This Damned Thirst for Survival


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《Devil》 tells the story of Chi You, the protagonist shou, who was killed by someone and cultivated for revenge with the help of Feng Li, the protagonist gong. When Jiang Luo woke up, he transmigrated into the body of the cannon fodder that killed the protagonist shou.

What’s even worse, he transmigrated at the time when the protagonist shou was already killed by the original body.

At the funeral, Jiang Luo was pushed in front of the coffin.

The deceased body of the protagonist shou in front of him was serene, with a smile at the corner of his lips. However, Jiang Luo knew that he had turned into a malicious spirit and was eyeing covetously at him.

The more dangerous it was, the calmer Jiang Luo became. When his desire for survival reached the critical point, he knelt on the ground with a puff, and forced himself to cry.

With his sincere emotion, he said: “Chi You, I love you so much. Please don’t leave me…”

The chilliness around him smothered slightly.

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New justanotherpasserby rated it
January 23, 2022
Status: c7
The beginning of this story is so promising, but the newest translator probably just copy and paste the MTL and claimed it as translated 😭😭 I'm so sorry but I had to drop this story because this is a story that contains a lot of Chinese term and phrase that needs to be explained properly, and this is not just a highschool love story where the MTL can be very easy to understand.
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New CyanKing2020 rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I need this to sit at a 4.6 because it’s so underrated right now I almost missed it. I’m so glad I didn’t. I love the character development which gives me more depth to the protagonist. There’s so much I enjoyed in this novel that I couldn’t see in other 4.5 novels. The love and hate friction between the protag and his partner always made me ready for more.
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RedHorn rated it
January 8, 2022
Status: c47
A great light read if you are a big fan of Enemies to Lovers (lot's and lot's of violent interactions and tension) and powerful MC.

Plot so far (novel description is misleading) :

MC (Jiang Luo) transmigrates into body of villain who killed the ML (original novel's protagonist) and has to come up with a way to survive the ML's revenge. His solution: find a way to annoy the heck out of ML/ make him find him "interesting" so that ML is tempted to take revenge more slowly (i.e., play a... more>> cat and mouse game with him) instead of killing him outright straight away. Setting is horror/ghosts NOT fluff with doting ML.

Great things about the novel:

    1. Powerful and crazy MC - comes up with crazy, shameless and fearless ways to provoke the heck outta ML and fight back
    2. Fast paced novel - consistently delivers great chapters and you don't have to wait forever to meet ML - they have great violent interactions at least every second chapter if not every chapter
    3. Not bad horror/ ghost setting - interesting enough to keep the plot going

    1. Repetitive plotline (so far Chap 54) - i.e., MC goes ghost hunting, encounters ML who is stalking him for revenge, then outsmarts him and runs away
      • I personally enjoyed it, and it's not like there's no consequence for each encounter (usually MC/ML powers up or ML falls even deeper, etc) but if you don't enjoy this dynamic or prefer deeper character/plot development, may not be for you
    2. Inconsistencies in character/ other characters IQ levels
      • MC pretending to be a hopeless romantic and then being super strong and arrogant the next moment is a bit of a jarring gap in character you would think for the other characters to experience
      • You might question why the other characters are so conveniently dumb in not being able to expose MC for the above and other inconsistencies (the novel provides some explanations for why, but, if you are fixated on having completely logical and realistic explanations, it may bother you)
Other reviewers have criticised (if you are worried about them) :

    1. MC is too Mary Sue/OP.
      • Power wise? Yeah he is pretty OP, is innately talented and sometimes his knowledge/ability to analyse evil spirits/etc doesn't make sense (especially when he just transmigrated and hadn't gone to the metaphysical school yet). It didn't bother me too much though - his powers were pretty cool and his analysis of ghosts were pretty interesting. There is still a decent power gap between him and originally OP characters and most of the time he wins by cunningness, not brute power/strength.
      • Charisma/ability to attract friends/ other love interests? This doesn't really count as being too Mary Sue. Most friendships aren't too unreasonable - his first few friends are impressed by his power/ability and when your dealing with super scary ghosts - who wouldn't want a big thigh to hold? Others are explained by prior relationships - don't want ML to lose his way and kill 'innocent' MC or wanting to grow and nuture the family talent. As for romantic interests - so far only one other character has a vague crush - and this makes sense - MC is very talented and very attractive.
    2. Why doesn't MC just reveal that his soul just got switched when stuff like possessions exist in this setting?
      • To other characters: Well exactly because evil spirits can possess humans, he can't reveal otherwise they would probably treat him as an evil spirit and kill him
      • To ML: Possibly could have worked at the start of the story but with low chance of success (MC's plan was much more successful and he chose it because he understood the ML's character well). After the first couple of chapters, there is no way it would help. The feud is no longer between ML and the original villain anymore, they both kill each other a number of times, and its not just ML who wants to kill MC, MC wants to kill ML now.
      • It also just doesn't fit MC's style/character
      • The MC not being exposed is a bit weird though. I guess not having his soul switch be exposed can be explained by the fact that the og character didn't have friends and they end up doing tests to make sure he is not possessed (for other reasons)
    3. ML could have killed MC way earlier, but keeps letting him go
      • I don't get why this is a surprise. This is exactly what MC's plan was from Chapter 1. Make himself interesting enough so that ML doesn't want to kill him (kind of like a Batman and Joker dynamic). Also ML is slowly but surely becoming attracted to MC (despite his ongoing thirst for payback) so it makes even more sense that eventually he wouldn't want to kill ML at all. I'm only on chapter 54 though so we'll see how it goes.
Rating: 5/5 just so this novel gets more attention, true rating so far: 4/5. <<less
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Lucia Elys
Lucia Elys rated it
November 7, 2021
Status: c76
This WN had me hooked for almost every chapter and I had to force myself to go to sleep after binging the first 40 or so chapters. I personally prefer horror novels that go more in depth in well the horror aspect, but I think the comedy mixed in with the horror quite well here. Jiang Luo and Chi You's interactions are the main highlight of the novel, and in some shape or form you start to see how the rest of the characters are also intertwined in their story... more>> as well. The other students in Baihua University (?) were entertaining and had their own personalities. Despite Jiang Luo never getting the chance to finish the original story before transmigrating, he wasn't lying when he claimed his understanding of Chi You was probably better than anyone else either in his world or the novel's world, and I can't wait to learn more about just what Chi You is and his motives along with Jiang Luo <<less
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ylial rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: c50
Honestly, the plot is good! I like seeing a strong willed and lunatic MC lolXD However, apart from MC, everyone seems like have a brain damage. They didn't even notice the anomaly in MC lies, in ML's torture to MC and even the experts watching the live didn't even try to find out how the MC become bloodied (torn with knives).

For MC's goal to kill ML, I want to negate a review saying it being a shallow. It is very understandable that MC wanted to kill the ML back,... more>> as even explained by MC's thoughts, he was killed 18x with different method. Being burnt a little or scratched by a knife really hurts, what more burning alive or stabbed to death??! And it is 18x being killed in various ways. As mentioned, others won't be able to wake up after that torture but MC did. Hence, he can't be sane anymore and the MC even felt that change. And in the first place he didn't kill the ML, why must he bear that grudge?I think, It is the ML that led the original owner of Jiang Lou to remove the constraints of human body to his soul

I can't bear seeing the obvious flaw and the annoying ML repeatedly so not sure if will drop. I feel pity due to interesting first few chapters. <<less
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Alysx rated it
November 15, 2021
Status: Completed
To start off, the summary is a quite misleading about the MC and ML's relationship dynamics. Our MC (Jiang Luo) and ML (Chi You) started off legitimately as enemies, as in the out for each other's blood insane kind. It's really intense and you get to see the gradual shift in their relationship to one of lovers. It's very similar to Thriller Trainee in this aspect, so if you're into that, this would most likely be your cup of tea as well. Both our MC and ML are just so... more>> black-bellied and caustic, and I absolutely love it.

Their relationship is utterly fantastic and there's this one beautiful scene in the ML's perspective that is forever etched into my mind:


He gazed up at the grey overcast sky, closed his eyes, and touched his chest languidly.

How strange.

There's clearly nothing here.

But earlier, something seemed to have jumped a little here.


In essence, the MC and his friends are students who go to this exorcist school, with the main focus in the front part of the story to be on handling some supernatural missions they come across outside of school. The story develops later on, so they won't just be stuck at school in the whole story. Some of the arcs are actually quite similar to the unlimited flow style (where they have to navigate in a horror setting and their task is to figure out the truth of something).

The pacing and content of the story is alright, the front part was interesting enough to get me hooked. Although when the story hits around chapter 200, the plot seems quite rushed while the main cp's relationship feels like it's being artificially delayed. Frankly speaking, I docked a star off just because of this. To sum up, feel free to pick it up if you like enemies to lovers relationship dynamics, but don't have too high of an expectation, especially for the last couple of arcs in the story. <<less
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Melange rated it
December 12, 2021
Status: Completed
The synopsis of this novel makes it seem like a light hearted transmigration comedy, which it is NOT. Don't be fooled.

This novel is a fantastic mystery horror novel featuring the capable transmigrated exorcist MC and his entanglements with insane ghost ML. When I say insane, I mean it. He is absolutely batsh*t crazy and hellbent on conforming MC to his deranged ways. This is a true yandere ML out for blood.

... more>>

The only reason he kept MC alive in the beginning is to prolong his suffering. This later turns into curiosity as he mercilessly stalks his newfound toy.


And MC is no saint either. He is calm, logical, and decisive, willing to utilize any tools to further his goals, whether they be objects or people.

As enemies, MC and ML really go at it. Each try to kill each other in a number of ways (stabbing, burning, drowning, exorcism, by proxy, falling, etc) while being involved in a weird twisted game surrounding the supernatural community.


Eventually, they find themselves physically involved with each other not out of love or lust, but out of conquest. Because of this, it takes a long time for romance to blossom but there is a natural progression of feelings.


The plot is fairly intricate and interspersed with short arcs involving investigation as MC tries to solve various mysteries in the community while warding off the psycho ML. I highly recommend this if you're into horror novels with strong protagonists. <<less
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cicadarunes rated it
January 9, 2022
Status: c50
I really like it so far and I agree with the review saying that the mc's hate is justified. If we had been shown the 13 ways in which the MC had died graphically, I'm bound to say no one would have questioned his hate. The reason only seemed shallow because the author did not expand on that.

This is my go-to book after thriller trainee.... the sexual tension is palpable. The plot is also alright. I'm only giving five stars to increase it's rating and will wait till I've completed... more>> to edit it, if necessary.

On the whole it's a good, light read, not very plot heavy but not devoid of it either. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AppleIsForYou rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: Completed
I will give my heart to this novel. It never bores me. The plot twists are so damn amazing. It's more on unlifting the mysteries of everything. The MC and ML are awesome. Their relationship basically never changed from enemies, to false lovers, to lovers. The question in the end where the MC asked (I know is a spoiler but I want to lay it out without hiding) is...

"What are we? Enimies? friends? lovers?"

And ML said that they signifies all the relationship status available. Is really so accurate. MC... more>> and ML understand each other more than the people perceive them to be or despite people assume who they are. They meant it. Even if they killed each other or hurt each other... it meant to their excitement and teach each other better. It never occurs to me that I was bored halfway nor lose my excitement. It's always there. The kissing starts at 67 chapter and I thought it's gonna be bland because I heard the seggz scene will be buried and censored but it really wasn't the case. First of all both of them are new to relationship so they really don't have a clue what their obsession or excitement came from. The friends and surroundings already figured it out but hope not. Even if it wasn't detailed and I'm only looking for those scene in yaoi. But! The whole story is wholesome. I won't detailed it but all the arcs are the best so far. If someone asked me about the story arcs I can give a detailed hidden comment but... I just wish you good luck and I hope you will enjoy the story till the end. <<less
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December 17, 2021
Status: --
I thought it's going to be an equal fight but the MC is too omnipotent that it's less exciting. Not boring, it's a really great novel but too op MC. I thought I'll see an exciting angst fighting but it's one sided, especially since MC have a group of living humans to help him, then his unending amount of skills that's pops when needed. Do I need to say he is liked by everyone, romantically and not but everyone who he encounter makes them interested in him. Chi you is... more>> supposed to be really strong but he keep letting MC slide which 200+ chapter is too long but at the same time I am happy it's that long since it's a great light novel.

And the fact he is bent on killing chi you because he was killed 18 times in the dream is too shallow, hoped there was more reason, madness is just eating him but that's all. I don't really see MC having his own path. Mc's whole existence is just centered on killing ML which is kind of romantic? Since where can you find a person who's goal includes you and every action is about you. I was supportive in the beginning but the OP power (not literal power but the MC halo) is tooooooooo much. ML can kill MC easily tbh but situation or the author doesn't allow it, MC just think ML lost to him all the time but it's more the ML let him win. But MC is definitely crazier than ml. Also friends you met or just met that are willing to stand by you and save you even if its dangerous troupe. But if you're the one who transmigrated I guess you'll want that halo too. But overall it's a great novel. <<less
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xjgg rated it
November 10, 2021
Status: c92
i mean, I would understand if the og novel didn't have supernatural setting so MC would be hesitant to reveal the fact that his soul got switched. but there were exorcisms and stuff yet MC chose to keep making up lies and provoking the ML and got mad when ML dragged him into a dream and killed him 18 times helppp. it just feels very... eh. and now they are having bdsm (?) play on a stage hngggg. the sexual tensions are definitely better written than the horror vibes.... more>> MC is also rather op. he has abundant energy and can draw so many talismans (he was an architecture before transmigrating, how does that work, sir) with ease. anddd apparently he is very skilled in acting too. his classmates easily believed him when he put on a pitiful act /sighs <<less
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January 11, 2022
Status: c55
Its a Hate x Hate relationship but while reading it kinda feel like a Love x Hate relationship because of MC deception with his surroundings.

They are both psycho!!!! HAHAHAHAHA
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MilkTEA rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: --
For the people who came from the summary and was disappointed by the first few chapters cos it was different. Power through to at least end of chapter nine to decide if its peaked your interest again. Things start to pick up after chapter nine.

Overall, while different from the impression the summary gives I think the novel is quite interesting. I will say though, it's abit janky in the beginning with the build up to explain the concept of the world. It's like a modern world with supernatural situations and... more>> there are schools that teach people with talent in shamanism, exorcism, etc how to solve those situations alongside modern police.


In terms of some criticism between the relationship of the MC and ML. In my opinion the MC is in his right to want to kill the ML and vice versa. One wrongly bears the burden of someone else's sins, got punished for it by being killed 18 times [cue PTSD, paranoia] and constantly hovers between life or death because of ML (the MC) and the other had been cursed to an early grave (the ML, by the original Jiang Luo).

I personally think the beginning origins of the MC and ML's relationship is too tragic and bad it wouldn't make THAT much sense for them to end up together but that's only mainly cos I'm lowkey rooting for a ship that will never float - the protagonist gong Feng Li and MC.

Also the review about the MC being omnipotent and the ML always letting him win. Trust me he needs all the help he can get. The ML is practically a necromancer (that can also control the living) and can jump into body to body, honestly he could probably achieve immortality if he hasn't. Plus the ML is not that willing to let the MC die an easy death that's why he keeps giving some leeway to really see if he can escape again, it's like a cat and mouse game foreplay to him.


For what it is, it's a solid 4. I must warn some readers tho, the tags don't show enough of the possible TW in this story, while it's not that descriptive and is only briefly mentioned readers who are more sensitive to TW's and are easily disturbed should proceed with caution. In my opinion it's not that bad but I can't speak for everyone else. <<less
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December 21, 2021
Status: c50

  • Translated chapter 5 done
  • MTL-ing 6th chapter and up
I love how intriguing the twists of the characterization of both characters. They both don't like to be the loser, lmaooo. They downplayed some of the gore-yness and morbidity of this novel, so don't shy away if you don't like horror. The delivery of the interrelations is nice, kind of sad with the truth about Chi You's fam and "friends" tho. Can we just- aaaahhhh Jiang Luo!!! This guy being so confrontational- I admire how he mocks and takes advantage of Chi You... more>> being "dead" to make up stories. Chi You on the other hand, still needs to catch up with our main character's slippery feats. I hope the score between the two is not that predictable. Power imbalance is hot but having someone who is the only sole authority with a say or strength in a relationship is not.

That said...

Awkward! Too awkward in terms of emotional response??? I don't know if it was just because I MTL-ed it but I feel complicated when going through scenes with Jiang Luo pretending to like Chi You especially since other people don't find it strange.


Bro, it took him what? Days of scolding Chi You and then one moment of crying makes you dispel your suspicion on him? I know it was the OG who did the initial actions but what the heck. And it was right after Lu Yi told him that he better cry if he did not kill Chi You? What even is this logic? If you mourn that means you are not the murderer? I feel so sorry for "Chi You" if he really died. Imagine having almost all of your attendees acting on your funeral like it's some kind of comedy sketch stage.



As for Feng Li banishing Jiang Luo's "beloved", Jiang Luo's too composed and eager to be his disciple right after that scene? That boy who claimed he will do everything to "avenge" Chi You and that he believe that Chi You will not hurt him. That guy who eagerly defended Chi You, just passively watch as his future master summons Chi You and tried to eliminate him. There's not even fluctuations, haaah, he's not even committed to pretending Chi You means something to him.

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January 8, 2022
Status: Completed
The summary is already interesting but the real content is more than a simple cannon fodder trying to survive..

And it's ingenious how you change your opinion about the triangle love '' that don't exists by the way'' because the MC actually haven't read the novel until the end and discover with the reader.

The story is rhythmed by the tasks the MC and friends has to accomplish, with the ML interference. Like "hey, don't forget me". And it's a clever way to develop MC and ML hate relationship into something else.... more>> And the main plot takes a 180 degree turnaround about who's the bad guy. It's quite interesting even if the love is slow paced because honestly, only in novels you can love your murderer.. <<less
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juliqaqq rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Wow. this was good... the translation is a bit mediocre but I appreciate the work. I ended up mtling the entire thing. which I rarely do because it sometimes destroys the experience but it was so good I mtled it in 3 days

it reminds me of thriller trainee but personally I enjoyed this more than thriller trainee because the writing is less chunni when describing the beauty of the MC.

if you like a strong MC, enemies to lovers, a strong ML, dark theme, ; you will love this

the ML is... more>> a psycho and equally, the MC is also a bit of a psycho, but hes intelligent, beautiful, and knows what to do in order to survive.

i dont know why the rating is so low, it might be because the translation is a bit average with some frequent mistakes but the plot is soooo good.

the ML is similar in his powers like in thriller trainee where they both are widely feared because they can control puppets/

deserves more recognition. <<less
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