Emperor’s Domination


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A boy that was imprisoned for millions of years has regained a mortal body.

He became a disciple of the declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect where its patriarch used to be his disciple. Now he will bring this sect back to its former glory.

This is his journey to reach the apex and take revenge on those who had imprisoned him.

This is his story of meeting old friends and making new companions.

This is his path of traversing the Nine Worlds and becoming the next ruler of the Heavens.

Several millennia have passed and the golden age of experts have passed. A master whose disciples once were the most exalted Immortals among the 9 worlds has all left him. With his mortal body, mortal physique and mortal life wheel… he shall sweep the 9 worlds and take what is rightfully his.

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Di Ba
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Water rated it
June 13, 2016
Status: c550
One of the usual cliches in xianxias is to include a "sh*tty geezer" who's past prime (or loli), usually stuck in the heavenly defying treasure that MC coincidentally finds who then happens to be some ancient expert becomes a mentor figure for the MC.

Except the said geezer has raised only one but hundreds of MCs over hundred thousands of years, acquires a body and is himself the MC of this story. That's Emperors Domination. The story is pretty much typical revenge xianxia with the baddies being arrogant until MC stomps... more>> them while breaking peoples common sense. Except it's much more easygoing since it doesn't have the typical "I NEED TO CULTIVATE FASTER WILL I BE STRONG ENOUGH TO BEAT THIS GUY BEFORE DEADLINE" stuff.

Very much superficial knowledge, well world building or rather traveling around and revealing various mysteries of the world. The character aren't overly deep and there's very little character development. It's done like on ISSTH where the MC goes to a new place while leaving the companions behind by the end of an volume.

There's pretty much zero romance in the first few volumes. There's peerless beauty that could cause downfall of cities but well, imagine dating the great great great great great great great great great grand daughter of your dead disciple/old time friend. That'd certainly be awkward, right? <<less
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iamgarni rated it
October 12, 2018
Status: c3588
I want to change it to 1 star.

Just don't start this novel if you're a completionist, 3000 chapters into the raw and progression is absolutely zero. Every time you think progress is being made, the author bloody restarts his crap.

Cultivation reaches the apex? Destroy it

... more>> Every character you've grown attached to? Leave them

Idiot Mob enemies? Keep that stuff on loop

The problem is, when you start the novel every chapter has useful history and is full of content. Then at about ch500, he just slows it down and starts writing whole chapters about mob reactions!!! Hammers home the same information dozens of times and then never again uses it.


Where I've gotten to, Li Qiye has been to about 4 worlds outside the Nine Worlds and every damn time, he's either had his foundation destroyed or sealed or has posed as a mortal for bloody stupid reasons.

At some point he forges a kind of immortal true fate (which should allow him be reborn should he die), destroys the world and comes back but somehow didn't save his cultivation. And this was the point where I quit this novel


Update: I came back at Ch 3580 and it's even worse with the padding. There can be over 8 chapters of absolute nothing, the author has slowed down to a chapter a day and explicitly says he doesn't know which direction to go for now. <<less
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clowred rated it
May 16, 2017
Status: c620
While this may sound surprising for many, Li Qiye is most probably the best protagonist for a Xianxia novel. Why? Because a xianxia novel describes a protagonist that tries countless times to overturn fate. Yet, we always expect to see a protagonist that starts from zero being capable of doing miracle after miracle even though that protagonist isn't much older than a teenager. We expect to see a young protagonist showing the same amount of adult charm as a character that lived for thousand or maybe even more years, the... more>> same amount of courage, boldness and will. But no matter how we see it, that kind of thing is impossible unless the author uses certain cliches. "The ring", "the purple card', "the cube" and so on. But this novel decided to embark on a completely different path. A path where the protagonist is proud and arrogant while creating miracles at every step.

Wait, proud and arrogant? Wouldn't this make an annoying prick instead of an interesting protagonist? Yes, 99% of time yes, but this is that 1% that defies this generality. And for a very simple reason actually. Because he lived for long enough to see and know more than everyone. He knows what he has to face at the end of his path, so he wouldn't allow his will to bend down in front of anything, for his nemesis is something that surpasses everything else. It's like telling yourself 'you can do it', for thousands of times. Once you understand this you actually see the protagonist in a completely different light. You see him as someone who had to walk on the bones of his friends, his pupils and his loved ones. And no matter how sad and lonely he is, to be able to not bring shame to those that sacrificed a lot to give him a path to defeat his nemesis, he is not even allowed to grieve for that would be the end of his path of domination.

For this reason, I came to love this novel as more as pure entertainment at some point. But, of course, the enjoyment of this novel wouldn't be worth that much only because of the protagonist by himself.

We have some of the best women in xianxia. Since I had the ill fate of reading Coiling Dragon as my first xianxia I became deeply annoyed by how easily can a love story become the weak point of a xianxia. The harem is always the redeeming factor. Yet, going after each woman without considering her talents and only caring about her looks doesn't work that well. Read MGA if you want to deny my point of view. I especially enjoy the introduction of 'sword maids'. I couldn't stop myself from laughing seeing how interesting it is to give something unique not to obtain beauty but maids. Many novels either present completely innocent protagonists that are as dense as dark matter, or pimps that give priceless manuals, weapons or medicines just to enjoy some fuk.

The world building is the most serious part of this novel. Everything moves according to lines drawn before Li Qiye managed to recover his mortal body. While this may seem annoying as the author can always give the protagonist the plot armor known as 'the plan', at some point you understand that there is a different line of thinking used by the author. But, well, some people may understand it faster than others so I can only recommend everyone to read it and try to find it.

Lastly, the side characters, which include the beginning weak and not extremely important characters that have some good will towards the protagonist and the high amount of enemies. Here we see something extremely good and something good. First, extremely good. The protagonist is not a saint. Even though he appreciates loyalty, he only grooms those that deserves it. So at some point he starts discarding those that are not that important. This comes as a surprise, as some of these people are good friends. Next, the enemies are mostly the same pricks we are generally annoyed by. Yet, seeing how they are killed in masses somehow gives a refreshing feeling.

In conclusion, this novel is full of jewels, and it's truly different from the general xianxia. Some will understand why, while others will just see it as another garbage can full of cliches. Both views are right. This is just a novel that appeals to you only if you search for a specific something. For me, the calm yet ruthless protagonist is 'my cup of tea'. For others this would just be a plain psychopath. So, read it, if you like it, then congratulations, if not, good luck with the next one. <<less
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Nerdivist rated it
December 13, 2017
Status: c2726
This is a novel where you switch off your brain and skim, and if you attempt to actually read this properly, you may end up losing a few brain cells in the process.
... more>>


I absolutely do not recommend waiting everyday for releases, as this story moves at an agonizing snail's pace. For example, there was an entire chapter dedicated to the enemy SWINGING HIS WEAPON DOWNWARD, not even reaching the MC yet. Like, this is the most blatant money milking from word-count I have ever seen in a CN. I urge readers to bulk up on at least 50 chapters when fights start, to avoid becoming suicidal.


Enemies in this novel are outright brain-dead. In this novel, like many other xianxia, expect the decomposition of the characters' brain matter as the cultivation climbs higher. Every cultivator and their mother are easily triggered and offended at the slightest whiff of insult, that I just don't know how the entire cultivation universe hasn't imploded from overflowing stupidity. It is just something you have to accept in almost all xianxia, unfortunately.

There are many characters that the author creates, but in the end all interactions between the MC and them are extremely shallow, with them most likely being taught by MC, where he spews crap about the dao heart, and then they are forgotten forever. At the end of every arc, the MC says that they are be predestined friends and will meet again. Unfortunately for them, the only thing they are predestined to be is lost in the void of side characters. Again, this is something that most experienced xianxia readers will come to expect when reading theses types of novels.

The MC, Li Qi Ye, is set up as an uber smart dude who carefully plans out all his actions, and has been doing so for a long ass time. It's actually quite entertaining in the beginning arcs, but then his 'plans' become total ass-pulls. For example, the MC is in a bind, and then all of a sudden some random [insert deus ex machina] saves him, or the situation conveniently falls into MC's favour, and MC says "Yeah, I totally expected that to happen, I totally planned all this sh*t out", and that's the end of that, MC is just too much of a genius for us plebians to understand his grand schemes.

The MC is a massive prick, and goes out of his way to provoke people. It's hard to cheer him on because of this. On the other hand, the enemies are too moronic for me to give my sympathy to. Side characters have a high turnover rate, with new ones being introduced and old ones discarded constantly. There is basically no one I give a crap about in this entire novel.

Oh yeah, the main enemy:


Big bad boss, Old Thief Heaven, vaguely described throughout the novel, nothing concrete as of 2500+ and I don't expect the final confrontation until 5000+.



Every arc repeats itself.

  1. MC arrives to new world/realm
  2. Pretend to look weak
  3. Insult a few people here and there
  4. Everyone underestimates him
  5. Kill strong people
  6. Everyone still underestimates him
  7. Unleash powerful body slams
  8. Everyone still underestimates him
  9. Wipe out a few sects
  10. Everyone still underestimates him
  11. Occasional s*xual assault
  12. Fight strongest person in that realm
  13. Disperse about 20 chapters of cultivator's reactions throughout the fight
  14. 50 chapters later, reader contemplates blowing their brains out
  15. Strongest person has conveniently saved up 10 trump cards to continue fight for 30 more chapters
  16. MC f**ks off to a new realm

This is exaggerated, obviously, but I wouldn't say it's too far-fetched. Repeat this for pretty much every single arc, and you have Emperor's Domination. The frustrating thing about this plot is the emphasis on EVERYONE UNDERESTIMATING THE MC. Story arcs last approximately 300 chapters, and I'd say 250 of those chapters is the MC pretending to be a weak-ass bitch, just so that he can finally show his true strength in the last fight. The MC doesn't even unleash his full strength until about tens of chapters into the fight, where all spectating cultivators collectively blow their qi-infused loads in disbelief at the MC's strength. The hundreds of chapters wait, where the MC is dissed non-stop, is not worth the final unveiling of his true strength.

The cultivation is total crap, not even going to spend time writing about it.

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glowku rated it
July 6, 2018
Status: c3247
Probably the most repetitive novel I've ever read. If you've read the first arc, then you've read the rest.

Most of the arcs don't even have a connection with any of the others...

... more>>

Majority of characters have a lifespan of 1 arc, despite some being "predestined friends". The author honeypots his readers with promises of seeing them again. It's been thousands of chapters since he wrote the author's note about how we would see Chi Xiaodie again lmao, she gone.


You could literally skip most of the arcs and pick up the latest arc with previous arcs having no relevancy or impact at all.

This novel has an insanely high young master turnover rate, popping in and then promptly getting crushed every 30 chapters. This is not a good thing. No matter how many young masters are disintegrated into a blood fog, everyone talks sh*t to him until some world calamity conveniently appears and he saves the day, and then it goes back to sh*t-talking him in the next arc, where he is a nobody again.

If you want to get an idea of how repetitive this novel gets:


His cultivation is "reset" 3 times (10th World, 3 Immortal Worlds, and opening new era).



The shamelessness of this milking is something I have yet to witness in any other novel.

Technically everything resets every arc because he pretends to be a bloody mortal every damn time.

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phantomdemon rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: c1222
This novel is one where you either love it, or hate it.

First of, you most understand something. This isn't the story of Li Qiye. This is the Culmination of Li Qiye's life story.

Li Qiye starts off by getting himself trapped into the body of the Crow. An immortal, unkillable body. Then, we immediately get a time-skip. The next we see of him, Millions, possibly billions of years have passed, and he's finally back in his own body.

He has been apart of history, battled in every ancient battle of legend, and... more>> done so much his experience is insane.

As such, he's arrogant as all hell.

More than that, he's prepared. He's been preparing to get back in his own body for years, to the point that every place he goes has something he can pick up to use to kick ass, or help him grow.

And that's where people will be divided.

This is either a story about an invincible, arrogant MC, OR, it's the story of a being who's spent thousands of years preparing, and all that preparation coming to fruition. <<less
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GabeZhul rated it
July 23, 2017
Status: c310
Let me sum this novel up for you in just four words: Great premise, bad writing.

First off, the description here on NU is horrible and barely reflects on the actual story. Here's the premise in a nutshell: The protagonist used to be a common shepherd boy who died in accident. His soul was then enslaved by an evil force and transplanted into an immortal crow. As the crow his job was to go into the world and gather cultivation techniques and treasures for his masters. Over literally millions of... more>> years he slowly put together a plan to rebel against his masters, train the most powerful experts the world has ever known, and with their help he finally freed himself, only to be reborn into his original, completely unremarkable body.

In even simpler terms: You know the xianxia cliché where the scorned MC stumbles upon a "grandpa", a great expert sealed in an object or otherwise under duress, who sets him on his way to greatness? Well, this time around our protagonist is the grandpa who had already trained his fair share of legendary experts and finally sets out to write his own legend.

However, while the basic premise sounds really interesting, this story is full of problems:

-The cultivation system is over-complicated and hazy. There are different cultivation levels for Physique (read: body) Life Wheel (read: the amount of chi/power/mana the character has) and Fate Palace (read: cultivation power level), but then there are the different levels of cultivation techniques (that are often four-to-six words long and get repeated ad nauseum) that follow a different naming scheme, and then the treasures that also follow a different naming scheme, and then there are the merit laws, and then there are sub-tiers for the three big attributes, one of which even creates compound names for the cultivation levels (as in, there is a character whose cultivation level was referred to as a "five fate palace minor completion saint physique heaven rebelling noble level royal noble"), and then there are attributes that don't even fit in this system (just what the hell is an Immortal Dao Bone?) After a while you just get a headache from all the damn long-winded and jumbled terminology.

-The MC is arrogant the wrong way. The thing is, his arrogance is well-deserved, as he is literally one of the oldest living beings in the setting with near-infinite knowledge. The problem is that instead of being above-it-all, he is a childish, long-winded prick who keeps posturing all the time and picks a fight with every traditional arrogant genius he meets for no reason whatsoever. Not only that, he is constantly signaling his true origins left and right, an extremely stupid thing to do especially early on when he is fairly weak, and yet gets away with it because all the other characters are even stupider. Speaking of which...

-The other characters are Stupid with a capital S. This is mostly so to make the MC looks smarter in comparison, which is already bad enough, but then there is just being too dumb to live, such as the copy-paste antagonists. However, the most painful part is how clueless everyone seems to be about the protagonist's danger level. I mean, come on! Around ch100 the MC has already single-handedly killed a bunch of powerful students and masters after cultivating for less than two years, yet everyone keeps insisting that he is insignificant because he has trash cultivation potential. Seriously? That's like looking at a car going past you on the highway and still accelerating ahead of you, and then scoffing at it for having a weak engine and never being able to get ahead of you, while it already is! I was hoping this problem would solve itself with time once the MC became incredibly famous for stomping a bunch of OP sects and their elders, but then the author pulled a fast one on me and had him move to another part of the world where no one heard of him before so that the cycle of underestimation could start anew.

-Repetition, repetition, repetition. This is a problem I noticed with a lot of CN works, but this is one of the worst cases I have ever seen. We are talking about repeating information withing the same chapter, sometimes in the very same paragraph, multiple times even! Now granted, this repetition can be somewhat justified when it comes to the aforementioned obnoxious cultivation system, but when the author starts describing the characters and their background the fiftieth time using the exact same words, it can get more than grating. I swear, if I hear the term "heaven's proud daughter" one more time, I will flip right out... [Edit: I found a worse one. The author repeated the phrase "Refining dan pills like roasting beans." about twenty times in three chapters, and I am not counting the titles, which were exactly the same. Seriously author? Seriously? ಠ_ಠ ]

Overall I still give this work 3*, because as a light read it is fairly entertaining, and the world-building is actually pretty great, with some nice and even innovative ideas here and there. Too bad the overall writing is so bad, otherwise this would be an outright classic. <<less
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Azureus rated it
April 16, 2017
Status: c2388

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love ED and it used to be my undisputed top 1 novel before and I would have given it 5/5 stars easily without the slightest bit of hesitation, but it just went downhill after 3 immortal worlds arc. Fights/dialogues/interactions are all repetitive af and Author just keeps milking the novel by unnecessarily dragging the plot. He takes 1-2 chapters to explain how amazing an artifact is and what kind of impression the cultivators in the audience have about the person LQY is facing and how amazing he/she is and how LQY will get insta-slaughtered, not to mention pearless beauties with jade-like skins and slender legs. No matter how much battle prowess LQY shows, people are just too blind to see Mt. Tai, until he completely eradicates a few Sects. Even with that, some people are too blind to see his brilliance and keep provoking him.
Everyone except LQY and his subordinates are brainless retards who don't know what is good for them and keep underestimating the MC, it is the same sh*t since chapter 1 till latest raws (c2388). When MC kills some arrogant young master who provokes MC just because he looks ordinary and for no other reason at all, people are like "Oh look, that ordinary looking guy just killed Young Master of Wang Sect, Wang Sumting, who tried to create problem for him just because his was taking a stroll with the Goddess of his heart, how dare he! Wang sect will never let him off." And when MC easily kills all the guys who come after him and even destroys that sect itself, people are like "What? He easily destroyed Wang sect, one of the strongest sects on this contintent and didn't spare even the dogs and chickens? Well that is too bad, but Yang sect who had a good relationship with Wang sect will never let him off" and so on, same sh*t recycled all over again and again even till the latest raws. Author wastes tens even hundreds of chapters on irrelevant retarded/arrogant/pampered young masters who barely affect the plot of the story. ED no longer possesses that adrenaline-like sensation it used to give before and now it is just a painful read. I know it is Author's story and he can do whatever he wants with it, but I hope he steps on a lego for ruining such a good story.

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marchex rated it
September 8, 2016
Status: --
If you're tired of mc's addicted to pills and cultivating in caves for years to get stronger and takes a hundred chapters before kicking ass. Then this story is for you. Due to the MC being millions of years old. When he regained his original body, he knew all the tricks to be op and kill his enemies. No boring monologue before the action starts. This is not a deep novel, but you can just relax and enjoy it for what it is. The arrogance of the MC is a... more>> big part of his charm. The translation is very good too. <<less
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LordMignion rated it
June 30, 2016
Status: c62
You know how in some xianxia's the MC is like this super old and powerful cultivator who is reincarnated into a new body. But when the story plays out he just behaves like a normal guy with tons of high-level knowledge. But this story is different. This MC is on another level of badassery and op-ness. This is probably THE most OP motherf**ker you will ever read about. Oh and did I mention that he's arrogant as f**k!?! Like so arrogant, all the arrogant young master can only be called... more>> shy in front of him. He's pretty much how you would expect him to be if you look at his backstory and the fact that he's a chinese MC. <<less
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Just Sam Random Guy
Just Sam Random Guy rated it
November 14, 2016
Status: c272
Emperor's domination? More like Emperor's Reminiscing. If lighthearted, slice of life, cultivation, and harem novels had a baby, this novel is it. And trust me, this baby looks pretty disgusting! Skim read if you have nothing else to do.

Story had interesting premise and great potential, but the author derped soooo hard and now the novel is pretty much sub par, annoying, and tedious. My initial impression upon reading the synopsis and a few chapters of the novel, was that the story would revolve around uncovering the mysteries of the past... more>> and the forces that captured him, while leveling up. As well as being all detective and investigator and stuff like that. Also puzzles and challenges to display his accumulated knowledge and wisdom. If this is what you're expecting out of this novel as well, then you're in for a huge disappointment.

Why? Because somewhere along the story, the plot vanishes all of a sudden. The story suddenly transforms to the every day life of derping around by the MC. The MC playing god, constantly picking fights here and there. Looking for someone to make a fool out of. Looking for maids (I don't even know why). Looking for trouble, stooping to ant's level all the time. And most of all, looking for somewhere or sometime to REMINISCE, all the f***ing time. The MC has no plan at all. Aside from the clever memory unlocking for his present body, he has nothing else planned. He is pretty much just winging it, living his everyday troll life.

Also, almost every chapter is filled with the MC reminiscing about the past. Chapters are either reminiscing time, or reaction time. But the problem is that his "past" reminiscing doesn't even connect together. He goes way back to million years ago, then to 100+, then to 50k+, then to millions again, then to whatever. The only thing that connects them is either lineage or dead immortal character. All the talk about the past doesn't even give you a concrete story about the past. Just fragments and disposable information, just to show us that he was there at that time. <<less
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Vipe rated it
February 6, 2017
Status: c333
I'm tired of these Chinese novels that start out good but turn out boring. This novel used to be interesting, like most others, but end up very boring. Overall, very repetitive with no interesting development. If I have to read the same sh*t for 1000 more chapters then I don't see a reason to continue reading this. I'd rather see 200~500 chapters of interesting content and story-line than a stretched out story-line. I'm tired of dropping novels left and right because of these formulaic story-lines these Chinese authors tend to... more>> go for. <<less
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Moonlight Shadow
miguelzhen rated it
May 23, 2018
Status: c1490
Well, originally I didn't bother too much on doing a review on this novel (actually any novel that I read), but I saw something intriguing upon reading some of the reviews, specially the negative ones, and I saw that one very common argument that the novel plot is not worked very thoroughly, or the battles are too cliched, I'm writing this review on how I see this novel.

first thing to note is the actual point on to why the author decided to write the novel the way it is, it... more>> is clear during the whole story, that the author does not focus on relationships between the MC and the side characters or the battles, so if you read the Chinese novels for these, you are going to be very disappointed, the very point of the whole plot is to not develop the MC from weak to strong, because it's pointless

MC is the teacher of tons of immortal emeperors (being said to be invincible in their universe) and other superpowers we see in the novel, só him being strong is just a matter of time

the author wants to slowly uncover how our mysterious MC is, from his personality besides his outer arrogant and powerful appearance, or his past deeds and painful memories, the whole story is revolving around what the MC did in the past and his actions in the present in search of the so wanted answer he wants from the heavens

the second thing is the is the actual relationships in the novel, as I said the author does not focus very much in this topic, but there are things that stands out, that is his past friends and lovers that is or might be alive in the era that he is in, for example

that middle continent princess, a past lover of his that he had to deceive because of how the Tian Ming era was dangerous, and Li Qiye had a job to do that was to eliminate the bloodthirsty ancient ming race from the nine worlds, but he still developed sentiments to that little girl of that era, so he still protected her secretly even while having to be hidden and constantly thinking of to deal with this world disaster that was the ancient ming race was to the human race

another thing is his maids during the whole story, some people are seeing thing very superficially about them, because the whole point of having those maids, is not to just have some fan service, but the main point is to show the teacher side of Li Qiye, all his maids were picked by him for reasons, due to sheer talent that could be developed or their supreme Dao heart that could have them continuously go on the the endless path of the Dao, the whole point of this is to show, even a little bit of how Li Qiye teaches his past disciples, maid or generals, or how he picks them, and what he can do to just develop them to their maximum the author does not want to develop a story behind every side character, but the side characters are there to show the little bits of personality that our MC has

last thing is about the fights, I just ask you one thing, knowing how strong, wise and knowledgeable the MC is, is there a point in doing super detailed, full of different climaxes battles knowing that the MC would eventually make everyone as an ant and crush them to dusts? There is no point to that, it would be too disappointing if you already know that everything that the enemy does will be useless, so what is the point of all the battles? One thing, the MC, as I said the whole story revolves on discovering bits of bits of the past of the MC, so what the battles show? His wiseness in the battles and plots that he thinks, and how confident he is as a general of the legion of the legends to overcome every battle in an overwhelming way not only with his power but his strategies and the power that he grants to his subordinates, because the strength of the MC is granted to be OP <<less
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alexelielchain rated it
July 4, 2016
Status: c71
My heartbeat is usually fast if I'm reading this novel.I tend to forget the background noise around me.

It is really good to have a smart MC who can turn around his opponents scheme. The MC is quite tough, reliable and cunning.I can say that the characters are fairly distributed between MC's supporter and villains. Some antagonistic character also became his ally which is a plus for the author since mostly xianxia novel have nonredeemable villains.
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Novel hater
Novel hater rated it
February 19, 2019
Status: c900
Another intresting turn trash novel... the three things which are seriously wrong with this novel

1) ego... egoist... egotist... anything related to these words is frankly like an ant compared to the MC's hoola laala...

Initially it was very good as he was supposed to be the million year old oldman so it got justified but author takes it to whole another level... which can't be put into the words. He's like god in between mortals or should I say, a human armed with insecticide bazookas in the world of insects.

Random character... more>> 1: I'm such an such million year old super powerful insect n I'll drink ur blood.

MC: haah, when ur grandpa was alive he was once allowed to bite my ass n drink some blood. Do you think u can do the same, even though I'm piss poor n weak as hell but somehow my plot armour will give me so many out of this world weapons that u'll die bleeding from ur luck?

No matter where MC goes n who he meets, everyone is an insect. Which kinda makes it a stupid story as killing insects isn't fun at all, that too again n again.

2) characters :

chracter of MC: which started out something like badass n later turned into a obnoxiously perveted scatterbrain. He has a fetish of collecting maids n stunning them again n again by killing new insects.


Initial MC: I'll give u only one chance to follow me as a maid....



Later MC: plz follow me, I beg u.... I'll give u infinite chances to say yes.

He was someone who lived for millions of years but somehow when he gains his body n returns back to 13 year old. His personality also changes back to 13 year whiny kid.

Author initially starts introducing some good characters who have the potential to become something rememberable but alas how can Mc's existence tolerate it. All chracter even though some of them have lived for millions of years, behave as horny teenagers going through rebellious phase.

Women in this novel have heart shaped eyes.... they are there for showing surprise, asking MC some random questions then behave like maniacs...

Woman 1: omg! How could he knew something like that? It's not even written in history........... (always ending at) but he only 13!!!!!!

Woman2: how? Just how? He's only 13. How does he know something like that.



Woman 100: omg!is this for real? He's just 15 or 16 n he knows this too....

They don't have emotions apart from wholeheartedly devoting to the MC n following him word by word. They're like marionettes.

One woman had a potential but she too became like this after MC randomly taught her something (gain immortality) in his crow form. Author has some serious problem with cross dressing. MC constantly issues threats to women cross dressers that he'll rip their clothes n spank their asses. (this is what u do when u lived for millions of years)

Villians: they're as usual pea brain hulks who are there for issuing random death threats. They've a compassionate heart for not attacking MC or his followers while he's weak or away. They will wait till he comes back or becomes stronger.

They know that MC's gonna kill them thus they should use full power from start but hell no!! They've excuses for every situation.

Villian 1: super ultra bad dude is in close door meditation

Villian 2: let grand pa break into such n such cultivation as only grandpa can kill MC.


Villian 100: so he's not around that means he would've left some super ultra one shot killer treasure to kill us... thus we would wait..

Apart from background raping, killing, kidnapping... u can't hold anything against such sweet villians.

3) the real villian in this novel is audience or crowd: the level of street chatterbox is exceeding wumao level. From the first fight, street chatterboxes include from a insect to some super ultra powerful grandpa doing running commentary.

In this novel there's something called coffin grandpa (since none canbe immortal so major powerhouses seal themselves into the coffin to save their clans from some sh*tty situations, them coming out will be like u just fired a nuke for a gun shot) but for running commentary they'll not mind anything as commentary is more important than their life.

P.s. author tries to kill the reader with infobits. He tries to introduce a objects with ancient history to get ur attention n when he becomes successful he tries to slap readers with, "knowing more can kill u".

Eg- girl 1: seeing MC reminiscing about something while looking at an ancient object, will ask a question.

MC: tries to answer with the hint of getting ur attention like including a past student's name, his own history... blah blah.. with 3-4 paragraphs into it, he suddenly slap the reader n the girl with- knowing more can harm n that's it... then that thing will become mystry for u just as much as it's for the author. Never to be introduced again.

U can live with it if it happens for one or 2 times but author keeps doing it til he make reader annoyed.

Apart from some stupid dialogues I'm still not clear what he trying to do (to some smart asses I know about that damn grotto he wants to destroy). But it's getting boring with same repetitive plot of MC travelling, then get a maid side kick who'll be so dumb to say he's just 16 n he knows this, then face slapping bad guys n moving on to do the same. <<less
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Elementarteilchen rated it
November 19, 2018
Status: c1618
Yes, I read 1618 chapters of a very bad novel and still enjoyed it. Why is it that bad? MC speaks all the time about mysteries of the world, without saying anything. He tells us about history and the future events, but we as the readers always get just 1 part of the story. You will never hear about the other parts of the story.

Our MC would say: "You, as the readers are ants and can't reach the apex, so you aren't qualified to know anything."

You will read tons of... more>> conservations between MC and his old acquaintances or some mysterious beings, but as always you get just 1 part of the story. You will never know or comprehend what they are actually talking about most of the time. I suspect, even the author doesn't know what they are talking about :D

In the beginning you will feel curious about all the conversations and history talk of our MC, but as the story progresses they will never be mentioned again. In fact, there will be more and more completely different and independent "mystery talk sessions" on top of the old confusing speeches of our MC. You start to realize: "F*ck, all this talk is just filler content. You will never know what they are talking about."

Why should you read this garbage of a novel? Because the MC is the most badass and domineering character I've ever read in a novel. The story is about destroying the enemy in the most badass ways you can think of and "mystery talk".

Remember: mystery talk=filler

If you are here to read about anything else, you will be left disappointed. You should still give it a try, because it is damn satisfying to see our MC trashing everyone else in this novel ;D <<less
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Linodo rated it
October 19, 2016
Status: c233
Okay, I recently read this novel from the beginning since it moved to Wuxiaworld and man what an addition Wuxiaworld has found. I will put it down in parts on why I rated it 5 stars which I do not normally do.

1) The main character is unique in the Chinese novel category. Yes, he is arrogant and does not give sh*ts about anyone, however, the author did a good job on telling us why that happens. Without going into too many spoilers, the MC lived for an ungodly amount of... more>> time so much so that he has seen most things and knows most things. So when others undermine him because he just returned to his mortal body, he has the right to be arrogant since he has probably been in many worse situations. And unlike other Wuxia stories where the MC is arrogant, this one is believable. Just imagine. He has seen the birth and rise of figures many times stronger than the people he is facing. He also knows way more than anyone in his time. He would naturally see all people as his juniors or just ignorant brats.

2) The story arcs. Unlike Wuxia novels that have the predictable story arcs such as junior competition, female protagonist getting into an engagement they are forced into (something about losing virginity) or even the random power up by going into secret realms. This novel throws it out the window as his strength is enough to contest even with some of the strongest people, the MC does not want to marry/f**k and his strength comes from his prior knowledge when he was not in a human body. Additionally, there are some story arcs where you will not know where it is heading, unlike most Wuxia novels.

3) The intrigue. Even though the story moves in a way where the MC knows most things and has several connections, we as the readers do not. Even up till the 200th chapter, we have only seen one or two connections that remember him when he was a crow. I always look forward to the time where a new connection from his past shows up or when a new character/sect/group shows up and the MC knows how to deal with them or tells us more mysteries. Although I rated 5 stars, there are some demerits to the novel

1) No suspense. I guess this is a problem for most novels with MCs with plot armor but it is especially true with this novel. Since the MC is so overpowered, not much can faze you when he is going through peril as you know he will definitely win.

2) Side characters would not have much development. Other than the MC, I think the only characters with proper development would be his dead friends. The side characters in this novel although have little development, they are not vital to the story that they can carry an entire arc by themselves. Which can be a good or bad thing depending on the reader. If the MC is enough to carry the novel for you, it would not pose much of a problem. However, if you like side characters that are good and mesh well with the MC, you will not find it here. All in all this is one of the better Wuxia novels I have read in a while and I definitely recommend people to binge read it. <<less
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Akciel rated it
September 19, 2016
Status: c189
This novel is just almost perfect. I have currently finished, taken a look or still reading around 80% of novels with more than 50-100 chapters on this site. And after I spotted this gemstone - it instantly became one of my top 2 favorites.

Nice plot, nice pacing, nice characters, and this is one of a few novels - where main character behavior match with his past. I really like these moments - when Li Qi Ye is drown in his memories, this add very special feeling to this novel and... more>> also additional depth to the world building. Very, very nice reading. Translator and editors are also doing very good job, cheers for them. I am very thankful - that you allowed me to enjoy this precious literary gem, no less, at least for me.

PS: Sorry for my English. <<less
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Trent rated it
June 2, 2016
Status: c23
I've repeatedly given it chances over the last few days, but this story has little going for it yet. The writing or translation style is weirdly abstract, making immersion difficult. Though the main character's backstory might have been interesting, it's too vague and unreliable: as long as he might have done something over a million years, then the author has no qualms with adding it to his history, even if it doesn't mesh with what's previously been revealed. The protagonist dominates the story. Compared to him, others are less dimensional;... more>> unfortunately, the protagonist himself has not been developed, so everyone's really badly off. Almost everyone's been either annoying or murderous, and the exceptions have had to remain mysterious (unexplored) to remain different. Nevertheless, the main character will reward the people who have tried to shame or kill him, because he's above them and doesn't care what they think. Although that seems magnanimous, it's like not caring about a pack of straws' feelings, so whatever.

Finally, the main character binds himself to his enslaved past instead of forging out on his own. That's not interesting. He's lived for tens of thousands of generations; there's already little challenge in towering over his juniors even if he throws everything away and starts anew, yet he begins his journey by reinforcing his sorta-pupils' bases because he feels obligated to. For him, this doesn't mean cleaning house, but giving more power to the people who have helped run the house down, because that's such a good idea, right?

If the first chapters are indicative of the rest of this story, then it won't be good. <<less
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BaoWow_JustWowBao rated it
June 1, 2016
Status: c3
The main character is what makes this novel interesting. The writer makes his character traits, both good and bad, shine through the story.
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