Top-notch Masquerading as Cannon Fodder Female Companion


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The little snow fairy Tan Mo was about to complete her transformation into a human when she was picked away and reincarnated as the Tan family’s beloved daughter. Only then did she realize that she had become the tragic cannon fodder who died a miserable death after serving as her green tea cousin’s stepping stone for marrying We Keli, and whose life she had once seen before in her master’s mortal world mirror.

Her parents seemingly aged overnight, and her three older brothers all suffered ignominy after their attempts to seek revenge for her. Yet with her here in this life, nobody should even think about harming her family! Tan Mo: Wanna play green tea with me? I’ll give you a taste of master level green tea art today!

Reporter: Young Master Wei, what do you admire the most about your wife?

Wei Zhiqian: She’s kind, cute, pure-hearted, and unpretentious.

Reporter: Director Tan, your new work has been praised as a masterpiece. How did you create such an amazing script?

Older brother Tan: There’s nothing of the sort. Truthfully, I didn’t write the script. It’s just that the true author is too low key to reveal her true identity.

Reporter: Lord Tan, your new song has come out and immediately became the number one hit single on the charts. The lyrics are ingenious.

Second brother Tan: You flatter me. The person who came up with the lyrics is someone very important to me. Without her, the song wouldn’t have been successful. Yet she’s too low key to reveal her identity.

Reporter: Artist Tan, your painting was sold at a ten-figure price as soon as it hit the market. Where did the inspiration come from?

Third brother Tan: It’s all thanks to her.

Reporter: ……

Oldest brother Tan, second brother Tan, third brother Tan: Our younger sister had always helped us without asking for anything in return.

Wei Zhiqian: Without my protection, she would be ruthlessly bullied by those pretentious and innocent-looking Machiavellians.

Everyone: Pfft! Who is the one bullying who!

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blinklore rated it
April 10, 2022
Status: c179
This novel is such a disappointment. The only reason I stuck around was because I liked the premise. I would not recommend this to anyone.

I dropped this novel because of our female lead. She's a typical Mary Sue, pretty, smart, etc. FL attracts a lot of unnecessary hateful characters who like to bully her. In turn all these “viscous” characters get their reputations ruined. At first I didn’t find anything wrong with this until our FL BECAME the BULLY she always despised.

There’s many more things I hate about this book... more>> like the 2D characters and the CREEPY ML. It doesn’t mention how old he is but it hinted that he was older than 12 when FL was 6 years old. Even though there are not in a relationship until where I stopped reading. She is 15 when I dropped the book but he really makes me uncomfortable. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
August 17, 2021
Status: c386
This needs a better title

"Little Snow Lotus vs The Green Tea B!tches"

"Earth Girls Aren't Fuel Efficient Lamps"

... more>> But aside from that it's a good read. I figured I'd read 10 chapter see how it was, now I've binged nearly 400 chapters in and still going it's been that much fun.

This isn't to say the novel doesn't have problems. It has some pretty big ones, the biggest that it's too long. The childhood arc is easily the best. Tan Mo is just adorable and her brothers are incredible. It's just heart warming to watch them form up to protect their sister. Even the antagonists are fun and the Mary Sue power hasn't gone into overdrive. As she gets older well it gets worse with new abilities emerging antagonists going suicidal and in general going from unique to more generic.

The other big problem is the writing. Man this author needs an editor, badly!!! Name problems, phrasing issue even how he organizes all jumbled. It truly detracts from what should be a fun novel.

On Balance, it;s still worth the read. <<less
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Jenndy rated it
May 23, 2022
Status: c662
Tbh, I like the start of this novel but as I read further, it become annoying. I dont really like how the ML do things or say things when it comes to the FL family. He sounds so rude to me & I unintentionally felt, him, a groomer (whom most netizen I saw hated that type of person). Hated how ML manipulate the FL just to be his. The only thing that keep me reading this novel is the FL's brothers' life. Im most curious of them rather than the... more>> leads chapter.

There are chapters that are worth reading but most... nah, I skip a lot of it. I dont like those chapters where both the leads are present. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ooky rated it
December 15, 2022
Status: --
The further it goes the more vomit inducing the ML pursuit of FL becomes.

I wonder what aspects in chinese life are the reason for all those disgusting ML vs FL „romances“ populating this type of novels. Is it real?

Is this what chinese girls dream of as „prince charming“ and „romance“?

The stuff seems to be popular looking at the sheer quantity of this gabage being written...
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nicomcla1995 rated it
October 10, 2022
Status: Completed
Honestly I really enjoyed this novel.

The MC was OP however she was a tolerable OP character.

Her parents and brothers are legit goals. Especially when it comes to the ending. Which was very abrupt, I ain't gonna lie; but still my cup of tea.

ML is being called a beast, pe*ophile, groomer, etc. However if you reach to the end of the novel, you get more context of his side of the story. I find that the ML figured (after introspection) that he was in love with the MC after she was... more>> 18; I really can't explain this enough! She was legal okay? I mean if you consider high school sweethearts (even if most are normally the same age) they still grew up together all the same; the only difference is that ML was already a young adult compared to the young MC when they first met).

I digress... his love may have been too soon however the MC also loved him and we should keep in mind that no matter how much she acted her age (she is still more than a 1000 years old), so if anything MC groomed the ML.

Please note: below is a hella of a mayor spoiler alert, like super, super, super spoiler. Read at your risk.


Are you sure your ready for this?



There's no going back



Last chance



I don't know if it's been spoiled yet... but here we go!



MC thought she was in a book/novel whatever; however she was wrong. What she saw was a reflection of her 1st life (incredible! But why was she so s*upid?) Obviously because she wasn't a 1000 year intelligent snow flower who was taught all about the world by her master. (If your protected for your whole life by your family, and thought that EVERYBODY in your family would have your back no matter what... well we know what happened in her 1st life with that kind of mentality (she was literally a dodder flower/ greenhouse flower)) However I digress... after the Tan family fell in ruins, MC brothers (gotta love these guys) visited a Taoist temple and proceeded to give offerings/respects/devotion for the rest of their lives so that the MC would reincarnate. (wish I had siblings like them) Now this is where the Master comes in... He saw their devotion, it moved him, so he decided to regress time for 1000 years, and cultivate the MC as a snow fairy/flower. Unfortunately, MC has bad luck, she had a life calamity that would make the 1000 years basically void which we saw at the beginning of the novel. This is where the MASTER comes in and decides with the MC knowledge and wisdom of almost 1000 years, she can now survive her 1st life. Which is where we start.


That's it! Read the novel for the final spoilers. Hahahahaha!!! *evil laughter*

Nah I'm just kidding! Here's the rest.


To conclude the MC actually lived 3 lives in total since after she died in her mortal life, she reincarnated into a snow fairy/flower and proceeded to cultivate to her human form. After that happens... guess what? ML was the MASTER all along!!! So once he saw her calamity he proceeded to go to the human world before her, in order to prepare for her (aww) however it turns out that once he reached a certain age it was revealed that he had a marriage tie to the MC (like red strings of fate) so he decided to let nature run its course. After she was of age, of course. So yeah, he really was treating her like a niece before he fell in love with her (well when he finally realized it). So happy ending all around. MC parents reincarnated and fell in love with each other again, the brothers accumulated karma in the first life so they actually reincarnated with spiritual roots so they would remember MC after they entered cultivation. And the ML and MC lived happily ever after... I guess... I mean there's not a part 2 that I know of so... ehh


Read the novel at your own tastes. <<less
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Chizuai rated it
March 7, 2023
Status: c46
I LIKE THE BEGINNING not until I realized that the FL/MC is really is a BORING MARY SUE. it's totally not my taste at all. IM SO AGREE to The Other readers who give lowest rating.. And I'm so agree to their reviews on ths. And thr review about the the main leads..

I dropped ths after reading chapter 46. Because I get bored and I don't find this MC interesting at all. I'm so tired about kind of MC who's always acting like a sweet child or sweet... more>> princess when she's already been in the old age in her past life. I find it so annoying!


I'm done. I'm out <<less
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Eeria rated it
February 6, 2023
Status: c450
It s a 2.5

Story is bland. Both leads are quite generic. Romance is really really slow. I am chapter 450 and they barely started to have feelings for each other. I don’t think I have the patience to read until they are together. The first 100 chapters was cute because it’s the story in her childhood and how she changes the fate of her family. After that and between the romance starts I found it very superfluous. In addition I don’t really care for her friend love story. Don’t know... more>> if I’ll finish it. <<less
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Mystiqueeee rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: Completed
How should I start with this? It's actually good. Plus, unlike the typical stories with OP FL, this one's FL doesn't belong to the category of "got swapped since birth then found by the wealthy family" or "came from the county side and was belittled". The story started when they are children (in fact it started with the FL's birth). Although there's the usual present of the white lotus cousin, she's really not that important. Aside from that s*upid guy, no one believed her. Plus it's no exaggeration that the... more>> story's FL's life is smooth-sailing. Although there are some faceslapping, she wasn't belittled that much (which is very refreshing because I'm so tired of the commentators belittling the FL then got faceslapped). Though I got kinda annoyed with how slow the FL can be when it comes to her relationship with the ML (specifically when she's baffled why her family is against their relationship, though not totally against). I mean, the contrast between her usual genius self and her attitude to that matter doesn't look so cute to me. Rather, she looked a little immature and spoiled to me. But anyway, they say love can make someone dumb so maybe I'll attribute it to that. Overall, the story is good, there's not much character development though but it's humorous and warm so 9.5/10. <<less
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Gerry21 rated it
July 12, 2022
Status: c200
I actually enjoyed this novel, this is a light novel with light setting, so far I still hasn't met any romance development type of plot so there is still no heavy subject to consider. The ML probably will be the uncle, there will be many people who will uncomfortable with this I guess, however I would not talk much about it.

Just a reminder as I said above this is a light novel with light setting, so don't hope for any heavy plot that will entertain your mind, most of all... more>> this only focused on emotional aspect. The villain has to be made lower so the MC can stay high type of thing. So far the character development also pretty much NG. However back again this is still quite interesting.

I will still give a good rate as the writer write it nicely and the translation is amazing too. There is many good story with bad write but this one is a light story with good write, so I did enjoy to read it. Try it, I found the first part is already interesting too. <<less
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July 12, 2022
Status: c580
The relationships between the characters are endearing (for the first 400 chapters) and people just love to dote on our MC. Although it's repeatedly mentioned that MC is sweet and kind, she tends to be arrogant and insidious as well. This I find off-putting at times bc everyone sees her as an angel, but her actions are really unkind sometimes. The young MC is so adorable and I especially enjoyed reading that part of the story. The antagonists are very dumb and persistent. They have no character development whatsoever and... more>> they just keep doing dumb things throughout the story. MC is the ultimate genius so every subplot relating to her academics is too predictable. I even directly skipped chapters when there are competitions or any academic showdowns going on and it did not affect how I received the plot bc these scenes are just there to make MC more 'perfect.'

I have to say that I made it to 580 ch. Which means I enjoyed reading it. I don't know what to rate this novel tbh bc I enjoyed the first half but I will drop this now bc I can't help but feel uncomfortable when the romance started between MC and ML. There were parts dedicated to defending their relationship, like how ML is not a pe*vert and he did not groom her or how MC has a previous life so she's not really a 'child.' But I just can't find it in me to enjoy the story further bc it's a 27 y/o dating an 18 y/o and unlike other stories with a big age gap, he did not even wait for her to become 'more grown' - they already did 'it' while she's 18. <<less
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Dalisia27 rated it
February 1, 2022
Status: c308
This novel is very slow. At 308 chapter where I am now the ML and FL still didn't realize they love each other yet. Their feelings were still at uncle/niece stage.

Coming here it scares me that the novel's status is still ongoing! I expect there will be many useless arcs which would not really help with the story except to prolong it and make it boring.

I'll most probably bookmark the chapter where I am at now and look for another novel to read. These novels are too long. I usually... more>> don't have the patience to finish them because the story would be all over the place after the initial excitement. <<less
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