This Damned Thirst for Survival


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《Devil》 tells the story of Chi You, the protagonist shou, who was killed by someone and cultivated for revenge with the help of Feng Li, the protagonist gong. When Jiang Luo woke up, he transmigrated into the body of the cannon fodder that killed the protagonist shou.

What’s even worse, he transmigrated at the time when the protagonist shou was already killed by the original body.

At the funeral, Jiang Luo was pushed in front of the coffin.

The deceased body of the protagonist shou in front of him was serene, with a smile at the corner of his lips. However, Jiang Luo knew that he had turned into a malicious spirit and was eyeing covetously at him.

The more dangerous it was, the calmer Jiang Luo became. When his desire for survival reached the critical point, he knelt on the ground with a puff, and forced himself to cry.

With his sincere emotion, he said: “Chi You, I love you so much. Please don’t leave me…”

The chilliness around him smothered slightly.

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Cái Mong Muốn Sống Chó Chết Này
Ý Chí Sinh Tồn Chết Tiệt Này!
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July 18, 2022
Status: --
Not giving it a rating yet but just putting my voice out here saying we shouldn't accept MTLs as proper translations otherwise you might as well add links to the raws and let everybody's browser do the job.
It's bad, it's awful, it breaks immersion, don't read it unless you can accept your brain melting over every single other sentence. Avoid Tea Novel, guys!

Story's finally being picked back up by a real translator so I'm holding out till then... but this is definitely not a completely translated story :D
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RedHorn rated it
January 8, 2022
Status: c47
A great light read if you are a big fan of Enemies to Lovers (lot's and lot's of violent interactions and tension) and powerful MC.

Plot so far (novel description is misleading) :

MC (Jiang Luo) transmigrates into body of villain who killed the ML (original novel's protagonist) and has to come up with a way to survive the ML's revenge. His solution: find a way to annoy the heck out of ML/ make him find him "interesting" so that ML is tempted to take revenge more slowly (i.e., play a... more>> cat and mouse game with him) instead of killing him outright straight away. Setting is horror/ghosts NOT fluff with doting ML.

Great things about the novel:

    1. Powerful and crazy MC - comes up with crazy, shameless and fearless ways to provoke the heck outta ML and fight back
    2. Fast paced novel - consistently delivers great chapters and you don't have to wait forever to meet ML - they have great violent interactions at least every second chapter if not every chapter
    3. Not bad horror/ ghost setting - interesting enough to keep the plot going

    1. Repetitive plotline (so far Chap 54) - i.e., MC goes ghost hunting, encounters ML who is stalking him for revenge, then outsmarts him and runs away
      • I personally enjoyed it, and it's not like there's no consequence for each encounter (usually MC/ML powers up or ML falls even deeper, etc) but if you don't enjoy this dynamic or prefer deeper character/plot development, may not be for you
    2. Inconsistencies in character/ other characters IQ levels
      • MC pretending to be a hopeless romantic and then being super strong and arrogant the next moment is a bit of a jarring gap in character you would think for the other characters to experience
      • You might question why the other characters are so conveniently dumb in not being able to expose MC for the above and other inconsistencies (the novel provides some explanations for why, but, if you are fixated on having completely logical and realistic explanations, it may bother you)
Other reviewers have criticised (if you are worried about them) :

    1. MC is too Mary Sue/OP.
      • Power wise? Yeah he is pretty OP, is innately talented and sometimes his knowledge/ability to analyse evil spirits/etc doesn't make sense (especially when he just transmigrated and hadn't gone to the metaphysical school yet). It didn't bother me too much though - his powers were pretty cool and his analysis of ghosts were pretty interesting. There is still a decent power gap between him and originally OP characters and most of the time he wins by cunningness, not brute power/strength.
      • Charisma/ability to attract friends/ other love interests? This doesn't really count as being too Mary Sue. Most friendships aren't too unreasonable - his first few friends are impressed by his power/ability and when your dealing with super scary ghosts - who wouldn't want a big thigh to hold? Others are explained by prior relationships - don't want ML to lose his way and kill 'innocent' MC or wanting to grow and nuture the family talent. As for romantic interests - so far only one other character has a vague crush - and this makes sense - MC is very talented and very attractive.
    2. Why doesn't MC just reveal that his soul just got switched when stuff like possessions exist in this setting?
      • To other characters: Well exactly because evil spirits can possess humans, he can't reveal otherwise they would probably treat him as an evil spirit and kill him
      • To ML: Possibly could have worked at the start of the story but with low chance of success (MC's plan was much more successful and he chose it because he understood the ML's character well). After the first couple of chapters, there is no way it would help. The feud is no longer between ML and the original villain anymore, they both kill each other a number of times, and its not just ML who wants to kill MC, MC wants to kill ML now.
      • It also just doesn't fit MC's style/character
      • The MC not being exposed is a bit weird though. I guess not having his soul switch be exposed can be explained by the fact that the og character didn't have friends and they end up doing tests to make sure he is not possessed (for other reasons)
    3. ML could have killed MC way earlier, but keeps letting him go
      • I don't get why this is a surprise. This is exactly what MC's plan was from Chapter 1. Make himself interesting enough so that ML doesn't want to kill him (kind of like a Batman and Joker dynamic). Also ML is slowly but surely becoming attracted to MC (despite his ongoing thirst for payback) so it makes even more sense that eventually he wouldn't want to kill ML at all. I'm only on chapter 54 though so we'll see how it goes.
Rating: 5/5 just so this novel gets more attention, true rating so far: 4/5. <<less
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Akiraaa rated it
January 28, 2022
Status: Completed
I really like this novel.

The translation really ruins the story for me so I tried to read another mtl of it which much is more readable for me in my opinion.

The transition of relationship of the MC and ML is the best part for me.

They started as MC wanting to whitewash himself to ML, to becoming enemies where they are in each other's throat and will make sure that one side will suffer a lose, to becoming lovers where they help and protect each other.


Another part that makes me smile is when at the end of the story, MC ask ML


" What am I to you? Is it your old enemy, opponent, lover, or the only kind of accomplice in your malicious world?"

and the ML answered "All the identify is yours"


Their relationship started to get a progress at


around chapter 60 where they kiss


And their first snu snu


around chapter 70


Reading the previous reviews, there seems to be plotholes and inconsistencies to the story but for me it's not really visible. Maybe because I like the plot that I ignored it??

Anyways, this novel is good and I recommend you guys to read it. It took me about a week to finish it (sorry, I'm a slow reader) Sorry for my English it's my second language, atleast you understand it right? Ahhahaha
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Literal God
Literal God rated it
September 14, 2023
Status: c10
Ok, I just started this and the novel itself is very interesting.

But Teanovel should be banned. This is just MTL. They can't even keep the genders right. How they have the audacity to imply any manual work here is beyond me. Reading their 'translation' is super clunky and does the story no service.

Hopefully a better translator picks this up and sticks with it. Teanovel should be ashamed.

28 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Melange rated it
December 12, 2021
Status: Completed
The synopsis of this novel makes it seem like a light hearted transmigration comedy, which it is NOT. Don't be fooled.

This novel is a fantastic mystery horror novel featuring the capable transmigrated exorcist MC and his entanglements with insane ghost ML. When I say insane, I mean it. He is absolutely batsh*t crazy and hellbent on conforming MC to his deranged ways. This is a true yandere ML out for blood.

... more>>

The only reason he kept MC alive in the beginning is to prolong his suffering. This later turns into curiosity as he mercilessly stalks his newfound toy.


And MC is no saint either. He is calm, logical, and decisive, willing to utilize any tools to further his goals, whether they be objects or people.

As enemies, MC and ML really go at it. Each try to kill each other in a number of ways (stabbing, burning, drowning, exorcism, by proxy, falling, etc) while being involved in a weird twisted game surrounding the supernatural community.


Eventually, they find themselves physically involved with each other not out of love or lust, but out of conquest. Because of this, it takes a long time for romance to blossom but there is a natural progression of feelings.


The plot is fairly intricate and interspersed with short arcs involving investigation as MC tries to solve various mysteries in the community while warding off the psycho ML. I highly recommend this if you're into horror novels with strong protagonists. <<less
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Lucia Elys
Lucia Elys rated it
November 7, 2021
Status: c76
This WN had me hooked for almost every chapter and I had to force myself to go to sleep after binging the first 40 or so chapters. I personally prefer horror novels that go more in depth in well the horror aspect, but I think the comedy mixed in with the horror quite well here. Jiang Luo and Chi You's interactions are the main highlight of the novel, and in some shape or form you start to see how the rest of the characters are also intertwined in their story... more>> as well. The other students in Baihua University (?) were entertaining and had their own personalities. Despite Jiang Luo never getting the chance to finish the original story before transmigrating, he wasn't lying when he claimed his understanding of Chi You was probably better than anyone else either in his world or the novel's world, and I can't wait to learn more about just what Chi You is and his motives along with Jiang Luo <<less
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babyprofessor rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Finally, an excellent novel that actually depicts the slow and beautiful process of "enemies become lovers." Not rivals, but enemies.

Don't be fooled by the summary. If I were to find a word that describes the relationship between MC and ML, it'd be: brutal. Definitely not for the weak-hearted, particularly those who are used to reading novels where being "enemies" are two individuals claiming they "hate" each other by quarrelling or competing to be number one, but not to the extent of physically hurting one another.

For MC and ML, torturing each... more>> other is one of their forms of entertainment. I'd say they compete to abuse one another in possibly all the worst ways. It's extremely stony-hearted and disturbing - but that's what makes them stand out from all the pairings I've read before.

MC treats ML as an "ambition" he's determined to achieve then destroy, and ML treats MC as a toy he'll discard once it bores him. When MC realizes he's transmigrated as the cannon fodder who'd die a gruesome death in the psychopathic protagonist's (ML's) hands, he does all he can to prevent ML from killing him by purposely turning himself into a "game" for ML to amuse himself with, except it's Hard Mode. And boy, did he do a fantastic job at it.

(Truthfully, it isn't much as a "Hard Mode" for ML. In some cases, ML seems to intentionally "lose" to MC, and well - MC knows how powerful the protagonist is, so he just keeps racking his brains to ensure ML doesn't kill him. Still fun, nonetheless, because no one's ever made ML feel so alive before. [sighs dreamily])

I swear - you'll be surprised to witness how their relationship develops. It's delicious. Even I find it unbelievable they could be together after all that insane violence and gore, LOL.


ML fell in love first, and he had to chase MC for a long time before MC eventually admits he's in love with ML. Even then, MC doesn't immediately confess to ML. I see why some people are pissed at how slow MC is when it comes to realizing his love for ML. I could be wrong, but from what I see is he isn't dense; he just subconsciously refuses to admit he's "lost" to ML due to their originally competitive nature, so he never really ponders his complicated feelings towards ML. MC's been driven by his goal to get back at ML, so the thought of falling for the psycho never crosses his mind. I understand why it took longer for MC to reciprocate ML's love, though. With ML, MC views everything as a "game." Although this nemesis has admitted to his face that he likes MC, it's no wonder MC would take advantage of ML's feelings to amuse himself, because that's how their relationship is since the beginning: abnormal and twisted. ML can bring the worst out of MC, and MC eagerly indulges in ML's "games" as to keep up with ML's psychopathic behaviour.

Although MC can be said to be as crazy as ML, he isn't completely heartless, as you can tell by how sincere he treats his friends and how protective he is of them. ML just gets the most "special treatment" out of everyone, because - well, blame ML for that, LOL. Remember, he tortured MC 18 times all at once, making MC "die" just so he could get horrifyingly tortured again. It was for this reason MC began to develop extreme hatred for ML that lasted longer than some might have preferred.

What I love about MC is he doesn't allow his brain to go offline from Feelings (TM). He doesn't give in easily, which is consistent with his personality.

Of course, this kind of slow romance isn't for everyone. It might have the potential to bore you, especially if you're impatient to see them together.


Now, I'm sure some of you are wondering what will happen to the original ML of the novel A.K.A Feng Li, the protagonist seme, since MC tries to change his destiny...


Feng Li becomes MC's master and he falls for MC. As a matter of fact, MC seems to have a magnet attached on his back since he becomes this heartthrob people are into. Thankfully, the author doesn't cultivate their romance, so rest assured there's no love triangle dog blood in here. He would've made a good candidate for the yandere second lead male, though. I think he has the qualifications to become one (dare I say, nearly did), but since the author doesn't focus on this, his feelings for MC remain unclear to me. I'm not sure if it's an infatuation or a weird obsession since he's never met a disciple as promising, talented, and beautiful as MC so he wants to own MC as a lover (or something) but doesn't want to ruin his image at the same time...? I don't know. I might have to reread his parts to understand...


Despite the roller-coaster of emotions I've happily gone through, I admit this novel still some cons that might or might not have bothered me a bit. MC being too OP, for example, and other plot holes that could've been handled better so things would make more sense. However, I decided to see past them because (IMO) the author succeeded in portraying a fascinating relationship development from archenemies to lovers.

(I really can't get over how ML gradually fell for MC... it was simply magical.)

Also, another thing that I admire from the author is their writing skills. From what I remember, their descriptions are wonderfully detailed but not boring, with metaphors that I find well articulated. The author also makes great use of side characters to add comedy to the story. Both MC and ML's friends/subordinates are memorable to me.


I ship Teng Bi x Lu Youyi. And my sad boi Qi Ye deserves a happy ending...


The twists are rather predictable, so the mystery isn't really the best quality from this novel. However, the author certainly knows how to keep the story interesting by [1] MC and ML's unique dynamics, and [2] its horror aspects. Not only are they gory, the ghosts can be described as terrifying. If this novel ever gets a drama adaptation, I can assure you there'll be jump scares everywhere. I personally am not a fan of horror, but I must admit it was an enjoyable read, so long as I refrain my brain from imagining certain scenes (LMAO) lest I'd be traumatized.

If you're into enemies to lovers trope, I highly recommend you give this a try. The novel might not be everyone's cup of tea; but if it is, best believe you'll find yourself thoroughly satisfied by the time you reach the end. Again, their relationship development is gratifying. MC and ML really went from "just wait and see, I'm going to kill you" ➜ "Eh? Don't die yet - you're fun to play with, I'm gonna torture you more" ➜ "Nu-uh, I'm not falling for you - that ain't gonna happen" ➜ "f*ck it, I love you, I'm so in love with you and I'll do anything to protect you." ♡

BRB, gonna reread. (ノ´ヮ`) ノ*: ・゚ <<less
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June 27, 2022
Status: c7
Chapter 7

The Indolent Purple team were doing a fantastic job with translating the first few chapters. The new team, Tea Novels.... sigh. It’s a bit rough. It’s a bit better than MTL, but... I have to reread sometimes ensure who is being spoken about and whether they’re male or female. Really don’t wanna rag on their efforts as I’d not be able to do even a sliver of what they do.

That being said, imma continue for a few more chapters because the story is hella interesting. Hopefully, the translation quality... more>> improves, or even stays the same. God forbid it drops further <<less
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AppleIsForYou rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: Completed
I will give my heart to this novel. It never bores me. The plot twists are so damn amazing. It's more on unlifting the mysteries of everything. The MC and ML are awesome. Their relationship basically never changed from enemies, to false lovers, to lovers. The question in the end where the MC asked (I know is a spoiler but I want to lay it out without hiding) is...

"What are we? Enimies? friends? lovers?"

And ML said that they signifies all the relationship status available. Is really so accurate. MC... more>> and ML understand each other more than the people perceive them to be or despite people assume who they are. They meant it. Even if they killed each other or hurt each other... it meant to their excitement and teach each other better. It never occurs to me that I was bored halfway nor lose my excitement. It's always there. The kissing starts at 67 chapter and I thought it's gonna be bland because I heard the seggz scene will be buried and censored but it really wasn't the case. First of all both of them are new to relationship so they really don't have a clue what their obsession or excitement came from. The friends and surroundings already figured it out but hope not. Even if it wasn't detailed and I'm only looking for those scene in yaoi. But! The whole story is wholesome. I won't detailed it but all the arcs are the best so far. If someone asked me about the story arcs I can give a detailed hidden comment but... I just wish you good luck and I hope you will enjoy the story till the end. <<less
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cicadarunes rated it
January 9, 2022
Status: c50
I really like it so far and I agree with the review saying that the mc's hate is justified. If we had been shown the 13 ways in which the MC had died graphically, I'm bound to say no one would have questioned his hate. The reason only seemed shallow because the author did not expand on that.

This is my go-to book after thriller trainee.... the s*xual tension is palpable. The plot is also alright. I'm only giving five stars to increase it's rating and will wait till I've completed... more>> to edit it, if necessary.

On the whole it's a good, light read, not very plot heavy but not devoid of it either. <<less
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Shoilee20 rated it
July 23, 2023
Status: --
I will give it a full 5/5 score. Such a good plot and character development (I am still at Ch 80) but this MTL is killing me!!!!

I don't know how TeaNovel is claiming MTL to exclusive translation. They didn't even bother to edit it a little... Can someone HTL it? I would reread the entire novel once again...
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 26, 2022
Status: c52
Dropped for now I guess

Seems really interesting, just a huge struggle to read and hurts my brain

Hope this gets a good translation one day, the poorly edited mtl is too unbearable for a metaphysical novel like this with lots of mystery and fantasy.

Plus for a few chapters MC fought a spider demon/ghost but it got mtled as Spiderman which was pretty confusing lmao
There were a ton of other really weird mistranslations that could have been fixed with an editor, like MC at a hotsprings and "putting on panties" when he got dressed (he didn't actually) also the names are often weird and half translated and so many other things.
Idek why I still bother with Tea Novel.
At least they didn't mess up the pronouns as often as the other novels they mtled, but that's probably only because this is a BL not BG to be fair

(I also liked how it has a female side character who doesn't try to break up the main couple but is instead a badass lesbian, I haven't seen her appear too often though so far)
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: c50
Honestly, the plot is good! I like seeing a strong willed and lunatic MC lolXD However, apart from MC, everyone seems like have a brain damage. They didn't even notice the anomaly in MC lies, in ML's torture to MC and even the experts watching the live didn't even try to find out how the MC become bloodied (torn with knives).

For MC's goal to kill ML, I want to negate a review saying it being a shallow. It is very understandable that MC wanted to kill the ML back,... more>> as even explained by MC's thoughts, he was killed 18x with different method. Being burnt a little or scratched by a knife really hurts, what more burning alive or stabbed to death??! And it is 18x being killed in various ways. As mentioned, others won't be able to wake up after that torture but MC did. Hence, he can't be sane anymore and the MC even felt that change. And in the first place he didn't kill the ML, why must he bear that grudge?I think, It is the ML that led the original owner of Jiang Lou to remove the constraints of human body to his soul

I can't bear seeing the obvious flaw and the annoying ML repeatedly so not sure if will drop. I feel pity due to interesting first few chapters. <<less
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Alysx rated it
November 15, 2021
Status: Completed
To start off, the summary is a quite misleading about the MC and ML's relationship dynamics. Our MC (Jiang Luo) and ML (Chi You) started off legitimately as enemies, as in the out for each other's blood insane kind. It's really intense and you get to see the gradual shift in their relationship to one of lovers. It's very similar to Thriller Trainee in this aspect, so if you're into that, this would most likely be your cup of tea as well. Both our MC and ML are just so... more>> black-bellied and caustic, and I absolutely love it.

Their relationship is utterly fantastic and there's this one beautiful scene in the ML's perspective that is forever etched into my mind:


He gazed up at the grey overcast sky, closed his eyes, and touched his chest languidly.

How strange.

There's clearly nothing here.

But earlier, something seemed to have jumped a little here.


In essence, the MC and his friends are students who go to this exorcist school, with the main focus in the front part of the story to be on handling some supernatural missions they come across outside of school. The story develops later on, so they won't just be stuck at school in the whole story. Some of the arcs are actually quite similar to the unlimited flow style (where they have to navigate in a horror setting and their task is to figure out the truth of something).

The pacing and content of the story is alright, the front part was interesting enough to get me hooked. Although when the story hits around chapter 200, the plot seems quite rushed while the main cp's relationship feels like it's being artificially delayed. Frankly speaking, I docked a star off just because of this. To sum up, feel free to pick it up if you like enemies to lovers relationship dynamics, but don't have too high of an expectation, especially for the last couple of arcs in the story. <<less
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harupin rated it
February 15, 2024
Status: Completed
As a lover of Enemies to lovers trope, it didn't disappoint and is still my fav danmei (became my comfort novel of all time, fits all my fav tags too) THIS NOVEL NEEDS MORE ATTENTION (I envy Thailand having a book, this need official eng tl n book)

I'm obsessed with Jiang Luo, I love him so much lol (dont fight me Chi You) his charisma srsly caught me. Chi You is the best hubby for Jiang Luo ngl.
(Edit: Author released c238, Valentines extra, last dec 2023)

Not only the slow burn romance is good but also the plot and its horror touch, the conflicts and how it got solved is really great, the shifting of mystery and straightforwardness are appropriately done to the arcs that had happened. If my memory serves me right, there werent any plot holes (not sure to other readers tho), can't remember any contradicting info. I like how there are details about Jiang Luo's transmigration even showed some of his past.

The antagonists are also so well written that they're given character and so important too. Some doesnt like the final arc but for me it was my fav arc because

it wasnt the usual fighting scene, it's more of mind gaming. The way Jiang Luo lured Destiny (?) by pretending to be a god was really my fav. Gave me laughs too, the anticipation was great. It was entertaining in many ways. (there was a fight tho between the shikigamis). Srsly a great final arc for main story. Ji Yaozi o7 tho


The fish arc tho got my stomach hurt imagining the eggs being in the stomach (any kinds of cannibalism just makes me weak) but it was great arc plus the 2's 1st interc**rse lol. And also showed how Jiang Luo values his friends


Another thing that I like is it didn't abandon the supporting characters (I cant even call them side). Lu youyi is just too cute

Teng Bi too, they're just soo great

and Wen Renlian is one of my fav after the mains.

Now, I'm gotta talk about the CP further. These 2 gave me laughs and their tension is very intense from the start and when they started doing some activity and became lovers it went more intense. They broke my poker face while reading that got me squeal externally lol. (I'M IN LOVE WITH THEIR FIGHTS)
I may love Jiang Luo but Chi You's romantic phrases and actions got me floored.

Him being such a pe*vert is too hilarious tho lmao. The underwear scene got me cover my face and also laughed when Jiang Luo returned to Feng Li & others that thought they're fighting to death and got worried to Jiang Luo limping but actually because his undies were taken LOL.
Makes me wonder how he is the og shou but seeing Feng Li's being much twisted than the 2 main esp as romantic partner is... understandable lol

I was touched by the time where Chi You saved Jiang Luo from dragon's tears and Jiang Luo taking care of unconscious Chi You after his awakening. Srsly the sweetest, they deserved that trip abroad. (my another fav).
My most fav is the bath scene where Chi You really takes care of Jiang Luo. Even if Jiang Luo orders him around like some servant just to piss him off, it's really sweet when Chi You still does his orders. He's that red Green flag since he held back his lust when Jiang Luo was in a sorry state.

I can say Jiang Luo is much of a madman than Chi You tho lol (tho I love him for it and his addiction to bathing). How he's being smug, confident and the way he pisses/tricks Chi You is soo good. Him wanting Chi You to bottom so bad is hilarious and CASTRATE in joking manner (i can never unassociate Luoluo to this term anymore LOL) also

That airplane scene lmao when Chi You tries his best to ignore the other passenger but here comes Jiang Luo being a menace and sly

But at the same time he treasures his relationship with his friends and concerned to other people (ofc to Chi You too).

Mirror world Chi You made me cry tho when he doesn't want Jiang Luo to leave, I felt the desperation there T_T. Seeing him back in the extra was great (the fans' 3p fanfics lol)

I can def write a book on why I love these 2. So meant for each other


and I love Jiang Luo. I don't really mind that Jiang Luo is OP since being a transmigrator got perks in most novels. I mean, real world still is above from a "book"

Others may find flaws and discontentment with the novel (same goes to other kinds of series) but for me, my overall, this went to one of the top novels (even outside bl genre) in my list of favs. I would def buy the book if ever there's an official english translation. I won't get bored rereading this. (Ngl, I read this because of Thriller Trainee-similar trope, which I love too tho I x999 love this more. CP's personality and feedback to each other were completely diff, only on each other's throats are what's similar)
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Dorooo rated it
April 26, 2022
Status: Completed
First of all, great novel with good flow. There was never a time where I felt like the plot was draggy or boring. Compared to other BL horror novels, this is one of the creepier and gory ones. Nothing too scary but just enough for you to feel the thrill!

The MC is strong, smart and ruthless not just to his enemies but also himself. Don't let the summary fool you, the MC is just as crazy as the evil spirit ML and is also yandere-ish although not as much as... more>> the ML. I do like how the MC navigates around the plot, but not so much on how he handles the romance aspect.

Alright so the MC and ML starts off as enemies and the MC is trying to bullsh*t his way through while getting stronger so he doesn't get killed by the ML. Both parties hate and tries to kill each other whenever there's a chance. I like how the MC doesn't pull his punches when dealing with the ML but as their relationship progresses and the ML slowly started liking the MC, the MC's feelings is still at zero...? It's like the ML is already reaching the finishing line while the MC is just starting to run (◐‿◑)

Something that ticks me off is that it's not like the MC is superrrr dense but it's more like he doesn't want to think about his feelings. The MC knows that he gets off knowing he has the ML wrapped around his finger and constantly test the ML's patience. He likes how railed up the ML gets because of him and it satisfies his ego but still don't understand why he feels that way. He makes excuses for everything that has to do with the ML.


The ML's ultimate goal since the beginning was to destroy the metaphysics world. The MC on the other hand doesn't want that to happen and work towards removing power from the higher ups as they are the main villains. Hence, the MC decided to make the ML so obsessed with him that the ML will listen to him and change his mind about his plans. After they became "lovers" as planned, the MC gets very upset when the ML refuses to change his mind on destroying the world even though the MC asked him to. I thought this is where the MC will then wonder why he is so upset and realizes his feelings for the ML but NOPE. The MC proceeds to ignore the ML, run away from his feelings and stop thinking about it. I'm like????? bruh it's almost 3/4 of the novel get it together (·•᷄‎ࡇ•᷅)


It's like he wants all the benefits of a lover but refuses to show an ounce of sincere affection. Heck I would've never expected the ML as an evil spirit to understand love more than the MC.


So at 3/4 of the novel I'm already sick of the push and pull between the two leads and is desperately hoping for the MC to realize his feelings. It is only when the MC dies that he realizes his feeling for the ML whereas the ML realizes that he is willing to give up everything as long as the MC stays with him... can you tell how imbalance their emotional progressions are? One is already madly in love while the other is just realizing it /facepalms/


While I do love the enemies to lovers trope and high tension ambiguous relationships, it's easy to get bored once it's dragged on for too long. Another instance that confirms that I like the ML more than the MC is after they got together-


The MC went traveling with the ML and insists on taking a plane although the ML could prob just teleport them there which the ML doesn't like but complies. A passenger seating beside the ML tries to make a pass at him and the ML is pissed but the MC warned him to "behave" so he endured. After the MC found out about the passenger's interest in the ML, he tries to be "mischievous" and proceeds to set the ML up with the passenger. Which the ML is obviously not a fan of. The MC claims that he like to "pull on the tiger's whiskers" and test the ML's patience again and again. The MC made the passenger think that he'll have a chance and it is only when the ML really gets pissed and kissed the MC that the passenger realizes that he have been played.

Once again I'm so??? what kind of low IQ love games are you playing? This so unnecessary? I did not wait for 150++ chapters to see you do d*mb sh*t like this omg. Idk but the MC's actions are so childish that I felt like he have negative braincells. (¬_¬")


In the first half of the novel, the intriguing part was the relationship between the two leads but I became more invested in the plot for the second half. My liking towards the MC is constantly dropping throughout the novel, though not that he's bad but at the end of the novel I ended up liking the ML more. I would've gave this a 4* but considering how much I enjoyed the plot, I rated it a 5*. Although the MC is not my favorite, I'll still recommend this novel as the plot is solid and the characters are pretty great as well! °ʚ (*´꒳`*) ɞ° <<less
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Blithe rated it
August 25, 2023
Status: Completed
I used to wonder what the hype for enemies to lovers trope was all about but after this novel I have to say, I get it. I really do. Like wow. The sizzling heat between our MC and ML is unlike any other novels I’ve read.

First of all, kudos to the wonderfully written plot of this novel. A clear plot, an engaging storyline, spicy 🌶️ Romance, beautiful friendship and an interesting villain to boot. This novel really has it all.

However, my fav thing about this novel is how charismatic our... more>> MC is. I love that no one can do him wrong, not even the ML. While his mental strength and cunningness was present from the start, we got to enjoy the journey he went through to get physically strong enough to fight the villains.

Overall, really enjoyed this novel. <<less
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HooliganReader rated it
October 26, 2022
Status: Completed
HOT DAMN this is so good. If you don't like toxic relationship with two sided yanderes and truly cruel main characters this really isn't for you.

To start off, the MC and the ML's characters... WOWS! Just wows! They are so different from the usual righteous "good guys" and the "evil" villains with the hearts of gold nonsense. They are plain cruel and bloodthirsty that they come off as psychotic and sick in the head, making them PERFECT for each other. WARNING this isn't a fluff book. They are for reals... more>> in a twisted relationship and it goes on that way towards the end.

Our MC is a heroic beauty who transmigrated into a novel as a character killed the original book's ML (also the shou of the original novel and the current ML aka the evil spirit). In the original novel, the original character was brutally tortured by the evil spirit with the help of the original novel's male lead. To avoid this from happening, the MC needed to try to get the metaphysic's community's help by pretending that the ML is haunting him due to a past romantic entanglements and not because he mu*dered him. At the same time, by pretending that the ML who died was in a one sided love situation, he hope to pique the ML's interest so that the evil spirit will keep him around longer (and not kills him straight away since the ML is OP) while he builds up his strength so that he can defeat the evil spirit.

Through the mutual torture and brutal killings of each other (in the dream world), the two characters slowly (and oh so toxically) found pleasure in their interactions and soon realised that the other is one of the few excitements that the world offers. the s*xual tension between them before they actually became lovers was... 💯💯💯. SIGH if only there were some papapa scenes. That would have been the bomb! There are some metaphysics adventures and mysteries solving throughout which was really well written and unique but to me the banter between the two characters is the highlight of this novel.

Someone reviewed the novel and called it "two psychopaths in a love-hate relationship" which is the perfect way to describe them. Truly one of the best novels of the horror-romance genre!

Side note: In chapter 232 Friendly Partnership, there was a novel recommendation by the author. It looks so friggin good but I can't seem to find it. Please please please pm me the original title if you know of it. Thank you in advance! <<less
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CyanKing2020 rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I need this to sit at a 4.6 because it’s so underrated right now I almost missed it. I’m so glad I didn’t. I love the character development which gives me more depth to the protagonist. There’s so much I enjoyed in this novel that I couldn’t see in other 4.5 novels. The love and hate friction between the protag and his partner always made me ready for more.
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spider rated it
March 13, 2022
Status: c71
Just one word-Mind blowing!! From the MC's and ML's interactions, mind games, horror cases solving, the slyness and the desire to get back at each other, the humorous and unexpected plot to the different characters with 3D personality. It is simply amazing. It does a really good job in transitioning from pure horror and mystery to horror and mystery with romance. It never gets boring and makes you look forward to seeing how the MC turns things into his favour despite being very unlucky. Another thing I like about this... more>> is that he MC puts everything in his possession to full use and efficiently overcomes cases with what he has. He does have a gold finger of course but his intelligence is his main weapon. The character's personalities are also pretty likable. <<less
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