I’m A Paranoid Villain Harvester


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In many worlds, the system data was sent into chaos due to some kind of obsession skyrocketing, turning decent protagonists into murderous villains.

The system appointed You Xu to cross into the world, warm the paranoid villains, and gain their trust to eliminate the root causes.

The system fully believed in its ability to choose people until it discovered–.

In particular, You Xu provoked the villains to be even more paranoid, and the whole world was chaotic as if it was swept away by a virus.

The system crashed: “Ah, didn’t I tell you to eliminate them?”

You Xu: “Harvesting means the same thing.”

System: “.”

Eliminating = Harvesting (?)

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Lazypandatranslations rated it
January 2, 2021
Status: c2
This is a summarization of all of the worlds that the MC goes through:

1. [You only belong to me] the lonely puppet master × the little chef next door: I’ll make you my puppet, and we’ll never separate forever.

2. [The heart pet of the demon king] The evil spirit, heart-eating fox × beautiful and delicate woman: the heart-eating fox likes to eat people's hearts, but wants to give her his whole heart.

3.[I'm a fortune teller, you tell me mine] A cold and ruthless fortune teller × a lively young widow:... more>> He told thousands of fortunes, but he could not have foretold that he’d lost his own heart.

4. [May the fish take the bait] the violent mermaid x the single-minded fishing girl ghost: she wants to fish, I want to take the bait.

5. [The words of love, smoke the spirit, and dyed bones] fake cold female master x true affectionate male apprentice.

-the male lead is the same person from beginning to end, 1V1, HE <<less
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Meatshield rated it
January 11, 2021
Status: Completed

I don’t want to repeat what the other reviewer said but I gotta say that I’m so glad that this text wasn’t as tragic/abusive as I thought it would be. I did cry at some parts but each arc was resolved fittingly. I was really invested in each arc and I liked how the author didn’t make them too cliche. I’m so tired of regular zombie arcs, vampire arcs, or harem intrigue arcs.

The FL’s resilient and I like that she really loves the ML and makes real effort to be... more>> with him in every world. A lot of these transmigration texts make the MC move onto the next world ASAP right after they finish their tasks even when though their still have a lot of lifespan left in the current world which makes me feel a little sad. Even though I know that their romantic counterpart will be there in the next world sometimes I just want to see them live out a full and happy life in the world they’re in now.

The ML was great. I thought he’d be super yandere but he wasn’t a crazy as I thought he could’ve been. I want to say that some of the other texts in this genre of going into different worlds to reform paranoid villains feature way crazier MLs. This ML doesn’t do anything that I think would consider as too creepy or toxic (minus maybe arc 1 for a bit there).

he brainwashes her so she becomes his puppet because he was worried she’d leave after discovering he’s not human but he restored her free will pretty quickly and he didn’t do anything excessive to her while she was brainwashed. Plus, because her consciousness was protected by the system she was actually cognizant the whole time so we saw that she wasn’t that upset by what happened.

If we had to label him as something I’d label him as puppy/wolf type. He’s obedient and cute with her but will fight everyone else viciously. My man is a true ride or die lol. <<less
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Itssalwa rated it
June 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Never thought that I'll cry reading this one.

The moment I saw this novel, I'm not interested at all. I thought this will be so so, and boring. But no. It's not.

I like all the arc. How it's playing with my emotion. These days I got emotional easly. So reading all the arc, my eyes become swollen.

... more>> I like how it ends. There's no fanwai but I thought it was perfect to end it like that.

I like the plot. The character, and author wrote it so well, ofc translator do a good job too. But I am bias towards MC. I like her sm. Unlike another QT MC who just heartlessly leaving ML behind after they finish their mission e.g MC from Rescuing the blackned male lead (i dont like her at all lol) But This MC is still have ML in her heart. Altho her mission already end, but she choose not to leave ML behind with all his sadness, she choose to sacrifice her points (10.000 points) to be with ML, so they will have a proper happy end.

But well, sometimes MC kinda irritated me like how she needs ML to save her, but then I keep telling myself that it's reasonable bc MC in not your typical marry sue-ish at all. She do have golden finger, but it's not like it will save her the moment she was in danger. She died multiple times tho. And the system is not your typically cute and fluff very helpful system. The system is heartless (imo) but that reasonable too bc they was just a system. And don't worry! She will change for the better and she will protect her man. That's why I like her. It's tragedy, but it's happy ending (not including arc 5)

I will comeback to reread this.

P.s sorry if my english crack your brain ⁄ (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) ⁄ <<less
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ayashi rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: Completed
It's really a good story. I cried on every arcs (don't worry it's HE). It's too bad there's no extra chapters.
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April 2, 2021
Status: c20
the author has a way of writing that goes into my heart. I just got through the first arc and i've already cried so much! But there were a lot of sweet moments too, which makes up for it! But it makes me think that life isnt just how it ends, but how you lived it.
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