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Sunday, December 17, 2017
Title Release Group
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu ev3c1 part4v3c1 part4OneHallyu
Unrivaled Tang Sectv11c75 part1v11c75 part1Wuxiaworld
Night Rangerc129c129Qidian International
Raising a Fox into a Consortc4c4Isohungry Translations
Raising a Fox into a Consortc3c3Isohungry Translations
Era of Disasterc91-93c91-93Gravity Tales
Beloved Empressc57c57Fantasy-Books
Sovereign of the Three Realmsc742c742volarenovels
I’m Really a Superstarc926c926Qidian International
Atypical Reincarnationc55c55Gravity Tales
My Cold and Elegant CEO Wifec114c114Qidian International
My Cold and Elegant CEO Wifec113c113Qidian International
The Wizard Worldc317c317Qidian International
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword Godc116-117c116-117Gravity Tales
The Ugly Man’s Big Transformationc34c34Crescent Moon
Ancient Strengthening Techniquec1271-1272c1271-1272Wuxiaworld
The Legendary Master’s Wifec289c289Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Lord of Darknessc3c3Fantasy-Books
Soaring the Heavensc255c255Qidian International
Red Packet Serverc404c404volarenovels
Red Packet Serverc403c403volarenovels
Red Packet Serverc402c402volarenovels
Urban Banished Immortalc53c53LiberSpark
Urban Banished Immortalc52c52LiberSpark
The General’s Little Peasant Wifec34c34Fantasy-Books
Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iruc21c21Shinsori Translations
The World Onlinec122c122Gravity Tales
Omni-Magicianc87c87Divine Dao Library
The World Onlinec121c121Gravity Tales
The World Onlinec120c120Gravity Tales
The World Onlinec119c119Gravity Tales
Painting of the Nine Immortalsc230c230Qidian International
The World Onlinec118c118Gravity Tales
Invincible Saint ~Salaryman, the Path I Walk to...v12c238v12c238TseirpTranslations
My Youth Begins With Loving Youc2c2Blob Translations
Returning from the Immortal Worldc246-247c246-247Gravity Tales
The God of Sky & Earthc14c14Zenith Novels
Way of the Devilc123c123Qidian International
Reincarnated as a Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim...c163c163dsrealm translations
Seijo no Kaifuku Mahou ga Dou Mitemo Ore no...c94c94Shinku Translation

Sunday, December 17, 2017
Title Release Group
The Avalon Of Five Elementsc421c421Qidian International
Martial Arts Masterc275c275Qidian International
The Strongest Systemc224c224Qidian International
Knights & Magicc48 part1-2c48 part1-2Baka Dogeza Translation
All Things Wrongc38c38KobatoChanDaiSuki
The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be...c68.2c68.2BC Novels
Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitanv2c17v2c17EGSN
History’s Number 1 Founderc385c385Qidian International
Venerated Venomous Consortc282c282Qidian International
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardianc555c555Qidian International
When A Mage Revoltsc293c293Qidian International
The Invincible Dragon Emperorc215c215Qidian International
Tempest of the Battlefieldc242c242Qidian International
Immortal Mortalc544c544Qidian International
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavensc493c493Qidian International
Battle Through the Heavensc1480-1483c1480-1483Gravity Tales
A Demon’s Pathv1c13v1c13Adam’s Ale Translations
Castle of Black Ironc352c352Qidian International
God and Devil Worldc740c740Qidian International
Monster Paradisec220c220Qidian International
The Avalon Of Five Elementsc420c420Qidian International
Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword...c267c267Qidian International
Sovereign of Judgmentc156c156Myoniyoni Translations
The Black Cardc150-151c150-151Gravity Tales
Demon King/The Parting of the Orchid and Cangc24.2c24.2Bananachocolatecosmos
Legend of the Supreme Soldierc267c267Qidian International
Pursuit of the Truthc380c380Qidian International
Hidden Marriagec744c744Qidian International
Release that Witchc602c602Qidian International
I Am Supremec319c319Qidian International
Seeking the Flying Sword Pathc137c137Qidian International
Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The Worldc303c303LittleShanks Translations
Realms In The Firmamentc606c606Qidian International
A Will Eternalc311c311Wuxiaworld
Stealing The Heavensc232c232Qidian International
Thriller Paradisec69c69Qidian International
Evil Emperor’s Wild Consortc409c409Qidian International
The Magus Erac853c853Qidian International
Doomed to be Cannon Fodderc246c246volarenovels
Forty Millenniums of Cultivationc223c223Qidian International
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