's so many worthy Antagonist too.
Now Think Naruto as a Buffet Dinner set in a Table, then Flip it, (table flip) that would be TGD's worth, wasted tasty food in the floor.
The Protagonist Nei Li, lived for a Thousand Years, luckily he got a Plot Device Legendary Notebook (like Dragonballs) that has Resurrected Him, and his adventure is about relying on the Past, that's why he can't move on, so he decided to Rate and Judge people based on his Experience, and the scaling was simple, which was good in the past, is good also in the present times, vice versa with the bad guys. Then the story sticked with that motto that none of the as*hole have become better in character, they are even just getting worse, as for the Side characters, well they were like 'Friends for Praise' I wanna make a choir for them lol, these guys can't live without the MC, I mean seriously author, at least on Naruto, the Side characters were Badass and they didn't relied so much to Naruto, and even the author mentioned that side characters were much badass compared to the MC, yet the author have turned them into Character Decoration?... Tsk, the MC is a wimp in the past who became badass, I would prefer to read the story of the Past adventures than to read what is presently written on this novel, since in the Past he knows 'Manners' and 'Respect' but you could say that he's weak that have become strong in knowledge
(since there's so many plot holes about his story, like he didn't past the Silver Rank, but he's the Greatest Alchemist)

~Enjoyement~ 2
I can't enjoy these type of series, thought I'm amazed that I've tolerated it up to 150, this is a waste of time, even though I appreciate the Translator and I respect the Author for his Job, and I didn't pay a cent for it for reading it, still I regret that I've read it. Save your time, money can't buy it.
First of all, this story has nothing to Offer, but only 'Glory' of the Protagonist.
Second, the protagonist can't even make himself Respectful, he does not have Charisma to become one, he's just an as*hole in character. The author could have made him Respectable through intelligent arguments or debates, at least he has a knowledge of worth of a Thousand Years.
Third, the MC is a phedophile, it's only natural to get attracted to women, and it's reasonable since he was resurrected, but in that childs body is an experienced old man, I doubt that People will love to read it if he has an image of an old man too.

There's so many reason why I have to drop this, but the only thing that I want is 'Quality' and this one does not have that 'Quality' that I want to see in a Novel, I Shall Seal the Heavens is a Xianxia, so I can't compare it and I've already Decided to Abstain myself from Xuanhuan, unless it has received Positive Reliable Reviews with a proper Judgment and refined taste when it comes to Novels.

Overall This series has the potential but was destroyed by Glorification and Fanservice (not only ecchi thing has fanservice, but also Overpowered Moments is a type of Fanservice) and Shallow, and full of disappointment.
If you're into Chinese Novels, (since I'm not) Make sure that You're reading a Novel Worthy of its Praise, not full of shallow moments, not full of ret*rd characters, not repetitive and make sure it's Unique. This novel is also one of the reason why I don't read Chinese Novels, since only few has written character depth, and Even ISTTH has barely able to keep up on my Standards, and the chinese novels that receives genuine praise were made for women. <<less
57 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TerraEarth rated it
April 13, 2016
Status: --
MC constantly feels the need to remind us of how awesome he is in comparison to everyone else and even treats the elders as if they are fools for not being as awesome as he is. People (including the protagonist) need to keep in mind that Nie Li has had many fortuitous opportunities and has had a much, much larger lifespan than just about everyone he's met in his home city, so how does he feel the need to ridicule everyone so often? It would be like a grown man... more>> being reborn as a child and jeering at another infant for not being able to do linear algebra when it's so simple for him to do so. Maybe it seems like I'm nitpicking, but this sort of thing happens far too often, in nearly every chapter in fact that it completely irritates me and takes me out of the immersive experience.

On that note, MC is some kind of perfect omnipotent god that always gets things his way and never suffers any relative hardships due to how amazing and incredible he is. If you guys like stories where the resident Gary Stu never faces any challenge and always wows everyone around him because of how much of a stu he is, then feel free to pick up TDG. <<less
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Dream Seeker rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c316
This is the most interesting read on the site for good reason.

We already know the premise, but the real treat of the story is" how will" he complete such a grand goal. Unlike other Chinese novel predecessors, he goes about this in a realistic way. He first starts gaining a name for himself while at the same time, plotting against his enemies. While garnishing fame, he goes about building allies and hidden wealth. He does all the basics to ensuring survival of his city and the people he cares... more>> about, but then the plot thickens and then you realize there's more happening behind the scenes.

The Hero of the story isn't always thinking about survival, he still has love on his mind. What greater love is there, but the one who gave their life for yours. Surely, the hero sees the woman who gave her life for his as his "one true love". In fact, he's had hundreds of years to enforce his stubborn purist of this circumstantial love, before his second chance. So, he is realistically stubborn in his unshakable faith in his "one true love" until events lead him to recall a women who protected him as battle partner. He is shaken by such events of his past cherished partner, but makes no moves to betray the woman who gave her life for his in the past.

Special Notes Against the Other Reviewers

Ones age doesn't decide there wisdom nor how they should be treated. The MC isn't arrogant, but simply obsessed at reaching his goal. Never does he put someone down without reason... though sometimes it's not a mature reason, but even adults have there moments where they tease each other. Tell me you hadn't played a prank or teased someone then tell me how are you human?

The romance in this novel is natural and realistic.

1) Women who gave her life for him

- Initially runs away from the creep who is ogling her, but later become friends because he giving more color to her life to dull and structured. She is constantly conflicted if she loves him or just considers him a friend.

2) Cherished Partner who had his back in battle.

- Initially becomes smitten with him because he releases her from bondage that was strangling her freedom. Events build on them self from prince charming infatuation to more best friends than love.

3) Alchemy women

- The consequences of gaining power and wealth is finding love is harder. We have a Powerful independent women who longs for companionship after living years surrounded by older males who seek her what she has, and not what she is. Unfortunately, she finds someone who can be her companion, but he's far below her age, so she can only tease him of what could of been with him. <<less
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SkyHearts rated it
February 21, 2016
Status: --
It was a 4/5 when I started the series. It was the cliche strong male lead story that drawn me into it and well the fast updates. But all that stoped when it reach around chapter 110+-, don't remember specifically which.

The protagonist started to become an abnoxious jerk and even became downright unlikeable even though I liked him in the beginning. Not sure if this is a spoiler.

The author's reason of him being like that doesn't click with me either. So I droped it. Do try to read it and make a conclusion yourselves. Maybe he became likeable again in the later plot.
42 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Suijin rated it
September 1, 2016
Status: c400
One of the worst writing I've seen.
One of the worst plot I've seen.
The number one MC I want dead!

The writing is pathetic and keeps changing the plot every time. At first, it's only one world, few nomads here and there, a simple obvious enemy. By the chapter 200, everything explained at the start is like... nope. He changed from one world to many. From few nomads here and there to sects with MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Even the strongest limit has been upped by a million. So, anything he... more>> wrote at start, he deleted. And that's what got me in!

The MC is the biggest piece of sh*t out there, and we have Yun Che and Chu rapist Feng in the market! He's slimy, he's backstabbing, he's too self-centered. The ones he claims to love he controls the most! He's just cancerous to begin with.

This novel is crap, I tried to read through the hate (my own), but f**k that.

The novel is horrible, it wasn't planned well, maybe it wasn't even planned at all! <<less
39 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TheJudge rated it
May 23, 2016
Status: c200
Like most Chinese novels, they start off really well, but then gets repetitive or too biased for anyone to read or like the MC. This is one of them, I dropped this early on because the pattern was pretty obvious at that point, anymore reading and I'd be wasting my time. If you read one of the stereotype MC becomes strong due to luck, you've read them all, and this is one of those.

Don't waste your time.
39 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aziru rated it
February 9, 2016
Status: --
This is actually a decent novel with an OP MC who isn't so ruthless and kills everyone who offends him. There is a good motive that pushes the plot and will you keep interested.

I think it was a really cool idea of how he has the "power of knowledge" as his weapon in many situations. He does power up a little too fast but that's better then too slow.

Now to romance. I personally hate love triangles because because I feel bad for the one he rejects.. So this was the... more>> worst part of the novel for me (which tbh isnt that bad at all). But its still fun, hopefully later on he marries both of them lol. Also, there is character development which is always a good thing.

The fights are cool, the comedy is great. This novel has some of the funniest moments in any WN I've read (edit: tho it may not compete with AWE). The plot is always moving forward and it doesn't stretch the story out.

The one thing I dont like is his age, eh hes like 13 but I just imagine him to be like 16 or 17.. Makes him look more like a badass instead of a little kid haha.

Overall this is a great light novel and I would recommend it to anyone especially if this is the first WN they read. :) <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
June 23, 2016
Status: c350
The Main Character is far to reckless and egoistic. He has a huge ego. He is a smart thinker but too prideful. The Author purposely made him that way. The Romance is actually pretty terrible.. at first I smiled warmly since the MC for once focus and loves one girl! But it's obvious the Author intends a Polygamy sooner or later. He leaves to many hints. The MC is too forceful and possessive around her Ye Zuyen. She rarely has a say in anything and has to fallow his every... more>> command. Its depressing. Lets not forget he is more then a hundreds years old Mental Age and takes advantage of this Little 11 year old girl to get into her mind. I really don't like this Main Heroine. She's a girl who believes in sunshine's and rainbows. She's been way to sheltered. Despite saying she's intelligent she's actually pretty indecisive and muscle headed. The Main Heroine just wants a friend... she doesn't have a single dam friend! But the MC takes advantage of this loneliness and quickly declares himself her husband! [Later on I am not surprise if the Author forcefully gets writes her 'friends'. That should had been the MC first move in the story.

Don't add it 300 chapters later! It feels like he is huge manipulator and everything is for his convinces and whim.

C'mon you should had add her getting friends when there was the school arc! Instead of forcefully enslaving her the first step why not earn her trust and fix her relationships and get her to like you? Instead it was "no your mine!" This could had certainly been written better. The Author adds stuff unnecessary later in the story.

However... Xiao Ning'er. She knows what she wants. This character shows real development. She is not blinded by 'sunshine's and rainbows' but is OP and cold when needed. Though I hate how she fell in love real fast. You could had used her better. She's a lot better then the Main Heroine that's for sure. We see a lot of different faces from her and can't help but enjoy her pure love struck moments. Truly different from Ye Zuyin.


The Main Character. Ni Lie called the father of Ye Zuyin shameless and liar. Dude you are the one who invaded his daughter home. You were the one who blackmailed him. He is only doing it to protect her. You are bullying yourself in.

The Author keeps empathizing how beautiful she looks and I'm like "Dude I Freaking get it already". MC keeps saying she's very kind. But Ye Zuyin is not kind. She is merely weak. She keeps trying to refuse the MC but tries in a nice way where he wouldn't feel hurt. She wants to be friends but doesn't know how too.. because Ni Lie demands the relationship to escalate as the first step. When you consider all of this and think about it. She never truly loved the MC in her previous life. But years of so much loneliness and suddenly the death of everyone, she decided to had to s*x with you as a way to comfort herself. She would had s*x with anyone in such a situation. She never loved you. She died for you because she's such a "weak" person as I mentioned before. She's timid and s*upid because she's always been living secluded in doors like a NEET. She never reached a stage of mental development so she doesn't know how to talk to another Human.. and Ni Lie takes advantage of this.

I'm sorry I don't know why this is rated 1# in ranking. I think its not bad and I do enjoy the cultivating and action is pretty good. But you've certainly read better Wuxias then this. So don't have high expectations. There are times I've cursed while reading this story lol. Should you give it a shot? Yeah if you're super bored like me and ran out of Wuxias to read. Just don't expect anything high value from the characters. Its all about the MC and everything revolves around him. That's the type of story this is.

I really can't help but feel sadden... its frustrating knowing the ideas are good but not utilize properly. Xiao Minger is a great character. Instantly fell in love but instantly became disappointed.

Am I not the only one infuriated by this? How can someone like the Mc? He doesn't win Ye Zuyin by heart but by using the surroundings to his advantage to the point where she wont have a choice but to marry him. He's shameless and will get anything by any means... it truly disgusts me. Why not win her heart by a proper order? Instead of taking advantage of the situation and forceful. But I also blame her for allowing him to do anything to her. I am happy other people hate this. <<less
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sleib rated it
April 30, 2016
Status: --
Great novel! High level xianxia with interesting world, cultivation, MC and other characters. It is one of the best xianxias that are being translated right now. P.S. Also unlike what review below mine says MC is not selfish, he helps all his friends greatly. He gives them awesome cultivation techniques and solves some of their personal problems. Also he does so much to save city and its residents so how the heck is he selfish.
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Yolu rated it
December 28, 2015
Status: --

I don't like rating bad but this story really doesn't deserves more than that.

When I read it, I thought that it was written to satisfy a 13 years old's complexes like being intelligent, praised by everyone, being loved by each and every woman (even if they are waaaaay older than you), not having to show respect to anyone. You know, I read Bel-Ami by Maupassant and I thought of slapping the face of this MC even more than in that book. Not only that, it's really bad written. The author... more>> uses an omniscient point of view, that is first pretty rare, but the real problem is that the point in using it is normally to show the entire view of a situation. Yet, by showing the entire situation, it makes the people seem s*upid by agring with everything th MC says, and very simple minded by the fact that it switchs to their mind only to show how much this boy is a genius. A single person point of view would have suited the book better, and I'd like to tell this person that knowledge doesn't mean intelligence. To me, he's everything except a genius.

Third point, everyone should have noticed that his amount of knowledge is fishy. Like, really fishy. He knows more than any knowledgable person in this city (that, to be said, have a really random name - Glory City, c'mon) and he's from one of the poorest noble families. That's so unrealistic.

Last but not least, those women really are s*upid. Well, I could at least understand a little the two in his class, but the other two, I really couldn't. Come on, he is 13!! He is 13 in his body and even if the book denies it, he is in his mind, too!! Well, the reason I didn't rate it just 1 or 0 is that aside from that, the story ain't that bad. Someone was reincarnated and decides to try saving his beloved city from being destroyed again, he acquires different kind of powers, etc. It could have been a really good story if it hadn't been written by and for 10 - 13 year olds.

PS: Sorry for the possible mistakes, I ain't a native English speaker <<less
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khitman18 rated it
March 23, 2016
Status: --
I liked the story at first but it starts to drag a bit for me. There have been times that I just scrolled through the chapter. Then there’s also the issue with the MC. Very arrogant, disrespectful, even in his clan/family. No respect for the elder just because he has knowledge from being reborn and money. He casually does stuff without fear of being reprimanded, it’s not inspiring, just obnoxious at times... I kinda want to hit him myself a few times... 13yo who has the gull to walk into... more>> a 13yo bathing and when the dad catches him he still retorts back like it’s his right... then tells the dad that he’ll stomp him a year after... so what if he can? Doesn’t give him the right... I want to stomp his face instead... <<less
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Raider Of Fantasy
Raider Of Fantasy rated it
April 10, 2017
Status: c448
This is actually my very first webnovel. I used to really enjoy mangas for a period of time, until I could not bear to wait any longer for more chapters to come out. Thus I started reading the novels, due to them being usually ahead of the mangas. And wouldn't you know it? TDG, along with Overlord, was where I began my journey.
Even when I first started reading, I wasn't really enjoying this too much, but now, after about one year worth of experience with asian novels I got... more>> to say, it's even worse than I thougt it was. In fact, I don't even know where to start in criticising this mess.

Writing 0/5

I guess a good way to start would be the writing. It's atrocious. And I'm not talking about the translation here, since even though it's not exactly the cream of the crop, especially in the first ~200 or so chaps, it's pretty much free for you and not really part of the authors work, so changing my score for that feels kinda unfair. Translation also gets better later on, so it's not too much of a pain. However, it IS problematic for the writing style of the novel to be so extremely lacking. If you've read a few webnovels, you probably noticed that alot of the time chapters are quite repetetive, not only description-wise, i.e. describing stuff the same way over and over again like fightscenes and the envoirement, but also content-wise, usually repeating the end of the last chapter in the next one or hammering down important plot-points for chapter upon chapter upon chapter. You can expect this to happen ALOT in this novel, waay above the average amount of unnecessary repetitions. Sometimes, I got the feeling that you could easily cut the writing down by a whopping 20% and still not lose out on anything story- and character-wise. I could go on about this forever, but believe me when I say the writing here is one of the worst I've seen so far and rigthfully deserves it's zero stars.

2/5 Story


The story is basically about a guy whose whole city got overrun by monsters, with him being one of the few survivors. During his escape, he found a book that could control time, which he used to study up, meditate aka. cultivate alot to grow stronger and train his skills until he reached the pinnacle of his world. From there on he tried to revive his fallen comrades, friends and his wife, but was ultimately stopped by a person called the 'Sage Emperor', the literal king of demons. He got killed during his fight with him, but the book he found at the start of his journey turned back time to the point where his city hadn't been ravaged by monsters. At the point of his return he was around 1000 years old, the body he returned into was about 12.

And thats basically the backstory, from there on out he pledges himself to revenge for the things the Sage Emperor would do in a different timeline and tries his best to save his city from utter annihilation.


I'm pretty sure that I'm biased towards the story due to it being my first 'cultivation' experience. It all seemed so fresh and never-done-before to me at that time. I really liked the setting, something i've never read before in a 'western' novel and I liked the idea of being able to turn back time to get a second chance at live.
Now, however, I have to admit that the story is fairly standard. There is alot better stuff out there, with a similar, but more fleshed out setting. In fact, alot of stuff in this novel seems to be added as an afterthought, only including it because everyone includes it, 'laws' being one of the most jarring examples, more on that later. So, while the foundation is not completely worthless, it's not really unique or groundbreaking either. It doesn't even put in interesting twist into the whole matter, like him having two different personalities (kid and adult) that are constantly switching or him being unable to impact the future substantially, even though he knows whats going to happen next. I realize that these examples aren't the best, but they would atleast bring some amount of suspense into the story. Right now, the reincarnation-plot is only really used as a convenient tool for the author to pull another plot-convenienve/plot-device out of our near-omnipotent MC.

1/5 The MC

I'm not too sure what this MCs personality is. I'm not even sure if he has one... His actions always seem kinda random, sometimes he's a friendly guy, sometimes he goes around ordering someones death and sometimes hes doing the killing himself. On the one hand he is proclaiming his love to about 3 different woman and on the other he is blackmailing their father to not get in his way. You may realize that such a twisted personality could make for a great character, someone who appears to be a friendly, down-to-earth family-man, but is actually a mentally unstable psychopath inside. It would make for a great antagonist at least. However, you really get none of that. He isn't really unstable, it's just that his setting is really messed up, he has basically no restrictions given to him by the author, allowing him to do whatever he wants. He's really not a good character.

Furthermore, even though he lived for a good 1000 years, he still behaves like a 12-year old for no apparent reason. He's petty beyond believe and goes around bullying everyone that annoyed him in his past live. He knows about stuff he really shouldn't, like how nearly every person in his 1M+ city fought, died and/or escaped, but is oblivious to facts he couldn't possibly miss with his lifespan of 1000+ years. A good example for this would be 'laws', apparently everyone needs to study them at some point to advance, with him being exempted due to his book. Thats fine and dandy, but it absolutely makes NO sense for him to have never even heard about them even though more than 99.99% of the population had to study them.

Lastly, he sometimes pulls out random knowledge to help him advance. Again, it's fine if the author wants to secure himself a deus ex machina, but it should at least not conflict with the reality he himself build. At the very least there should be a reason for why he didn't use this knowledge BEFORE or why he didn't share it with everyone in the city that he wants to protect...

0/5 Characters


Avoid this if you can, it's riddled with more potholes than swiss cheese, the writing is atrocious and the MC as much of a joke as the supporting cast. Only read this if you have too much time and nothing to spend it on. You won't get much enjoyment out of it though. <<less
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shura_god rated it
June 18, 2016
Status: c235
After reading 200+ chapters I am really confused why is it the top ranked novel. Author (or maybe the translator) doesn't seem to understand what "prose" is and how it applies to a conversation and inter weaving a story. For example,
... more>>

when the Glory City's Ye Mo comes back for the first time he scolds his son for being lenient on Ye Han. He says how Ye Han has allied with Nether Realm's family and betrayed Glory City. Ye Zong listens to him and hangs his head.


You have to wonder - when, where did Ye Zong hear about the mentioned place and why isn't he "shocked" when hearing about this place or even why isn't there a follow conversation asking - "What is that Realm thing?"

There are many such conversations like these as the story goes forward. Every time I had to re-read the chapter to make sure I did not miss some conversation or explanation before that. <<less
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justmehere rated it
October 2, 2015
Status: --
Tales Of Demons and Gods is amazing as a novel, not much as manhua....

The story progress is pretty good, not to bogged down by techniques details (unlike Close Combat Mage). There is also an interesting goal set within the first chapters in the novel, to get the sense of urgency of the MC. He is not ruthless, knifing or devious (If thats your liking, go read Against the Gods).

If there is any cons to this novel, its prob how unmemorable most of the battles are... But then again I... more>> just read around 70 chapters or so.... (Thats the reason why I think the manhua could fail, coz it sticks to the novel too much for a manhua, theres not enough actions going on) <<less
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uarebeautiful rated it
October 18, 2015
Status: --
Arrogant MC quick growth rate, well translated and relief from action by the introduction of a comic element here and there. Story flows and isn't dragged out. Recommended to all 5/5
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nwms8 rated it
September 22, 2015
Status: --
A very similar feel to Against the Gods, so if you enjoy that flavor of story then this is something you will also enjoy. I am 57 chapters into this story and I enjoy it. There are some aspects that make me concerned, but I will address the good parts first. The MC achieved a lot in his life before he died and was reincarnated. After reincarnating, he has retained his memories and the adventure begins of how he will use his knowledge to change 'history'. It has a lot... more>> of similarities in humor and 'MC is op because XYZ' moments. It is paced well and we also get the standard as*hole guy who wants to ridicule and embarrass the MC because he thinks the MC is tr*sh. Can't have a novel without these guys. Easy to read, there is a plot and character development to some extent. Now, I am concerned about how these authors tend to make the women super pretty and slightly one dimensional. I also find it creepy this old guy reincarnates into a 13 yr old body and starts chasing after his love who is also in a 13 yr old girl body. Sure, I know they were lovers but it has a slight pedo feel to it. <<less
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