My Five Elements Lack You


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The shock! An honest office worker was reborn into the body of a swindler, to think he actually became a man who does this sort of thing…

The feng shui community had always declared Lin Zhushui to be omniscient, but it seems that his only miscalculation was his destined marriage to Zhou Jiayu.

Zhou Jiayu always had a mild nature, his skin was thin and tender, and his bones, brittle and soft. He never expected that what he feared the most after his rebirth wasn’t actually provoking someone’s displeasure.

Zhou Jiayu: Before I was reborn, I had always believed I’d be a devoted socialist successor, but then I became a charlatan and even encountered a big-shot fortune-teller,

Lin Zhushui: Are you happy being with me?

Zhou Jiayu: I’m happy! So happy I could die! But, Boss, if you could just stop thinking about meals with me as a menu item every single day, I’d be even happier.

Lin Zhushui: Not possible.

Zhou Jiayu: …

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I Am Incomplete Without You
My five elements are short of you ชีวิตนี้ขาดเธอไม่ได้
Wo wuhang que ni
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Attica rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: Completed
In a Nutshell: Our very sweet diligent government worker MC Zhou Jiayu dies by Truck-Kun (yep). He is then reborn in the body of a Feng shui swindler. As it happens, when he transmigrates over, this Feng shui swindler was literally just found out to be a fraud, by a true Feng shui genius: the ML Lin Zhushui. MC subsequently gets, well, adopted into ML’s Scooby Gang—cough cough, I mean ML’s family of supernatural mystery solvers. The following is an episodic tale of investigating various ghosts and monsters, which eventually... more>> begin to weave together into an overarching conspiracy.


  • This author loves their horror/mystery, and My Five Elements Are Incomplete Without You does a great job maintaining that suspenseful atmosphere. In general the pacing of each arc was excellent, so the story never felt like it dragged or rushed.
  • There was an actual fitting explanation for MC’s transmigration!
  • MC is a very endearing and sweet character overall, whose journey of growth was great fun to watch. His romance with ML is a nice slow burn.
  • The side characters are all relatively fleshed out with flaws and weaknesses. The family dynamic between the Scooby Gang was very warm and homey. The major antagonists in particular had nice compelling motivations for why they chose their current path.
Neutral: This plot is more on the episodic/slice of life side, and can swing from “creepy horror” to “hilarious jokes” in the space of a single chapter. There are a lot of mysteries that ML’s Scooby Gang tackles over the course of this novel, and some are more related to the main storyline that others.


  • The ending was rather abrupt. Most of the antagonists basically disappeared offscreen and didn’t get very satisfying resolutions.
  • Some of the running jokes were just straight-up not funny, and kind of cringeworthy instead. At least this seemed to have died out by halfway through.
  • ML’s character is a little bit on the archetypal/stereotypical side. He is basically invincible and never shows any real weakness.
Overall, My Five Elements Are Incomplete Without You is a fun episodic story that blends horror and slice-of-life very well. There’s nothing that 100% stands out to my personal preferences, but it’s an amusing romp overall. <<less
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Shunraiki rated it
September 11, 2018
Status: Completed
Rebirth, Feng Shui, transmigration and of course, yaoi are the element that makes this novel so good. MC in this novel is a civil servant, who has lived his life honestly, but one day, he got hit and rebirth (?) in swindler's body. ML (who is blind) in this story is a god-level Feng Shui master who got a body that full of Yang (positive energy) while MC, who died once got body full of Yin (negative energy). That's why both of them need each other, as Yin can't exist... more>> without Yang, while Yang can't exist without Yin.

As the story goes,

ML already knew that the MC's soul is not the same as the previous one and gives a tattoo at MC's waist (just above his ass). Later on, they participate in Feng Shui tournament, to select the best disciple and MC won it. (The process is so good, I recommend you guys to read it as I am bad at writing a good synopsis.) Then, they slowly unravel the mystery about Ji Ba, cloak man and the reason why MC is the one able to save ML. There are several arcs in this story, and all arc is good and scary. I can't even pick which one I dislike. And it's HE. Don't worry.


When I read this novel using MTL, I was surprised. It wasn't that hard to understand although it's about Feng Shui. (And I'm quite new in this world of BL novel). I would give rate 4.9/5.0 to this manga, the only downside is I wanna read more

about the relationship after ML and MC got married. So Gooooooood~~


Lastly, sorry for my bad grammar and English. You guys need to read this novel. It won't disappoint you. <<less
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MofuMofu rated it
August 8, 2018
Status: Completed
This is very interesting novel. Well it have supenatural tags, so of course in the novel it is telling about ppl and ghost lol. Some arch is have disgusting ghost and some of them is a little scary. But, its not to the points of scary that make you hallucinate that will the ghost came out in ur room etc. So its very safe?

And, the fluffiness is soooo sweet. The family scent is too strong. And relationship between MC and ML is not come suddenly, but cultivate little by little.... more>> They are already falling in luv in early chapter, but have confession in chapter 80-84

And soo, I just wanna reccomend this and enjoy urself ? <<less
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Hilyantomi rated it
August 9, 2019
Status: Completed
OMG SOMEONE IS TRANSLATING THIS. FOR WHOEVER YOU ARE I LOVE YOU. Everyone, let's be honest here. We all know the author is 西子绪, author of "Turns out I'm crazy", author of "A smile from the villain", author of "Kaleidoscope of Death", author of " 我有特殊的高冷技巧 "

This novel is surely a HE, it's sweet. But to reach to this HE, please be patient to read the novel and you will understand why I mentioned those titles ^. For those who didn't know, " My five elements lack you " is an arc from another story called " Struggle for Harmony ", a multiple-world transmigration (haha) novel. The novel's plot bases on the original's structure so for those who have already read it, it would be quick to understand. What really makes the novel rest in our mind is not its supernatural and horror elements, but the meaning behind the characters' doing. Don't worry, everything will be explained in the end, luckily ;3;


Please try to understand the meaning of the two main characters' names and you will find a coincidence :)))). You can PM me if you are too lazy haha xD

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DaBrick rated it
October 10, 2019
Status: Completed
There might be some slight difference that are written in the description such as
... more>>

I think ML already know that MC is going to be someone important to him and possibly his lifetime partner because ML master (?), an abbot told ML that he is destined to only have 4 disciple (not including MC) therefore he can't take MC as a disciple (because ML was treating MC as a disciple and bringing him everywhere he goes) and the reaction ML give is

ML: He is not.

at that time the abbot doesn't know what ML means until a few years later.

Therefore ML might've already know his future partner is going to be MC because MC has extreme yin physique while ML has extreme yang physique meaning = yin and yang, they match!
ML was also really attentive to MC compared to his other disciple.

and this sentence

Zhou Jiayu: I’m happy! So happy I could die! But, Boss, if you could just stop thinking about meals with me as a menu item every single day, I’d be even happier.

If you think because of this sentence they are already together like pretty fast in the novel then you're wrong. MC like ML and ML like MC, but MC doesn't have the self-confidence to even say that he like ML (because ML looks like a master above all, strong, untainted, almost like an immortal) and ML still not sure if the like he has towards MC is that of a master and a disciple or that of a lovers. Because of that, the confirmation of their relationship is almost towards the end (where in like that sentence where ML almost eat MC everyday).


The story is full of suspense and definitely not for the faint-hearted. And yes I read this story in the dark so I was pretty creep out everytime the supernatural part came out. It has a good pace and plot thorough the entire story. The interaction between MC and ML is also sweet and adorable <3

There is some twist and turns here and there but overall in the end it's a Happy Ending :) <<less
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Foxy-nalune rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: c40
I'm currently on chapter 40, and sadly the translator does not continue due to personal reasons.
So right know I'm suffering, as this novel is on hold.

My thought on this novel ate extremely positive, because it strikes every aspect I love in novels and even made my standarts higher.

This novel is truly unmatchable, and I love the relationship and slow burn between MC and ML.

I could MLT it but I can't handle it and I would rather learn chinese than read this wonderful novel in MLT language.
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gummypills rated it
December 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Finished reading via mtl. The supernatural part is the most interesting portion of the series. The romance is really slow. The situations they go through are pretty interesting, but the characters don't get developed much.

**Colorist jokes are made pretty much every chapter that the side character Yiqiong is in, if you are sensitive to this, I would not recommend this series**
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DhiVhi rated it
June 2, 2019
Status: Completed
One word about this story: Scary!!!

Don't read this novel at night, honestly I kind of scared of knocking sound after I read this.

This is one of the horror story that I want-to-stop-reading-it-because-my-sleep-quality-became-bad buuuuttt the story is sooo good that I can't stop reading it. The horror part, the comedy part, the conan-kind-of-observation part are really well blended so the reader not only feel scared through out the story. The love story is really slow but it's sprinkel well enough without us feeling too much sugar but still gigling of how... more>> cute our couple is. And one little things that makes me happy about this story is how great and brave the author potray a female feng shui is, I mean many danmei that I read always potray female character as white lotus or green tea bit*h so yeahhh just a little things but it makes me happy as fellow female.

All in all, if you like horror story and still accept bl, please read it. If you like danmei that you HAVE to read it (psssttt... the MC is super cute & witty)

Ps. This danmei is pretty easy for MTL user ? <<less
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rakuu-en rated it
December 8, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a silly and fairly light-hearted novel. Quite humorous though the jokes get old with time. The plot and the writing are both pretty insipid though; towards the end I was forcing myself to plow through the last few chapters. The characters are pretty two dimensional; don't expect any development from any of them.... and the romance is blandly depicted, though that may just be because of the writing style.

Good for killing time, but easily forgettable. Don't expect a masterpiece.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rhianirory rated it
May 3, 2019
Status: Completed
this was pretty good. I liked the ghost stories, lots of fun there. Can't wait to read the translated version. The ML is blind but has no problems getting around and finding people and ghosts/spirits/ Chinese Yokai. The MC is kind of a contradiction as some things come very easily to him because of his body, which makes me wonder why he was a swindler when he can see these things for real. At least, I'm assuming it was an aspect of the body the MC takes over, otherwise it... more>> doesn't make much sense for a normal physical body to suddenly change just because the driver changes. The MC is fairly clever in figuring things out early in the story but he gets a little dumb later on

he becomes a dense idiot at some points, a personality change I really didn't like, especially where the ML is concerned. Though I have to admit the mushrooms and the b*tt-slap is one of my favorite early scenes.


3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KimiKazoo rated it
September 21, 2018
Status: Completed
This is one of the BEST yaoi chinese novels imo. I put this around the same level as Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil and The Founder of Diabolism, even though it is radically different story wise.

This story has one of the best developed romance between the MC and ML. You literally feel and see them falling in love with each other and their interactions are extremely adorable. The MC is not useless (talented actually), though he likes depending on the ML, and the ML is extremely protective of... more>> the MC secretly and overtly. Get over the first three chapters and man things get so adorable.

However, this story is about ghosts/vengeance and can get creepy. If you are not into that, maybe this isn't for you. But I will say that each of the mini arcs in this book is extremely interesting and bone chilling. You literally want to know why certain ghosts are appearing and causing havoc and when the reason is revealed you get a "HOLY CRAPPPP" reaction. It really makes you think and suddenly everything makes sense. Each of the arc is different and and shows another side of chinese supernatural beliefs. Aside from the perfect romance, the story line is enough to get you going.

Highly recommend! <<less
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Common_people rated it
August 7, 2021
Status: Completed
I really love this one. I mtl-ed it two times. But I still want to read the full translate ver. It Must be very satisfying. A supernatural thingy with good romance plus rebirth thing.. Nah, it's something else.

... more>>

MC gets into an accident and wake up in the swindler body. But then something happened and MC died in swindler body then his soul back to the original body.


MC is nice and had a simple personality, kinda cute guy, not a squeamish one. Then he had an accident and wake up in the swindler Feng shui master and meet the ML who interrogate him. ML is a big master/teacher of this supernatural thingy. He is calm person with a Deep mind, sometimes tsun tsun, like an elegant teacher or master of strategy (?). Can you imagine a soft handsome guy in wuxia with the long hair blow by the soft breeze? It's him in my mind anyway. When he meet MC, I think he know his destiny, thats why the ML bring him home. The romance between them is kinda slow burn, some sign and interaction between them is kinda sweet ulala. You know la~ sometimes the vague thing is actually pretty sweet that make you want to bite your own lip.

The plot line, the Charachter setting, all is good. Some problem Will be explain well later. The saddest event in the near end. Some joke a lil bit sensitive for a certain race. And no big totally Villain or green tea here. Sweet, funny and some horror mystery. I like it! <<less
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July 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Pretty well written story with quite interesting plot lines and characters. Really enjoyed the horror aspect of the story. Romance was very slow burn though.

Main issue with the story was the amount of colourist jokes that the author makes about one specific character. I understand how it's meant to be ""humour"" but it's honestly just colourist lol. Very big trigger warning for this one.
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CultivatorBunnyLan rated it
June 20, 2020
Status: Completed
The way the novel ends and all of the missing puzzle pieces fit is amazing. I like how there is an explanation about the MC's rebirth amd how every mini arc is about solving ghost problems.

The feels is really strong.

There are moments filled with comedy, terror, fluff, romance, sadness, and many more. It's surprisingly easy to MTL the novel.

... more>> I really like the ML and the MC. The way their love grew and developed is just..... *gives a warm hug* the other characters are also memorable.

The side couples are ?✨ I also like the white-weasel and little paper man. You'll love them too.

I'm so glad to have read this novel. <<less
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Farika rated it
April 27, 2019
Status: Completed
Firstly, actually I attracted by the review... there only three chapters being translated, but the reviewer status already completed... and all of them give good reviews...

So I try it and turned up the story was really good...

Its light story but getting darker if we talked about ghost... the story line was good... the character was good too... the ghost... really creepy...

I like the author world building its really good....

Its really good and creepy, make me scared just going to bathroom alone..

... more>>

there one arc... its about zombie kind ghost?... its from human being that hit by magma... they are still alive, but become charcoal and still struggling between magma flow... and you are in the house, at place far from other human being... although the door was closed.. you know that its was there, you know it from its smells encircled the house, slowly walking approaching the door...


In this novel, there no true big villain, there always reason why they do that... and make me little sad, cuz they take evil path to solve their problem...

If you like creepy supernatural stories, then this is your cup.. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 16, 2021
Status: Completed
It was so beautiful I like how all the main chara not a single dog but still dare to abuse the single dog.
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Nyaa.23 rated it
June 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Pros :

MC and ML relationship progress is nice. MC works hard to make himself better and ML isn't too harsh to MC. ML is kinda a tsun. The relationship after MC and ML turned into a disciple-master is funny.

Cons :

I don't rlly remember tbh. I just enjoy it
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SpicaGG rated it
March 11, 2021
Status: Completed
it's quite cute, the adventure is so so, the romance is quite slow but still got it's sweet moment in the middle. No real conflict and dog blood drama.I would actually gv it a 3.7
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ItsameMario rated it
October 27, 2020
Status: c37
Ahhhh this one is totally my cup of tea and if horror novels could deliver the fright and creepiness as well as this one, I would be super satisfied! And I rarely see Blind!MLs and it is really nice to see something which was very well written and translated. The side characters are cute and funny, and the relationship between MC and ML is slow but gradually builds up and is very fluffy. Ji Ba is legit one of favourite birbs cuz just listens to the lil guy! The horror... more>> is portrayed wonderfully and the other characters are also properly fleshed out. And my fav Baldy cuz why not!

As far as I've read, the plot is great and it's a good comedy + slice of life + horror to read. Feng Shui is an ever-growing subject and I love reading about it. <<less
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September 30, 2020
Status: Completed
I want to say that the horror element in this story is really100x thrilling! I got goosebumps all over reading this!

Regarding the romance, it is slow-burn, but the MC fall in love with ML pretty early in the story. And the ML, he is quite restrained in his action, thus u can't really understand his emotion towards MC at the beginning. But is obvious from his actions that his attention & care towards MC is special.

Last, the translation quality is really superb! Unfortunately there's no progress anymore that I end... more>> up MTL-ing this novel. I still can enjoy the novel, and the horror is still there though it become lesser due to reading from mtl. <<less
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