City Of Witches


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Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!

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마녀의 도시
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New Vantonne rated it
November 23, 2023
Status: c135
tldr; good story, bad smut, meh characters. I do not recommend this novel at the time of writing and the current number of translated chapters (at 135), return when there's at least 250 or 300 chapters.

If you're like me, who has extensive experience with smut, from published books to games, then you might not enjoy this one.

The City of Witches is a good example of a well-written story bogged down by its terribly-written smut. You may say it's due to the translator, but I'd give it a good 50/50.

For the... more>> author, the smut is written early on with no real emotional core, which made it an utter chore to read simply because it didn't offer anything of substance, it existed simply to exist. If the author wanted to show how terrible these witches treat the main character, they could've easily put a 'fade to black' instead of stopping the story (For a lot of chapters, I should add) for cheap smut. Many of these scenes outstay their welcome, and many are bland and unimaginative.

For the translator, I'd say the smut is translated terribly. It doesn't evoke a sense of imagery or arousal that smut should do. I get it, as a fellow writer, writing emotions is very hard, much like horror and comedy, smut requires a very specific set of skills to write and/or translate properly. There should be a level of 'sticky lust' to every word, a hanging tension nearly snapping at every sentence; sad to say, the translator isn't all that skilled at portraying this emotion to english.

With that out of the way, I'll talk about the story and character. Not to spoil too much, but the plot is good. There are many twists and turns that change the dynamics of the story and characters, and the author isn't afraid of changing the status quo. The plot is the highlight here.

That said, and I hope this is rectified by further chapters, the characters are... decent. The main character is a standout; written with his own flaws and contradictions, but the rest are tropey at best, derivative and reductive at worst. <<less
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New Kleini rated it
November 10, 2023
Status: c79
City of Witches offers an intriguing premise of a genius mathematician getting stranded in a secret city of witches. Forced into labor there, he discovers magics' similarities to math, allowing him to learn witchcraft. This fresh take on the transported to another world trope hooked me right away.

The extensive worldbuilding brings the witch city of Gehenna to life. It slowly unveils details about how the city operates and the witches who inhabit it. The magic system with its grounding in mathematics is creative and adds depth.

Our protagonist Shin Si-woo makes... more>> for an intelligent, willful MC. His determination to escape and survive despite the challenges he faces makes for a compelling underdog narrative. I appreciated seeing his character grow as he gains new skills and experiences over his five years trapped in the city.

I feel like the premise is too good for the smut in this story, which is why I really didn't appreciate when the smut was a large portion of the story. Some of the serious topics feel hard to take seriously because of this. But I've heard the smut takes a backseat later on, so I'm reading with that hope in mind.

Overall the fascinating setting draws you into the story. Author seems to have a creative vision of a modern witch society, and it can also be seen as a twist to the trapped in another world genre. I'm excited to see where this imaginative tale goes next if what the readers who've read ahead said is true about the smut decreasing. <<less
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DrVanilla rated it
August 2, 2022
Status: c600
"Came for the "plot" stayed for the plot (and the "plot")."

One of the best R18 novels, ranked 3rd in lifepicks on Novelpia R18 with over 28M (!) views.

Our MC, originally a genius mathematician. After being discharged from the army at the age of 23, while on a plane to the United States in order to go back to MIT, the plane crashes in the middle of the Pacific due to a malfunction into the witches city which is a secret city on modern earth, there he gets kidnapped and ens*aved.
Over 5 years he learns magic in secret (he succeeds because the magic is similar to math which he knows... more>> very well), in order to escape and thus becomes the only male witch in the world.

-An actual top tier plot for an adult novel.
-Author's writing style is immersive, amazing world-building
-Good action scenes- MC is strong but not super OP- weak to strong type of story (the best kind imo)
-Good and well-written R18 scenes
-Good characters interactions
-The characters are well made, lovely and each with different background and personality

-There are quite a large amount of R18 scenes in the first 100ch (~40% of chapters are R18) but it balances way better after that to about ~20%.

-The real plot only begins after 80+. Till then it is only a prologue.

-Siwoo starts as a s*ave, and well, is treated as one at the beginning of the novel, but it will change, you just have to bear with it. It will be worth it. <<less
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lotusbuwan rated it
April 20, 2023
Status: c8
The hook is good. The MC feels like a regular guy who just got kidnapped into a shitty world, and is reduced to a s*ave. Not only does he have to do awful labor and live in terrible conditions, he is on the constant threat of being r*ped or experimented on. Due to experiencing this for 5 years, MC has has become jaded of his captors and his current situation and seeks to go home. His plan in doing so is to secretly learn magic, since it is basic knowledge... more>> that men are unable to practice magic due to their natural constitution in this world. However if found out, MC is extremely fearful on what the ruling powers (Witches in general) would do to him. That is the basic hook.

So within the first chapters here's what is established about the novel:

1: Suddenly captured from modern Earth and forced to be a s*ave in another world.

2: Although being a s*ave, he always has the option of hoeing himself out for better living conditions, in exchange for no dignity.

3: MC would never succumb to said option because he hates the Witches with extreme passion.

4: MC is secretly learning magic because he really wants to go back to modern Korea.

5: It is explained in the novel that it is impossible for men to learn magic.

6: Witches are extremely powerful and in MC's viewpoint, are absolutely obsessed with Magic and would sacrifice anything to understand magic better, including ethics/ morals and their own lives.

Ok now here's why this novel is getting a 2/5. Chapter 8 basically does a complete character assassination for the MC. It is showcased that MC is a calloused man, who basically distrusts and dislikes the new world around him- even to his fellow s*ave. He wants to go home bad, and feels utter disgust when he's with the Witches. You would think he would never show his magic- his ticket to go home, to any witch right?

Wrong. He uses his magic to save a con-artist (who basically robbed MC of his meager savings) from a Witch. The con artist has no redeeming features. He sells faulty magic items, forged certifications for said items, and charges a premium. The Witch in question was basically shaking down the guy using magic and pointing out his wrong doings.

For such a distrusting MC to go out of character and save scum for the sake of plot to move, gives me massive distrust on the author. This gives warning that the author can just flip any characters personality and established history for the sake of story to move on. After reading the reviews, this continues throughout the story for the sake of smut.

I would give this a 1 honestly, but the translators have done a great job and the world building is interesting. However I read for plot and interesting tales, not just for hot moments.

If you really like smut, then this rating would be higher- if not, then honestly save your time for something else. <<less
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Dg2 rated it
March 13, 2023
Status: c24
The MC is too... how do I say it, much of a Simp? No, maybe he has too much plot armor and cries about the injustice that is set upon him.

Anyway, the plot is all over the place. We have like four different threads each being cut off one after the other. As they're not developing into a proper scenario before being stopped for another random thought the author has.

We have the associate professor witch who he hates/loves, his budding wizard powers, the twin witches and his whole escape plan... more>> in the works. Sadly none of these have developed to be considered as anything noteworthy. We are simply given a few info dumps about these things off screen and a summary which portrays his five years of ens*avement prior to the start of the story.

The only thing fleshed out is the whole twin witches arc, but even then our MC proceeds to break character and act like a complete idiot. He is supposed to be a jaded, cautious individual, yet he rolls over and enjoys the act of being r*ped.

Like what happened to him hating it? Of the whole 4 chps of virtue signaling to his friend lmao?

Yet that isn't my main issue. My problem lays in how he acts the exact opposite of what we were told in the info dumps concerning his past.

Where in this same arc, he is charmed into revealing his escape plan that was built over the last 3 years, the reveal of his magic poweress he was hiding and the non existent fortitude as he gives into his lust.

And FYI this all occurs in two chapters because he willfully saves a con artist who was about to scam him out of his life savings....

Like what the hell is this kind development? Is he some white knight wannabe? Is this a complete destruction of the narrative? Why is one of the Twin Witches showing up during the sketchy deal?

There is too many questions and contradictions happening at once. It is so great that this is forced plot development.

Every single thing that was supposed to be his established character has been thrown into the garbage. I wasted time reading these info dumps of his past when they hold little worth of actual substance.

However, the author will still try to force these past traits onto the MC, but this so called persona simply doesn't exist and just adds to the word count. As every time the MC tries to act jaded, he turns around and does the opposite of his character, coming off as a hypocrite. Going so far to become a white knight... of korean descent.

At this point, I want to smack the idiocy out of the MC. He isn't fooling me and he really isn't fooling those witches he just banged. He's acting like a massive Tsundere.

Anyway, whenever he has a secret, it gets revealed. The associate professor witch he claims to adhord, he instead falls in love with. Whenever consistency is involved, it is shaken to make way for the complete opposite of events.

In the end the fic just contains word fluff in order to get from point A to point B. The author forces the MC to act contrary to his true self so he can get to the R-Scenes. To sleep with as many witches as possible at the quickest speed is the true aim here. There is no need for legit character development when that one witch introduced, sole purpose is for that one R-scene that has come to mind late at night.

So yeah. I can't say the story structure is good. Over 25% of this fic is simply smut... the other 75% is an attempt to reestablish the MC's jaded traits which have and will be repeatedly broken with in a chapter. Especially after he keeps on getting that pre nut clarity to explain his erratic actions LOL.

In other words, the MC cant be taken seriously which makes the story suffer. Though the R-Scenes are rather nice and if you can ignore the plot for the 'Plot' you might enjoy this.

Rate 3.2/5 <<less
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ShiraGaia rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: c733
Wow, never expected to enjoy this novel more than I thought I should. Don't be intimated by the fact that this is an adult/mature novel since the story is enjoyable so much that you want to read more and more and more.

Story sets in a modern world where our MC, Shin si-woo is a mathematician genius who was smuggled into Gehenna, the city of witches after a sudden plane crash. For five years, he was ens*aved there and learned that magic has some similarities to math, which helped him to... more>> be able to use magic, making him the first and only male witch in the world. His goal is to get out of the city and go back to his homeland while hiding the fact that he can use magic.

The story starts slow to help us understand our MC and how the city operates. Though the development isn't as fast as the other novels during the first hundred chapters, each chapter would make you read more to see the fate of our MC in this almost impossible task of escaping the city. Things would get more exciting after 100 chapters, also reducing the number of R18 scenes (though the R18 scenes are really really good) and having more amazing fight scenes, and more mysteries that are waiting to be revealed.

Now let's talk about the heroines...... all are fleshed out and lifelike making you like them quite easily which is a good thing. They all have have their own good character developments, distinct personalities and motivations making you root for each of the girls. All of them are just so amazing and lovable that you can easily identify and describe each and everyone of them.

Also, this novel is one of the most popular adult novels in South Korea (having a high amount of views and one of the top 10 life picks in Novelpia) so that's a definite plus to add your reasons to read this novel.

In summary:
- enchanting and mesmerizing story
- amazing dialogues
- good and lovable characters
- well written R18 scenes
- action scenes are really good

What can I say except that it's an easy 10/10 highly recommended. <<less
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CapybarasOKIPULLUP rated it
December 11, 2022
Status: c200
Wow, so I have mixed feelings about this novel some I am rating it a solid 3.


The plot is very interesting and unique and the author really knows how to immerse you into the story.

... more>> Cons:

You can tell the author was hor*y as f*ck while writing this and for me it really undermines the story like at one point we are talking about how the magic works in this world and right straight after this MC has to take his pants off so the students can learn about the male g**italia like WTF?

TLDR: If you dont mind the R18 stuff its a unique story with an interesting setting, a good read. <<less
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Alexander_PDB rated it
November 16, 2022
Status: c200
Adult novel about a guy becoming a s*ave in feminist Hogwarts. I've read around 200 chapters and here are some quick thoughts.

Good points:


an*l Sex


Really interesting and unique girls, unlike most harem stories

Twins threesome

Somewhat unique world


Bad points:


MC is boring and his only personality trait is being dense

Not a lot of a fights and they aren't very well written

200 chapters in and somehow there's no actual romance only casual sex

No grand goal so far, almost a slice of life


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AiriMage rated it
February 16, 2023
Status: c13
I’m still rather early on, so later if things change, I will come back and edit this. That said, for now the series is a 3 star, and that’s only because I respect Genesis as translators. Now for the actual review: the series features Siwoo, a mathematical genius of a man who’s been abducted and abused by witches for a long period of 5 years. In that time, he’s managed to learn some very rudimentary magic that he can’t quite use on his own. That’s about as interesting as our... more>> MC has gotten so far, other than that, it’s mostly bland. Now for the other characters, namely, the Witches; The Witches in this story are narcissistic abusers with no form human decency, hiding behind a mask of “kindness.” Really interesting concept at first, except for the fact that, at least where I’m at, it’s just been used as an excuse for them to r*pe our protagonist without him being able to resist in any way, all while painting it behind a facade of “these witches are actually the good ones since they didn’t kill him yet.” The female lead may be the worst out of these, having failed to turn our MC into her personal s*ave years before the story started, she actively acts like a bit*h towards him, having him strip down and masturbate in public against his will, threatening him, giving him horrible and possibly debilitating jobs for the pettiest of shit. Seriously, it astounds me how some people have the gall to call her a tsundere when she’s obviously just f*cking insane, and not in the hot way. Anyways, I rambled way too much. Had Genesis not been the translators of this one, I would’ve dropped it to 2 stars. <<less
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di2857295 rated it
September 18, 2022
Status: c415
Ch 300-415

Things picked up a bit, still very heavy on the r18 (they were good tho). I would recommend approaching this as a novel with good s*x scenes and a bit of plot interspersed. The plot does have some interesting things setup, but I wouldn't call it anything groundbreaking. If I come back to this I hope there's some interesting twists.

chapters 137-300

So it started presenting more of the story, but it just wasn't that compelling. I kept reading to 300 since so many people rate this highly but it... more>> just never became that interesting.

The plot basically exists to get you to the next r18 scene, which is fine, but this novel isn't the plot or literary genius these other reviews are claiming. It's just real h**ny.

character wise, there is still some development but it's just average.

Probably dropping due to lack of interesting things happening... pure r18, that isn't even that well written can only hold me for so long.

Review for chapters 1-137:

uh wow. That are a LOT of R18 scenes. To be honest, too many if it's going for having a real story/plot in the future. The writing itself is pretty good and the R18 scenes are good as well. The parts of the plot it does present (namely characterization and world) seems good, but it's too early to tell if it'll actually deliver... it feels like I've just completed the prologue to the story which is a bit late after 137 chapters. We will see if the story picks up any, otherwise I'll probably be dropping it. Will update!

p.s. the author is a b**b aficionado <<less
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oezsoyb rated it
August 26, 2023
Status: c250
I have read through MTL till chapter 250 since the translator is unreliably slow, so here is my impression.


- Smart MC who can handle himself in fights, even in hopeless situations he tries to do fight meaningfully.

... more>> - Decent world-building and rich world of witches. Nothing half-hearted.

- Decent relationship building, it takes more than a few glances for the FL to like the MC.


- The MC is ungrateful as f*ck and really unlikeable in that aspect. Spevific Witches are saving him, even sacrificing themselves tons of times but he disregards it often due to "feeling" betrayed at one point in the life.

- The author is too cowardly to actually kill off any of the 27492928 FLs, which just ruins any possibility of actual harm to the characters.

- For some reason, korean / japanese authors have a talent to always make the most annoying and/or bland FL to be the main heroine for the story (even though its a "harem"), which revolves around every decision the male lead makes. Maybe its just the cultural differences, but my god author.

4/5 <<less
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Monomololo rated it
February 13, 2023
Status: --
Basically, stockholm syndrome the story.

The MC is a s*ave used for hard labor, in a society dominated by witches (where apparently men can't do magic, but then he can, for some reason). Seems to be a hidden society on an island or something on modern earth

The witches are insane; sheltered or psychotic or both.

I don't get the complaints about too much smut, around 30 or so chapters in and there's been 3 s*x scenes, and one was a c*ckblock because of the aforementioned stockholm syndrome. Seems pretty well spaced out.
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Jubaer rated it
February 1, 2023
Status: c27
It has a very good balance between ecchi and story.

The world building is brilliant. The characters are specially dynamic and very memorable.

The MC has a lot of room for growth both character and strength wise. As we slowly unveil more of the world and it's setting the more interesting it gets.

The waifus are absolutely breathtaking. I mean you'll be hard pressed to just pick a single one and be satisfied. The illustrations are absolute bangers be sure to check them out and it'll make you like the story even more.
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cloudstrife8 rated it
November 14, 2022
Status: c6 part1
So far it seems good, hard to honestly rate presently since the translation has stopped (will update whenever there are more chapters). Hopefully someone else picks this up.
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Chaosrune rated it
September 12, 2023
Status: c18
The MC at the beginning was shown as a man that would rather break than bend to the wishes of the witches, one that criticizes his friend because he took the easy route of doing what the witches want and for sleeping with them, a man with a mission.

All that was throw out of the window in less that 20 chapters, with him basically doing whatever he can to win their favor, hoping to get a good boy snack from them, looking to get some sweaty time with 2 of... more>> them, and finding the witches not that bad, because they are hot.

A shame, the story had potential at the beginning, but I can't really imagine how this train wreck could get better <<less
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JinnL rated it
September 29, 2022
Status: -
It's an interesting read! Well, I can't say much cause there are not many translated chapters, but as for as I read it was nicely done.


In later chapters, there will be more r18 scenes, but the plot doesn't get destroyed. It's a pure harem novel, with no ntr, so rest assured!


I hope someone picks it up, so that I can read the later chapters....
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Sertian75 rated it
July 30, 2023
Status: c66
City of Witches is a novel about a man who one day is kidnapped and brought to a secret place known as "Gehena" the city of witches. Shin Siwoo is the MC of this novel, and is a s*ave of this city. Where he does many physical activities and has barely any free time and lives in a very precarious state.

This story is mostly a smut novel with a very interesting plot. The focus of the novel is the relationship of Siwoo with the other witches. As the synopsis says... more>> Siwoo slowly learns magic throughout his 5 years as a s*ave. The charm of this novel is how the relationship between the characters progresses through the story, going from indifference/hate to love/affection. The story is slow at the begining, but it’s still prety entertaining.

As of now the focus of the story is about Siwoo and three other witches, Amelia and the twins Odile and Odette.

Siwoo has a love/hate relationship with Amelia, as she is the one who made him "suffer" the most while living in Gehena, but as the story progresses the relationship and feeling betweens these two starts to change.

In Odile and Odette case these are the two heroines most developed until now. Their relationship started pretty indifferent as they one of the twins starting blackmailing Siwoo so they could satisfied their curiosity about s*x, and so Siwoo could continue with his reasearch on magic. But as they spend time together their relationship slowly changes. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
July 19, 2023
Status: c322
City of witches is a smut story but with a thought out and fairly deep world building and setting. The story revolves around the setting that a world ruled by witches named Gehenna has connected itself with our modern world and that the MC was kidnapped to Gehenna to work as a s*ave after his plane went down.

Because of the MC being a mathimatical genius and magic is closely related to mathimatical formulas and geometry the MC has somehow within 5 years self-taught himself how to use magic from the... more>> start of the story.

The main focus of the story focuses around witches and the MC's road to becoming the first male witch while interacting with other witches and building up a witch harem.

Witches are a large part of the story so I'll just write a bit about them, spoilers ahead.


First of witches are women who has awakened to magic and then after gathering enough knowledge and magic power a stigma is created which in turn transformes their bodies into a spirit body, which means that they become immortal not needing to eat, drink, breath, sleep or ever fear dying of old age. They can still be killed an if they overwork their bodies in a short time they will still get tired and fall asleep.

The reason there have only been female witches up to now is because while men who you could say create the essence of life are able to create mana has no where to store the mana women on the other hand who are built to carry and nuture life are unable to produce mana but are instead able to store and transform foreign mana for their own use. Thus while men can use a little bit of magic because of they constantly generate mana inside of themselves they can never become a witch like a woman can who is able to store large amounts of mana inside of their wombs. Because a witches womb is transformed to carry mana it also includes the drawback that they must or well at least should remain virg*ns before becoming a witch, never explained exactly why but it's implied it's because if they remain virg*ns the womb is transformed to carry and nurture mana instead of a child but if they lose their v**ginity before becoming a witch the womb will instead lean towards nurturing a child instead of mana which will damage their "bowls".

Most if not all witches don't actually create a stigma of their own and instead they are handed down to an apprentice who in turn becomes a witch after the stigma is inherited. This usually occurs after a witch feels that they are unable to progress in their magic. This is both because a witch believes in reincarnation and that she will have another life and shot at magic eventually but also because they all idolize the witch of creation who is said to be the first and strongest witch of all time being able to create life from nothing so they all work to reach her and thus almost all witches act like crazy scientists only focused on progressing their own magic, though they often indulge in worldy pleasures to stave of the boredom that might come with eternal life. Though most witches seemingly chooses to pass on their stigma after a few hundred years.

Lastly witches power is mostly connected to the amount of strokes their stigma holds with each stroke being harder to gain. For instance at 15 strokes a witch gains a passive protection that will protect the witch from anything harmful as long as she has mana while at 20 strokes or above she will be able to even affect the worlds laws like fate, time, space and so on. Gaining more strokes is something most witches are focused on and some are even willing to kill other witches to absorb the magical knowlege hold in their stigmas.


The world setting again fairly spoilerish.


The setting is implied that sometime in the past the witches of Gehenna found Earth and created a portal to cross over after this Earth has become somewhat of a colony of Gehenna you could say from which the witches brings goods and s*aves. Gehenna has with time become more and more dependant on Earth as time went by because of the fact that witches are only focused on their own progress with magic but at the same time both need and wants riches and pleasures, for instance rare mineral and gems are needed as sacrifices for magic while pleasure is needed to stave of their boredom and soothe their minds. So very few witches are willing to actually help other humans or make their civilization progress as a whole, which is why Gehenna is seemingly stuck at around the middle ages but because of portals to Earth you can see people carrying guns or selling modern clothing amongst hemp clothes.

To Earth I would say that witches and Gehenna are a menace, why I say this is because the setting is that the witch of creation to pass on her legacy created a massive amount of homunculus which are magical beasts that after being slain drop a piece of her legacy. However these homunculus awakes slowly with a set amount of them coming alive each year but since this has been ongoing for a long time now they have eventually come to outnumber the witches, what started out as there being 10 witches for every homunculus has now changed to there being 10 homunculus for every witch.

Homunculuses are programmed to protect the legacy they carry but to stay alive and fullfill their duty they need mana and to gain mana they need to attack witches and eat their stigma but becaues of the dropping number of witches which is because most of them are made from inheriting a stigma many stigmas has been lost because of accidents, su*cides and mu*ders. So to gain mana homunculuses has started to eat humans instead to regain a small amount of mana. The more powerful the homunculus the more mana they need for instance one homunculus is mentioned to need to kill and eat 4000 humans to recover after being weakened.

At the same time witches also kill a large amount of humans on their own mostly because of an experiment. On the other hand it is unknown what the witches actually bring to the table though it is implied that the extremly rich and powerful humans on Earth knows of witches and deals with them, mostly to use as mercs against the homunculus though witches are only willing to do that kind of work when they need money to fuel their research of lifestyle.

On a side note the reason why humans don't fight homunculuses on their own is that they move around with a barrier around themselves that makes it impossible for humans to escape, report/inform or even find them until the homunculus is already upon them. The damage inflicted inside of the barrier is also automatically repaired after they leave and the humans killed are turned into mana and dissapears without a trace. So the only trace of a homunculus is if there are a lot of missing person cases in a certain area. They also mostly hang out in densely populated areas so you can't just bomb the place either

All in all the setting at least in my mind is pretty bleak where Earth is sort of invaded by witches but has also become dependant on witches because of the homunculuses. Also the only reason why witches hasn't already taken over Earth in the open is because the strongest witch of them all has ruled that magic is not allowed to be known to the public on Earth because it might weaken some magic and also because a witch should strive to become like the witch of creation and thus it is seen as beneath a witch but the strongest witch will only act if someone truly steps out of line like trying to take over and rule a country in the open or such but it is said that it was 82 years ago since she last acted and whispers has started to go around that she no longer cares....


The characters are for the most part interesting and I really feel like the author is putting down time an devotion to both create the characters but also to introduce them and give them depth in the story though it does of course differ from time to time.

The smut part is for the most part good, some being better then others with the length usually being a whole chapters though at times there are several chapters devoted to a smut scene.

The fight scenes are decent but when it comes to the MC's power/strength it's kinda iffy and not really explained since compared to a normal witch the MC has an endless supply of mana so instead during a fight the MC eventually taxes his mind due to magical calculations or his body because of fighting more like a magic knight then a magician which in turn forces the MC to stop fighting or just faint. While his opponents either dies or eventually lose because they lack mana.

All in all it is an intriguing story for the most part but since it is a smut story it is not for everyone. <<less
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ThaniMaram rated it
April 29, 2023
Status: c44

Need I say more.

Each of the FMC are written super well and their dynamics with the MC is subarashi.

And did I say seggs.

The 'cultured' scenes are better than videos bro. Very well written. Never fails to make you do 'certain stuff'.

Also there is a very detailed magic system behind this and a genuinely intresting world being built right before our eyes. With only 44 chapters I can say this will be a novel to be remembered.

I will rate this novel a Mommy Sophia out of 5.
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adel123 rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: --
This is a generally good novel, I'd say perfectly rated due to the plot. As I have read ahead, I have mixed feelings towards the novel. It basically started as ecchi immediately from the start. I enjoy it, as it has adequate and detailed writing, that even though there are no visuals, it is clear enough to imagine it if you have a dirty mind. The plot itself is good, as it sometimes go from fun, pleasure to a depressing scene. But, it kinda gets boring after a while, I... more>> began reading it less, after a certain accident happened. Even though it gets boring after a while, It's still fun to read a chapter or two everyday. Definitely should try, considering it's good plot and astounding writing. <<less
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Deathsson rated it
August 23, 2022
Status: c6 part1
Ive very much enjoyed this novel so far for the limited amount of chapters we have had, the writing style is my cup of tea along with the "fun" scenes and I cant wait to continue reading it in the future. Ill edit this review as the story progresses and go into more detail.
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weakppp rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: --
It's the worst MC ever. He will keep doing the opposite of what he is planning to do. Our MC's action is based on his emotion, not logic... additionally, it would be justifiable if his action could gain him something. But not; it would only lead to his demise and all the men in that world.

Additionally, plot armor. He will be saved with plot armor disguised as a coincidence.
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