Who Stole My Eggs?


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In order to preserve his demonic power, Xie Zuo, the demon king sealed in the abyss, seduced Huo Yao, the Great Thunder Deity who was guarding him.

They spent countless blood and essence raising an egg, Xie Zuo intending to eat it when couldn’t bear it any longer. However, the demon egg unexpectedly inherited the attributes of thunder and lightning, crackling with electricity since birth, making it impossible for him to eat.

Frustrated, Xie Zuo, angered by the situation, gathered his strength to prepare for creating another egg. When heavenly punishment struck, Xie Zuo, half dead from lightning, decided to endure the pain and eat the demon egg. To his shock and anger, he discovered that the demon egg had been stolen!

Lucky to survive the heavenly punishment and near death, Xie Zuo declared, “I will catch the egg-stealing thief, even if I have to search through heaven and earth!”

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April 8, 2024
Status: c57 part4
so where to begin with this series...

for one I'm nearly halfway through this series and the titular egg (eggs?) is but a twinkle in its snake daddy's eye which isn't a problem necessarily but like, the title and description are some serious false advertising lol

other than the occasional n-egg-ing feeling that it's forgetting something, I've been enjoying it, and it's by no means bad but it is a little bit... unfocused. MC and ML's relationship is definitely the through line of the narrative. So far it kind of just fully... more>> commits to following whatever the authors decided they're getting up to this arc without a discernable end game in mind, but watching their relationship mature has been pretty satisfying and I've liked the themes and side characters that come up even if they're all generally a bit underbaked across the board.

it's not gonna change your life but it genuinely feels unique- at least to me- in its weird blend of serious plot/dog-blood/xianxia tropes and structure with aspects of brainless fluff stuff and a consistent refusal to break too far or too long with a breezy upbeat tone that creates this bizarre existence of an easy reading/pallet cleanser series that still feels in line with more plot-heavy/dramatic xianxia danmei.

I don't know what I'm getting at here but it's more than good enough to deserve a review even if it's just my half-baked one. <<less
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