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Friday, February 22, 2019
Title Release Group
Long Live the Wild Wife: The Black Bellied Evil...c64A Dose Of Love For Me
A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to...c912Wuxiaworld
Evolution Theory of the Hunterc156The Deck Translations
Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second...c8 part2Aya Translation
Cook of the Mercenary Corpc58konobuta
Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Naiv4c1CClaw Translations
Heroine of the Broken Engagementc32Shinsori Translations
City of Sinv5c42Wuxiaworld
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu ev9c3OneHallyu
My Girlfriend is a Zombiec269 part3Go Create Me Translations
Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In...c99Bayabusco Translation
Virtual World: Close Combat Magec439Gravity Tales
The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist...c14Tiger Translations
Lord of All Realmsc769Wuxiaworld
The Charm of Soul Petsc509Wuxiaworld
Crazy Detectivec492Webnovel
The Ugly Empressv1c33HillOH
The Simple Job of Only Perishing to the Herov6c8Light Novels Translations
The Outrageously Fierce Young Ladyv1c3crimsonlilies
The Rich And Honorable ChangAnc69Bookworm
God Level Summonerc286-287Rainbow Turtle Translations
Game Loadingc62-63Rainbow Turtle Translations
The Overbearing Chief Husband’s Favorite:...c247A Dose Of Love For Me
Another World Transfer in Game Characterc49Rei Translation
I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy!c44Dew And Frost
The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven...c313ShadyTranslations
The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven...c312ShadyTranslations
Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diaryc10hhknovels
My Nightclub Landladyc232MeeJee
Return of the Soldier Kingc256MeeJee
Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchardc38Rebirth Online World
Hokage: Ryo’s Pathc164translatin_Otaku
A Guest in a Ghost Housec189MeeJee
Poison Genius Consortc702volarenovels
I’m Sorry for Getting a Head Start but I...c78-80Machine Sliced Bread
Sovereign of the Three Realmsc1538Wuxiaworld
Luciac90 part2RubyMaybe
The Rebirth Waste Strikes Backc37IceCream1524

Friday, February 22, 2019
Title Release Group
Talisman Emperorc987Wuxiaworld
Return of the Swallowc272volarenovels
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Ladyc1397Rebirth Online World
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Ladyc1396Rebirth Online World
Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine...c197Alyschu
Against the Godsc1301Wuxiaworld
Split Zone No.13c277volarenovels
Trash of the Count’s Familyc151Wuxiaworld
Monarch of Evernightc523Wuxiaworld
Summoning the Holy Swordc91Webnovel
A Wizard’s Secretc88Webnovel
Isaacc12Light Novel Bastion
Isaacc11Light Novel Bastion
Good Morning, Miss Ghostc65 part2It’s So Fluffy!!!...
Miracle Thronec504Radiant Translations
A Will Eternalc1193Wuxiaworld
Martial God Asurac3270Wuxiaworld
Martial God Asurac3269Wuxiaworld
The Returnerc174Creative Novels
Raising a Fox Consort: The Cold Demonic...c4Cookies ‘N Cream...
Kar98K Upon Touchdown!c47Webnovel
Priceless Baby’s Super Daddyc61Webnovel
End of the Magic Erac60Webnovel
Martial Worldc2132Wuxiaworld
Martial King’s Retired Lifev5c71Wu Jizun
Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became...v12c28Wu Jizun
Emperor’s Dominationc2017Wuxiaworld
Emperor’s Dominationc2016Wuxiaworld
Martial Worldc2131Wuxiaworld
I Decided to Cook Because the Losing Potion Was...c55kerukeruTL
Kusuriya no Hitorigotov6 epilogueCreative Novels
Pulling Together a Villain Reformation Strategyc25Penhappy
108 Maidens of Destinyc382The Sun is Cold Translations
Records of the Dragon Followerc17Chaleuria
Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is...c338Blob Translations
The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military...c212 part1Zazajunnie
Ace of the Dragon Divisionc46Noodletown Translated
Empress Running Away with the Ball!c865Alyschu
The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoirc266Fuyu Neko
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